Rush (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

We Are Family

Previously on Rush: I'm sober now.
I'm in a program.
I'm seeing a therapist.
I was pretty sure you never wanted to see me again.
And then, all of a sudden, you know, there you are.
Why don't you forget about me like I've already forgotten about you? I've been suspended.
I will call my dad.
Hey, Dad.
Hello, Will.
Yeah? It's really nice to finally meet you.
Yeah, likewise, I'm sure.
But if Alex chose to act unethically on your behalf, he shouldn't be surprised there are consequences.
And he should be man enough to accept them.
Who are you? He's just a friend of Daddy's, honey.
- You never told her she had a brother? I won't let you disappoint her the way you've disappointed everyone else in your life.
Oh, uh, by the way, your wife-- she barely touched her food, and, uh, what with that and the slight tremor, my guess is Adderall.
You might want to look into that.
Your dad came through big-time.
What? Back in! Thank you.
No problem.
Thank you for coming so early.
No problem.
And before anyone else gives you the wrong idea, it was an accident.
Isn't it always? I know, right? Some people are so judgmental.
Like a judgmental person might say it's odd to have a grizzly bear in your living room.
Oh, Yanni's a brown bear, actually.
People make that mistake all the time.
See, brown bears have longer hair.
Well, let's hope he doesn't shed on the couch.
Easy, Daisy.
Rush is just here to help Daddy.
I swear, it was an accident.
Lucky for you, accident's my middle name.
Can I take a look? Oh.
Looks like you lost a lot of blood there.
Well, these teeth marks are clean and shallow, like a razor.
Hold that.
Thank you.
That is not a dog bite.
I told you a million times, he needs to stay in his bedroom.
I'm doing my best.
I'm trying.
Trying without locking the door isn't trying.
He's dangerous, Kent.
That stupid thing hates me.
He doesn't hate you.
Sometimes he just wants a change of scenery.
That's all.
He loves you.
We both love you.
Why can't you accept that? No, if you loved me, you would've remembered to lock the goddamn door.
And here comes the drama.
Guys, guys, just in order to prescribe the appropriate antibiotic, I need to know exactly who or what bit you, okay? Was it Yanni? Oh, please.
Yanni's a cuddlemuffin.
It was General Westmoreland.
General Westmoreland is a Monitor lizard.
Of course he is.
There's an anticoagulant in the lizard's saliva, so this is a special bandage to help activate the clotting cascade.
Good as new.
Hon, can you corral John Waters while I pay Dr.
Rush? Yes, I can.
Thank you so much, Doctor.
You're welcome.
I'm just gonna write you a prescription for amoxicillin.
You know, you took a big risk not going straight to the E.
Oh, believe me, I wanted to.
But he doesn't have any permits for these animals.
And you live with these things why? Kent's a wrangler for the studios.
But almost all the animals in movies and TV are CG now, so he's started bringing them home.
So they're not only dangerous; they're unemployed.
I'm telling you, it's putting a huge strain on our relationship.
I I really don't know how much more I can take, Doctor.
I mean, I love Kent and I support him, but sometimes I just I think about you know.
Good talk.
No, Doc, no.
I was just thinking out loud.
Come on, John Waters.
Daddy's in a bad mood.
Let's get a drink at the algae pond.
That a boy.
Is there any way we can take care of this permanently? What do you mean, like a family trip to the zoo? See? You were thirsty.
Such a thirsty little boy.
I was thinking more of a medical solution.
You want me to assassinate the general? Mmm.
There's another 15 grand in it for you.
Well, um I'd need a distraction.
There's a rib eye in the fridge.
Cash first.
All right.
All right.
Nice and easy.
Nice and easy.
Now, toss him the steak here.
That's it.
There you go.
You sure about this? Attaboy.
Oh, my God.
What have you done? Murderer.
You're a murderer.
Kent, it's fine.
No, it's not fine.
I'm calling the police.
I'm calling my lawyer.
I'm calling Betty White.
Kent, relax.
You're not a doctor.
You're a hit man.
Kent, shh, shh.
Just The general isn't dead, all right? What? I just sedated him.
I don't understand.
