Rosario + Vampire (2008) s01e13 Episode Script

Tsukune and a Vampire

1 You're not going to do anything, Director? That is correct, Nekonome-sensei.
B-But Aono-kun is If he is to be executed, it means that it was his fate.
N-No way Humans are our enemies! Don't forgive him! Hurry up and sentence him to death! Why have things come to this? Was it a mistake to have enrolled in this school? Would things have been better if I left earlier? Enroll into a normal school and befriend people who are humans like me.
But if that were the case, I wouldn't have been able to meet Moka-san and the others.
Have you gone crazy because of fear? Promise me this: Once you execute me, please don't lay a finger on the other members of the Newspaper Club.
Those are some pretty admirable words coming from a human.
Alright then, I have a benevolent heart too.
Then To not let the members from the Newspaper Club suffer, I will kill them all swiftly.
Stop Stop! You guys will be in hell, publishing newspapers that no one will read.
This was the place where you saved me, Tsukune.
It's your turn to save him now.
You are Kurumu-san, at this rate You know, I didn't have the chance to say it just now But this is how I feel, It doesn't matter if you're a monster or human.
All that matters is if you're a good or bad person.
Because, I was always bullied by other monsters, and the person who saved me, was a human, which I've always been afraid of, Tsukune-san! I know that.
If that's the case, then- That's not it, Yukari-chan.
What I'm angry about is that, Even though we're friends, Tsukune and Moka hid the truth up until now! Kurumu-san You see you see! Shouldn't I be frustrated? If they had told me earlier, then I could have helped them somehow! Idiots! Tsukune and Moka are both idiots! You should tell the two of them directly.
At this rate, Tsukune will Have you given up? I want to save Tsukune But with my current powers Do you really think that you're alone? Crow? Stand back.
It's been a while.
Ruby-san! It's not just me.
It took us quite a while to finish off those guards.
It was really tiring! Shirayuki-san and Yukari-chan! What are you spacing out for, aren't we going to save Tsukune? Kurumu-chan Although I'm really angry with you for keeping Tsukune's identity a secret.
I'm sorry This is not the time to apologize.
Ruby-san, that is A new wand? A lot of things happened, But I'll leave the details for next time.
Yes, we'll have Moka-san apologize for everything after we save Tsukune.
Humans and Demons: the value of their lives aren't different.
Right? Yeah, looks like you finally understand that.
Now, let's go! Yeah! To all students, it is now time for the execution! Please use your eyes to capture this moment and see the final moment of a human, our enemies! Tsukune! Are you all right? Kurumu-chan and Ruby-san, please take Tsukune to a safe spot! So they finally came, the fools from the Newspaper Club.
Do you know this is the biggest betrayal you can do to the school? I don't care about the school or betrayal! We just want to rescue our precious friend.
That's all! The same thing as last year's Newspaper Club During that time, this was what Morioka Ginei said: I don't care what happens to the school but I just can't tolerate your actions, Which is why I'm publishing it.
Actually did that? Keeping the Newspaper Club around was my failure.
In order to prevent it from sprouting again, I hereby execute all of you.
Since Kuyou-sama gave the order, You must all die here! Magical Safety! And Magical Metal Basin! Geez, I won't hold back you know.
They're pretty good! The monster blood in me is bursting! Dumbass, don't transform.
Run away, run away, if you can run from me that is.
This is bad, he's heading towards Tsukune-san! Go! But You'll owe me one.
Okay! It will be safe here.
Kurumu-chan and Ruby-san, thank you very much.
Tsukune! Tsukune.
Wait, who cares about Moka! Kurumu-chan, get off of Tsukune! Don't interrupt us! And I thought there was no hope for me.
Is this any time to be caught off guard? Tsukune It's a pity I couldn't execute him in public.
With this, the execution is complete.
Monsters coexisting with humans is just a fantasy! No, no, Tsukune.
Hey, Tsukune! Tsukune, no please don't die! Moka-san, I was really happy.
Coming to this academy, being with everyone, And meeting Moka-san.
No! Stop talking! This is my last request from you.
Please protect all of the Newspaper Club members from the clutches of Kuyou Tsu kune.
Tsukune! So, this is the powerful vampire's true form.
You You! We're sorry! We finally finished those small fry.
No! It can't be true.
I'm sorry.
Even though we were with him Move aside, there's still a little bit left of Tsukune's life.
If I do this now What the hell can you do?! Inject my blood into Tsukune.
Indeed, the blood of a vampire, which possesses incredible power said to grant immortality Will that save Tsukune? The chances are low.
But there's no other alternative now.
What the hell is that? Don't tell me it's a demon fox? Demon Fox? When it reaches a higher rank, it is a powerful Japanese monster that has even been known to be worshiped as a god.
As expected from the powerful vampire.
To actually make me release my true powers.
