Sahsiyet (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

1 Remember Why did he kill them? Who are they? They have 80 priors between them.
They're not connected to Kambura, though.
No fingerprints, either.
But CCTV caught the crime.
Let me guess.
Cat costume.
Here's your mafia.
PERSONAL TONIGHT, A STAR FELL FROM THE SKY I MADE A WISH One day, when I was on night duty, a man came to see me.
I remember every word he said to me.
"You're going to forget about what happened.
" "Or you'll disappear," he said.
Hamza Kaymak, right? His photos will be everywhere in half an hour.
Hamza is going to tell them everything he knows.
It can't be helped.
You're going to tell them what you know as well, Vural.
Without forgetting about Ufuk.
Take a seat, Vural.
Hello again.
You told me to come see you if I needed anything.
Would you kindly die for me? Firuz, this won't get me in trouble, right? What did you find? I found some blood on the crime scene that didn't belong to the victim.
It probably belongs to the killer.
-Is this the DNA report? -Yes.
You think being involved with my daughter makes you immortal? If I'm not spilling your blood for now, who would you like to take your place? How about your blood brother? That works, right? That works beautifully.
Isn't that the corpse from the forest? Reply to them.
Let's see who they are.
You know what I wished for? To be a good person.
But She remembers everything.
Good morning to you, Agah.
No killing anyone today, deal? Today, we're going to go We're going to watch Cemil's show No off-hours work today.
And we're going to see Feza.
No, that's tomorrow.
Feza is tomorrow.
Sleep, wake, visit Feza.
No, don't do it.
Go get a seat on the front row.
You ready? Go on, shoot.
The last one was pure luck.
Come on! I was a goalie for many years.
I even played for FC Sishane.
-I'm shooting the ball.
-Go on.
-Goal! -Out! -How's that out! -That was a goal.
You need glasses! No, the post is from here to there.
That was out! Son! How many times have I told you not to play soccer here? Take your ball and play somewhere else! He's right.
So disrespectful! -You can't play soccer here! -That was a goal! -That was a goal! -Like hell it was.
It was out.
-Dad? -Zuhal? I didn't realize you were here.
I came with Cemil.
-Did you know Tayfun? -Of course.
Back from Kambura.
Cemil was devastated, dad.
He's grief-stricken.
-I can imagine.
-He's devastated.
I can imagine.
They were like brothers.
-I should go give my condolences.
I'll see you at home tonight.
-You still remember how to get home? -Do you? The ballistics report came today.
The bastard blew up the greenhouse using a timed C4 blast.
Not a simple C4.
A timed one! He has an armory or something.
He could start a war tomorrow.
I have something else to tell you.
I was in a meeting today.
The prosecutor general and the police commissioner wanted me to pay a visit.
Unless I make an arrest within one week, we're done.
I'll be the first to go.
Then, just so you don't get offended, you two will be fired as well.
This is our last shot.
We have to find something.
If we can't, they'll boot us and bring in someone who can.
I should ask you if that's clear, but you're pretty bright, so no need.
My condolences My condolences -Oh dear Cemil, my condolences -Agah What am I to do now? He was such an angel.
-Come stand by me.
-Stay strong, son.
Stay strong.
-Can't stand against fate.
-Thank you.
-I told him so many times.
What are you doing, running greenhouses in the middle of nowhere? -Come on, work with me.
-Thank you.
I begged him to accept, but he wouldn't.
Money meant nothing to him.
Such a dirty world we live in.
Stay strong, son.
Can't stand against fate.
What fate? They blew up a florist using a bomb.
-Thank you.
-You see that casket? It's empty.
They couldn't find his corpse.
It was blown to bits.
Get a hold of yourself, Cemil.
Whoever did it is bound to get caught.
No I'll find him.
And when I do, that son of a bitch will Hush! Cemil, we're in a mosque.
Don't sin.
Agah That bastard stabbed me in the heart.
-How did you know the departed? -He was a good man.
-How did you know the departed? -He was a good man.
-Do you give him your blessing? -We do.
