Sailor Moon (1995) s02e11 Episode Script

211 - Detention Doldrums

I'm sorry I'm not straightforward, I can say it in my dreams My thoughts are about to short circuit, I want to see you right now Moonlight that makes me want to cry, midnight that keeps me from calling Because I'm so innocent, what should I do? The heart is a kaleidoscope Guided by the light of the moon We will meet again and again I count the sparkle of constellations to foretell the future of my love We were born in the same land, miracle romance I believe in it, miracle romance Two innocent, pretty girls studying in a dark classroom after school.
Afterschool hours are supposed to be for shopping and dating! They're not for staying late and studying! By the way, what is this monster?! Anyway, in the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you! Now, Sailor Moon! Moon Princess Elimination! Cleansing! Damn you, sailor warriors! Just you remember this! Be Careful After School! Usagi is a Target Be Careful After School! Usagi is a Target Be Careful After School! Usagi is a Target Be Careful After School! Usagi is a Target I'm gonna be late! I am going to be late! And I have never been late in all my fourteen years of life! Unless we run faster, we'll be in trouble! Oh, wait! Miss Tsukino? Miss Tsukino! Is she late again? Here! Usagi Tsukino is here! Even when I try this hard, she'll still mark me for tardiness.
Miss Usagi Tsukino, it's nice that you are always so energetic, but please be a little more quiet when you enter the classroom.
Yes, ma'am.
Then, I will continue taking attendance.
What's going on? She's in an awfully good mood today.
Sakurada, you have a phone call.
Oh, thank you.
Hello, this is Sakurada.
Oh, Kouichi! If you're talking about today's date, everything is fine.
I will be there as soon as school is over You have urgent business and have to cancel.
Oh, okay Oh, don't worry, I'm fine.
Then, I will talk to you later.
Oh, I'm hungry.
Oh, I need energy.
How long will you keep up this noise?! Get back in your seats! "Once upon a time, there was a pretty girl on the moon.
" Now, let's have someone translate this for us.
Miss Tsukino! Uh-oh! You have some nerve, eating lunch during my class, Miss Tsukino.
Oh, no! It's not what you think! Stay late after school! No way! Then, how about you, Miss Natsumi Ginga? Yes, ma'am.
Hali le la sa su lela What are you saying?! You asked me to translate it, so I translated it into our planet's language.
Quit joking around! You will also stay after school! Yes, ma'am.
So? I assume she didn't find out who you are.
No, I don't think we need to worry about that.
This could happen again.
You have to be very careful.
I understand.
I have no choice.
I will carry out the new plan to steal more energy by myself.
This is all those sailor warriors' fault! That's right.
This time, make sure to pick a Cardian stronger than them! Okay.
Miss Natsumi! Miss Natsumi! Oh, there you are! Haruna says detention starts now.
Oh, but I If we don't hurry up, she'll give us even more homework! Okay, okay! Please don't pull me so hard.
She's so adorable! Miss Usagi, I'll make sure to win your heart.
That's right.
Usagi has to stay late and study.
She has no motivation whatsoever! But we had a busy morning to start with.
In a way, I do feel sorry for her.
And Ami's at cram school.
I guess we have to cancel today's meeting.
Then, why don't we go see a movie together? Good idea! There's a good one playing right now! No! You're not allowed to see a movie on your way home! Don't worry, it's not a big deal! Okay, let's go! I will not let you go home until you finish those questions.
Don't worry, I will be here with you.
We have plenty of time.
Sakurada, you have a phone call.
What? Oh, really? You two keep on studying.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Oh, Kouichi! No, I'm not mad at all! What? Right now? Of course, I can! Okay, I understand.
I will be there right away! Oh, he made me worry so much this morning.
Haruna's still not back yet.
Okay! I don't have time for this! I'll go home early and catch Mamoru on his way home! Miss Tsukino? Huh? What? You still haven't given up on Mamoru? There's no way I would ever give up! Mamoru and I are linked by the red string of fate! You can't do something like that! You're such a stubborn girl! Okay, then we'll play a game.
A game?! Yes, let's see who can finish these questions first.
And the one who loses will give up on Mamoru.
What do you think? Okay.
Come forth, Cardian Amanju! Aman! Now, Amanju, steal energy from everyone in town! Mamoru Chiba?! If I could just get rid of him, Miss Usagi would be mine.
Amanju, steal that mars energy first! Go ahead, steal as much energy as you can and kill him! Aman! Wait! You're ignoring my orders! Where are you going? Now, I have to tackle this seriously.
I don't have enough energy.
I'm getting dizzy.
If I had enough energy, these questions would be a piece of cake.
And I could make her give up What am I thinking? The energy is right here.
Man! I don't get this! On top of which, if I steal all her energy and kill her, Mamoru will be mine.
I can kill two birds with one stone.
