Rush (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

Don't Ask Me Why

Previously, on Rush This is Rush.
Who are you? I got it! You're a doctor.
Something like that.
Is she dead? Close.
I can always count on you, Doc.
There's something you have to understand.
What we do is complicated.
It's not about feelings.
We cannot care.
directly into your account.
Did I mention Billy Bloom was supposed to wire $40K into the account? Yes, you have.
And no, he has not.
Sarah? Her being here, it's like fate.
Do you have to get that? It's an emergency.
I'm sorry.
This man's losing a lot of blood.
We need to get him to a hospital.
Not an option, Doc.
I need blood.
I took it from controlled storage 19 minutes ago.
You've got 11 to get it into him.
Hey, Doc.
If you ever need anything You can't just go into somebody's house and pull things off the wall! That is worth twice what I owe him.
You're not better, Will.
I can't count on you like that.
You were here last night, right? Uh, probably.
You new in town? Nope.
Just, uh, needed to get away.
Want to talk about it? Oh.
Oh! Yes, I have been waiting an hour for this one.
From the look upon your face Yes! I see it's true Come on! So tell me All about it Help! We need a doctor! Oh Tell me one thing more Before I go Check, please.
Come on, Michael! Tell me Yes! How am I supposed To live without you? Sarah! Now that I've been loving you So long How am I supposed Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
To live without you No, no, come on.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
Without you without you without you Oh, come on! Shit! Great! Great.
Rush? Oh! Oh, it's you.
Got any water? How'd you find me? Where's My Boss.
What? It's an app-- I downloaded it on your phone-- it keeps track of you.
Oh, you've been spying on me.
Hey, I waited three days to use it.
The last I heard from you was Thursday at 4:00 p.
when you texted me to, quote, "pick up my sluts.
" Which I'm hoping was autocorrect.
Let's assume so.
Where have you been? Uh Does this ring a bell? Not immediately, no.
Did you have a big weekend with the girl that you said was the love of your life? No, actually.
That lady and I have agreed to, uh consciously uncouple.
Do you want to talk about it? No, Eve, I do not want to talk about it-- what I do want to talk about, however, is this car.
Remember that noise I was telling you about? Yeah.
Yeah, well, you should've got it fixed.
Well, I would have, but you've been M.
for three days, so Back to work.
Here we go.
All right, all right, I got it, I got it.
I need this car fixed today.
Yes, I will take it to the regular place.
Your keys.
No, take it to Kiko.
Yeah, Kiko.
He's, uh He's on Stadium Way, Echo Park.
It's a body shop.
He owes me a favor.
Are you sure you're okay? Yeah.
I just need a day to get back to even, and I'll be fine, all right? Okay, you just tell me exactly what "getting back to even" entails, just so that I know what to insure you for.
Oh, nothing too exotic.
A little shower, a little shave, then some soup, a little sex, maybe, some highly controlled substances, and my car fixed.
You got it, boss.
I'm actually easier to maintain than most tropical fish, so, you know Almost forgot.
Can you have, uh, Kiko install that thing? iPod.
The CD player's killing me.
You press "power.
" Is it on? It's on.
There we go.
There we go.
All right.
Drive safe.
You've reached Sarah.
Leave a message.
Hi, Sarah.
It's me.
Well, h-here's the thing.
I feel lousy about how I handled things the other day and, um well, I-I never should have taken that call.
I should have stayed.
And I know that now.
All right, buddy.
Want you to have a good day today, all right? But, Dad, I don't want to go to school today.
I want to go to work with you.
You want to be a doctor like Daddy, right? Mm-hmm.
Well, you have to go to school a long time to be a doctor.
Bring it in.
Come on.
Love you, Daddy.
Oh, man, I love you.
But I love Mommy more.
You love Mommy more? Get out of here.
Go ahead.
See you.
Hello? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, this is Dr.
Yes, um, I'll be right in.
Hey, Manny.
Sorry to call so early.
I've been up since 6:00 a.
I got a business to run.
Did you get that mix I sent you? Mix? I sent you an e-mail, man.
Check the link.
Click on it.
It's dope-- it's got great music.
I got Lil Dwaylay, Lil Maxwell Yeah, whatever.
Listen, I just sent my assistant over to your cousin's garage with my car.
