Sailor Moon (1995) s01e16 Episode Script

116 - Who Is That Masked Man?

Unforgivable! Unforgivable! Unforgivable! What's unforgivable? Taking advantage of what everyone longs for, a white wedding dress, and tainting the eternal dream of innocent girls is absolutely unforgivable! In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you! Gomen ne sunao ja nakute yume no naka nara ieru Shikou kairo wa short sunzen ima sugu aitai yo Nakitakunaru you na moonlight denwa mo dekinai midnight Datte junjou dou shiyou heart wa mangekyou Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare Nando mo meguriau Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue Onaji kuni ni umareta no miracle romance Shinjite iru no miracle romance I'm Usagi Tsukino.
I don't look like a super heroine, but I am! As you know, I transform myself by using a peculiar brooch and fight against bad guys.
I'm the sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! And my friends are the smart and sweet Ami Mizuno, and a slightly quick-tempered psychic girl, Rei Hino.
Both of them are so dependable, I feel like I'll fall behind.
But anyway, I just have to do my best! Dream of a White Dress! Usagi Becomes a Bride Home Economics Room Darts Darts This is how you make darts.
This is how you make darts.
Another chocolate parfait, please.
I wonder what's the matter with Ms.
Akiyama? I can't stand it.
It's because of that home economics class.
I'm so sleepy.
Akiyama used to be so enthusiastic about sewing.
It is because Why are you always showing up from the least expected places?! The reason Ms.
Higure Akiyama is acting weird has a great deal to do with her engagement.
Engagement?! Yes! Higure Akiyama, 34 years old and still single.
Akiyama has wished with all her heart to get married and her greatest dream of her life is to have a luxurious wedding in a wedding dress that she made herself.
Higure, I'm a dull business man with no status or savings, and I'm not tall at all either.
I cannot give you a very big wedding reception, but will you but will you marry me? Yes.
He may not be what you'd call ideal, but as long as there's love That's being soft! Always have high, limitless ideals! If there's a handsome guy, I'll go after him and catch him! My goal is to get married before I turn 25! Miss Usagi, you don't mean that! Ms.
Akiyama! Ms.
Sakurada What are you doing? Oh, were you thinking about your fiance? Oh, no Wow! This silk is beautiful! Didn't you say you were going to sew your own wedding dress for the ceremony? Yes, but I haven't been able to find a silk cloth that I like, even though I already have the design for it.
Hang in there! You absolutely must complete a fabulous wedding gown and have a wonderful ceremony! After all, I'm counting on meeting my future husband at your wedding reception! Okay, I'll do my best.
I better work hard, too! The stars know everything.
The star Vega The tears of Lyra's Vega fill the heavens, but they cannot cross the vast Milky Way.
The woman about to shine her brightest under the light of Vega is Higure Akiyama.
I know who my next target is! Juban Hall Juban Hall Wow! Congratulations! She is so beautiful! Wow! Congratulations! She is so beautiful! It's so wonderful! Please be happy! Wow A bride! She looks great! That's got to be the dream of every girl in love.
One day, I'll also No, no.
Bring it more this way! Handmade Wedding Dress Contest Okay, that's perfect.
Hurry! Handmade Wedding Dress Contest Grand Prize A Free Wedding Reception What's this? A handmade wedding dress contest? What's this? A handmade wedding dress contest? The grand prize is a free wedding reception?! Handmade Wedding Dress Contest A grand wedding reception! And my groom will be Tuxedo Mask! Motoki! I'm so happy! This is bliss! Oh, but I'm not good at sewing.
I could never make a dress! Hey, hey! It's says a free wedding reception, but what if the woman doesn't have a fiance No, I mean What if there's no set date?! The ceremony can be held whenever the grand prize winner wishes, no matter how many years in the future that may be.
Wow! All right! Then I better hurry and find Rei.
Oh, Usagi! Rei.
Oh, Usagi! What are you doing here? Oh, nothing really! What about you? By the way, your mother is a full-time housewife, right? Huh? So, what about it? Usagi.
