Sacred Games (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


Do you believe in God? God doesn't give a fuck.
Yes, I knew how they have fucked you over for 20 years.
Sometimes, I feel like I am God.
It's my story.
Everyone else is playing their part in it.
And I connect them together.
Where is Bunty? Check inside your asshole.
- Listen.
- Yes, sir.
I want Sartaj.
- Today.
Right now.
- Yes, sir.
I don't know how this world came into existence, but I do know how it will come to an end.
Okay, all right.
Move back, move back.
It's a gruesome murder.
Must have been an expensive watch.
Expensive enough to get him killed.
Any witnesses? None.
Sir, it's time for your hearing.
Parulkar will be pissed if you're late.
Just say what Parulkar wants you to.
Junaid had a weapon.
A homemade gun.
We warned him to surrender.
But he responded by firing at Constable Raut.
Constable Raut was shot and he fell down.
The boy tried to run away, and Mr.
Parulkar went after him.
We had the area sealed.
He couldn't have escaped.
He pointed the revolver at Mr.
Parulkar immediately warned him to put it down, but Junaid was going to pull the trigger.
Before he could fire Sir, before he could fire, Mr.
Parulkar fired three rounds at him.
What the fuck were you doing? Did you forget what we told you? Tell me.
- Are you going to turn us all in? - What's happening? Majid? He was an 18-year-old kid.
Is there an age limit to become a terrorist? We could have arrested him.
Is he new here? He was surrendering.
There's so much filth in this city, Sartaj.
- We can't always follow procedure - Can you say that to his father? Have you ever solved a case? Do you want to be the next Ramakant Jadhav? - Google him, he tried to testify too.
- Majid Go see a doctor.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Don't come.
Tomorrow's report will state that you killed Junaid.
Then what? It's a good thing Megha left you.
He plays tennis.
Ever played tennis? Ms.
Megha is looking at us.
Shall we go? I won't ever forget Neither will I Once Dad decided to take us to the Golden Temple.
It was a big deal for us.
- Visiting Amritsar - Is the Golden Temple made of gold? Listen.
The day we had to leave Dad was summoned to the police station.
There had been an accident.
A car had run over a beggar kid.
Someone had to go to the hospital.
Anyone could have gone.
But Dad canceled the trip to Amritsar.
I cried for days.
I stole a 10-rupee bill from Dad's wallet and burned it.
Back in 1990.
Mom slapped me later.
You know what my dad said? "I was meant to go and see that kid.
" I wanted to be like my dad.
A good policeman.
Sir, you worry a lot.
Parulkar has the Inquiry Commission in his pocket.
It doesn't matter what you do or say at this point.
I was in the street blocking the exit.
He came running towards me unarmed.
- He was in his late teens.
- Sir - He started crying when he saw me.
- Sir Sir, save me! Parulkar came from the other side.
He's surrendering, sir! I yelled out that he was surrendering but he shot him.
Sir, everything will be fine once you solve a big case.
How will that happen? In the last ten years, all I've managed to do is catch Sonu, a pickpocket.
Sir, do you believe in God? Who is this? Speak up, motherfucker.
Who is this? I want to tell you a story.
Go ahead.
- Who was it? - I don't know.
Some asshole.
Should I trace the number? Fuck! Forget about God.
Do you believe in magic? Sometimes, I feel like my life is magical.
Are you crazy? Why did you end up in the police force? You wanted to be like Gavaskar, but you're handling Tendulkar's security.
Who is this? You have to save your city.
I heard you love this city.
Who is this? An old friend of Dilbagh Singh.
How do you know my father? Listen.
Your destiny will change.
- You'll change my destiny? - We'll change each other's.
How? If you tell them who called they'll forget about Sonu, the pickpocket.
Are you one of Ravi Pandit's guys? Ravi Pandit is a little shit.
I wouldn't fuck with your sleep for that nobody.
Stop bullshitting.
Who are you? Do you have a lead or not? They're going to kill me.
I can't trust anyone in this city.
Then I remembered Dilbagh Singh.
Who's going to kill you? How do you know Dilbagh Singh? Mr.
Sartaj, how I know him is not that easy to explain.
When I was 10 or 11 years old this day was decided.
This very moment our connection you, Dilbagh Singh and I.
I could see my destiny in the water.
Ever since I was a kid, I've felt like my life was a story from the scriptures.
Like the whole world, including my father, was a part of my story.
The drought lasted for a thousand years before Sage Gautama meditated and manifested the River Ganges.
In my village, the Ganges was known as the Godavari.
My father was a priest there, but he was nothing more than a beggar.
Please help me.
Ma'am, help me.
Dad, is God everywhere? Of course.
He's everywhere.
He's in every grain of rice in this bag.
But he doesn't beg.
My father's weakness disgusted me.
That's when I decided that I would be the master of my fate.
Sir, the DOT is tracing the number.