He'll wake up in a few hours.
I thought it might buy you two some time to work your shit out.
Why would you do that? Because somebody just did me a solid, and I'm experimenting with paying it forward for a change.
Plus, your partner paid me think of it as couples therapy.
You're insane.
Yeah, I think it's fair to say we're both a little off.
So, tonight, the Chateau? Dinner's on you? No.
Dinner's on you, bro.
What? I got you your job back.
I thought this was a celebration.
Your dad got me my job back.
You should be thanking him for me.
I'm not sure I follow.
All right, look, this is what we do.
We go to In-N-Out, and then I got you.
Yeah, awful wine list.
Listen, you win.
I'll get dinner, okay? Listen, I got someone on the other line.
I'll see you tonight.
Peace out, brother.
This is Will Rush.
Hi, Will.
It's Corrine.
Corrine Corrine? Five-nine? Blonde? Okay, well, that's really not helping.
Former USC Song Girl? Mmm, well, that narrows it down to, what, six? Married to your father.
What's up? Um, I thought we could have lunch.
What, after that dinner the other night, you want to have lunch? Yeah.
Why? You some kind of masochist? No.
I just feel really badly about the way things went with your father.
Well, don't, all right? It's not your fault.
And, uh, besides, it all worked out anyway.
Will, you have a sister that still doesn't know you exist.
I wouldn't say it worked out.
Have lunch with me.
Vista at 1:00? Yeah, I-I don't have much of an appetite, so We are family now.
All right.
Okay, look, I-I'll make a reservation.
I already did.
I'll see you then.
Future ex-girlfriend? Future ex-stepmom, actually.
So the dinner went well? Don't ask me.
What does that mean? Well, I went there to ask my father for a favor.
We had a huge fight.
And then he did me the favor.
Why? I have no idea.
Well, ambiguity trumps disaster.
Yeah, I guess.
I'm just glad the whole thing's over, to be honest.
Isabel Thoreau's Euro facial peel.
Oh, God.
I wrote that scrip out of guilt and shame.
Please make sure I'm not here when she comes to get it.
Already took the possibility of postcoital awkwardness into account.
Her assistant is picking it up.
What is that? He likes shiny things.
It's your lifetime membership to the Tolkin House.
You're turning down unlimited alcohol and a harem of STD-free massage therapists? Yeah.
Let's just say I'm not a fan of the clientele.
You saw J.
there? Did you? Yeah.
Why didn't you tell me? Because it wasn't a big deal.
It wasn't.
What did he say? Nothing.
Just that he's sober now.
Please tell me you didn't fall for that.
It doesn't matter.
He was just trying to apologize, and then I pretended to listen, and then I bounced.
Stay away from him, all right? Why would I want to go anywhere near him? I'm just saying, stay away.
And I'm just saying I'm different now.
Okay? Rush.
It was okay.
Nothing about J.
Harris is okay.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's, uh it's funny.
I didn't really take you for a beer drinker.
I didn't take you for a decent human being.
Well, I'm a hooker with a heart of gold.
Your father says you're a narcissistic hedonist who doesn't care about anybody but himself.
That's very accurate.
And then I met you.
And I saw a man eager to connect with a little sister he'd never met.
A man willing to swallow his own pride and come crawling to his father-- who he hasn't spoken to in six years-- just to help a friend.
Yeah, well, we all have our moments of weakness, don't we? So what about me? Am I what you expected? Actually, not at all.
I thought you'd be a recycled Real Housewife with, uh, enormous implants and a trout pout, who cared about shopping, redecorating and boning her Pilates instructor.
Well, I do love shopping and redecorating.
Pilates is for pussies.
I much prefer boxing.
Boxing? Great.
Well, uh, here's to mistaken impressions, then.
Yo, you got the shit? I got the primo shit.
Best '70s movie drug word ever.
It's nice to finally meet you face-to-face.
You got here quick.
Isabel Thoreau couldn't wait.
So that means I couldn't wait.
Hey, what is this stuff, anyway? Phospholipids, grapefruit extract, and a cocktail of retinoids that I can't even pronounce.
It's, like, impossible to get.
