Safe Harbour (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Ryan Does anyone speak English? Whether we take them on board or whether we tow them, we're putting everyone at risk.
We'll take a vote.
- It's four to one.
- Four to one what? We're gonna tow 'em.
- Ryan Gallagher? - What's this about? Your name has come up in the reporting of a Commonwealth crime.
Why did you turn the yacht around and head to Indonesia? There were signs of a storm.
Seven people died! You killed my daughter! Came here because I feel the need to take responsibility.
- You cut the rope? - No, no, I No, you cut the rope.
Nothing for years, and now he's back? What does he want? - I cheated on you, Liv.
- Who? It was Bree.
- I just wanted to protect you - You were protecting yourself! I'm sorry.
- More old memories? - Something like that.
- I still haven't found Bilal.
- He will be back.
Justice isn't given, Ismail.
It has to be taken.
I'd like to report a crime.
- Why did you have to report him? - He was on the boat.
Well, now he's in jail.
It is never going to end.
I haven't decided if I want to terminate yet.
- How are you going at school, Maddie? - School's good.
I saw you.
You were the one who cut the rope.
No, I just thought she might have stayed with you last night.
No, she'll be somewhere.
You know how they are.
I I'm not worried.
Yeah, I've tried that.
Her phone is switched off.
Listen, do you have Carly's number? I don't seem to Okay.
So if you do see Maddie, can you get her to call me right away? Okay.
What'd the police say? Ah, nothing.
I filled in a form.
I gave them a photo.
They asked about drugs.
Drugs? Yeah, someone's been dealing at the school or something.
No, she wouldn't do drugs.
And you told them about the assault? And the arson? Yeah, I told 'em.
LOUD KNOCKING ON DOOR Maddie! LOUD KNOCKING Where is she? Where's my daughter? - Maddie? Maddie! - Hey! We don't know where your daughter is.
She was here for dinner two nights ago but we haven't seen her since.
- Asad? - I spoke to her yesterday.
Well, she's been gone since last night.
You should leave.
If you've done anything to her, I will fuckin' kill you.
It's okay.
Your counsel is incompetent and if you stay with him you're going to lose the case.
Now I can't guarantee that you won't be convicted but I can guarantee you a quality defence.
Now you want to help? Hmm? When you saw that the boat was gone that it had been cut loose what did you do, Helen? We just kept going.
To Indonesia.
So you had a holiday? (SIGHS DEEPLY) There is a saying in Iraq, you know? How you say? "A man who is drowning "would even grab onto a snake.
" You understand? I kept promising to fix this.
You know we're jumping to conclusions? She's a kid.
They run away all the time.
And then they come back and With everything that's been happening between us, all this shit It was me.
- What are you talking about? - I'm I'm the one that cut them loose.
What? I did it.
And I think Maddie knows and I think they know.
- No.
- Bree - Don't.
- No, Bree, listen - I don't wanna hear this.
- I think they know where she is.
And if I can talk to Maddie, if I can talk to them, it'll be okay.
What have you done? Oh, my God - Okay? - What have we done? BELL RINGS Um, I I heard about Maddie.
I'm not really sure what to do.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna go over there.
I'll call you when I know what's happening.
We had something, didn't we? We did.
Bye, Damien.
Bye, Liv.
He's entitled to a good defence.
Don't patronise me, Helen.
Apart from anything else, this is borderline ethical conduct.
You're too close to these people.
You're compromising yourself.
I'm gonna tell them I made a mistake in recommending you for the magistracy.
You're not ready yet.
I understand.
Do you honestly think this can fix things for you, right the wrongs of the past? I dunno.
But I have to do something.
Well whatever you're getting from it, I hope it's worth the sacrifice.
They assault our friend, they vandalise our car, they set fire to my boat and all you can do is talk to them? Like this is what I pay taxes for, so the police can sit around on their arses all day? No.
No! No, you have to listen to me.
Talking to them is useless.
You need to arrest them.
You need to arrest them and make them tell you where she is because she's still out there somewhere and you're doing fuck all to find her! KNOCK AT DOOR Thought you might need something hot.
You think we No.
No one's died.
Why are you here, you nosy slag? Fuck off! - Fuck off! - Hey, hey - Breathe.
- (WHIMPERS) - Breathe.
In and out.
- (TAKES A SHUDDERING BREATH) Just take a deep breath.
- Okay? - (SOBBING) Okay She's not here.
