Sacred Games (2018) s02e07 Episode Script


1 [] Guruji, where were you? I'm losing my fucking mind here.
It's essential.
Ganesh, every setback is essential.
I don't want to do all this.
I am aware.
I am also aware of the reason.
Guruji, I understand why you want to make a new world.
But I don't give two hoots about the world.
It can end today, for all I fucking care.
Ganesh, Kaal Granth (Book of Time) is complete.
Do you want to see it? This country doesn't need any more fucking books.
Why did you write another one ? [GURUJI] Come here.
Time is just like this '8'.
It has no beginning or end.
You are not the first or the last person, to have faced doubts.
The new world that you want can be brought about in a different way.
Tell me Dynamic? Pure? Dark? A word full of dicks? Name it and I'll provide.
Just keep Bombay out of this.
Otherwise I'll rat all this to the fucking cops.
Wasn't I supposed to be God? Isn't God supposed to be loving? Calm down, Ganesh.
Fuck this.
A God doesn't hesitate to accept sacrifice.
Then I'll take Malcom's head as my first sacrifice.
How dearly you love this dark city Whatever you wish will happen, Ganesh Today will be the last time for the 'Lotus position'.
Leave it whenever you want.
Aham Brahmasmi.
Aham Brahmasmi.
I am Lord Brahma's dirt.
I am Lord Brahma's dirt.
I love every one.
I love every one.
I don't love any one.
I don't love any one.
I don't love any one.
I am an Aghori .
I am an Aghori.
I can stay alive by eating the dead.
I can stay alive by eating the dead.
I have repeatedly murdered my father.
[SOBBING] I have repeatedly murdered my father.
I have repeatedly murdered my son.
[GUNSHOTS] I have repeatedly murdered my son.
I have repeatedly murdered my wife.
I have repeatedly murdered my wife I have murdered my mother.
I have murdered my mother.
[LOUD THUD] I am God Kali of Kali Yuga I am God Kali of Kali Yuga [GURUJI] Son of demons and father of sin Son of demons and father of sin I am Kalki too, the savior of Kali and Vishnu's 10th avatar I am Kalki too.
I am supreme.
I am supreme.
I am insignificant.
I am insignificant.
I am gruesome.
I am gruesome.
[GURUJI] I am fierce.
I am fierce.
- I am Brahma.
- I am Brahma.
- I am Brahma.
- I am Brahma.
- I am Brahma.
- I am Brahma.
- I am Brahma.
- I am Brahma.
- [GURUJI] I am Brahma.
- I am Brahma.
- [GURUJI] I am Brahma.
- I am Brahma.
[GURUJI] I am Brahma.
Only I am Brahma.
Only I am Brahma.
Only I am Brahma.
Only I am Brahma.
[GAITODE] Only I am [WHIMPERS] [GAITONDE] Only I am Brahma.
[THEME SONG PLAYING] We've got the confirmations.
been in talks with North Korea, to buy the designs of an assembled fission device.
[IN HINDI] Apparently, they've been doing this for the past 15 years.
We've also found out that the commitments had already been made had already started changing hands.
[IN HINDI] You know the atmosphere in Pakistan.
changed, the Army Chief changed, and then both, Shahid Khan and Haroon were thrown out.
By that time, the alliance of our enemies was already in place.
So they're getting Shahid to do everything without associating themselves? [IN HINDI] They couldn't have asked for anything better.
India will be under-attack and they won't be 'accused'.
What are our options? [RAW EMISSARY] We're nearly out of options The Home Ministry has ordered the following: the Commissionerate must be transferred to Nagpur.
evacuating Mumbai immediately.
[WAILING SIRENS] You both wait outside.
Sir, is there any emergency? For how long you been allowing those trucks to come in? Sir, I don't follow What don't you follow? If an enquiry happens you won't be spared.
We need to save this city.
Tell me why those trucks were coming in to the city.
And if you don't know find out.
chance to save yourself now.
Get out.
[ISA] Hmm.
The trucks you had asked me to bypass [ISA] Hmm, you didn't get your cut? No, call is not about that.
What were the trucks carrying? India's most famous doughnuts.
You ever tried 'em? My dad was the chef there.
It's gotten quite messy.
A top-level, very high-level enquiry is going on.
My name has also come up in that.
Is this the first time your name's come up? How is Bhonsle involved in this? Look, I got no clue.
I owed my friend.
He asked me for a favor and I asked you to get it done.
Which friend? [ISA] The one you guys let go in 1993 before coming after me, forcing me to leave Bombay.