He's somewhere near the Metro Theater.
Tell me more.
My mother she was very affectionate.
I don't know how my dad found her.
Come here.
When it was dark she was the light in our lives.
How is it? Beautiful, right? She always made herself beautiful for that beggar.
Mom, where did you get this from? I knew this dream wouldn't last.
While my beggar father slept, my mother stayed awake and she slept while he was awake.
She was only truly alive when he was gone.
Her world would come alive then.
What are you doing? Are you crazy? Ganesh is sleeping.
So what? I want to sleep with you.
Come back when Ganesh is at school.
There's no school tomorrow.
It's Sunday.
I want to do it now.
What are you doing? What if he wakes up? Let him wake up.
You're going to hit me? You son of a bitch! Do you have the courage? You fucker! Watch your mouth or I'll hit you.
Some of my childhood memories are still fresh.
Why are you crying? Because I tore your shirt? Your whore of a mother can buy you a new shirt every day.
And some of it feels like it never happened.
Like it was a part of my past life.
It feels like yesterday when I was running madly.
From the fields, from my home, from the Godavari, from my father's chanting, and from his God.
And it feels like a lifetime since I saw my mother.
What is religion? The mother or the father? Whatever it is, I was free of it now.
I needed a new religion.
What is it, sir? Are you trying to find me? Why would I be looking for you? I'm hungry.
I want eggs.
Should I get you a chicken? Yes, I'm at the Metro Circle.
Do you know the name of the building? Sir, he's somewhere close by.
The next street has the best Anda Pav.
Opposite Kyani.
I'm right there.
Come, let's eat together.
You'll find Sunil there.
Tell him I say hi.
He chops onions really fast.
Are you fucking around with a signal scrambler? I have a story to tell, so I need your time.
- So I took you for a ride.
- I heard your story.
Your mom was a whore and your dad was an asshole.
Watch your mouth, sir.
- Do you know who I am? - A small-time thug with a small dick and no balls.
Call a doctor and stop fucking around with me.
RCN number 215578, 18th December, 2006.
My first case, IPC 435, 28th March, 1984.
Kailashpada Police Station.
Look at the records to know if I am a man or a god.
RCN number 215578, 18th December, 2006.
My first case, IPC 435, 28th March, 1984.
Kailashpada Police Station.
My first case, IPC 435, 28th March, 1984.
Kailashpada Police Station.
Look at the records to know Fuck, we're screwed! Greetings.
I am speaking from Balochistan.
There's word that a faction of ISI has gone rogue and is smuggling fake currency into India.
They are planning something disastrous against India with Hizbuddin's support.
I'm asking you to send help.
If you can get some Indian support for our freedom, I can give you some names.
Sir, we're closed.
I told you that I spoke to Mr.
Come back in the morning.
I need to enter it in the register.
It's an unusual situation.
You'll get a letter from the DCP's office tomorrow.
Did you hear that? He mentioned Kailashpada Police Station.
Did you hear that? He's been missing for 17 years.
He hasn't been in India for 23 years.
It can't be him.
He has 158 murder cases against him.
He fucked both RAW and ISI before disappearing.
- Where are the classified files? - In that corner.
Row number 30.
He must be crazy to come back.
- Where are you going? - I'm going to hell.
"Ganesh Eknath Gaitonde.
" Are you frightened? What will you do now, Mr.
Sartaj? Why did you call me? How can I tell you if you won't listen? Where have you been for the past 15 years? Singapore? Malaysia? Right here in Zone 13.
Sir, it's a trap.
Call for backup.
How will that help me? I'll be back to doing the same old shit.
Parulkar and Majid will be pissed.
Fuck Majid.
- How far is it from there? - Twenty minutes.
That's some speed.
Are you in love with Bombay now? We live like cockroaches.
What's there to love? Try going out at night.
If I didn't love this city I wouldn't have built my empire here in the garbage dumps.
This is what Bombay is now.
An empire amongst garbage dumps.
That's the beauty of this city, sir.
Anything is possible.
In 1977, Indira Gandhi's Emergency reigned over the country.
The government was sterilizing its people.
But Bombay Bombay didn't slow down.
Everybody found work here.
I benefited from being a Brahmin's son.
A regular meal for 8 rupees, a deluxe meal for 12 rupees.
Hurry up! They used baking soda in the rice and fake ghee in the dal.
Why are you touching the rice with your dirty hands? This is the Hindu Hotel! People don't come here because we serve good food.
They come because everything here is clean and pure.
Everyone from the cook to the waiter belongs to the upper caste.
Religion found business in purity.
I made sin a business.
Bombay had a booming market for drugs.
I wanted to dig in.
One pill costs 10 rupees.
Two for you and eight for Mathu.
Don't lick it, swallow it.
Mandrax gives you the ultimate kick.
The craving for it will grow with every passing day.
It's the best business.
Mathu taught me how to sell.
