Sailor Moon (1995) s04e30 Episode Script

430 - Dream Believer

Wow, you're right! They're cute!! See, just like I told you! When did you find them? About a week ago.
They come around here every winter.
Swans come all the way here from Siberia! Move! Out of my way!! W-What's that!? He's headed our way! Look out! He's flying!? No, he's falling!! Hey! Are you all right!? That boy He's from the next class over Hiroki! You're Hiroki, right?? I'm sorry that I'm not honest.
Gomen ne sunao ja nakute I can say that in my dreams.
Yume no naka nara ieru My thoughts are about to short-circuit.
Shikou kairo wa SHORT sunzen I want to see you right now.
Ima sugu aitai yo It makes me want to cry, this moonlight.
Nakitaku naru you na MOONLIGHT And I can't make a call at midnight.
Denwa mo dekinai MI DNIGHT Because I'm naive, what should I do? Datte junjou doushiyou My heart is a kaleidoscope.
HEART wa mangekyou Guided by the light of the moon Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare we meet each other again and again.
Nando mo meguri au By counting the constellations' blinking Seiza no matataki kazoe we forecast the outcome of this love.
Uranau koi no yukue We were born in the same country.
Onaji kuni ni umaretano MI RACLE ROMANCE I believe in it.
Shinjite iruno MI RACLE ROMANCE A handmade airplane? Yeah.
It's my dream.
To fly the skies freely with an airplane that I made by myself An airplane You mean that bike? It's not a bike! It's the Saint Louis! You know, if a bike could fly, the sky would be full of airplanes! I'm sure that my Saint Louis will fly! I did everything from the design to the building all by myself! There's no way that it wouldn't fly! But, just now, the Saint Louis fell really hard, right? What was that for!? Kyusuke, you idiot! You don't understand a guy's ambitions!? You don't have to hit me! But, he's so cool Cool? I think it's amazing that he can be so engrossed into something! I love things like that! LOVE LOVE L-Love Hiroki, do your best! This is my dream I want it to come true with just me and my Saint Louis Thanks for this.
U-Um Leave him alone.
What's with him? Strange.
Maybe he's wondering if he's doing the right thing.
Wondering? Yes.
He doesn't know himself how to make an airplane fly.
That's why he gets upset, and thinks about it all by himself.
I'm sure what he needs are friends who will share his dream with him.
I wish we could be those friends I think I'll go cheer him on again tomorrow! I want to see him, too When Hiroki's airplane flies I'm the inabitant of the world of dreams In this world I can't fly freely in the skies.
The world of dreams Where is the world of dreams? Where in the world are you?? All right! I'll show you, Pegasus! Hiroki's airplane B-But Don't worry! Leave it to me! Chibiusa!! W-What!? Coming into a lady's room without knocking!! You were having a secret lovey-dovey phone call with Mamo-chan just now, werert you!? I wasrt doing such a thing! You just said "such a thing"!! Mamo-chars house is busy no matter how many times I call him! And then, I heard a guy's voice from this room Mamo-chan is so cruel talking with someone like Chibiusa Chibiusa! 'Fess up!! Wasrt today Mamo-chars day to log into the computer network? Was it? You said so this afternoon.
That's right Sheesh I'm going to sleep now, so get out! Sorry about that.
Good night! Good night.
You, Pegasus, are a secret just between the two of us.
Zirconia You still haven't found the Pegasus!? However those little wenches aren't as useful as I thought Damn the Sailor Soldiers All right, prepare yourselves for the battles! Don't repeat the same mistakes over and over!! Yes!! So this is the next target Not too snappy A guy, huh? If you don't want to, you don't have to go.
I didn't say I wasrt going! You looked like you didn't want to.
Y-You know I wouldn't mind going You too, Pallapalla? Then, we'll duke it out using rock-paper-scissors.
Too bad! I'm keeping this one!! When was that decided!? See? When did you find the time? Well, that's how it is, so take a nice long bath! There was that trick That's Hiroki's airplane.
