Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac (2019) s01e01 Episode Script


1 [narrator.]
It is said that every several hundred years, the goddess Athena is reincarnated.
And now a new Athena has been born into this world, but, this time, under a dark prophecy that she will lead mankind to ruin.
The warriors who protected the goddess Athena were known as Knights.
Today, a new generation of Knights control the fate of the world.
They are called the Knights of the Zodiac.
["Pegasus Seiya" playing.]
Hold it in your heart Cosmo is a part of you Burning hot, gotta flow Don’t you stop it, let it go Prophesies are made And galaxies are far from here But you don’t need them now Stay strong and believe what you feel Yeah Pegasus, this destiny No one can take it away from you Now your home is the sky And your dreams are the wings They’re gonna take you high Saint Seiya Signs out there keep calling Forever We will stand with you ‘til the end Ooh, yeah They say that All boys are born true fighters Remember you can do this Then fly away [music ends.]
[insects chirping.]
It's happening again, but, this time, it looks different.
- [glass shatters.]
- [gasps.]
[glass shatters.]
- Seiya, run! - Hmm? [soldier.]
Target acquired! [screams.]
Let go of me! [soldier.]
You're coming with us! Let her go! [Seiya groans.]
Seiya! [soldier 2.]
Leave no witnesses.
[Seiya growls.]
[soldiers groan.]
- It's a Gold Knight! - Light him up! We need reinforcements, guns, missiles, everything! [soldiers groan.]
- [helicopter thrumming.]
- [gasps.]
[turret whirs.]
- [screams.]
- [gasps.]
Ah! Patricia! [Knight sighs.]
Prepare, for we are at war.
Patricia, no! Patricia! [gasps.]
Hey! What are you gonna do with my sister? Give her back! [groans.]
Patricia! [drops slosh.]
[distant siren blaring.]
[car horn honks.]
Huh? You wanna sleep on our turf, you gotta pay the rent, old man.
Hey! Leave him alone! Huh? What are you gonna do about it, little punk? [boy.]
We were just having fun! [sighs.]
Me and my big mouth.
Seiya, bro, thought that was you! - What's up? - [chuckles.]
You ain't no kid no more, Seiya.
When you gonna start running with the gang? Gang? You guys aren't a gang.
You're just dorks running around picking on homeless folks.
- [both gasp.]
- Come on.
Don't look at me like that.
You know I'm right.
Uh [gasps.]
[mocking chuckle.]
Talking crap about the gang? You got guts, Seiya.
Big balls, small brain.
Kick his ass, boys! [all grunt.]
- Hey.
- Huh? See you later, bunch of losers! [yelps.]
Come on! I was only joking! [groans.]
I'm a funny person! Yeah, you are, idiot.
You're gonna get more hits than this video! [laughs.]
Seiya ain't got no money.
Hey, what's this? What's this supposed to be? [growls.]
Give me that back! [grunts.]
You carry a kid's drawing around in your wallet? Ah, this must be somebody special.
Give it back.
Hey, what's going on? Is he doing all of this? I said give it back! [gang yells.]
What the Oh, my God! The car is - Oh, no! - Ahh! This is crazy! - Help! - Run! Seiya's some kind of freak! What the hell was that? [distant sirens blaring.]
Maybe I'm crazy, or maybe I have a head injury.
Maybe both.
[birds chirping.]
Run! Seiya's some kind of freak! [boy.]
Did you see that video of Seiya? [boy 2.]
How could I miss it? It's posted all over the place.
Man, that was the scariest thing I've ever seen.
[boy 1.]
What's scary is that we live in the same building.
- I know, right? - [Seiya gasps.]
His name is Seiya.
He lives in the orphanage downtown.
Don't approach him.
He's unpredictable.
He could have killed us.
If I had killed them, then they wouldn't have uploaded that stupid video, and I could live in peace.
Who am I kidding? That's not me.
Seiya, run! [gasps.]
[muffled yelp.]
What the Hey! What are you [gasps.]