Could you stop by and leave a package in it? Same shit? Yes, and don't even think about charging me.
You still owe me, okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got you, man.
Fair is fair; the shit's free.
Listen, I just need to be reimbursed for my time and my gas, all right Yeah, hanging up now.
Good morning.
Rush's office.
Mace Huntsman.
I'm here at the 8 Pillars Gym in Hollywood.
And how did you get this number? Charles Barkley.
We met in Vegas-- he said your man is the best at this kind of thing.
Yes, Mr.
Barkley is very kind.
Are you aware of our price schedule? Yes, ma'am.
And that we are cash-only in advance? Yeah, look, I'm down here at the 8 Pillars Gym in Hollywood Are you also aware that Dr.
Rush's visits are not covered by insurance, and he will not provide any proof of payment that you might be able to submit to your insurance provider or HMO? Dr.
Rush does not perform Botox.
He does not believe in Eastern medicine.
He does not dispense any such herbs or ointments.
Yes, ma'am, if I could just explain to you how important Dr.
Rush does not deal in end-of-life care, and he will not, under any circumstances, reverse vasectomies.
Do you understand these preceding terms and conditions? I do.
So, how can we help you? Look, it's not me.
It's my little brother.
His nose won't stop bleeding.
Keep it open? Uh, no, actually.
I am climbing a very delicate ladder back to even, and alcohol's just a very small part of that, so Wild weekend? So they tell me.
Oh, hey, you know what? Actually, keep it open.
What are you having? Nothing.
They're onto me.
Who? The blood bank.
They're asking what was I doing in there the other night.
So make something up.
I don't want to dig this hole any deeper than it already is.
Look, I'm gonna need you to call your dad.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Listen, he can fix this.
Let's not get crazy, all right? Look, we'll just replace the blood before they take inventory.
I can't relax, Rush.
I have a wife, a kid, a house payment.
And I'm on the short list of making chair of Emergency Medicine.
I will not call that man, okay, so just stop that.
Look, I-I can fix this.
I can get any blood you want, just during business hours.
Yeah? How? Every pint of blood is treated and bar-coded.
How are we just gonna just replace it? Because Einstein here kept the labels.
All right? It's all gonna be fine.
All right? Rush? Oh, I thought that was you.
Best weekend ever.
Best weekend ever? Mmm, mm-hmm.
You're not, by chance, missing a shoe, are you? No.
You should ask Candace.
Candace? Mm-hmm.
What was that about? I have absolutely no idea.
So, Rush like the band? Sure.
Like the band.
Could you could you put the phone down, please? Thank you.
Sorry about that.
And, uh, could you hang this up, please? It's kind of an expensive clean.
It's okay, Grace.
It's gonna be okay.
I love you, baby.
Love you, too.
Any recent blows to the nose? Nothing too bad.
No? You on any meds? No, sir.
And you, uh, you haven't noticed any other problems with excessive bleeding? Nope.
Yo, what you doing? Checking the whites of his eyes for any evidence of liver failure.
You're all good.
Well, so what is it, man? He's got a fight tonight.
We've got to figure this out.
It's okay.
It's all right, Mace.
Doc here's gonna fix me up.
Ain't you, Doc? Well, that's the plan.
Any allergies? No.
But he had a what you call a deviated septum when he was a kid.
Yeah, but they fixed that when I was ten.
Well, they obviously didn't fix it well enough.
But Oh! Oh! Oh.
There she Oh, shit.
What the hell is that thing, man? That is a blood vessel.
It must have been obstructed by the scar tissue from the surgery, and what with all his training, increased arterial pressure, looks like that scar tissue's, uh, ready to pop.
Oh! Is that supposed to happen? There you go.
What is that? That is medical-grade cocaine.
Jesus! Only to be used by trained professionals.
Cocaine? Can I get a tampon? Is he for serious? Yes, I'm for serious.
I need a tampon.
There you go.
It's my last one.
Thank you very much.
Okay All right, Troy, I need you to hold still.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, no way, man! No way! They're drug-testing me tonight.
This is such a small quantity, you'll metabolize this in an hour.
Okay? Won't even show up in your piss.
Trust me.
I'm kind of an expert.
Okay, do it! All right, hold still.