What do you want? Handmade Wedding Dress Contest Grand Prize: A Free Wedding Reception First Prize: VCR Deck Second Prize: CD Player Rei, what's going on?! Rei, what's going on?! A handmade wedding dress contest So, your name is Rei? Yes! Oh, dear I didn't know Usagi had a nice friend like you! Oh, yes! We go to different schools, but we are very good friends! How can she say that? She just followed me home.
That's my cake! Usagi! She's just unbelievable sometimes.
Go ahead, please help yourself.
Wow! Thank you! Go ahead, please help yourself.
Wow! Thank you! What's going on, Usagi? I don't know! Your homemade cake is delicious! You must be a wonderful cook! Oh, my! You goody two shoes! One look, and you can tell it's from the cake store in front of the train station! Ouch! That hurt! Usagi is one lucky girl! You are such a wonderful mother, you must also be good at sewing, right? What?! It has always been my dream to learn sewing from somebody wonderful like you! For example, sewing a wedding dress.
Sewing, you say? Thank you for having me! If she's not good at sewing, why didn't you just tell me so earlier?! Hey! So, you were planning on making my mom help you and participate in that wedding dress contest, weren't you?! Why you little, dirty, lying, sneaky, tramp! You're unbelievable! If you have time for a contest like that, I wish you'd train yourself more in preparation for the monsters' next move! You too, Usagi! Huh? What? Hey, Usagi! A wedding dress contest? That's right.
And Rei's talking about participating too! Ami, doesn't that get on your nerves?! Not really.
I don't have any plans to get married anyway.
Don't you get it? It's a dream! A dream! Every girl's dream! Hey, Ami, I know you get good grades in home economics.
Teach me how to sew? Well, if you really want me to.
Yay! I'm not gonna lose to that Rei! What?! If you want to learn the basics, these should get you started.
The actual sewing lessons will come after that.
Ami, you're something else It's mine! No, it's mine! Don't! I'm first! No, you're not! I'm the one who'll win the contest! No, I am! I got this first! No, I was first! Ms.
Haruna No, I was first! Ms.
Haruna Oh, this silk is Beautiful.
It is very beautiful.
Excuse me? This is a wonderful silk.
A silk worthy of becoming your wedding dress.
Oh, I can just see you standing under a sky full of stars and walking along a shoreline.
Every star is sure to sparkle and bestow their blessing upon you.
I wish you happiness.
A grand wedding reception for free?! I didn't know that.
See? Naru, that's why I have to enter the contest! Don't you think so? I get it now.
You nod off all the time during home economics, but you even visited Ms.
Akiyama at her home to ask her about sewing.
I knew something fishy was going on.
Because I just don't know what to do.
But making a dress isn't that easy, you know.
Not to mention your short attention span.
I'll be fine! After all, they say, "A woman's conviction can crack a rock.
" What does that mean? Oh? Did I get that saying wrong? What does that mean? Oh? Did I get that saying wrong? What the heck is she up to? Juban Heights Hey, who is the guy? Juban Heights He and the bouquet don't go well together.
He and the bouquet don't go well together.
He looks like a loser.
You shouldn't say things like that.
He's visiting Ms.
Akiyama's apartment! Don't tell me that's Ms.
Akiyama's fiance?! Miss Higure? What's wrong? You won't even answer my calls.
Are you feeling okay? Miss Higure? What? Miss Higure? Well, I What is this?! Listen carefully! Don't come near my place until the dress contest at Juban Hall is over! If you do, I'll break off our engagement! Got that? The dress The dress I have to hurry up and make my wedding dress! Miss Higure No way! That was our Ms.
Akiyama?! By the contest, did she mean She can't be! It'll be a really tough competition if she participates, too! This can't be happening! I'm in trouble! You know I sense something's wrong with that teacher.
What?! Our home economics teacher, Ms.
Akiyama? Yes, I definitely feel the aura of a monster, but it's not clear.
Come to think of it, Ms.
Akiyama has been gone for a while.
See? So, we need to get the help of Rei's powers, and everyone Hey! Stop! What are you going to do with the only rental wedding kimono we have?! Hey! Ouch! Honestly! I thought you were going to elope with some guy! I hope you're not Oh, you still don't trust me! There is no way that I will participate in that Juban Hall contest! Of course, not! It's unforgivable to use a sacred wedding dress for their promotion.
