S.W.A.T. (2017) s02e20 Episode Script


1 Be an equal part in that new relationship.
They both want to date you? If your daughter brought home a couple, how would you feel about that? I think you're setting yourself up for heartache.
You're going through something rough.
Maybe you're just not in the right relationship.
I-I'm not afraid to go to a group home.
I'm not gonna let them put you in a group home.
We both want you to stay here.
- You don't have to do this, man.
- I want to do it.
O-Ow! Damn! I told you it was gonna hurt a hell of a lot worse getting that thing taken off than putting it on.
Ah! You know what the good news is? You only got six more sessions to go.
Power-Nine has daggers tatted all over his face and he just signed a million dollar deal with YouTube.
Well, then you go ahead and get rich and famous, and you get whatever ink you want, but in the meantime, no employer's looking for teenagers with the penal code for murder tattooed on their neck.
Aw, don't be so hard on him, Hondo.
Seems like yesterday I was burning ink like this off you.
You got a tat removed? What was that girl's name? Um Reba? Rosie? Okay, you're talking way too much.
That was a long time ago, stop.
Yeah, whatever.
I want you to keep it iced, then apply the lotion to keep it from scabbing, all right? And that'll give you an excuse to cover your neck for that job interview you have later.
He seem like a good kid.
He's getting himself there.
I just wish his odds of getting a job were better than going back to lockup.
Well, he got you in his corner.
That ups his chances.
For the record, her name was Rila.
And she gave me all kinds of love for getting that ink on my arm.
I mean, for the two months that I was kicking it with her anyway.
How epic was that concert? I've seen Nick Cave four times and that was his best show yet.
Here, I added extra turmeric for inflammation.
- Mmm.
I got the Cholula.
- Thank you.
What? Nothing, it's just you've stayed over so much you finally know where everything is.
I guess I'm officially domesticated.
It's a good thing.
It means you're comfortable.
Mm, did you tell her yet? No.
So, my last sculpture, it sold for nine grand, and I'm donating every penny to the LAPD Fallen Heroes Fund.
And that promo my marketing team worked on already has over 500 monetized click-throughs - to the LAPD website.
- I don't know what to say.
If a cause is important to you, then it's important to us.
I'm gonna bring you both to the charity dinner.
I think it's time my work family meets you both.
- Okay, I have to go.
- Mm.
Actually, there's something else we want to talk to you about.
Okay, what? We want you to move in with us.
Me and Ty feel like our relationship is in a great place.
And everything just feels really in sync.
We hope you feel the same way.
I do.
Being with both of you has been amazing.
It's just, um living together makes things official.
Um I have to head in, but give me, give me some time to, to-to think about it.
- Of course.
- No rush.
- Okay.
- We're not going anywhere.
Nothing like a noxious odor complaint to start the day.
Adam-15! Officers need help! We have shots fired! All right, listen up.
Patrol call on 70th popped off into a firefight with unis.
60 seconds out! All right, let's come home alive, write some checks to the Fallen Heroes Fund at the charity dinner.
- You bringing Annie? - Yeah.
It's gonna be our first real night out since Victoria was born.
How about you, Chris? You bringing a plus-two? Roger that.
For real? We're finally gonna meet the other - two-thirds of the "throuple"? - I figured it's time.
Plus, they both donated serious time and money, so Well, anyone who gives to the fund is a friend of mine.
Rolling up in three, two, one! Here we go! Another day in paradise.
How many shooters we got? Can't get a clear look inside, but we think two.
Been hitting us with large caliber rounds, guessing AK's.
What's the play, Hondo? Tan, cover.
Luca, grab the launchers, we do a good old-fashioned "smash and gas.
" All right, Deac, you and Chris hit the two.
Luca, Street, hit the four.
Tan, right side.
You cover the one, watch your cross fire.
Move, move, move, move.
On the ground! Now! Watch your backs, two-by-two.
Get on the ground! On the ground! Get off! Hit him with non-lethal.
Get off him! Swarm! Swarm.
I got his legs! What the hell's this guy on? Get him up.
Get him up.
Chris, Street, get him out of here.
- Deac, you good? - Come on.
I just got a taste of some of that spray.
