S.W.A.T. (2017) s03e14 Episode Script


1 Previously on "S.
T" Think about good neighborhood house program.
Do you see the neighborhood this is? Maybe you can still cancel the sale.
Oh, hell no, man.
This is part of the city program for cops.
Hear you want to talk.
I figure we could set some ground rules.
This is our neighborhood.
We belong here.
You don't.
- How are you getting home? - I was kind of hoping you might give me a ride.
I don't get in cars with strangers.
Maybe we could arrange something to try and cure this "strangers" problem? - Hey, baby.
- I'm glad you called.
Check this out.
You read my book.
I've been thinking about you.
A city is like a person.
If there's something wrong inside, you have to figure out what's causing the problem - and tackle that.
- Okay, I hear that, but if you're hurting, you got to treat the symptoms while you're working on the cure, though, right? 100%.
I'm not saying we don't need cops.
But I also believe in working toward a future where we don't need as many of them.
So you're trying to put me out of business? In an ideal world, yes.
It would give you more time to cook for me.
You don't ever have to worry about me making time for that.
Thanks for joining us tonight.
Thank you.
I'm gonna go to the ladies' room.
Meet you out front? Roger that.
It's the gray Charger.
Thanks, brother.
Hondo? Oh, my God.
- It's been too long.
- Wow, Nia.
- How you doing? - Good.
You're looking sharp as ever.
- You, too.
- Listen, I'm headed in for dinner with some girlfriends, but we should grab a coffee or a drink sometime.
- Could be fun.
- It would be nice to catch up.
But I should probably mention I'm seeing someone.
I'm actually with her right now.
Really? Look at you getting domestic.
- How long? - Couple months.
So it's still early days.
Good luck with that.
I'll text you.
- Ex-girlfriend? - I wouldn't go that far.
- Mm-hmm.
- Come on, now.
I don't have a problem.
I'm just calling it like I see it.
She was going through a divorce, - and I - Helped her move on? It was a while ago.
Nightcap? I could say yes to a cocktail.
Come on, you got it man.
This is good.
All right, give me three more.
Three, two Aah! Damn it! - Still not good enough.
- Dude, that's solid.
I mean, you're at it, like, every morning before the sun comes up.
You work out probably more than anyone I know.
You're, like, twice as strong as last week.
And half as strong as I was before getting injured.
I need to be 100% if I'm gonna pass my PFQ and get back out in the field.
But you're making great progress.
It's one step at a time, you know.
That couldn't have been more than a few blocks.
Drop the weapons! Hands where I can see 'em.
Do it now, Marcos! Now! This is 22-David off duty.
We got a possible 245 on Mapleton Street.
Making contact with two possible suspects.
Suspects? That's my friend, ese.
We heard shots and came running, just like you.
He's dead.
I checked.
Oh, Benjamin, man.
Marcos, what happened? This had to be the Los Diablos Dormidos.
Why do you say that? You see the shooter? No.
But I know it was them.
Probably that Tony guy that cruises by sometimes.
You're gonna have to give us more.
to go on than that.
Weapon's cold.
Full magazine.
Hasn't been fired.
Is that thing registered? You got any other weapons on you? No.
I'm trying to tell you this wasn't us.
He was our damn friend.
I've known Ben-Ben since grade school; he's hurt nobody.
He's not even in the game.
Okay, if it was this Tony guy that you're talking about, - we'll find him, trust me.
- Not if I find him first.
Listen to me, Marcos, you need to let us handle this.
Can we get up now? Okay.
Look, no disrespect.
I know you helped out my brother Shorty before.
But this is my hood.
And if you can't protect it, better believe I will.
I'm not gonna let you or anyone else turn this neighborhood into a shooting gallery.
Marcos, I know what it's like to lose a buddy and want revenge, but trust me, man, it is not worth going down that road.
Oh, please.
Like your bitch ass knows the first thing about this life.
I'll handle my business my own way.
Let's go, Big Roy.
Stop! Put your hands behind your head! - What?! - Now! I had nothing to do with this, and you know it.
You were waving an unregistered firearm in broad daylight.
I need to take you in for that.
- Are you serious? - Play nice.
