Sailor Moon (1995) s04e24 Episode Script

424 - Heartfelt Melody

Ami! Oh, you're early We're not early Guys!! What's wrong? You were spaced out The enemy is showing a new course of action we need you to have a good grip on things.
I'm sorry By the way, Ami What's in this notebook? How you're fretting it's not academics, is it!? Rei!! I want to keep watching your profile forever It's not that! That's That's?? That's Today, we're going to come up with a plan for fighting the new enemy? Are you guys listening? I'm sorry that I'm not honest.
Gomen ne sunao ja nakute I can say that in my dreams.
Yume no naka nara ieru My thoughts are about to short-circuit.
Shikou kairo wa SHORT sunzen I want to see you right now.
Ima sugu aitai yo It makes me want to cry, this moonlight.
Nakitaku naru you na MOONLIGHT And I can't make a call at midnight.
Denwa mo dekinai MI DNIGHT Because I'm naive, what should I do? Datte junjou doushiyou My heart is a kaleidoscope.
HEART wa mangekyou Guided by the light of the moon Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare we meet each other again and again.
Nando mo meguri au By counting the constellations' blinking Seiza no matataki kazoe we forecast the outcome of this love.
Uranau koi no yukue We were born in the same country.
Onaji kuni ni umaretano MI RACLE ROMANCE I believe in it.
Shinjite iruno MI RACLE ROMANCE A computer network? Yes.
This is an original composition that was running on one site.
It's a beautiful song It really is It calms me down.
When I'm listening to this song, I get one image after another in my mind.
So, I've been writing words that came into my mind down on this notebook You were writing a poem.
By the way, what's a computer network? What?! Guys!! Geez, you don't even know what that is!? A computer network is a network of computers!! That doesn't explain anything In other words, it's like a bulletin board between computers.
It's a place where you can freely post various works not just music! But what kind of a person composed this song? I only know that the persors initials are "N.
" Since he can compose such a wonderful song, I'm sure that he's a handsome guy! Oh, but it doesn't have to be a man, right? You have no dreams!! Not knowing who's on the other side is what makes it fun!! Is it something like that? Right, Ami?? Y-Yeah I want to meet the person who composed this.
I do, too Wait, wait!! Why are you running away!? Yeah! I'll give you a good pat on your head! It might be rather tasty to fry it sunny-side up! I'd prefer to salt-roast it Oh, how cute!! You idiots!! All you do is mischief! If you have the time for horseplay, hurry up and go find the Golden Mirror!! Here!! What's this? The focus is way off! Did it break from the shock we gave earlier? I'm calling it off! I can't figure it out with this! Damn you all! Hurry up and go look!! Ouch! That old hag was using all of her strength! My skin is so irritated! How are we supposed to look with only a picture like this!? Well, leave it to me! TAMASAKA! And? And!? Since we get music I'm sure it's a musician! Useless! And whose fault is it? It's not my fault! Vesves was the one who broke Zircon! Come on We'll leave you to take care of it! "Dear N.
T" "I introduced your song to my friends.
" "Everyone really liked it.
" "Also, I am currently writing a poem.
" "I hope I can write wonderful lyrics to match your song.
" "Ami" It's hard to write song lyrics Coming! It's from Papa How pretty! Papa always sends a sketch that he drew from where he traveled to instead of writing a letter.
He has no words attached to them, but they feel warm.
I'm sure that the art in itself is his message All right I should have the same artist blood as Papa flowing in me! I'll do my best! I see! And so, you were up all night last night writing the song lyrics? I did the best that I could by myself But I'm not confident about it But it's really wonderful.
I think it's good to stay honest.
You think so? It's useless for you to see, so hurry up and pass it along!! What do you mean by that!? Do you think you can give advice to Ami, Usagi? This is a question of artistic sense!! For you, I think it's more like natural instinct!! What!? Rei, you're a meanie! Maybe it is impossible for me Come on Oh, Diana! Everyone What's wrong?! An amazing discovery! Over there This song It's the song played over the computer network Then, he's N.
T? There's no mistake that it's this song.
So that must be my target.
Well, pardon me Um Can I help you? Uh? Go for it, Ami! Um, I Uh Come on, do your best U-Um I heard that song on the computer network That song? Yes! It was very wonderful and I was really touched.
I did my best to try writing lyrics for it, but I'm not sure if you'd like it or not Can it be that you're Ami? Yes Nice to meet you! My name is Nishino Toshiyuki Nishino! So you're N.
T!? Yes I've seen your name often on the computer network I always wondered what kind of a person you were I'm really glad! Oh, I'm sorry.
Well, I was really happy about this, so I Are these the friends you mentioned? I've heard much about all of you from her.
Wait a minute, Ami What kind of rumors are you spreading about us!? L-lt's a misunderstanding! I just Everyone It's a shame to just stand here and talk Would all of you like to visit my workplace? Sure! We'd love to visit! Then, let's go.
NISHI NO'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC New students are welcomed All right, a job well done! I guess we'll call it a day here.
Yes, Miss Kyoko.
Bye-bye! Be careful on your way home! Bye-bye, Mr.
Nishino! Oh, bye-bye! Bye-bye! Let me introduce Kyoko, my partner in composition.
This is Ami You know, the one on the computer network Oh Hello.
