Sacred Games (2018) s02e03 Episode Script


1 They're twin brothers.
Maalam is a decent man.
He loved me a lot.
But, Aalam was a demon.
Where did you go with them? [NASREEN.]
Africa! America! I don't know where they picked up the goods from.
What goods? [NASREEN.]
They smuggled things.
What they brought with them, that time I have no idea.
They threw acid on my skin, it was burning.
The fuckers didn't wear protection.
Did those two get ill as well? Or just you? Nasreen? Where was that stuff delivered? [PONNUTHAI.]
We're trying to track down their boat, Jibril.
How? detect radio active material for about a 100 meters.
- It's .
25 microsieverts not significant.
What we need is just one trail, then we can follow it.
- [MOHIT.]
Mohit, this side.
Yes, Mohit.
Rohit isn't going to school.
He goes somewhere, but we don't know where.
In the middle he disappeared for 2 days.
Mother's really worried.
Tell Mother not to worry.
I'll talk to him.
Sir, don't tell mom I had called.
Okay, I won't tell her.
Are your sure they were twins? Okay, we're coming.
The local PI called.
He's got something for us.
Please come, Sir.
Tell Sir about whatever you were just saying.
Sir, all I know is that they were ill.
That's all I know.
Lots of sailors come here.
Some with girls, some with booze [LOCAL POLICE INSPECTOR.]
Forget about the booze.
This is it.
Maalam Ali.
This is just only the boat number.
Couldn't you get a proper ID? Don't you know, Adhaar Card is compulsory for booking? In future, for sure, Sir.
Did you ever speak to them? They called for traditional Indian food, curry and rice.
- And? - And They used to order medicines.
They did call for medicines every 2-3 days.
Are you getting any big orders now-a-days? For vomiting? Or burns? [DOOR SLAM OPEN.]
You know interconnected network? The one who invented it belonged to the Satya Yuga .
He gave it to the world for free.
I mean to say, it's the first indication that Satya Yuga will return.
That will end individuality and a connected consciousness will return back.
You must learn how to use internet.
Aham Brahmasmi.
You have the darkness of fear inside you.
What fear? I don't fear anyone.
You exist today but won't tomorrow.
That's the fear.
That nobody is going to remember you.
That fear.
Please have it.
What Gochi is this? [GURUJI.]
If you like this "Gochi" then spread it in the world.
Guruji gave me tea that looked more like a red soup.
Who knows what it was made from and what was in it.
What Gochi did Guruji fucking blew my mind away.
Forgive me, dad.
Bastard! I confessed to the crime you had committed.
And you left me alone here, to die! You'll also suffer to death.
You'll face hell for as long as you live.
You'll never find peace.
That time, it felt like a magic.
suddenly all the heavy weight of hate poured out of me.
And everything felt so light.
From that day on, I started a new trade, The Gochi trade.
It was made in Guruji's Ashram in Dubrovnik.
And I would distribute it, to all the Ashrams, and the black markets, all over the world.
According to Guruji, this was a way of charity, as well as profit.
His words were'nt any less affective than Gochi.
Gochi was the only business of mine that Yadav Ma'am didn't control.
I always provided her information and was able to keep her in dark.
And away from Guruji.
In 2001 I did business worth Rupees 250 million.
Thay year Al Qaeda fucked America in return for its' shenanigans.
Whatever one might say, Osama had guts.
In front of the whole world, he chopped America's, not one but Twin Dicks.
I'm not feeling this.
I'll take off your Sari? [HARSHA.]
No! The moon's come out, he'll be here any minute.
Let it go.
Let me take it off.
This doesn't excite me.
Hey, please.
Let me take it off.
Do what you want but this way, it took me 2 hours to wear the Sari.
I would've rather banged a hooker then Paid money and gotten whoever I wanted.
Did I invite you here to come and love me? Talk with respect.
Do you understand? [MATHU.]
Try to understand! Once our bodies meet it kills the hunger only then our souls will meet.