Help us find who did this.
I can get the charges dropped.
I gotta take you in.
I can't let you play street hero.
Marcos, you've done time, so just tell us what you'd rather, a day in holding or a lifetime in prison.
- What about me? - Just hang tight.
Give a report to the detectives when they get here, okay? These guys here will keep you company.
Hands behind your back, now.
Other hand.
Hey, I thought you were at home rehabbing.
Yeah, I was, but this shooting went down a couple blocks from my house, so I'm putting in a request to increase patrol in the area.
Help keep things from popping off.
Yeah, I saw that one come through.
That's a sketchy part of town.
Yeah, well, it's also home.
I'm doing my best to make it less sketchy.
Most cops live as far away from hot zones as possible.
Why'd you buy a house in the middle of one? Cost me practically nothing, but more than that, my pops always told me to lead by example.
So it's tough to do sometimes when folks in some areas only ever see us with our guns out.
- Did you know the victim? - A little.
He was friends with some of the bangers on the block who want to handle things their own way.
So added patrol presence would really help keep things cool - till we get ahead of this.
- Okay.
I'll get your request prioritized.
Watch commander can only saturate the area for the first 24 hours, but that should give Homicide time to find a lead worth chasing.
All right, thanks, Lieutenant.
Appreciate it.
My pleasure.
You are just the highly decorated cop I was looking to catch this morning.
Good news.
I'm not gonna like this, am I? The L.
Chronicle wants to interview a SWAT officer.
A "day in the life" kind of thing.
The mayor wants you.
- Why me? - Why not you? Sorry, I don't do interviews.
I'm allergic to the spotlight.
But LAPD's got 70 other SWAT officers.
I'm sure you'll find somebody who'll be happy to do it.
Kate, I'm missing the Cornwell file; have you seen it? Here.
You left it on my desk when you got back from court.
- Oh, thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
And, Joan, is there any chance you can push my lunch with Nichola to next week? I need to clear this off my desk by the end of the day.
Yeah, sure.
Hi, can I help Three deads.
Maria Goodwin she is a layer and and two employees.
No cameras, no witnesses, and the shooter's in the wind.
This was left behind.
Forensics will run prints on it.
How many shots fired? 30 rounds.
Only three victims.
I think I got something.
Four days ago, a man was arrested outside the Spring Street courthouse for making death threats.
He'd been in a custody hearing with his ex-wife.
- Let me guess, he lost.
- Yeah.
The wife got custody of the kids, and the wife's lawyer was Maria Goodwin.
Suspect's name is Chad Weatherly.
Deacon, Tan.
According to the report the courthouse cops filed, Weatherly was screaming how he'd kill Maria, as well as the judge who oversaw the case.
Well, the judge needs to be put in protective custody immediately.
- I'll make the call.
- Hondo.
Burrows, this the guy? - Yeah, that's him.
- He's got no priors.
No gun registered to his name.
- Where's he work? - He teaches metal shop at a vocational college in Woodland Hills.
Not anymore.
By the looks of things, he's reinvented himself as a dating coach.
"Perfect your booty call technique.
" Little career shift.
Sounds like a full-blown midlife crisis.
Are you ready to learn the rules of the game? At Casanova Camp, I'm gonna teach you how to pick up women and increase your lay count.
Come on with me.
We got some work to do.
- "Casanova Camp"? - "Lay count"? This guy's giving men pick-up advice? And charging them over a grand for it, too.
Hold up.
That seminar's today.
With this approach, you are going to strike out sometimes.
You might even strike out most times.
And that's okay, guys, because this is a numbers game.
And I'm going to teach you the secrets of seduction.
Come on.
Come on! You are the man.
You own this place.
Chad Weatherly.
You're gonna come with us.
Why? What-what happened? Let's go.
We got a couple questions for you.
About what? I-I've got a seminar that's about to start, and a lot of people have paid good money for this.
I guess you'll be refunding them.
Think he's really our guy? He doesn't look like someone who gunned down three women an hour ago.
To be fair, he doesn't seem like the master of seduction type either.
I didn't kill anyone.
Sure, I was pissed.
She had convinced the judge to take my kids away, but I didn't shoot anyone.
