S.W.A.T. (2017) s01e09 Episode Script


1 Something wrong, Tucker? Round everyone up into the conference room, Alice.
- Tucker, why are you doing this? - Where's Brittany? - I-I don't know.
- What do you mean, you don't know? You all huddle and talk and gossip about everything with each other.
20-David to Command.
D-Team is on the one-four corner.
Checking point of entry.
Stand by.
Chris, get the snake cam ready.
Confirm non-lethal rounds, hostages in close vicinity.
Roger that.
You two are friends.
- Where is she hiding? - She's not.
She's pitching new clients in Burbank.
TUCKER: All right, Candace.
Go stand against the wall.
This is only gonna make things worse for you, Tucker.
Oh, and getting passed up for the third time by a woman won't? None of you get to laugh at me anymore.
She's just your favorite.
You don't think everyone sees your little girls' club? Well, I see it! Luca.
On our kick, blow it on three.
You got it.
Ready, go.
(EXPLOSION, SCREAMING) (GUNSHOTS) (TUCKER GASPING) Is everyone all right? Is there anyone else with him? No.
It was just him.
20-David to Command.
Suspect is down.
All hostages are safe.
We're gonna need an ambulance for our suspect.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) That was a decent way to start the day.
Oh, I did a muscle-up circuit to start my day, but yeah, I get what you mean.
Well, while you were busy training for the Meathead Olympics, I was at the range putting in another top course time.
Time? What about aim? Seen those differentials of yours.
Top of my class in Long Beach.
Boy, you would've been scraping the barrel in my Hollywood days.
Oh, yeah, you Hollywood guys.
You're known for What is it again? Babysitting child stars at movie premieres? Well, that reminds me of a couple competitive young'uns way back when.
Yeah, I'd like to think that we tried to make each other better.
(SCOFFS) The best.
For the record, we all know I got 'em beat on every one of our physical evaluations, right? Yeah, except for arm wrestling.
- Which isn't SWAT regulation.
- Yeah, well, it should be.
(LAUGHS) Welcome to California, boys.
I told you it'd be paradise.
Oh, forget the Rose Bowl.
I want Rose Bud.
No, come on, that's a marketing gimmick.
No, what you want is the Elmshorn Indica.
Trust me, Bryen.
No, I'll take whatever's the strongest stuff.
Well, then, I would recommend some of the edibles, like the Cannabis Cookies or the Bud Brownies, for a way more potent high.
BRYEN: All of the above.
I can't believe everything's legal.
(PATRONS SCREAMING) Everyone down on the floor now! All the cash, in here.
Not the register! I want the safe! Armored car picked up our haul this morning.
All I got's in here.
Don't feed me that BS.
Look, it's Bowl Week, man.
We're doing daily drops 'cause it's so busy.
Hey, I'm telling you, man, a-all I've got is maybe 700 bucks on hand, tops.
The combos, dude! We're not playing! I don't know it, okay? Only the manager does.
Your boss's cash, or your funeral.
Please, don't.
Please, don't.
They're gonna kill everyone.
We have to stop 'em.
WOMAN: Hey, the next place we hit's gonna be flush.
Let's just ditch this.
No! (SCREAMING) (GUNSHOT) (GUNSHOT) Please Let's go.
Well, as a reward for a job well done, we got our Physical Fitness Qualifications in ten.
Been looking forward to improving my TAC run.
- From hours to minutes? Cool, man.
- I'll work on my run if you work on your rope ascent.
- I clocked 12 seconds last month.
- Cool, man.
Holler when you hit single digits.
DISPATCHER: 1-1-4 be advised.
Shots fired at a dispensary on Lankershim and Hamlin.
Multiple victims reported.
Active shooter in the vicinity.
Well, PFQ's gonna have to wait.
Call it in, Luca.
Dispatch, 22-David.
D-Team is active.
We're en route.
Let's go.
It's clear.
Modified 12-gauge.
That did not come off a shelf.
Breaching rounds, judging by the damage.
- Police, hands up! Hands up! - Oh, no, no! - Hey, I work here, I work here.
- You alone? No, no, I got a kid back here who's freaking out.
What happened? College kids in town for the Rose Bowl tomorrow.
Well, their friend right there got a good look at one of their faces.
Proprietor says we got three active shooters on the loose.
LUCA: Yeah, and they mentioned hitting another dispensary after this one.
Weed shops are a popular target.
