Sacred Games (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Aatapi Vatapi

It's done.
I'm leaving.
Keep an eye on him.
Where is he? Mr.
Fuck! Fuck you! Majid, don't be a traitor.
I'm following the RAW officer's instructions.
Stop bullshitting.
Check the room.
I said shut up.
Just go and check.
You got that? If I tell Parulkar you're here despite being suspended, you will be fucked.
Stop licking Parulkar's ass, Majid.
You were the best at the academy.
Worry about your own ass.
I'll show you.
Okay, call him.
Tell the RAW officer what you were doing while I was solving the case.
Long live India, sir.
Yes, sir.
Looks like all of the fake currency is stored here.
- How did you trace it? - I tracked her car.
Can you find out more about Jojo Mascarenhas? Ma'am, what's going on? We have intel on an operation involving fake currency.
Gaitonde's warning could be linked to this.
I've been suspended from work.
If Mr.
Parulkar finds out about this, I'll lose my job.
You wouldn't be here if your job meant so much to you.
Find out what Jojo was doing there.
What was Gaitonde talking about? The 25-day warning? And Trivedi Who is Trivedi? There are too many questions, and we are running out of time.
Ma'am, it's an emergency.
I'm sending a team to seize the currency.
What happened? Did anyone go inside? Let me see him.
What the fuck? She won't leave until I throw this on her head.
What the fuck? Yes, sir.
I came to Mumbai because this is where my dreams could be realized.
I'm friends with top models, actresses, and movie stars.
- Who is that girl? - Must be one of her hoes.
Holy shit! Sir, that's her - Nayanika.
- Who? Nayanika Sehgal.
She's a TV star.
The Super Eye.
She is famous.
- Her? - Yeah.
Your mother is a fan of my show, right? Yes, she watches every episode.
And you? I'll watch your show now.
Do you want an autograph? Who are you? Inspector Sartaj Singh.
Mumbai Police.
I want to ask you a few questions.
Jojo is my manager.
She handles my work.
What kind of work? Well, TV, commercials I just shot a commercial for Scooter incense sticks.
And? What else? Does she send you to clients? Who did she send you to? Nayanika we want to help you.
Don't be scared.
Was Ganesh Gaitonde one of your clients? Then who? Jojo has been murdered.
She's dead.
You don't have to be scared of her anymore.
I'm not scared of her, Mr.
Then who? She gets calls from different numbers every night.
All the numbers are different.
No repeats.
Did she say anything? She was too scared.
She said nothing.
Sir, I spoke to the retired constables.
They said that your father had nothing to do with Gaitonde.
Here she comes.
The gangster you are trying to reach is currently unavailable.
The gate is closed.
Please try again later.
To link your Social Security Number Shut up.
What a place, sir! Look at this fucker's bed.
My entire family can sleep on it.
Velvet handcuffs.
Just like the ones the cops use.
Have you ever used these? We don't even have room for a bed.
Where would we keep these? People have weird fantasies.
If I take these home, my wife will hang me from the ceiling.
She will hang me upside down and set me on fire! Holy shit! What is all this? It's called S&M.
What? These are used for pleasure.
They are tied to the bed.
You can have pleasure in pain and pain in pleasure.
Let's get these for our police station.
Pain and pleasure at the same time.
Who is this psychopath? Bunty.
Some called him a pervert and others, an animal.
But no one really understood him.
His veins had hatred running through them.
Especially for Muslims.
He triggered the Hindu-Muslim conflict in my gang.
It was Bunty who created all the chaos.
Hit harder! Hey, asshole someone posted your bail.
Hey, sign here! Hey! Why are you running away from me? Are you embarrassed? Are you late for your clients? Do you work round the clock? You should thank me for bailing you out, you motherfucker! How many men did you fuck to bail me out? I got into this because of you.
Have you ever earned a penny in your life? You are lucky we are at the police station, bitch! Boss wants to see you.
Who is that? Do you only use talcum powder? Don't you have perfumes? It has a fragrance.
I'll spray it later.
Isa only uses imported perfumes.
He gets loads of it every month.
You don't deserve imported perfumes.
Boss, I've brought the guy from the mill.
You guys can continue.
You will not fuck around in my area without my permission.
Yes, boss.
Gather your men.
He will tell you what to do.
Boss, I know what to do.
My men are ready to die for you.
Learn your job first.
I will ask you for favors later.
Yes, boss.
- What's your name? - Bunty.
My official name is Deepak Shinde, but everyone here calls me Bunty.
Every asshole in the city knew me as the king of trash.
But I was way ahead of them.
I had a beast like Bunty on my side.
It was time to mess with Isa.
What was it you said last time? "Know your worth.
" Kukoo She was magical.
Whoever won over Kukoo, ruled Bombay.
That's what I heard.
Isa was invincible, nothing could kill him.
To defeat him, I had to take Kukoo away.
Hey, baby.
Come with me.
- Where will you take me? - To paradise.
I am paradise.
Those who want to see paradise they come to me.
Besides, you look like shit.
What do you do? I have just begun.
Where do you want to go? I'll drop you off.
Do you know the guy in the red car? Suleiman Isa.
If he finds out what you just told me he will chop you into pieces.
Do you belong to him? - Kukoo doesn't belong to anyone.
- Prove it.
Come with me.
Isa's reign is over.
It's my time now.
Think about it.
The movie has just begun and I've met my girl in the very first scene.
If you come with me, we'll have a great time.
If the girl leaves with her man in the first scene, the movie will be a flop.
The film can only be fantastic when the bad guy loses the girl to the good guy.
