Sailor Moon (1995) s02e29 Episode Script

229 - Emerald Takes Over

I'm sorry I'm not straightforward, I can say it in my dreams My thoughts are about to short circuit, I want to see you right now Moonlight that makes me want to cry, midnight that keeps me from calling Because I'm so innocent, what should I do? The heart is a kaleidoscope Guided by the light of the moon We will meet again and again I count the sparkle of constellations to foretell the future of my love We were born in the same land, miracle romance I believe in it, miracle romance Who are you? What do you mean Chibi-Usa's mind is in danger? Don't worry, Chibi-Usa.
Please trust us.
This time it's our turn to protect you.
In the name of the moon, I will punish you! I have come for you, Rabbit.
I don't know you! Who are you?! You know the answer to that better than anyone else.
Now, let's go to where your mom is.
Mom, I'm scared.
They're coming after me again.
Those people with the Evil Black Crystal.
Help me.
Help me, Mom! A Mysterious New Warrior, Sailor Pluto Appears A Mysterious New Warrior, Sailor Pluto Appears A Mysterious New Warrior, Sailor Pluto Appears A Mysterious New Warrior, Sailor Pluto Appears Today the Evil Black Crystal is emitting energy as if it were hunting.
You truly are amazing, Prince Dimande.
Every word you utter is like beautiful poetry.
Saphir, what do you think? Never mind that, elder brother! Do you still intend to target the won'thless twentieth century?! It has value in its own way.
But, bro But, bro In place of Rubeus, In place of Rubeus, I will take command.
I will not fail like Rubeus did.
Esmeraude, you are too loud.
I am very sorry.
I do not think we need to go after either the legendary Silver Crystal or the Rabbit.
Our Evil Black Crystal is invincible.
I do not think we need to go to the trouble of going back in time just to waste our time and energy.
Wiseman! As long as the legendary Silver Crystal exists, our Evil Black Crystal cannot be invincible.
Obtain the Silver Crystal that hinders us and shatter it.
Wherever the Evil Black Crystal's energy spreads, our ambitions follow.
Oh, Minako, what should I do? Chibi-Usa's going to die! Usagi Usagi! Calm down.
I can't calm down! Even the doctor doesn't know what's causing this.
Help me Help me.
Hang in there, Chibi-Usa.
The Evil Black Crystal Those people They're coming! What?! What?! Help me Help me Help me Help me, Puu Who's that? I am no one suspicious.
I am Sailor Pluto, a warrior who protects the gateway of time and space.
Sailor Pluto? Are you the person who Chibi-Usa calls "Puu"? Sailor Pluto It sounds familiar somehow.
Please, help Small Lady.
Small Lady? I think she's talking about Chibi-Usa.
The Evil Black Crystal is gradually invading Small Lady's mind.
Unless we do something, it will destroy her mind.
There is only one way to save her.
You will need to enter the world inside her mind.
It is a very dangerous task.
But you're saying that we'll be able to help her.
Let's go! Yeah! Let's go! To save Chibi-Usa! Everyone It's our turn to save her! Chibi-Usa, I'll help you for sure.
Let's go! All right! Thank you, everyone.
Please take care of Small Lady.
So, this is the world inside Chibi-Usa's mind? It's a rather oppressive place.
The moon looks so big.
This is probably the Crystal Tokyo of the future.
It's a very dark future.
But this is inside Chibi-Usa's mind, so it doesn't mean the future is really like this.
Mom Mom Chibi-Usa? Mom I'm scared, Mom.
Chibi-Usa? Who are you people?! Chibi-Usa! How dare you call me Chibi-Usa?! My name is Small Lady! What are you saying?! It's me, Usagi! Chibi-Usa! I don't know any of you! Who are you?! Chibi-Usa, why? Usagi, everyone, the Chibi-Usa we see here might be Chibi-Usa before she met us.
In short, you're saying that Chibi-Usa is dreaming of a time before she came to our era? What are you babbling about?! Wait, Chibi-Usa! I didn't know there were more enemies other than that guy! I can't let my guard down! Come on, Rabbit.
Let us continue our game of tag.