Pegasus, can you see? Yes.
It is really amazing that he's doing it all by himself Yeah.
It broke so much yesterday, and it's already fixed Hiroki is really ambitious.
What are you mumbling to yourself? How did you know I was here? Don't underestimate the information net of your lovely "sister", Usagi! Yo! We wanted to see the Saint Louis as well.
That's the man-powered airplane? It's just a bike.
It's an airplane! He has a good ear That's an amazing dream, a man-powered airplane Isn't it? Oh, it looks like it's finally taking off.
Hiroki, hang in there! Hiroki, do your best! Did he do it!? Hiroki! Hiroki, are you all right? Why won't it fly? Can I take a look? Here, Ami.
It's all right.
Just leave it to Ami! Amazing! You really did put a lot of effort in getting it this far by yourself! I think all you need to do is generate more lift, and strengthen the frames on the wings That, and he's a little out of shape.
Well, that's true Hiroki does have that "feminine boy" look Why don't you just make it a two-seater? I agree! Leave it to me! You're too heavy! Rei, you're a meanie.
Then I'll get on it! Chibiusa, you're amazing! Stop it.
Stop it! This is my dream, and mine alone! Leave me alone!! You know, the reason why you keep failing is because you keep saying things like that!! Don't' be so cheap! All men have this dream to fly in the skies! The Wright brothers were able to fly because the two of them combined their powers! Just kidding.
You can trust us, you know.
Thanks, Kyusuke.
Idiot, don't thank me.
Let's do our best! That's great a friendship between guys Friendship And so, if we put this here Yeah It's good to have a friend that you can talk about anything to.
Someone you can talk about anything to a friend.
Pegasus, we're friends, right!? Do you not like me? I like you, Pegasus.
I thought that I told you everything about me But what about you, Pegasus? I don't know anything about you! You never tell me anything! I'm sorry, I can't tell you just now.
Why? I am here right in front of your eyes Isn't that enough? If you're my friend, you should be able to tell me anything.
You really don't think that I'm your friend, do you!? If you can't believe in me I can't be at your side.
Wait!! Please believe in me.
Wait! Come back, Pegasus!! Pegasus Why won't you answer anything? Why did you disappear? Were we really not friends after all? I thought we had understood each other Chibiusa.
What's wrong? You're out rather late.
Mamo-chan Come on, let's go home.
I'll walk you back.
Mamo-chan Have you ever gotten into an argument with Usagi? Can you tell her everything you thought about? Well, I don't have to hold back against her now.
And, Usako, as you can tell, is the type that can't hide anything That's true you and Usagi are more than just friends, Mamo-chan Chibiusa? Chibiusa!? Usagi! I've been looking for you! Come on, it's late let's go home.
NO! What's wrong? Stop it! It's something that you wouldn't understand anyway, Usagi! You're always like that! Peeking into people's rooms, seeing how I'm doing I was just doing so because you've been acting strangely, Chibiusa So I thought that you had something worrying you I'm telling you that you didn't need to do that! There are things that I can't tell you I'm sorry, I can't tell you just now.
Pegasus has things he can't say, too I'll go on ahead I'll be waiting.
All right, we're going to do this today!! Just you watch, Chibiusa! I had Kyusuke help me remodel this after that I also followed the advice that Ami and everyone else gave me.
It really is a good feeling to have friends Friends That's right! I can do so many more things now than when I was working by myself.
It's great that I can believe in people without saying this or that Believe in me.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Pegasus Chibiusa, what's wrong? Does your stomach hurt? N-No, nothing's wrong.
You sure? You have to watch! We'll make sure that we fly today!! Long ago, mankind looked up to the skies.
S-She's flying!? To make such a thing to fly in the sky For me, when I feel like it, anywhere's a breeze! A-Amazing! Wait! You! What in the world are you!? Just another person who loves the skies I'm nobody suspicious.
You're suspicious enough already with that outfit.
Oh? This outfit is suspicious? Yeah, yeah.
