Safe House (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Be careful, Robert.
Go! ~ I just let her die.
~ Robert, stop it.
How did Jimmy Metcalfe know where you were that night? ~ Eddie Reynolds told him.
~ And who told him? Eddie Reynolds is appealing against his conviction for organising Susan's murder.
~ On what grounds? ~ That the police withheld evidence.
The CCTV images.
~ You withheld it? ~ Yes.
~ You broke the law? ~ I was protecting you, Robert.
What do you think that looks like? You said you didn't get close to her.
~ I thought you both should know the truth.
~ Leave us alone.
You know I can't do that.
I'm gonna be with you always.
I'm gonna get a DNA swab.
Can you put it through the lab? ~ You took Joe's DNA? ~ I think we're being lied to.
I'm not Joe's mother.
Gemma was.
~ This is all your fault.
~ Please, Michael! (I signed my name wrong.
At the sailing place.
) I put 'Joe Blackwell' instead of 'Joe Watkins'.
Did you ever meet Eddie Reynolds? I need to talk to him.
Can you help me with that? I know a couple of people who might be able to fix it.
It'll count for nothing if Eddie Reynolds doesn't want to meet you.
He's a dead man.
Where were you last night? On the hunt for Collersdale, I hope.
We're doing everything we can.
He's gone to ground.
You were with Robert last night.
What, do you think he wouldn't tell me that? What did you talk about? He wanted to talk about the night he was shot.
The truth about what happened.
And what conclusion did you come to? It's obvious that someone must be helping Eddie.
They tipped him off where Susan was that night.
And now they've let him know about the CCTV images.
And you think that's the same person? Cos I had you down as the one who gave Eddie the CCTV images.
Why would I do that? Because, like Robert, you're obsessed with the idea of everything being fair.
And just.
He just wants to find out the truth.
He needs your help, Mark.
Team Robert to the very end.
Get back to work.
There you go.
What's that? Is that a double? ~ Double three? ~ No.
You need more than 16 to win.
Mark just called.
He's on his way over.
~ Do you know where Ali is? ~ Yeah, she's inside.
Do you mind going and getting her, please? Yeah.
Ooh, 19.
~ Could I have a word, please? ~ Yeah.
~ Come on, Robert.
I'll take you on.
~ I'll be out in five minutes.
What's going on? Mark's on his way with the DNA results.
Gemma was Joe's mother but Matt wasn't his father.
~ Michael Collersdale is Joe's father.
~ No.
No, Gemma said that it was - ~ DNA tells us clearly.
~ Why would she lie? Well, maybe she didn't know who the father was.
Maybe thought it would be better for Joe to have someone like Matt as his dad.
How are we gonna tell Joe? Here, Joe.
Try and beat this one.
What does it matter, anyway? We were told never to use our real names.
It's only a stupid health and safety form.
I told Mum.
She said she'd speak to Robert about it.
All right.
I'll tell you what we'll change it now.
~ What? No, Sam, you can't.
~ Come on.
It's only over there.
We'll be back before they even know we've gone.
And what do I say if they do notice that you've gone? Dunno.
Just say we've gone across the lake.
All aboard! ~ What about Joe? How will he deal with this? ~ I can't help you with that.
But my priority's still the same - keep him safe.
~ From a father he's never known? ~ Why's he coming after Joe now? Collersdale's been inside the last eight years.
I've seen it before.
The only thing keeping him going will be the thought of getting to Joe once he's out.
He thinks I stole him.
Ali, he has no rights over the boy.
Rights or no rights, he's killing people to get what he thinks is his.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
That's it.
That's it.
Is Joe not with you? Him and Sam went over to the water sports place.
Joe signed the wrong name on his form.
~ What, so - ~ He said he told you.
~ They should be back soon.
~ Better go and tell Robert.
See, I told you it wouldn't take long.
Come on.
Careful, mate, don't slip.
Just up here.
They're not even open yet.
They've probably rowed back across by now.
Bloody kids.
~ Come on.
~ Yeah.
~ It's him.
~ Hello, Joe.
Go! Leave him.
Leave him! Joe.
Joe I'm not gonna hurt you.
Run, Joe, run! Stop it! He's my brother! Stop it! Please stop.
He's not your real brother.
I'm your dad.
I'm your real dad.
~ I met your mum years ago.
~ My dad's dead.
Is that what they told you? It's all lies, mate.
It's all lies.
Joe! Joe! Leave me alone! Get off me! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Jesus.
Dad! He's got Joe.