Might be a little bit uncomfortable, but up she goes.
Some good shit.
Right? And voilà.
Son of a bitch.
The, uh, wonders of modern medicine.
So, Rush told you to come see me? Uh, uh, yeah.
Rush-- he's something else.
He's told me so much about you.
Alex broke this, Alex broke that.
Sounds like you guys got in a lot of trouble back in the day.
So, uh, you use real names here? Why wouldn't we? It's all good.
Not my real name.
You want O negative? Yeah.
O negative.
Help yourself.
This blood is clean, right? Of course.
We test it for hepatitis, HIV, all the usual suspects, and then we treat it with a citrate solution.
Just like Mom used to make.
You need anything else? Pills? Passport? Guns? No.
Uh, I'm okay.
Thank you.
Then you're all set.
So, do I even pay you, or? Next time.
It's all good.
Can I help you? Hey.
You're Rush's girl, right? No.
We work together.
And you are? Just a friend.
You know, Kiko is the best mechanic in L.
I know he'll have his car up Me? For real? Do I look like a drug dealer? Yes.
Look, I'm only asking because he's not in very good shape right now, okay? What happened? I don't know.
He won't talk to me about it.
You know, I wouldn't worry about Rush, mami.
He's indestructible.
That engine runs on pussy and blow.
He's got to keep the tank full.
Know what I'm saying? Yeah.
Conference call.
I got to go.
And take all of these, okay? Thanks, Doc.
And my work here is done.
Appreciate it.
Hey, uh, wait up.
You got to sign this.
Uh, yeah, I'm not a big signer.
No, you got to.
This is the medical release form saying he's good to fight.
Did you see what just happened? He can't fight.
We just paid you five grand.
To fix his nose, which I did.
Why do you think we called you? No, we could have gone to any regular doctor, but we called you, man.
Get out of the way.
Doc? Doc, hold up.
What? Doc, look, my mama's house is under water.
My whole family's depending on this paycheck.
I have to fight, please.
Troy, with all due respect, I don't give a shit about your mother, her underwater house, or you, for that matter.
Come on, Doc.
But if I sign that waiver, and you get hit in the head tonight and bleed out, then that's not so good for me.
And me-- that's something I give very much of a shit about, okay? Mace.
Hey, wait, wait, wait.
Look, what if he takes a dive? A dive? Yeah.
We still get the guarantee, right? It's perfect.
Tie him up for a few seconds.
Tap out before the end of the first round.
I know this guy.
He ain't gonna want to box.
He's gonna want to grapple.
Look, look, look.
I don't know how you do things here in L.
, but, uh, where we're from, we do what we say we're gonna do.
We're good country people.
Unless, of course, you, uh, want me to get on the phone with the cops and tell 'em all about your medical-grade cocaine, Dr.
Oh, is that good country blackmail? Doc, I will tap out, end of the first.
I promise.
All right.
Here it is.
Turn around.
Thank you, Doc.
Hey, Harold, how are you? You still got that bookie connection in Vegas? Sure do.
We should just go to Vegas.
I got a surf lesson now, but I can scoop you right after.
Uh, yeah.
That's not happening.
Listen, there's an MMA fight in L.
On the undercard, there's a guy named Troy Huntsman fighting.
Mako Adams.
Yeah, I know.
I follow this shit, Rush.
Well, uh, Troy is gonna lose, okay? You sure? When Troy hits him with that guillotine, man, it's lights out.
some money here.
Look, I got to go, okay? All right.
I'll call my guy.
Peace out, homey.
What you got? Isabel Thoreau.
Well, I I know that name, and I hate it without really knowing why.
Celebrity life coach? What, the-the "yes, you can" lady? Yes! Yeah.
No, I'm not treating her.
What? Why not? Because she's nuts.
I think she's kind of brilliant.
I'm sure you do.
She can probably help you with whatever is eating you.
You kidding? She's like a female Dr.
Yes! Only not even a doctor.
I didn't realize you had so much respect for the medical profession.
Oh, come on.
She's a charlatan, Eve.
Lurking on the fringes, preying on the weaknesses of the overprivileged.
I feel like you two would get along swimmingly.
Besides, you're only, like, what? Ten minutes from where she is right now.
Hey, hold on.