All right, have a medic check you out.
All right? Go.
Tan and Luca, come on.
Let's clear the house.
It's clear.
It's a One-Niner stash house.
No wonder they were lighting up the police.
Yeah, that's got to be, like, 50 G's worth of PCP.
It's Rocket Fuel.
- What, you know that stuff? - I was fresh out of the Academy when this junk first hit the streets in '99.
Tore through my hood pretty bad.
Actually tore all across L.
Hundreds of users OD'd, a lot of 'em ended up in the morgue.
Good thing the banger out there wasn't armed.
Yeah, well, the next suspect hopped up on this stuff might be.
You called it, Hondo.
The crime lab did a chemical test on the jug you found.
Came back as pure PCP.
Explains why that One-Niner was out of his mind.
That's the Rocket Fuel brand.
Was the lab able to trace the recipe? They were.
Turns out it's an exact chemical match to a recipe created by a suspect 20 years ago.
Deacon, how you feeling? Fine.
Come on, it's gonna take more than a few love taps from a spazzed-out banger to put me back on the DL.
Laroyce Jaekwon, aka Chef J.
He's a PCP street chemist based out of South L.
, was never arrested.
That's because Chef J disappeared a week before a narcotics sting was set to take him down.
It was rumored that he ghosted L.
back then with $10 million cash stuffed in Hefty bags.
Well, maybe after 20 years, Chef J ran out of money, he's back to make a final payday.
I'll put a call into Narcotics, see if they have any intel on him being back in the city.
All right, keep your phones close.
Until we find out where this next batch of Rocket Fuel is coming from, we are on high alert.
Damn One-Niner smacked me square in the ear.
It still stings like hell.
Cartilage is the worst.
This, uh, methed-out Mongol cracked me in the nose once, my eyes watered for two days.
Best medicine's tequila, but I wouldn't recommend it on duty.
Hey, I, um I have something I need to run by you.
I am your confession booth.
Ty and Kira asked me to move in with them.
That-That's major.
I know, but they're awesome.
I mean, being with them has been better than any other one-on-one relationship I've ever had.
They cancel their wedding? I've been helping send out invites.
It's gonna be '80s goth themed.
Look, I am really glad that you are happy now, but after the honeymoon, I mean, what exactly are you to them? Sorry, one sec.
Jim Street.
Fraudulent charges? Actually, uh, can you just, uh, just e-mail me a list of the charges? - Thank you.
- What's up? I got a fraud alert from my bank for a credit card that I never applied for.
Remember, like, a month ago, I told you my mom, she went MIA, - skipped parole.
- Yeah, I This credit card, you think it's her? Maybe, maybe.
Can we, uh, talk about the relationship thing later? I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
Listen, Hondo, I know an ex-cop who might be able to help.
Ben Mosley.
Worked a Narco team out of South Bureau when Rocket Fuel hit the streets.
Tan, you were just a kid when Chef J was slinging poison.
How'd you get connected to a Narco cop from the '90s? My cousin, Zee.
He, uh, died when he was 18 and I was ten.
My parents told me Zee was killed in a car accident, but the story never added up to me.
When I was a senior in high school, I did some digging.
I found Zee's death certificate.
Mosley was the cop who signed it.
And it wasn't a car crash? Nah.
Turns out my cousin was an addict.
In and out of rehab.
Mosley was the officer who discovered his body in an alley.
Pumas stripped off his feet.
OD'd on Rocket Fuel.
I'm sorry, man.
My cousin.
He's what motivated me to join LAPD.
And Mosley, Chef J was his white whale? The one who got away? - Mosley's got a deep file on him.
- All right.
If you think it's worth a shot, you grab another team member and you go see what Mosley has to say.
I'm telling you, there is nothing kosher going down with your husband at that massage parlor after 10:00 p.
I'm gonna need to call you back.
Victor, you're looking good.
You, too, Ben.
Ten years on the job, you still can't tell a lie to save your life.
Let me guess.
- How'd you know? - Victor told me all about his team, and you look like a man that goes to church.
- I'll take that as a compliment.
- Every squad needs a man of God for insurance.
Victor tells me you found a jug of Rocket Fuel.
And that son of a bitch Chef J is back in action.