Huh? Who the heck are you? - [man.]
- Eh? [Seiya.]
Who are you? What do you want with me? I just want to ask you some questions, young man.
Forget you! I'm outta here! I would be outta here if I had any idea how.
What, you guys don't believe in exit signs? My name is Alman Kido, and this is my granddaughter Sienna.
I so don't care! Come on.
If you're gonna kidnap me, least you can do is tell me why.
Is this you? Huh? You don't know how you did that, do you? There's nothing wrong with that.
Allow me to explain.
You see, throughout history, there have been warriors, men and women with powers unlike anything else you've ever seen, warriors called Knights.
Most people think people with powers are just urban legends, hoaxes.
but you know as well as I do, they're real.
That's the guy who took my sister! If you want to understand how you and your sister got caught up in this, we need to start at the beginning.
The soldiers who attacked you and your sister, they work for my former business partner, a man by the name of Vander Guraad.
Vander and I had become successful in information systems, scraping and gathering data, selling and trading information.
We were experts in knowing all the facts.
But it turned out we knew nothing.
Fifteen years ago, Vander Guraad and I were on an island in the Aegean Sea, and nothing would ever be the same again.
The Gold Knight Aiolos was mortally wounded.
He couldn't speak, but before he died, he shared a vision.
Every few hundred years, there is a war between the gods.
Hades, God of the Underworld, and Poseidon, God of the Ocean, plan to kill Athena, hoping to own this Earth.
Whenever Athena is in danger, the Knights come into existence.
Before he died, the Gold Knight Aiolos entrusted me with his Gold Armor and a baby child.
I swore that I would keep them safe and hidden from everyone, including Sanctuary.
I thought you said your buddy tried to kidnap my sister.
What's Sanctuary? Sanctuary is the ancient organization that governs all Knights.
As for Guraad, he and I collected information and technology about the Knights, but the more we learned, the more Vander started to think that he could fight the gods himself.
To Vander, it was the only thing that makes sense.
Rather than letting the gods have power, he would take the power for himself.
With what he's learned, Guraad is using technology to build his own army of Knights.
Dark forces are rising.
Sanctuary and Guraad are preparing for war.
Um, that sounds serious.
What's it got to do with me? I believe Athena will save the world.
That's why I need new Knights to rise up to protect Athena and to stop the war, Knights like you.
Me? Are you crazy? I'm no superpowered Knight.
But you could be.
I've seen it.
Everyone who watched that video of you has seen it.
You could be one of the Right Ones.
Seiya, I know you haven't had the easiest life, but you were destined, born under the constellation of Pegasus.
You have Cosmo inside you, just like your sister.
My sister? In previous wars, when Athena was in crisis, the Pegasus Knight would always appear, save the goddess, and help guide her to victory.
I am certain you are the next Pegasus.
I saw it in the vision of Aiolos.
The Pegasus guided her out of the confusion.
Me? Go to Chamos Island, train to be a Bronze Knight, and obtain the Pegasus Armor.
Everything will start from there.
And then, and only then, will you find the truth about your sister.
Seiya, I've seen it.
This is your destiny.
My destiny? I don't care about my destiny! I don't even care about my sister! She's long dead! You kidnap me in the middle of the night and feed me some crazy talk about gods and Knights with powers?! [chuckles.]
Well, when you put it that way, I do sound crazy.
Yeah, you do! I'd thank you for the story, but I didn't enjoy it, so get bent.
Her name is Patricia.
Your sister Patricia was last seen leaving Chamos Island, supposedly heading for Sanctuary.
No one knows where Sanctuary is or how to get to it.
If you want to find her, you should start at Chamos Island.
[Seiya sighs.]
I swear, if you're lying to me, you'll regret it.
I'm not lying to you, Seiya.
I need you.
Athena needs you.
Your sister needs you.
Your world needs you.
- [rumbling.]
- [gasps.]
What's happening?! They've found us! We're under attack.
- [rumbling.]
- [steady beeping.]
[Seiya sighs.]
First you kidnap me.
