S.W.A.T. (2017) s03e03 Episode Script

Funny Money

Previously on S.
T Pop! How long you been staying here? About three weeks.
You know, just till I get my own place.
I was always closer to my pop than I was my mom.
But when he left and disappeared on my mom just with no warning My daddy is here with us.
Hey, stranger.
That kiss.
I thought that was a mutual moment that we had.
Was I wrong? You and me, we're Teammates.
I'm always gonna have your back on the job, but that's where it ends from now on.
Figure I'd pop out, help Molly Hicks with something at her job.
You're kissing up to the boss's daughter now, Street? No, it's nothing like that.
Lieutenant Detective Piper Lynch, Hollywood Division.
The mayor has asked me to personally run point between the departments and make sure that we don't cross streams with the Feds.
Lynch is a legend in Hollywood Division.
Lynch is here to take inventory.
I'm not here to tell you how to do things.
Just to reorient your thinking about what S.
can do.
Conditioning is important.
So is training.
It's what keeps officers alive.
But maybe all of these great cops can be put to better use in the field before someone has to call 911.
Yo! Breakfast is ready! Come on, now, both of you! Pushy man.
Come on, Pops! Waffles don't wait! We got the Chevy polished up good enough for first place this weekend.
If it wasn't for that damn gas cap.
Shame, that.
Hey, it looks good since I buffed the chrome on the cap.
Yeah Here, I hooked you up.
But it still ain't the original.
The judges take note to that kind of detail.
And if they don't, well, the competition is sure to point it out to 'em.
I thought those were your homies.
Yeah, well, we all want to win.
Well, you know, for $39.
99 online, overnight shipping, it could be yours.
Yeah, some reproduction passed off as-as the original.
I'm never buying something I can't see from somebody I never met.
Hey, trust only comes face-to-face.
I shouldn't have to remind you of that, son.
Your mama's early.
Here come the fireworks.
Hey, Mama.
- Hey.
- Let me make you a plate.
Yeah, I-I'll move over for you.
Mm, no, no.
I just came to drop off some vitamins and supplements that you're supposed to be taking.
The instructions are on the bottles.
The boy can read for himself.
There's no reason to treat him like a baby.
The only baby at this table is you, Daniel.
You can't even keep the schedule we agreed on for your visits.
Of course I can.
And it's nice to see you, too, for a quick minute.
Ma, that wasn't necessary.
You're right.
I didn't know I had to call first to make sure I didn't have to lay eyes on him.
I thought we had worked all of this out.
Just have a seat for a little while.
The labor on that damn car, plus room and board.
Man has not lost his touch, playing people to get what he wants.
He's trying to find his own place, Mama.
It's just harder than he thought.
You're coming to the car show, though, right? I didn't like his boys back when they were boys.
Marvis and that T-bird.
The two of them always trying to outdo each other.
Old fools and their toys.
Mama, I put some cinnamon in the waffles.
I want you to tell me what you think, all right? I might take one to go.
Don't you let that old man pull one over on you.
You hear me? Yes, ma'am.
He might seem soft, but that's an act.
The man is slippery as a wet bar of soap.
Here you go, Mama.
Thank you.
Bye, Darryl.
- Mwah.
- Bye.
She hate him deep.
She's got her reasons, D.
That's old history.
I mean, how long ago was that? I was 14.
My sister Winnie, she was about your age.
- You see her much after you left? - Some.
But, D, he's still my daddy.
I loved him, I just didn't like him very much for a while.
But you let all that go.
I don't know about "all.
" But not my moms, and sure as hell not Winnie.
She ain't seen him since.
People get old, man.
Like, people die.
You can't be bitter your whole life.
I thought I was supposed to be the one dropping wisdom on you.
It's just For some people, pain never stops.
Got extra eyes on us today.
Every day now.
How does a non-S.
lieutenant snag her own office at S.
? With her name on the door.
Lynch is a guest of the mayor here to observe and consult.
She is not in the chain of command.
She cannot, does not and will not issue orders to any of us, all right? Okay, here's a radical thought.
Why don't we give her half a chance? Maybe whatever changes she's pushing might be an improvement.
Is that some gender solidarity I just heard? You're not always as funny as you think, Street.
Sometimes he's funnier.
Not often, but sometimes.
Hey, guys, stay out of the crossfire.