-Do you give him your blessing? -We do.
-Do you give him your blessing? -We do.
Al-Fatiha! This girl, the girl Tayyar raped What are you thinking? What did Vural say? The fireman, what was his name? Halis.
-He's dead, right? -Yes? -He knew about what happened.
-If Vural's telling the truth.
So Halis tampered with the report to protect Ufuk.
So he knew about the girl.
Ufuk must've told him.
I'm wracking my brain Ufuk came to us of his own volition.
He wanted to tell us everything.
-Why didn't he ever mention that girl? -You saw how he was.
How can we know what's going through Ufuk's mind? Anyway.
Let's get back to how Halis knows about the girl.
Either Ufuk told him, or he'd heard it somewhere else.
-Kambura is a small place, after all.
-Yes Alright.
If Halis knew Why wouldn't anyone else know? What if they What if they all knew about the rape, but didn't say or do anything? The girl is speaking to me.
See what she's saying? Save me, Nevra.
I MET A GIRL TODAY HER NAME IS NEVRA YILMAZ I TRUST ONLY HER BECAUSE NEVRA GETS ME She's been speaking to me through him this whole time.
All of it.
So Tayyar Raped this girl.
He raped her ten years ago.
He threatened and scared her somehow.
She didn't want to come forward.
So all these murders are revenge for that girl.
If we find the girl, we will have found him.
Whoever's committing the murders is someone who knows the girl.
Just as Ufuk killed the rapist He's killing all the people who stood by and did nothing.
-So they're the silent perpetrators.
We need to find her.
We should go to Kambura immediately.
And do what? Get on the PA system and ask the whole town whom Tayyar raped? No, not like that.
But if we assume that she was a young girl ten years ago, I'm going to gather all women between the ages of 25 and 50 in the county and talk to them.
Do you think it will work? Do you have any other suggestions? Agah? Agah! Taci? I thought I knew you when I saw you at a distance.
-Years go by so fast, huh, Agah? -Yes.
They do.
Do you have some time? Let's go sit somewhere.
-No, I wasn't going to -Wasn't going to what? -I have an appointment.
-With whom? With myself.
Come on.
I've found you again after all these years.
I'm not letting go.
I'm having a terrible day as it is.
It's about Tayfun He was so young.
-Cemil's devastated, of course.
-I know.
Devastated, yes.
Curse the bastard that did it! Come on, don't play hard to get.
We can take my car.
My car's right over there.
Son, bring my car over.
-Sure, if you really want to.
-Let's go.
-When one's time has come -Excuse me? My bag's in the car.
I should go fetch it.
Deren Koroğlu I MET A GIRL TODAY As the founding members of the Dog Slayer Fan Club We formally accept you into our ranks.
Welcome, all of you.
Keeping true to tradition, we're going to celebrate with some Dog Slayer.
A few Dog Slayers, in fact.
-Arda, right? -Yes.
It's really strange It's a really weird coincidence.
You're strolling through the forest, looking to take some footage.
And what do you know, you run into a corpse.
That's exactly what happened.
We were really surprised, as well.
It's really hard to get hold of a body.
-We found one hanging from a tree.
-They apparently grow on trees, right? Alright, then.
Cheers to Dog Slayer.
So? What do we do now? Art.
-What's this? -Tomorrow's article.
You think this is why I called you over? I have something else to ask you.
Like what? Like are you alright? I'm fine, thank you.
We can cover you if you need some vacation time.
No I'm serious.
We're doing alright.
The tourism agencies keep calling us, asking us to send someone on vacation.
It's advertising for them.
You can take a few days off.
Take in the sights, have some delicious food.
And when you come back, write about it.
It will do you good, won't it? -I'm already good.
-You're already good? Are you now? What's this then? What's this you wrote? Look at this.
Fake fire brigade reports.
Fake health bills.
Heavy penal court judges taking bribes.
And that's not the half of it.
It goes on and on.
I'll read out some.
Where was that? Here.
"Perhaps, including the civilian administrative chief, every single prominent person in the county knew about the incident.