You involved me in Shahid Khan's job? - Sir, a meeting is in progress.
- Wait, sir.
- You can't go in.
- Please stop.
Sir! Sir, I asked him to wait.
[IN MARATHI] Bhonsle Sir, I need to speak to you for a couple of minutes.
[PERSONAL ASSISTANT] Let's wait outside [IN MARATHI] Your mind is a mess, decide now.
Bite or let go.
Who spoke to you about granting the permission for the trucks? [IN MARATHI] Had Isa called you? Dubai's Isa? [SCOFFS] [IN MARATHI] Have you and Sartaj been sharing a drink together? [IN MARATHI] I know you've been granting those permissions for the past 3 years.
Isa had called me for the last truck's permission from Dubai.
Parulkar, I've no idea what you're talking about.
Everything will be finished in 3 days, destroyed completely.
If you can't speak the truth even while sitting on that chair, then what's the point of power? The political game you've been playing for 25 years, has become bigger than you.
They're using use you and me! They're using you! I am of no use to them.
Do you know who Isa works for? For who? Shahid Khan.
And I don't need to give his introduction to you.
Get up, Parulkar.
Get up.
Motherfucker, Get out.
Get out.
If I mention your little game that you're playing with Dubai to any outsider Your uniform will be off and you'll be suspended in minutes.
Your daughter is getting married to the DG of Police's son, I'll ensure that doesn't happen.
So, don't use your head unnecessarily.
Get out now.
Just remember if my name comes up anywhere, I'll make sure the world gets to know what you really are.
Get out.
Get out.
[SNIFFLING] everything is here except one last consignment.
I didn't expect this from Ganesh.
That dog's gone wild.
He needs to be put down.
First, we need the Kaal Granth (Book of Time).
This was not the way to go.
This was not the time to go.
You always said, We choose our journeys ourselves.
We choose our struggles, our purpose, before we are born on this planet.
Why did you choose this? Why? [PANTING] [BOTTLE CAP CLINKS ON FLOOR] [DEEP WHINING] Guruji, forgive me.
Forgive me, Guruji.
[GURUJI] How will you destroy what is inside you? How will you silence the voice that hasn't reached you? Shut up, motherfucker.
[GURUJI] You do not have a choice, but to listen to this story, Ganesh.
This story sowed the seeds of Satya Yuga in my life; the story of my parents' first conjugation.
[GURUJI'S FATHER] Do you know, what came first? Amoeba.
One became two.
Like this.
Then, two became four.
And four became eight.
Gradually, a pyramid was created.
If two people, created out of a single cell amoeba, connect to each other ancestrally to become a single cell, that concept is known as a soulmate.
It is said that Lord Krishna had sixteen thousand lovers But he is worshipped everywhere only with Goddess Radha.
- Why? - Why? Soulmate.
It's all a proven science, not some superstition.
Okay, but what are you trying to say? That, if a human being finds its soulmate, its purpose of life is accomplished.
When two soulmates come together to reproduce, an Avatar is born.
Our job is just to find the soulmate, the Avatar will handle everyone else.
And where will this Avatar come from? [GURUJI] I wasn't born a human, but an Avatar.
My fathers' unusual pharmaceutical practices, my mother's ancient yoga practices and once-in-a-lifetime planetary positions combined and I came to Kali Yuga.
At the age of four, I knew the Gita by heart.
Whenever religion decays an Avatar is born to reinstate truth of [GURUJI] I would deeply feel, that I was born to change the direction of time.
Father, where are we going? [GURUJI] My father would have replied, but in 1975, Indira Gandhi's government fearing my father's protests took him away.
He never came back.
My father never told me whose Avatar was I, I needed to find out myself.
Whom did I need to destroy? I would ask myself that question everyday.
One fine day, the answer appeared.
I needed to destroy the world this world that could not accommodate a wise man like my father.
I needed to destroy Kali Yuga and bring Satya Yuga.
You can try all you want, Ganesh.
but Satya Yuga will definitely arrive.
[GURUJI] And when that happens, you won't be able to live with any of your lies.
Trivedi, do whatever you got to do in prison now.
[GURUJI] Lies such as: you hate your father.
Lies that he is dead.
You will never find peace.
Ganesh, there's still time.
Walk the path of forgiveness.
Save yourself and your father.
Dilbagh Singh also wished to see the new world.
I am glad you thought about it.
What do you need from me? Gaitonde killed Guruji and stole the Kaal Granth (Book of Time).
Malcolm searched for it everywhere but was unsuccessful.