Sit down.
And, excuse me, what are you doing with my laptop? You can't search that.
Uh, the warrant says we can, actually.
Over a dozen people heard you threaten to kill your wife's lawyer.
We all say things whenever we're angry.
I-I didn't actually mean any of it.
What about these posts? Mean any of them? "I want to put a bullet in that slut's head.
" Mm-hmm.
Yeah, that was a private chatroom, and I go there to vent.
Free speech is not illegal.
At least not yet.
There's free speech, and then there's criminal threat, which is illegal.
I'm sure the D.
's gonna appreciate all this evidence for your upcoming trial.
His alibi checks out.
At the time of the shooting, Casanova here was livestreaming a seminar on how to get out of the friend zone.
Told you.
Can I get back to my job now? I can still make my seminar.
Detective Barker.
You were running Homicide this morning in East L.
Thanks for stopping by.
Yeah, I wish I had more intel, but I'm happy to share what little we know.
So you got no solid leads? Victim was 26-year-old Benjamin Cruz.
A stock boy at Home Depot.
No priors.
No weapons at his residence.
No known enemies.
Okay, what about that guy that Marcos is so sure did it? Yeah.
Tony Cardona.
Runs an East Side crew of small-time bangers, the L-2Ds.
They may have a beef with Marcos, but we've got security footage putting Cardona neck deep in pole dancers at a downtown strip club at the time of the shooting.
At 8:00 in the morning? Guess he's dedicated to the art form.
Well, doesn't mean he didn't order the hit.
Doesn't mean he did.
Problem is, we got no proof either way.
Okay, unless we can pin this on Tony or prove that he's clean, Marcos is gonna go straight for him the second we let him loose.
Might help if we knew a little more about the victim.
I questioned Big Roy on scene and Marcos in custody, but they're stonewalling me.
Maybe you'd have better luck working the personal angle.
Yeah, well, they're not my biggest fans, but I'll give it a shot.
Sergeant Harrelson.
Twice in two days? That's some coincidence.
perks up when a law firm run by a former prosecutor gets shot up.
Wanted to know where we're at finding the shooter.
I may or may not have volunteered to come by to ask.
Well, we had a suspect, but his alibi checked out.
I still think he's connected to the crime somehow though.
You mean like he hired someone to carry out the hit? No, it wasn't professional.
It was too sloppy.
So, no leads then? Not yet.
But the day's still early.
City's got its best man on it.
I don't know about all that.
So, that girl last night, serious? I don't know.
I guess we're getting serious about maybe getting serious.
Trying not to put too much pressure on it.
Good for you.
I mean, doesn't really sound like you no offense but I respect the effort.
You know what they say about old dogs.
Watch who you're calling old, young lady.
I'm just saying, at some point, we are who we are, right? And the two of us are cut from the same cloth.
What cloth is that, exactly? The kind that doesn't like to get pinned down.
I'm not judging.
Hey, I tied the knot myself once.
I also went through hell getting untangled.
I'm not trying to get hitched just yet.
Just keeping my mind open to new possibilities.
And I commend you for it.
Well, I got to make the rounds.
I don't make it down this way often.
Catch you before I leave? I'm around.
Nice shooting.
Killing time.
Killing more than that, it looks like.
I wanted to talk a little more about that interview, if you have a moment.
Everyone passed? I didn't ask them.
The mayor wants you.
We should all be so popular.
Yeah, lucky me.
But you're gonna have to tell her no.
I'm sorry.
Cover your ears.
You think you're being singled out because you're a woman.
Do you know how hard it was to make SWAT? I can guess.
But you earned it.
You deserve to be here.
You prove that - every single day.
- Because I have to.
I slip up one time, and they won't say it's because I had a bad day.
They'll say it's because I'm a woman.
You think it's tough now, I joined LAPD in the '90s.
Back then, diversity meant hiring a white guy over the max weight requirement.
I might not look like I can scramble up a ladder, but, believe me, I've done it.
And now I see it as a duty to reach a hand down and help those women who are trying to climb up behind me.
Maybe some young girl reads your article and says to herself, "Hey, I'd like to do that someday.
" We've all got responsibilities.