Now Run! Run! Chibi-Usa! Everyone, transform! Protect Chibi-Usa! Okay! Moon Crystal Power! Mars Star Power! Mercury Star Power! Jupiter Star Power! Venus Star Power! Makeup! Hold it right there! If you want to show up in someone's mind, you should be more polite! I'm a sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I will punish you! Lmpudent little brats! Die! Burning Mandala! Venus Love-Me Chain! No way! Why?! The Rabbit knows the reason for that better than anyone.
Chibi-Usa! Sailor Moon! Please take care of Chibi-Usa! Okay! We're your opponents! Oh? This sounds like fun.
Wait! Please listen to me.
I don't want to listen! We came here to help you.
What are you talking about?! You're the ones who destroyed Crystal Tokyo! What do you mean? You guys from the Dark Moon Clan did this to Crystal Tokyo And to Mom You made all of this happen! You're wrong! We're not their friends.
Liar! It's true! We came here to protect you from them.
Protect me? Please trust us.
We're all sailor warriors who fight for justice.
We're on your side.
You're supposed to time-travel from this era to the twentieth century, and become our friend.
Friend? You must be kidding! This is stupid! Chibi-Usa.
Since you're that insistent, I'll let you have my trust.
Really? But in exchange, you have to save my mom.
Your mom? It's so pretty! It's the Crystal Palace.
My mom is sleeping inside.
Okay, I got it.
Wait a minute! What is that? It's the power of the Evil Black Crystal.
What? My mom told me that the enemy can control the power of the Evil Black Crystal at will.
Now, help my mom! You're scared; aren't you? Then don't tell me that you're my friend.
What?! Sailor Moon! Everyone is in trouble.
Okay, I'll be right there.
Chibi-Usa, I promise you that we'll help your mom.
Luna, Artemis, take care of Chibi-Usa! Okay.
Sailor Moon You guys! Sailor Moon! Everyone, listen! It seems that Chibi-Usa's mom is trapped in that Crystal Palace.
What?! If we save Chibi-Usa's mom, we may be able to cure her illness.
Let's go and save her.
But the palace is surrounded by a barrier.
Then, either way Looks like we have to kill him.
But don't let your guard down.
I can't believe that our attacks don't work at all.
How can we beat him? Not yet I will put you out of your misery now.
Chibi-Usa, please open your heart to everyone! Sailor Moon! So, that's where you were, Rabbit.
Chibi-Usa, run! Let's go back! Sailor Moon Chibi-Usa! Chibi-Usa! Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon Chibi-Usa, are you okay? Why did you Because we're friends, of course.
It's okay.
It's okay, so just let go of my hand.
I can't let go of your hand.
Because we came here to save you.
The sailor warriors will surely save you.
So please don't cry, Small Lady.
Hey, Tuxedo Mask, is Sailor Moon strong? Yeah, she's invincible.
Sailor Moon Sailor Moon, are you invincible? If you would just open your heart to us Please trust us, Chibi-Usa.
Come, Rabbit.
Let's go back to where your mom is! Kill him, Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Enough is enough! I won't allow you to do whatever you want anymore! What?! Moon Princess Elimination! So that's Chibi-Usa's mom.
Sailor Moon.
Thank you.
Thank you, everyone.
I'm okay now.
We're always with you, Chibi-Usa! Yeah.
We were able to get back? Thank you, Sailor Moon.
Thank you, everyone.
Chibi-Usa Is she okay now? I slept very well.
We did it! She recovered! Puu? Puu, I want to go back to the future.
You are not ready yet, Small Lady.
What? And the enemy is certain to appear in this era again with another new plot.
Protecting this era will be the same as protecting the future.
Sailor warriors, please look after Small Lady.
And please do not let go of the Silver Crystal, no matter what.
Wait! Who are you? Puu! Puu Chibi-Usa I will protect them.
Chibi-Usa, the Silver Crystal and the future to come.
I'll never give up, no matter how tight a spot I'm in That's right, that's the sweet maiders policy For the person I'll really meet and cherish someday I'll raise my chin and leap into the fray Deep in my heart, with a poignant ache Love will awaken There's nothing I'm afraid of It's better to be passionate I have big dreams That's why I'll try to be brave I'll become what I want to become It's better to be someone who does her best Every so often, there are tears, too But even so, I'll try to be brave