Sailor Moon (1995) s04e19 Episode Script

419 - Duchess' Day Off

A festival, a festival!! Hey, Usagi that girl Okonomi pancake, fried noodles, snow-cones! Don't you think she has some reason to act that way? Hot dogs and chocolate-covered bananas! Can we leave her alone? Geez!! If you get in the way of my fun In the name of the moon we'll punish you! I'm sorry that I'm not honest.
Gomen ne sunao ja nakute I can say that in my dreams.
Yume no naka nara ieru My thoughts are about to short-circuit.
Shikou kairo wa SHORT sunzen I want to see you right now.
Ima sugu aitai yo It makes me want to cry, this moonlight.
Nakitaku naru you na MOONLIGHT And I can't make a call at midnight.
Denwa mo dekinai MIDNIGHT Because I'm naive, what should I do? Datte junjou doushiyou My heart is a kaleidoscope.
HEART wa mangekyou Guided by the light of the moon Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare we meet each other again and again.
Nando mo meguri au By counting the constellations' blinking Seiza no matataki kazoe we forecast the outcome of this love.
Uranau koi no yukue We were born in the same country.
Onaji kuni ni umaretano MIRACLE ROMANCE I believe in it.
Shinjite iruno MIRACLE ROMANCE Now, for some news about the princess.
Princess Rubina of Amethyst Kingdom, who is currently visiting Japan has been attended to by doctors for her cold.
Therefore, her visitation of the factory and the banquet scheduled for today Poor girl.
That reminds me The Queen and King of the future always had a fever just on the days where they had stuffy ceremonies to attend There's really nothing to worry about because they're always well by the time the event ends.
The king as well? Yes.
The king fakes an illness as well ? Is something worrying you? I'm REALLY worried! Chi-bi-u-sa No way! - You ruthless being! - It's not my problem! You heartless When I say it's not my problem, it's NOT my problem! You don't feel even the slightest need to help out!? Oh, you want me to help? You're the one who spent all your allowance in one day without thinking.
And now you're ending up helping Mama with chores to earn more money, right? Well, that's true, but there's so much here.
Don't you even think about carrying just one I'll take half of what she's paying you.
You already have money! Of course I do! Then it should be free! Take a bag! - No way! No way, NO WAY!! - Take it, take it, take it! - Take it, take it, take it! - No way! No way, NO WAY!! - No way! No way, NO WAY!! - Take it, take it, take it! - Take it, take it, take it! - No way! No way, NO WAY!! Fighting is unfit for pretty girls.
I will somehow take care of this You there.
Please take this baggage for them.
And you, too.
U-Um, it's all right Bye! Oh, my What WAS she!? Dunno.
Juban-Cho Shopping Strip That looks fun! I've got to hurry home so I can get ready to go there! So I'm ending up carrying it all by myself.
Oh, my, that really does look fun! A real princess!? And Tigers-Eye missed this? What's going on? She's a little on the old side In the first place, they say that she's down with a cold.
You really believe that!? She's just playing sick! A little research should tell you that! No, no! I can't stand this boring work day after day! OH, NO!! The princess has escaped Tell the press she's down with a cold, and go look for her! LOOK FOR HER!! You see? It's so cliché! In either case, she's too old.
I'll pass.
You think so? Hurry up! I'm going, Usagi! Yeah! Sorry to keep you waiting! Um Can we help you? Nice to meet you.
My name is Rubina.
Yeah, same here.
I'm Usagi Tsukino.
I'm Chibiusa.
Now Now? Please be on your way.
Don't worry about me.
Now, please Now, please Then, we'll accept the offer and be on our way? I believe so Well, if you'll excuse us Excuse us! Oh, that is Oh, my! This is so wonderful SUMMER FESTIVAL This is just too wonderful! Great! This cotton can you really eat it? Y-Yeah! Miss Rubina isn't your ordinary tourist, is she? Well, now that we've ended up in this situation, might as well stick it out to the end.
I'm sure we'll figure out what's going on sooner or later.
Oh, I finally did it! That was the fifth try! This is what you call a waste of money This really is a learning experience.
Miss Rubina's not around.
Where did she go? Wanna look for her? Well, we can't leave her alone BUY IT FOR ME! NO! BUY IT FOR ME! NO! Go for it, kid!! BUY IT FOR MEEEEE!!!!! I won't allow such selfishness! You cannot be so selfish! I do not think it to be selfish.
Ordinary women can walk around wherever they like when they are overseas You are the princess of Amethyst Kingdom.
You cannot simply behave as you wish.
For this country and Amethyst Kingdom to be allied to one another for a long time to come.
And for that, you don't care if my freedom becomes sacrificed for it.
Princess Princess Rubina I understand I will get ready.
You may exit the room.
ALL RIGHT! What are you doing!? Hey, give that back to him! - Wait, you little brat! - Freedom, huh? Do you also want one? Here you go.
- Me, too! - Oh You, too? Here, here.
T-Thanks for all this business Now, get in line It's so free Hey, you know You ARE going to pay me for all of those, right? Pay for? Here.
D-Don't you be playing jokes with me You hear me!? You went off and gave out my merchandise, and you're saying ya got no money!? What do ya think you're doing, huh!? What are you talking about? - You shouldn't be playing jokes with me! - I don't understand.
Now, do I need to hurt you to make you understand!? Ouch OW! Are you hurt at all? No In the world, when you want to get something, you need a thing called money Princess Rubina.
You're someone they sent to take me back there, aren't you!? No, I'm no I am free! Just like that balloon! Farewell! Miss Rubina! Miss Rubina! It's useless to run away! Pay for the balloons!! You are a rather violent one.
