Sahsiyet (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Munir? Munir? Where are you, my boy? Munir? Munir? Munir? Come on boy, it's time for breakfast.
Where are you? Munir! Where are you, sir? Munir? Have you gone to a vacation or something? No.
- So Munir has never been alone? - No.
You haven't delayed his treatment? No, I was giving him the cat food you gave me for his - Acute kidney failure.
- Yes.
Did he die because of that? Because of acute kidney failure.
Not just that.
The cat has also been dehydrated.
How? MUNIR - MY LOVELY CA Man, what are we going to do with her? She's been here for six months and they are still talking about Nevra.
You are bothered because you couldn't sleep with her.
Fuck off.
What the fuck are you talking about? How many of my classmates is crazy about coming here, do you know? She literally came here out of nowhere.
Do you know why? Because she is a woman.
They called it positive discrimination.
What part of this is positive? There are many strong men out there.
But for them it's necessary to put Nevra into the spotlight.
Nevra, Nevra.
Fuck that thing called 'human resources'.
What does it have to do with that? Let's say you're out there with Nevra.
Would you trust Nevra? Could you trust her? I would trust more if it was a man holding the gun.
- At least it would be clear what he'd do.
- See.
She can get the fuck out of here.
But she shouldn't go without a fuck.
Nurten, could you schedule an appointment for next week, please? Agah Beyoglu.
Now First thing we should do is to inform your family.
They have to know about this first.
Your wife had passed away.
It's been 10 years.
You have a daughter.
Yes, but she's not here, she's living abroad.
Doesn't matter, you should inform her.
She may even call me, I would like to talk to her.
Are we clear? Yes.
Bon appetit.
I was thinking if we should redo the test, in case the results are wrong.
I knew a guy named Necmi.
- They said he had cancer but then - I know.
I know.
It's hard to accept.
But the results are clear.
So are the symptoms.
For me, there is no doubt in this diagnosis, Agah.
You have early stage Alzheimer's.
Yes, Dad? Honey.
Dad, I can't do it.
I can't bear this anymore.
What happened? I'll call the Chief Inspector.
Dad, I'm not a kid.
I don't want you to call anyone.
Then why did you call me? Daughter? Dau But doctor, I remember everything.
People forget things when they have Alzheimer's.
I worked at the courthouse for 27 years.
If I went there now I'd remember where every file is.
You are in the early stages.
Ask me then, anything.
My anniversary, friends' phone numbers I know them by heart.
My friends used to call me I was like a phone book.
Back then we couldn't save the numbers so I memorized them.
You forgot to give water to your cat.
You forgot to feed him.
He starved to death.
How could I do that? How? Poor Munir.
Look, this is an early diagnosis.
This will be of tremendous help for the treatment.
We have patients that lived 20 years after the diagnosis.
So rest assured.
Lived 20 years but do they remember what they lived? Alzheimer's directly affects memory.
It's one of the main reasons for dementia.
But we will do all we can to stall this and to keep your mind alive.
But sooner or later, I will forget things, right? Don't think about this now.
All my memories, experiences will be erased, they will go away.
What will happen to me? I mean Phone numbers aren't that important.
But what will happen to my personality? Wouldn't it be erased too? I will forget what kind of man I am.
You are alive but you don't exist.
How can someone endure this? You may put this in your pocket.
I'll check the sound, say something, please.
- What should I say? Hi.
- You can count the days of the week.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Tuesday, Wednesday.
Thursday, Friday.
That should do.
Let's get started.
I'll start with a basic question.
How does it feel to be the only woman working in an homicide bureau with 140 staff members? How does it feel? Of course it's amazing.
I feel very privileged.
First of all, all of us here are part of the homicide bureau.
It's impossible to see anything like gender discrimination or any other sexist approaches in this institution.
Instead of any problems, my friends are supporting me so much.
Which also means another responsibility for me.
I am trying to do my best to be worthy of their support.
- You studied public administration, right? - Yes.
You even worked as a manager in private sector but then you decided to enroll at the police academy.
Why did you decide to become a police officer? I always thought about it because The greatest man I know was a policeman My father.
Who is currently retired.
You start to understand things as you grow.
We barely saw our father.
Maybe at the weekends, just for a day.
I used to resent him.
I used to tell him that he cares about other people more.
It seems that my father's job is to care about other people.
And he ingrained this concept in me so much that I don't know how to live any other way.
I actually repeat this in every interview but being a police officer is not a job for me, never has been.
There is a concept called goodness.
