Sailor Moon (1995) s01e04 Episode Script

104 - So You Want to be a Superstar

The evil souls that try to sabotage a girl's dream to become thin.
That's unforgivable! In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you.
Gomen ne sunao ja nakute yume no naka nara ieru Shikou kairo wa short sunzen ima sugu aitai yo Nakitakunaru you na moonlight denwa mo dekinai midnight Datte junjou dou shiyou heart wa mangekyou Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare Nando mo meguriau Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue Onaji kuni ni umareta no miracle romance Shinjite iru no miracle romance I'm Usagi Tsukino, 14 years old.
I'm in the eighth grade.
I'm a Cancer.
My blood type is O and my birthstone is the pearl.
I'm clumsier than others and a bit of a crybaby.
That's about it.
One day, a strange black cat named Luna appeared and made me into a sailor warrior.
But she wants me to fight bad guys.
That makes me really nervous.
Oh well, I guess everything will be okay.
Usagi Will Teach You How to Lose Weight! I've gained weight.
I'm fat! Oh, it's okay.
It's healthier to be a bit chubby when you are young.
That's right.
Sis, you do eat a lot.
It might be that you don't exercise.
And she doesn't study; just eats a lot.
Of course you're gonna gain weight! You don't have to say that much.
Crying is not going to help.
You'll just have to eat less from now on.
And get some exercise.
Umm, what are you drawing? You in six months.
Luna, I'm going to get you! What is it? Oh, it's nothing! Usagi! If you already finished your lunch, you can have this too.
It's good.
Well, uh Oh, so you're on a diet.
Yeah I understand.
I'm having a hard time too! Yeah I understand.
I'm having a hard time too! We know.
Hey, Usagi.
Why don't you try swimming? You'll get pretty thin.
No, she can't swim that well.
Oh I've tried fasting and just eating pineapple.
But the effect doesn't last that long.
I've tried several things, you know.
We know.
Losing weight by falling in love would be the ideal diet.
Have you ever been in love? No.
We know.
Right? Hey, what do you mean? It's okay.
We can't help the way we were born.
You're the last person I wanted to hear that from.
What?! You want to fight?! Speaking of diets, Ms.
Haruna got really thin all of a sudden.
Really! How? I don't know.
Hello everyone.
She doesn't look that much thinner.
You can't tell because she's wearing clothes.
Look at these.
This is the before and this is the after.
See? Wow.
And in just two days.
Umino, how did you get these pictures? Oh, that's top secret.
You didn't Didn't what? How did you take these pictures? Say it! Tell us! Say it! Tell us! Wait! Hey, Umino! I shouldn't have said anything.
Tell me.
I'll tell you.
I'll tell you.
I followed Haruna and secretly took those pictures with my camera.
No, not about that.
Where is this gym located? Huh? [Shapely.]
This is it.
This is the gym that Haruna goes to.
But isn't it expensive to join a gym? [Shapely.]
Oh look, it's Rie Gotou, the actress.
Oh look, it's Rie Gotou, the actress.
She's so cute.
One kilogram a day, five kilograms in two days.
If you go for three days, you too will be beautiful.
Come on everyone, time to shape up.
Right now at Gym Shapely, we're having free introductory memberships.
What, free? Nothing is cheaper than free.
Let's go! Here comes more stupid prey.
Nothing costs more than something that's free.
It was a good thing we brought our gym clothes.
Here we go.
Let's go get'em! Welcome to Gym Shapely.
Wow, he's gorgeous.
He's so cute.
I'm the instructor here.
Um, we're new here.
Please come this way.
Okay, one more time.
Okay, now 10% faster.
Wha?! One sweat for two kilograms.
Two sweats for five kilograms.
Three sweats and you too will be beautiful.
Now try harder.
Hey! Where's Usagi? Huh? She was doing the rowing machine until just a minute ago.
You over there.
If you stop, you won't get beautiful.
That's too bad, you're off to a good start.
Yes! Beautiful.
Will be beautiful! Okay, that's it for today! You did well, everyone.
Finally, we'll have you all showered by our Shape Ray.
Shape Ray? Bubble Bath Room Bubble Bath Room Oh, I'm exhausted! Oh, I'm exhausted! It's hard to lose weight.
I'm hungry.
You'll get inside these.
What!? If you are exposed to the Shape Ray for five minutes You, the chubby one, will lose ten kilograms.
Even you who's thinner can lose three kilograms right away.
Now I get it.
This is how Haruna got so thin in one day.
I'm going in.
Me too! Me too! So will I! So will I! With the energy of these young girls Jadeite.
Queen Beryl.
I am here.
How are the preparations? Do not worry.
The energy of the young humans is steadily being collected.
Good, proceed as planned.
Yes, these stupid women will do anything to lose weight.
This plan will definitely succeed.
I'm really Tired Everyone, you have grown unbelievably more beautiful.
I'm so happy! Yes! If you want to become really beautiful, come again tomorrow.
With the energy of these women who would sacrifice their lives to lose weight Naru and the others are so mean.