And I'm telling you the moon's out; he'll be here any minute.
If that's how it is, then go to hell! I don't want to do anything like this with you.
And we both remain unsatisfied today.
I'll see.
And celebrate your ceremony because it'll be your last one.
Once I've chopped off his neck, you'll come running to marry me.
He's my husband.
Do you understand? I told you I am a married woman.
Huh? And talk to me with respect, I'm not your whore.
Do you know who was behind the Bombay Blasts? It was Isa.
And who was behind Isa? Pakistan.
And do you know who handled the whole operation? Yeah, you had told me about some guy Showed me the picture as well.
After the Bombay Blasts, this 'guy' has become very big.
He's earned a name.
So big, that he's got the nerve to call his boss the ISI chief, a coward, openly! [LAUGHS.]
Sounds like a cool guy.
He's now set up his own terror group in India, [KD YADAV.]
It's called Hizbuddin.
His name is Shahid Khan.
Do I have to kill him or abduct him for you? Either will do.
I won't do it out of love for this country.
I want 50 million shillings.
I want a Rolls-Royce.
Shahid Khan's in talks with the Dubai underworld.
He wants money for Hizbuddin.
It's very difficult to get information out of the Dubai underworld, there's only one way.
You'll have to talk to Isa.
If you be just as nice to Isa as you were when you spoke about the Rolls Royce then our job will be done.
What the fuck Hold on.
We're done now.
If I see you again I'll bury your ass in the fucking ground, [GAITONDE.]
I thought I closed her chapter.
But I had no idea that she had me by the balls.
Go, go, go.
My whole business used to run on cash.
And Yadav Ma'am ratted me out to the authorities I started losing 50 to 100 million each day.
Any day now they would just stick up their hand up my ass and even snatch away my last dime.
- Guruji? - Yes.
What's the problem, Ganesh? If I could know everything beforehand, like you do.
there would be no trouble.
Give me all your problems.
This is my problem.
There was a demon called Apasmara.
Who had a very unique superpower.
He could control anyone's memory.
But he had a weakness, also.
He used to crave for attention.
One day, Apasmara cast such a spell on Goddess Parvati that she had lost all her Godly powers.
Then Lord Shiva, in full of rage, reached Apasmara's cave and started his angry dance "Tandava".
The high resonance of Lord Shiva's Damroo made the veins of Apasmara's ears burst.
He fell at Lord Shiva's feet and Nataraja stomped on his head.
Since then till today, Nataraja is holding that position.
Apasmara was pissed that despite being so powerful nobody gave two hoots about him.
That's why he fucked with Lord Shiva.
And I was in a similar position! For the first time in my life I had earned so much cash but nobody knew about me neither in Bombay nor Mombasa.
I was stranded like a ghost of the sea.
I decided I won't keep quiet like Apasmara.
Won't let the world forget who Ganesh Gaitonde is.
Where's your boat? Jibril? Where did you deliver the goods? [SARTAJ.]
Do you remember Nasreen? She told us that Aalam loved her truly, but Maalam was a rascal.
Its a lie.
So you're Maalam? She was in the hospital for 12 days [SARTAJ WHISPERS.]
She was in such pain that she was begging for death.
You'll also be in the same condition in a few days time.
Allah's the greatest.
You brought the stuff for Ghazwa-e-Hind? [MAJID.]
Tell me, where has it been 'written'? Have you even read the Hadith? [ISLAMIC CHANTS.]
Yeah yeah Dajjal.
Where it is? Who is he? - Donald Trump is a Dajjal - [MAJID.]
Shut up, motherfucker! Someone just said it and you believed it? Even you believed whatever 'they' said.
Motherfucker [MAJID.]
Look, what's this? Do you know who this is? Ibn-e-Qasim! He had captured India, a thousand years ago.
Ghazwa-e-Hind has already happened a thousand years back.
They're taking you for a ride.
And the stuff you've brought here will destroy the whole city.
Are you grasping anything, motherfucker? That's good, then.