Which is why this doesn't concern only Kambura.
If there is a crime, and if that crime was whitewashed, this concerns the whole country.
And if that crime is the killing of a family of seven in a fire, we were all burned in that fire.
We just don't realize it.
" What happened to you, son? What do you mean? I'm doing my job.
-You used to write such pretty things.
I used to write about shit that didn't matter.
Listen, Ates.
I can't publish this article.
I know what will happen to me if I chose to publish this article.
I'll get 40 phone calls within the minute.
Forgive me, but I don't have time for that.
Then You forgive me as well.
Look, Ates I'll put it in terms you'll understand.
If you insist on getting this article published, you can no longer work for this paper.
You got that? I never worked for this paper.
I'm just now starting to work here.
I haven't done any real work in years.
But we're not in the same industry.
That's why I bid you good luck -And lots of profit! -Ates! Ates! Ates, get back here! Enjoy your day, guys.
-Hello? -Hello? -Nevra, I just resigned.
How does it feel? Like I'm myself.
I'm feeling like myself for the first time in a long while.
I'm happy to hear that.
-Can I call you back later? -Sure.
Finally! It will do you good, Ates! We sent word to every house.
But some of them are at work, -All the others are inside.
Thank you.
-Did you put the board up? -Yes.
All you're achieving right now is scaring those people, and that's it.
We'll ask the men to leave.
They'll leave us alone in here.
Woman to woman.
-But I'd like to -We'll be fast.
Don't worry.
Come on, let's have some tea together.
I'm buying.
Come on.
My name is Nevra.
Nevra Yılmaz.
We know who you are.
We've been watching you on TV.
Then you also should know that I lived here for a short while.
You could say I'm a Kamburan, in a way.
I'd like you to share everything I say here today with your friends at home.
-Is that a deal? -Sure, we'll tell them.
But I have food cooking at home.
Whatever it is, make it quick.
I'd like you to take out your phones and save this number to your contacts.
You can call this number 24/7, whenever you want.
Go on.
We have food cooking at home.
We wouldn't want them to get burnt.
Do you have it? Save it as Nevra the Cop.
Ladies Today, or yesterday, or a year ago Or some day in the past, no matter when.
If you've been harassed or raped, please call this number.
I'll be the only one who answers the phone, and I'll be the only one who'll know who's called.
I give you my word as a woman.
What if they do call? What will you do about it? Whatever the caller wants me to.
Not more, not less.
Are you sick? Caught a cold or something? Yes.
I'll tell you about it some time.
-So? You live here now? -Yeah.
No more home.
This is my home.
Isn't it hard? Sometimes, sure.
But it's automatic.
Everything here's automatic.
Automatic Press a button, and it goes.
Press a button, and it stops.
The boys keep asking me "Dad, what do you do all alone out at sea?" They're concerned.
Concerned that I might die.
-I'm sick of people.
-You don't say.
What? You used to want people around all the time.
Didn't you? You would ask us to picnic on weekends.
You wouldn't let it go.
I did.
It's been so long.
I'm so old now, Agah.
I learned only one thing in this life.
You know what that is? Keep away from people.
Yeah? Why? Either they'll hurt you, or you'll hurt them.
Two people coming together is like smashing two eggs together.
One of them is bound to get smashed.
You know why I wanted to talk to you today, Agah? -You know the killer? -What killer? The one who killed Tayfun.
He shot lots of people around here, as well.
I overheard them talking at the funeral.
That's when I was reminded of it.
That's also when I ran into you.
You worked at courthouses for years.
You must still have some connections.
People with priors.
I thought maybe Maybe what, Taci? Could you find me a killer, Agah? Excuse me? A killer.
A killer.
For you.
What do you mean, they gathered up the women? What does she want? She's supposedly going to find the girl that Tayyar raped.
Oh God! Alright, you hold tight.
I'll think of something.
Are they gone now? Nevra and the others? They're gone.
They stopped by the burnt-down house.
Took some more photos.
