Salvation (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

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1 Previously on Salvation Welcome to RE/SYST.
We have a proposal for you.
A cyber blackout of Russia's entire satellite array and power system? Darius' dreams have made you rich, and they've made the world a better place.
But as a businessman, Darius is failing.
I call on this board to remove the CEO of Tanz Industries.
GRACE: Zoe, get out of the car.
ZOE: I'm done with your lies.
Just drive, Dylan.
[ENGINE STARTS] I have a nickname for you it's Prick.
Stop! Are you drunk? What I'm about to tell you all will cause some concern, but I can assure you that HARRIS: Get the medic! Turn those cameras off now! Harris, open your eyes You've been played.
I, Monroe Bennett, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, so help me God.
[WHISPERS]: So help us God.
BENNETT: I want to assure you, my fellow citizens, that despite President Mackenzie's very sudden and heartbreaking passing, the ideals that she stood for Education for our children, jobs for all who seek them, equal rights for all citizens They will continue to be pursued with vigor and with heart.
Pauline Mackenzie was a wife, a mother, a daughter and a patriot.
And I promise to not only uphold the high standards she met, but also the ones that she set.
This is the greatest nation in the world, and it is my honor to now lead you, with hope, with faith, and into continued prosperity.
May God bless us all, and may God bless the United States of America.
MAN: And we're clear.
Thank you, everybody.
Can you please clear the room? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Well, how'd I do? I'd follow you into battle.
You are gonna make a wonderful chief of staff.
It's my privilege.
We're gonna save the world, Claire.
And that is just the beginning.
- We need to talk.
- Grace we can't have these off-the-record conversations anymore.
This isn't about gravity tractors or asteroids this is about my daughter.
And your son.
What are you talking about? They're involved, Harris.
I don't know how they found each other, but they did I saw them kissing in a car.
And now Zoe's gone AWOL.
- I need your help to find her.
- We just lost our president, we've got an extinction-level event hanging over us this - is not the most pressing issue.
- It is to me.
I think whatever circles your son's been trafficking in, he's brought Zoe into the fold.
Grace, he's an activist, not a killer.
And even if I wanted to find him, I wouldn't know where to look.
He doesn't respond to texts, to calls, doesn't tell me where he lives and my ex hasn't heard from him in weeks.
Zoe's lying.
She quit her job.
She's hiding something.
So is Dylan.
I promise you, whatever's going on with them, it doesn't compare to what's going on here.
Something is wrong, Harris.
I am telling you I know this.
Until I find her, you and this entire administration can go to hell.
In fact, you know what? I quit.
I'm done here.
Well, I don't accept your resignation.
I don't accept yours.
I'm not coming back until I find my daughter.
The president has requested your presence at the Oval Office, immediately.
NICHOLAS: The reason for this meeting is to decide what financial improprieties have taken place here at Tanz, and to look for a successor.
TANZ: Excellent.
I've got a list of names.
Well, we'll keep it under advisement.
If you had read the bylaws, which I'm sure you haven't, you'd know that I retain my board membership no matter who you put at the helm, and no matter how many backstabbers in this room you try to pay off, Uncle.
Page 42, paragraph six, subsection A, highlighted in orange for your convenience.
As a result of your recent shenanigans, the government has cut all ties with Tanz.
Your company has lost more than half of its already shrinking value.
This board has determined that an audit is necessary.
What happened to the money, Darius? Where did the billion dollars of Tanz Industries go? Well, if an audit is required, I say we have it done by an expert.
I nominate Theresa Peterson to oversee it.
NICHOLAS: Don't be ridiculous.
TANZ: She's a corporate attorney Versed in mergers and acquisitions, forensic accounting, if I'm not mistaken.
Darius, I don't think that's wise.
NICHOLAS: Well, then it probably is.
Only someone who doesn't want the job could be trusted.
You have a vested interested in discovering the truth.
Something you'll never hear from me.
Good morning.
How's the hangover? I'm sorry for last night.
With everything that's been going on, you're entitled to one crappy night.
So, where is everyone? The Tanz Board of Directors suspended all work in the Skybox.
Something to do with a financial audit.
[WHISPERS]: How's your day? Well, we lost communication with the gravity tractor.
And we have no idea how to get it back.
What does Darius say? Well, right now he's fighting to keep control of Tanz.
'Cause, I mean, if he loses control of all this, and there's no way to fix the GT, we'll never finish the Ark.
And all the work I've done here, it just feels like grabbing sand, like it's slipping through my fingers.
I wish we could have one day where we just went back to being - normal.
- Yeah, me, too.
Well, maybe we can.
