Rugrats (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Crossing the Antarctic/Chuckie in Charge

@@ [drumroll]
@@ [cheerful electronic music]
@@ ♪
@@- [laughs]
@@- [whimpering]

[frog ribbits]
[frog croaks]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

[car horn honks]
[toy meows]
- Ah!
- Ugh.
Whoa! Ah!
- [chuckles]
- Aww.

[cheerful xylophone music]
[cheerful music]

Looks like you and I are
both hitting the ice
for the first time, Angelica.
Are you excited
to skate with Gabi?
Yes, Aunt Didi!
I can't wait to glide around
without a chair in the world.
See you later.
It's time for us mamas
to lace up our skates,
grab our twigs,
and slap some clappers
at our hockey practice.
[both grunt]
- A cool handshake
and a secret language?
It already sounds
more exciting than quilling.
Okay, skaters, who's ready
to try the ice rink?
I am, Gabi.
Later, babies.
Have fun toddling.

So Angelica, let's start
with the basics.
Just skate to me.
That's too easy.
Want to see me do
a flip skip triple twirl?
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Oop.
- Ta-da!
That was a great start.
Why don't you try skating
with my friend,
Neal the seal?
He'll help you learn
even faster.
Whoa! Whoa!
You don't need Neal the seal?
Ready for that
flip skip triple twirl?
I would, Gabi,
but I don't want to show off
in front of the others.
Mm, good point.
How about you just
skate towards me?
[tense music]
[inhales deeply]
Ow! Ow!
[babies gasp]
Gabi, I think I broked my leg.
Now no one will ever see
my super skater moves.
And it's so unfair.
Oh, no.
Let's get you off the ice.

How about you rest here,
and I'll check on you in a bit?
Here's some paper and crayons.
Oh, I'm sorry
your leg's broked, Angelica.
My mama could fix
that broked leg in a second.
But she's way
'cross the ice ring.
Maybe if you yell real loud,
she'll hear you.
And scare all
these other kids?
Oh, I couldn't do that,
Susie Carmichael.
I'll just live with the pain.
Thanks anyway.
No, Angelica,
a baby's got to do
what a baby's got to do.
We're gonna bring you across
that ice ring to Susie's mommy.
- Huh?
- But, Tommy,
no baby has gone on the ice
and crawled back
to tell the tale.
You babies shouldn't risk
your drooly,
pathetic lives for me.
Come on, guys,
we gots to help Angelica.
And we'll be the first-est
babies to cross the ice ring.
What do you say?
Ice ring, here we come!
[wind whistling]
And so began our expedition
across the Great Ice Ring,
led by Thomas Pickleton.
I wanted no part
of this foolish journey.
I needed to slow it down
at all frosts.
Wait, we forgot snacks!
Maybe there's some
at base camp.
We don't want to have
to eat sled dog food.
Oh, good thinking, Angelica.
We'll be right back.
[panting and grunting]
[all straining]
[all exclaim]
Barry, is there, like,
another name for corn dogs?
[video game bleeping]
- Oh, so many, Eve--
dog on a cob, the cob dog,
corn cob made of dog,
hot dog made of cob--
Now we're talking.
How about you pull me and these
snacks back to the play area?
No time, Angelica.
Team, let's move out!
Puppy rolled around
in corn mud--
Yeah, I'm really
wishing I hadn't asked.
- So a twig is a hockey stick.
- Oh.
A celly is your celebration
after scoring a goal.
- Ooh.
- And where mama keeps
the peanut butter
is a goal scored
in the uppermost part
of the net,
and where I score all my goals.
- Ooh.
- Eyes on me, Deed.
The key to puck handling is
to never look down at the puck.
Never look at the puck.
Oh, no, I just looked.
Oh, it happens to dusters.
Oh, by that, I mean people
who sit out the games.
Moving on to the most
important part,
the pre-game ritual!
both: Better watch out 'cause
I'm out here shootin' pucks ♪
Scorin' goals
that blow minds up ♪
Checkin' fools
who want this puck ♪
Scorin' goals,
checkin' fools.
Oh, you know, it's all
starting to make sense.
[wind whistling]
It's day one
of our expedition
to the healer's cave,
but feels like day 475
the way these
two mutts pull a sled.
Hey, how about
a warning next time?
Hmm, according to my map,
the healer's cave should
be straight across.
Shouldn't take long
to get there.
I mean,
why not explore the whole
ice ring while we're here?
Susie has the map.
Come on, Pickleton,
you know you want to.
I was wondering what was
just beyond those mountains.
But what about your leg?
Well, it hurts, of course,
but this ride is actually
making it feel so much better.
Mush, doggies, mush.
[both barking]
I just remembered,
there are scary
snow monsters
who live on the ice.
We'd better head back
to base camp.
[both straining]
It's starting to sound
like you don't even
want to go to the healer.
That hurts, Susie Carmichael,
maybe even more
than my broked leg.
I'm just thinking
about your safety.
[penguin squeaking]
[both gasp]
It's only a penguin.
[seal barking]
Aw, and a seal.
Don't be tricked
by their cuteness, Chuckie.
Hold on, Angelica!
It's okay. Hang on to Neal.
[children screaming]
I got you.
[peaceful music]
Come back!
We don't bite!
Not on purpose!
You hurt my leg even more!
I need to stay here and rest.
And maybe Chuckie could
make us a tasty lunch
out of the snacks.
I'm the cook
on this expedition?
I should have
brought a soup pot.
We can all eat
when we get to the cave.
Navigator Susie,
get us back on course.
[buzzer blares]

