Rosewood (2015) s02e04 Episode Script

Boatopsy & Booty

1 [Sighs ] Hey, Dad.
Thought you had the night off.
No, I picked up Jenny's shift.
- What about your ecology final? - Don't worry.
I know my mollusks from my mullaways.
I'll be fine.
- Bree.
- I know, but I'm not gonna make tuition if I don't pick up extra shifts.
[Sighs] You looking for these? [Laughs] You know me too well.
We're not gonna have to worry about money much longer.
Sure, Dad.
Be safe.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, yeah Hey, yeah, hey, yeah Up all night, I'm awake 'cause I'm homesick Never got to say what I wanted Oh, my God I would jump out my skin just to Oh, my God Oh, my God [Screams] Too close to the bottom I'm right back where I started I said I'm fine Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, yeah Hey, yeah, hey, yeah I said I'm fine Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, yeah Hey, yeah, hey, yeah Beautiful.
Ah! Thanks.
Uh, but can we take it back a sec? I just want to hit that chorus again.
I'd love to, honey, but your time's up.
You want to book a third hour, it's gonna be cash up front.
Um, you know what? I nailed the chorus.
Let's hope this guy evolves more in prison than he did in the wild.
That's three cases in one week.
Ooh! Rosilla has never been so Rosilicious! I wouldn't go that far.
Oh, come on, I saw you skip into the precinct.
[Chuckles] That wasn't skipping.
Ah! There was a skip and a hop and a jump.
Not in that order.
[Scoffs] So it's a hat trick.
What do you say? Milkshakes later at Magic City? Ooh, you keep closing cases at this rate, Mama's gonna need new pants to go with that milkshake.
And I hope Mama's not suggesting drinks at Off Limits because even my lab is more alive than your bar.
It's got personality.
It's got mildew.
There's mildew all over the place.
There's no mildew.
I think we should make Off Limits off limits.
It's time for a new hang.
It's time for a new ha-a-a-ng.
Of course, yes.
Guys, huddle up.
We got a situation.
[Sighs] Okay, uh Sophie is coming here, and she's spending the day.
Oh, it's Take Your Daughter to Work Day.
- Sneaks up on me every year.
- No.
Soph just started Field Training at the Academy, and she put in a request To observe Captain Hornstock.
You didn't tell her about the whole demotion thing? Villa, how could I? She looks up to me.
I'm her hero.
So not another word from either one of you about her old man being back on the bottom, okay? Ira, have Feldheim run the coffee mugs for prints.
I want to get to the bottom of who is and isn't washing.
You guys are back.
Perfect timing.
We have a dead scuba diver down in South Beach.
I want you to check it out.
Sounds accidental.
Why would Homicide be involved? Unusual circumstances.
Dispatch is still gathering details.
- You got it.
- We're on it.
Oh, uh, make sure you get witness statements.
This is awful.
I need a moment.
[Camera shutter clicks] [Laughter] PartyOver.
[Chuckles] Can I have that bag for a second? MyAss.
Detective, got a minute? Looked like things were heating up back there.
And who are you? Karl Benson, uh, Florida Coastal Patrol.
Oh, well, thanks for bringing in the body, but we'll take it from here.
I know cops think we're glorified lifeguards, but Coastal Patrol does a little more than just fish people out of the ocean.
If you want to swap stories sometime, I could take you out on the water.
I'll get back to you on that.
So, is this a diving accident? Rosewood: Eyes are normal.
If he had come up too fast, I'd see petechaie.
Capillaries ruptured due to the air bubbles inside.
There's plenty of air left in that tank, and lack of visible major trauma suggests that he wasn't run over by a boat.
Not sure what the marks are on his face.
Hey, I think I've seen this guy before.
Maybe towed his boat in.
Do you have a name for us? Sorry.
A lot of guys like this out on the water.
No sign of his boat, either.
You don't think this was an accident? Accidents don't cause handprints.
Hey, is the gas cell IR prepped? Mm-hmm.
Are you sexting? No! I think I know a photo of a naked woman when I see one, Tara.
Let's not make this about me.
What are you doing? I may have like, met a few girls online, okay? That's exciting! But it's, like, too many 'cause they won't stop texting.