He focused all of his energy onto his tail! Flame Wheel! Such speed! Shirayuki-san, make a shield of ice! I can't, there's too much difference between their levels! You stupid club members, what are you spacing out there for?! The biggest idiot seems to be me instead I can't help it Losing more club members I've had enough Gin-senpai! He blocked the attack for us So he actually does act like a president sometimes, huh? Even if you wanted to be cool, isn't it meaningless if you die? I was wondering who that was so it was Morioka Ginei, huh? Oh well.
It just means that I don't have to go find him now! You bastard.
Let us handle this! Hurry and save Tsukune! You might die! We're willing to accept that.
Forgive me.
Now then, who's next? Guys, we can't let him take even one step forward.
Yeah, I know.
We must combine our powers! For the sake of protecting our precious friend, Tsukune Tsukune Accept my blood.
Tsukune Tsukune.
Is this amount insufficient? Take this! Weak, too weak! What friend? What comrades? Monsters and humans are supposed to be enemies! Do you still not understand that? Mizore! Shirayuki-san is Yukari-chan, concentrate! Yes! You're the one who doesn't understand! Monsters and humans can become friends too! Aren't we proof of that? Nonsense! Ruby-san! Let's do it! Magic Combination! Black Sealing Spell! Desu! What can you do with this worthless paper? You've fallen for it! Familiar, Magic Devil! You're sadly mistaken if you think you can escape from that easily! I see.
What an interesting imitation.
You filthy witches, disappear! Not yet We did it! You bitches! You pieces of trash to think that you actually hurt me! He's returning back to human form It seems like he took a lot of damage from that hit.
No, you're wrong.
This isn't some kind of human form.
He's compressing his powers into his ultimate form! Feel proud, for being able to witness my final form.
Die! Hey, what was that? It's shaking a lot! Move quickly instead! Like I said, it's blocked upstairs! Will everyone be all right? Don't pull my tail! Too strong Such power How stubborn.
I see.
That snow woman used her last reserves to create an ice wall to surround you guys.
However, there won't be a second time.
Yeah, because I won't let you.
Because I'll defeat you.
Akashiya Moka.
Your efforts to revive him seem to have been a waste.
Now, come then, powerful monster: Vampire.
Beating you beyond recognition will further strengthen my position in the school.
Moka-san What about Tsukune? What happened with Tsukune? I've done what I can.
Then Tsukune-san That must be a lie! What's wrong? The esteemed powerful monster is only at such a level? I can't feel a thing! Was it because I gave too much blood to him? Weak, too weak! You became so weak because you got engrossed in the friendship-making game between monsters and humans! Humans are ugly things! Quickly become lazy, Traitorous, Liars, That willfully harm other living beings! You guys, who mingle with such humans, should just die right here! Burn and vaporize! Flame Wheel! It's over.
Moka-san, Tsukune-san! This can't be Yeah, you're right.
Look! Moka-san.
I You finally decided to awaken.
You sleepy head.
Impossible! His body should have been burned by my flames! Thank goodness, Tsukune-san! This is the power of Vampire blood Impossible! Like I'd allow such a thing to happen?! M-Moka-san! Relax, I'll defeat him immediately.
Don't be ridiculous! You think you can defeat me, the one who protects the school's peace? Just with your miniscule powers, She can do just that! You bastard! When did you! Don't underestimate the speed of one of the great monsters: Werewolves! You cling on to your unsightly masquerade and rampage with your Public Safety Commission buddies.
You have no right to talk about protecting the school's peace! What?! Know your place! You did it! W-What happened? What's that? Look at this! Kuyou-sama was defeated! Who did it? Umm That's Tsukune.
Are you all right, Moka-san? Aono-kun! Nekonome-sensei That was incredible! You defeated Kuyou-kun, didn't you? Even though violence is bad, you've cleared the suspicions on you! N-No, it wasn't me Eh, suspicions? What, the Public Safety Commission just made a mistake.
Hey Aono-kun, sorry for suspecting that you were a human even for a little.
Even so, you're really powerful to be able to defeat Kuyou! This reminds me of when I was bullied by the Public Safety Commission before! Me too, me too! Good job, Aono-kun! All right! Let's carry the school hero up! N-No, wait a second! Hey! Before that, rescue me first! This week's victory was Oh, who cares.
After that uproar, I heard from the usually quiet Kurumu-chan about what happened back then.
Everyone suffered trying to rescue me after I went into a death-like state.
And Moka-san too, for my sake Tsukune! I'm sorry, Moka-san.
Just for my sake, you tired yourself out.
I'm so glad Because you're safe and sound.
Moka-san Don't cry! You sleepy head.
Huh? What's going on My heart's racing Could it be that I've fallen for the other Moka? No If you stare at me like that Tsu Ku Ne Moka-san.
Tsukune!!! What are you two doing? Looks fun.
Everyone What were you trying to do just now? N-Nothing! Continue doing it with me No, do it with me! With me! No Tsukune, do it with me! All five of you?! Give me a kiss too!