A cookie!
What good's being a sled dog
if you can't bite
through stuffs?
As the cook, I could tell you
the only reason a cookie would
be that hard is if it's for a--
[monsters roaring]
Snow monster!
I was right?
[monsters roaring]
They're hungry for cookies now,
but they'll switch to babies
if they see you.
There's no way babies taste
better than cookies, right?
Or do they?
How are we gonna get past
those snow monsters?
Maybe we should turn back.
For once, Finster's right.
Phil and Lil,
mush us out of here.
We can't give up now.
But Tommy, even if we could
get past those monsters,
the rest of the way is all ice.
I have a plan.
the fruit leather please.
Everyone, grab two cookies.
Give it a try, guys.
- Oh--whoa.
- Whoa--oh, oh.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- That's not how you skate.
I'll show you.
I mean,
I would show you
if my leg wasn't broked.
[upbeat music playing]
[angry muttering]
Sorry, dudes.
We accidentally turned
on the laser skate lights
instead of the resurfacing switch.
Time to resurface that ice.
Wait, where are
the snow monsters?
[uplifting music]
Looks like they eated
all the cookies and left.
They must have sharp teeth.
No fair.
Now we can skate
across the ice.
Come on, before they come back.

Uh, why is the ice shaking?
[dramatic music]
[ice cracking, rumbling]
'Cause all of that snow
is coming right for us.
Everybody, back to base camp.
You guys can go,
but I'm still taking Angelica
to the healer.
You're what now?
all: Tommy!