Yeah, I can't say that I know what that feels like.
I don't know what I'm doing.
[Chuckles] Pippy was my first everything, like, with a girl.
So I'm, like, not ready to date.
I'm definitely not ready to, uh sext.
I didn't even know girls did this.
- Me neither.
- One sent me a pic.
Honestly, I don't know what body part I'm looking at.
Think it's a flexural hinge joint.
No, it's not That's not - That's not that's not not an elbow.
- Wait.
What is that? No, I don't think it's an elbow.
I want to test the alveolar air in our vic's bronchioles when he arrives.
- Got it.
- Okay.
And I have some news.
There's gonna be a change here.
What kind of change? Hey, y'all! I'm back! [Chuckles] I'm guessing that's your news.
But please, let's not dissect it.
[Chuckles] Listen, all tox, no talk, okay? - Yeah? - Got it.
Hi! [Laughs] - Hey, baby.
- Hey, Mom.
This is wonderful.
Nobody get too excited.
Pipp's only here temporarily.
She's gonna make some money so she can get back to recording.
Recording ain't cheap, and Pippy's burning through her savings fast, so Well, your return is reason for celebration.
It's been too long since we shared a meal.
We're not just co-workers, we're family! Dinner Sunday night.
I'm cooking.
Now, I like the sound of that.
Good, 'cause it's gonna be at your house so you can't be late.
Ooh, snap! Oh, snap your butt downstairs, get to work.
Whatever you want, boss.
You know, it's good to have you back, too.
Oh, son, I never left.
Well, you know, with the whole Gerald thing and everything.
You sure you're okay? Well, you took a look at his case file.
You visited him in prison.
If you still think that he really murdered those girls, then what more is there to say? I sampled venous, arterial, and ventricular blood.
All negative for common medications and their metabolites.
Carboxyhemoglobin levels were normal.
Only odd thing was pleural fluid.
I mean, there's no way in hell that this was a dive gone wrong.
[Chuckles] [Chuckles] What? Am I rusty? [Chuckles] Not at all.
Glad to have you back.
Cuts along the esophagus.
Need to get a look at the stomach.
Those abrasions on his neck They're fresh.
Looks like he got in a fight right before he was killed.
And based on decomp, I'd say that he died in the last 36 hours.
Run the pleural fluid through the RAPIDPoint 500.
Bruising around his neck and water in his lungs? That's weird.
So was he drowned or strangled? - Both.
- Both.
Pippy: But without markers, it's gonna be pretty tough to figure out who this guy was, let alone why he was killed.
Rosewood: My guess is it had something to do With this.
S02E04 Boatopsy & Booty - He swallowed it? - Rosewood: Yep.
I think our victim needed to hide it fast, and he didn't have any place other than himself.
There's only two ways in.
I think we can all agree he chose the right one.
Well, I've seen a situation - where a guy has to go the other way.
- Villa: Got an ID.
Vic's daughter filed a Missing Persons Report 12 hours ago for David Benjamin Jones, They share an address in Hialeah.
To understand this murder, we need to know more about this gem.
Which is why I have a Forensic Gemologist setting up next door.
Professor Pebbles there boated down from West Palm this morning.
He insisted we put him up at The Crescent.
Five Star joint on the EMPD's dime, so the guy better deliver.
Looks like he's moving in here.
His refractometer's top-notch.
You got a pet rock collection or something? Four ex-wives, four diamonds.
Let's just say I know a thing or two about picking out gems.
Why don't you guys go see what the daughter knows? All right, we'll make sure that, uh, he does more than rearrange furniture.
[Knock on door] [Baby crying in distance] He's dead, isn't he? First it was just a snorkel.
And then it was a tank.
Before long, the sea became my dad's whole life.
[Voice breaking] He called me his True North.
He always told me that I was the one guiding him, but I think he was lost.
He was always searching.
What was he searching for? La Mujer de la Fortuna.
- The woman of fortune? - Not a woman.
A ship.
He said there was treasure on board.
The Queen Caterina Emeralds.
He told me that he was gonna find them for me, but I think he was just trying to cheer me up.
These are interesting.
What are they? His diving maps.
They don't look like Florida.