Nothing but cash on hand, since banks won't do business with them.
There've been a dozen robberies of places like this in the last two months.
Well, this crew may have been responsible for some of them, but nobody started dying until now.
Can we talk privately? You know a guy named Landry Belmont? No, I don't think so.
Why? Well, he's down at HQ filing a complaint against you.
For what? Unlawful search and seizure, theft, excessive force while off duty.
That's a load of bull, Commander.
I'm sure it is, but as long as it's an open matter, I'm gonna have to bench you.
Bench me? We got two dead kids.
The crew responsible is still out there.
I got work to do.
And so do I.
Protocol is you go back to HQ and you talk to IAD.
Until further notice, team's yours.
You know what, Hicks has to know this is bogus.
Anything we can do about this, Deac? I'm sure Hondo did nothing wrong, but we got to let the system run its course.
Meantime, we got to scoop up this crew.
So let's earn our paycheck.
What do we know? Witness say the suspects rode in on dirt bikes and hit the joint in Motocross gear.
Similar MO to a crew I took down in Hollywood three years ago.
The Trocaderos.
You think they're copycats? Uh, maybe.
CI I worked with then could have some intel.
Might take greasing some wheels.
All right, Street, you go with Tan and work the informant.
Luca and Chris, work with RHD and NoHo Division, leading a two-mile wide search in case these suspects are hiding, waiting for us to clear out.
Let's get these guys before kickoff tomorrow.
- Deacon.
- Detective Boyd.
I'm rolling two of my guys to Robbery-Homicide.
Both victims were hit with exploding shotgun slugs from that modified Remington 870 in there.
We need skiptraces on all weapons modifiers, - starting in this area.
- Okay.
Now, you want to run point with my team from SWAT HQ, you're welcome to.
I want these guys yesterday.
We're on it.
Okay, straight up, I scored some dope nearby.
I had 42 days of sobriety and then I fell off the wagon.
I mean, maybe it was 43, because this happened after midnight, so if So you were driving back home through South L.
with your newly procured drugs.
What are you saying Sergeant Harrelson did to you, exactly? Well, after I scored, I, uh I noticed there was a car following me, but I, you know, I thought it was some fool just trying to rip me off.
But that's when the police lights turned on, you know.
It didn't seem like no police car.
Did you see what kind of vehicle it was? Uh Yeah, no, it was a Camaro.
Plates started with "7AG" (STAMMERS) that's all I could get.
Couldn't get the rest.
You know, maybe it was this guy's personal ride.
I don't know.
Then the-the guy, he comes up to my window, right, and he flashes his badge.
Seems real.
I-I memorized the-the number on it.
He wasn't wearing a uniform, but he said he was a cop.
Black guy with a goatee.
NADYA: You claim Sergeant Harrelson proceeded to search your vehicle? Yeah.
Didn't even ask permission.
And I told him that I wasn't consenting to it, but he just ignored me.
He found the drugs under my seat, of course.
But then I see him he, like, sticks it in his pocket.
The mistake that I made was I said, you know, "What are you doing with that?" I guess he didn't like that, 'cause he pulls me out of the car, shoves my face down into the hood.
And he says, uh, that he doesn't want drugs in his neighborhood.
And then, uh, he grabbed my wallet and he took all my cash.
He took me for over 200 bucks.
And then when I brought that up again, he-he punched me.
In the side.
Look, see? I got a mark still.
Do you recall what Sergeant Harrelson - was wearing that night? - Um I think tan pants.
Like, a gray sweatshirt.
We have security cameras here.
We can verify what he was wearing that night.
Get it.
It'll prove that I'm telling the truth.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) - Wait, no, Hondo.
Just wanted to break a sweat, man.
Wasn't looking to mix it up for real.
Your parents are on their way.
They're in the air as we speak.
I heard you, uh, you're not ready to talk to a sketch artist yet.
I roped my friends into coming out here.
I took 'em to that place, and I just froze while that guy shot both of them.
What I know is, the best way for you to honor your friends is by helping us find who killed them.
You and I, we gotta do what we can to fight people like this, send a message.
That if you're gonna hurt innocent people, there's a price to pay.
And it's my job to ensure that they bear that cost.
Help me.
So, this informant basically broke your old case? Gave you all the intel you needed to arrest the crew? I led a combined effort between Vice, Gang Task Force and Narcotics divisions planned the entire sting.
I get it.
I get it.
Big takedown.