[panting, grunting]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
If only Gabi could see me now.
Oh, right--I'm coming, Tommy!
Angelica, you saved Tommy.
You're a hero.
Maybe--or maybe she never
had a broked leg at all.
Wait! My leg's all better?
How did that happen?
did you fake being hurted?
Fine, I can't do
a flip skip triple twirl.
I even fell.
I just didn't want Gabi
to see I wasn't a good skater.
You're good now.
Or else Tommy would
be a snow baby.
You're right!
When Tommy needed me,
I forgot all about falling.
[laughs] Guess you were
my healer, Baldy.
Sure hope Didi remembers
everything we taught her.
We shouldn't expect too much
for her first time.
I'm ready
to slap some clappers!
I've never been
so excited for
and scared of Didi in my life.
What's the matter?
You never seen a mommy
snow monster before?
[cheerful xylophone music]
Mini golf, bumper boats,
wild burro rides--
This place has everything.
There's also a spa
and a brutal fitness course,
the perfect blend
of serenity and suffering.
And the best part of all--
Macaroni and cheese!
Plus strawberry waffles,
and chicken nuggets shaped
like unicorns!
Nothing to do but stay
in bed all day,
watch TV,
and order room service.
Well, enough about
my fabulous life.
Get back to packing for me!
It's gonna be a relief
not getting bossed around
for a few days.
Think again,
Susie Carmichael.
There's still gonna be
somebody in charge.
I was afraid of this.
I knew it was too good
to be true.
This person's got
to be a leader,
someone who knows
how the cookies crumble
and where the crayons break.
Now, which one
of you knows those things?
None of you.
I was just messing with you.
It's Chuckie.
I already decided.
- [gasps]
That's great, Chuckie.
- Yay for Chuckie.
- Good choice.
Um, why me, Angelica?
I got my reasons.
Now, for the rules.
Lil, write these down.
Number one, no monkey business
while I'm gone.
That means stay out of trouble
unless there are actual
monkeys involved.
Number two,
if there are any treats,
I still get my share.
Read that back to me, Lil.
Um, um, no monkeys,
and you get treats?
Eh, close enough.
Now, while I'm gone,
you're the substitute Angelica.
You do whatever I do.
And you'd better
not bubble-cross me.
'Cause I'm always watching you
wherever I am,
just like Santa Claus.
Got it, Finster?
Uh, let me think about it.
Think about it?
I just offered you
the chance to be me
instead of you
for a whole weekend.
The answer is, "Thank you."
Thank you, but I--
I knew I picked
the right baby.
Okay, everyone out.
I got to pack
Cynthia's travel outfits.
He's perfect, Cynthia--
strong enough to keep
the diaper patrol in line,
too weak to let
the power go to his bed.
Yep, Chuckie is just
the baby for the job.

Hmm. Uh, it needs something,
but what?
More pillows.
- Coming up.
- Why didn't I think of that?
I'll get the fluffiest.
Hey, guys. Can I help?
Why is everybody looking
at me like that?
'Cause you're
the substi-tooth Angelica.
Are you gonna make us
give you all the pillows now?
No, I'm here to play,
same as the rest of you.
You might want one more
to prop this side up,
but looking good.
Thanks, Chuckie.
But Angelica would
never say that.
Nah, she'd be more like,
"I'm Angelica,
and that poofy pillow thing's
gonna fall down right
on your poofy baby heads!"
And then she'd go,
"I'm Angelica, and you droolers
better listen to me."
I guess you're right,
but, um,
I don't really got
to act like her, do I?
Well, you probably should
be a lot meaner to us.
Remember, Angelica said
she's always watching us.
Come on, Tommy,
you don't believe that.
How could she, anyway?
They're bestest friends.
Duffy, who's fierce
in fashion
and servin' up some sassin'?
That would be Cynthia.
Duffy, I'm in a mood
to hear my special name.
Yes, Your Supreme
Highness Angelica
"Princess For Life" Pickles.
Duffy, what's your favorite
flavor pancake?
I don't actually eat.
I understand
blueberry is popular.
That's my favorite too!
See, this is why we're
such good friends.
Okay, okay, I don't want
Duffy to tell Angelica
I'm not doing what she said,
so here goes--
all right, you babies,
listen up.
You got to do what I say
right now, or--
Eh, I'm not feeling it yet.
I didn't want to say it,
but I've been more scared
by a bowl of vanilla pudding.
Give him time.
He'll get there.
Yeah, it's not
easy being mean.
What do I do now?
I know! Call us names.
Phil, Lil, Susie, and Tommy.
How do you like that?
We were looking
for "drooly babies,"
"bottle feeders,"
"squirrelly brains."
Aw, you tried,
and that's what counts.
Yeah, you're really not
getting the hang
of this, Chuckie.
Oh, yeah? You think you could
do any better, Phil?
Or should I call you
Poopyhead Phil?
Poopyhead Phil--
it's so funny.
Who cares
what you think, Lil?
I got milk in my sippy cup
older than you.
He's getting it.
You bet I am, Baldy.
And I'm just getting started.
Hey there, kiddos,
just whipped up a batch
of the world's greatest
chocolate chip cookies.
I know, a lot of pressure
on one recipe.
[babies babbling]
But I stand by the name
and the cookies.
Come and get 'em.
[Western music]
This is it, Reptar.
We got to get Angelica's share.
Back me up.
Out of my way, toddler tooths.
Keep an eye on 'em
for me, Duffy.
Don't let anybody else
touch 'em.
Um, Chuckie, I know we said
you should start acting
more like Angelica,
but that doesn't mean you
should take all the cookies.
Yeah, we like
the regular Chuckie.
Really, Susie?
Well, that's too bad.
'Cause regular Chuckie isn't
around anymore,
just me,
and I take what I want!
So right now, I'm gonna go over
to that stack of pillows
and snuggle.
Try and stop me.
[breathing deeply]
[children chattering]
Here you go, Chuckie.
Lil made it just the way
you asked for.
A little wet, isn't it?
It's mud.
I was hoping for something
more like dirt.
Can you make that happen?
We'll do our best.
So what's everyone
doing over there?
Just playing.
You could join us if you want.
Angelica said I got to keep
everyone out of trouble.
So now,
I'm just looking for trouble.
Eh, enjoy your wet dirt.