My father was a very paranoid man.
He wrote all of his maps in code.
Not even I know where he was searching.
Did he ever find any treasure? Would we be living here if he did? [Chuckles] How long have these been coming in? A few months.
My father dove where his instincts told him.
When you don't care about salvage rights, you're bound to step on a few toes.
[Chuckles] That's Lucy.
My dad loved her.
Moorish Idols can be very demanding.
Highly sensitive to temperature, pH, SG.
Is this really happening? Between school and my work, I don't know what I'm gonna do with her.
Oh, this is so happening right now.
I've analyzed the marks on Dave's face.
Definitely some allergic response to something.
Not sure from what yet.
I'm still trying to match diatoms to coastal maps and see if I can narrow down where in the ocean this guy drowned.
We better, or no one's getting off for Sunday dinner.
[Chuckles] You guys really think we're gonna finally meet my mom's "friend" Gerald? I don't think he gets out much.
Well, I heard that it didn't work out anyway.
- Oh? - Daytona is very far away.
So far.
W-What happened? Gerald's too guarded.
[Chuckles] Huh.
Hello, little fishie.
Uh, what are you doing? Well, Moorish Idols prefer temps 78 to 84 Fahrenheit, pH 8.
2 to 8.
6, don't ya? Okay, look.
Um, I know that Rosie asked us to watch over the fish, keep him alive, but he's also counting on us to solve this murder case, so Yeah, but Lucy's going through a lot right now, okay? And she needs our support, or she's gonna die.
What? She's all alone.
She just lost the most important person in her life.
And she's She's trying to move on, you know, but it's all very confusing.
Look at you.
[Chuckles] I assume before we write you a check, you're gonna give us some information about this thing? See that green? Haunting, isn't it? Jagged three-phase inclusion.
Refractive index of 1.
I'm sorry.
I thought we were just taking turns not speaking English.
[Chuckles] Apologies, Captain.
But holding a gem like this in your hand is like reaching back through time.
[Knock on door] Villa spoke with the daughter.
Said her father was looking for the Caterina Emeralds.
Really? That's quite ambitious.
In 1733, a Spanish ship was on its way back from Colombia.
The story is that the captain hid a chest full of the most perfect emeralds in the world on board.
Hoping to win the Queen's hand.
But the ship went down in a hurricane.
Eight years ago, they found it 20 miles off Key Biscayne.
No emeralds on board, and they weren't even listed on any manifest.
Most experts believe this entire story is just a myth.
So our vic was searching for shadows.
Well, this one is a Muzo emerald from the Western Boyacá Province of Colombia.
And any idea where he found that one? [Scoffs] I'll need to run a few more tests.
Of course you do.
[Elevator bell dings] Hey, can I borrow this book? Thanks.
Dad! Oh, my God, this is so great.
Let me get that.
Let me throw my bag in your office.
No, um, I need your help.
Really? - Like on an investigation? - Yep.
But first, let's find you a place to read.
See this? Come on, everybody loves a treasure hunt.
The pirates, the booty Don't say booty.
What d'you got against booty? Seriously.
Just I don't understand searching your whole life for something you'll probably never find.
And why is no one in this company wearing shoes? I dig the vibe! It's open, it's free.
It's gonna be like our new hang.
- It's unsanitary.
- Nautical.
Detective, I'm Cody.
President of Silicon Shores.
I got your message.
You ever seen this diver before? - Nope.
- Rosewood: That's funny.
Your company has been sending him some very strongly worded letters.
Well, you can talk to my lawyers if you want.
They send C&Ds to anyone diving on one of our wrecks.
So he was muscling in on your territory, huh? You think some diver was a threat to us? Well, let me show you something.
Now, I don't like possibilities, Detective.
I like certainties.
Things I can hold in my hand.
Like this one pulled from a 1789 shipwreck off the coast of Cuba.
Nice! See, in the 17th century alone, hundreds of ships sank after pillaging treasures from the new world.
Divers like your friend go off a hunch.
An old map, a ship's log, eyewitness accounts.
But we use Bayesian Theory to use all historical data and pinpoint high-probability recovery areas.
Then you dive down and take it? Not me.
He's the most high-tech treasure hunter ever designed.