If the guy had red eyes and dark circles, he would definitely buy Mandrax.
I could have been high on Mandrax, or under a spell.
Shukla Seth beat me black and blue, but I felt no pain.
Bastard! Son of a whore! I told you, no bullshit here.
Ever since then, I've known that I am Ashwathama.
I'm immortal.
Sir, you haven't given me my salary.
You don't do any work, and then you ask for a salary? Work for three more months.
I haven't gotten anything for two months, sir.
You will.
My dickhead boss owned a scooter, but he drove it like it was Isa's red car.
I'll tell you about Isa later.
I fantasized about his red car.
I wanted it.
- Eat.
- Mathu told me to be brave.
Being brave meant becoming a sinner.
Don't think so much.
Think of it as a vegetable, not a dead bird.
Rip it and eat it like a jackfruit.
Try it.
A chicken bone in a Hindu hotel can cause more damage than any gangster.
It's been happening since pre-independence days.
To create a rift amongst the Muslims, dump pork in a mosque.
To incite riots amongst the Hindus, dump beef in a temple.
And for a devout Hindu, a bone was enough.
From the Hindu Hotel I learned how religion can fuck anyone over.
I had much more to learn.
I had to meet Mathu's boss, Salim Kaka.
Salim Kaka.
An Afghan bull, the king of gold smuggling.
My second father.
Are you done? Now give me the tip.
Close your eyes and chant "I am Lord Brahma.
" What? I am the alpha and the omega.
Everything will become clear.
Your thoughts will turn into reality.
If God wasn't real, how would we have conceived the idea of him? God talks to us through stories.
Our lives are the stories.
Someone is monitoring the call.
What? You have 25 days to save your city.
Twenty-five days? What will happen in 25 days? - Where are you? - I don't know, sir.
I'm almost there.
- Sorry, sir.
- Don't hang up! Fuck! It's auto-erasing from a remote server.
- I don't think we'll get anything.
- We have this, right? I don't know what it is.
Listen, was there ever a garbage dump in Zone 13? Garbage? - Yes - He said There was one, sir.
A long time ago.
Around 25, 30 years ago.
There's a mall there now.
DMD Mall.
You can try using dynamite, but this door won't open.
Save your city, Mr.
Sit on the chair.
Eager to nab me, aren't you? - What will happen in 25 days? - Everyone is going to die in 25 days.
Only Trivedi will be safe.
Who's Trivedi? An asshole.
Fuck him.
Why will he be safe? My father is going to fuck everyone, but I'll save Trivedi.
Which father? The village priest? No, sir.
I have three fathers.
All three of them fucked me up.
The first one instilled fear in me, the second gave me guts.
The last one, the one I loved the most, betrayed me.
How? The first father was a priest.
I didn't want to be like him.
The second father, Salim Kaka, whose eyes told me, "Gaitonde, if you kill me, you'll become immortal.
You are Ashwathama!" Hop on.
Sit down.
Don't utter a word.
I told you not to do it.
Salim Kaka was also known as the ball-breaker.
He'd squeeze the balls so hard that the brain would burst and the person would be dead in minutes.
Salim Kaka had done this 14 times.
Mathu was petrified.
So was I, but I had made up my mind.
You want to be brave, go ahead.
I won't.
You told me to be brave.
This box has so much money, you'll never have to sell Mandrax again.
Do you even know what being brave means? Those six assholes over there know what it means.
But will they do it? You're out of your mind.
Put it down.
It's empty now, but it has killed two people.
Keep it safe.
It's done.
Salim Kaka may have been a smuggler, but he was actually a demon.
My conscience told me to free this fucker's soul.
We had learned the tricks of smuggling gold.
Now Salim Kaka was of no use to us.
You! Motherfucker! Why did you throw it, motherfucker? Hit this motherfucker! Motherfucker! Enough! Enough! Stop it, he's dead! Everyone was scared.
They looked at Salim Kaka's corpse with utter disbelief.
No one said anything to me.
No one shot me.
No one praised me.
Does this happen to you? When you kill someone, you visualize yourself as that person.
I've seen myself in every person I have killed.
Gaitonde, open the door! Your game will be over soon.
Don't do this, sir.
My mind has never been so fucked up, and I have more to tell.
We'll listen to the rest of it in jail.
There will be nothing left in 25 days.
Come on! - Harder! - Harder! Raise the shovel and hit it! Dilbagh Singh introduced me to my third father.
Go! - What? - I called you up to return his favor.
Who did my father introduce you to? When? Gaitonde! What did you say? Come with me peacefully.
Who did Dilbagh Singh introduce you to? Put the gun down! It's not over yet, Mr.
I told you, I am Ashwathama.
I won't die.
I'm not going anywhere till the game is over.
Come on, Mr.
Now we'll be together when it destroys us.
Holy shit! Do you believe in God? Subtitle translation by Swati Shukla.