Absolutely Pass Cram School What's that?! A Cardian?! Aman! Absolutely Pass Cram School Absolutely Pass Cram School Aman! Aman! What was that? This is Ami! A Cardian showed up! Are you sure, Ami? Where? At my cram school.
But it already left, heading northwest! I got it, let's meet somewhere right away! Come on, let's go, Rei.
What? It's just getting interesting.
Hey, it's time to go to work! Okay, I got it.
Oh, Allan Minako, you hurry, too! Oh, I don't get it! What are you doing, Miss Natsumi? Oh! I'm just exercising for a change! One, two Aman! Wait, Amanju! Your target is Aman! What in the world is going on?! It's impossible for a Cardian to ignore my orders.
I never give up.
Ouch! Oh, sorry! It's your own fault.
Because you snuck up behind me and stood there.
Ah, I'm so unlucky today.
I wonder what happened to Haruna? I feel like I'm forgetting something.
I wonder what it could be? Well, it's okay, right? It's probably not anything important.
Aman! Okay, I don't care from whom anymore.
Just steal energy from humans! Got that, Amanju?! Aman! What are you doing?! I don't need bird energy! Humans! From humans! That's enough! Not satisfied with just sneak attacks at morning and at night?! Not just once, but twice! You have some nerve! You won't get away with ruining the birds' peaceful day! We will bring you to justice! In the name of Sailor Moon, we will punish you! So, you're here, sailor warriors! But it won't be so easy this time! Get them, Amanju! Aman! Shoot! It did it again! Oh, it ran away! Does this mean we won? One more question, and I'll be finished! How about you? Miss Natsumi, are you almost finished? Yes, well, I think I'll manage to finish.
Okay! I'm not going to lose though! Usagi Tsukino, she's certainly won'thy of being my mortal enemy.
It's impressive that she hasn't lowered her guard against me.
Miss Natsumi, are you okay? You look pale.
And you haven't solved any problems at all.
Oh, nothing to worry about.
I'm just a little tired.
Is there anything I can do for you? Well, I know I'm going to win.
So I'm willing to help you in any way I can! This sounds similar to that Earth fable I've heard before.
About a hare and a tortoise racing.
If I recall, that story had a similar turn of events.
Is something wrong? Well, maybe I should ask for your help.
But you can't ask me something like, "give up Mamoru" or "solve these problems".
It's nothing like that.
Instead, would you just close your eyes for ten seconds and stay still? Oh, that's easy! For just ten seconds? All right.
Thank you.
Miss Tsukino, please sleep eternally.
I feel sort of weird.
Aman! Gag! What is that?! Aman! That was a Cardian! Ali The Cardian is not following my orders! That's impossible.
Then, come with me! You can't get away from us now! Fire Soul! Supreme Thunder! Crescent Beam Shower! Bubble Spray Freezing! Aman! It's so powerful! Unless we do something, they'll all be killed.
Oh, that's Usagi.
I'll go get her! Okay.
Is the Cardian finally following my orders? There's absolutely no way that a Cardian would ignore our orders.
But it was! Go for it, everyone! Why don't you stop cheering and transform, too?! Luna! Oh, where's Miss Natsumi? I don't know.
Now, hurry! Leave it to me! Moon Crystal Power Makeup! Sorry for making you wait, everyone! You're late! Calm down, Rei.
I'll finish it off, so forgive me, okay? Aman! Oh, something's wrong.
I don't have any power.
What's wrong, Sailor Moon?! I wonder if I studied too much? Aman! An evil creature belongs in an evil world.
Leave this beautiful moonlight at once! Sir Moonlight Knight! Come! Now is the time, Sailor Moon! Yes! Moon Princess Elimination! Cleansing! We did it! Even a crescent moon is no match for beautiful warriors.
Adieu! Now, I have to get back to the classroom.
Otherwise, Miss Natsumi will suspect something.
All of a sudden, she's fine now.
I didn't think anyone could recover so quickly.
She always amazes me.
Well, we should leave now.
We screwed up again.
Damn! Sailor warriors Well, I will be going back to the classroom.
Otherwise, Miss Tsukino will suspect something.
Then Something's going on.
Is something about to happen? Or is it already happening? I did it! I finished! Really? Oh? Miss Natsumi, when did you I just finished, too.
Once I started working seriously, this was nothing.
Come on, Usagi, let's go home! I know you worked hard! Oh, thanks! Well, Natsumi, I think we're even this time! I guess so.
Let's just say that the final showdown will be up to Mamoru.
All right! I'll never lose! Bye! Me, either.
I'll never give up, no matter how tight a spot I'm in That's right, that's the sweet maiders policy For the person I'll really meet and cherish someday I'll raise my chin and leap into the fray Deep in my heart, with a poignant ache Love will awaken There's nothing I'm afraid of It's better to be passionate I have big dreams That's why I'll try to be brave I'll become what I want to become It's better to be someone who does her best Every so often, there are tears, too But even so, I'll try to be brave