Well, we're not sure if it's actually him, or just someone copying his old recipe.
Chef J was very protective of his stew.
Anyone found stealing or trying to imitate it ended up dead.
- How'd he never get taken down? - He donated over a million dollars to charities in the hood, gave AAU teams free kicks and jerseys.
Chef J bought off the neighborhood so no one would testify against him.
That's right.
And he also washed cash through a record label.
After he disappeared, it went bankrupt.
That's why, when I saw this a few months ago, I cut it out.
New rapper calling himself PC-Pak just hit the scene.
Lyrics all about cooking Rocket Fuel, dodging police, bragging about how Chef J was backing his music career.
Well, maybe this kid's just using Chef J's name to bolster his own street cred.
Rappers are known to exaggerate, but I listened to his CD.
PC-Pak rapped about Rascher pickles.
Brand of pickle jars Chef J used to store his ingredients for PCP.
Wait, that was never made public.
I wouldn't have laid it on you unless my gut told me it was worth running down.
Come on, now.
Talk to me.
Talk to me, Mama.
- Huh? - Mmm.
It needs a little more cayenne.
Mama, you gonna stand over my pot all night? Hey.
That ain't where that goes.
What's the matter, Darryl? Hey.
Pick that up.
Pick up the bag.
Now, why don't you calm down and tell us what's going on? I wore this dress shirt, I shook the manager's hand, I looked him in the eye and told him how bad I really wanted the job.
And he just kept on bringing up my arrest record.
Darryl, listen to me.
You are a juvenile felon.
If you think an employer's not gonna judge you for that, you better wake up to reality.
Man, what's the point in even trying? The point is you don't quit.
You keep knocking on doors until somebody takes a chance on you just like we did.
You want some gumbo? It's practically ready.
I ain't hungry.
Go ahead and starve, then.
That's another real good choice, Darryl.
You know, Mama, maybe we could just trade him in for a pit bull from the pound.
You know? It'd be a lot less temperamental.
Darryl is just a teenager still trying to figure it out.
Give him time, baby.
Just give him some time.
University housing complex.
Police describe the attacker as a male under the influence of PCP.
The victim is currently in intensive care Of all the drugs to make a comeback, huh? Yeah.
What's up, kid? My mom.
I think I know where she is.
Her P.
finally tracked her down? No, I got a fraud alert for a credit card I never signed up for, and it's got to be her.
They had her real maiden name as the security question.
That's charges from the last two weeks, all in the Pacoima area.
Liquor stores, motels, men's clothing? Yeah.
It's probably some cokehead boyfriend, living it up while they ruin my credit.
Street, it could be a predator who's got her strung out.
Listen, if it was me, I'd at least want to know she was safe.
- Did you cancel the card yet? - Not yet.
Okay, good.
The next time a charge shows up, - you take off and you track it down.
- Okay.
- You just give me a heads-up.
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Hey, guys.
I got something you're gonna want to see.
Introducing Peter Watkins, aka PC-Pak, 22.
Priors for concealed weapons and possession.
Well, based on his lyrics, it sounds like he knows a lot of intimate details about Chef J.
A new studio downtown, four Aston Martins, Rolexes worth more than my yearly salary.
Think he bought all that bling off his music? Had the tech boys work on all six of Watkins's cell phones.
Since we made the bust at that stash house, he's dropped them all.
Not one of them has received a text or a call.
So Watkins is laying low, hoping the heat dies down.
This rapper's the best connection we've got so far? Think he'd listen to my demo tape? Let's find out.
Gear up.
You, too, DJ Pasty.
LAPD, drop your guns! I wouldn't do that if I were you! - We got permits.
- And we got a warrant out for Peter Watkins! How about you show us that warrant? Put the gun down! Hold the hell on! Hold up! Y'all better not get blood on my driveway! Drop it.
Damn, y'all looking to get cheese-grated? That's LAPD SWAT, fool! Tell me what you know about Chef J.
All clear.
And we didn't find any evidence of PCP.
Your boys are armed to the teeth but they don't know your real name.
You want to tell us what the hell's going on? Those ain't my boys.
All right? They're just some thugs I pay to be.
