Sacred Games (2018) s01e08 Episode Script


1 I informed Inspector Majid when she went inside.
She never came out.
Only the fair-skinned man came out.
- How did he look like? - He was tall and fair, with short hair.
I can help with his sketch.
Is this him? Yes, that looks like him.
Where's Sartaj? He didn't answer my call.
You're lucky.
Every religion says the same thing.
Everything is predestined.
The day I was born in Luxor, Egypt and you were born in Mumbai? It was decided that we'd meet here one day and I would do this.
Endure the pain for two hours and then… it will all go away.
What are you guys doing here? Preparing for the 16th.
What's going to happen on the 16th? Why did Gaitonde kill himself? Some people are weak.
How did you betray him? He betrayed us.
Aadam and Hawwa had two sons, Haabil and Qaabil.
Allah asked them for a sacrifice.
Both of them offered their sacrifices to him, but Allah only accepted Haabil's.
Qaabil didn't like this and he killed Haabil.
But Allah served Haabil justice.
Haabil, the world's first martyr.
And the first criminal that went to hell was Qaabil.
This story is in the Bible too.
Haabil is Abel and Qaabil is Cain.
We need to make sacrifices in our lives.
They have a message for us.
Why do we need to make sacrifices? Why? Why? I don't know! Allah is fed up with us.
He got sick of us when he made us.
We have to bear the pain for him to start again from the beginning.
That's the debt we owe him.
span style= "style.
default1" We have the place surrounded.
/span span style= "style.
default1" You can't escape.
/span span style= "style.
default1" You better surrender.
/span We have the place surrounded.
You can't escape.
You better surrender.
The cops are here.
I'm leaving.
I knew from Dilbagh Singh's face span style= "style.
default1" that Parulkar would kill me.
/span span style="style.
default1"Their plan was to kill me/span span style="style.
default1"inside the prison.
/span span style= "style.
default1" With time, we get used to everything.
/span span style="style.
default1"After being beat continuously/span span style="style.
default1"for 22 days, I got used to it.
/span span style="style.
default1"Everyday I'd wake up, take a bath,/span span style="style.
default1"get beaten and go to sleep.
/span span style="style.
default1"Just when I began to expect/span span style="style.
default1"that nothing would change/span span style= "style.
default1" I met Mathu.
/span span style= "style.
default1" My old friend/span Mathu.
span style= "style.
default1" From the Mandrax and gold-smuggling days.
/span Easy money turns men into fools.
Sir, tea.
For you too.
I couldn't handle it.
If you'd stayed with me, we could've destroyed them together.
But you're here.
I'm the king of Gopalmath.
I'm here by my own will.
They're all scared shitless of me.
Do you think I'm worthless? Tell me if anyone gives you problems, and I'll take care of them.
Isa's men They're bastards.
Isa fled the country and left them hanging here.
It doesn't matter.
I'll teach them a lesson.
They've planned to kill you in the prison.
They won't let you get out alive.
And you're talking about saving me? The next one's a home run, okay? Here it comes.
span style="style.
default1"Back then, I thought Parulkar/span span style="style.
default1"was torturing me on Isa's orders.
/span span style="style.
default1"But I didn't know that my dear friends,/span span style="style.
default1"Parulkar, Bhonsle and Trivedi/sp span style= "style.
default1" were behind this/span span style="style.
default1"and that they were following/span span style="style.
default1"my third father's orders.
/span Has he given up? He will very soon.
Don't end up killing him.
Even if I chop him into pieces and throw them into the sea, he won't be dead.
Bastard! Like the Terminator - Fucker! - That's how the span style= "style.
default1" Mahabharata/span begins.
What? A king's semen falls into the sea.
- Oh! - A fish swallows it.
A woman eats that fish and gets pregnant.
She gives birth to India.
A nation was born from the drops of semen.
You remind me of my father.
Was he a scholar? No, but he told stories like you.
You guys Be careful.
Your life is in danger.
There's not much time left.
They'll kill me in two or three days.
Why do you say that, boss? I know what's coming.
I'll kill them all if anything happens to you.
Get span style= "style.
Default1" Kharvas/span for me.
- The white-colored one? - I want to taste it one last time.
Boss, please don't say that.
Nothing will happen to you, I'll get you out of here.
Stop saying all this.
- I was kidding.
- Yes? I need a knife to take care of a few guys here.
- He's a good man.
- Okay.
Scream, motherfucker! You don't believe in God.
What's your name? Jamila.
Is this your first time? What did you say? What language is that? Farsi.
Where are you from? Tell me, I'm not a cop.
We don't have much time.
Just 20 minutes.