But this CI basically gave you a free pass into SWAT, is that what I'm hearing? You think I had it easy in Hollywood Division I get it.
Which one's our guy? (SOCKET WRENCH CLICKING) What the hell are you doing here? She is.
Can't say I'm the biggest fan of the short hair.
I'm guessing that's SWAT regulation? - You look great, Ally.
- Three years.
Not one text, not even to ask how I'm doing.
- How are you doing? - Honestly, can't say you caught me on one of my better days.
There's another crew, Ally.
They got a similar MO as the Trocaderos.
It's been months since I've ripped it up with anyone connected to that crowd.
But you're still tapped into the Motocross circuits, right? Yeah.
So what? We could just really use your help.
Can we talk somewhere quiet? I knew if I ever saw you again, it'd be because you needed something.
I can't do this, sorry.
- Let me guess.
Ex-girlfriend? - Actually, no.
We worked together for nine months, got pretty close.
So, did you or did you not sleep with your CI? No, no, getting together would've wrecked the case.
But we talked about being together after.
Then you disappeared to SWAT.
But you thought you could make it work 'cause you're the rescuer type.
Then you left her hanging.
Something like that? Seemed like it was for the best.
I think maybe you forgot to tell her that.
Give me a minute with her, all right? Yeah.
I'm working.
What happened to your paint shop? Ripped it out.
Bike artwork wasn't paying the bills.
In case you haven't noticed, I'm in the scrap metal business now.
Trying to avoid bankruptcy.
CIs don't get a pension.
But you said there was a plan for us.
- I just didn't know it was this.
- If we became a thing, people would've put two and two together.
They'd know you helped me on the case, there would've been blowback for both of us.
So that's your excuse? Pathetic.
I totally get you're pissed, all right? But I need your help and so do their families.
Is all of their families.
Two college kids in town for the game tomorrow.
Both dead.
- You help me? - Just 'cause I still work on bikes doesn't mean riders are gonna open up.
I gotta ask touchy questions.
People get hip to that game.
- It's a risk.
- We get this crew, I'll find a way to make it up to you.
But from now on, I only deal with your partner.
'Cause you and I are done.
HONDO: Sir, who is this guy? What's he accusing me of? Landry Belmont.
Says you pulled him over off the clock, took his money, drugs, - and roughed him up.
- Not a chance.
You haven't seen this guy in the last two weeks? I've never seen him before in my life.
Is there any reason why he'd make it up? Sir, a bunch of guys I've put away have my name tattooed on 'em.
Look, I get personal vendettas, but this guy's nobody to me, he's lying.
The clothing you wore that night matches Landry's description.
Where were you shortly after midnight the night of the 19th? What, was that a Tuesday? I mean, I'd have to think about it.
We're trying to prove this guy is lying, and I believe you, but this clown keeps coming up with details that check out.
And you're not providing an alibi.
IAD has to push this up the flagpole, which means you're officially on desk duty - until it's adjudicated.
- That could take weeks.
We'll bring in a union rep to go through your options.
Let's go talk.
I'm worried.
As my girlfriend or as my boss? Either way, Jess, this is ridiculous.
JESSICA: The 19th hang on, hang on I had a 5:00 meeting with Councilman Webber earlier that day.
After that, I went to the grocery store, and drove to your place to cook us dinner.
Yeah, that's right.
And I got home at, what? What about 10:30? We ate, and then we watched the Laker game go into overtime.
And you stayed the rest of the night.
See, I told you I didn't do this.
Never thought you did.
But now I'm your alibi.
(SIGHS) And you can't come forward with it.
I could.
I will.
And then what? What kind of trouble would that put you in? Admit that we've been violating department policy for the last four months? No, I'm not selling you out - to cover my own ass.
- Or Internal Affairs investigates and eventually finds out that we were together that night anyway.
And that we've been keeping it all secret.
I have to tell Hicks about us.
Jess, you are going places.
You're about bigger things than just this job, and I know you can achieve 'em.
I'm not about to be the reason that your career gets sidetracked.
We need to deal with this now, not later.
Because it could really hurt your career, too.
We both know this guy is lying.
I just need to figure out why.
I just need time.
Hondo, if you don't have an answer by the morning, I need to tell Hicks everything.
Give me till tomorrow.
I'll clear my name.
So, our kid came up with a sketch.
Can your CI make a positive ID? She only wants to deal with Street.
I thought you two were tight.
That's a long story.
But a juicy one.