Wireless site and scan.
5,000-meter range.
We've eliminated the risk, guesswork, and the human error.
I like the color.
Can I take it for a spin? [Chuckles] If you guys are interested, we're having a party for investors later.
[Cellphone rings] Excuse me.
This is Detective Villa.
Bree, slow down.
We're on our way.
[Engine revs] When I came home, I found it like this.
I think someone's still in there.
Wait here.
Wait here.
[Snaps fingers] [Grunts] [Groans] EMPD! Who the hell are you? Billy? Hornstock: Guy's name is Billy Blackmar.
In and out of jail for years.
Mostly bar fight, aggravated assault.
Used to dive with our vic.
Sounds like he's got a short fuse.
- That's why we left the cuffs on him.
- Don't worry.
We'll get him talking.
Just need to find his soft spot.
You're looking at a man hardened by the sea.
He's a real treasure hunter.
He's not gonna be easy to break.
[Scoffs] Yeah, we'll see about that.
Oh, uh.
No, no, no, I want first crack at this nut.
[Door opens] So, Billy why'd you break in? I get it.
I get it.
You don't You don't respect a guy who spends all day behind a desk, right? I can tell you're warming up to me.
Rosewood: The peri-follicular bruising on his arms suggests a lack of Vitamin C.
Possibly scurvy.
Or he's just been out in the sun.
I'm just saying the man hasn't seen an orange in six months.
Looks like he's developing a cataract in his left eye.
Yeah, so? So I'd prescribe an eye patch for him to offset it so it doesn't get full-blown.
Yeah, an eye patch will fix him up real nice.
Rosie, are you trying to build a pirate? I'm not building one.
He is one.
He's a treasure hunter.
- Yeah, that's what pirates do, Villa.
- No.
Bree told us that you used to dive for treasure with her father.
She said you two had a falling out.
Is that true? Maybe we did.
Maybe we didn't.
Were you looking for this? Whoa! Those cuffs bothering you? What do you say you and I dance? - Did he just ask him to dance? - I believe he did.
You don't like to dance? Well, then, why don't you just show me how you did it? - Did what? - How you drowned him out in the water.
Did you use one hand like this? Or did you use two hands? Must be so hard, all those days out on the water, coming back empty-handed.
And then your partner goes off one day and finds treasure without you.
So you come looking for it.
All you wanted was what was yours.
I get that.
Your share.
But now he's dead.
And you're never, ever gonna get it.
Oh, thank you, Billy.
I needed that.
Billy: Dave was crazy! And I was crazy to believe him! That he could lead me to those emeralds.
[Bones crack] He said we'd find them together! And when he wouldn't give you your share, you killed him.
No, man.
I wised up, okay? I cleared out of there.
I heard he was going back out again but somebody else was footing the bill.
- Who was footing the bill? - I don't know.
Billy's right about the money.
I looked over Dave's financials.
He was making $5,000 cash deposits every two weeks.
Maybe Dave pissed off whoever was paying him.
[Grunts] Hey, Dad.
He's our suspect? Yeah.
Who's the guy with him? Hey.
New recruit.
So how's the book going? Uh, well How are you? I'd be better if I had a crime scene.
Is that too much to ask? Victim's boat is just floating out there, along with all the other evidence that could help us.
I meant how are you.
Ever since you and Villa got back, the rest of us can hardly keep up.
Well, we're doing our thing.
Closing cases, catching killers.
Did she get what she needed in New York? Closure with Eddie? I think so.
I don't know.
We just talk about work.
Because it's safe.
I know how I feel.
I'm not so sure about her.
[Inhales deeply] Thanks for not telling Pippy about Gerald.
She's got a lot on her mind right now.
New life, new career.
Look, I know you're worried that Pippy burned through her savings.
I'm not really worried about her.
In fact, I'm proud of her.
She's all in.
One of the greatest gifts a mother can give to her children is the will to go after the things they're passionate about.
What? Dave's not just a treasure hunter.
He's a father.
[Vending machine whirs] This thing does that.
May I? Sure.
[Laughs] And where did you learn that? - My dad taught me.
- Who's your dad? Captain Hornstock.