AMANDA: What do you mean they pulled my credentials? ED: In light of the recent tragedy, the White House feels they need a leaner press corps.
Leaner? This is punishment for my story on Project Atlas, Ed.
I'm being blackballed because I scare them.
And if I scare them, that means there's more buried treasure.
Look, the country is on edge right now.
And this new president has the good will of the people.
Nobody wants another scandal They want to feel safe.
That's not my damn job.
I'm not their mother.
Traffic on our site is up tenfold since all this broke.
Let's see them stop me.
[QUIETLY]: Says the woman who was run over by a car.
Amanda, think before you do something you're gonna regret.
President Mackenzie prepared an address to the nation but died before she could deliver it in full.
I'm gonna find out what she never got to say.
Claire tells me that you're as trustworthy as they come.
Which is what I need right now.
Which is what the country needs.
A few good patriots.
I'll take the compliment, sir.
Now, the most pressing issue at this time Besides our Russian friends, of course is space.
CLAIRE: I've filled President Bennett in on our prognosis with Samson.
We have a gravity tractor en route right now to divert the asteroid.
Which Russia knows nothing about yet.
Which is why we need to protect the gravity tractor at all costs.
That is the key.
The only indication of a threat at this moment is from unpredictable elements.
You're familiar with the group RE/SYST? An underground hacktivist group with international reach and a penchant for anarchy.
Yes, I'm familiar.
Well, we've learned they were responsible for hacking key power grids in Russia, causing the blackouts that enabled Darius Tanz to launch the gravity tractor - without detection.
- So they helped us? BENNETT: Harris, they're a mercenary organization, willing to create chaos of any kind for the right price.
[CHUCKLES]: Now now is not the time for chaos.
CLAIRE: A dossier on what we know about RE/SYST.
From what we understand, these are two of the local leaders.
Currently unidentified.
BENNETT: They're a clear and present danger to our national security.
This is not just some rebellion, Dad.
I'm actually trying to save the world.
We need to take them down.
Can I count on you, Harris? [SIGHS] Yes, sir.
Yes, you can.
GRACE: Yes, Mike, of course I checked with her friends.
I-I checked her room, her things [DOORBELL RINGS] Just call me if you hear from her.
Can I come in? - RE/SYST? - Yeah.
I just can't believe Zoe would get caught up in something like this.
If she's involved with Dylan, believe it.
President Bennett is treating them as a terrorist cell.
Wants them taken down.
They're talking about sending in a tactical team.
What are we gonna do? I can't use Pentagon sat-tech to locate them, because if I find them You've exposed them internally.
So how do we find them? Darius worked with RE/SYST to launch the gravity tractor.
See what he can do.
We have to get to them, Grace, before anyone else does.
JILLIAN: So, what is it we're trying to accomplish here? LIAM: We are gonna pretend for one day that everything is normal.
We're gonna do what normal people do.
JILLIAN: So we're gonna eat cookies and drink root beer? Play Frisbee and shoot water guns? Exactly.
[CHUCKLES] Today is all about the fun.
Deal? Never to return Deal.
But don't hang your head in sorrow For now is just a thought away You can't do everything with all of your tomorrows But you can do anything today Bucket list.
Machu Picchu.
Biking through Provence.
Meeting Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Having a book on the The New York Times Best Seller list.
Sex in space.
- [LAUGHS]: Seriously? - Yeah.
Yeah, it's never been done only in the movies.
- [SIGHS] - Next.
JILLIAN: Getting married.
Having kids.
A boy and a girl.
And a house.
A big yard and a big ol' dog.
Yeah, like the kind that sheds everywhere, and has a big ol' sloppy beard that's just dripping with water.
Hey, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
No sad today, only happy.
[CRYING]: It's just we're never gonna get any of those things.
No, you don't know that.
Okay, why don't we try to do one thing on our bucket list today just so we can say that we knocked one out.
We can't really do anything unless you know Neil deGrasse Tyson's address.
Marry me.
[QUIETLY]: Moving a little fast.
It's only our second date.
No, I'm serious.
What are we waiting for? Jillian, I love you.
I'm not afraid to say it.
You can say no, just say something.
I love you, Liam Cole.
I've loved you since the moment I saw you without your stupid shoes.
Barrows, can I help you with something? Is Darius here? I need to see him right away.
FEMALE VOICE: Security breach.
Attention, all personnel.
A security breach has been detected.
What's happening? Ma'am, I'm gonna need to see your purse, please.
I promised you full transparency.
Everything is there for you to see.
Well, what I see is someone drowning in debt.
And yet, it seems like each time you're overleveraged, it's because you're close to a major breakthrough.
Not close.
- Already there.