Don't let Lynch pull your focus during the exercise.
We win because we train, today's no different.
Let's move.
You see how Lynch is already kicking the nest? Only if we let her, Deac.
- Hey, Luca.
- Yeah? You got a source to an original '64 Chevy gas cap, unvented? - Your dad's Impala? - Yeah.
You can just order a replacement online.
Trust me, I already had that conversation.
It's a no-go.
It's got to be original manufacture.
- Ah, he's a purist.
- Yeah.
I-I respect that.
I'll make some calls, man.
Thanks, man.
Hey, we miss you in the field.
Yeah, well, don't get too used to it.
I'm coming off the injury list sooner than they think.
24-David to 20-David.
Position two set.
How often do the teams train? Constantly.
It's how we stay sharp.
And busy.
This is 20-David to R Commander.
Positions one and two are set.
R Commander to 20-David, make your entry.
D-team, stand by.
Three, two, one.
They'll be coming into view now.
This is the police! L.
! Lay down your weapons, step into view, show me your hands.
Step into view, now! Let's go.
Keep it moving.
Get in there.
Don't move.
Hands behind your back.
Turn around.
Don't even think about it.
You got him? Yeah.
This is 20-David to R Commander.
Code 4.
Suspects in custody, hostages are safe.
R Commander to D-team.
Mission complete.
Get up.
You good, Stevens? Yeah.
Only my pride's hurt.
Good work.
Got it done.
- Precision teamwork, Commander.
- Thank you.
Only thing missing was actual bad guys.
This is what my mom used to call "all show, no go," in a different context.
Your point, Lieutenant? Would you ask Sergeant Harrelson to come see me when we get back to HQ? I want to spread the praise.
Ma'am? Okay, talk to you later.
Come on in, Sergeant.
Shut the door.
It's a waste of resources to keep S.
on stand-by waiting for the call.
It's like a swipe left, you know? The mayor is interested in a more efficient model.
Like what? Her favorite word is "proactive.
" Feels like we're plenty active.
Sure, but the best-trained cops with the most expensive equipment could be doing more and practicing less.
I mean, how many sit-ups and drills do you really need? That's the way S.
has worked for 50 years, ma'am.
And people dialed rotary phones for a hundred.
Meet Corbett Hargrave.
He's a counterfeiter, just did seven of ten in Victorville under the protection of Los Altos, who knew an asset when they saw one.
- We broke that gang.
- Which made them The big boys behind bars.
Now that Corbett is back home in L.
, they've squeezed him to repay the favor.
They have him printing fake cash for them.
Not Los Altos.
They're done.
They're calling in chits to buy a comeback.
Including an order for five million U.
in funny money from Corbett.
Yeah, that's how I looked when I heard.
Word is they're already shopping.
RPGs, assault rifles, artillery rounds.
Reinforced cars, body armor.
You name it, they want it.
Where's the Secret Service on this? They own counterfeiting.
Sure, they could grab up Corbett, but then where's our case against Los Altos? This is how we bury the gang, from the top down, with maximum charges, before they go back to war on the streets again.
You remember what that was like.
The reason you haven't told the Service.
They'd seize our bait.
All they care about is protecting the currency.
I'm a cop trying to save lives, same as you.
Do you know the delivery date for the fake cash? Well, lucky for us, Corbett ran out of ink before he could finish printing the full order.
Security UV red's hard to buy in bulk.
It gets flagged.
The dark web is not as dark as it thinks, which is how we know a stolen pallet is headed his way.
That is your point of entry for an undercover team.
Ma'am, no, no.
We need more intel before we put officers at risk like that.
CIs, phone taps, surveillance.
While Los Altos builds an army? We can't wait.
The van is already rolling.
You intercept the ink, you swap out the driver, you make the delivery and you set the hook.
This isn't what S.
does, Lieutenant.
Not until now.
But the mayor has a lot of faith in you.
And I do, too.
Okay, then.
You don't give assignments to my teams.
Course not.
What do you call that conversation you just had with Harrelson? A preliminary discussion.
Take a seat, Commander.
I'm a standing kind of guy.
He found you fast.
Because he understands the chain of command.
You're a tactical consultant.
You work under my authority.
That's the deal.
And we both answer to the Police Commission, which answers to the mayor.
Please, don't give me a lecture on city politics.