What are they looking for at that house? Vural Tear it down.
Get a bulldozer today.
Tear the house down.
Bury the rubble.
I don't want them getting anything out of that house.
Level the place.
You got that? Of course.
Forgive me, Zuhal.
They come to me with the most ridiculous questions.
You know how I feel sometimes? As though they loaded the whole world on my back, and they keep telling me to get a move on.
Throw off your burden, then.
Throw it off and be free.
How am I supposed to do that? I live in that world also.
Leave some of it for me, then.
Let me carry some of it.
You're already carrying me.
That's more than enough.
I get it now.
You get what? Why my dad loves you so much.
So? You're going to die, huh? I'm going to die, alright But it's proving to be very painful.
It's a prick of an illness.
It's seen predominantly in Turkish people.
I wonder why.
There are these pockets of air in the lungs.
Little stones form inside them.
Like grains of sand.
What's it called? Alveolar Microlithiasis.
I see.
It's seen in Turkish people, but the name's not in Turkish.
Well That's why, Agah I want to die.
I can't take it anymore.
I have my wits about me still.
My arms and legs still work.
I want to go while I still have all that.
I can't kill myself.
I tried.
I tried time and again.
But life grabs you so tightly that it's impossible to get free.
Life Wraps itself around your neck.
I'd like someone to come Put a bullet in my spine, and set me free.
You're right I always loved this side of yours.
You used to say that if you studied law, you would want to become neither prosecutor, nor judge, nor lawyer.
-I'd like to become a notary.
-Yes! Being a notary is perfect for you.
This is what being a notary is like.
A notary doesn't ask questions.
He doesn't judge you He bears witness, puts down his seal, then turns around and leaves.
So, Agah? Is there someone who'd kill me? Could you find me someone? How are you doing? You can imagine.
Any news? -No.
-What do you mean, no? Not one fucking change.
They made a mistake with the list.
The heart was compatible with someone else.
How's the little Sefa doing? As you can see.
He's tired.
I didn't want to wake him up.
-It was so funny the other day.
-What was? The boys at the station were having a ball.
Come on, not you! What do you mean, "around 5.
11 in height"? Not 6 feet.
I could tell from your voice.
You were in a panic for letting him get a way.
How could I not be? It happened again after all these years.
It says 5.
11 in his report.
Not around 5.
11, 5.
11 exactly.
But I was more concerned about your situation.
"I let him get away again," I thought.
"There has to be someone helping him.
" Another gunfight will break out.
Shots will be fired yet again.
I was terrified.
-I sometimes wish you'd left me there.
-Stop talking nonsense.
I'm serious.
I wish you'd leave me there so I could fucking die.
You jumped into the fray.
I was out of bullets.
They were about to put one in my head.
You arrived just like Superman.
You should have asked.
"Do you want to live?" "Should I save your life?" -Like my life's worth anything.
-Of course it is.
You got married.
Had a beautiful boy.
He's in there as we speak.
Gave him Sefa as a name.
My boy.
Then your wife couldn't stand you and ran away.
And you started hating all women.
Your life was fucked.
What else could you ask for? -As though yours wasn't.
-We're talking about you for now.
Don't you have a home or something? Go home.
I do.
I do have a home, but there's no one in it.
You took that one girl home.
We did it on the floor.
It doesn't count.
Esin? What is it, Vural? -Blown tyre again? -No, it's not that.
I was told you were given something for safekeeping.
Safekeeping? You know how they're tearing the house down? You took something from the house.
What did you take? Have you completely lost it? Is that why you came all the way here? Nothing will come out of that house.
It's all headed underground.
Who says? Cemil? Tell hi to Cemil for me.
Give back what you took and we'll throw it out for you.
Sadi? What are you doing, son? I'll tell your mom! Give it back! -Come on, don't make this any harder.
-Vural, stop snooping! -Stop going through my stuff! -Give back whatever it is you took.
You're making a big mistake.
Get out of my car! Auntie, what are you doing? Auntie! Auntie! Auntie, what are you doing? I told you, you were making a big mistake.
