Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Phoenix Rising

1 It is said that every several hundred years, the goddess Athena is reincarnated.
And now a new Athena has been born into this world, but, this time, under a dark prophecy that she will lead mankind to ruin.
The warriors who protected the goddess Athena were known as Knights.
Today, a new generation of Knights control the fate of the world.
They are called the Knights of the Zodiac.
Hold it in your heart Cosmo is a part of you Burning hot, gotta flow Don’t you stop it, let it go Prophesies are made And galaxies are far from here But you don’t need them now Stay strong and believe what you feel Pegasus, this destiny No one can take it away from you Now your home is the sky And your dreams are the wings They’re gonna take you high Saint Seiya Signs out there keep calling Forever We will stand with you ‘til the end Ooh, yeah They say that All boys are born true fighters Remember you can do this Then fly away Previously on Saint Seiya Then I now hereby designate you as Knights of Athena.
Onyx Ryu-Sei-Ken! Onyx Shield! Their weak point is the back of their necks! I'll be fine.
Go find Nero.
Hello, Master Mu.
Greetings, Master Dohko.
You know why I'm here? I suppose you have come to ask me about the Bronze Knights.
You want to know if we should intervene.
With all due respect, Master Dohko, what they're fighting for is too important to let them do it alone.
Patience, Master Mu.
Time will tell us whether we should get involved.
Time? Master Dohko, time is running out.
And what do you know about time, Mu? You're young and too eager to act.
Very well.
There is something you can do.
What's that? Hope.
But hope doesn't win battles.
I see your plans, Mu, and they will come to no good, no good at all.
Are you after me, or are you after the Gold Armor? Doesn't matter.
You never should have come here in the first place.
Now you have to die.
You first! What are you doing? He's my brother.
He's my responsibility.
I'll deal with him.
Deal with me? You've got no idea what I am, what I can do, who I've become.
I know something awful happened to you, something that changed you from my caring big brother into this.
Nero, I can feel your hate! My hate is power.
Hate makes you do what needs to be done, like kill your own sister.
All right.
If killing me will help you become the person you used to be, then don't let me stop you.
Go for it.
- Shaun! - You're crazy.
After all you did for me when I was little, I owe you my life at the least.
He'll kill you, Shaun! I can feel it.
He's my brother.
I have to believe in him.
You're wrong about me, Sis.
I'm all bad now! You bastard! Now you're getting the idea.
I used to be your brother, Shaun, but that Nero died years ago.
I don't believe you.
It was the worst day of my life when you left.
I won't lose you again! Wrong.
Today is the worst day of your life.
You're about to relive your worst memory over and over until your psyche is ripped to shreds.
Take this! Phoenix Phantom! Diamond Dust! What is this? I made a wall of ice with my Diamond Dust to block his attack.
What happened to Nero? Feel it, Nero.
Feel the hate.
How long have you been on Death Queen Island, Nero? F-Four years, Sensei.
"Sensei"? Hah! Polite budo crap! It's been four years, and you still don't understand what you need to become strong! It's hate, pure, burning hate for your opponent, your enemy! Don't look at me as your master! Throw away things like honor and compassion.
Focus on taking down the enemy standing in front of you! Until you give your heart to hate, you'll never be the Phoenix Knight and never be the strongest Bronze Knight! Pathetic.
Esmerelda? Why are you here? Are you okay? I'm sorry my father always treats you badly.
Don't feel sorry for me.
You should leave before you get hurt.
Don't worry about me.
Rest, Nero.
You still don't understand! How many times do I have to tell you? It's hate, pure hate! You still don't get it.
How about this?! My father wasn't always like this.
He was really strict, but never like this.
Really? Yeah.
Then, one day, a stranger showed up here.
That's when he started wearing the mask.
My father had completely changed.
I don't know who he was or where he came from, but, Nero, if you continue training like this, eventually you're gonna die.
Don't worry.
I won't die.
No, I can't die.
No matter what happens, I have to get the Phoenix Armor.
I can face whatever it takes to become a Knight.
Since I was sent here, my resolve hasn't changed at all.
Why? Why on Earth must you become a Knight? I think you should leave.
What? Getting involved with me will just get you in trouble.
You're my master's only daughter.
Don't worry about me.
What's this flower? I found it.
Beautiful, isn't it? It's the same color as your hair.
Nero, well, if you have to become a Knight, don't let it change you.
Six years, and you've never defeated me.
Now today is your last chance.
Kill me, and become the Phoenix Knight, or stain the ground of Death Queen Island with your blood! Nero! Feel that hate, Nero.
Let it harden your heart like sapphire.
Hate the parents who left you, the sister who abandoned you.
Hate me for beating you nearly to death every single day.
Hate, Nero! Hate the whole unfair, uncaring world! You fool, why can't you finish me? I-I don't know.
You failed, Nero.
You will never be the Phoenix Knight.
But I still have one last lesson to teach you! Huh? Nero.
Esmerelda! Esmerelda.
Don't be like my father.
What are you saying? Nero.
Hold on.