For me, being a police officer means being a part of that goodness.
That's my purpose To become a good person Deva! Deva, answer me! Where were you last night? Deva, answer me! - Yes? - Zuhal, hello my dear.
Wait a minute.
Tell me where were you last night.
Look at me! Where are you going? Come with me then.
You're not going! Deva, I'll fuck you up! Deva! Yes? My dear, is this a bad time? Did I wake you up? What time is it there? No, we are awake.
It's morning here.
Is something wrong? Do I need a reason to call my daughter? I don't remember the last time you called.
I'm the one who always calls.
- How is Deva? - Deva is making me crazy! Deva doesn't listen to me, we can't even talk Dad, did you take the vitamins I sent you? I did, thank you.
But don't take them in high doses, they may cause diabetes.
You take one.
And keep taking for three months Take them for three months then stop taking for a month.
Then you take them for another three months.
Don't ignore it.
You didn't listen either.
What? You didn't listen to us when you were young either.
Is that so? How would you know? How would you know? Deva is 16 years old.
When I was 16, it was my fifth year on boarding school.
Remember that you sent me away? Were you with me? Was my mother there? How would you know if I had listened someone or not? Did you know what I was doing? Do you know what I'm doing right now? No! What can I do, my dear.
You ran away to the other side of the world, to Australia.
Dad, I'm getting a divorce.
Do you have any idea about this? Dad, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
I am very upset.
I'm sorry, please forgive me.
Were you going to say something? Were you I propose a toast for Nevra.
Different interviews, every week.
Finally, one of us is famous.
- Don't be silly, I'm not famous.
- Oh, wait, what was it? To Nevra Who reassures friends and awes foes.
To Nevra the po-po! - What do you mean by po-po? - She said po-po.
They say that in the movies all the time.
I've always wanted to say po-po.
Nice, are you finished? May I drink now? All jokes aside, Nevra, why did you become a police officer? What do you mean 'why'? It's a simple question.
Why did you become a fascist? What are you saying? Are you a troll? Are you drunk? Hang on, I am curious.
We meet very rarely and you say these things.
You are actually asking me this Why didn't I get into an insurance company? Why I am not in the ministry of finance? Why I am not a banker? Why I didn't act like a revolutionist in college and then marry a rich guy and sit on my ass all day without working, like you? Here is my answer I didn't want to.
I wanted to do I wanted to do something Something real.
What is that? It's a simple question.
Why did you become a fascist? I'm just kidding.
She's offended.
She was like that in college too.
Come on.
To reuniting after all these years.
To this beautiful night.
Mumtaz! Agah, I'm here - Come, Agah.
Come here.
- Excuse me.
That's why I don't come here.
The crowd, the drunks, the noise Bums in my apartment are enough for me and you brought me here.
You are used to this Agah.
I'm not.
I couldn't get used to them.
How long have you lived here? If you don't want to live here, sell your apartments and move away.
I won't go! My last name is Beyoglu, they'll go.
- You will.
- I won't.
- You will brother! - I won't go away.
I won't.
It's been so long since I saw you, Agah.
If I hadn't called you, we were never going to meet.
What's wrong man? Is there someone in your life? Are you dating someone? Are you ignoring us? I'm not ignoring, I just don't have time.
Fuck off.
In our age, time is all we have.
You are a joke.
Don't become introverted.
I can come and take you to Bosphorus in mornings.
Come here.
- Yes, sir.
- Taste this.
- Does it taste bad? - Just taste it.
I can tell the cook to prepare another for you.
Why? You didn't like it.
I didn't say that.
I said 'taste this'.
Why are you bothering him? He's offering a new one.
That's not the point.
People don't listen to each other.
Maybe it tastes good and I don't get it.
Just go back to work.
Come on.
- Go.
- No! You surprised me.
Our peaceful, sweet Agah scolding the waiter.
I can't believe it.
That's not the point.
People don't listen to each other properly.
Automatic answers without waiting.
Everything is automated now, and they say we can't get along.
Don't get mad, okay.
Let's eat and go, we'll go somewhere else.
I shouldn't come, it's late.
That's the automatic answer.
It's not late, it's 8:30 pm.
Muazzez also asked to see you.
She told me to bring you with me.
Our friends organized an event that we should Where did that event come out from? For god's sake! We're going.
That's it.
My prostate destroyed me.
Destroyed me, made me miserable.
What am I doing here? Just hang on, I'll introduce you to someone.
So is that why you brought me here? Did you set a trap for me? That's Nukhet.
