Sailor Moon (1995) s01e37 Episode Script

137 - Tuxedo Unmasked

Holy cow! A seminar on how to become a princess?! That's practically like a seminar made just for me! Sophisticated conversation, elegant manners and a brilliant grand ball! But an evil shadow appears in this beautiful garden of flowers! On behalf of the ladies, I shall punish you! I'm sorry I'm not straightforward, I can say it in my dreams My thoughts are about to short circuit, I want to see you right now Moonlight that makes me want to cry, midnight that keeps me from calling Because I'm so innocent, what should I do? The heart is a kaleidoscope Guided by the light of the moon We will meet again and again I count the sparkle of constellations to foretell the future of my love We were born in the same land, miracle romance I believe in it, miracle romance Aim to be a Princess? Usagi's Weird Training I'm late! I'm late! It's the same, every single morning.
Oh, Naru, good morning! Good morning! You overslept, too, didn't you? Come on, I'm not you.
I was doing my homework.
We had homework?! Homework, nothing! Science, math, English, social studies Also, a report for Japanese class.
And the last one was embroidery for home economics.
I don't care anymore.
Wow, a cool-Iooking guy! Who are they? What? Don't you know? No.
Those girls are attending the "Princess Seminar" at Rose Mansion.
Rose Mansion is where Countess Rose lives, right? The lady who moved here from England recently? Yes, I hear Countess Rose is a famous aristocrat back in England.
And some well-off parents have asked her to provide their daughters with a princess's education.
A princess's education?! It's supposed to turn you into a sophisticated lady with grace.
We're late! Let's see.
Your homework yesterday was to translate page 53 of your textbook, correct? Princess was to translate page 53 of your textbook, correct? Princess Serenity! Oh, how beautiful she is! Not only that, she is also graceful and refined.
She is truly a princess among princesses.
Princess, may I ask you for a dance? Yes.
Did you do your homework?! Quiet! How dare you address a princess so?! Oh, pardon me! Princess, please forgive me! It feels so good! Wake up.
Miss Tsukino! How dare you address a princess so? Are you still half-asleep? So, you forgot your homework? Well, that is, how should I say this? Get out! I need to stop acting like this.
I need to be more aware of myself as a princess! That's my girl! Good of you to have noticed that! Because otherwise, Tuxedo Mask won't dance with me at the ball! What is that about? Endymion, you will assist Kunzite, defeat Sailor Moon, and steal back the Silver Crystal.
I refuse! I will not join forces with anybody.
I will do things my way.
I will also do things my own way.
That will be fine, too.
Bring me Sailor Moon's corpse and the Silver Crystal as soon as possible.
Yes, my lady.
I already have a plan in motion.
Code name 0091.
This is Luna.
My secret password is "The rabbit on the moon makes rice cakes.
" Please respond.
"The moon rice cakes are sticky.
" "When I grilled them, they puffed up.
" What is wrong, Luna? Yes, well, Usagi seems to lack awareness as a princess, so I am at a loss of what to do.
That is a difficult question.
Oh, shoot Oh, Artemis You've found out, huh? Well, the communication device isn't working well today.
So, you were the one giving me orders all this time?! Yeah, kind of.
Why didn't you ever tell me?! Well, you never asked until now.
So, I just sort of kept on going.
Now, let us read aloud some of Frances Hineck's poems today.
I am sunken in darkness and the golden arrow that reaches me is a letter from someone dear to me.
A kind poison tips the arrow and I am a prisoner of love who does not know what to do.
That's a pretty good poem.
What's wrong?! Those are cheesecakes from Chalbon! They're so lucky! Usagi Miss, if you have business here, please come in through the front gate.
Um, well, uh, that is May I help you? Well, I want to attend the Princess Seminar, too, is sort of what I was thinking I am sorry, but you must have an introduction from a member.
Introduction Well, I was introduced to this by her! I do not think we can accept an introduction from a cat.
You are a funny young lady.
Why not? Even if it is through an introduction from a cat.
But You talk sense! But You talk sense! It would be fun to have at least one unique person.
However, I have one condition.
Condition? But I'm no good at tea ceremonies, flower arrangements, cooking, sewing, cleaning and even dressing in a kimono.
On the top of that, I'm not good at school, either! So It is quite impressive when there is so much you cannot do.
Edward, if you please.
Yes, Ma'am.
Here you are.
The Countess's hobby is throwing a frisbee around.
So, anyone who wants to take the Princess Seminar must be good with one.
Yes! I'm really good with these things! Here it goes! Oh, my.
Oh, my! Good! That was brilliant! Please join the Princess Seminar.
I did it! Wow, so Usagi went to Rose Mansion in order to become a princess.
She'll come running back soon enough.
But I admire her for actively trying to become a princess.
I just hope she turns into a proper princess.
But what does it mean to be "a proper princess"? Huh? Can't Usagi just stay the way she is right now? Of course not! She has to be recognizable as a princess no matter who looks at her! Why's that? Listen, unless she becomes a proper princess, the Silver Crystal won't activate its true powers! Say, why don't we keep Usagi company? Good idea! They are such impulsive girls.
Here, it is! Okay! Oh, pardon me.
Oh, you are so good.
Everyone's so refined.