- Well then, why won't you just explain that to your uncle and the board and end this impasse? Because you're just gonna have to trust me on this one.
I can't.
Darius, what you have done here is revolutionary.
The world needs Tanz Industries.
My brother died trying to protect it.
I will not let that be for nothing.
It wasn't for nothing.
It's for everything.
You need to trust me with this secret project or else I am selling my shares and walking away.
[PHONE VIBRATES] [SIGHS] Karissa, what's going on? I'll be right there.
There's something I-I need to attend to on the main floor.
Of course.
MAN: I'm sorry, ma'am, we've been instructed to detain you.
GRACE: No, no, there must be some misunderstanding.
I have full clearance here.
Darius, there's a security breach? What's going on? Grace, I'm afraid the security breach is you.
Can I get another? AMANDA: Make that two, so no one can call it drinking alone.
Got a little Oh, damn it, sorry.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And thank you.
But as much as I always appreciate a free drink, you can stop the "cozying up" act.
I know who you are, Miss Atlas, from Capitol Eyes.
What do you want? You were President Mackenzie's chief speech writer.
And I want to know what she was gonna tell the country before she I don't know.
Mackenzie wouldn't tell anyone.
She insisted on writing that speech herself, behind closed doors.
She locked herself in the Oval for hours.
Said she was having trouble focusing.
Should've seen the signs.
Maybe if I had said something Hey.
You can't blame yourself.
But you can honor her wishes.
Help me find out what she was gonna tell the country.
- [COMPUTER BEEPS] - TANZ: Just as I thought.
What? What is it? Someone bugged your phone.
Your cell was hacked using spy software, turning it into an open microphone.
So someone's been listening - to everything I say? - Trying to.
They'll run into firewalls here and at the Pentagon.
There's no telling what anyone's heard.
Any idea who could have done this? Who has access to your phone? [SIGHS] GRACE: Were you going through my purse? Yeah.
Can I borrow $20? Darius, my daughter is in real trouble.
Now that I've disabled the microphone, we can see where the signal is being transmitted.
RE/SYST is in a building in the old warehouse district, about 15 miles from here.
Thank you.
You can't go there alone.
I'll-I'll come with you.
No, I need to save my baby.
[SIGHS] And you need to save yours.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] NICHOLAS: Oh what have you learned, Theresa? I've learned that Darius's happiness is your misery.
Why is that? Darius is not the only one to have loved and lost.
I expect a full report in the morning.
You still play.
[CLEARS THROAT] Not so much anymore.
I I saw her out there.
Kind of hard to miss.
[BOTH CHUCKLE SOFTLY] I'm not sure whether I should be flattered or or heartbroken.
I never expected you to walk through these doors.
I've missed you, Darius.
I I've missed you, too.
Do you believe in second chances? I never thought I'd get a chance to do that again.
Me, either.
JILLIAN: Are you sure it's okay ambushing your mother at work like this? Don't worry.
She's gonna love you.
Could you page Eleanor Cole for me, please? Yes, and you are? Liam? Liam! - Oh, baby.
- Mom.
What are you doing here? Liam's doing some incredible work.
Oh, I knew he'd do amazing things from the moment I saw him.
When was that exactly? Oh.
- No, Mom, don't, please.
- No.
Oh, no, please do.
I want to know it all.
Okay, so, it was Christmas Eve and, uh, we had had eight births that night.
It was like an infant armada.
- [LAUGHS] - And when my 15-hour shift was finally over, that's when I heard the cry.
I mean, I was on my way out of the hospital.
I thought it was an alley cat at first, but then I saw him.
This shrieking, red-faced bundle of baby with more intelligence and fortitude in those big brown eyes than I had ever seen.
- So, he was left here at the hospital? - ELEANOR: Yeah.
A teenage girl had left him there.
She couldn't take care of him; That's all we knew.
So - Mom - [CHUCKLES] uh we came here to surprise you.
We, Jillian and I, are getting married.
Married? [LAUGHS] How long you two been together? Uh, 53 days, on and off.
Jillian, do you mind if I speak with my child, please? Alone.
Of course.
What are you doing? A girl you hardly know, you bring her here, you tell me you want to marry her today.
Do you want to give me a heart attack? I-I know that it seems impulsive No, it doesn't seem impulsive.
It is impulsive.
Oh, no, is she pregnant? - What? No.
- Well, please, help me understand.
What is your hurry? [LAUGHS SOFTLY] I can't, I can't make you understand.
Listen, Liam, I have never held my tongue.
I'm not about to start now.
I can't support this decision.
This doesn't feel like love; It feels like desperation.
If it's right, you should be able to wait and have a proper wedding with her family and yours.
[SIGHS] I need to get back to my shift.