All right, then.
If you hear from Madison Gallagher, you'll let us know, right? Never going to be all right for us to be here.
We're always going to be something else.
I know.
I know it was you who burned the boat.
Bilal won't let me tell the truth.
You think I Ismail do you know where Maddie is? You should be at home.
It's my fault Maddie's gone.
Well, you wouldn't have done what you did if I hadn't turned the boat around.
Not just your fault.
We all fucked up royally.
But you gotta go home.
Find Maddie.
- Hey.
I couldn't get away.
- Sorry.
- That's okay.
I'm starved, so thank you.
Your um, your dad came to the flat.
He was freaking out.
That's the plan.
Well, the police came too just now.
I should go back.
Why would they call the police? Are you in trouble? We haven't done anything wrong.
You organised this place.
I don't think running away's a crime.
I mean, you said it yourself.
You wanted your dad to know what it felt like to lose someone.
If you go back now, what was the point? He has to hurt.
He has to really feel it.
I'd better go.
I haven't turned it on but it's too tempting.
Can you hold onto it for me? I fell asleep.
Why didn't anyone wake me? What's happening? I'm making a a Facebook page for Maddie.
I'll make some tea.
Maddie! Mads Madison! (SIGHS) Hello Aaargh! (BREATHES HEAVILY) Excuse me, do you know if there's an internet cafe or something like that around here? Is a computer in the office you can use.
Your Honour, based on the circumstantial evidence of the key witness, I'm making an application to cross-examine Ms Gallagher.
Your Honour, the defendant was squatting on the yacht in question and the arson occurred after he was evicted.
We feel Ms Gallagher's evidence is significant enough to go straight to trial.
Ms Gallagher did not actually see the accused commit the crime.
He was merely in the vicinity and according to the witness's own statement, the accused had already vacated the yacht when the incident occurred.
I hope you're not expecting to go on a fishing expedition with this witness, Ms Korczak.
Not at all, Your Honour.
But given the prosecution's entire case rests on this evidence, in the interests of justice, I'd like an opportunity to test it.
Application granted.
Next case, thank you.
I'll see you later.
It's a good result.
Thank you.
KNOCK AT DOOR Eh Don't be angry.
But there's something you should know.
Where is she? Where is she? It was her idea, Baba, not mine.
Why shouldn't they know what it feels like? Why should that boy have a sister and I don't? She's fine.
She's at the motel.
Matou helped him.
Asad We should call the parents.
No, no, no, no.
'La!' I'll go to the motel.
I'll pick her up.
And I'll take her home.
I should come.
Oh, nice, Lara.
Oh, shit.
Mum! - What? - Mum! She was just online! I saw it.
She was right there.
- Can you see the location? - I don't think you can do that.
Lachie, can you find out the location? I dunno.
Okay, you keep doing it here.
I'll look on my computer.
What did you write to her? Write her something again.
Ask her where she is.
Ismail! Ismail Your son He got Maddie pregnant.
Yeah? That's what this is about.
Look, just tell me where she is.
We'll look after it, okay? Yeah? Look, no one's in trouble.
We just need to sort this out.
Ismail! Ismail! Ismail! Ismail Do you know what that means, what my name means? No.
It means "heard by God".
It means an answer to a prayer.
What d'you think, huh? Is God listening? - Are you listening? - Yes.
Well, listen to this.
Go to fucking hell and burn there! Phew PHONE RINGS Bree Really? When? I'm coming.
Zahra! What's - Where did you get this? - When were you going to tell me? I, I still hadn't made a decision yet.
I About something like this? In secret? After everything we've been through? This brings This brings me so much pain.
This - This brings me shame.
- Shame? I bring you shame? I will tell you about shame.
Shame is knowing I will never get to see my daughter grow up.
Or get married.
Or have children.
I will never get to see her be happy.
Shame is waking up every morning knowing that if only if only I had held onto Yasmeen No (WHIMPERS) No KNOCK AT DOOR Get your things.
I'll take you home.
Asad's not gonna get into any trouble, is he? - It wasn't his idea.
It was mine.
- Don't worry.
No one's getting into trouble.
Come on.
KNOCK AT DOOR Ismail, call me back, please.
Shouldn't they be here by now? He won't be long.
- Do you want a cup of tea? - Thank you.
Call him again.
PHONE RINGS Um, you missed my turnoff.
Back there, that was the road to my place.