Mine's saving lives out in the field, not doing PR.
Call just came in.
Mass shooting at a sorority house.
We're rolling.
Give me two! Two.
Go, go, go, go.
- Move! Out, out, out, out! - Everybody out! Everybody out.
Anybody hurt? - Out.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Go, go.
- Okay, go, go, go, go, go! You see where the shooters went? I got a pulse.
Get her out.
Kitchen's clear.
Let's move upstairs.
Right side, right side.
Two, two, two, two, two.
Right side clear.
Chris, Street, upstairs.
Go, go.
I got the landing.
Closet only.
You're gonna be okay.
Left side clear.
26-David, I got a female victim.
Conscious and breathing with a gunshot wound to the chest.
I need an R/A ASAP.
It's gonna be okay.
It's okay.
LAPD! You see where the shooter went? - Okay, move.
Get out of here.
- Come on, come on.
Come on.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
He went that way.
Tan, get her out of here.
- I got her.
Let's go.
Come on.
- Deacon, go.
This is 20-David to Command.
House is clear.
Suspect gone on arrival.
Is she gonna make it? If she does, it'll be thanks to you.
I told Becca he was psycho.
I made her go to the police to get a restraining order - against him.
- Do you know his name? Dave something.
She met him at a bar a month ago.
It was a one-time thing.
She ghosted him after.
He didn't like it, even though everyone does that.
He threatened to post a sex tape of her online.
She didn't even know he was filming them.
Just gross.
I'd look into him.
Hondo, same ammo we found at the law firm shooting this morning.
Has to be the same shooter.
I'm telling you, he's totally insane.
Suspect's name is Dave Warner.
26-year-old sports agent.
One of the victims, Rebecca Thompson, had a restraining order out on him.
He's got one gun registered to his name, but it's a Glock, not an AR-15.
Could any of the girls I.
him? Burrows is still interviewing, but, so far, no one's gotten a good look at the shooter.
So, for right now, Warner is our number one suspect.
Why would he target a law firm earlier and then a sorority house? What's the connection? Women.
I'm burning all these secrets I'm burning all these secrets Your voice is only as deep Burn this down I'm burning all these secrets Clear.
All these secrets Your voice is only as deep Burn this down Tell me something that I don't know Because it seems, because it seems that All your rhymes have got the same flow And you know, honestly - LAPD.
- Hands in the air.
- Hands in the air! - Whoa.
Get off of me! Hey! Try that again.
- You all right? - I'm fine.
We got him! A recording device.
Budding filmmaker? No way.
He's been with me all day.
Do you have any way of proving that? I do.
Found this recording equipment hidden in the bedroom.
Camera behind the TV.
Mics under the bed.
Did you know that he was recording the two of you in bed? No.
You were taping us?! And from the little I saw and I do mean little I wouldn't be so eager to broadcast your performance.
- Get him out of here.
- Let's go.
You know what this means though.
If the two of them were here all day We still don't know who the shooter is.
Hondo, have you found something? Tech ran a search on both Chad and Dave's computers.
Turns out both these guys are members of the same online chat room.
"Take The Red Pill"? Yeah, it's a place where men go to spew crap against women.
Chad and Dave both posted detailed revenge fantasies about two of today's victims.
Chad about killing the lawyer in the first shooting, Dave about one of the girls at the sorority house.
But neither of these guys is our shooter, so Seems like someone read their fantasies and decided to act them out on their behalf.
This website's toxic.
If the killer's enacting men's hate fantasies, any woman mentioned in the forum could be a potential target.
- Exactly.
- Also means that our killer's been hanging out in this chat room.
How many users do they have? Got over 5,000.
All anonymous, for the moment.
So how do we find this guy then? Burrows contacted the chat room moderator.
They've agreed to come in for questioning, hopefully, to help us narrow down the field.
That's the best we got right now.
I want to be there.
Homicide's got the case until they I.
a suspect.
As soon as they do, you'll be the tip of the spear.
Extra set of ears won't hurt, boss.
Fair enough.
I'll let Burrows know you want to join him.
We got evidence placing Tony across town at the time your buddy got hit.
So, looks like it wasn't him.