Mama never had a nickel to spare, but she made me take lessons growing up.
Look at me now.
Stacks in the bank, not a dollar to be proud of.
How'd you know so much about Chef J? I did a research paper on him.
In my, uh, Figures in 20th Century class.
The best essay I ever wrote.
You're telling us that you paid for this lifestyle - without slinging weight? - That's the beauty of merchandising.
Man, you wouldn't believe what I rake in off T-shirt sales alone.
Then what's with the hired guns? Look, man, a couple days ago, these dudes barged in here, and they said Chef J wanted me to cease and desist rapping about him.
Look, they said they was gonna slice my mama's throat.
Right in front of me.
And then do me.
So I canceled my tour dates, dropped my phones.
Hired the posse.
The dudes who braced you, do you know what set they were from? It was old school O.
Prison tats.
Main dude had a do-rag.
They called him Chipper.
Until your intel's verified, you're coming downtown.
Hey, man, I'm so tired of trying to be hard.
Let's go.
Ran the alias "Chipper" through the database and got a hit.
Byron Reid, 48.
He's spent more time in Folsom than he has on the street.
Where'd Reid get the nickname? He likes killing his rivals by unloading entire clips in their faces, chipping away at their skulls, so their funerals are closed-casket.
We got an LKA on Reid? 88th Street, born and raised.
According to gang intel, Chipper rules the block.
Hit grandma's, get the gauges.
LAPD SWAT! They're running for their gun stash! Give me that damn hand! I'm going hands-on.
Give me your hands! Keep on him, Deac, I got the three! Move, Grandma! All right, stay down, stay down.
Byron Reid, LAPD! We've got a warrant for your arrest! Shots fired! Northwest building! Hang tight, Deac, I'm getting eyes on the suspect.
Don't even think about it! Drop your weapon, show me your hands! Look, we know Chef J sent you to threaten Peter Watkins.
How much he paying you to act as his muscle? Check this out, Chip.
I know you got a rep to protect, but if you don't give up Chef J, you're gonna go back to a box in Folsom for a long-ass time.
What's today? Thursday? Meat loaf day in county.
Why don't y'all book me before they stop serving dinner? Get him out of here.
Keep him in holding until they're out of meat loaf.
Hey, I just got a credit card alert.
Your mom.
- Go.
- Thanks.
All right, Mosley helped us get this far.
Let's bring him in, see what else he's got in those files of his.
Who the hell are you? Jim Street, the real one.
I got a badge and a gun, so open up so I don't have to use them.
Am I under arrest? You're telling me you've never seen this woman before? No, sir.
Look, I'd love to help you out, whoever you're looking for, but I-I've never seen her.
Where'd you get the credit card from, then? Bought it for $500 off some chick that was hard up for cash.
I'm gonna need a name and description.
I know her as Tina.
Met her over at Lonnie's Tavern o-off the 10.
White girl, um, 20s.
Blonde girl she had a tattoo on her arm for "Frezno.
" Um, with a Z, not an S, so maybe not a college girl.
Okay, so "Frezno Tina," she say where she got it? Stole it off a truck driver that gave her a ride to L.
Look, we did a couple shots of whiskey and she sold me the card and then I've never seen her since.
Mac Colton? Yeah.
You ever serve time? God Yes, sir, I did six months for possession.
Never no felonies, man.
Look, man, I'm sorry.
Just about a year ago, I got hurt doing this drywall job and I started taking pills And then I lost my house and Okay.
Before I change my mind, man.
Get the hell out.
- Get your bags, get out.
- Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
This map tracks all the violent PCP-related incidents LAPD officers have dealt with over the last 24 hours.
Downtown, Venice, Hollywood - Rocket Fuel's spreading everywhere.
- It gets worse.
Unis found a hearse in Chipper's garage reported stolen two days ago from a Regal Funeral Home along with a 50-gallon drum of embalming fluid.
Chef J must be using the embalming fluid to supercharge his PCP mix.
Mosley, meet Luca and Chris.
Hey, it's an honor, sir.
I've heard nothing but great things about you from Tan.
- Chris.
- Not sure how much help I can be, you guys seem to have every tool at your disposal.
Well, what we don't have is your firsthand knowledge of the case.