You're going to break my neck! You'll be just fine.
What did I tell you? -I told you to get lost! -Take it down.
I'm begging you! Do you think we're children? Do you think this is all a game? -I'm asking you nicely.
-You can stop asking.
Let's start moving.
-Auntie! Let me go! -You're strangling me! -Auntie, let me go! -Auntie, let us go! I'm begging you! Bastards! Now get the fuck out of my face.
You'll pay for that, Nesrin.
You'll pay for that! Move, you idiot! That's what you get, little shits! I must've dozed off, Nesrin.
They're tearing down the house you threw a stone at.
They're leveling it.
It'll all be gone by tomorrow.
But Everyone will forget about it anyway.
I wanted you to know.
If, after all these years, your conscience is plaguing you for throwing that stone I went there And I brought you that stone so that your pain isn't for naught.
Sleep well.
-What brings you here? -I just felt like it.
Welcome, then.
Welcome, but what's wrong with you? What's right with me, Timur? A psycho killer is out on the loose And here I am enjoying myself, having raki with you.
-Let's enjoy ourselves, then.
Do you still think about Nevra? No.
It's over.
If you say so.
-It is.
It was a childish fantasy.
It's over.
I mean I was kidding myself.
I thought there was something, but it was a mistake.
Officer Nevra's world has no place in it for me.
Plus, look what happened.
Look who she's with now.
So what? Was your crazy Ceyda any better? Getting a divorce from her wasn't fun, was it? You're right.
Never mind all that.
How are the kids doing? Good.
They're doing good.
They start running away whenever they see me.
But they're good.
Timur -I'm going to give my resignation.
-What are you talking about? If I can't catch this guy, I shouldn't be in this line of business.
If I can't catch him, they'll take her away anyway.
I couldn't bear that.
Tolga Let me to tell you something.
You remember when you told me that Nevra wanted to give her resignation but you refused? I'm refusing yours, brother.
I'm refusing your letter of resignation.
You're going to find that bastard.
And then, you're going to put him behind bars.
-You got that? -Got it, Chief.
You know what I want to do? I want to go on a vacation with you.
Just for two-three days.
What do you say? I don't know.
There's Zuhal and Deva.
Things come up.
They can take care of themselves.
What do you say? Let's go.
I don't know.
-There's nothing to know.
-Can I ask you something? You know how you told me your husband That your departed husband was in an accident? Can we not talk about that right now? I just want to ask something.
You can ask if you promise to come on a vacation with me.
You know how he caused the accident because he wanted to die? What do you think would happen if he'd failed to kill himself with that accident? I can answer that right away.
He'd die again and again every day.
Every day for the rest of his life.
I see.
I see.
Why do you ask? I made a decision today.
I was wondering if I made the right one.
That's why I asked.
-What was this decision? -I want to tell you something.
And the only one I've shared it with so far is my cat.
Now I'm sharing it with you.
I'm really scared of death.
-Everyone is.
I know that.
Today, I decided what to do with that fear.
I told you I was at a funeral today.
I kicked a ball around with some kids in the courtyard of the mosque.
Something happened then.
I felt something.
I said to myself: "Agah, don't be scared of being afraid.
" "Instead of fearing death and dying every day, fear death, sure, but live every day.
" How's that? -Beautiful.
To health.
Drop the phone please.
You've been staring at it since you walked in.
Nobody called.
What did you expect? She's kept quiet for ten years.
Would she break her silence because you came along? Give it some time.
Be patient.
Think how hard it must be for her.
You're right.
You're right.
What are you doing? Creating a media empire for myself.
I'm starting a Youtube channel.
-Unknown caller.
-Answer it.
Go on, answer it.
Hello? Hello? Yes, this is her.
I don't Miss, please calm down.
Please stop shouting.
I'm listening.
What? Can you tell me who did it? Alright.
Can we meet? It will It will take me some time to drive to Kambura from Istanbul.
Is that so? Alright.
I'm on my way.
She talked about a rape.
Tayyar Kaymak.