Except for you.
Except for me.
Which makes you the primo shit.
We both know how much your father hates dancing, right? I mean, he will not dance.
But Lily came home from the country club and she said there was this father-daughter dance, and your dad's like, "Yeah.
" They took lessons.
No shit.
Ever since she came along, your father's gotten very surprising.
Yeah, well, he certainly surprised me when he did what he did for Alex.
I mean, I figured when we left the house the other day Well, you know.
Will, your dad What? He he's not all bad.
No, I think it's been fairly well-established that I'm the all-bad one in the family.
That hurts you, doesn't it? What-- his disapproval? No, not at all.
Will, I married a man more than 20 years older than I am.
I have more than my fair share of daddy issues.
Don't bullshit me.
It hurts.
What exactly do you want here? I want you and your father to figure your shit out.
Because Oprah said to? No, because I have a daughter with a very controlling man, and Lord help me if she turns out half as interesting as you.
I want your father to evolve.
And healing things between the two of you will be a big step toward that.
Well, I would love to help, Corrine, but in order to do that, I would actually have to give a shit what my father thought and felt about me.
And I don't.
Got to go.
A patient.
You know, you're more alike than you think.
Take care.
So, where do you like to go? Go? Uh, when you go out.
Roger Room? Harvard and Stone? Oh.
The New Beverly Cinema? Come on.
No, I mean, seriously.
I I don't really go out that much.
And Rush has been busy for, like, ever, so Well, listen Yeah? Uh, once a week, I hang out with this group of assistants.
We go to a bar, shit-talk our bosses and drink until someone pukes.
Sounds riveting.
Come with us.
It's tonight.
I don't think so.
The New Beverly has a double feature.
Raymond Chandler.
Big Sleep, Long Goodbye.
I mean But thank you.
Excuse me.
Hello? You rang? Yes, um We got a call on the private line from a guy whose girlfriend partied too hard.
Well, that's possibly the most succinct diagnosis I've ever heard.
They're in room 23 at the Ramble Inn near downtown.
Where rockers and their women have partied too hard for three decades.
I'm texting you directions now.
No, no need to, I'll just follow the trail of broken dreams.
Hey, did you make my dinner reservation? Yes.
I have you at 8:00 p.
with Alex at the Chateau.
Corner table, away from the poseurs, in sight of the bar.
You got someone there with you? How could you tell? Because you sound weird.
Is it Isabel's assistant? Yes, it's Isabel's assistant, Lucas.
Oh, I saw him lurking around when I was over there.
He's kind of cute, right? He's, um No, um Which means yes.
Put me on speaker.
Speaker, speaker, speaker, speaker, speaker.
Speaker, speaker, speaker, speaker, speaker, speaker Hey, Lucas, can you hear me? Uh, hi.
Hi, Dr.
You should ask Eve out.
You know, I just did.
And she shot me down.
What are you doing? You need to go out with someone your own age.
Be 27 for once.
I'm 25.
Listen, you haven't been on a date since we met.
All right? Since we met.
Doctor's orders.
It is now apparently my job to say yes.
So, um, in the name of my work ethic Great.
It's a bar in K-town.
I will text you the address.
You the doc? Yes, I am.
All right.
Where's your lady? Inside.
Your girlfriend looks like shit.
All right, so what the hell's going on here? I'm Roland Valdez.
I'm an authorized bail enforcement officer for the state of California.
Well, congratulations.
Hey, w-what are you doing? Calling an ambulance.
No, no, no.
No hospitals, no.
I'm a bounty hunter.
That scumbag jumped bail.
Armed robbery.
I tracked him to this shit hole, and when I tried to take him in, he got feisty and I was forced to shoot him.
Forced, right.
I did what I had to.
Now I got six hours to get him to Bakersfield or I'm not gonna get my money, so I don't have time for any hospitals.
So why the sick girlfriend story? I didn't know if you'd come.
Some people have the wrong idea About people who shoot people? Yeah, please try and forgive us.
Are you gonna fix him up or not? I don't get paid if he's dead.
Six grand.
Your assistant said three.
Yeah, that was for a passed-out cokehead.