N-Nice to meet you.
Oh, drats he's already got a girlfriend.
Oh, it's nothing, really.
But this is wonderful! To just bump into someone you've been thinking of It feels something like destiny.
Come on, don't make fun of me.
Are you a piano teacher, too? This industry is one that doesn't lead to much money.
We're somehow holding on by giving piano lessons, and having occasional performances.
Isn't it tough? A little bit But we have our dream.
Dream Yeah our dream is to be composers who can work all over the world Is it all right to make our dream that big? It's all right to have a big dream! And they say that music has no boundaries! What am I doing? To put lyrics onto a composition of someone working so hard And you, Ami? Oh, yes? What's your dream? A lyricist? Or a pianist? Ami's dream is to be a doctor, right? Yeah! She's studying a lot to be a doctor I see So she's smart! Of course! I don't know anything and I was so conceited to write lyrics At any rate Can you show me the lyrics you wrote, Ami? Let him take a look at it Ami? I'm sorry I have parts that I want to correct.
I'll bring it by next time.
I'm sorry Ami!? Ami!! I'm sorry, Mr.
Nishino Ami Who is it!? Leave kids like that alone, and play with me! Ami What's wrong? I can't show him after all Why!? You did your best to write it, Ami!! I'm thinking in a world of my own They're so serious about music And here I am, knowing nothing, writing lyrics out of amusement I would only trouble them.
You like Mr.
Nishino's songs, right? It should be all right if there are no lies in those feelings! But I still can't! Wait! Ami You did your best to write it, Ami! It should be all right if there are no lies in those feelings! Lady Ami! Diana Mr.
Nishino is! What's wrong!? Kyoko!! What in the world are you!? Oh, me? I'm just a passerby A good little girl! Now I'll have a look at your mirrors of dreams!! COLLI DI NG BALL! It's not a Golden Mirror! Photographs that are out of focus are no good after all! Hey, you! HEY!! Late in autumn, those next to you are artists! For love and justice pretty soldiers in sailor suits! Sailor Moon! Sailor Chibi Moon! And we, the Sailor Team! In the name of the moon we'll punish you!! You know, aren't you embarrassed to do that, considering your age? - What of it?! - We're defenders of justice! Oh, I see You guys have too much time on your hands! Come here, my Remless! Kerokero-musume, the dream-eating frog! Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do! How cute! A tadpole is a baby frog! W-Wait a minute! It's all right! - I'm done powering up! - Mr.
Nishino! Ami! Mr.
Nishino Stop with this nonsense! Shut up! I hate being given orders!! What? Where in the world is this!? You're inside a computer.
Hello!! Get us out! You just sit quietly and watch!! Kerokero-musume, eat their dreams!! Roger that! Stop!! Shut up! You can't It's time to eat! You can't!! If I can't even save Mr.
Nishino I'll be half-baked as a Soldier as well if I don't do something I want more power A strong power so that I can protect everyone Mercury Sailor Mercury Who is calling my name? Feel it The true power that lies dormant within you.
Who are you!? I am you Remember your dreams.
The feeling you felt when you first heard Mr.
Nishino's song My dreams And, the sketches that your father always sends you That's it! What's important is how pure my heart is when I feel something! Now, open your heart Give me the courage to unlock my true powers To protect everyone MERCURY CRYSTAL POWER MAKE UP! I feel it! The new melody of water This harp that echoes within my heart This is my new power! MERCURY AQUA RHAPSODY!! What is it?! Someone broke my barrier!? Lmpossible Playtime is now over Please, Pegasus! Protect everyone's dreams! TWI NKLE YELL! MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION! STAGE OUT!! That was pretty good.
I'll leave it at that for today.
See ya! Ami Here, take this Guys Thanks.
So how are Ami's lyrics? I'm totally stunned It's no good? No, quite the opposite.
To write such wonderful lyrics from my song You can't write lyrics with such emotion unless you really fell in love with the song.
We can't lose against you! Thank you, Ami! We'll do our best, too! Sure! Good for you! But, I have to do better as well So that I can make my real dream come true.
La La La Never give up.
La La La NEVER GIVE UP I'll do my best.
Ganbaruwa I'm putting everything into this match.
Kono shoubu ni kaketeruno My heart races from happy anticipation.
Uki uki tokimeku no In an age of adolescence Shishunki AGE overwriting a profile of love is okay! Kakikae OKAY koisuru PROFI LE Listen - I fell in love at first sight Kiite houkagono with the trickster after school.
TRICK STAR Hitomebore nanoyo Somewhat like my last boyfriend Maeno kareto niteru spinning all around Kurukuru mawaru mata kizutsuku kana Do you think I'll be hurt again? Kurukuru mawaru mata kizutsuku kana What should I do? But I already decided: Doushiyou demo kimeteruno I want to make him wait on purpose.
Wazato jirashitai Letting the sailor suit wave in the wind SAI LOR fuku nabikasete let's live "our way.
" "Rashiku" ikimasho La La La Never give up.
La La La NEVER GIVE UP I'll do my best.
Ganbaruwa This time it's surely my turn.
Kondokoso watashino ban My heart races hard in anticipation.
Doki doki tokimekuno In an age of adolescence Shishunki AGE overwriting a profile of love is okay! Kakikae OKAY koisuru PROFI LE