All the infidels will die.
- [MAJID.]
Majid, stop it.
What are you doing? You're going to decide [MARKHAND.]
Calm down.
Just leave.
Why did you keep me, if you had to kick me out.
Go ask Parulkar that.
Take a break.
Go home.
So How's Operation Makhdoom going? Rolling on, Sir.
Intelligence Bureau guys don't usually like cops.
Yes, Sir.
Did they find Bhonsle? We haven't been told anything yet, Sir.
Does one need to be told to find out? Had heard that he's been kept in some safe-house.
But He's not talking.
Sir, I'll take your leave.
Listen, you will be attending the marriage anniversary right? Yes, Sir.
- Jai Hind, Sir.
Jai Hind.
- [YELLS.]
You want more? Do you? - Aye, motherfucker.
- Easy.
Have you guys gone mad? [PANTING.]
I've been telling you constantly I don't know I don't know anything about anything nuclear You remember Patil Sir's helicopter crash? Nobody figured out who was behind it.
So Are you threatening to kill me? - I'm not threatening.
- Then? Nobody will miss you if you disappear.
Sir, Delhi.
Jai Hind, Sir.
Sisterfucker No, Sir.
Sir, we can't let him go yet.
No, Sir.
No Sir, media Media won't get to know.
I promise.
All my boys are very smart, Sir.
We need this, Sir.
It's very serious, Sir.
It's part of Operation Makhdoom.
Yeah Fine, Sir.
But I need a one hour with him, Sir.
Thank you, Sir.
Jai Hind.
One hour.
Ma'am, what should I state as the occupation? Write anything you want.
Ma'am the yearly installments need to paid for this.
- Who will be paying for that? - Her lover.
The one screwing will have to get screwed.
Ma'am do one thing.
Get this insurance policy from someone else.
My girls go to all kinds of assholes.
In case they get a disease or die Insurance is needed, right? Fill it out.
Fill the form! [PHONE RINGS.]
- Hello.
Still alive? I'm angry right now, we'll talk later.
Why act so pricey? You won't be missed even if you die.
You are alive and tell me who cares? Nobody even mentions your name in Mumbai.
Don't talk hogwash.
All of Mumbai knows about Ganesh Gaitonde and Kukoo's love story.
Ass-wipe, I told you I haven't heard about it.
You will now, if you haven't before.
Decided I'm going to produce a movie.
Movie? What movie? Story about my life.
Kukoo Kukoo I'll show you, motherfucker.
Hey! I'm making a movie, motherfuckers.
Is Boss saying something? Just nod your head.
Aye! Is Ram G Verma checking the print of his film here? Shubu It's Shivaang, Sir.
How's it sounding? - Big fan, Sir.
- Idiot, I'm asking how's it sounding.
Good morning, Sir.
Are you going to shoot me? You don't want to shoot me? Aye motherfucker, I've bought your movies tickets in black.
Why would I kill you? Is it for real? Motherfucker, do you want to make another film or no? Or should I end your biopic right here? [GAITONDE.]
We bagged a big time director Ram G Verma to direct the movie.
Why's all this so green? Green screen.
Yeah, but why? Then how do I create India in Africa? Boss, he's showing Africa as India India is not so green Fucking looks like the Aarey jungle.
He'll make this green into India later.
I wonder why do you work for him, rather he should work for you.
What did he say? I made a Gopalmath in Africa, Zoya became Kukoo And that dickhead, Rajeev Sawla, became Gaitonde.
My dad was a beggar.
I did not like that.
He killed my mother.
Then I met Kukoo, India's Audrey Hepburn.
Hepburn? Not Meryl Streep? Meryl Streep Julia Roberts Audrey Hepburn She was everything Meryl Streep is Meryl Streep! - [FEMALE VOICE.]
Five, six, seven, eight.
- [.]
It'll be the expressions Let the bottled up love ooze out Let it kiss the lips, and slide down [GAITONDE.]
And then the villain enters.