I don't have the strength in me to You don't have to do anything.
span style= "style.
default1" I was in such bad shape/span span style="style.
default1"that I didn't even/span span style="style.
default1"have the strength to fuck.
/span span style="style.
default1"But I felt better when I thought about/span span style="style.
default1"taking revenge on Isa's men.
/span Isa's dog.
Are you dead? Come on.
- Wanna suck it? - Do you have the balls to get sucked? You want it, right? span style="style.
default1"I swear, slitting their throats/span span style="style.
default1"was more fun than fucking.
/span You'll get out of here when you're dead.
Parulkar, do you get it now? Even in prison, I'm a god.
Singh? Fucking bastards.
It's so dark in here.
Fuck, I can't see anything.
That's the bucket.
They think this will kill me.
Take a look.
This is the isolation cell.
The ceiling is low.
Shit and piss in the bucket.
Keep this flashlight.
Hide it in the bucket if anyone comes to check.
Take it.
Be careful.
- Okay? - Yes, sir.
I'll lie down here.
Bastards! span style= "style.
default1" Does it still hurt?/span A little bit.
span style= "style.
default1" Will it ever be normal again?/span What's normal? Do you know what disabled people call the abled? span style= "style.
Default1" What?/span Anything can happen at any time.
Everything's temporary.
span style= "style.
Default1" Sartaj?/span Please visit soon.
How are you? The fever's gone.
We're interrogating Bhonsle tomorrow.
Did he agree? He can't avoid it, especially now, after Anjali's death.
Any lead on Malcolm? But his fingerprints match with those found at Trivedi's house.
It's almost certain that Anjali was He can't get away.
All the exit points are on alert.
I wonder why would anyone kill a RAW agent.
It's a huge risk.
Sartaj, we'll find out.
Your NGO was transporting Gaitonde's weapons to India in those water tankers.
- What do you have to say about this? - Nothing.
span style="style.
default1"We're collecting evidence/span span style="style.
default1"from offshore accounts.
/span span style= "style.
Default1" Go ahead.
/span What do you know about Trivedi? Nothing.
Bunty delivered those weapons to Malcolm.
Who allowed him to use a private freight line? Tell us or we'll have to file a police report.
Try doing that.
Don't hold yourself back, sir.
Do it for yourself, if not for the country.
It'll do you good.
So, you don't know Trivedi? I do not.
Trivedi emailed you this picture.
Try to remember.
We know there are more emails.
Do your worst.
You people will not understand.
What are you talking about, sir? Aren't you ashamed of betraying your country Shut up! - You can't see it.
- What can't we see? You can't see that this country's in danger.
You can't.
Maybe you aren't aware that we're the most peace-loving country in history.
We've never been the first to attack and this time is the same.
But if we're attacked we must be ready.
What attack? The country's in danger.
We can't just sit and wait.
What danger? You're such a smart group of guys, figure it out yourselves.
span style="style.
default1"Dilbagh Singh introduced me/span span style="style.
default1"to my third father.
/span span style= "style.
default1" I called you to repay his debt.
/span span style= "style.
default1" Everything will be destroyed in 25 days.
/span Why are you Bastard.
You son of a bitch.
Let go.
Dirty bastard! Give me some water, Parulkar.
Water, please.
Please get me some water, I'm dying of thirst.
Will you really kill me, fuckers? Water, piss just give me anything to drink, Mr.
span style= "style.
default1" Parulkar was a bastard.
/span span style="style.
default1"I could barely speak, or I'd have told him/span span style="style.
default1"to shoot me and end it all.
/s span style="style.
default1"I survived for about 25 days/span span style="style.
default1"without food or water.
/span span style= "style.
default1" I had no strength left.
/span span style= "style.
default1" Every day seemed like my last.
/span Three days ago, your news was published in all the papers.
By now, they're probably in the garbage.
The cows will eat them up.
Stop it.
Your dad would've been so happy.
I dreamt of him the day before yesterday.
He wouldn't have.
What? He wouldn't have been happy.
Why do you say that? He surely had something to do with Gaitonde, for him to send us the cricket bat.
I told you, his conscience was always clear.
Then why did Gaitonde call me? Why would a famous gangster remember an ordinary officer after 25 years? Because everyone remembers a good man.
Your father wasn't ordinary.
span style= "style.
default1" I didn't mean that.
/span Then what did you mean? That he sold his integrity for this bat? Then what's the truth, Mom? The truth is that when your father was at work, he often gave Gaitonde his food.
Hold on.
Did he work at the prison where Gaitonde was being held? There's no record of it.
It was an unofficial posting for two months under Parulkar.
They'd beat him black and blue in the prison.