And this is my friend I told you about, Agah.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Nukhet has been taking tango lessons and I told her that there is a tango master here.
Come on You wouldn't mind teaching Nukhet a thing or two, right? It would be my pleasure.
So They're doing a great job, aren't they? Yeah but, what's with us? You are confused again, why don't you drink something? No, I don't want to.
I don't want to be like them.
They will be drunk soon.
They will embarrass themselves.
And they will regret everything when they wake up.
Why would they regret? They'll just get drunk.
They won't remember anything in the morning.
How nice.
Since I won't remember, I can do anything I want, is that so? Exactly.
How nice.
I won't remember, so I can do anything.
Won't they wake up in the morning? You're obsessed with this again, Agah.
Mumtaz! Eat one's heart out Interesting sentence.
That's conscience.
It can eat your heart out, literally.
Forgetting forever.
Forgetting that you are forgetting.
Yes, that's it.
I will forget everything.
I won't remember anything.
To Agah.
I'm not forgetting.
One more please.
Agah! Are you leaving? I had an emergency.
You can call me whenever you want.
I am very glad to meet you.
So am I.
Have a good night.
I accept the murder but there was no rape.
INTERROGATION CAMERA She is not the only fish in the sea.
- All the girls love me.
- Is that so? - They melt with my one look.
- Really? For example, that woman.
Which woman? That police woman.
- She was running after me - Is that so? Told me to stop.
She pulled her gun and I stopped.
Then I turned and looked at her.
- Do you know what happened? - What? - She looked like she literally melted.
- Really? So, guys TOLGA YAZGAN CHIEF INSPECTOR This incident stays in this room.
- Is that clear? - It is clear, Chief.
Firuz? What? Yeah, it is Chief.
Guys Do you think I don't know about your messing with Nevra? No one will mess with Nevra from now on! Is that clear? And you will be working on documentation in administration.
No more field duties.
Guys, we are done.
Why are you still here? Go.
CERTIFICATE "Not Responsible" by Tom Jones.
CRIMINAL RECORDS Your daughter hasn't called yet.
She's very busy, but I told her.
What did she say? - She'll come here soon.
- Nice.
Are you taking your medicines? - Yes.
- Nice.
Recently Last week Have you gotten angry for no reason? Something like a tantrum.
- Not really.
- Nice.
I'm asking this because this tantrum may occur any time.
You may feel insecure.
You may be sensitive about something that you haven't cared about before.
These things may happen.
If something like this happens, take a note.
Have you started doing your homework? Have you started taking notes? MY NAMES IS AGAH BEYOGLU.
- I'm taking notes, yes.
- Very good.
Okay, what about physical activities? You were going to walk.
You should make an effort, I said simple sports may also do.
Yes, I am doing those things.
- I'm very active nowadays.
- Very good.
Okay, let's talk about mental activities.
We should activate your brain neurons that have never worked until now.
How will we do that? For example One of my patients was familiar with Latin languages.
And she started learning Japanese.
And she benefited a lot from it.
You want me to learn Japanese? No.
Everyone has a different interest.
There must be something that you always wanted to do but you couldn't.
There are many things I want to do.
That's it, very good.
Look, whatever it is, however it is done You will start doing it with utmost planning.
Look, planning is the key word here.
You should have daily, weekly, monthly plans.
You should check if you are following those plans accordingly.
You won't cut corners.
You'll make it complicated.
You'll detail it.
Let's assume that you'll water a plant.
You'll spray every leaf of that plant, one by one, patiently.
You should enjoy what you're doing.
Agah, you'll do that in such an impeccable way that the plant won't be able to tell if it's raining or you're watering it.
Are we clear? - We are clear.
- Nice.
Very nice.
Okay, now tell me How have you been feeling lately? I've never felt so good.
- What? - You are a mechanic, so you should know.
Why are mechanics always late? What? Our elevator mechanic for instance, we waited for so long but he didn't come.
Then he came, but he was late.
Who are you, what are you saying? Are we going to wait for mechanics our whole lives? - Go away, it's so late - No, I was going to say that You Hey, what are you doing? Why are you going in? Just a sec You are going to write these down on computer.
Good morning to you too.
TO THE MINISTRY OF INTERIOR AFFAIRS Come in! What's this? My resignation, sir.
Really, I didn't get it I can see that.
I am asking why.
I have to do that It's because of personal reasons.
You'll put it in process.
I haven't had my coffee yet.
I'm not awake yet.
Do you know what I'll do? I'll take your resignation and put it in my drawer.
