Sailor Moon (1995) s02e40 Episode Script

240 - Diamond In The Rough

Gomen ne sunao ja nakute yume no naka nara ieru Shikou kairo wa short sunzen ima sugu aitai yo Nakitakunaru you na moonlight denwa mo dekinai midnight Datte junjou dou shiyou heart wa mangekyou Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare Nando mo meguriau Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue Onaji kuni ni umareta no miracle romance Shinjite iru no miracle romance Dimande, Wiseman is using you all for his own ambitions! It's not that Saphir betrayed you! Please, listen to what he has to say! About what he saw in the future! About how you're only being used! Saphir Dies! Wiseman's Trap Saphir Dies! Wiseman's Trap Saphir Dies! Wisemars Trap Saphir Dies! Wiseman's Trap This mysterious object that suddenly appeared in the center of Tokyo has broken apart the transportation network and completely paralyzed the functionality of the capital area.
If you are a resident in its vicinity, Mysterious Giant Monument If you are a resident in its vicinity, Mysterious Giant Monument please do not go near it, no matter what.
Mysterious Giant Monument The situation is dangerous until the object is identified.
This has turned into a terrible situation.
Isn't there something we can do to counter it? That will be impossible unless we collect more data on just how powerful that enormous Evil Black Crystal is.
I guess that means we just have to wait for Mamoru and Artemis to come back with the results of their investigation.
It looks like we can only be on standby until then.
Chibi-Usa It sounds so dangerous.
It's awful.
Would it be better if we also evacuated? Mom, that's What is it? This? Oh One, two, three Oh, dear, why did I bring one too many? That's strange, I felt like I needed to bring this cup for you guys.
Thanks for the food! That's so strange.
Without Luna-P, everyone else in the family should have forgotten Chibi-Usa, but I wonder if she's still there, somewhere in their memories? Luna, do you think I'm being greedy? What? Chibi-Usa's gone and everything should have returned to normal, but this house feels so big and empty now.
Usagi Cheer up, Usagi.
Rei Don't worry.
If we put our powers together, I'm sure we'll be able to restore Chibi-Usa.
You're right.
Thank you.
O nothingness.
O silence.
Obey me.
Swear your allegiance to the all-knowing, almighty Death Phantom.
Know that the one who will rule this universe is not Dimande, who dreams an ephemeral dream, but Death Phantom, who possesses absolute power.
Ah, foolish Prince Dimande.
Create a disturbance for the sake of silence.
And present chaotic nothingness to Death Phantom, the supreme ruler of this world.
Eradicate impure things such as life from this universe.
Who is there? So, I was right after all! He was only using Dimande.
Damn you, Wiseman! This unusual build up of energy This must be his handiwork as well.
At this rate This is the right thing to do.
The reactor must not be allowed to run further out of control.
Wiseman! Return that to its place right now.
I believe you have no right to order me around! I will talk to my brother and then decide what to do! The one giving you orders is Death Phantom, the ruler of the entire universe.
Defying the will of Death Phantom means death! You were talking about that before, too.
What in the world is Death Phantom?! The absolute god, who will return this universe to beautiful silence and transparent nothingness.
He will eradicate all impure life forms such as you.
What in the world are you? Now is not yet the time to speak of that.
Wiseman, you bastard! You shall die in ignorance! So, he got away.
Well, that is fine.
I know where he is headed.
It seems the Dark Gate is coming along nicely.
The energy from the reactor will peak soon.
If we can send that in This world will disappear and the future will change greatly.
Please calm down! Everyone, please evacuate calmly! Traffic Control Being Enforced Everyone, please evacuate calmly! Traffic Control Being Enforced Traffic Control Being Enforced Petz! Petz! It seems they have seriously begun to make their move.
Petz, shouldn't we also evacuate? You're right.
That's Petz? Dimande Dimande, no At this rate, Wiseman will It's the fragrance of grass It brings back memories.
Dimande! Dimande, it's a flower! Yeah, it's pretty.
It's so unusual.
Only small flowers such as that one grow here on Nemesis.
But someday, we'll invade the Earth that exiled us, and flower fields as far as the eye can see will be ours! Yeah! You'll be able to do it! I just know it! Now, let us go, Prince.
Wiseman! You bastard! Dimande! No! You have to get away from him! Dimande! Dimande! Where am I? Are you awake, Master Saphir? Petz? Is that you, Petz? Yes.
Where am I? This is my room.
I see.
Now, I remember.
You betrayed us and came to live in this world.
I am prepared to pay the price.
But please, could you at least pardon my younger sisters? Punish only me, if you must.
You do not need to worry.
I didn't come to this world for something like that.
I thought Petz hated men, didn't she? Shouldrt we be getting out of here? Wort he try to punish us? I don't think we need to worry about that.
Let's leave them alone for a while.
What do you mean? Petz used to be in love with Master Saphir.
What did you say?! Saphir has gone mad.