They left without telling me.
What kind of friends are they? Oh, I'm so hungry! Oh, hey! That's a very tasty looking dumpling.
Mommy, I'm scared! I can't believe it, it was just a dumpling.
God, I am hungry.
It must be nice that Sailor V is already so thin that she doesn't have to go on a diet.
Watch it! What's wrong, Usagi? Motoki.
Are you not feeling well? No, I'm not Do you want to go to the hospital? No, rather a restaurant Huh? I haven't eaten anything since yesterday.
I'm hungry.
It's not a dream.
I'm being held here in his arms.
Usagi, Usagi, are you okay? Motoki Get a hold of yourself.
I'm going to make you strong with the power of my love.
Power of love? Yes, that's right.
The power of love.
Motoki Usagi I'm so happy to be alive.
Usagi are you okay? The power of love is so warm.
Uh, um Oh good, you woke up.
What do you mean you haven't eaten since yesterday? Well What, your mom wouldn't let you eat because your test score was bad or something? No! I just thought I'd go on a little diet.
A diet? Is it that funny? I'm sorry.
But you don't have to go on a diet.
I think you should gain some weight instead.
I think the chubby type is cuter than the really thin type.
Really? Yeah.
Yay! Yummy.
Definitely dumplings.
Yeah, it's normal to be a bit chubby when you're young.
You eat a lot.
Eating your friends, I see.
Dumpling head eating dumplings.
Leave me alone.
It's none of your business.
If you eat so much, you'll really turn into a dumpling.
Shut up! Phew, nice catch.
Thanks for the dumpling.
Hey, at least you won't get too fat now that you ate one less.
God, what a jerk! He's right, you know.
What? Eat one, gain two kilograms, eat two, gain five kilograms.
Eat three and you're Luna! That's okay.
Motoki said chubby girls are cuter.
Hey Usagi, aren't you misunderstanding what he said? How so?! He said he liked chubby girls.
He didn't say that he liked fat ones.
Anyway, there is something terribly wrong.
You're right.
What should I do? There's something wrong with Ms.
She's gotten very thin all of a sudden.
Four dumplings.
Five, six Oh, no! I'm gonna be fat.
It's not only Ms.
Haruna, Oh, no! I'm gonna be fat.
It's not only Ms.
Haruna, other girls that are going to Gym Shapely are all becoming skin and bones Are you listening? That's it! Shapely.
Usagi! Shapely is the only thing that is going to save me from gaining weight.
Hey, Usagi.
It might be a base for the bad guys.
Oh, great! Thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin.
Oh, great, I can't keep watching this.
Oh? That's Ms.
Haruna! She's really skinny.
Where is she going? Why are there stairs here? What is that? This young woman's energy is almost completely gone.
We'll get the last of it today.
After that, she'll grow weak and die.
Oh, no! Usagi! What are you doing? Okay, that's it! Luna, where did you go? Usagi, Ms.
Haruna is going to die! Before Ms.
Haruna, you're going to die! Luna! Be quiet! Calm down and listen to me.
If you move, your face will If we don't hurry, Ms.
Haruna's really going to die.
Usagi, become Sailor Moon.
But that's too sudden.
Are you going to listen to me? I got it.
Actually, I don't get it at all.
Moon Prism Power Make Up.
Only a little more until we reach our target level.
Take Ms.
Haruna out of there.
What? I won't forgive the evil souls that sabotage a girl's dream to lose weight.
It's you.
As you know, the sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon.
In the name of the moon, I will punish you.
What impudence.
Get her! Oh, no! I'm surrounded! Crush her! Luna, do something! Sailor Moon! These guys are being controlled by the rings on their head.
Destroy the rings! No, I'm scared! You can do it.
You might lose some weight if you fight.
Huh? What did you say? If you fight, you will lose weight! Lose weight! Lose two kilograms in one sweat.
Lose five kilograms in two sweats.
Sweat three times and I am beautiful! A girl who wants to lose weight is stronger than anyone.
Chance! Moon Tiara Action! Go back to being good boys.
Hey, what are we doing here? Phew! Maybe I lost about one kilogram.
Jadeite, I am impressed that you have gathered this much energy.
We will consider this to be half-successful.
Thank you, Queen Beryl.
Sailor Moon will one day be destroyed by my hands.
Feels good.
Usagi, I'm leaving a towel for you.
Thank you! Is Ms.
Haruna feeling better? Yeah.
She was out for a week, but she is back at school now.
Well, that's good.
Mom, don't go on any weird diets.
Usagi should watch out too.
Oh, she's fine.
See?! I'm fat.
I'm fat again! I exercised so much! Why?! Yume no naka futari de ita yo ne Hoshi tachi ni mamorarete Tomodachi no toki ni wa ki ni sezu Nanigenaku hanashite ita kedo Anata dake ki ni naru shunkan ga atta no Motto kirei ni ima sugu naritai Koi suru to nanika ga kawaru ne Me o tojite tashikamete Dakishimeta tokimeki sono mama kono omoi tsutaetai