He has me in the basement helping with the case.
So you're the new recruit, huh? Yeah, something like that.
Maybe I'll tell my dad to go easy on you.
[Both chuckle] Okay.
See you around.
Rosewood: These all of them? Bree: Yeah, every map my dad made.
Rosie, we had our guys look over these.
There's no rhyme or reason.
We've been using the wrong north.
It's not here.
It's her.
Magnetic north changes, all right, but True North is always the same.
And for your father, that was you, okay? Every parent wants to leave something behind for their kids.
Now, if he had found a treasure, he would leave some type of way for you to find where he was diving.
I told you already.
I don't I don't know what it means.
Okay, think of Think of numbers.
Think of places, things.
Anything just you two would know.
He used to take me out to Fowey Rock every year for my birthday.
He insisted on it.
Okay, Fowey Rock.
Fowey Rock.
So, if we use Fowey Rock as north They still don't make any sense.
Here's north, and Bingo.
"X" marks the spot.
- You had to say it, didn't you? - Oh, I had to say it.
We could've been here sooner except a certain high-maintenance fish needed its SG levels adjusted.
TMI: I can't be a cat lady, so I decided to be a fish lady.
Rosewood: We just got to swab the inside and out for DNA and trace evidence.
Full tox on all.
- You again.
- Karl: Me again.
I towed the boat here because I heard the quickest way to a detective's heart is to give her a crime scene.
[Laughs] I heard Coastal Patrol is very persistent.
And for the record, we're still looking for evidence.
Yo, ho, yo, ho, a pathologist's life for me.
Okay, okay, that's enough.
Is this what happens when you hang out - with dead people all day? - Aye.
[Laughs] Hey, guys, I found blood.
Rosewood: Run it through the PCR amplifier and do a quick gel.
Last week, I rescued a guy from Cleveland who swam into a whole bloom of jellyfish.
[Chuckles] This would bring most men to tears.
You should really cover that up.
[Cellphone vibrates] The blood type doesn't match Dave.
Okay, but it's recent.
So it could tie our suspect to our crime scene.
Because Hornstock just found out who was paying Dave.
Ah, Rosie, we're talking $60 billion in sunken treasures around the globe.
And with Nemo, we won't find some of it.
We'll find all of it.
This is so good.
Almost as good as your returns.
Count me in.
Oh, Detective, are you here to invest, too? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, I just came for this.
Yeah, we'll match that against the blood that we found - on our victim's boat.
- It'd be strange if you match when you said you never met the man.
Is this about that diver? Yeah, his name is Dave.
But I think you already knew that, didn't you? See, Dave always made deposits at the same ATM.
We figured he must've been paid nearby.
Good thing Café Maestro has security cameras.
Check that out.
Nice shirt.
I like that one, too.
All right, the party's over for you two.
Or we can take it back to the station.
Your investors won't mind seeing you being walked out in cuffs, will they? [Sighs] Okay.
Uh, Dave was helping us.
Helping you with what? Nemo's battery life is worse than my cell.
Sinks like a rock, too.
I had to send one down just to find the one I lost.
My probability maps are tip-top.
It turns out the ocean is huge.
You needed desperate divers to rescue your own ROVs.
Dave said he needed the cash for his daughter.
He agreed to keep quiet.
So your investors wouldn't know you'd never find any treasure.
Not true.
We might get lucky.
[Indistinct conversations] Excuse me.
You think he's admitting to fraud to cover up killing Dave? He's not my favorite guy, but I don't think he's a murderer.
[Sighs] We got to get back to the water.
It's an Electronic Metals Tester.
I had it flown in from Tampa special.
Hornstock: Okay, listen up, Professor Pebbles.
[Tester beeps] Sorry.
But the captain's not gonna spring for another hour after how helpful you were the first time.
[Cellphone chimes] This hour's on me.
But you may want to leave the room.
This instrument could give off a little bit of radiation.
Not good if you're not used to it.
And what are you looking for now? Something I think could help you.
[Cellphone chimes] I'll be right back.
When my son makes up his mind, there's no arguing with him.
Gerald: [Laughs] Just like his mother.
Look I really think it's time for you to move on.
Gerald, I need you to believe in yourself as much as I do.
