Sailor Moon (1995) s03e37 Episode Script

337 - Second Chance

Haruka, Michiru please undo your transformations! Will we never understand each other? We can't feel each other's warmth? Are we going to bicker and stay enemies until the end? Uranus, Neptune undo your transformations! Hotaru!! Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Hang in there! - Are you all right? - Hold onto my shoulder Chibiusa! Usagi Mamo-chan I'm so glad Hotaru Where's Hotaru? You're kidding you're kidding, right? Hotaru came and visited me! In my dream she said thanks Chibiusa It's all right.
I'm sure she is alive.
Mamo-chan That's right! Sailor Moon risked her life to protect Hotaru back there! I'm sure that she's safe somewhere out there.
Yeah, I know.
It's all right I won't cry anymore.
Usagi, you did your best, right? Chibiusa! Chibiusa! Good morning! - Good morning! - Now, hurry! The bus is going to leave! Chibiusa! - I'll be going now! - Hurry, hurry! Usagi She's really trying too hard In reality, she's worried sick about Hotaru Chibiusa is caring about others, too.
Even if she cried over it, all it would do is trouble you, Usagi.
We can't find Sailor Pluto's whereabouts, nor Hotaru's Mina, Makoto, and the others are doing their best to look for them! But No, I won't give up Back then, I did feel Hotaru's warmth I still remember it clearly We'll see her again I'm sure of it! I'll see you again, I'm sure You look so picturesque.
Perhaps it would be nice for the three of us to live peacefully like this as a family.
Come on! Well, it's time.
It's farewell, baby Ryouichi and Masako Hidaka, please come to window 4 Really, what a plump and cute baby! I'm sure she'll grow up to be a precocious little girl! You have a visitor Mr.
Hotaru Mr.
Soichi Tomoe's amnesia is rather serious He has a severe mental trauma on top of his head injuries Fortunately, he's recovering well, so he won't face any problems returning to society But, most of his memory from the past few years only remains in fragments.
Hm, what's wrong? What's wrong? It's strange It feels so lonely Let's go Before we leave that town, we have one more thing to do.
Chibiusa! What's wrong? You don't look too cheerful.
No, I'm fine and full of energy! Hey, let's go! Go on ahead! I'll catch right up with you! Sure! Plu? Plu!! You did very well.
I want to hold you and congratulate you.
But, I no longer have a physical body in this world.
Plu! Don't say that, come back Hotaru isn't here, either I'm all alone now! That is not true.
You have wonderful friends.
And, Sailor Saturn Hotaru is she all right? Is she alive!? Within Hotaru, two personalities resided.
Sailor Saturn and Mistress Nine of the Death Busters.
However, Hotaru was able to annihilate Mistress Nine using Sailor Moon's help She has been reincarnated on this beautiful planet and is about to relive a new life.
Don't go!! I will see you once again someday.
My Small Lady take care Don't go, Plu!! Oh, is this yours? Yes I'm sorry to trouble you.
Hotaru's dad Here.
T-Thank you Whoa there She likes you.
Isn't she cute? She's my daughter.
What's her name? Oh, her name is Hotaru.
Right, Hotaru? Hotaru She has been reincarnated on this beautiful planet and is about to relive a new life.
Tomoe! Um I hope the baby stays healthy! Yeah! Bye-bye! Hotaru I'm happy for you, Hotaru.
I'll see you again, right? Until then Bye-bye No good.
The other dimension is completely gone.
There isn't even a trace of it.
I thought we could get some clue Hey, how was it? Nothing.
It's just a normal building after detonation.
Same here.
We walked all around town, but we had no clues concerning Hotaru.
Hey, why are you depressed!? Usagi, you did the best that you could! Come on, cheer up! Luna! What's wrong? Don't come here Sailor Moon! Usagi Your idealism is too painful to watch.
Michiru? Why yes, the world was saved.
But we can't forgive you for what you did! Your idealism in protecting the Warrior of Ruin almost destroyed this planet Usagi, you have no qualifications to be the future queen! Oh, how horrible! I thought we understood each other! Haruka! Wait, guys.
Just like we initially thought these guys are so hardheaded that it's beyond our reach! Will you try to bend these tough heads? Are you picking a fight!? NEPTUNE PLANET POWER MAKE UP! URANUS PLANET POWER MAKE UP! Let's go! JUPITER STAR POWER MARS STAR POWER Don't! VENUS STAR POWER MERCURY STAR POWER MAKE UP! Uranus! Neptune! I have no grudge against you, but I can't tolerate you criticizing Usagi! Sailor Moon fought to the best of her ability! Everyone, stop!! I don't want everyone to fight Please stop You really are a hopeless idealist.
Usagi? Aren't you upset after all that they've said!? I'm not upset at all.
Because it's true.
I'm a crybaby and naive But I don't think I've done anything wrong! Sailor Saturn may have been the Warrior of Ruin but she is still one of us Sailor Soldiers! I was happy that we could understand each other, to feel each other's warmth! Haruka, Michiru, please undo your transformations! Everyone else, too! Usagi If you want us to, you have to force us to.
Unless you do, we will be enemies forever Usagi All right Usagi! Don't help me.
This is my responsibility MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP! It's finally time for the main character to appear.
We won't go easy on you.
DEEP SUBMERGE!! Sailor Moon! Tuxedo Mask! For two hearts to truly understand each other sometimes harsh collisions are necessary.
No need to interrupt.
What's wrong? Aren't you going to cry? Princess Crybaby.
Undo your transformations! WORLD SHAKING! Where is she? Behind you! Please stop, Uranus! Rather amazing.
Sailor Moon! This is it, Sailor Moon! What!? Uranus, Neptune? Nothing less from the Princess No, the future Neo Queen Serenity.
We have been shown with your true powers in the very end.
The very end? Everything we need to do in this town is now over.
We found the true Messiah, and the Earth has been saved.
Our mission has been completed.
The true Messiah who is it? Sheesh, there she goes again.
She even draws the Warrior of Ruin onto her side.
Uranus! Neptune! Since we came to this town, it's been a series of battles.
It was a rather tough everyday life, right, Neptune? But it was worth it.
Yeah It wasn't just Sailor Saturn that was saved by the messiah.
We were, as well.
I guess I should say "Thank you" Wait tell me one thing Is Hotaru alive? I'm sure you'll see her again.
So she's alive!! I'm so glad!