- Why isn't he answering the phone? - I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I When he left, he was very angry.
Oh, my God.
What should I do? Should I call the police again? - Yeah, you should.
Give 'em a call.
- What do I say? No, um Maybe we'll go the station.
You stay here and Where's Ryan? I just wanna go home, Mr Al-Bayati.
I need to know where one of your drivers is - Ismail Al-Bayati.
- I can't give you that information.
- Please.
I just need to know where he is.
Please! GPS.
You have GPS on all the cabs.
- Everyone does.
- Sorry, mate, I can't help you.
Okay, I know you employ people illegally.
Half your drivers don't have visas.
Please! THUNDER RUMBLES Maddie, no! Come back! THUNDER RUMBLES GIRL SCREAMS Bilal! Zahra! Zahra! Yasmeen! PEOPLE SHOUT IN ARABIC - Where is she? - No, no, no, no - What've you done to her? - Nothing! - What've you done to her? - I did nothing! - Where is she? - I did nothing! - What've you done with Maddie? - I don't know! She ran off! - Tell me where she is.
- I let her go.
- Tell me where she is.
- I let her go.
But you You! You left us out there to die! You killed my daughter! - You broke us! - I know You broke me! You Fuck! (SCREAMS) Dad! Maddie Maddie! - Dad? - Maddie! - Maddie! - (SOBS) I'm so sorry.
(SOBS) PEOPLE SHOUT AND SCREAM Yasmeen! (SCREAMS) Yasmeen! Yasmeen! Yasmeen! (SCREAMS) Yasmeen! (SCREAMS) Yasmeen! Thank God! (BREE SOBS) It's like barbed wire, this hair.
I swear.
I hope this little one takes after me.
Don't Don't do this for me.
You remember when we first got married, before the war got in the way? How many children did we say we would have? I think the world deserves this little one.
And us too.
Don't you? I just wish I hadn't been so fucking gutless.
Well, you were scared.
We were all scared.
That night - I I couldn't sleep so I went - You don't have to do this.
No, it's fine, it's fine.
So I went up on on deck.
I just wanted to check on the other boat and make sure everything was okay.
And I saw you there, Helen, and you'd fallen asleep.
And I was sitting there.
I was looking at this boat and I was thinking "It's too hard.
" And I didn't know if we were if we were towing them into a storm or, or away from one.
But we were taking them back to the last place that they'd wanna go.
I mean, they, they may never get another chance.
I, I I didn't know what to do.
FAINT SHOUTING I just did what you all wanted.
You told police you saw my client leaving the yacht.
How did you know it was him? Did you see his face? I saw him from behind.
- From behind? - Yes, but Ms Gallagher, how did you feel when you saw your brother's yacht had been destroyed? I was upset.
Well, your brother suffered significant loss, didn't he, because the yacht itself was uninsured at the time of the incident? That's right.
You also told police that your former partner, Mr Damien Pascoe, had been assaulted by my client, even though Mr Pascoe hadn't himself pressed charges.
You have reasons for feeling aggrieved, then? I did.
Maybe you just wanted my client to be guilty because it's easier that way, to blame someone else when you're feeling angry or upset Your Honour, what is this? Ms Gallagher, could you please look at the defendant? The witness has already identified the accused in her statement, Your Honour.
I'll allow it.
I just want the answer to one question.
Ms Gallagher, can you say, without a shred of doubt, with 100 per cent certainty, that this is the man you saw leaving the yacht? No, I can't.
Ms Gallagher, you're under oath.
Do you want to reconsider your answer? No, I can't be sure if it was him.
Your Honour, in light of the fact that the key witness for the prosecution is unable to categorically identify the defendant, I request my client be discharged.
No jury, properly instructed, would find the defendant guilty.
I have to agree.
The defendant is discharged.
Ms Korczak Thank you.
(LAUGHS) (SPEAK ARABIC) I want to say something.
- Here we go.
- Mm.
I'm sorry for dragging you through this this trouble I made.
You don't need to apologise.
I've been so focussed on everything I've lost I stopped seeing what I have.
And everything you do for me.
Iraq Yasmeen And now we have a new life.
A new home.
And so much to look forward to.
Especially dessert.
Yasmeen was a little rascal, you know.
She was always outside, always playing.
She loved nature.
Bare feet.
Dirty face.
Playing tricks.
I wish I could I can't forgive you.
Not yet.
It's for you.