Hey, Deacon, we got a lead on the weapons modifier.
Robbery-Homicide recognized the type of muzzle break on the shotgun found at the dispensary.
A guy we jammed up once before specialized in Remington 870s with breaching rounds.
We think he's manufacturing them out of a house - in Ladera Heights.
- Okay, great.
Let's get a call to DOJ, fast-track a warrant.
Hey, Hondo.
What's happening? HONDO: Hicks has me sidelined until IAD finishes their investigation.
- How long is that gonna take? - Can't say for sure.
Well, we're here to help.
Yeah, man.
Just tell us what to do.
All right, listen to me.
I'm gonna take care of myself.
You guys just stay focused on getting this crew.
Go on.
Get it done.
DEACON: So, I got Chris and Luca working with RHD to grab the gunmaker.
Tan and Street are working the informant angle All right, Deacon.
You don't have to check in with me, man.
You had my back through my promotion, as crazy and messed up as it was.
- I got your back now.
- Thanks.
It ain't easy being thrown into all this without warning, I know.
You got this.
Trust your gut.
Hi! Ally! Ally! (BUZZING STOPS) Sorry.
I would've knocked, but (CHUCKLES) you don't have any doors in this place.
- Can you ID this guy? - Huh.
Victor asked me the same question three years ago.
Everything about this gives me PTSD.
Look, uh, I haven't known Tan that long, but I heard him talking about you today.
He cares about you, and he feels guilty about what happened.
Is that your-your wingman way of getting me to tell you who that is? I understand not wanting to trust anyone, okay? I get it.
You don't know anything about what my deal's been.
I read you grew up in Orange County.
Fell in with a tough crowd.
Had some run-ins with the law.
I know that growing up in a good zip code doesn't always mean life's gonna be puppies and rainbows.
But I'm just trying to solve this case here.
So, if you want to help me, help.
If you don't, we don't have to do this dance.
You know him or not? Kane.
Kane Markovich.
His cousin was a part of the Trocadero Crew.
- I used to paint their bikes.
- Kane was riding with two others.
One's a woman.
Probably Royce and Vera.
Three of them used to race up on the Piru circuit.
You sure? They were all on the same Motocross GP team.
Tan and I owe you one.
Yeah, but who's counting, right? DEACON: Kane Markovich.
Did a stint in county for aiding and abetting six years ago.
I took down his older cousin's crew.
He must've met his friends on the same MXGP circuit.
DEACON: Royce Altona and Vera Stokes.
Now, aside from some eviction notices, they've only racked up parking tickets and noise complaints.
TAN: Yeah, Kane must've sold them on the same dreams of wealth his cousin had.
Modern day version of outlaws - hitting bootleggers.
- No listed residences or last known locations.
Our crew know how to stay off the grid.
Always on the move.
Hey, Deacon.
We've got a warrant on our gunmaker.
And a breakdown of our house in Ladera Heights.
BOYDE: Doors and windows look reinforced.
It's built to keep cops out.
Or at least delay us long enough - to get the draw on us.
- DEACON: Okay, our robbery crew's in the wind, but the guy who put the guns in their hand, he might know where they are.
I'd say we go with a full breach assault.
But being down a man, that's stretching our capacity.
We can take 'em.
Attach the spear-hook to Black Betty, pull the front door off.
I appreciate your enthusiasm, Street, but, like Hondo says, it's not always smart to go in hard.
Trust your gut.
And what's your gut tell you? Chris, what kind of civvy clothes you got here? What are you thinking? - "Lost dog"? - No.
I was gonna go with "helpful neighbor.
" Mmm.
I live eight doors down, and I got a package today, but it's addressed to here, to, uh a Manolo Vasquez thought I'd walk it over, 'cause it's insured for over a thousand bucks.
Is Manolo here? Yeah, just-just leave it on the porch.
Have a good day.
Get down! Get down now! On the ground! - Police! Police! - Metro SWAT! Down! Metro SWAT! Hands up! You ain't got nothin' on me! Hondo wouldn't do this.
His record is perfect.
That won't stop Landry Belmont from dragging this out.
In your legal opinion, how difficult can he make it on Hondo? Well, listen, this is a PR battle now.
Hondo's been in the press recently.
His face has been in the papers.
The top brass isn't gonna want him attached to any high-profile cases with this complaint hanging out there.
Depending on how long this investigation drags out, I mean, they could push Hondo to a desk for months, or they could push him right out of SWAT.