Isa! I show him the colt and take Kukoo away with me from right under his nose.
After showing the colt colt Ohh that colt! [GUNSHOTS.]
Hey uptown girl let those hips sway Boss, I've written some kickass lines, keeping you in mind.
"I'm the downtown don, and you're the uptown girl" "Let's meet mid-way, hidden away" I'm the downtown don, and you're the uptown girl I'm the downtown don, and you're the uptown girl Let's meet mid-way, hidden away How you doin' girl You are the hero of the movie Isa is nothing compared to you He's not even the antagonist, he's a stooge, a comedian How you doin' girl How you doin' girl How you doin' girl How you doin' girl How you doin' girl I won't be coming.
Not even for me? Precisely why I won't come.
That's fine.
I'll save you a seat.
Bombay's not safe for you, Ganesh.
Everyone told me not to go for the movie premiere.
But I wanted to see people go crazy seeing my story.
How you doin' girl How you doin' girl How you doin' girl [GAITONDE.]
Nobody came, film folk, my business folk, faggoty politicians.
None! I'd put tonnes of action in the movie, Even made Gaitonde die like Amitabh Bachchan in the movies, thinking it would make people emotional.
But people were laughing! Guruji's story of Apasmara hit me like a bullet.
The motherfucker had too big a head, and that is why he had fallen.
I was also down and out.
Nobody remembered Ganesh Gaitonde.
Nobody feared him.
Even I was thinking "What does this dickhead Ganesh Gaitonde want"? [OVER THE PHONE.]
It's the public's right to know that why do you keep a low profile when it comes to your nationality.
- I am - Why have you consistently and vehemently denied your involvement with the gangster Ganesh Gaitonde, - inspite of making a debut with his film.
- Exactly [IN MARATHI.]
Tell me, how does your blood not boil? Tell? [IN MARATHI.]
If someone breaks into your home tomorrow and raises their hand against you, will you just sit quietly or retaliate? Our revered Holy Cow that even our saints worship these butchers rip open her stomach whenever they want.
But our brave-hearts avenge by butchering those butchers and continue to prove that Maharashtrians are still alive! [CORPORATOR IN MARATHI.]
Why are the North Indians trying to become the protectors of Hinduism? [SARTAJ.]
Why aren't you going to school? What if Mom finds out? And what's this nonsense have you come to listen? These people first brainwash you, then use you and then leave you to die You did the same with Dad left him to die [KAMBLE IN MARATHI.]
Aye, Rohit Don't run your mouth.
Yeah? Take this.
Some money give this to Mom.
Don't want it.
I'm there for Mom and Mohit.
You moron.
Sir, is trying to help you out Kamble [KAMBLE.]
Rohit Rohit [BATYA.]
You look tense.
There is some guilt inside.
Let it come & rise.
Don't counter instinct with intelligence.
Easy to say [BATYA SCOFFS.]
Instinct has been around far longer, and your instinct has brought you here.
Follow it.
What's in this? [IN HINDI.]
Suppression will only increase the darkness.
Let your fear rise.
'Letting go' is virtuous.
What's this? He had gone with you, right? And was walking on his own two feet.
What should I tell my kids? What should I do now? [SHALINI LOUDLY CRYING.]
Hello? [ZOYA.]
I'm sending you the location.
Reach there.
Of what? Hello? Don't give him more than 5 minutes.
Poonam, that's Sartaj Singh.
Poonam, her daughter.
Let me know if you need anything.
Please come.
Please come.
the one I'd spoken to you about he has come.
Ma'am, when did you meet Ganesh Gaitonde for the first time? In Kenya.
Mom was deputed in the Indian Embassy there.
What all did he do for you Ma'am? She can't remember much.
Brain damage and Scotoma So she can't see much either.
Half her vision is blurred with random subconscious images.
- Why are you asking her these questions? - Give her a chance to speak.
She might remember something.
Ma'am, Anjali How do you know Anjali Mathur? Your name was in her diary.