But my lawyer said we've run out of money.
Donna, I really think you've already done enough.
Look at you swimming around.
[Clicks tongue] I got to go.
[Receiver clicks] We got to talk about you and this fish.
You gonna be able to tear yourself away for Sunday dinner? Ms.
, that's really sweet of you to invite me, and and I'm really glad that Pippy's back.
But we don't have to pretend like everything's the same here.
You are part of this family, my darling.
There will always be a place for you at my table.
I'll just have to [Chuckles] I guess check Lucy's pH balances before I go, and 'Cause Moorish Idols, when they get irritated, they get bitey.
[Laughs] Can't have that.
She's demanding.
[Laughs] Where is she from? Only places with very high temperature and acidity.
India or South America.
Oh, my God.
Retest the water from Dave's lungs.
I was just thinking The water didn't look like it was from the coast of Florida.
Yeah, which we thought was a mistake, but it was actually totally accurate.
Someone drowned Dave at home, not at sea.
The crime scene was in front of us the whole time.
And the marks on Dave's face were from Lucy fighting off his killer.
I knew I liked her.
Hey, the tox came back on the blood.
But no DNA match.
But get this I found dimenhydrinate.
Super high concentration.
Are you telling me he drowned in his own fish tank? There was no sign of forced entry.
I'm thinking Dave knew his killer.
- What's all this? - Credit-card statements.
I-I don't get it.
Dave was thrifty and a creature of habit, but the night before he died, he dropped 200 bucks at some seafood restaurant.
It's like he knew it was his last meal.
It was a meal he never ate.
An emerald was the only thing that we found in Dave's stomach.
Then he paid for someone.
Rosie, I think Dave had dinner with his killer the night before he died.
Well, the killer has some expensive taste.
You ever eaten at Fischer Restaurant? They have amazing crab rolls.
They just moved right next to the Crescent Hotel.
Five-star joint.
Professor Pebbles.
Professor Pebbles.
Hey! If you didn't want me here, you should've just told me.
I do want you here.
Then why are you acting so weird? And why am I down here reading a book about rocks by some whack job? Look, I-I know the guy's a little off, okay? A little off? He's obsessed with finding his family's gems, and he thinks that the Hope diamond is cursed.
Wait, wait.
Whose family? His.
The guy who wrote this thing.
Where's Moreno? He just took off.
And he took something with him.
Villa: Hotel confirms Moreno checked in the same night Dave came by.
Rosewood: So we were right.
Moreno's our guy.
Exit on Collins.
His boat is docked at Haulover Marina.
Dave must have called Moreno to authenticate the emerald.
Moreno thought the emerald was real and followed Dave home to steal it.
And when Dave wouldn't tell him where it was, Moreno drowned him.
And then tried to cover it up.
If the emerald belonged to his family, I'm guessing he'll do anything to protect it.
Maybe we missed him.
Let's just split up.
You want to explain to me how evidence walked out the door? Whoa, whoa.
It's the expert you hired.
Who you should've been watching! Hey, Dad.
You had one Hey, Soph, just give us a second.
What's going on? Um It's my fault, Cap.
I, um I should've been watching him.
I-It won't happen again.
You're damn right it's your fault, okay? This cannot be happening, all right? I mean, even Rog doesn't mess up that many times! All right, look, it's your fault, okay, but we all make mistakes.
Okay, you do better next time.
So let's go fill out that paperwork, detective.
Soph, stay here.
Yes, Dad.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Kids need parents they can believe in.
But you better hope we catch this killer Detective.
[Door opens] Stay quiet.
The ladder.
Come on.
[Boat engine starts] Rosie! Stay there.
Decided to add kidnapping and theft to your murder charge, huh? You trespassed on my boat.
You can get off at any time.
We know you met with Dave.
And we had dinner.
He told me about the emerald.
That's all.
I am no killer.
Oh, really? You're acting a lot like a killer to me.
Got a gun, motive, getaway boat.
All I want is what belongs to my family.
What is rightfully mine.
You told us those Caterina Emeralds weren't real.
I told you that some experts don't think they are.
But me I have always believed.
I should probably thank you.
Because I never would've found the rest of the treasure without your help.