I'm aware.
Doesn't mean you go mousing around my officers behind me.
I'm sorry.
I thought I had your permission.
You did not.
- Won't happen again.
- Good.
But you agree with the mission, don't you? We can crush Los Altos.
There's no "we" here.
You're not S.
No, we're all L.
And I outrank you, which you seem to keep forgetting.
You've put S.
officers undercover before.
That's not out of policy.
You're bypassing the Feds.
You've never done that, Commander? I just want to tie all the bows for them first.
So your idea is to let this guy print the cash.
While S.
babysits undercover all the way.
Los Altos will have eyes on him, too.
Inside team assists on the delivery.
As accessories, yes.
- We set the time and place for the meet.
- Yes.
takes him down at the moment of truth with all the evidence and hands them off to the Feds.
Secret Service shreds the counterfeit.
We chop up the snake.
I know it has risks.
But think of the rewards.
Well, it's, um It's a decent idea.
Entire team undercover like this, with no prep? Deac, I think we just need to stop bitching about it.
We're already launched.
And here comes our access point.
Damn shame about that rolling stop he just took, isn't it? Whole op gives me a hinky feeling.
Yeah, you and me both.
We got no other way to insert Street and Chris into the timetable, so Hit the lights.
Good afternoon.
I'm keeping my hands inside, Officer.
Well, you're gonna need 'em to pull your driver's license out for me.
- Now? - Yeah.
Now would be a good time.
Are you offering money to an officer? No, sir.
I'm just showing you my license like you asked.
Step out of the van, please.
Why? Step out of the van.
Put your hands up on the van.
Reach up.
Keep 'em up.
What's that cargo you're carrying? I'm not consenting to a search of my van.
You know, it matches the description of a theft from a place called Art House Ink.
I'm an artist.
Keep your hands on the van.
Doesn't mean you didn't lift it.
How do I know you're even cops? I'm guessing you do know that you get to make a phone call, right? Well, now's your chance to cooperate and make that call for us.
Am I under arrest? That's up to you, Adam.
We're only interested in the ink.
And whoever you're delivering it to.
That's Little Angel.
I saw his file.
He's a baby Alto.
- So, eyeballs on us, too.
- Mm-hmm.
Destination's on the right.
All right, we clear with our cover story? "Nick" and "Marie.
" Who might be a little nervous finishing the run for Adam after lunch screwed 'em up.
But we're tight and we got his back.
For a cut of the deal.
So we're scuzzbags.
Well, Nick and Marie are.
Ready? Call me Bobby.
- Marie's not my real name either.
- Okay.
- Give me your phone.
- What for? Have you never done dirty business before? If you trust Adam, and he trusts us, then you should trust us.
That's just, um, math.
Numbers don't lie.
Either Adam called your phone right before he called me, or we need a different approach here.
How do you know Adam? We're sex buddies.
Okay, he's confirmed.
Nick? I'm guessing not his real name either, right? Right.
Okay, come inside, on the table.
You thought I was running off crap paper to drop at the mall? No.
Adam told us that you were a master.
I'm good.
I'm great.
What I make passes all tests except spectrum analysis.
This is the right paper, right ink, right water mark, right security thread.
Even the 3-D stripe.
Talk about hard.
I wish I never learned how.
But you're paying us with genuine, right? That was Adam's deal, yeah.
Nice kid, thinks small.
Good for him.
Who's buying all this? You don't ask.
I don't tell.
Count it.
Feel it.
No refunds.
So you get what, like, 20 cents on the dollar? If these were cheap copies.
Mine go for 35%, and I only print C-notes.
What if you paid us with home-cooked at that rate? - Nick, what are you doing? - Well Bobby here owes us five for the ink.
We let him pay us in Bobby bills, triple the total.
You'd stiff your friend Adam and give him counterfeit? Where's the loyalty? No, no, we'd pay him genuine after we converted your paper.
We just keep the spread.
Call it 15 grand of your finest.
Now you're rounding up.
To cover the higher risk when we pass it, which is a federal crime.
This guy's a baller.
Counterfeit is a terrible business that usually ends badly.
Not your problem, Bobby.
You get to keep your bag of the real deal, five grand genuine U.
, that you weren't expecting.
Hmm? Okay.
I tried to warn you.
I need some time to print the rest of the run.
