Sailor Moon (1995) s02e36 Episode Script

236 - Legend of the Negamoon

Gomen ne sunao ja nakute yume no naka nara ieru Shikou kairo wa short sunzen ima sugu aitai yo Nakitakunaru you na moonlight denwa mo dekinai midnight Datte junjou dou shiyou heart wa mangekyou Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare Nando mo meguriau Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue Onaji kuni ni umareta no miracle romance Shinjite iru no miracle romance Finally, we'll go through the doorway of space-time into the future! What in the world is waiting for us beyond those doors?! O doorway of space-time, please show us the way! Please Please, everyone! Save my mom! Everybody! Sailor Mars! Sailor Mercury! Sailor Jupiter! Sailor Venus! Sailor Moon! No No! Journey to the Future! Battle in the Space-Time Corridor Journey to the Future! Battle in the Space-Time Corridor Journey to the Future! Battle in the Space-Time Corridor Journey to the Future! Battle in the Space-Time Corridor I thought if I could only make it back to the future, I could save my mom and the others, but even Sailor Moon and her friends can lose, too.
Mom, what should I do? Chibi-Usa.
What are you doing here? You're going back to the future now, right? Yeah, but Chibi-Usa.
You're going to go save your mom, right? Nothing's going to be resolved if you keep running away.
Be confident.
Have faith in your own strength and the strength of your friends.
Let's all go to the future together.
I'll protect you.
Mamo Okay? Yeah! Chibi-Usa sure is late.
Sailor Moon, didn't you both leave the house together? Well, she told me to go on ahead because she had something to do.
I hope nothing has happened I'll go look for her.
Oh, I'll go, too.
There is no need for that.
I brought Chibi-Usa.
Chibi-Usa! You're so late! I've got all sorts of things to take care of, too! Okay, is everyone ready? Chibi-Usa, please.
O guardian of time! Rend the heavens and open the doorway of space-time to me! I call out thy true name! O almighty god of time, father of the guardian, Chronos! Guide me! Protect me! The path of light to me! This is the future? Where's everyone else? What's that? Stop! What? Any and all who break the taboo, and attempt to approach the doorway of space-time shall be eliminated! What? Wait a minute, I Prepare to die! Puu! Small Lady? Sailor Moon? You're Sailor Pluto? You guys! Small Lady I'm sorry! I broke my promise and brought these people with me! But these people will They'll save my mom! Small Lady Puu, you're not mad? So, you finally mastered the key of space-time.
You have grown into such a fine lady.
Puu Please forgive me.
I turned my weapon against you when you had just brought Small Lady back.
But you certainly are always a source of trouble for me.
Huh? Come, we must now open the doorway of space-time in order to transcend time! Now, the doorway of space-time has been opened.
Please travel on to the future.
Thank you.
Now, join hands.
Sailor Moon, you must never let go of Small Lady's hand.
If you become separated from her, you may become imprisoned in the crevices of time for all eternity.
Sailor Pluto, come with us! I cannot leave this place.
Please, everyone, protect Small Lady for me.
Sailor Pluto Puu, see you later.
I've heard about her from Queen Serenity.
She guards the doorway of space-time for all eternity.
Her very existence is not allowed to be known and no one has ever seen her.
A lone warrior.
Whom no one knows about A lone warrior She had a slightly sorrowful look in her eyes.
It's the corridor of space-time! Everyone, be careful! What is this pressure?! This is the corridor of space-time?! Anyway, let's move forward.
Someone has used the ancient corridor to time-warp instead of using the space-time route that leads to our Nemesis.
That must be the Rabbit, right? No, the person is not alone.
This energy reading indicates multiple people.
It is rare to see a visitor to that planet.
The time has come.
Now is the time to obtain the legendary Silver Crystal and the Rabbit, and strike down that invincible castle.
Obtain the Rabbit, you say? If the power of the Evil Black Crystal is added to the Rabbit, a wonderful power will be unleashed.
Those eyes I see.
So, she is Sailor Moon.
How beautiful! Dimande? Obtain the Rabbit! Esmeraude, go capture the Rabbit.
And bring Sailor Moon back alive as well.
Sailor Moon? I wish to gaze into those beautiful eyes.
Dimande! I am counting on you! Wiseman! Damn that shady fortune-telling old man! He appeared before us out of nowhere and completely emasculated my brother with his cunning talk! Come to think of it, he was also the one who planted the strange wisdom regarding the legendary Silver Crystal in Prince Dimande's head.
Someday, I'll expose his true colors! More importantly, Sailor Moon is bewitching Prince Dimande's heart, getting rid of her comes first! What incredible power! I feel like we're going to be crushed! I can't hang on anymore! Be strong, Sailor Moon! I can't hang on anymore! Be strong, Sailor Moon! Right! If she can't even withstand this, will she really be able to save my mom? If she can't save my mom Chibi-Usa, are you okay? Chibi-Usa! No! Right now, I have to rely on Sailor Moon It's the only choice I have.