Liars pay double.
Six grand? I'm only getting 15 to bring this kid in.
Well, you have all my sympathy.
All right.
Uncuff him.
There's the slug.
Most of it, anyway.
Hollow point? He's bleeding more than before.
That's 'cause you nicked a vein.
Don't worry, you'll get your money.
All right.
We're good.
Hold this.
On there.
Pick it up.
Man, Raoul said you were the best.
That's just some serious shit.
How do you know Raoul? I took him in on an aggravated assault warrant last year.
He's good people.
All right.
Thanks, Doc.
Look, I know I lied before, and I'm sorry.
But trust me, this guy's bad news.
You did a good thing.
Yeah? Well, now it's your turn to do a good thing.
Lose my number.
Please tell me you're pre-gaming by smoking that big fatty I gave you.
Rush, it's Laurel.
Oh Hey, girl.
Can you come over? When? Now? Yeah, it's about Alex.
Sure, yeah, I-I'll, uh, be right there.
Our dinner isn't till 8:00, bro.
What are you doing here so early? Ask Laurel.
You two are taking a break.
What? What? Not forever.
Just for a little while.
Until my husband gets his priorities straight.
Uh, Laurel, you can't expect to put a ban on a friendship that's twice as long as your marriage.
I don't care how long you guys have been friends.
It's time to get real.
Are you gonna say something about this? I've got this.
Well, get it, then.
Listen, babe, I know you're still upset about what happened, but it's over.
Until it happens again.
See, that's the thing.
It's not gonna happen again.
I take good care of this family.
And you need to stop trying to control everything and simply appreciate what you have.
Baby, I do appreciate what I've got.
That's why I'm trying to protect it.
You can protect it all you want, but you don't pick my friends.
It's time that you start showing me some respect.
Choosing him over your family shows me that you have no idea what the word "respect" really means.
Maybe I should go No, you sit.
What kind of friend would put everything that you hold dear into so much jeopardy? Do you ever think of that? I got to go.
You don't have to go.
Uh just tell me what happens, okay? Oh, and, uh, Laurel, you know what really pisses me off? You could have told me on the phone.
Tell me something good.
The Ramble Inn guy called again.
No, I said "something good.
" What the hell does he want now? He said you screwed up, the guy's still bleeding and you need to go back.
I thought it was a girl.
Yeah, well, looks like the private line's been compromised.
Is everything okay? Uh, um Never mind.
It's a long story.
Uh can you cancel the Chateau for tonight? What about your big celebration? Yeah, well, Laurel had other plans.
Come in.
Fix him up.
All right.
What the hell's going on here? Just fix him up, now.
Hold on a second, okay? I'd like to know who I'm working for.
'Cause this guy, he told me he was a bounty hunter and you were a criminal he was taking back to Bakersfield.
Yeah, that's all true.
Except I'm the bounty hunter.
All right, tell me something.
If you're the bounty hunter, then why are you pointing the gun at me? I just want to make sure that you you know you do your job.
Look, this knife's in pretty deep.
We got to get this guy to a hospital or he's gonna die.
No, we can't do that.
No hospitals.
All right, look they've already got you for armed robbery-- you don't want to add a murder charge to your troubles.
All right, well, I may not be a bounty hunter, but at least you're a real doctor.
Don't, don't touch it! "Sundown"? Is that some kind of code? No.
It's my friend.
Bullshit, man! You brought the cops! There's nobody there, I swear.
What's he saying? "I left the house.
"Meet me at the hotel bar.
Screw Laurel.
" Why's he called "Sundown"? It's the name of the only black pilot in Top Gun.
I love that movie.
Yeah, modern classic.
What's the matter with him now? His lung's collapsing.
Fix him! Okay, we can take care of this.
No! Just fix him up like I said! Look, I got a guy who can take him to Cedars; no one will know.
Look, trust me, it's not a murder.
You call the cops, you're dead.
My boss has me doing the most menial crap lately.
It's like I'm his wife.
Except, he doesn't sleep with his wife.
As opposed to you, Kendall, who's simply screwing her way to the middle, I have an actual plan that's gonna take me to the top.