I don't need any change.
That's not enough.
I see - Miss Rubina! - Miss Rubina! Where did she go? It's her.
Is that really Princess Rubina? I really can't see well from here Who is it? You don't have to run.
I'm not someone they sent after you.
After you have a little bit more fun, it's better for you to go back to the hotel.
I really do understand how you long for freedom.
But, have you ever thought about how every one of the many people who care about you would be worried about you? You're Oh, Miss Rubina.
Oh, you're right.
We were going to pick you up later.
The fireworks are about to begin.
Oh, about that I have sudden plans today, and Usagi's friend? Oh, yeah, Miss Rubina.
You ran away so suddenly If you have a particular reason, you can tell us! Usagi! There are things people would rather not talk about! Don't go asking questions like that without thinking! You act so high-and-mighty! You've been reading the advice column in Mama's books again, haven't you!? Anyway Mamo-chan, what were you doing with Miss Rubina? Oh, that's right! When I was looking for the two of you I bumped into Miss Rubina, and I was being asked directions.
Right? Y-Yes.
I see.
Well, I have to get going.
Sorry about this - I'll treat you guys to anything you want next time.
Really? Anything!? Yeah All right! Mamo-chan, you really shouldn't spoil a child with so many things! Well, I guess you have a point there.
Chibiusa, you really are a good girl! - Lemme see inside your nose - My nose hurts! Mister Mamo-chan How was it? I'm pretty sure she's the real Princess Rubina.
In that case can we leave her alone like that? I'm a little bit worried.
It's all right.
She'll be going back on her own.
No, I didn't mean that I mean, Usagi is the one with her, right? If she thinks all Japanese people are like how Usagi is by watching her Right? I think it will be all right There it goes! Usagi What? Usagi, can you see Mister Mamo-chan whenever you want to? Well, when Mamo-chan is busy, I can't.
Oh, I see so wonderful.
Yeah it's so wonderful! Hey, why don't we go a little bit more towards the front? Let's go, Miss Rubina! Yes.
All right! It is, after all, a fragile glimmer Nothing matches your beauty.
Miss Rubina?? Do you work for our government? You needrt worry about me.
When the fireworks are over, I will return to the hotel.
Can you actually go back? ONE! TWO! THREE! That was Miss Rubina right!? You are? Pardon my lack of manners, but this is also for an important mission.
If you'll excuse me Where is the Pegasus? MOON CRISIS MAKE UP! Not here! It took me so much money to look in here, too!! You'll pay for it with your life Hold it right there! On such a fun night of fireworks! Only baddies do mischief! For love and justice pretty soldiers in sailor suits! Sailor Moon! Sailor Chibi Moon! In the name of the moon we'll punish you! You've got to be kidding! If you're going to complain, YOU can pay for the balloons! Come here, my Remless Master of the ball-riding elephant, Elephanko! Yes, I'm Elephanko, the master of the ball-riding elephant! My brother-in-law Gummario had seen you earlier.
Do you remember him? Well, yeah In a way I really didn't get along with him, so when you staged him out you really did get something off of my chest In the first place, he doesn't Hey! Can I leave you to take care of the rest? have that much talent, but he always acted so haughty.
He was just so arrogant! He wasrt popular at all among us, either! - Judging from appearances, he's a weakling.
- Come on! Well, that is that.
You remember that balloon girl, Puko right? Hurry up and do your job!! MY! Then I guess I'll perform my tricks now! It doesn't break even when an elephant is on top of it! Amazing! How long do you plan on being up there!? Prepare yourselves! Watch out! Yeah! Oh, my, where do you think you're going? I'm leaving you with the rest! What are you doing!? Hurry up and get in there, you large-butted You wanna go this way now? It looks like I'll crush this girl at this rate! Miss Rubina! Wake up!! So pitiful.
Miss Rubina!! To assault a fair maiden What?! Tuxedo Mask! Ow! Now! Yeah Please, Pegasus! Protect everyone's dreams! TWINKLE YELL! How dare you!? MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION! W-Wait!! STAGE OUT!?! Here will be fine.
Really? The hotel is right there.
I'll walk back there.
Usagi, Chibiusa, Mister Mamo-chan.
I had a lot of fun.
I'll never forget the memories I made today.
Oh geez, Miss Rubina, you're overreacting.
Come visit again! Yes, I will be sure to Thank you.
Do your best.
Good-bye! La La La Never give up.
La La La NEVER GIVE UP I'll do my best.
Ganbaruwa I'm putting everything into this match.
Kono shoubu ni kaketeruno My heart races from happy anticipation.
Uki uki tokimeku no In an age of adolescence Shishunki AGE overwriting a profile of love is okay! Kakikae OKAY koisuru PROFILE Listen - I fell in love at first sight Kiite houkagono with the trickster after school.
TRICK STAR Hitomebore nanoyo Somewhat like my last boyfriend Maeno kareto niteru spinning all around Kurukuru mawaru mata kizutsuku kana Do you think I'll be hurt again? Kurukuru mawaru mata kizutsuku kana What should I do? But I already decided: Doushiyou demo kimeteruno I want to make him wait on purpose.
Wazato jirashitai Letting the sailor suit wave in the wind SAILOR fuku nabikasete let's live "our way.
" "Rashiku" ikimasho La La La Never give up.
La La La NEVER GIVE UP I'll do my best.
Ganbaruwa This time it's surely my turn.
Kondokoso watashino ban My heart races hard in anticipation.
Doki doki tokimekuno In an age of adolescence Shishunki AGE overwriting a profile of love is okay! Kakikae OKAY koisuru PROFILE