He's got Joe! Joe! ~ Dad! ~ Joe! ~ Stay with Sam! ~ But Joe I'll get him! Let me out! Collersdale's got Joe! He's heading down through the valley.
The boy's in the back! I'm already on my way.
Make an assessment, call me, and you wait.
I'm calling for backup, Robert.
Let me out! Please! Let me out! Joe.
Look what I got, son.
We're heading for Spain.
It's lovely there.
Sunny weather.
You'll love it.
~ Ali, I'm so sorry.
~ What were you doing there in the first place? I tried to stop him.
I tried to stop him, Dad.
He fought to save Joe's life.
~ It's not your fault.
It's not your fault.
~ Ali.
Robert will find Joe and he'll bring him back.
I promise you.
Joe! Michael! Get off me! Michael! I'm your dad.
You OK? Michael.
Target clear.
Michael, where are you going, mate? Hold.
Michael, let me talk to you.
Where are you gonna go? ~ Michael, talk to me.
~ Stay back! Stay back! Don't Don't come any closer.
He's my son.
I know.
I have every right.
What are you gonna do? We're gonna go to Spain.
You can't stop me.
~ What can you see? ~ No clear shot.
No clear shot.
~ Give me the keys to your car.
~ No.
~ Give me the keys to your car! ~ I can't.
You're in no fit state.
You've got a child.
You with the police? No.
I used to be.
~ So what's this got to do with you? ~ I've been looking after him.
Haven't I, Joe? You've been looking after my son? Yeah.
We named Joe after my dad.
If you let him come with me now I guarantee you a solicitor.
We'll get you to a hospital.
What about Gemma? I would never hurt you.
I just want to take care of you.
~ Michael - ~ When you get in trouble.
If you let him come with me now, we'll work something out .
and you'll see each other.
But you have to let him come with me now.
I'm not going back inside.
No way! This isn't helping, is it? Eh? It's not helping him.
It's not helping you.
My son.
My baby boy.
Look at me.
It's OK.
It's all right.
Come on.
It's OK.
Joe We'll get the doctor to check you out.
Let's get this off.
Was he really my dad? Yes, he was.
Put your belt on.
OK? Home.
You all right? Come on.
Come on.
~ You know, thanks for stepping in, mate.
~ Any time.
I mean that, Joe.
The bloke was a real psycho.
He was my dad.
Look at me.
David is your dad.
Our dad.
And you are my brother.
~ You want to debrief? ~ That's the job.
I can't believe Joe actually witnessed him being shot.
It was unavoidable, I'm afraid.
We'll arrange for counselling - for Joe and for any other family member.
It's been really hard for you.
For all of you.
But it's over now.
We're going home.
Sam and Louisa are taking Joe up to bed.
He was falling asleep in his soup.
That'll be the shock.
The adrenaline.
Thank you.
What happened to you? You could see the kid was safe.
I had no idea what Collersdale was gonna do next, so ~ He wasn't even armed.
~ I didn't know that at the time.
So you didn't know the facts, but even though a nine-year-old child was .
less than a metre from him, you still give the order? Collersdale was responsible for the murder of two innocent people.
Oh, yeah, so he got what he deserved? I assessed the danger.
~ I made a decision.
~ The wrong one.
I didn't want to see you get hurt again.
I made sure of that.
~ Is this yours? ~ That's mine, yep.
Which is? Is that yours? Gemma's last messages will be on here, won't they? Yeah.
Why don't we do that later? Come on.
I think you'd make a great mum.
And Robert.
You've just both got a way about you.
Thank you.
You all right? Joe? You gonna say goodbye to Katy? You take care of yourself.
All right? Bye.
Thank you.
~ See you later.
~ Yeah.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Mark, I need to talk to you.
I've been looking through Jimmy Metcalfe's file.
There are questions that need answering.
~ Why won't you pick up? ~ No more messages.
~ Bye, Robert.
Thank you.
~ Bye.
It's yours.
It's a present.
Do you not want it? You said it hurt.
When it hit you.
Do you think it hurt my dad? Yes.
But he's not hurting any more.
You can come back whenever you want, you know.
Swim the lake Come on, Joe.
~ See ya, mate.
~ See ya.
Thank you.
Thanks for everything.
Good luck.
I hope you get what you want.
You and Katy did a great job on the family.
I'll make sure the authorities hear.
I'm gonna see Eddie Reynolds.
What do you hope to get from that? I don't I don't think you should go.
If you talk to Reynolds now, that's gonna compromise our position.