The rapper you put us onto led to an O.
working for Chef J.
Yeah, Byron Reid, aka Chipper.
Reid rings a bell.
Can you show me his jail visitors list? Yep.
Right there.
- Reid, Kendra.
- Do you know her? Yeah, we picked her up for questioning in March of '99.
She was a known associate of Chef J.
And her brother was a known gang enforcer.
Byron Reid, aka Chipper.
So, Kendra worked for Chef J.
Boyfriend and girlfriend.
We suspected Chef J had Kendra buy properties in her name but we never had enough to prove it.
Yeah, real estate's one of the main ways these drug dealers hide their cash.
Dealers also like to use women to put anything traceable in their names.
Bank accounts, houses, phones.
Do you have Kendra in that system? Kendra Reid, priors go back 20 years.
Assault, DUI, pandering If she ever posted bail using an asset, she had to list it.
A dozen properties.
Bars, car washes and a barbecue joint.
If Chef J's back in town, I'll bet he's back in Kendra's bed, too.
And using one of those properties for his Rocket Fuel lab.
You're the man, Mosley.
Thank you.
Nice work.
Hey, I went by my aunt and uncle's last night.
I told them I knew the truth about how Zee died.
You tell them you're finally gonna catch the suspect responsible? I couldn't make that promise.
Well, you're going to.
If you get your ass moving.
Yo, what up, Darryl? - What up? - Yo, Jarius, Kyree.
- What's up, man? - What's up, man? - You a Jehovah Witness now? - Uh, nah, I've just been interviewing for afterschool jobs.
Yo, hop in.
We're hitting this house party on 76th.
I'd love to roll with y'all, man, but I got stuff to handle.
Wait, you're Darryl? I heard about you.
Yeah, what'd you hear? Not enough.
- Mama, what are you doing here? - Sergeant, I can't believe you never showed your mother where you work.
Harrelson, these are delicious.
I see where Hondo gets his skills in the kitchen.
Thank you, Captain.
And thank you for giving me a tour of SWAT.
It's Jessica.
And you're welcome.
You two were together, weren't you? Okay, you know what, Mama? We gonna take these and we're gonna put them in the kitchen.
Jessica seems very smart.
Very pretty.
What was wrong with her? Nothing was wrong with her.
Have you heard from Darryl? I have called and texted and you know how I hate that.
Not a peep.
Not a one.
You? No.
No, I called him four times, got sent straight to voice mail.
That kid's really got to be better about checking in.
Remember I used to send you off with calling cards so you could check in on pay phones? You were about as good at it as he is.
I didn't get arrested for armed robbery.
But do you know how many nights I stayed up worrying about you running the streets with your no-good friends? Including that boy's father, Leroy.
You were no angel.
So how'd you get through to me? I tried to put myself in your shoes.
What it was like to be a young black man without a father's guidance.
Son, this is all part of being a parent.
You can have the best intentions it doesn't mean your child's gonna follow them.
Just let me know if you hear from him, all right? I will.
- Captain Cortez and you? - Oh, come on, Mama.
Could have some really pretty grandbabies.
I got to get back to work.
- Mama - I'm just sayin'.
Uh, are you done? 20 years ago, Chef J put a number of properties in Kendra Reid's name.
Some she sold, some are empty lots, leaving these four buildings.
All of them are in South L.
, but they're spread across different gang territories.
Chef J never affiliated himself with a specific set.
He wanted bangers of all stripes to sell his product.
Rules on the street change maybe this time he needed a partner.
Las Profetas, Forty-Twos One-Niner turf.
That jug of PCP we found was probably street tax, letting Chef J cook and distribute.
Can you pull up the floor plans? Two stories, reinforced concrete, ventilation system a basement.
Nobody has a basement in L.
It's a perfect place for a lab.
That building is currently listed as a daycare center.
This guy sick enough to cook toxic drugs surrounded by a bunch of kids? Make sure you bring your gas mask.
Hondo, we got ten children, one female teacher.
No sign of Chef J.
But I spot security cameras on the one side corners.
All right, roger that.
Keep your eyes open.
Deacon, what do you got? All quiet on the three side.
Captain, how about you? I got a white van approaching eastbound.