Doesrt it kinda look like an ordinary girl? Not at all.
"Wow, amazing! I want to be your friend!" it doesn't come across like that? Nope, it doesn't.
I thought I had a good disguise going on here You guys are pretty keen.
Someone who's floating on top of a ball is nothing but suspicious!! Yup, yup.
I have no choice if you found me out.
Now, I'll take a look at your Mirror of Dreams.
COLLI DI NG BALL! Look out! Chibiusa! Chibiusa!! Chibiusa! Are you all right!? Hiroki! Hiroki! Oh? Another false alarm? I wasted my time keeping him! Geez, that old hag Zirconia keeps coming up with these false alarms I think she's gone senile! Think about being on the end that has to clean up the mess! Hold it right there! Right in the middle of adolescence climbing up into the skies I can't forgive you for taking Hiroki's wings from his heart!! Oh, you're by yourself today? For love and justice, a pretty soldier in a sailor suit Sailor Chibi Moon! I'm asking you, are you by yourself today? In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! I'm not asking you that! Are you by yourself?! I can take care of you all by myself!! What's that? How dare you!? Come out, my Remless Dream-eating mammoth, Paopao-musume! Dream-eating mammoth, Paopao-musume! Paopao-musume's power is of mammoth proportions! Paopao-musume, go ahead and eat the Mirror of Dreams as well! You can't! Guys!? Don't be acting so tough Leave them to us! So noisy, one after another! Paopao-musume, get them all! MARS FLAME SNI PER! MERCURY AQUA RHAPSODY! Now, Sailor Chibi Moon! Yeah! Please, Pegasus Chibi Moon!? I can't Chibi Moon? What's wrong? Pegasus won't come here anymore.
I'm not won'thy of calling for Pegasus anymore I don't know what's going on, but this is my chance! Chibi Moon! Chibi Moon! Look out! Sailor Moon! Are you all right!? This is nothing! Chibi Moon! I don't know what happened, but you have to believe in yourself more than that! Believe in myself!? We love you, Chibi Moon.
Believe in me.
Thanks, Sailor Moon! And sorry about yesterday.
Paopao-musume, what are you doing!? Please, Pegasus! Protect everyone's dreams! TWI NKLE YELL! MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION! STAGE OUT! Y-You'll get what's coming to ya! Pegasus, you came for me.
As long as you believe in your dreams, I am always at your side Thank you, Pegasus All right, here we go! Yeah! Leave it to me! Go for it! Hang in there! That's it, Kyusuke! Yeah, I know we can fly!! They did it! They're flying The power to believe in something is so cool! As long as you believe in your dreams, I am always at your side Yeah, I'll believe in you, too, Pegasus.
Because The power to believe can create such a wonderful miracle.
La La La Never give up.
La La La NEVER GIVE UP I'll do my best.
Ganbaruwa I'm putting everything into this match.
Kono shoubu ni kaketeruno My heart races from happy anticipation.
Uki uki tokimeku no In an age of adolescence Shishunki AGE overwriting a profile of love is okay! Kakikae OKAY koisuru PROFI LE Listen - I fell in love at first sight Kiite houkagono with the trickster after school.
TRICK STAR Hitomebore nanoyo Somewhat like my last boyfriend Maeno kareto niteru spinning all around Kurukuru mawaru mata kizutsuku kana Do you think I'll be hurt again? Kurukuru mawaru mata kizutsuku kana What should I do? But I already decided: Doushiyou demo kimeteruno I want to make him wait on purpose.
Wazato jirashitai Letting the sailor suit wave in the wind SAI LOR fuku nabikasete let's live "our way.
" "Rashiku" ikimasho La La La Never give up.
La La La NEVER GIVE UP I'll do my best.
Ganbaruwa This time it's surely my turn.
Kondokoso watashino ban My heart races hard in anticipation.
Doki doki tokimekuno In an age of adolescence Shishunki AGE overwriting a profile of love is okay! Kakikae OKAY koisuru PROFI LE