I doubt they're willing to cut Hondo loose completely, but I have seen this done before.
This is America we create heroes, and then we tear them down.
Anything else? Yeah.
On another matter, off the record.
A colleague works in Boyle Heights.
Just started dating her watch commander.
She asked about any blowback if her captains find out.
If the relationship just started, if they immediately disclose it, and if one of them's willing to transfer out of the division, shouldn't be a problem.
But they keep it a secret and it gets found out well, the good news for her, it'll be a lot tougher on her boss he's in command, so he pays the bigger price.
I've seen this occasionally, and it never ends well.
Trust me, it's not worth it.
Tell your friend to come forward now.
I will.
Thanks, Edward.
Landry Belmont.
Yeah, I remember the hophead.
Busted him for scoring meth, twice.
He connected to any big players or shot callers we know? I'm just trying to find the long game he's playing.
This guy? Nah, man.
He's lucky if he can wipe his own butt.
But if he runs up a drug bill, who knows what kind of favors - he might owe people, right? - Definitely no gang contacts.
But his dealer, Sherman Reinbek, might have his marker.
I'm sorry I can't help you more, Hondo.
- I got to get back to Vice.
- I appreciate it, Rahul.
I don't think you're supposed to be in here.
You enjoying this little game you're playing? I'm just trying to do the right thing.
The right thing, huh? You think you're only coming after me, but this affects other people.
This goes way beyond just the two of us, - and I'm not okay with that.
- Look, you already hurt me once, and now you're trying to scare me.
(VOICE CATCHES): Please just leave me alone.
We both know you're lying.
And I'm good enough to prove it.
So you better ask yourself, do you want to make an enemy out of me? Hondo.
What the hell's going on? He just stormed in here and threatened me.
Like he hasn't done enough to me already.
- Bad move, Hondo.
- Commander, that's not - what I was doing at all.
- No, look at the tape.
You'll see for yourself.
Hondo, out.
He obviously has a problem controlling himself.
(DOOR SLAMS) All right, last chance before we decide what to book you on.
Where are they? I've only seen one of them before.
The guy with the bald head.
But I ain't got no idea where he's at, man.
His crew robbed a dispensary and they killed two kids.
And the slugs were taken from a gun that you modified illegally.
So now's the time for you to start working backwards from guilty, Manolo.
Yeah, I modded some shotguns for him.
But buyers, most of 'em, they just want to go and shoot off into the woods, you know what I mean? Did you sell him any more hardware from this illegal collection from your basement? - A Taser prong gun.
- What does he want with that? The Taser prongs could disarm an electric fence.
Some high-end dispensaries use them as security.
All right, get on the phone with Detective Boyde you find out how many of these dispensaries in L.
have electric fences.
- All right, get him out of here.
- STREET: You really think they're gonna be hitting other stores while we're out looking for 'em? If I was them, - I'd just be running.
- Motocross riders love the edge.
No better rush than taking down another score while we're looking for them.
Big risk means these bikers are looking for a big reward.
They're not gonna stick their heads out for small payday.
All right, we've been on the job for 22 straight hours.
All 1,500 dispensaries that we put out warnings to are closed for the evening, so Luca and I will carry on, you three go get some rest.
Meet back here at 0800.
Your blue veins (SCOFFS SOFTLY) I thought I made it clear I was only gonna deal with the other guy.
That's on business, and I'm off duty until the morning.
Then we got nothing to discuss.
I told your partner that I will call when my mechanic friend - gets any info.
- We got a bead on the crew.
I doubt you came here to thank me.
I came here to apologize.
Three years too late, Victor.
You spent all that time thinking I didn't care.
Truth is it's the exact opposite.
(SIGHS) You really are a special one.
That's why I hate it when you spew typical guy BS.
And for the last three years, I I tried not to think about why I disappeared from your life.
I tried to forget why.
But I never forgot you.
Then why did you disappear? When the case ended, you and I were in different worlds.
You wouldn't have been happy in the place I was in.
Vice cop's life's a it's a 24/7 black hole.
I-I had to get out.
I thought the only way was alone.
(SIGHS) Truth is you made the right choice.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) It sucks, but, um Blue veins you deserve better than me.
That's not true.
Everything happens for a reason, Victor.
And there's nothing you need to We're both where we belong now.
Always the first one To believe me When I say to you, girl I think it's gonna rain But I could be wrong What's wrong? Yeah, but all of these things All these Nothing.
