Sailor Moon (1995) s02e21 Episode Script

221 - Naughty 'N' Nice

We are finally here on an island in the south.
We never have fun like this.
But what is this dinosaur? I didn't hear about this! But it's cute, so I, Sailor Moon, will play with it! Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R I'm sorry if I'm not honest I can say that in my dreams.
My thoughts are about to short circuit, I want see you right now.
It makes me want to cry, moonlight.
I can't call at midnight But I'm naive, what should I do? My heart is a kaleidoscope.
Guided by the light of the moon We meet over and over again.
By counting the constellations' blinking, We foretell the outcome of this love, We were born in the same country.
Miracle romance.
I believe it exists Miracle romance.
Have you two done any of your summer-break homework? Not yet.
Where has the summer gone? Really, every summer gets shorter and the homework gets longer It's cool here, I love it! Isn't Rei-chan here? Chibi-Usa! Chibi-Usa-chan, did you come up here to get cool? Yeah.
Rei-chan's not here.
Where's she gone? She's gone off to an isolated island to train.
But I came to play with her because I had nothing else to do.
An isolated island, you say? That means, a private beach to frolic on! I won't forgive her! I'm believed in Rei-chan! Chibi-Usa, you heard where Rei-chan's gone, right? Yeah.
All right, everyone let's go! Rei-chan can't do something so desirable by herself! Yeah! Episode 21 (67) Ocean, Island, Vacation! The Soldier's Day Off! So, because Usagi and the others aren't here, I can concentrate! Rei-chan! Rei-chan! What!? What's this? You should have told us about this great place before! Yeah, the water's so clear you can see the fish! And the clean air! And these cookies are delicious.
It's peaceful for concentrating on studying.
Now look, I am here for serious meditation and training.
Ah, but we had a good reason to follow you.
Chibi-Usa was lonely and wanted to play with you.
Oh, is that so, Chibi-Usa-chan? She wanted to play with you, right? But first, Chibi-Usa-chan, you should finish your summer-break homework, right? I understand.
When I'm finished, we'll play.
OK? So Chibi-Usa is fine, but why are the rest of you here? You're going to damage my sacred training.
Sacred training, eh? So is swimming the best way for sacred training, Rei-chan? Uh, I just brought this for when I take a break! Fine, fine.
So, let's go swimming! Let's go! Blue sea! Wait, everyone! Don't go out too far, there are sharks! We won't! What? Chibi-Usa, can't you swim? Show no mercy! There! There! There! Stop it! What are you splashing Chibi-Usa for? Yeah, you're so selfish! For love and justice, Niagara Attack! Great sand castle! Chibi-Usa-chan, what else do you want to make? I'll help.
Chibi-Usa-chan really likes Rei-chan doesn't she? Rei-chan isn't annoyed by her.
That's right! That's because they're both mean! Something wrong? Nothing.
Everyone! The food's ready! Well, eat quickly! What's wrong, Chibi-Usa-chan? Aren't you hungry? But I hate fish.
Stop that, you haven't even tried it I hate this! I hate it! Chibi-Usa! I hate Rei-chan too! Do you think I was too strict? Ah, hot, hot, hot how can you girls eat in this heat? Huh? Where's Chibi-Usa-chan? In the sea.
She's not.
She was just there Oh no! She must have been swept away by the tide! Where am I? What was that? No! Mako-chan! You can really drive this well, can't you? I can do anything.
Is this OK? Strange, she's not anywhere.
Rei-chan, can you feel Chibi-Usa's presence anywhere? No, not yet.
It couldn't be, was she eaten by a shark? Oh no! It's my fault.
I scolded her.
No, it's mine.
I made the food she didn't like.
Hey, now is not the time to start blaming yourselves.
Let's keep looking.
Now I'm mad! Luna-P Change! Knock it off! Thanks for saving me.
Is this your house? You're bleeding! I'm sorry, you got hurt trying to help me.
Luna-P Change! Be patient! Next I'll bandage it.