What if I ever want you to not know where I am? How do I do that? Mm, turn off your phone? But given your recent behavior, maybe keep it on.
What the? What? I think I'm being followed.
Mm, you're infamous, Rush, but you're not famous, and only in a very narrow demographic.
Oh, ha, ha.
I'd try to outrun him if I thought this car of yours could do over 40 miles an hour.
My car has more pickup than yours.
Car and Driver.
Look it up.
Yeah? What about the way it never needs gas? I mean, that's just That is that's not right.
I don't trust it.
You don't trust anyone.
Well, I trusted you before you ignored my cries for help and broke my car.
Isabel Thoreau-- can I tell her you're coming? Yes, you can.
Just gonna inject you with this lidocaine Mm-hmm.
and get you all sewed up.
Here we go.
How did you do this anyway? Opening a bottle of wine.
So, why didn't you just go to the emergency room and get sewn up? Hospitals scare the shit out of me.
What about facing your fears? Isn't that your whole thing? Yes, you can? All right.
Rough weekend? It's that obvious? No.
Your body emits a magnetic pulse that inversely correlates to your circadian rhythms.
I feel it in the room with us.
It's here now.
Really? No.
No, it's obvious.
You look like shit.
Well, thank you very much.
I get that a lot.
You want to talk about it? All right, I'm just gonna stop you now and say, I'm not interested in having a therapy session today, okay? Have you ever had a therapy session? Once or twice-- court-mandated-- and I have no intention of starting again.
Well, I am not a therapist, Dr.
Oh, you're not? No.
Therapists promote inertia.
They're professional enablers.
No, I've no interest in taking someone's money who just wants help intellectualizing their negative life patterns.
I'm a life coach.
Two words that never should have been that close together.
Don't knock it till you've tried it, darling.
You're probably gonna feel some pressure, but it shouldn't hurt.
That's what he said.
No, you're not.
What is going on with you? I'm sewing up the hand of a lady who won't take "no" for an answer.
You have work problems, love problems? Okay, I could leave you with a hair's-breadth scar or something a little more messy.
It's it's your call.
What happened? Look, you've got a world-famous expert in maximizing human potential at your disposal.
Why wouldn't you use me? And why would you give a shit? Well, because when I meet people I think I can help, I like to try.
Especially when they're attractive men.
It's sort of a life's philosophy.
All right.
I finally had an opportunity to prove to someone that I could be there for them.
And, uh, things got complicated and I screwed it up.
End of story.
I have a little saying about complications.
Oh, I can't wait to hear it.
The only complications are the ones we create.
Yeah? Well, I didn't create this one.
Ah, but you chose to let it divert you.
My guess is you wanted to disappoint her.
You saw your opportunity and you went for it, Doctor.
If I was choosing to actually have a conversation with you about this, I'd say: Why would I choose to disappoint someone that I love? Because someone, long ago, drilled it into you, Dr.
Rush, that you indeed are a disappointment.
Sounded a lot like therapy to me.
All right, there you go.
All better.
Nice hand job, Doctor.
Uh, Mr.
Bloom? I want my painting back, shit bag.
Painting? The painting your cholo posse came and took from my goddamn house.
Bloom, uh, I need to get back to the office for a little me time, so Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You can have your me time once I get my goddamn painting.
Hey, hey, take it easy.
Uh, wh-where are we going, exactly? Wherever that cholo hides out.
I'm not privy to that information.
Then get privy.
Let's go.
Manny, relax.
I promise I will not tell him you told me, okay? All right.
Uh, we're looking for Raoul.
Thank you.
There it is.
That is my painting.
How'd you find me, ese? Manny.
What are you doing here? He's with me.
Okay, look, fellas, we don't want any trouble.
If you don't want any trouble, what are they doing here? What, these guys? Mm-hmm.
They're here to protect me.
So, now, why don't you just give me my painting and we'll be on our way.
Well, first of all, it's not your painting anymore.
It belongs to my baby girl over there, and she loves it and I love her.
Right? What's up, what's up, mija? You know? And I don't know you very well.
But I don't think I like you.
Can you believe this guy? Why do you bring these people into my home, ese? It makes me very angry.
Hey, I didn't really have a choice, okay? Look, ese, I paid you for that painting out of my own pocket, all right? We kept it because we liked it.