I'll call your phone when I'm ready for you to pick up payment.
What if you don't, Bobby? Every deal has a moment of trust, Marie.
Free will's a curse.
Well, looks like Los Altos are back in business.
No matter how many times you trap the rats, they keep showing up.
Well, Lynch has good sources.
Oh, so now you like her, Deac? I'm saying she owns good sources.
That's Eddie Gomez on the door.
When did he get out? He's as ugly as his last mug shot.
All right, all the sets are showing up.
Let's get that laser mic pointed at the front window.
Oh Missed you, compa.
Welcome back to the free world.
Just in time for the future.
Then why are you making the sets sell off business, G? We look weak.
We had to streamline.
You know, get all the equipment and supplies for your boy.
Takes money to make money, que no? That cash is gonna put us back on top.
Not just in Los Angeles.
We're going nationwide.
Bad news just got worse.
Since when? Soon as the money dries.
See, this isn't just a welcome-home party.
It's a war party.
All right, ladies.
Good class today.
See y'all next time.
Babies making babies.
Those are some good girls.
They're still doing math on their fingers but the schools failed, not the girls.
Why are you here? Mama, you remember how you always told me to never hold grudges? Did you ever listen? No, I did not, but it was good advice.
Listen, uh, hating Pop it's not doing any of us any good, including you.
We can't change the past, Mama.
It doesn't mean that you have to help the past keep repeating itself all over again with Darryl.
How you figure? That boy cannot rely on his incarcerated father, he can't lean on his useless mother, and he better not count on that unreliable old man.
Do you remember the day your father left us? You know I do.
You, Winnie, me.
He rolled off in that same blue Chevy.
And you went running down the street after him, crying.
Remember how you felt? That was a long time ago, Mama.
Quitters quit, that's a fact.
Look, I just came here hoping that you would consider coming to the car show.
Look Oh Darryl and Pops have been working real hard to get first place.
They just want to beat that T-bird.
Like nothing ever happened.
We just got old.
Him, me, his homeboys.
No, baby.
Do it for Darryl.
You mean do it for you.
Yeah, okay.
Do it for me, too.
I'll think about it.
I could never get the crosses.
Or land the double unders, either.
Well, like anything else, it's, uh, it's an acquired skill.
Your dad left already.
Oh, no, I was just picking up the Metro paperwork for this dependency court case I've been assigned.
Can I ask you something? Mm, I always want to say no to that.
Sure, what? Is Jim Street single? As far as I know.
Is that a hundred percent? Aren't you worried it could get a little messy with your dad? Maybe if I was 16 and it was still any of his business.
So you, you want me to find out? Super discreetly.
I get you.
I mean, you're friends with him.
Am I kidding myself about this? No.
I, I-I think you guys would be great together.
That your burner? I'm not loving the whole approach.
Unless it works.
Lynch has a track record.
This is Marie.
Not really.
Hey, Bobby.
I'll be ready with your payment tomorrow.
Don't sleep in.
The buyers have me on a clock.
What time? We won't get a lot of grace before Los Altos know Little Angel's MIA.
Don't worry about it.
Why not? Take a look.
This went up on his social media account two minutes ago.
How? I had it pulled from his archives.
We changed the time stamp, reposted the photo, and here's Little Angel, partying in the pool, present tense.
When he doesn't check in, this is what the OGs will find.
Looking like he sneaked off for some side fun.
Okay, now, be smart.
Don't pass too fast, don't pass in your own area code.
You don't want the Secret Service to start smelling you.
Bobby, drive-through fries weigh more than this.
A gram a piece for a C-note, mine or the treasury's, comes to 5.
291 ounces.
You can count it if you want.
So, there's good news and bad news Corbett.
Come on.
Get up.
Ah, hell.
Listen None of this was your idea.
Los Altos forced you back into business for them.
They didn't give you a choice.
But we haven't arrested you, and we haven't read you your rights, so what does that tell you? That you want me to flip? Which is a death sentence in or out.
You piss these guys off, and they chop you into pieces and play soccer with your head.
That is an urban legend.
Los Altos never had a retirement plan for you, Corbett.
We do.
Just like that, we got five million bucks.
It's harder stealing cigarettes in Long Beach.
Don't get cocky, Street.
We ain't done.
Conviction rate with Secret Service: 98.