He extracted the reactor's control panel and stopped the reactor.
The traitor Saphir has fled to this world.
Kill him! And get the control panel back.
Impossible! I know Saphir, he would never do something like that.
Then do you intend to halt this operation? I understand.
I, Black Lady, will take on that task.
That Saphir Betrayed me? Here you go.
Thank you.
You've changed.
I don't know how to put it I feel very peaceful right now, being with you like this.
I Sailor Moon and her friends taught us what true human kindness is, and what it means to trust others.
Sailor Moon Compared to when we lived on Nemesis, there are some really inconvenient things about this world, but it is full of warmth, and we very much feel that we have been saved.
We now know that trusting others, and living as we care for one another is a very wonderful thing.
Is what we are trying to accomplish truly the right thing to do? What of the future we are trying to create? We've been blindly trying to get our revenge, but perhaps even that was only due to Wisemars manipulation?! Master Saphir I have to go.
I have to hurry.
Master Saphir! Dimande I have to see Dimande.
I have to hurry.
You are the same as ever.
Always concerned only about Prince Dimande.
Petz, my jacket.
You can't! Not in your condition! I must tell him about Wisemars true objectives as soon as possible! You can't! Petz I have an idea of who gave you those injuries.
If you go to Master Dimande in your condition, you will Petz If something If something were to happen to you I have to go.
The way you are now, if your younger sisters were trying to go down the wrong path, you couldn't just let them do that, could you? Prince Dimande is my one and only elder brother.
But Don't worry, I'm only going to talk to him.
When my business is done, I'll come back here once more.
Master Saphir I'll leave my jacket here for when I return.
Why did Petz let him go alone?! With those injuries We should follow after him and at least The way we are now, what could we do?! We should follow after him and at least The way we are now, what could we do?! We don't have the powers that we used to have.
We would only get in the way.
All we can do is wait.
Hello, Tsukino resi Oh, Koan? Usagi, please! So, you came here on your own.
You've saved me the trouble of looking for you.
Out of my way, Black Lady! My business is with Dimande! Oh, really? But you're going to die before that.
Hold it right there! Sailor Moon? So, you've come.
Don't do it, Chibi-Usa! You must not hurt that man! You're being tricked! Why can't you understand that?! You're greatly mistaken there.
I am acting of my own will! Please snap out of it! Enough! Luna-P! Transformation! Chibi-Usa! Crescent Beam! Not good enough! Bubble Spray! You guys are Now, Saphir, this is your chance! Go to Dimande! Why are you doing this for me? We actually don't know the details, but Koan and her sisters asked us to help you, so That's idiotic! This could be a trap! That's true, but thanks to a certain someone, it looks like we've all become little dummies.
We like to trust people, even if they might be the enemy.
And Sailor Moors especially like that.
Do you think you can stop me with this? Chibi-Usa, please go back to your old self! Moon Crystal Power! I won't fall for the same trick again! Now, here I go! Take this! Venus Love-Me What? You guys! You don't have to mind me.
Go save those girls.
But You don't have to worry about me.
I've found the person I wanted to talk to.
Now, hurry! Okay.
Saphir Saphir, why did you betray us? I didn't betray you! Dimande, we've been deceived by Wiseman! There! What idiocy is this?! Saphir, anyone who gets in the way of this operation, even you Dimande! Saphir, anyone who gets in the way of this operation, even you Dimande! This operation itself may be a huge mistake! This wasrt what we were trying to accomplish! We're just being used! Dimande! You are such a noisy man.
This rose! Stop this, Chibi-Usa.
Dimande, listen to what Saphir has to say.
Listen well to what your younger brother saw in the future.
Saphir, just what happened in the future? Dimande Damn! Saphir! Wiseman! Traitor Saphir, there is no need to trouble the Prince with your execution.
Dimande Wiseman means to erase even the future! His goal is Die! Wait, Wiseman! Saphir! Dimande Saphir! Foolish Saphir.
Deceived by the sailor warriors and speaking such nonsense.
Black Lady and Dimande, we will eventually settle our fight with those girls another time.
Saphir I'm sorry, I wasrt able to protect him.
Petz, I'm sorry Saphir! No! You can't die! What about Petz? What are you going to do about Petz?! Saphir! Dimande! Saphir Wiseman! Petz I'm okay.
I knew this would happen from the moment I sent him on his way.
Master Saphir will always be in my heart.
Together with the smile he gave me at the end.
Donna pinch no toki mo zettai akiramenai Sou yo sore ga karen na otome no policy ltsuka honto ni deau daiji na hito no tame ni Kao o agete tobikonde yuku no Tsun to itai mune no oku de Koi ga mezameru wa Kowai mono nanka nai yo ne Tokimeku hou ga ii yo ne Ooki na yume ga aru yo ne Dakara kitto ririshiku Naritai mono ni naru yo ne Ganbaru hito ga ii yo ne Namida mo tama ni aru yo ne Dakedo kitto ririshiku