You know anyone else who might have had it out for your boy? Look, what's your beef with me, bro? All I'm trying to do is help solve your friend's murder.
How? By locking me up? Actually, yeah.
Okay? Because if I hadn't, you would've put a hit on Tony and his crew based off of nothing.
They would have retaliated.
There'd be more dead bodies on both sides.
If it wasn't Tony, who was it, then? That's what I'm asking you, man.
We should be working together on this.
Look, just because we shook hands once or twice don't mean we're a team.
All right.
Well, just 'cause I haven't run you off the block, it doesn't mean I'm above it.
You want black-and-whites outside your door every morning? Noise violations every time you crank your tunes? I get it.
You got a rep to maintain.
Okay, believe it or not, growing up, I had a line I had to walk, too.
- Man, please.
- You know what? I'm third-generation SWAT.
That means just like you, I had an image to protect.
I had to watch who I ran with or my pops would beat my ass.
So why the hell you living on my block now? Go be with your own kind.
That's funny.
You're the second person to ask me that today.
I guess I got sick of letting other people tell me who I could be friends with.
I thought maybe I could make a difference.
You know, help keep people out of jail instead of waiting for them to do something that makes me lock them up.
Big of you, man.
But I ain't the type to buddy up with cops.
Look, I'm not looking for a friendship bracelet.
Just help me figure out who killed Benjamin.
Man, he went by Ben-Ben, not Benjamin.
Don't try to make him sound like some kind of punk-ass.
My bad, dude.
All right.
How'd he get the name? 'Cause he was always dreaming, man.
If you wanted to get his attention, you had to say his name twice.
That's perfect.
Yeah, he was going places, man, you know? Like, in his mind, nothing was out of reach.
There was this one checkout girl at work.
Way out of his league.
But in his mind He knew she was gonna be his.
Did he ever make a play on her? Kept talking about it.
Don't think he ever did, though.
Well, maybe she knows if he was beefing with someone at work.
What was her name? Stacy.
White girl in Culver City.
But I'm telling you, man.
This was someone from the L-2Ds.
But it can't hurt to talk to the girl, right? Man, talk to whoever.
My ass is gonna be walking out of here in a few hours.
Just sit tight, drink your soda and let me do my job.
I'm Detective Burrows.
This is Officer Alonso.
I got to admit, we were expecting your husband to come talk to us.
I run the site myself.
My husband's too busy providing for our family to spend much time online.
- What is this about, exactly? - You run a chat room focused on demeaning and insulting women? No.
I run a chat room designed to let men voice frustrations they're not allowed to voice anywhere else.
- Frustrations about women.
- Among other things, yes.
Men have it harder today than at any point in history.
But society's decided they're not allowed to acknowledge that, let alone complain.
That's why the movement is so popular.
The movement? The men's rights movement.
Acknowledges the discrimination men face today.
Are you serious? Men suffer higher incarceration rates, mortality rates, suicide rates.
They're less likely to win custody of their children in a divorce.
They're also responsible for over 90% of violent crimes.
And the majority of the time, the other victim is a man.
Well, is this is this when you tell me that I'm suffering from internalized misogyny? Because I'm not.
Men are losing jobs to less qualified women and minorities in the name of diversity.
They have a right to be angry about that.
I don't see any feminists out there slaughtering innocent civilians.
I'm not condoning violence against anyone.
I'm just suggesting that this push to blur the lines between the sexes is ripping our country apart at the seams.
So, yeah.
I'm anti-feminism.
But I'm not anti-women.
The men on your site are.
Look, I don't like everything that gets posted.
But they're just blowing off steam.
The First Amendment grants that right.
Someone from your chat room murdered five women in less then 24 hours, so this is a little bit more than just talk.
The shootings today.
- Why didn't you say that before? - We needed to see if you were connected or not.
What? Of course I'm not.
We think the shooter frequents your site, but you've got thousands of users and years of postings.
Hope you might be able to help us narrow the field.
- How? - Visit the site and flag the most aggressive users.
- Okay.
- Could take a while.
I'll let you know as soon as we got something to run with.
How'd it go with that chat room guy? Turns out the moderator's a woman.