And I'll give you five days off.
Go home, get some rest, think this through, and if you still want to resign after five days, I'll accept it.
I'll put your paper in process.
Okay? - But, Chief - Nevra! Did you know that it was me who wanted you here at the bureau? I chose you from 50 girls.
It wasn't because your father was a cop.
Do you know why? Because among those 50, it was only you determined to be a cop although you had a bright future in your job.
I told myself that she was crazy and I needed someone crazy here.
Go home and think.
Yes? Turn it down! She's driving me crazy.
She got crazy now she's making me crazy.
How can I help you? I'm Agah, Agah Beyoglu, from the courthouse.
- From the secretary.
- Yes.
It has been years I was thinking that you somehow look familiar.
I never forget a face that I saw.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- Come, come in.
- Thank you.
We were just having dinner.
- Are you hungry? I can prepare for - No, thank you.
I'm sorry, it's a bit messy.
There was a girl cleaning the house but she ran away because of her.
Everyone runs away.
Who would tolerate this? Why don't you take your coat off? No thanks, I caught a cold.
- Get well soon.
- Thanks.
It's been 20 years, right? I guess so.
Do you remember Agah? When I was working on archives.
Celal from assize court recommended Agah, God bless him.
- He died too - Really, may he rest in peace.
He went there every weekend.
- Was it Kambura? - Yes, it was Kambura.
Agah was working at the secretariat at Kambura Courthouse.
You opened many files for me right? We went there with you once.
We ate trout near the river, remember? - She's been like this for four years.
- What's wrong with her? It's bad, Agah, bad.
She has Alzheimer's.
Get well soon.
She won't get well.
Look at her.
She wasn't someone to be like this.
She's ruined.
She ruined us too.
Our daughter is living in Madrid.
We went to visit her.
We watched a flamenco show there.
All these things are from there.
How do they say Feza's only connection to life is these.
I don't know why, her memory only kept these.
Otherwise she neither knows me nor our girl.
Come on.
I take care of everything.
I even clean her bottom.
Like I can take care after myself.
So, Agah.
- Are you retired? - Yes.
What was your wife's name? Mebrure.
She passed away too.
May she rest in peace.
Thank you.
So Agah, why did you come here? How did you find this place? We thought weather is better on this side.
It's also far away from the crowds.
May I use the bathroom if you don't mind? I've come a long way.
Yes, sure.
I have the same problem.
My bladder and all are sagged Look, it's over there.
Come on, drink.
Drink it woman! - Drink it, come on! - Excuse me.
Do you have farsighted glasses? Yes, over there.
- It's on the shelf.
- Thanks, I forgot mine.
I'm running out of patience, just take one sip! Come on, at least take one sip.
So Agah, what are you doing around here? I had work to do.
If there is something we can do, just say it.
Don't be shy.
Yes, of course.
I will.
I was nine years old.
The year was 1961.
My mom had baked a cake for my birthday.
That was the first time.
I made a wish blowing out candles.
My wish was this Back then, Yuri Gagarin was going to be the first man going to space.
And I wished he would take me with him.
I believed so much that my wish will come true, I prepared a bag and started waiting.
I thought they will come from The Soviet Embassy to get me.
But I was hearing that they were communists.
People were saying "Careful, they are communists.
" I said then I'll be one too.
During that time college students were staying on the first floor.
My mom was calling them communists too and I knew they had hidden books in our cellar.
I went there and stole one.
Poems of Nazim Hikmet.
I found the shortest one and memorized it.
I thought if the Russians came, I'd read this poem to them and they'd think I was one of them and take me.
Chief? Anyways The date was April 12th.
The space shuttle was going to be launched.
But no one had come for me.
I thought they forgot about me.
The shuttle was launched.
Everyone was praying for the shuttle to go through the atmosphere.
Only I was praying for it to return half way around to take me.
And maybe the Americans were praying for Vostok to not go into the space.
All day long, near the radio, I read that poem silently.
My head is a foamy cloud.
My inside and outside is a sea.
I'm a walnut tree in Gulhane Park.
An old walnut tree.
With long branches and pieces.
Neither you are aware of this nor is the police.
Whenever I read this poem I feel like I go to space.
I am 65 years old now.
I made a wish again, just like a child.
An impossible wish, of course.
Do you know what I wished for? To become a good person.
Dad, I guess you are sleeping.
It's over, I can't tolerate this man no more.
We are moving back to Istanbul.
We are coming together with Deva.
I'll call you later.
Good night.