Shame on them! Why is he so mad? Excuse me dear, how about having your wedding ceremony at our shrine? It's much cheaper than having it at Juban Hall.
No, thank you.
I don't have anybody right now anyway.
Ooh! I'm single! If you'll take me Here I am.
The beautiful thief, Usagi Hood.
It's perfect! Usagi! It's perfect! Usagi! I hope you're not planning on using my favorite curtains to make a dress! Please have mercy, Governor Tsukino! I'd love to buy the cloth for a dress, but my allowance Mom! Here is my proposition.
Huh? Here is my proposition.
Huh? To pay for the price of new curtains, To pay for the price of new curtains, I will suspend your allowance for the next three months.
Governor Tsukino! Besides, there aren't that many days left until the contest.
Can you get a dress done by then?! But the grand wedding reception I just can't give it up! Juban Hall Ladies, thank you for participating in this contest! Thank you, thank you so much! It's a huge success! Huge! It's a huge success! Huge! I wish I could Don't cry, Usagi.
You did your best.
I wish I could Don't cry, Usagi.
You did your best.
Well, I'll acknowledge the effort you put into stabbing your fingers with a needle over and over again! Rei! Anyway, we need to watch and see if anything suspicious happens.
Usagi, you're going to infiltrate the hall as a contestant.
You meanie! You know I don't have a dress! You have the transforming pen, don't you? Oh! I'd forgotten about that.
Moon Power! Turn me into a beautiful bride! I did it! How do I look? I could win for sure with this! Don't you wish you were me? Usagi! Don't you wish you were me? Usagi! You wouldn't win fairly.
You're only participating, okay?! I knew it.
Ladies and gentlemen! '92 Your Handmade Wedding Dress Contest Ladies and gentlemen! '92 Your Handmade Wedding Dress Contest '92 Your Handmade Wedding Dress Contest We will now start the handmade wedding dress contest! Where is that teacher?! I can't find her! Please be quiet! And now Ms.
Akiyama! Wow! Excuse me, we cannot have you doing unplanned Shut up! Oh, you're my ideal bride! Please marry me! Shut up! You actually think you're good enough for me?! All the men in the world should fall to their knees before me! And all the women should surrender to my beauty! I am the winner in this contest! I and no other! Don't, Usagi! Don't look at her eyes! Oh, I don't believe you, Luna! You saw, didn't you? You pervert! This isn't the time for that.
The energy level has peaked.
Come out, monster, Widow! Ms.
Akiyama! So, you finally showed up, you monster! It's just as creepy as the other ones! Who are you?! Wait! The Happy Couple The Happy Couple Hey! The wedding dress is the eternal dream of innocent girls! No one will get away with tainting that pure white dress! That's not fair! You two get all the cool parts! Okay, then! Since I lost the chance to win a free grand wedding reception Moon Prism Power Makeup! Mercury Power Makeup! Mars Power Makeup! I'm the sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! Likewise, I'm Sailor Mercury! Likewise, I'm Sailor Mars! In the name of the moon, we will punish you! Impertinent girls! No! Idiot! I will weave a beautiful shroud for you! But, of course, I have to weave you in it! No, no, no! Bubble Spray! What is this?! Fire Soul! Are you all right? You're being such a baby! But I hate spiders! You! Where are you?! Moon Tiara Action! Oh Where am I? What was I doing? Congratulations! You did it! Please be happy! She is so beautiful! I can't believe he was still waiting for her after all the things she said to him.
Well, I guess you can't judge a man by his looks.
But I still prefer a good looking guy! Hey, Usagi! Did you know that the person who catches the bride's bouquet will get to marry next? What?! Really?! It's mine! No, it's mine! No, I'll be the first! Yume no naka futari de ita yo ne Hoshi tachi ni mamorarete Tomodachi no toki ni wa ki ni sezu Nanigenaku hanashite ita kedo Anata dake ki ni naru shunkan ga atta no Motto kirei ni ima sugu naritai Koi suru to nanika ga kawaru ne Me o tojite tashikamete Dakishimeta tokimeki sono mama kono omoi tsutaetai