Here! If doing this can turn me into a princess, it's a piece of cake! Is this what you wanted, Master Kunzite? Sailor Moon's specialty, "Moon Tiara Action", is similar to that game.
And she is a certified klutz.
In other words, the girl who is good at that game, but too clumsy to graduate from the Princess Seminar is Sailor Moon, correct? But will such a Sailor Moon actually fall for our trap, I wonder? She will.
That is exactly the kind of person Sailor Moon is.
Here! This dress is so tight! I've gotta admire them.
Yes! Now, ladies, let us all eat.
I'm so hungry! No, you must not slurp.
Oh, okay.
No! Try one more time! Again! Without slurping! I didn't know eating would be this hard! A princess's speech is more important than anything else.
In particular, speaking formally is extremely important.
Let us make sure to speak elegantly, courteously, appropriately and with refinement.
Then, let me ask somebody to demonstrate.
This is the same as school.
Then, let me ask somebody to demonstrate.
This is the same as school.
How about you, Miss? How about you, Miss? Yes?! What do you say when you offer coffee to your guest? What? Well, um, that is Would you please care to have some coffee, if you would please if you will? You do not need to add such frills to your speech.
In this case, "Please, have some coffee," would do fine.
How would I know?! Gracefully.
Gracefully, now.
Un, deux, trios.
In synch with the music, now.
In synch.
This will be the last class for the Princess Seminar.
If I pat you on your shoulder, you have graduated.
You're on my foot! Oops, sorry! Oh, this is Hell! You certainly never change.
You're all here?! It's not fair to go off on your own like that.
That's right.
It's not fair to go off on your own like that.
We're here to keep you company.
Well, I guess everyone has at least one good point.
Everybody has something they're not good at.
I can do anything but dance.
I'm not good at doing anything.
Maybe I can't be a princess at this rate.
You have passed.
You have passed.
All ladies who have graduated, please come to another room.
I shall give you your certificate of graduation.
See you.
We failed.
This is rather eerie.
It's hard to believe they're not real.
You are correct.
The wax figures here all used to be real ladies.
What?! A monster! I am the monster, Shakoukai! Hello.
I am very pleased to meet you! Hey, did you just hear something? Something must have happened to Ami and Mako.
Let's go and check! A monster! It's a monster! Run! Gross! I am so sorry; you failed the Princess Seminar! One of you three should be Sailor Moon, but I wonder which one? Uh-oh! Why? Because it would be impossible for the clumsy, stupid, scatterbrained, common Sailor Moon to graduate from the Princess Seminar.
I see! She's pretty shrewd! Hey, this is no time to be impressed! I shall turn you into wax figures! Watch out! I cannot see anything! Now! Moon Prism Power Makeup! Mars Power Makeup! Venus Power Makeup! Would you please get out of my way?! Where have those three ladies gone?! I'll never forgive you for failing Sailor Moon! I'm a sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! Likewise, Sailor Mars! Sailor Venus! In the name of the moon, we will punish you! So, as I thought, one of those three ladies was Sailor Moon.
Then, please take this! I'll just burn that! Fire Soul! Crescent Beam! Neither the Crescent Beam nor the Fire Soul works! It doesn't look like my Moon Tiara Action will work either! I believe you will make excellent wax figures! Oh, no! I like figurines, but I don't want to become one! This rose! Could it be Good work, Shakoukai.
Master Endymion.
Tuxedo Mask, you came to rescue us, didn't you?! Tuxedo Mask Sailor Moon, give me the Silver Crystal.
If you do, I will let you live.
Those were not Master Kunzite's orders What will it be, Sailor Moon? Tuxedo Mask? This can't be happening.
Wake up, Sailor Moon! This Tuxedo Mask is different from the Tuxedo Mask we know! Come, now! Endymion, do not meddle in affairs not your own! What might you be talking about? I have been running this operation.
I will kindly ask you to stay out of it.
The important thing is to obtain the Silver Crystal.
That is all.
What? Excuse me, what should I Kill Sailor Moon! Wait! The Silver Crystal comes first! No! Sailor Moon comes first! No, it's the Silver Crystal.
No, Sailor Moon! No, the Silver Crystal! No, Sailor Moon! No, the Silver Crystal! No, the Silver Crystal! No, you're wrong! No, you're wrong! Whose order should I follow? Ta-da! You must be so tired.
Would you please care to have some coffee, if you would? You do not need to add such frills to your speech.
This is my chance! Moon Healing Escalation! Refresh! So, she was Countess Rose! I will restore Tuxedo Mask with my power! Moon Healing Sailor Moon, I will leave the Silver Crystal in your keeping until we meet again.
Tuxedo Mask Where is the monster? Oh, what were we Tuxedo Mask I'm late! I'm late! You're still doing the same thing! Because, I made up my mind! Huh? About what? I'm going to aim to be my own kind of princess! See ya! She's talking complete nonsense again.
During the day, the fragrance of flowers During the night, the twinkle of the stars It's a world no one knows about With white shoes clicking Cross the white moon bridge And there lives a princess, dreaming of a sweet kiss Offer a prayer to the moon It will surely bring you happiness Go round and round, the moon's merry-go-round Make that serene dress made of glass flutter in the wind She's always watching over us Moon, moon princess