Sailor Moon (1995) s02e03 Episode Script

203 - A Knight to Remember

I'm sorry I'm not straightforward, I can say it in my dreams My thoughts are about to short circuit, I want to see you right now Moonlight that makes me want to cry, midnight that keeps me from calling Because I'm so innocent, what should I do? The heart is a kaleidoscope Guided by the light of the moon We will meet again and again I count the sparkle of constellations to foretell the future of my love We were born in the same land, miracle romance I believe in it, miracle romance Finally, we got a new hero! His name is Sir Moonlight Knight! Whenever Sailor Moon needs help, he appears like a whirlwind! Oh, it's not the time to talk about that right now! Hey, you monster, in the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you! For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears Please, Ami! Please have pity for this lost little bunny.
Predict what's going to be on tomorrow's test! Please! Usagi! Thanks, Ami! Even if I were to give you the answers right now, if you don't understand them, you'll be in trouble later.
But the test from Hell is tomorrow, and I've been failing everything.
I'm feeling like "a drowning man will grasp at a rope"! Usagi, it's a straw, not a rope.
Usagi, I think you're asking too much of her.
Then, why did you come with me, Mako?! Oh, well, I figured if I asked Ami, I'd be all set for tomorrow's test, too! Usagi! Mako! We'll be in the ninth grade next year! We have to be more responsible! I should be ashamed of myself.
Well, I'll worry about it when I become a ninth grader.
Falion! Wait! Mako, don't come! Oh, Shinozaki! Falion! Mako! Mako! Shinozaki! Falion! Mako! Shinozaki! Mako?! Shinozaki! Shinozaki! Please let us through! Hurry, we need type O blood! Head nurse, we don't have enough type O blood! Find more quickly! Yes, ma'am! Oh, I'm type O.
Please take some of mine! We don't have a moment to lose! Please hurry.
Yes! Juban Odyssey A spinning wheel that spins people's happiness and unappiness.
No one can stop the turning of fate.
Well, we managed to survive today.
It was an easy victory.
But En, we shouldn't get too confident.
Remember those beautiful sailor warriors, who Beautiful? Remember those beautiful sailor warriors, who Beautiful? Terrible enemies have appeared, five of them.
Everyone on this Earth is our enemy.
We must take care that no one here finds out who we really are.
You're the only one I can depend on.
You too, En.
Mako, are you okay? If you get anemic, I can switch.
Thank you, both of you.
There's a test tomorrow.
You two go on home.
Don't worry.
I study hard everyday, so I don't need to cram the night before a test.
Me, too.
Even if I cram tonight, it won't make any difference anyway.
Mako, who is he? Someone important to me.
Someone Important? Whenever I need someone, he's always there.
That's him.
I don't remember exactly, but it was when I was dumped by my boyfriend.
Who knows how many times I got dumped before that? Even now, the memory is glittering in the town at twilight.
Yes, ever since then Whenever I see someone that looks like you My heart starts pounding No matter how many times I fall in love It never worked out in the end It's not your fault, I'm sorry It must be something to do with the rain that just started There are as many loves as stars But I still love you The person who gently put an umbrella over my head was Shinozaki, my childhood friend.
Ever since I was little, whenever I was in pain or having a hard time, he was always there when I looked up.
It was the same thing tonight.
He tried to save me when he was the one in danger.
In short, both of you are really in love? Usagi! No, but maybe he's far, far more precious to me than even a lover.
Mako I'll do it, too! I'll restore Mamoru's memory with my power! Sorry for interrupting your studies, but we decided to get together tomorrow after school at the Hikawa Shrine to talk about what happened today.
Hey, are you listening?! The test is tomorrow! I bet you're going to fail again.
Mako, I hope Shinozaki gets better soon.
Hikawa Shrine We've found out that the enemy's going after human life energy.
The Dark Kingdom was destroyed.
So, we should assume that these recent incidents mean a new evil has appeared.
This evil aura It's different from the ones before.
It seems like this could be related to that incident two weeks ago when that strange light plummeted to Earth.
It doesn't matter who they are! I will bring them down with my bare hands! Okay, but please don't bring down my house! How is Shinozaki doing? He's still in bed, and he can't get up yet.
I see.
But Usagi sure is late.
She does have that test, so she's studying at home Uh, I guess there's no way she's doing that.
No way! I'm late! I'm such an idiot! That's Again?! Didrt she learn anything from last time? Mamoru, there's a wonderful disco in the next town over.
Let's go there together.
Disco? You're pretty strange for a young person these days.
Then, how about karaoke? I am very good at it.
In the moonlight, I look up at the sky Is something wrong? Hey, stop right there! Dumpling head, what's with the angry look? Mamoru, please remember.