Welcome to our territory.
Esmeraude! I'll welcome you with the utmost courtesy.
Damn, I've lost sight of them in the maze of space-time.
Ryuakusu! You called? You will have an easier time moving around in the maze of space-time.
Find them and dispose of them.
Yes, My Lady.
Yes, My Lady.
However, you must not kill the Rabbit.
However, you must not kill the Rabbit.
Not the Rabbit As you wish! Oh, my goodness, I forgot to tell her about Sailor Moon.
I suppose it can't be helped if Ryuakusu unknowingly kills her.
Is everyone all right? Chibi-Usa and Tuxedo Mask aren't here.
Where are we? Where are we? It's likely a space-time pocket in the crevices of space-time.
It's likely a space-time pocket in the crevices of space-time.
Then, if we never find Chibi-Usa We will be lost, wandering in space-time for alleternity.
You guys, I'm sorry.
All because I let go of her hand This is not time to say things like that, now is it? Anyway, let's look for Chibi-Usa and Tuxedo Mask.
But We'll think of some way.
What's going on? The Silver Crystal Oh, look What is that light?! It's as if it's resonating with the Silver Crystal.
Maybe the future Silver Crystal is resonating with Sailor Moors Silver Crystal.
Anyway, let's go see what it is.
Yeah, there's no point in staying here.
Let's go! Yes! Where are we? This is a kind of creepy place.
This is bad.
We've gotten separated from everyone else.
Oh, no! What's going to happen to us? We have no choice but to find the others somehow.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Who's there?! You must not go in that direction.
Come this way.
Now, hurry.
What should we do? It could be a trap.
Let's go and see.
I'm sure I've heard that voice before.
You guys, where are you?! There's no one here.
So, in the end, I'm all alone again.
Mom The doorway that leads to the future The future is beyond those doors.
I've come back.
But I won't be able to save Mom if I just go back alone.
Mom Poor thing.
Mom Poor thing.
Poor thing.
My dear It's okay now.
Mom! Let us go home together.
Mom! Mom! No, you're not my mom! Who are you?! I am your mom, little Rabbit.
No, you're not! Mom would never call me Rabbit! You are such a clever girl, little Rabbit.
But sometimes, ignorance can be bliss in this world.
You're going to experience some pain now.
It's all over! I'm sorry, Mom! I can't go to you now! Chibi-Usa.
You're going to go save your mom, right? Nothing's going to be resolved if you keep running away.
Mamo I'm not going to run.
Luna-P! Luna-P! Transformation! Take that! All right! I can understand your sentiments, but if you're going to resist, you should pick something more effective.
Mischievous little girls need to be severely punished.
Prepare yourself! Hold it right there! As long as we're here, we won't let you lay a finger on her! I'm impressed that you made it out of that maze.
We've got a strong ally called Lady Luck on our side! I'm a sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I will punish you! I'll take care of the Rabbit later.
I'll dispose of you guys first! Now, take this! What was that?! I drastically changed the flow of time.
What did you say?! So, what about it?! Burning Oh, wait! Burning Burning Mandala! What's going on here?! She reversed the flow of time.
Venus, let's go! Right! How about this then?! Sparkling Wide Pressure! Venus Love-Me Chain! You're wasting your time.
I got it! Just now, after she used her power, the distortion in time disappeared for an instant.
That's our window of opportunity! And we only get one chance.
An all or nothing bet.
Let's try risking it all on a Sailor Planet Attack! All right, let's do it! But how are we going to make her use her power? I'll I'll do it! Chibi-Usa! That's dangerous! Chibi-Usa! That's dangerous! Let me handle this! Let me handle this! What are you up to now? Mamo, I'll believe I'll try placing more faith in everyone! You little dummy.
But they do say, the dumber kids are more adorable.
I'll treat you really nicely.
Now, everyone! Mars Star Power! Mercury Star Power! Jupiter Star Power! Venus Star Power! Moon Crystal Power! You damn brat! Ryuakusu Power! Tuxedo Mask! Now, do it! Sailor Planet Attack! We did it! Chibi-Usa, you did well.
Yeah! Everyone, I'm sorry for coming late.
Chibi-Usa! Good job! Chibi-Usa! Good job! Thank you! All right! Now, we can go to the future! Thank you! All right! Now, we can go to the future! No way This is the future? Donna pinch no toki mo zettai akiramenai Sou yo sore ga karen na otome no policy ltsuka honto ni deau daiji na hito no tame ni Kao o agete tobikonde yuku no Tsun to itai mune no oku de Koi ga mezameru wa Kowai mono nanka nai yo ne Tokimeku hou ga ii yo ne Ooki na yume ga aru yo ne Dakara kitto ririshiku Naritai mono ni naru yo ne Ganbaru hito ga ii yo ne Namida mo tama ni aru yo ne Dakedo kitto ririshiku