You are the last person he spoke to.
You both have a cosmic connection.
He must have told you something.
You need to think harder.
Whether you help us or not, this world won't survive.
either you die like a nobody, or you help bring a new world.
A new world you can be a part of.
A new world, Dilbagh Singh believed in.
[IN HINDI] All good, Sardarji? Yes.
A Lot of work needs to be done before we enter the new world.
No problem.
We'll get it done.
I've been trying the numbers, found in Anjali's Diary constantly, but I can't find a lead.
[IN MARATHI] My eyes ache staring at them.
[IN HINDI] I don't know what we're doing, sir.
Rama we're short on time.
Your family stays here as well, right? Yes, in Sewri (MUMBAI OUTSKIRTS).
Tell them to go back to the village.
- Where is the village? - Vidarbha.
The Chief Minister will make the evacuation announcement by evening, but it'll be too chaotic by then.
Tell them.
[ASO] Sartaj, What are you doing? Where are you going? Sartaj.
[DOOR BANGS OPEN] Joseph Sir, Sartaj has gone into the evidence room.
[ASO FROM OUTSIDE THE ROOM] Sartaj open the door.
Sartaj Open! Sartaj! INTERNATIONAL DHAMAKA [ASO] Open the door Open the door Aye, open! - [DOOR FLINGS OPEN] - [SCREEMS] - [SHRIEKS] - [BANGS] - Stop! - Sartaj! Aye, Sartaj! [ASO] Sartaj, put your gun down.
You can't escape.
- [ASO] What are you doing? - Close the door.
- [ENGINE HUMS] - [BRAKES SCREECH] Sartaj - [WIMPERS][ - Come in.
How did all this happen? - Umesh? - He is gone out.
[OVER THE TV] This news is reminiscent of the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004.
The destruction caused by this event was such, that took years to reverse.
This world is about to end.
[OVER THE TV] has triggered a tsunami, that's - What? - [OVER THE TV] It's considered to - Sartaj - [OVER THE TV] The Mumbai Police has allegedly, been asked to escalate the evacuation process in the city overnight.
From Kanyakumari to Port Bandar, coastal cities have been put on high alert Sartaj [TV] We're getting information Please rest for a bit.
Huh? Will go to the doctor soon.
Please, leave from here.
Please! The tsunami alert is fake.
For the past 20 days, we've been searching for a bomb.
This city needs to be evacuated, otherwise millions will end up dead.
Only 40 hours are left.
Yeah, okay.
We'll leave.
Please rest for a bit.
I'll be back soon [OVER THE TV] I repeat do not stay at home, you will not be safe in your homes.
The authorities have said, not to head to higher altitude regions in city.
I repeat, do not go to higher regions, police will have no way to retrieve you.
Parents are advised to carry infants in their arms, to prevent an injury.
[MEGHA] I think this will fit you.
[TV] carry your personal belongings with you, to make your journey quicker.
[MEGHA] I'll be back soon.
[TV] please follow the instructions, move in haste and be safe.
[POLICE SIREN WAILING] [GAITONDE] My dad was a character.
He was the village priest and used to beg for donations.
He loved me, but he killed my mother.
I didn't know whether I should have been happy or sad, after the police took him away.
[OVER THE LAPTOP] Trivedi, do whatever you got to do in prison now.
Trivedi, do whatever you got to do in prison now.
What will happen in 25 days? [GAITONDE OVER THE SPEAKER] Everyone will die.
- [GAITONDE] Only Trivedi will survive.
- Trivedi who? [LAPTOP SLAM SHUT] [DOORBELL RINGS] You're going to call the cops here? I'm not going to call, they are waiting downstairs.
I have proof of every kind of debauchery, that takes place in this beautiful home of yours.
Don't you know how to talk straight, faggot? Why've you kept them waiting downstairs? Should've invited them up here.
[JOJO] Hey, all of you come up! Your pimp here - What's your name? - Sharma.
Sharma here is throwing empty threats.
Come up if you've got balls.
[TRIVEDI] I want to speak to Gaitonde.
Please, hold a bit harder.
[TRIVEDI] I want to speak to Gaitonde.
[LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY] [COUGHS AND LAUGHS] You want to speak to Gaitonde? You needed the cops help to say just that? [SMIRKS] [PHONE RINGING] Hello.
Some dickhead has come to speak to you.
- [GAITONDE] What? - Some Sharma He looks like a dick.
- Who's this Sharma? - Speak to him.
Aham Brahmasmi.