Once upon a time, there was a prince on Earth named Endymion.
And the prince fell in love with the Moon Princess, Serenity.
But they were attacked by the evil Dark Kingdom and got separated.
After that, Endymion disguised himself as Tuxedo Mask, and he protected Serenity from the bad guys.
And the two of them were How silly! What are you doing?! You're too old to tell fairy tales! Don't you think so, Mamoru? Mamoru Oh! Wait, Mamoru! Mamoru As I expected, he didn't remember his past.
Natsumi is pretty.
What should I do if he falls in love with Natsumi? Tuxedo Mask? Miss Usagi, you're too pretty to cry.
I have some good news for you.
What? Congratulations! I love you very much! Please accept my love.
Seijuro Our love is eternal like the universe.
Now, let us sail beyond the stars.
Oh, sorry, I have to go! The more she rejects me, the more I want her.
Miss Usagi, you will be mine soon.
It's him! It's producing an evil aura! Damn it! He's the one who hurt Shinozaki.
He's looking for his next victim! This way! Hikawa Shrine This way! Hikawa Shrine I'm out of breath.
Hey, why is everyone transformed? Usagi, let's go! What?! To where? Hurry! You could at least tell me why.
I know it's my fault that I'm late, but You're such a slowpoke! Hurry up or we'll leave you behind! Okay! Moon Prism Power Makeup! Wait! This aura is very strong! I can feel it! This side is darker.
I bet it picked this place for an easy attack! Sailor Jupiter, are you okay? Yeah.
We have to hurry.
I think you're suffering from anemia because you gave so much blood last night.
You're going to get sick at this rate! Please, go home and rest! I'll be fine.
You can't fight in this condition! So, please go home tonight! I know I'm a slowpoke, and I'm always running away, but I'll work twice as hard today for you.
Sailor Moon Please, Jupiter.
I don't want you to die! Thanks, Sailor Moon! But I don't want anyone else to end up like Shinozaki.
So I have to make sure I beat that monster! Okay, then I won't try to stop you anymore.
But, please Don't push yourself too much.
Okay, I promise.
Come on, let's go! Oh, shoot! Falion! Falion! Hey, wait! Everyone was studying so hard for tomorrow's test! I won't forgive you for interfering with our studies! Oh, Sailor Jupiter! Supreme Falion! Jupiter! Hang in there! Jupiter! Hang in there! Hang in there! Sailor Jupiter! Sailor Jupiter! How dare you?! Begone, Evil Spirit! Begone, Evil Spirit! Rin, Pyo, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen! Begone, Evil Spirit! Begone, evil spirit! Jupiter! Sailor Jupiter! Hold on! Crescent Beam! Falion! Sailor Mars! Mercury! Venus! You're bad, attacking everybody without giving a reason! In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you! Falion! Falion! Falion! Oh! It's so scary! Could that be Tonight's moon is perfect for lovers.
It is not a night suitable for horrifying monsters.
It can't be It can't be.
Who are you? I am the Moonlight Knight.
Moonlight Knight? Endymion? Falion! Falion! Sir Moonlight Knight! Stop the cycle of your miserable life! Sir Moonlight Knight! Sailor Moon, when the time comes, we are certain to have a chance to converse.
I will look forward to it.
Sir Moonlight Knight Damn, what's going on? Watch out, Sailor Moon! Falion! Falion! Sailor Moon Falion! Sailor Moon! Shinozaki I won't forgive you.
I'll never forgive you! My guardian, Jupiter! Brew a storm! Call the clouds! Bring down the lightning! Supreme Thunder! Cleansing! Sailor Jupiter! I'm okay.
Sailor Moon, I'm glad you're safe.
Sailor Jupiter, thank you! Oh? It seems like it's over already.
Juban General Hospital Arert you glad that Shinozaki recovered? Yeah Hey, Mako.
Arert you going to go say hi to Shinozaki? It's okay.
He's always watching over me from a distance.
So, I will just stay here today What's really going on between Mako and Shinozaki? I wonder, could a friendship really exist between a boy and a girl that's different from love? That knight has to be Endymion.
But, then, why? I don't get it.
Usagi, I know you have a math test tomorrow.
I hope you can solve this problem.
I have no idea! This is much harder than the relationship between boys and girls! I'll never give up, no matter how tight a spot I'm in That's right, that's the sweet maiders policy For the person I'll really meet and cherish someday I'll raise my chin and leap into the fray Deep in my heart, with a poignant ache Love will awaken There's nothing I'm afraid of It's better to be passionate I have big dreams That's why I'll try to be brave I'll become what I want to become It's better to be someone who does her best Every so often, there are tears, too But even so, I'll try to be brave