I can't say we agree on much, but at least she's willing to help us zero in on the suspect.
How's your cheek? Worth it to know it landed the guy who did it in jail.
I'm sorry if I pushed you earlier about the interview.
I think that you would be great, but if you really don't want to do it, then I'm gonna drop it.
Can I ask you something? Sure.
Why did you become a cop? Because I tried stand-up, and it didn't pan out.
I didn't I didn't really try stand-up.
Um, let me see.
Because I wanted to feel that what I did was important.
Why'd you become a cop? To serve and protect.
Just wanted to make a difference, you know? Yeah.
That's what I said in my psych eval, too.
The real reason I became a cop is because my dad laughed at me when I told him I wanted to join the force.
What's your real reason? That's okay.
You don't have to tell me.
But if you do ever want to talk, my door is open.
I was attacked when I was 14.
I was, uh, dragged off the street by a group of men.
They pulled me into a van.
They thought I was someone else.
Not that it mattered.
I was raped.
It went on for a long time.
I never reported it.
I didn't tell anyone.
I just, um just tried to get on with my life.
It didn't work out so well.
Bad time.
I'm sorry.
I became a cop because I got tired of being afraid.
Afraid of walking down the street.
Afraid it might happen again.
I thought if I was a cop and if it ever did happen to some other 14-year-old kid out there, I'd be able to find out who did it and make them pay.
If I do this interview, they'll want to know why I became a cop.
And I don't want to lie.
A few years ago, I finally told my family.
But I never told anyone on the team.
That's why I can't do the interview.
I have to go out there in the field with them every single day, and I don't want them seeing me differently or thinking of me as a victim.
That's not how anyone could ever see you.
Detective Burrows just got a list of the suspects off the chat room.
I got to go.
Chat room moderator narrowed down the field of suspects based on their online history.
These two top the list.
Luke Manford.
Donny Ward.
Both in town - at the time of the shootings.
- Can you pull up their most recent activity in the chat room? Already on it.
Manford posted this a few hours ago.
"Anyone else sick of female sportscasters, I'm about - to throw my TV out the window!" - Sexist but not exactly homicidal.
And this is Donny Ward.
Posted yesterday.
"Finally reclaiming my manhood from my shrew of a girlfriend.
Ready to help others do the same.
" Well, that's a little more concerning.
Also, he owns a registered AR-15, and last week, he maxed out his Amex card buying ammo.
- I'll get a warrant.
- Let's move.
This is the Los Angeles Police Department.
Come out with your hands in the air.
Still no response.
Roger that.
- Ready to breach.
- Copy.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Do you smell that? There's a dead body in here somewhere.
Right side clear.
Left side clear.
It's clear.
Cover me.
Oh! Oh, my God.
Think we just found the girlfriend.
Coroner says the girlfriend's been dead for about two days.
Oh, she must have been first in the firing line when Ward finally snapped.
Wonder what triggered it? Tan and Street found suitcases on the bed, half-packed.
My guess is she was trying to leave him.
That's when abusers are most dangerous.
He's not gonna stop, is he? Not until we stop him.
For a guy who hates women, he doesn't seem to mind having his girlfriend pay all his bills.
No joy in there.
Just a room full of first-person shooter games.
Burrows analyzed Ward's comment history on the forum.
He railed against his girlfriend more than once, so there's no surprise that she was his first victim.
Any leads on who he might be going after next? We I.
'd all the users Ward interacted with who posted revenge fantasies online.
Of these, 12 are local, and eight specifically mention the name of the women they'd like to see die.
On the list the lawyer from the first shooting, and the girl at the sorority house.
So there are still six women out there on this guy's hit list, and they got no idea they're in danger.
My guys are on it, trying to track them down as we speak.
Most of the names on this list are first names only, so it's not gonna be that easy.
Can I see that list? Thanks.
This is interesting.
Looks like Ward bought a waiter outfit from a uniform warehouse yesterday.
Thought he didn't have a job.
He could be planning on using it as a disguise.
To gain access somewhere.
Still doesn't narrow down his next target.
Could be any restaurant in L.
This one Mallory.
There's not a lot of Mallorys.