No agency does better.
Let's run the numbers: possession of counterfeit currency, 20 years max.
Producing counterfeit, 20 max.
Passing counterfeit, 15 max.
Dealing counterfeit, 20 max.
So 20, 40, 55 75 years max.
Like I don't already know the numbers.
How long you planning on living? Or you can just help yourself and do the right thing.
Call your contact.
Change the time and place of the delivery.
You're shook, man.
Your protection's gone missing.
In custody down the hall, at the moment.
Officer Street will be with you all the way.
Two can die as easy as one.
We're not gonna let anything happen to either one of you.
Except you're already proven liars.
Here's the when and where.
Make the call, man.
"Trust me," said the spider to the fly.
Corbett called.
We're done with him tonight.
But the money is primo, G.
I mean, we could keep him printing.
Corbett owes us for all the protection we gave him back in Victorville.
That's seven years of gratitude.
I don't know.
Something's off.
Like what? Like I just have a feeling, entiendes? I don't trust him.
Slow or fast? All those chemicals, that paper, a man could burn up.
Just can't look like a homicide on the autopsy.
So he's got to burn alive.
So did Joan of Arc.
Either way, make it a clean sweep.
All three.
The girl, too? She's not a player.
One, two, three.
They all saw the money.
More bodies, more risk.
More witnesses, more risk.
Yeah, brother.
Okay, that's Street, inside our perimeter.
All units flagged.
Three minutes, Commander.
R Commander to 20-David.
You're on countdown.
Roger that.
Nervous? Only if I forget.
Why test fate twice? Something happen? Not the point.
20-David and 30-David don't have a lot of cover in this parking lot, if anybody looks.
They're on it, Lieutenant.
This is what we do.
Shame about all that money.
Came out so good.
It's not actually money, Corbett.
It's just a lot of pretty paper - about to be evidence.
- Against me.
Against them.
You're a cooperating witness.
No free pass, though? For all my help? It's up to the prosecutor.
Feds always go hard.
I'd like to not die in prison.
I will settle for not dying tonight.
Hey, you just stick to the script, we'll be fine.
You know, I got to say, this is the best part of the job.
Top of the roller coaster? Right before there's only right now.
Here we go.
And paid every week for the rush.
Corbett Where's your new girlfriend? I wish.
She's too fine for me, Carlos.
There wasn't room in the van for all three of us.
Let's see the money.
Aged, wrapped and ready.
- No worries.
- It's in the back.
Four boxes, 110 pounds.
You could've let him come by himself.
- It's my van, man.
- It's not your business.
Dude needed wheels.
- Check him.
- Hey, hey, hey.
I'm carrying, all right? I'm carrying.
I'm always carrying, just like you, like all of you.
What, now we need to start wagging our weapons at each other? Measure whose is bigger? I suggest you keep your hands where he can see them.
Whoa, every-everything okay? Yeah, with the money.
24-David to 20-David.
Money's going into a silver Lexus.
We're still on book.
Put your hands up or I shoot your friend.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Gun.
24-David to 20-David.
Do we move? Do not escalate the threat.
Hold in place for my command.
That's not the plan, or you'd have done it already.
You know, being a smartass ain't always smart.
Put them in the van.
Hondo, he's got the gun on Street.
What do we do? No one move until his buddies are gone.
Could get him killed.
Your turn.
Get in the van with your friend.
That wasn't a request.
Get in the van.
I don't think so.
Listen, listen.
Killing a cop is not gonna improve your options.
You? L.
Just put the gun down, stay alive, make a deal.
On your stomach! - Police! Hands up! - Throw it away! Give me your hands! - Now! - Show me your hands.
- Out of the car.
- Come on.
Turn around.
Front of the car, on your knees.
Hands behind your back.
On your knees.
25-David, clear.
24-David, clear.
20-David, roadblock'll stop the truck.
Intercept Gomez and the cash.
Silver sedan.
Let's do this.
Don't stop.
Move in.
Code 4.
All suspects in custody.
Now you see how the training pays off.
Chris had the muscle memory to make the shot.
Lucky for Street.
I know exactly what it's like to look down the wrong side of a gun.
Street shouldn't have had to.
I raised the risk level, I am sorry for that.
I'll write myself up in the after action report.
Every time the teams roll, there's a risk.
This was our best chance to take Los Altos out of the game.