-I'm going.
-You're going now? Where is she? -Have you been waiting long? -It's alright, it's just that The station was really crowded.
So many buildings.
All on top of each other.
How do you live here? It's pretty hard, to be honest.
Yeliz -Can I call you Yeliz? -Yes, yes, of course.
-You can call me Nevra.
Were you already going to come here? Do you have relatives here or something? No.
When I told him I was going to talk to you, my husband kicked me out of the house.
I see.
-Do you have children? -No.
We couldn't have children.
Here's what we're going to do.
Come in.
This way.
-May I? -Go on.
Make yourself at home.
You can stay here for the night.
We'll figure it out tomorrow.
Go on.
Make yourself at home.
-Hello? -Hello? Hello? Nevra? I was worried.
You weren't answering your phone.
We just got home.
She's staying at my place for the night.
She doesn't have anyone to turn to.
Alright, we can talk later.
It's not very comfortable, but it's better than nothing.
It's no trouble at all.
Thank you.
Nevra I didn't know anything.
I was completely unaware.
I don't get it.
Unaware of what? Ufuk didn't tell me anything.
He didn't tell me he was going to burn the house down.
He never used to talk, anyway.
He was strange.
He kept to himself.
He got much stranger after the fire.
How could I have known he would've burned that house down? That the whole family inside would perish in the fire? -It was all my fault.
-Come on.
Take a seat.
It's all my fault.
All those children died because of me.
I can't bear it.
Calm down.
Please calm down.
Let's wipe your face.
Calm down.
Can you tell me everything from the start? I hadn't gotten married yet.
I was my father's dear girl.
He couldn't bear to see me get married.
-Is he still alive? -No.
He passed away.
-My condolences.
-Thank you.
I was on my way home from the grocer's.
He appeared out of nowhere.
He grabbed me by the arm.
Before I knew what was going on, he took me aside and put a knife against my throat.
Then he In the trees by my place -Did something like that happen again? -Yes.
He told me that if I said anything to anyone he'd humiliate me.
How could I tell anyone? My father was sick.
And my mom? What was I supposed to tell her? -So you didn't tell anyone anything.
-No one.
How did Ufuk find out? Tayyar brought Ufuk along one day.
Told me to bed him, as well.
Why would he do that? He tricked Ufuk.
Took his money.
Then told him about this girl.
He brought Ufuk along, but he ran away when he saw me.
He couldn't stomach it.
When he realized that I was the girl He ran away.
He loved me, but I didn't know.
That's why he ran.
I realized it too late.
The next day, he found me.
Told me not to worry, that he'd handle everything.
I asked him what he meant.
Then, a week later or so Yes, it was a week later.
One night There were these shouts.
Next thing we knew, he'd burned the place down.
It was already too late.
After all that, Ufuk found me again.
Told me he'd handled it.
After that day, he never spoke to me again.
I see.
Halis Did you know Halis? Halis? Fireman.
Oh, Halis.
Yes, I knew him.
He passed.
He put it in his report that a cigarette butt started the fire.
Why would he do that? Why would he protect Ufuk? Why would he hide the fact that Ufuk started the fire? There was this judge.
-Mehmet something? -Mehmet Yurtgil.
-I don't know his surname.
-Mehmet Yurtgil.
He came and found me.
Told me I wasn't to tell anyone anything.
He told me that the family that died was Romani.
If it was heard that a Romani family was burned alive in Kambura, no one would care that they were targeted because of me.
Everyone would assume that they were targeted because of their ethnicity.
That's what he said.
Some people had forcibly kicked a Romani family out of Kambura.
He didn't want Kambura to get a bad rap, so he told me not to say anything.
So I said yes.
The judge must've spoken to Halis.
That's why he said it was a cigarette.
What else could he have done? Kambura would've gotten a bad rap.
You rest for now.
We can talk again in the morning.
OK? Sure.
But I've told you everything.
What else is there to talk about? I don't know anything else.
Good morning.
How are you feeling? Did you sleep well? Yes.
I slept alright.