Fair and square, ese.
Raoul, is it? I'm a businessman.
You're a businessman.
So let's do business.
And before you say no, be advised, I didn't get to where I am today by backing down.
I didn't launch the Tough, Tougher, Toughest franchise by being a little-- pardon my Spanish-- maricón.
Wait a minute.
Did you say y-you produced Triple T? I did.
And, by the way, six of those movies would not have been made without the support of the Latino community, so, you know, thanks for that.
I don't like the way you depict my people in those movies, ese.
Raoul, Raoul, come on, man.
Stay out of this, homes.
All right.
It's very unflattering.
100 grand.
No less, ese.
Guys, a little help here, please? Back off.
Aah! Okay.
Maybe now is the time you should probably back down.
Okay, okay.
Nice doing business with you, homes.
You should come consult for me.
Triple T could always use a little more authenticity.
You know, I-I might actually just take you up on that.
You know, at least visit the set, check out the minas in the bikinis.
Yeah, right? Can I get the painting, please? Yeah, yeah, go ahead, go ahead, man.
Wipe your feet before you mess up my carpet, all right? Hey, how you doing? All right.
Everything's all good.
What were you just doing in there? Thank you.
Fill that prescription out immediately.
It should be okay in a couple of weeks.
Hope you're happy.
You just paid $200,000 for a $100,000 painting.
Hey, smart guy-- the artist died over the weekend.
This painting is worth Cholo son of a bitch didn't realize that, though, did he? See? There's a reason these people are poor.
Vaya con dios, asshole.
I just wanted to tell you something.
I know you make a lot of money parachuting your lame little insights into people's heads.
Yeah But you don't know me.
You don't know anything about me.
And you certainly didn't help my life Coach.
Just so we're clear.
I'll be here if you need me.
Oh, shit.
Any closer to even, Dr.
Rush? Getting there.
Just need a little sex, blow and my car back.
Hey, uh, Sean, could you put on the Huntsman fight? Think it should be on there somewhere.
Yeah, you got it.
Thank you.
So, where you been all weekend? Uh, Big Sur? You're asking me? Hey.
Do I know you? Rush.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Best weekend ever.
Wasn't it? Rub a dub dub.
Uh, I think I have your shoe.
That's where that went.
Well, if you want it back at all, you can always drop by later and pick it up.
Keep it.
I've got to go see some friends.
Oh! Whoa! Yes! Hey, you know what round this is? Third.
Says it right there in the corner.
Good country people, my ass.
What? What happened? I just lost a bet.
Truth is, I thought he had me there at the end of the first, but I saw an opportunity and I took it.
Mako's a hell of a fighter.
He fought a great fight.
It's okay.
I'm his doctor, okay? All right? Thank you.
Shame one of us had to lose, and I'm just glad it was him.
Okay, that's it.
Thanks, y'all, he's done.
He is done.
Excuse me.
What the hell happened? He won.
No, no, no.
He was supposed to tap out in the first, remember? All right, just At least let me take a look at him.
Doc, it is fine.
It's all good.
I told you! We need medical in the locker room.
All right, we're gonna need an ambulance.
All right.
Hey, buddy, what's going on? Get him on his side.
Get him on his side.
On his side, okay.
Here we go.
Come on, buddy, don't leave me.
What is that? This is a mild sedative.
Oh, come on, buddy.
Oh, Mama's gonna kill me, Troy.
Come on, come on.
Oh, he stopped shaking, Doc.
Grab that towel.
Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
Oh, come on.
Doc, you've got to help him.
Hey, back up, guys! Give him some room, okay? Back up! Get 'em out of here.
Come on back to me, now.
Oh, my God, what are you gonna do with that thing? He's bleeding internally.
I'm relieving his cranial pressure, okay? Come on, get us an ambulance now! Help! Oh, God.
Oh, hey, Doc, Doc, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Oh, come on, hey, you saved my brother's life.
Let me shake your hand.
You told him not to tap out, didn't you? Huh? You made him fight.
Oh, come on, what was I supposed to do, hmm? Pull him out of the fight? He's a grown-up; he knew the risks.
He's your brother.
Yeah, that means the money gets to say in my family.
Come on, it is all good.
All good? Yeah.
My name is on that waiver.