- No chance it's Mallory Raine, is there? - Should I know that name? She's a journalist and a political activist.
She'd be exactly the kind of woman Ward would go after.
Guys, she's the keynote speaker at an awards ceremony tonight.
Each of these women had one thing in common the ability to captivate an audience with a passion in the way they use their word, specifically able to reach the people that really needed to hear it the men.
All right.
All right.
All right, yeah.
Roger that.
Security can't find Dr.
Raine and she's not answering her phone.
Has Ward been spotted? No, but it doesn't mean he's not already on site.
The hotel's almost 500 rooms.
14 floors.
That's a lot of space to hide.
Yeah, and if Ward figures we're onto him, he might open fire, or we could end up with a hostage situation.
Street, Tan, clear the lobby.
Everyone out of the public areas.
Any sign of Ward yet? No.
Only have five security guys working today.
Other two are trying to locate Dr.
Which way is the ballroom? Down the hall.
- Remain calm.
Out the front door.
- Everybody, let's go.
Donny Ward, LAPD! Stop right there! Suspect headed south out of the ballroom.
In pursuit.
Ah! Out of my way! Deacon, blow it, blow it.
Freeze! Fire in the hole.
Three, two, one.
Did you see which way he went? That way, back toward the lobby.
- Chris.
- You stay here.
- We're gonna get you help.
- All right.
Come on.
"The ability to captivate.
The ability to" The ability to motivate, we just" Donny! Okay.
It's over.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Who's this? Nia Wells, Assistant D.
You serious, man? You really pushing these charges on me? No, actually, Ms.
Wells is here to make a deal.
If you're willing to testify in Ben-Ben's homicide case, she's willing to drop the gun charges.
I know you didn't see the shooter, but you were the first on scene, so your testimony could prove vital.
- Wait a minute, you got him? - Yeah, he's sitting in handcuffs as we speak.
- Which one of the L-2Ds was it? - Turns out that your boy did a lot more than dream about that checkout girl.
They've been hooking up for weeks.
- Ben-Ben was mackin' Stacy? - Yeah, sounds like they were pretty into each other, actually.
The trouble is, her ex-boyfriend found out and decided to eliminate the competition.
This ex-boyfriend run with a crew? No, just a jealous guy with a temper and a gun.
So, what do you say, man? Are you willing to work with the D.
, or you want to play proud and let Ben-Ben's shooter walk? Glad to see it, man.
Spoke to the hospital.
Becca, the young woman from the sorority house that you helped, she made it.
How you doing? Have you seen this? Over a thousand new comments since the shootings this morning.
Hundreds of new forum members.
Most of them congratulating the shooter.
Chris, it's an ugly world out there.
And in this job, we see the worst of it.
I'm tired of fighting this battle.
You ain't fighting alone.
I'm not talking about the job.
I know you're not.
Feels like the world's never gonna change enough.
It is changing, Chris.
That's what they're so angry about.
And me and the rest of this team, we got your back, always.
You know that.
Something you should see.
What's going on? There's been another shooting.
In Kansas City.
We're hearing more than a dozen people have been critically injured, and police tell us this shooting was inspired by this morning's deadly rampage in Los Angeles.
Come in.
What's up, Chris? I wanted to come by and ask you if it was too late.
- For what? - To do the interview.
Are you sure? I guess I realized I can't let the people who hate me have a louder voice than my own.
I didn't know you were still here.
Stopped by to check on one case, wound up landing another.
Hmm, never a dull moment.
Wouldn't have it any other way, though, would we? Uh, after a day like we just had, I'm not so sure.
You know, with the lives we lead, you got to unwind now and again.
Blow off all that steam.
Go grab a drink? What do you say? Relive some old times with a kindred spirit? - What's up, handsome? - Hey.
Wasn't expecting you to stop by.
I had a hell of a day.
And when it ended, I just realized the only thing I wanted to see was your face.
That is so sweet.
You all right? Yeah.
I am now.
- Officer Alonso.
- Call me Chris.
Thank you for agreeing to talk to me.
Is it okay if I record this? - Of course.
- Great.
Uh, I was hoping we could start with your story, if that's okay.
So, what made you become a cop?
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