Now you're gonna get me killed, too? Grandfather, we're in danger! - We need to leave! - I agree with her.
We need to get out of here! Sienna, take Seiya, and get going.
- [Sienna.]
Not without you! - [doors thump.]
Alman, my old friend.
Is this where you've been hiding from me all this time? I haven't been hiding, Vander.
I've been keeping things safe.
Things like your research into Knights? Things like Athena? Something like that, old friend.
Take them in the VTOL.
Leave Alman here.
He and I have some catching up to do.
- Seiya - Huh? prove that you're a real Knight.
Keep Sienna safe.
Hey, I never agreed to any of this! [groans.]
I think you people are nuts! [Vander chuckles.]
You know I'm going to figure out where you hid the Gold Armor of Aiolos.
I'll never tell you.
You'll have to kill me.
I would never kill you, old friend.
I would just kill your granddaughter.
I've found the Pegasus, the one who carries the legend.
You still believe in those absurd superstitions? You should see the work I've been doing, Alman.
Marvelous advancements in technology, and thanks to what I've learned about the Knights, now I'm certain that humans can defeat the gods.
This technology was never meant to be exploited.
You'd rather hoard this information and do nothing? Technology was meant to be used! It was meant to protect Athena and mankind! [Vander breathes deeply.]
Suppose for a moment you're right, that Sanctuary has all the power and Poseidon and Hades are coming to destroy mankind.
Do you honestly believe that a teenage schoolgirl is going to save us because someone said she's the reincarnation of the goddess Athena? Listen to yourself, Alman! I listened to the Gold Knight, unlike you.
We both heard him, my friend, but you learned the wrong lesson.
The Pegasus will prove me correct.
He will lead the Right Ones.
We're in this together, you know? No, we're not.
Your grandfather's a freaking kook, and this Vander nut acts like he's a general in some imaginary war.
No offense, fellas.
Keep up the great work.
Everything my grandfather told you is true.
Sanctuary, Vander Guraad, they all know it's true.
Has everyone lost their freaking mind except me? - You don't believe.
- Eh? You're about to become a believer.
- Duck! - What?! - [soldiers.]
Huh? - Hyah! [soldiers groan.]
Mylock! My lady.
It's good to see you safe.
Quickly! Seiya, come on! I am not going with you! - [gunfire.]
- [yelps.]
Uh, wait for me! Thanks.
Now let's get outta here! - You dropped something.
- Eh? Strap in, my lady.
Guraad's forces won't let us leave without a fight.
I think this jump seat might be broken! Hold on! [yelling.]
- [Sienna yells.]
- [Mylock grunts.]
It's happening again.
My hands are glowing.
My lady.
[engine starts.]
- What?! - You have to jump.
Have you lost your mind? I'm not jumping out of a plane! Believe! You are the Pegasus, right? [tires squeal.]
This is not good! No exit signs! No seat belts! No parachutes! [Alman.]
I am certain you are the next Pegasus.
I must be crazy! [yelling.]
What about Seiya? We need to go back for him! Your safety comes first, my lady.
Besides, if he's the real Pegasus, he wouldn't die here.
Hold on! [grunting.]
- [gun firing.]
- Huh? [growls.]
No! I won't let it happen again! [growls.]
Sienna! [gasps.]
Huh? Huh? What the [echoing.]
Sienna? Patricia maybe she is still alive.
Alman said he'd found the Pegasus.
I thought you said you didn't believe in the superstition.
I don't, but just as a precaution, find the Pegasus.
Yes, sir! ["Somebody New" playing.]
Believe me, I'm speechless I wish that I could say those words You whispered so sweetly And maybe I'll regret this but I've gotta be honest Cause we made a promise, I won't break it now I wish I could hold you But how could I be so unfair To lead us to nowhere? We've both been down that road before And if it should end us Please know that I'm helpless I've made up my mind It's not that I don't feel The feelings you do It's just my heart's not ready yet For something so soon, yeah It's just my heart's not ready yet For somebody new