Never gonna happen, buddy.
It's already happening, so Dream on.
Lucas said you work for a doctor.
Yeah, I do.
- He's, like, a fancy doctor.
Ooh, you must have stories.
Well, yeah, but I-I can't actually say.
Uh yeah, you can.
Please do.
- What? Come on.
- Come on.
- Oh, come on.
Oh, come on.
Yes, you can.
N-No Yes.
Come on, please.
- Go, go, go.
Come on.
Just so you know, Eve, we have a rule: What happens in the kingdom of the peons stays in the kingdom of the peons.
Right here.
Cone of silence.
Promise? Yes.
Yes! So okay, last week a celebrity called.
And let's just say, she's had a really hard time with her weight.
Who was it? I can't say.
Oh Just nod if it was a Kardashian.
It's, it's not a Kardashian.
Okay, go ahead, dish on.
So, she had just gotten back from Europe, where she had some sort of weight-loss procedure, and it just is not going well for her.
And she couldn't go to a hospital, because she knew that an orderly would text TMZ in, like, a hot minute, and also she was really embarrassed.
This is so much more interesting than picking up dry cleaning.
Uh, so I finally gained her trust and to get her to tell me what's going on over the phone.
I send Rush there, and he pulls out a three-foot tapeworm out of her butt by rolling it around a pencil.
- What? No way! Yeah, that's a true story.
That's totally awesome.
True story.
Ew - I'm shocked.
That's, uh I was just buying some stinky green bud when you called.
I rolled you one.
I need that.
Yo homey.
Put that thing down.
What the what, dude? This is your guy? Yeah.
This is my guy.
You're gonna take him to a Level One trauma center.
Single knife wound to the right chest-- collapsed right lung.
Anyone asks any questions, you found him like this on Olympic and Vermont.
Okay? Easy peasy, brother.
Then I'm out.
Then it's just you and me.
We should get you to a hospital.
Shut up and drive.
Push it real good Push it My last relationship was a disaster.
Yeah? Mm-hmm.
Mine, too.
Bring it.
Tell me.
Uh well, my ex-girlfriend threw her iPhone at me so many times, she had a standing appointment at the Genius Bar, so Yikes.
So, are you still pissed your boss made you come out with me? Ooh, baby, baby Nobody makes me do anything.
Ooh, baby, baby B-B-B-Baby Push it real good Real good Ah, push it Push it real good Ah, push it Do you want to get out of here? Yo! Sure.
Oh, shit.
You want to tell me where we're going? Man you ask a lot of questions.
What the hell are you doing?! Take it easy.
Take it easy.
I'm just was gonna take a trip to the neighborhood pharmacy.
I'm trying to help here, okay? It's Vicodin for the pain.
Come on, take it.
You think I don't know what you're doing? No way.
All right.
All right.
Don't say I didn't offer.
My dad's gonna kill me.
You two don't get along? No.
Seems like ever since I showed up I've been a little less than he was hoping for.
I know the feeling.
You're a doctor.
And your point is? If I were a doctor, my dad would be the happiest son of a bitch in the world.
You'd think so, wouldn't you? You okay? Yeah.
I'm great.
Um s-sorry, sorry.
Hang on.
I'm sorry, I don't I-I think that I'm not ready.
I thought that I was, but maybe I'm not, and I'm sorry.
The ex? Uh, I guess.
Or me.
You sure? Yeah.
I'm sure.
Okay, then.
What, do you want to stay anyway? It's late.
I'm no, I'm I think I'm just I'm gonna go.
Yeah, I'll just go.
Can I see you again? Yeah.
I would, I would like that.
Me, too.
Thank you.
For being cool.
No problem.
You sure we're not lost? No, this is it.
Stop here.
Here? Yeah.
This is where you're going? Yeah.
All right.
I know I make a living out of not giving a shit, but seeing as you're not a paying customer, I got to say I I'm worried about you, man.
It's gonna be okay, Doc.
Can you help me get inside? Carter? Mom.
Oh, my God! What happened?! Yeah.
We got to get that leg elevated.
Who are you? I'm a doctor.
Who is it? Let's get you over here.