But why did you save me? I get it! You're a newly hatched baby, right? You probably thought I was your Mama.
It's too bad, but I'm not your Mama.
I'm your friend.
There, that's all right.
Let's be friends for a long time, okay? I wonder where your Mama is.
I'd be relieved to know.
My name's Usagi, but everyone calls me Chibi-Usa.
What's yours? Oh yeah, you're still a baby, so you don't have name yet, right? Let's see.
You have a long neck, so I'll call you Kirin-chan, okay? Kirin (Giraffe) Kirin-chan, let's always get along well.
Oh, she's become shark food! It's bad luck saying that.
Chibi-Usa-chan is still alive.
I know it.
That's right, Usagi-chan.
Look at Luna and Artemis They're looking real hard.
I'm going to be sick.
I want to go home.
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R You know, a little while ago I had a big fight with my friends.
But it's okay, I have you now, Kirin-chan! We're good friends, right? Kirin-chan, are you hungry? So am I.
Eh? Fish? It can't be helped.
There's smoke! Do you think it could be a signal from Chibi-Usa? No, I think it must be the volcano.
Chibi-Usa I wonder if it really tastes good.
I know, I'm gonna eat it, I'll eat it.
Delicious! It's delicious, Kirin-chan! I wonder what that sound was.
You're imagining things.
Artemis did you see that? Yeah.
Maybe it's not seasickness after all I have to pee.
You're Kirin-chan's Mama? Wait! Don't take Kirin-chan away! We're friends.
It's good that Kirin-chan's with his Mama, but Mama Please! Don't take Kirin-chan away! Kirin-chan! Kirin-chan.
Kirin-chan! What's that? An earthquake! Everyone! There! I feel her! She's at the volcano! That's terrible! It's going to explode in a minute! There's no time left! Everybody, transform! Right! Moon Crystal Power Make Up! Mercury Star Power Make Up! Mars Star Power Make Up! Jupiter Star Power Make Up! Venus Star Power Make Up! Sailor Mercury! Sailor Mars! Sailor Jupiter! Sailor Venus! Sailor Moon! Kirin-chan and Mama! Mama! Oh no! I'll save you now! I'm sorry, you wanted to leave and I No! You're my friend, aren't you? If you die I'll never forgive you! After you found your kind Mama! No! The Sailor Soldiers are here! Wah! Damn! You always leave me out! Burning Mandala! Sailor Mars! Everyone, give me a hand! Leave it to us! Sparkling Wide Pressure! Venus Love Me Chain! Shine Aqua Illusion! Please, save Kirin-chan! Also his Mama Kirin-chan? He's a dinosaur! Behind those rocks! Sailor Moon, check! Okay, leave it to me.
There! Sailor Moon, hurry! The lava will be here soon! Our powers are exhausted, you're the last one.
Okay! Moon Princess Halation! Thank goodness! Kirin-chan? Kirin-chan's Mama? They're okay.
The Sailor Soldiers came.
They saved them.
I'm glad! I see.
They're going.
I think they're going to look for a quieter place to live.
Hey, you know it's for the best.
Kirin-chan don't ever be separated from your Mama.
Bye-bye, Kirin-chan! Rei-chan, I can eat fish now! Oh? Really? Yeah.
Kirin-chan taught me.
No matter how much of a pinch I'm in I'll never give up Yes, that is The policy of an elegant maiden For the important person I'll meet someday Face up, and I'll dive right in Burning with pain, Passionate love awakens in my heart.
There's nothing to fear, right? It's better for my heart to race, right? I have big dreams, right? So stand up straight and look dignified.
I will become what I want to be, right? People who do their best are better, right? Sometimes I'll have tears, right? But stand up straight and look dignified.
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R I want go back to Mom's place.
Chibi-Usa Sailor Moon, I'm afraid.
They're coming to kill me again.
I don't want to be scared anymore.
It's all right.
I'm going to protect you.
No, I MUST protect you.
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R Protect Chibi-Usa! The 10 Soldier's Fierce Battle.
The moonlight is a message of love.