Bloody, Mathur Bloody? Why? Mr.
Mathur, Anjali's father, was Mom's colleague.
Mom It'll be a very difficult night if she gets more disturbed.
You should leave now.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
Please leave.
It's all right.
Hello? You broke my heart today.
I had told you I won't be coming.
I don't watch Amitabh Bachchan's movies, [JOJO.]
Shahrukh Khan's or Salman Khan's.
Why would I watch yours? You run a brothel, provide escorts and watching a simple movie is sin for you? [JOJO.]
I've committed lots of sins.
I've committed tons of sins.
But ever since this pilgrimage started, killing myself has also become a sin.
How bad a sin did you commit that you needed to go on a pilgrimage? We don't call it pilgrimage Whatever they call it, You tell me your sins, and I'll tell you mine.
Everyone knows about yours Everybody knows what? Your movie.
Your big sin.
Your biggest sin.
The one you produced.
Why do you speak like that? [SIGHS.]
Because you wanted to be a hero which you are not.
You are Gaitonde.
And Gaitonde's a villain.
And villains don't dance which you did.
If you hadn't done that, your movie would've been successful for sure.
No fucking body would have forgotten Gaitonde, but on screen you turned a normal guy into a dickhead.
Why don't you actually die for real? Why don't you come and kill me? I'll be indebted to you even as a ghost.
- Jojo.
- Yeah? I'm coming.
Where? I'm I'm coming.
Hey, Gaitonde, I I was Turn the car around.
But boss, the airport's this way.
Turn the car around.
- Boss, it's not safe.
- Motherfucker, head to Bandra.
Fucking Hell.
Here come our fans.
Drive faster.
Take down a number.
Take down a number.
Call this number and inform them.
- Okay.
- Stop the car.
Hello? I'm calling from Bombay.
Ganesh Gaitonde has been picked up by Parulkar.
Are you getting what I'm saying? [GAITONDE.]
I should've known I would run into you.
My ass had been fucking twitching since morning.
My business, has become massive now, Parulkar.
Mine as well.
I've stopped playing with bats.
You're making a mistake again, Parulkar.
I won't make a mistake again.
Run, bastard.
Run! - Turn him over.
- Come on.
Parulkar My business has crossed borders [GAITONDE.]
Just ask.
Just ask for whatever you want.
Parulkar! [PHONE RINGS.]
Hello? [KD YADAV.]
The enquiry on the Nusrat Wahaab Encounter Case is quite heated.
If the media were to get your phone call recordings, [KD YADAV.]
the Chief Minister might not like it.
Who's this? Save my number as Mother India.
Let Gaitonde go.
He won't come back to Mumbai.
Give the phone to him.
Leave him.
I'm doing this out of patriotism, you should do it for survival What? [GUNSHOTS.]
Please make sure you find the evidence.
Check every corner, every nook.
Found anything? There are no fingerprints, Sir.
There's nothing missing.
Somebody was searching for something, Sir.
Any information from Maalam & Aalam? [MARKAND.]
They haven't said anything yet.
What if we separate the two? Sir, Maalam is scared of his brother.
He won't cut in on what he's been taught by Aalam.
And Aalam will take some time to trust us.
They'll talk only when they are terrified And they'll be terrified only when they are alone.
Sir? Who do you want to take out? Sir, give us some time.
They'll speak.
If we had time we wouldn't be going through this shit.
Brother, Aalam? [MAALAM.]
Where's Aalam? [MAALAM.]
Brother, Aalam Huh? [MARKAND.]
Aalam & Nasreen They both left.
You want to get cured, right? We've been at sea for years now [MAALAM.]
Brought lots of goods for Shahid.
This was the last delivery.
Maalam, handle the boat.
I'm going to sleep.
It was a long one that's why we took Nasreen along.
Picked up the stuff from a ship in Malindi Not here.
Keep it here.
We woke up one morning and she started vomiting.
Those guys didn't make the full payment.
We delivered half the goods in Mandvi - and hid the boat.