You're not running away.
You're going to dive for the rest of them.
Sí, señor.
But I was planning on diving alone, but it is nice to have some help.
I got to admit I'm a little nervous.
I haven't seen this much action at sea in a while.
But I'm flattered to be your first call, detective.
You were the first to respond.
There's an important difference.
Can I ask you a personal question? You and this doctor, are you more than partners? He's my partner.
So I-I need you to show me how fast this baby goes, okay? [Engine revs] Risking it all for this, huh? Once I touch that treasure chest, maritime law says I have legal claim to this and everything inside.
Which means after you get out of prison, there'll be a whole pile of family jewels waiting for you.
I didn't kill anyone.
Let's keep it that way.
Drop your weapon! EMPD! And Coastal Patrol! I've got your back, Detective.
- Go out.
- All right.
Really? 'Cause it looks like you're about to fall overboard.
I'm good.
I'm just excited to take this guy down.
- You've got the wrong guy! - Don't do anything stupid.
I just want what's mine! No, no.
Nobody shoot.
Nobody shoot.
I need to tell you all a story.
It's a story about a treasure.
This is not the time.
I think you're gonna like this one, Villa.
It's a story about our victim, Dave.
For years, he searched for a treasure.
One day, he found an emerald.
Then someone found him.
It was somebody that Dave knew.
But Dave quickly realized that it wasn't a friendly visit.
The man had come to take his treasure.
So Dave hid it in the only place that he knew no one would ever find it.
But our killer wouldn't give up.
Things got out of control.
[Distorted shouting] Dave refused to give up the emerald's hiding place.
Poor Lucy was the only one to witness Dave's final moments.
He drowned in his own fish tank.
Our killer got desperate.
He tried to make it look like it was a diving accident.
But he left a little something behind.
A few drops of blood.
The tox revealed that in the blood, there was high levels of dimenhydrinate.
What the hell is that? You might know it as Dramamine.
Combats seasickness.
And who would you know that takes high doses of Dramamine? Someone suffering from chronic seasickness.
You think I killed this guy? I think you forgot to take your Dramamine.
You said you'd seen Dave before.
But what you left out was that you knew he had found something.
That emerald was your ticket out.
Is this because you don't like me flirting with your partner? You call it flirting.
I call it trying to stay close to the investigation.
Those aren't jellyfish stings on your arm.
I bet if we test them, they match the marks on our victim's face from the fish.
Which puts you at the crime scene.
No one's testing anything.
Give me the gem.
Gentlemen, put your guns down now and we can talk this out.
Nine years I've worked Coastal Patrol, saving guys like Dave, and then he stumbles on some priceless gem and I get nothing? I don't want to be a glorified lifeguard anymore.
Give me the gem! Too bad.
It belongs to me.
Aah! [Groans] Relax, relax.
It's empty.
I told you I am no killer.
[Gunshot, water splashes] Villa! Looking for this? Hand it over, Doctor, unless you want to end up like your partner.
The moment that you kill me, my hand is gonna open.
It's gonna drop straight down to the bottom.
How about you give me the gem, I let you go? Here.
Nice toss.
Nice tackle.
Sorry, I think I accidentally threw one of the air tanks in the water.
Come on, now, Karl, you know nobody has that much air in 'em.
The bubbles were a giveaway, man.
Oh, Karl, for me? You shouldn't have.
[Grunts] It's so beautiful.
The DA expects Karl to plead guilty.
It's all over now.
I guess my father finally found what he was searching for.
And now it's all yours.
What? We'll take care of the paperwork.
I don't think Dave's real dream was finding treasure.
I think it was giving you a better life.
My dad believed I would do great things.
I guess I have to prove him right.
So, if the story of the Caterina Emeralds is true, do you think there could be more out there? Oh.
Don't know.
Don't care.
I am officially retired from treasure hunting.
Come on! I'm out.
One armed standoff and you give up your pirate dreams? [Chuckles] You know, I like what we have.
Like this.
I like it.
Me, too.
- So we good? - Yeah.
We're good.
Almost as good as this view.
So is this our new hang? Well Rosie, the waitress brought you a grilled cheese off the kids' menu and a Shirley Temple, neither of which you ordered.