Esmerelda! Be a phoenix, and fly with the wings.
Be the phoenix.
No! Stupid girl.
She never should have followed you here.
Why? She was your one and only daughter.
What does that matter? I threw away all compassion the day I put on this mask.
Nero, do you not understand? You killed Esmerelda.
You didn't finish me.
You're weak.
That is why she died.
You demon.
You're a demon.
I hate you.
I hate you! The flames behind Nero's back, that must be I hate you! a phoenix! That's right, Nero.
That's the hate! Near the fire mountain, you will find the Phoenix Armor.
Your hate has killed me, but it has killed you, too.
Nero is dead.
Now you've become what the real Phoenix was supposed to be.
Finally, I have the Phoenix Armor, the strongest Armor.
Now I'm invincible! - Hmph.
- Huh? I doubt that.
Who said that? What's happening? Where am I? What a strong Cosmo.
My name is Shaka.
I heard someone was training a demonic Knight with hate inside him, and I came here to punish him.
Tell me, are you that Knight? What are you going to do if I say yes? It appears that things are a little different from what I'd heard.
I don't see a demon.
You're just a child trying to hide your sense of justice, pushing it down deep inside.
You underestimate me! Eat this! What? How did you do that? Agh! My head! Phoenix Knight, never forget that there is always someone above you.
I'm leaving now.
You will forget everything that happened here, and my name will also be gone from your memory.
But if there ever comes a time when you stand before me as my enemy, you will relive this memory together with your fear.
Wait! The last thing I remember is Huh? Esmerelda.
Seems like he was the one who relived his worst memory.
This will finish you, Nero.
Our battle is over.
Did you really think I could get hit by my own attack? - What? - I've been through a lot.
There's nothing left in me for the Phoenix Phantom to break.
Now to make your nightmare! We fight as one, as a team.
Yup, together.
Nebula Chain! Lúshān shÄ"nglóng bà! Diamond Dust! - Impossible.
- How? Once I've seen an attack, I know how to counter it.
Nero, you don't have to do this! Let go of your hate! My hate makes me strong.
Now I'll use that hate to destroy you.
Stop this! We should be fighting together for Athena, not for Guraad! Shut up! I don't give a damn about Athena, and I don't give a damn about Guraad.
Long, Shaun if we die, we die together.
Together as one.
Wouldn't have it any other way.
Stop pestering me, you half-dead maggots.
I'll blow you away with one wing flap of the Phoenix! Phoenix Rising! It's time I end you.
- Not yet, Nero.
- Hmm? Seiya? So you're alive, barely.
You healed yourself, but you used all your Cosmo to do it.
Now you can't even wear your Armor.
With Armor or without makes no difference to me, Nero.
I'm gonna take care of you first, Seiya.
The rest will be taken later, along with my little sister.
Some of us would give our life for our sister.
You want to give up your life? That can be arranged.
That won't work on me! You think you're the only one who's gone through hell? Every one of us has suffered, but you're the only one - who let it turn you to hate! - Shut your mouth! Quit being so preachy.
If you wanna stop me, you'll have to kill me.
You're gonna regret that you confronted me without your armor.
You stubborn bastard.
Your Cosmo brought you back from hell once today, Seiya.
It won't do it again.
Now die! Phoenix Rising! Huh? That's impossible.
The Gold Armor protected Seiya.
It's like the Armor is acting on its own.
You've done enough.
I'll take it from here.
Hah! Stupid to give up your last hope like that.
Look at you.
You spent all your Cosmo fighting to live, and now you've got nothing left.
This will finish you.
What? Is this My friend, you are not alone.
Long! Wearing just a shield doesn't change anything.
I'll tear your mind apart! Phoenix Phantom! What? Seiya, use our Cosmo.
You dare? You little half-dead You think your hate makes you powerful, Nero? Well, our friendship makes us more powerful, all of us together.
Then with my full Cosmo, I can blow it all away! Phoenix Rising! Impossible.
Deflected only with his palm? This is the power of friendship! Pegasus Ryu-Sei-Ken! Ryu-Sei-Ken is taking Magnus's power.
Such Cosmo! So this is the power of friendship.
Thank you, everyone.
The volcano, it's collapsing.
Let's go! I'm not leaving without Nero! Go, Shaun.
I'll die like I lived, alone.
You were never alone.
Your sister was with you the whole time, and she's not leaving.
Look! The Gold Armor! We need to get out of here now! - Run! - Look out! This ash is gonna make my armor filthy.
We've got a job to do, find Seiya's body, and confirm he and his little friends are dead.
Are you coming, Marin? I'll be right there.
Believe me, I'm speechless I wish that I could say those words You whispered so sweetly And maybe I'll regret this but I've gotta be honest Cause we made a promise, I won't break it now I wish I could hold you But how could I be so unfair To lead us to nowhere? We've both been down that road before And if it should end us please know that I'm helpless I've made up my mind It's not that I don't feel the feelings you do It's just my heart's not ready yet For something so soon, yeah It's just my heart's not ready yet For somebody new