Nevra, can you drop me off at the station today? Of course.
Are you going back to Kambura? No.
I'm not going back there again.
I'm going to go to Bursa.
I have relatives there.
I see.
Yeliz, I need to ask you something.
The things you told me last night There's nothing I can do about them as a cop.
All the people you mentioned are already dead.
I don't get it.
Why did you run from home? Did you come here just to tell me this? You know why? I needed to get it off my chest so much.
I've kept quiet for years and years.
And after I got married? Forget about it.
My husband figured it out.
When it was time to have sex, he checked and saw that I was a woman.
Well I thought he'd kick me out then.
I thought he'd leave me.
But he really loved me.
He loved me so much.
He told me not to explain.
"No matter what you did, don't tell me, I don't want to know about it," he said.
So I kept quiet.
Then, when we couldn't have children, it was his turn to keep quiet.
We kept quiet.
Husband and wife.
Our whole lives.
Keeping a secret makes you feel like you're in prison.
I wanted to get it off my chest.
I wanted to get it out of me.
I wanted to finally breathe and be free.
I hoped it might do some good.
But You say there's nothing you can do.
I'm sorry.
I took so much of your time.
I've kept you off more urgent business.
I'm really sorry.
Please forgive me.
Don't be silly.
That's not what I meant.
I'm glad that you came.
I'm glad that you told me all that.
Thank you for listening to me.
-Have something to eat.
Well, how was our day? Good.
So you liked the tour.
We'll do it again.
We certainly will.
Don't worry.
Feza? We'll do it again We'll arrange good tours.
Everything was perfect I'm so glad to hear that.
This way Call if you need anything, alright? Sure.
Of course.
Thank you so much.
You don't have to wait for the bus to leave.
-Have a good journey.
-Thank you.
Thank you so much.
-You aren't checking it? No.
I hate buses.
You should skip it, as well.
So, Feza How about another journey? How about another poem? Hello? Yes.
Come on.
We're here.
Come on.
It's right there.
Just a short walk away.
Go on.
This way, Feza.
This way.
Feza? This way.
This way, Feza.
We're almost there.
After these stairs We'll turn left, and then Feza, forgive me.
I know it was quite a walk.
But the elevator's always broken.
Always broken.
I don't know why.
Why won't it go in? They won't be home.
The kids are both out.
Don't ring the bell.
Don't ring the bell.
There's nobody home.
Feza, there's nobody home.
Stop ringing the bell.
That's enough.
Yes? Nezaket? It's Agah.
Speak louder.
I can't hear you.
Do you remember me? I used to live here with my wife, Mebrure.
You were our landlord.
Agah Beyoglu.
Agah Beyoglu.
Agah! Come on in.
Come in.
So, Agah You wanted to see your old home? I understand.
It must be full of memories.
We used to live upstairs, as you know.
When Fikri died, I took a good look around.
Living on my own in a huge apartment wasn't going to work out.
So I came down here.
Tell you what.
Do you remember Iclal? My daughter? She got married and moved to Ankara.
She never calls me anymore.
Why would someone neglect their own mother so much? Here's how it goes.
I call her, she yawns and yawns on the other end.
When I ask what's wrong, she tells me she's getting sleepy.
It baffles me.
When she was a little girl I'd swing her for hours, but she wouldn't get a wink of sleep.
Now, whenever I call to talk, she yawns and yawns.
When I ask what's wrong, she tells me she's getting sleepy.
So I stopped calling.
What else was I supposed to do? I had to accept it.
So? Where do you live now, Agah? Where do you live? -That's what I'm trying to remember.
-What's that supposed to mean? Don't you know where you live? Where your home is? -What's Mebrure saying? -That's not Mebrure.
-Excuse me? -That's not Mebrure! I'm asking myself a different question.
Why did I come here? Might I have come here to kill you? What are you saying? I can't hear you.
Speak louder.
Nezaket, have you ever been to Kambura? -What? -Kambura! Have you ever been to Kambura? You're losing it.
Get off it! DOG SLAYER