- You see it, Hondo? - Affirmative.
Van just made a left.
Deac, you got eyes yet? Negative.
Gonna take a closer look.
- Take the four side.
- Let's go.
Got two male suspects carrying a 50-gallon drum into the building.
Looks like we found Chef J's lab.
We need to get those kids out.
Captain, we are formulating a plan.
You move in, and those cameras will spot you right away.
I'm going in as a civilian.
The teacher could be working for Chef J.
Or she has no clue she's in danger.
Either way, those kids need to be evacuated before you go in.
Just watch my back.
Miss Rose, I need to go potty.
Mija, I'm helping this nice lady.
Give me a minute, and I'll take you, okay? She doesn't have a minute.
I'm with the LAPD.
The building's about to be raided.
I didn't want any part of this.
I swear.
He showed up two months ago, said he would kill my family if I told anyone he was back.
Chef J? Is he here? We need to get the kids out of here now.
Kids, I'm a friend of Miss Rose's, and we're all going on a field trip, - okay? - Okay.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Hold hands.
- Come on, let's go.
- Holding hands.
A little faster.
Come on.
Everyone hold hands.
Hold hands.
The children are evacuated.
You got the green light.
LAPD! Show me your hands! We got a suspect spotted on the three side.
Drop your weapons! 26-David.
We got two suspects down.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.
One's missing.
Can you help me? What's going on, honey? My teacher and my friends are all gone.
Boss, cops.
Stay with me, honey.
I'm gonna take care of you.
Light it up.
Mandy! She's still in there.
She must have gone to the bathroom.
This is 20-David to D-team.
Be advised, we still got a little girl insi This is Captain Cortez, LAPD SWAT.
There's been an explosion.
3000 block of South Hoover.
We have a child unaccounted for.
- Are you guys okay? - Yeah.
Tan, mask up.
Team, what's your locations? 22-David, Hondo.
We're okay.
All good here.
All right, listen up.
Watch the perimeter.
Suspects are gonna be running for fresh air.
Hondo, the fire department is on its way to clear the building.
They're not gonna enter while there's armed suspects still inside.
I got eyes on Chef J and two suspects on the second floor.
They got the girl, and she's choking on the gas.
Cover the roof.
We're headed up.
Suspect one down! There he is! He's got the girl! Come here, sweetie, come here.
Come here, come here.
Come here.
I got you.
Put this on your face.
On your face.
There you go.
Come on.
Let's move, Tan, let's move.
I've got the girl.
Evacuate the building.
Remember my cousin? Hondo, thank God.
Where's Tan? I don't know.
I lost him inside.
Tan, where are you? Tan, come in.
Tan, what is your 20? Tan! It's okay, sweetie.
You're safe now.
Thank you all for your donations to the Fallen Heroes Fund, helping the children of slain LAPD officers attend college.
So far, we've raised $150,000.
So let's drink to the heroes.
Yeah! Cheers, man.
Hey, you're a lucky man, Deac.
Don't I know it.
Deac, Luca.
This is, uh, Ty and Kira.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Nice to meet you.
What's up? Good to meet you.
What up, bro? Chris says so many great things about you.
Please, call me David, and, uh, yeah, we're-we're grateful she's always got our back.
So, Ty, Chris says you're a painter.
That's right.
My house needs a new coat, so Oh, no.
I'm a No, I'm kidding, man.
Look, she shows me pics of all your stuff.
Your paintings are awesome, bro.
It's like abstract expressionism, but with, like, a "locals only" surfer vibe.
Thanks, man.
Any chance you write Yelp reviews - on the side? - No.
Glad you could make it.
I ran into some old-timers I hadn't seen in years.
It was nice to catch up.
Hey, listen, Chef J, we wouldn't have caught him without you.
That was all you and your team.
I'm I'm proud of you, Victor.
Your cousin would be, too.
Thanks, Ben.
That means a lot.
Do you know where, uh, Street is? No, I think he got stuck somewhere.
I think.
- Aunt Chris, who are they? - Who? You walked in with them.
That's Ty and Kira.
You work with them? No, they're my boyfriend and girlfriend.
You can be in love with a boy and a girl at the same time? Lila, honey.