The on-call is asking questions; it's not all good.
Well, uh what if I make that waiver go away? You know, disappear-style.
For a little cash donation.
Oh, right, yeah.
Uh, remember when I injected your brother back there with the sedative? Yeah.
Yeah? It wasn't just a sedative.
What are you talking about? Well, it's, uh, it's coupled with a, um, fairly controversial anti-inflammatory corticosteroid-- you know, the kind of thing that gets people thrown out of the game for good.
If they if they get caught.
Yeah? Try me.
Have a good one.
Hey, Alex.
What are you doing out here? What's going on? I've been suspended, pending an investigation.
Seriously? It sound like the sort of thing I shit you about? I I told you what to do.
You get the blood? I got caught putting it back.
But putting it back is the easiest part.
I know, but there was a dude there, and he saw what I did, so I told him.
Why? I had to be honest.
I have never understood that.
Well, you know, I'm not you, okay? Shit.
Does Laurel know? No.
I haven't told her yet.
Well, do me a favor, all right? Don't.
Of course.
Steal me some blood, lose your job, and while you're at it, lie to your wife.
You know what? Go to hell, Rush! Alex, I No, I'm not taking any more advice from you.
No more favors, okay? Alex I'll handle it myself.
I'll fix it.
Alex! It was my decision.
What? I will I will call my dad.
No, you won't.
I will.
I promise.
Well, don't look so proud of yourself, all right? You're my best friend.
This is what you're supposed to do.
You know, bros Before hos, I know.
That's why I'm doing it.
You haven't done shit yet, man.
Okay, trust me, all right? Come on.
All right.
There you go.
It's all good.
I love you.
All right? Yeah.
Go home, get some rest.
All right, okay.
Uh Seriously, man, you have to call him.
It's me.
Uh can I stop by? Yes? Uh What's that? Oh, this is just a I tried to get a 1990, but, uh, it's kind of hard to find this time of night.
You know, for someone who's not a therapist, you are the best therapist ever.
Well, I, uh I got my master's in chemical psychology at the University of Michigan, and my doctorate at Yale, so yes, I am the best therapist ever.
Oh, I knew it, you liar.
So, um what made you get out of traditional therapy? Uh, I screwed a patient.
She was very pretty.
All right.
How did you get out of traditional medicine? Uh my dad screwed me.
I don't want to talk about it.
'Cause neither do I.
Look who snuck in.
Good morning.
Good morning to you.
You look like you're feeling much better.
I am, actually.
Did you get anything off your chest? Uh, pardon me? With Isabel Thoreau.
Let's just say I, uh, found a way to take advantage of her gift, if that's what you mean.
Look, you never have to worry about me, okay? Yes.
I've heard you're indestructible.
Oh, who said that? Your drug dealer.
You have a patient in Newport Beach, and we're gonna have to leave now if you want to beat the traffic.
What's this? Beet, lemon, ginger and echinacea.
I found the recipe on Isabel's blog.
Oh, God, you read that thing? Yeah.
Like, every day.
I told you, I think she's brilliant.
Her post today was called "Strangers in the Night.
" About the healing powers of the booty call.
It wasn't half bad.
It sounds half bad.
Mm, Jesus, this is all bad.
Just drink it; it's edifying.
That's what Isabel says, at least.
It's lacking a certain je ne sais vod-quoi.
And, uh Oh.
Much better.
Uh, my car? Is downstairs.
And mine? Is with the valet.
I will have him wash it.
Probably a good idea.
Oh, your iPod.
I didn't think you'd be able to figure out the Bluetooth, so I had them install a tape deck, and I hooked it up to my old first-gen model, Yeah.
which I am currently loading with your entire awful CD collection.
It's gonna take a while.
I'm up to Def Leppard.
Anyway, I thought it would suit you better, something old-school.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
All right.
Oh, and, Rush? Yeah? One more thing.
The Four Seasons Santa Barbara called-- apparently, you did some water damage to your room and the room below yours this past weekend.
They wanted to remind you just for next time that the maximum capacity of the in-room soaking tub is two persons, not three.
Santa Barbara.
You owe them $11,000.
Well better get to work.
You take me home to show me your room And then we wind up in your yard Yeah! God, I've missed you.
Sometimes you don't got no room And then we make love in your car