Gave him no food or water.
He was kept in the isolation cell for 15 days at a time.
Everyone thought he'd die.
Your dad couldn't bear to see this.
So he'd tell me to make extra rotis.
Eat this.
Your father saw Gaitonde as just another human being and so he helped him.
A while later, Gaitonde called and thanked us and said, "Ask for anything you want.
" But he took nothing.
One day, he casually mentioned that you wanted to be a cricketer.
So Gaitonde sent us this bat.
Someone wants to talk to you.
Ganesh, hurry up.
Someone will come.
Come on, be strong.
span style= "style.
default1" Close your eyes/span span style= "style.
default1" and chant/span span style="style.
default1""I am Lord Brahma.
"/span span style="style.
default1""I am the Alpha and Omega.
"/span Close your eyes and chant, "I am Lord Brahma.
" "I am the alpha and omega.
" span style= "style.
Default1" Gaitonde,/span span style= "style.
default1" it's Trivedi.
/span span style= "style.
default1" I know your condition.
/span span style= "style.
default1" Guruji wants to have a word with you.
/span span style= "style.
default1" Gaitonde, you'll live.
/span span style= "style.
default1" You may feel that you're going to die,/span span style= "style.
default1" but you will not.
/span span style= "style.
default1" We all carry the burden of our fathers.
/span span style= "style.
default1" In the west, the son envies the father.
/span span style= "style.
default1" Freud called this the Oedipus Complex.
/span span style="style.
default1"Deep inside,/span span style="style.
default1"every son wants to kill his father.
/span span style= "style.
default1" But we believe in Yayati.
/span span style= "style.
default1" In contrast to the West/span span style= "style.
default1" the father envies the son.
/span span style= "style.
default1" The father wants to sacrifice the son.
/span span style= "style.
default1" And eventually, he must do it.
/span span style="style.
default1"This is the blessing and the curse/span span style="style.
default1"of being a father.
/span Gaitonde's third father.
Who are you? span style= "style.
default1" A friend, a brother, an enemy/span span style="style.
default1"a father, a son or a lover,/span span style="style.
default1"whatever you want me to be.
/span What do you want? span style= "style.
default1" I want you to believe that you'll live.
/span Bullshit.
They'll kill me.
span style="style.
/span span style="style.
Default1"Think about the first time you felt fear.
/span span style= "style.
default1" Look at the wall in front of you.
/span I killed her.
I killed my mother with my own hands.
I've sinned.
I'm not going to survive.
I'm going to rot and die here.
span style="style.
default1"You're both the mandala/span span style="style.
default1"and the door to it.
/span span style= "style.
default1" You'll survive.
/span span style= "style.
default1" You must survive.
/span span style="style.
default1"Understand the mandala/span span style="style.
default1"and you'll be free of the curse.
/span span style= "style.
default1" It represents the universe.
/span span style= "style.
default1" A powerful device.
/span span style="style.
default1"Like every word is a mantra,/span span style="style.
default1"every symbol is a key.
/span span style= "style.
default1" From ancient to modern times,/span span style= "style.
default1" you will find symbols all around us.
/span span style= "style.
default1" They should only be placed/span span style= "style.
default1" at the doorway/span span style= "style.
default1" or in the passage.
/span Gaitonde.
You rat.
Come out.
Come on.
I won't die.
What? I'm not going to die.
span style= "style.
default1" I came out to find/span span style= "style.
default1" Isa's men waiting for me.
/span span style= "style.
Default1" Mathu and I/span span style= "style.
default1" against 40 of them.
/span RAKSHAK PARTY span style= "style.
default1" It was certain that I'd die,/span span style= "style.
default1" but that voice kept my hope alive.
/span span style="style.
default1"It said, "You'll live, Gaitonde.
"/span span style= "style.
default1" But I needed a miracle/span span style= "style.
default1" and it happened.
/span span style="style.
default1"Men dressed in black/span span style="style.
default1"came and took me away.
/span span style= "style.
default1" I was half-conscious,/span span style= "style.
default1" but I was dying to meet the one/span span style= "style.
default1" who saved my life and changed my fate.
/span span style= "style.
default1" That man was my third father.
/span span style= "style.
default1" A mastermind.
/span span style= "style.
default1" He played a game with me in the prison/span span style="style.
default1"and now, he's playing/span span style="style.
default1"the 25-day game with Mumbai.
/span He told me to leave Mumbai.
Twenty-five days is all you have to save Mumbai.
Gaitonde told the cop about the 25-day matter.
The country's in danger.
Everyone will die, except Trivedi.
Sartaj, my information is never wrong.
Holy shit.
Subtitle translation by Harini