Let's not ask your Aunt Chris so many questions, okay? It's okay, Annie.
I-I know it's a I know it's a little complicated.
But yes, chiquita.
All three of us, we really care about each other.
Chris, maybe this is a conversation for another day.
Uh, hey.
Why don't you go find your dad and find the biggest cookie that we can fit in that truck, okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
I was just trying to be honest.
Maybe a little too honest.
Chris, I love and respect you, but I just I don't want my kids being You know? No, I don't know.
Your kids being what? Uh, subjected to a lifestyle that I don't agree with.
Love can work in a lot of ways, some less traditional than others.
I'm sorry, Chris.
You are free to live your life the way that you want, but this threesome thing, it's not normal.
I don't want my kids growing up thinking it's moral or it's right.
Oh, I-I understand where you're coming from, but this is not just a threesome.
It There's-there's real feelings.
I really don't want to get into feelings, okay? Annie, you're-you're the one that made me Victoria's godmother.
And had I known you were in this type of relationship, I I probably wouldn't have.
Um I'm gonna take her home.
Okay, let's go.
I'll talk to her.
Whoever you are, I have a gun and I'm not afraid to use it.
Why aren't you at the fund-raiser? Why aren't you? Touché.
So it's gonna be one of those nights.
Are you gonna talk or drink? Hondo.
Haven't seen you since Lieutenant Gill's retirement bash.
Yeah, that's right.
Just wish it was better circumstances.
- I can explain.
I - Hey, you better remain silent.
- So what happened? - Picked up Darryl at a house party.
Lots of liquor and drugs there, but he blew zero on the breathalyzer.
As a courtesy, I'm releasing him into your custody.
I really appreciate it, Davis.
Thank you.
- It's good to see you.
- You, too.
I mean, my mom was never gonna win "parent of the year" award.
I think we can all agree on that.
She was never much of a mother to me at all, really.
But if I've pushed her to a place that she can't come back from I'll never forgive myself.
It's a miracle a woman so selfish could've given birth to one of the most caring guys I've ever met.
Thank you.
Hey, uh Aren't Ty and Kira gonna be worried that you're not home yet? Well, uh Actually, I left them at the fund-raiser.
- Oh.
Did you guys get into a fight? - Mm-mm.
How does that work with "throuples" anyway? I mean, do they just tag in, or they double-team you? No.
No, I, um I actually got into it with Annie.
- Annie? - Mm-hmm.
- She's a saint.
- I know.
I know.
What happened? - You met Ty, right? - Yeah.
I-I wanted you to meet Kira, and I wanted you to hang out with both of them.
I would've loved to.
I just didn't want to, you know, bring the mood down, you know? No.
It's getting late.
I should I should get-get going.
All right.
Thanks for always having my six.
I-I think I I think - I drank too much whiskey.
No, no, no.
- Sorry.
Chris, I'm sorry.
It's, uh Whoa.
It's, um That was, um Th-That was, that was my fault.
- It's no one's fault.
- I-I have to get home.
- Let me Uh, let me get you an Uber.
- No, no, no.
I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
- You sure? - Yep.
I'm good.
Chris, we've been calling you all night.
Where were you? We were really worried about you.
The answer's "yes.
" Yes, what? Yes, I'll move in with you.
I swear I didn't drink nothing or mess with any drugs.
So your job interview went so good, your friends just went and threw you a party, huh? They just wanted to chill.
Listen, kid.
When I was 15, me and my boys, we got busted for tagging a mini-mart.
We was running from the cops, we was jumping over fences, and This Doberman almost took a chunk out of my ass, too.
Wait, you used to tag? Yeah.
Yeah, I did a little bit.
I mean, I sucked at it, though, but, look, what I'm saying is, even though my mama would've killed me if she found out, I was lucky enough to learn how to say "no" before it was too late.
I'm so sick of people judging me.
But my boys, they never do.
Your boys ain't gonna judge you for trying to get your life straight.
Not if they're your real friends.
Look, I just want you to know, if you ever find yourself in a situation like that, then you call me.
Whatever time it might be.
I will be there, Darryl.
You hear me? We got a deal? Yeah.
All right.
Let's go home.