It's an honest mistake.
Although I must admit the music playlist needs some work.
Oh, not as much work as this margarita.
Did they run out of tequila, or do they just not want to share? Tawnya, does this bacon look crispy to you? In my life, this is the worst breakfast I've had in my entire life.
I ordered my refill like a half-hour ago.
I didn't even get it, okay? You know what? I've lost my appetite.
I'm done with this place, okay? [Chatter] Oh, okay, so a 20 on a $19.
84 bill.
I think his math is off.
Oh, that's just Arthur.
He comes here three times a week.
Orders the same breakfast.
Always complains and never tips.
But I don't mind.
Really? You don't mind? Oh, nope.
'Cause I know sooner or later he'll look up and see that.
Oh, then he'll decide to tip.
[Laughs] Probably not.
I might get a smile out of him, but Until then, I'll just keep bringing him his below-average pancakes and soggy bacon.
- Looked pretty crisp to me.
- It does look crisp.
It's crisp.
[Both laugh] Ow.
Oh, let me see that.
[Scoffs] Uh, it's not that deep.
You'll be all right.
You have a first-aid kit around here? - Yeah, yeah.
In the back.
- In the back? A first-aid kit? Villa, they have a first-aid kit.
[Laughs] So this is our new hang.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hey.
[Chuckles] Look at you.
[Sighs] Everything all right? Everything's good.
It's just you've never picked me up at the Academy before, so I need to tell you something.
[Sighs] You're not Captain anymore? You knew? I kind of figured it out.
Why didn't you tell me? I-I just wanted be the kind of cop you can look up to.
But I made mistakes.
I'm not the best example anymore.
I let you down, Soph.
I'm sorry.
You think I care if you're in the bullpen or the basement? You're my dad.
And I love you.
And no matter what, I will always believe in you.
I'm gonna be working for you one day, ain't I? [Scoffs] Oh, definitely.
[Laughter] No, I'm serious, you guys.
Lucy's very smart for a fish.
Well, you know, technically, she did help us catch the killer.
So maybe Rosie should hire her.
Pippy: Uh, don't make fun of Tara.
Oh, wait.
Do you think Lucy can learn toxicology? [Chuckling] Oh, Lord.
There he is! This is a sick pad, man.
Please tell me that my son has more than two serving spoons.
Can we talk in private? We can talk after dinner about you going through my desk.
[Chuckles softly] You took out a mortgage on the house without telling me? It's mine.
I don't need permission.
Please tell me that that money is to help Pippy and not pay for the lawyer of a man who should stay in prison.
Who's in prison? Gerald.
Your boyfriend is in prison? He's not her boyfriend.
You said this whole Gerald thing was done.
I never said that.
You believed what you wanted.
Okay, why am I the only person who doesn't know what's going on? We should probably go.
Sit down.
No one's going anywhere.
We are having family dinner.
No, we are not, not until you talk to me.
You really want to have this conversation? Fine.
The mortgage is to pay Gerald's attorney a $100,000 retainer.
This is not an innocent man.
I wish he was, but he isn't.
I believe that he is, and I have the faith that if we keep looking, we can find the evidence that we need to exonerate him.
Evidence doesn't change the more you look at it.
Your Y-Your faith in him is misplaced.
Okay, you guys have been keeping this from me? Well, y-you weren't, like, exactly around.
What about your faith in me? Have you seen the pictures? Have you seen these pictures? See this? Strangled.
Look Look at their faces.
Do you see what he did? He didn't just kill these women.
He made them suffer.
Someone made them suffer.
And I intend to find out who before Gerald loses any more of his life.
You don't even know him! I do know him! He's He's kind and he's selfless, and all he wants is justice for those girls.
- And how do you know that for sure? - I just know! [Sighs] Just get on board or get out of the way.
Support or silence.
Those are your options.
My mother is throwing her life away for a murderer.
You will not get my support.
And you definitely won't get my silence.
Then make your own damn dinner.
[Door opens] Mom? [Door slams] [Chatter] Hey, buddy.
I heard you got a new girlfriend.
Feel like sharing? [Laughs] [Indistinct shouting] I said let go! Come on! Come on!