They're all truly nice Nothing's wrong.
Ain't nothin' Compared to the love That's running through your blue veins Your blue veins Where'd you find him? Slinging dopeat 36th and Hoover.
All right, I appreciate the favor, Wallace.
You want something to drink? Eat? Am I getting booked in here, or what? Well, that's up to you, man.
See, I got a real problem with one of your regular customers, and I'm hoping you can help me out.
If so, there's every possibility that you'll walk up out of here right back home tonight.
I'm all ears.
Tell me about Landry Belmont.
Man, now, that's a cat with a drug problem.
Real shame, too, 'cause I never really got the sense that it was his thing.
- What you mean by that? - Got introduced to him about a year ago through his girl.
Now, drugs was her thing.
He loved her, though, so he started loving the dope.
- So Landry got a girlfriend.
- Yeah.
Dude would've did anything for her.
Don't know if they're together now or not, on account of her going to prison.
Her doing time put a serious dent in my bottom line.
After that, saw that fool Landry spiral, you know what I'm saying? Okay, hold up.
What's Landry's girl's name? (PHONE CHIMES) (GROANS SOFTLY) My hookup says that your crew's been hiding out at a blue house on Valparaiso and Seamark.
But they're not there right now.
Says they're raiding a dispensary in the South Bay before blowing town with the money haul.
Dispensary with an electric fence.
It's like you're not even here anymore.
And neither am I.
There are only so many of those in the South Bay.
I got to call Deacon.
Well bye, then.
I'm gonna finish this case, and then I'm gonna make up for the last three years, okay? Okay.
This is Hondo.
Leave a message after the tone.
Hey, Rocker.
- Have you seen Hondo? - No, I haven't seen him.
- Commander, do you have a moment? - Honestly, can it wait? It's like everything's hitting me at this exact second.
I-It's important.
What is it? It's about the complaint against Hondo.
All right.
I'm listening.
I can prove that Hondo's telling the truth.
What do you got? Let me start at the beginning.
About four months ago HONDO: I'm sorry to interrupt, sir.
Captain Cortez, I need to speak to you.
Right now.
Actually, I'll come back.
I've been trying to reach you all morning.
Well, I spent the whole morning getting to the bottom of Landry Belmont.
Did you find something? (ALARM RINGING) Uh-huh (SIRENS WAILING) I started at the bottom, I dreamt about the top I've been the man I am And who I'm not I've danced inside the ring I've fallen to the floor I've spat out my own teeth, but I'm back for more - Are you ready? - Down! 'Cause I'm ready DEACON: Hold on, hands up! Go! It's about to get heavy Deac? Helmet! All I know is these times are changing Everything's about to get crazy 'Cause all I know is these times are changing I got them.
Both heading southbound, parallel to Soto.
STREET: I got them.
On their six, parallel to you.
DEACON: All right.
Tan, push them left on Leonis.
Street, you keep them south of Fruitland.
I want to funnel these guys to the factory alley.
- Smart.
- Chris? CHRIS: I'm cutting off their exit route to the north.
I've been to New York City I've met The Rolling Stones Moments you cannot buy with your weight in gold Are you ready, baby? 'Cause I'm ready So come on, everyone believe me It's about to get heavy All I know is these times are changing All I know is these times are changing Everything's about to get crazy 'Cause all I know is these times are changing (TIRES SCREECHING) Come on, baby Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah STREET: I got them.
Right behind them.
Come on Clap your hands Get into it, baby I got them.
Going to head them off.
For your own home entertainment The Struts Everything's about to get crazy 'Cause all I know is these times are changing.
No, I got them.
(GRUNTS) Nice job, boss.
Thank you for coming back in today, Mr.
We finally have your official statement typed up, and it's all ready for you to sign.
Thank you guys for, you know, u-understanding where I'm coming from.
JESSICA: It's our responsibility to let you know that this statement will trigger an official investigation.
I should also point out that lying on this statement is punishable by jail time.
Just sign at the bottom to make it official.
(CLEARS THROAT) Actually, you know what? I would-I would like to, um, withdraw my complaint.
- What? - Yeah, I may have been mistaken about that night.
So everything you told us was a lie? I No, I wasn't lying, 'cause, you know, that's a crime.
Like I said, I do drugs, and I relapsed, and sometimes, on the wrong stuff, my memory goes in and out, and I imagine things.