Well, well, well,
Angelica's babies,
but no Angelica.
This day just got
a whole lot brighter.
Sweetie, I'm sorry
about my work emergency.
I know you wanted
to play mini golf.
I only got
to do the bumper boats!
I was talking to Angelica.
It's okay, Mommy,
our TV at home
is way bigger anyway.
But can you hurry
to the park, please?
I need to check up
on the babies.
Hey, babies.
What you doing?
Just building a mountain.
Now it's a desert.
Josh, you can't do that.
Who's gonna stop me?
I'm guessing no one.
Uh-oh, Reptar,
this is the part
where Angelica's supposed
to come rescue us.
'Cause nobody's supposed
to pick on us babies
'cept Angelica.
If only Duffy were here.
He'd know what to do--
no offence.
All right, babies,
now that we know who's boss,
all of you drop
and give me 20 push-ups.
[all grunting]
Those are the worst push-ups
I've ever seen!
Don't make me come
down there and show ya.
A quarter!
Everybody, get back.
[Western music]
- Josh,
why don't you leave
my babies alone?
And who's gonna make me?
Wait, your babies?
That's right,
I'm in charge now.
Oh, yeah?
In that case,
you can do push-ups
for everyone.
Better yet,
I'll give you a choice.
You can do push-ups,
or you can eat
this mouthful of sand.
Eat the sand.
No, do the smush-ups.
- Sand!
- I never thought I'd say this,
but I really wish
Angelica was here.
This ends right now.
stop messing with my babies
right now or else!
Oh, hey, Angelica.
Josh was just showing us
how Reptar eats cookies.
[mimicking dinosaur]
I don't get it.
Why aren't you pickin' on 'em?
For your information,
I'm giving the babies
a free pass--for today.
You should put this one
in charge more often.
We're gonna have a little
talk about a big problem--
Uh, got to go.
My mommy's looking for me.
Thanks again for the cookies, Chuckeroo.
Bye, Joshie.
"Bye, Joshie?"
I leave you in charge
for one little weekend,
and look what happens.
So step aside, Finster.
I'm back in charge.
Thanks, Angelica.
The pressure was
really getting to me.
Yeah, yeah, who cares?
Uh, there's something
you should know.
You were a-posed
to save my share.
And I'm holding all you babies
Do you think I don't know
- She's back.
Way back.
Yep, there it is.
Turn my back for one minute,
and this is what I get?
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