You want to be the good guy, right? So, stop being a jerk.
Kukoo only falls for action.
That's when I realized why the leaders of Bombay were smitten by Kukoo.
She wasn't the prize.
She was the road to victory.
I didn't know then that the Bombay we were fighting for would never belong to anyone.
Isa and I would destroy it, and with it, I would lose my life.
I was obsessed with Kukoo, and the nation was obsessed with its temples.
Meanwhile, my third father was wreaking havoc in others' lives before coming into mine.
Atapi and Vatapi were demon brothers.
Atapi targeted wandering travelers by inviting them to his home with great affection.
"Please come to my home.
Perhaps you're hungry.
I'll offer you tasty food.
" BREAKING NEWS The travelers would agree happily.
Meanwhile BABRI MASJID'S GATES UNLOCKED IN AYODHYA MUSLIM COMMUNITY IN TURMOIL Vatapi, with the help of mystical and demonic powers, would assume the form of a goat.
- What form? - A goat's.
A goat's form.
The guests would devour the goat meat and feel contented.
At that point, Atapi would call out to his brother.
"Vatapi! Come out!" Immediately, Vatapi would tear open the guest's stomach and emerge.
The traveler would die.
And then the brothers, Atapi and Vatapi, would rejoice.
This is what religions are all about.
Entice the travelers, feed them, and then kill them.
Jews and Muslims, Christians and Muslims, Hindus and Muslims All are victims of Atapi and Vatapi.
- Whose victims? - Atapi and Vatapi's.
Atapi and Vatapi's.
All of them.
I brought this for you.
Are you a big man now? Very big.
You are, indeed.
Look closely.
Parveen Babi wore this in the movie Shaan.
It's fake.
It's genuine.
The same piece of jewelry.
Where did you get it? I found it for you.
I killed a few merchants.
I can do anything for you.
How did you know that I like Parveen Babi? The same face.
The same eyes.
The same figure.
Exactly the same.
Do you like Parveen Babi? If I didn't, I wouldn't have dared to do this.
I watched the movie Deewaar eight times.
My dream is to see you light two cigarettes and offer me one in my bed.
You have the same pain in your eyes as Parveen Babi's.
- What kind of pain? - The same pain.
Everyone sees you, but no one understands you.
But I do.
Move, motherfucker! Go! Go! We waited a long time, ready for Isa to exact his revenge.
But he never showed up.
Because he was a bastard.
He was in no hurry.
He had a plan to strike back harder.
Kukoo fell into my lap like she had always been mine.
The news was all over Bombay that finally Isa had competition.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GAITONDE SIR As a kid, I never celebrated my birthday.
But that year, even Bollywood star Mithun's impersonator danced at my party.
And that was the first time I saw Bipin Bhonsle.
He ran a local Hindu committee in Kailashpada, but dreamt of forming his own political party.
Nobody thought this imbecile would become the next home minister.
That garland is worth 5000 rupees.
And he didn't even ask for my name.
It was a waste of time.
This is Mumbai.
Anything is possible here.
A filthy dog is going to take a shit on the whole city.
Bipin Bhonsle, sir.
I will be contesting the election Bhonsle, Parulkar, and the other asshole Trivedi.
If I knew how badly they would fuck me over later, I would have killed them that very day.
What else did you find in Trivedi's house? Everything was in order.
The papers were on the table.
The milk was in the refrigerator.
If there was no milk in his house, it would mean something was wrong.
You wouldn't understand.
Where do I put this? Here, sir.
An old friend of Bhonsle's.
This is a 25-year-old photograph.
Find out where he is.
Yes, sir.
The RAW officer has kept Sartaj busy.
Let her.
He'll be back to fix your nose.
Can this 5-star hotel be attacked? I mean, for serving this.
Not while I'm here.
I heard that you're working on a big superhero film.
But you're the real superhero.
Actually, I wanted access to Jojo Mascarenhas' apartment.
It's not under the Mumbai police's jurisdiction.
The RAW officers have seized everything.
What do you want from there? Small-town girls tend to make mistakes.
Something like that.
Please, two minutes.
We have Bunty Sharma's record.
Violence against women, rape There are many charges against him.
But he's still a free bird, and I am not.
I'll say it again, cooperate with us.
Tell me what you know about Bunty.
I know Bunty is the producer of your show.
Don't worry.
I won't let anyone hurt you.
Bunty always talks about leaving Mumbai.
He says he has one last job to finish before leaving.
What kind of job? I don't know.
A job for Gaitonde? No, he never mentioned that name.
Did he mention a date? No.
He said he would leave in 20-25 days.
Where to? He didn't say.
He says he'll take me with him.
And? I don't want to go.
You won't.
We'll help you if you help us get Bunty.
You don't have to do much.
The next time he calls you, inform us before you go to him.
- No.
- Even he - I don't want to go.
- Listen Listen.
Don't be scared.
He won't learn about it.
Ma'am, why are we sending her back to Bunty instead of protecting her? If Bunty calls her and she doesn't go, he'll get suspicious and go into hiding.
- There has to be another way.
- We don't have the time.
We only have 21 days.
We'll keep her safe.
The camera in this bag will live-stream everything.
Make sure not to cover its view.
Keep this next to you.
This way.
Zoya! Karan! Talent manager? She was your pimp.
I saw her here so many times.
How would it feel if tomorrow's headlines read: "Zoya, the self-made star from Kanpur, who is hard-working and independent was Jojo's client"? He called.
I have half an hour.
Sartaj? I'm coming.
Subtitle translation by Kedar Palekar