What the hell are you doing here? Nowhere else to go.
How did that happen? They sent a bounty hunter after me.
Why? That's what you're gonna ask me, Dad? While I'm sitting here bleeding? What did you do? What the hell did you do? What does it matter? Sir, your son needs help.
My son is an idiot! And you need to leave now.
Mike! This is how it works, Donna.
As long as he keeps up this kind of behavior, he cannot be in this house.
We can't move him now.
I'll leave in the morning, I promise.
Calling the police.
- What are you doing? No, Dad, please don't! Hey, hey! Take it easy.
Take it easy! Take He's lost too much blood.
I'll call 911! Oh, no.
Don't bother.
He'll be dead before the ambulance gets here.
Got it.
All right.
All right.
His pulse is fading.
What's your blood type? Uh, uh, B-positive.
What's yours? O, I think.
Yeah? Sit down.
Why? Sit down! Okay, okay.
What are you doing? I'm gonna do a direct transfusion, okay? He's gonna give you his blood.
All right.
Give me your wrist.
All right.
All right.
I'm sorry.
I'm a screwup.
I I know.
It doesn't matter.
I'll do better, Dad.
I promise.
Oh shut up.
I promise.
It's fine.
It's all fine.
Oh, my God.
Is he dead? No.
No, your-your heart's acting like a pump.
It's starting to work.
Is he gonna make it? Please.
Don't let him die.
I think he's gonna be okay.
Yeah? Hey.
Where are you? Sorry, man.
I-I got busy.
Well, hurry your ass up.
I'm four bourbons in.
Five, maybe.
All right.
I'll be there in, like, 20 minutes, okay? Dude, I'm not going anywhere.
Actually you know what? I-I just got to make one more stop.
Okay? I-I'll be there as soon as I can.
All right.
I'm here.
My dad here? No.
But come in, by all means.
All right.
So, uh, where is he? He's with Lily at the country club.
The father-daughter dance.
Oh, right.
What are you doing here? Actually, I, uh I dropped by to thank him.
You okay? Everything all right? Warren found my Adderall.
He threw a shit fit.
A real classic.
Turns out I'm a bad mother now, too.
You want a drink? Yeah.
I could use one, actually.
Um pardon me for saying this, Corrine, but you are obviously addicted to prescription meds.
So he's not entirely off-base.
You're defending him? Well, I Hold on.
You know, nobody knows better than I do what an asshole my father can be, so remember who you're talking to here, all right? But, you know, he-he takes care of you and Lily and, you know, when I needed him, he he was there for me.
So, uh, you know, like you said, he's not all bad.
I helped you out, Will.
What? Warren wasn't going to do it.
He wanted to let you twist in the wind.
Of course.
But I wouldn't let him.
I fought with him all night long after you left just to get him to make that call.
And why would you do that? Because Warren Rush shouldn't get his way every time, should he? Certainly not.
Whoa, let's just Shit.
I'm sorry about dinner, man.
I was pissed.
Well, for the first two drinks.
And then I got depressed.
Then I started to think it's kind of funny.
You know, me sitting here all alone as people came and went.
So I went to In-N-Out.
Got a Double-Double Animal Style.
Animal Style? So, where were you? Oh, you know, just putting in some family time.
Hope you thanked your dad for me.
I have had the craziest, most stressful day in the history of ever.
Yeah? I can only imagine.
When you left, Laurel and I just I mean, we really got into it.
And I'm not talking about a blowout.
I'm talking Super Bowl of blowouts.
I don't think I'm going home tonight.
I don't think I'll go home tomorrow, either.
It's just bananas.
Oh! "Out of almond milk.
Stop at Whole Foods on your way home.
" See? This is what I'm talking about! You see? This is She wants to control my life.
And now I have to go run errands for her? Hell to the no.
No! That text just means she's sorry.
She's just you know, she's just too proud to actually say it.
Screw her.
Alex? This shit will pass.
I know, man.
It's just you know.
I know.
You don't know how good you got it.
Go on.
Go home to your family.
I'll go home.
In a cab.
I'm not stopping to get that almond milk.
No, no.
No way.
Stay strong, brother.