For all our bellyaching, the streets just got safer.
You gonna put in a word for Corbett, ma'am? He came through for us.
Thank you, sir.
Do you want to place a call to the mayor? She's waiting to hear.
You told the mayor about an undercover operation in advance? The mayor wasn't a threat to the mission.
She's a civilian.
Oh, you start to think like that, you've been in the bunker too long.
I don't need to talk to the mayor.
With a police budget this year over a billion and a half dollars? Okay.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I'm your friend, Commander.
You and Chris held it down out there.
That was the fastest descent I ever made.
- No damage when you hit? - I'm still standing.
- Uh-huh.
Don't skip the ice tonight.
- It's going in my drink.
I hear that.
Gearheads, man.
Love a good quest, but chasing down a 50-year-old Chevy OEM unvented gas cap? It's not so easy.
Ah, thanks for trying anyway, Luca.
- Here we go.
- Oh, wait a minute.
No, you didn't.
Are you kidding me? What do I owe you, man? - Eh, just everlasting gratitude.
- Oh, that's easy.
Buddy of mine pulled it off his own Chevy to loan your dad.
Caps didn't change till '72, so, historically, it's accurate if the judges inspect.
My guy came through.
Thank you, brother.
- Aw, yeah, yeah, careful, careful.
- Oh, oh, my bad, my bad.
- You good? It's all right.
- Yeah, I'm all right.
Oh, you did the damn thing.
That was, uh, really dicey tonight.
You know what? It was actually kind of fun.
Especially the not dying part.
An OG with a gun in your face, that-that's a bad moment.
I saw you and Tan on the move.
I just had to stall for a beat.
I love your faith.
How's Ty and Kira doing? Three people in a relationship turns out to be geometry, not algebra.
But, um, - I'm trying to figure it out.
- So you're happy? That's a big word for a short word.
I am, um I'm content.
What about you? Are you still off the dating apps? Oh, I'm done with the hustle.
I'd told so many versions of my life story, I wasn't even sure who I was anymore.
And by the way, they all lie, too.
Fake finds fake.
I'm just gonna let life come to me from now on, you know? Like you're ready for something serious? Or at least longer than just a weekend.
What, you can't get enough of this place? Waiting for my dad.
It's our weekly steak night.
Hey, uh, - did you find anything out about Jim? - Yeah.
He's, uh, he's single for sure.
- You didn't - I didn't mention you, no.
Um, I think you should ask him out.
You make it sound easy.
Can be.
She tell you she and Tan saved Street's life today? No.
Wasn't as dramatic as it sounds.
It was good work, Chris.
Squared away.
Thank you, sir.
That's good.
Just in time, Pop.
Original equipment manufacturer.
I'm not gonna ask what you had to do to get this, but I approve.
You're welcome, Pop.
You go put it on, D.
Thirty seconds to lay down your tools.
Last entry in the competition, 20 seconds.
Ineligible in 15 seconds.
Marcus, look at you.
Still bossing everybody around.
Some things just never change.
I'm amazed you can squeeze all that good living behind the wheel of your T-bird.
None other.
You always did know how to make an impression on all of us.
- I never even tried.
- You didn't have to.
You got her to come.
Did you even ask me first? Oh, please, Pop, don't act like you mind.
No, no, no, no.
You need to stay here by the car.
Saboteurs everywhere.
Hey, Pop, be nice.
I'm serious.
Where's my number? Thank you.
Time! Entries are closed.
- It's good to see you, Charice.
- Mm-hmm.
You talk to him, but not to me? - I talk to you.
- As little as possible.
I'm glad you came.
You're not the reason why.
Hey, baby.
Well, at least they're breathing the same airspace.
That's progress.
You came! Yes, I came.
Look at this work you done put in.
- Thank you, Mama.
- My baby.
This car looks almost brand-new.
Hey, listen, the judges not gonna get to my car for another hour.
Might want to take a ride.
Just around the block.
Maybe once around the block if I'm driving.
Come on, Darryl.
Eh You thought I was taking you? Yeah, go ahead, get in the car.
Now, remember, be careful on the corners.
I remember.
I remember everything.
Your mother's a hard woman.
I appreciate that about her.
You're hopeless, Pop.
Not at all.
This just might be the year I win.
She is gonna bring that thing back, right?