I'm so sorry if I wasted anyone's time.
Am I free to go now? Yes.
(CHAIR CLATTERS) (SCOFFS) What the hell was that? Landry, what did you do now? Landry Hondo, this was too close.
I had my resignation signed and everything.
No, Jess.
I'd offer up my resignation long before I ever allowed you to turn in yours.
Someone want to explain what the hell just happened? Who was that woman? That's the sister of Landry's drug addict girlfriend.
What does she have to do with this? Nothing, really.
But Landry's girlfriend Tabitha has everything to do with it.
Once we connected the dots to her, Landry figured out we were onto him.
This Tabitha person, is she somebody we should pick up? She's already serving time in California Correctional, and that's where it gets interesting.
- Our money's gone.
- Is this a decoy cache? 'Cause we'll turn this whole place upside down.
No! Look, I am trying to cooperate.
When we left, that floorboard was down, and my gym bag was in there with all the cash from our last three robberies.
Over 140 grand.
You got another accomplice? No one.
I swear.
Someone ripped us off.
ALLY: Sorry, Victor.
When I saw you get up and go, it made me realize that nothing's ever gonna change.
I saw a chance for some seed money and a new start, so this time, I'm ditching you.
Sorry, man.
You know, the truth is, some people just they don't want to be rescued.
HONDO: I heard you took down that crew in style.
(LAUGHS): Yeah.
I got to say, I really enjoyed it out there.
- Mm-hmm.
- The team did great.
I knew you'd get them, Deac.
You know, watching you these past few months definitely taught me some things.
I don't think we would have got those guys if I hadn't borrowed a couple of your moves.
Nah, come on, man.
You handled your business.
That was all you.
TAN: What's the word, Hondo? Hicks said the complaint got dropped, - like we knew it would.
- I'm back.
Hell, yeah.
The band's back together! LUCA: I wasn't gonna say anything, but I could have sworn, for the first time, I saw you sweat.
Maybe a little bit.
Maybe a little bit.
(LAUGHTER) Deac, all of you, you had my back out there, and you got it done, just like I knew you would.
Great work.
Hey, Street.
I want to talk to you for a second, all right? - Sure.
- All right, right on.
So, listen, Street.
I want to come clean on something.
A couple months ago, I went to California Correctional.
I had a sit-down with your mother.
You did what? When she sent you to rough up that dude, Street, it wasn't because he was threatening a woman.
It's because he was supplying her drugs and contraband, and you were helping her send him a message to stay away from the competition.
Wait, wait, wait.
You're saying you think that my mom's some kind of drug pusher now? Your mom's a player in the pen, Street.
She admitted it to me.
I told her to stop messing with you.
Your mom provided drugs for one of her addict friends behind bars in exchange for her boyfriend filing that complaint against me.
He got my name.
He watched me come home from work, saw what I was driving, what I was wearing, all so your mother could get payback on me.
Maybe I made a mistake not coming to you before, so you do with that information what you want.
But now you know everything.
We done here? Yeah.
How are you, Mom? Mmm.
All things considered, decent.
Can't say the same about you, though.
Looks like work's been putting you through the wringer.
Mom, did my boss, Hondo, come and talk to you a while ago? Yeah, and I was gonna call you about that, but I didn't want to distract you from work.
I got to be honest, Jimmy, he took it way too far.
Getting in our family business, and I think he's trying to come between you and me.
Told me to not contact you ever again.
Do you believe that? I mean, not remotely, you know, his place, but that's what he did.
He said that you had me go after that guy to send a message to a rival drug supplier in here.
Look, honey, this is prison, and you have to wheel and deal.
There are people in here that want me dead.
If you don't have something that folks want, you don't survive.
In here, you're either power, or you're property.
You're not the only one who has to fight bad people out there every day.
Right? Hondo says you had some lady's boyfriend on the outside file a misconduct charge against him? I've been complaining about your boss messing with my family to just about everyone on my block.
And-and maybe this lady, whoever she is, took it in her own hands, and tried to do something about it to impress me.
So you knew nothing about it? Jimmy, I'm alone in here.
It's not my fault if somebody took matters into their own hands.
Everything that we've been through together, Jimmy, I've always been there for you.
I've always been by your side.
I'm just trying to survive, and the only thing that gets me through every single day is knowing that I'm eligible for parole.
Because then I can be with my son again.
I know.
I can't wait.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I love you, Jimmy.
I love you.
I love you, too, Mom.