Our position? I just want the truth.
You think you'll get that from him? Well, we'll see.
Thanks for calling me back.
We're thinking of reopening the case.
I understand you served with the late Jimmy Metcalfe in Belfast.
I'd like to ask you a few more questions about him.
No! You lot must be shitting bricks.
Whole lot of you.
~ I'm not here on behalf of the police.
~ I know.
Left under a bit of a cloud, didn't you? We've got a lot in common, you and me.
We both want to know who was responsible for Susan's death.
You tried to save her life, so I know it wasn't you.
But you know it wasn't me.
How did Jimmy Metcalfe know we were there? I've never met Jimmy Metcalfe, so either someone tipped him off or he followed you.
~ No.
~ You clearly weren't watching when you left the building, so maybe you weren't watching when you were driving there.
~ Too busy looking at my wife? ~ He didn't follow me there.
Would you say that Susan was the type of woman who liked being by herself? ~ No.
~ So how did she strike you, then, as a person? She was vulnerable.
So it seems to me that she couldn't have been doing what she was about to do - give evidence against me - without somebody's help.
~ She never said anything about somebody else.
~ That's because it was a copper.
~ Are you saying she was having an affair? ~ With a copper.
How else would you turn someone like Susan? I know every police officer that Hand on heart, you're telling me that you trust all of them with your life? Yeah.
So what are you doing here? The one person I trusted.
The one person I knew would never ever turn against me .
was Susan.
It's the ones you love the most, the ones you trust, the ones you let get so close you stop seeing them.
~ I'm coming to see you.
~ Why? ~ We've got stuff to sort out.
~ Have we? Yes, we do.
You owe me that, Katy.
Mark, I don't want to see you.
Reynolds says Susan was having an affair with a copper.
~ Do you believe him? ~ Yeah.
Right After leaving the Army, Jimmy Metcalfe became a shooting instructor, at a club near Hendon.
~ The same shooting club as ~ Mark.
We need to find him.
Question him.
I've got to go home.
I'll call you.
Katy? Katy.
What are you doing here? Robert never listens to me.
He's always so certain about what's right and wrong.
There's a line.
You never cross it.
You and me .
we know that sometimes you have to cross the line, or nothing ever gets done.
Stop trying to control us.
I wish I'd never let you back into our lives.
You know me .
better than anyone.
~ We came from the same place.
~ What do you want? I need to tell you what happened.
How it happened.
I fell in love.
I didn't think it could be like that.
I didn't think I was capable.
She turned my world upside down, Katy.
Three months we were We were together for three months.
Who? Susan.
Susan Reynolds.
And then I gave her to Robert and she just she just changed her mind.
Was it you? She used me.
We had a whole life planned out.
~ You had her killed, didn't you? ~ Yeah, I had no choice.
~ What do you want? ~ You understand me, Katy.
So you can talk to Robert ~ No.
~ Yes.
You tell him what I've done for you.
~ No! Just go.
~ Go? If I go, who's gonna protect you? Just fucking go.
Why? Just tell me why.
I clean up my own mess.
That's my law.
You've never understood that.
It was him or me.
What? You'd rather Eddie Reynolds walks and I go to jail? ~ That piece of shit? ~ And what about Susan? ~ Got in the way.
~ No, I got in the way.
She got killed by you.
An innocent woman.
She was gonna betray me.
You had an affair with her.
Didn't you? Then she rejected you and you couldn't take it.
She wasn't gonna testify.
She was gonna expose me.
Reynolds would have gone free.
The case would have collapsed.
So you paid Jimmy Metcalfe to kill her? You killed her because you couldn't have her.
I gave her to you, Robert, to look after, and within, what weeks .
you turned her against me.
You took her from me.
Just like you took Katy from me.
She was mine and you screwed her.
Because that's what you do.
You suck them in with your righteousness What are you doing, Robert? Gonna get me arrested? Yeah.
Becky, I want to report a crime.
Always doing the right thing.
Always a hero.
I've made it easy for you, like I always do.
Now, you walk home to that nice, clean life I gave you, and you ask Katy what's right and what's wrong.
He's still on the run.
Do you think Susan loved him? I don't know.
I think she knew Reynolds would never let her go.
He'd never let her and Mark be together.
She ended the affair to protect Mark.
It's just you and me now.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Mark, where are you? You know you're not helping yourself.
I've been to your flat.
Look, I've found your old files.
The photo of you and Katy.
What's going on, Mark? Call me back.