[TRIVEDI] Ganesh, what have you done? What do you want, motherfucker? I want a meeting.
Yeah, I'll tell you later.
Get the fuck out of there.
You done? You done? Get out of here.
I told you not to Do you remember anything about Gaitonde's father? [POONAM] You've startled her, by asking all these questions.
May I please get a glass of water? [SARTAJ] Please.
I'm sorry but this is urgent.
[SARTAJ] Is Gaitonde's father alive? Is Gaitonde's father's name Trivedi? Gaitonde killed his mother.
But it was the father who went to prison.
- He told me - [POONAM] Water.
[SARTAJ] Can you please wait outside for a moment? She doesn't speak in front of you.
Is his father alive? I had written it.
In a diary? Miss Yadav, where did you write it? Where did you write it? Where did you write it? Where did you write it? [POONAM] Let her go! [BREATHS HEAVILY] [POONAM] Mother! What are you doing? She must have made some notes.
She would have given you some information if she wanted to.
And if she didn't want to, she would have kept quiet.
You saw [POONAM] Leave now.
[BUNTY] Aye, Mutthu.
It's Mathu, not Mutthu (WANKER).
That's what I said.
You're going to keep acting like teenagers your whole life? - [PHOTOGRAPHER] Look straight, please.
- Click it.
- When will the passport be made? - In 4 days.
Boss, what kind of jobs are we going to do now? We're going to go to China.
The Chinese are taking over the world.
We're going to crack deals for them.
Holy fuck, back to where we started from.
No, this is going to be like formal white collar jobs.
Boss, what's the deal with Guruji? Didn't I tell you not to talk about that? I always knew there was something off with that faggot Guruji.
You want me to send you a memo now? Didn't I fucking say not to mention that fuckers name? Sorry, Boss.
[FIRE CRACKLING] [GURUJI] Ganesh [HUMMING] [CAR DOOR CLOSES] [DOG BARKS] [DOG BARKING] [FAINT FOOTSTEPS] How long we have to hide like this boss, lets kill that cunt.
How did he find out? Nothing leaked from our end.
Ganesh, why don't you hide in your bunker.
Nobody can reach you there.
It gets lonely there.
It's better here with you guys around.
MORON, DON'T PEE HERE Hey Gaitonde, what are you thinking about? I've never seen you like this before.
You won't mention it to anyone, right? I won't, tell me.
[DOG HOWLING] I hear a voice Guruji's.
Voice? Here.
Inside my head.
All day and night, even in my sleep.
It keeps telling me random shit.
It curses at me, it gives me advice At times it feels real, at times I feel I'm crazy.
I'm losing my No, no, no.
Gaitonde, don't worry.
We're all here together.
You haven't had this for a while.
Just keep it on your tongue and it'll be fine.
[BUNTY] Shall we go or are you going to piss out the whole sea right here? Chill.
Hold on a second.
Listen Bring Trivedi to me.
I want to meet him.
INDIA POS [CARS HONK] [SEAGULLS CHRIPING] That's my father, Sardarji.
[GAITONDE] The thorn of my life.
KAAL GRANTH [COW MOOING] [COW MOOING] I think this is for you.
[GAITONDE'S FATHER] Don't want it.
You take care of your sins, I'll take care of mine.
[GAITONDE] Dear Dad, please forgive me.
I could not do anything for you.
I am sending you a book.
If you take this book to Batya, she'll take you in to Satya Yuga.
There is everything in this book.
The story to end this world and the mantra to start the new world.
And if I know Guruji, the way to save the world is in here as well.
One number got traced.
- [SHAHID KHAN] Hello, Nair.
- [HAROON] Yes, Gama.
- [SHAHID] How's the weather? - [HAROON] Its hot.
This is Haroon, his right hand man.
[SHAHID KHAN] Its great.
Cold, like ice-cream.
[HAROON] We'll come over with customers? Ready to serve? - [SHAHID KHAN] Yes, come.
Don't be late.
- [HAROON] Okay, Gama.
[SHAHID KHAN] Bring a spoon.
The phone isn't switched off.
It's in downtown.
- Rama, send the live location.
- [MAJID] Let's Go.
Have you seen him? He's staying in 202.
[ROOM BELL SOUND] [DOOR BANGS OPEN] [SCUFFLES] [MAN GROANS AND SCREAMS] [MAJID] Get up! Get up, motherfucker! Where's Shahid Khan? [YELLS] Where's Shahid Khan? You can go back if you want.
But there's same pain and same failures there.
Will you come with us? [BATYA] Aham Brahmasmi.