Where are you going? Inside.
With you.
- If my daughter's in there - The last person she'll want to listen to right now is her mother.
I'll talk to her, okay? You have to trust me to handle this.
Oh, come on, please don't use that word.
I know about the bait and switch you pulled.
With the gravity tractor.
Darius says he's lost control of it, that it's being weaponized - to save us, - [SIGHS] destroy others.
- [SCOFFS] - Grace, there are darker forces at play here.
And I promise you I will get to the bottom of this.
But until I do you're just gonna have to trust me.
[SIGHS] [SOFTLY]: Harris, get them out.
WOMAN: Don't move.
Do you have any idea who the hell you're dealing with? Yeah.
The other cog in the military-industrial complex wheel.
DYLAN: And my father.
I got this.
HARRIS: So this is why you dropped out of college.
This is your life now? We're freedom fighters.
RE/SYST isn't the benevolent entity you think it is.
Look, if you're talking about what happened last summer in Idaho, we just exposed the truth about those supremacists.
The National Guard started the firefight.
Dumping information, however true, has consequences.
Oh, my God, open your eyes.
Look at the institution you serve for once.
I'm not here to lecture you, I'm here to warn you.
They're coming for you.
You have a few hours to pack up and get out of here.
Why are you telling me all this? Because I don't want anything to happen to you or Zoe.
Zoe's not here.
She's breaking her mother's heart.
If you know where she is, please I I can't tell you.
Okay? But I can tell you that she's safe.
I have a car outside.
Can walk out of here with me, no questions asked.
You have your fight, I have mine.
I know.
And I respect that.
The government needs resistance to keep their power in check.
And it takes very brave people to stand up to that kind of power.
[SIGHS] I love you.
Know that.
This is Mackenzie's entire handwritten speech.
How did you get this? Her speechwriter.
Mackenzie gave it to her right before she went on the air.
Does anyone else know you have this? Okay, there are words missing, and they've been replaced with numbers? It's a kind of code.
A lot of eyeballs usually saw her speeches before they were televised, but this one, Mackenzie was paranoid It's her only copy, and it didn't even make it to the teleprompter.
Okay, so other than a lot of nonsense, what do we know? Just that she learned about something called Project Samson four months ago.
Something she refers to as "a potential apocalypse.
" Apocalypse? What the hell is that supposed to mean? It means if Atlas was the story of the year, Samson's the story of the century.
THERESA: Where are we going? TANZ: You want to know where the money went? I'm gonna show you my secret.
TESS: Welcome, Darius.
But you have to promise not to tell.
The Mars project.
It's done.
It's incredible.
Why all the secrecy? I'm afraid the government will seize it or that Nicholas will sell seats to the highest bidder.
It needs to be protected.
I had to spend the money to expedite the project because Because the world is going to hell quicker than anyone could have imagined, and you needed to be sure we could start over somewhere.
Something like that.
There's a seat here for you.
And your children.
Should the need ever arise.
You know, most kids just dream of being a fireman or a policeman or a doctor.
You weren't just any kid.
[QUIETLY]: Neither were you.
[INTERCOM BEEPS] MAN: Satellite pharmacy, pick up 2251.
Satellite pharmacy, pick up 2251.
I thought I'd scared you off.
I'm sorry I was so harsh with you.
No, no, no.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I disappeared.
I haven't seen you in weeks.
And then, when I finally come around, I drop a huge bomb on you.
All I ever wanted was for you to have a bright future.
You were my miracle.
And when you first saw me, how long did it take until you knew you know, y-you knew we were meant to be? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on you.
That's the feeling I had when I met Jillian.
Time is precious, Ma.
I don't want to waste it.
You got a ring? Ah! [CHUCKLES] [GROANS] You're not always a genius, are you? Ah! [BOTH CHUCKLE] Aw.
Grandma's ring? She loved you so.
THERESA: Darius, if you won't tell the board about Salvation I know, I know.
They're not gonna take your word for it.
They want proof where the money went.
Especially Nicholas.
I asked him why he wants to cause you such misery, and he said the strangest thing.
He said you weren't the only one to have loved and lost.
What do you think he meant? So, Tess has rightly explained that if I want you all to understand where the money went, I must show you all my secret project.
If you please, Nicholas, as chairman of this operation, I propose that you and I voyage to do this together, the two of us.
Then you can all decide how to proceed after that.
Very well.
And bring an air sickness bag.
We're going flying.
BENNETT: You found their location, a member count, a weapons and defensive position assessment.
Incredible work, Harris.
Thank you, sir.
We have the location for now, but RE/SYST is a nomadic entity.
Which is why we have to mobilize immediately.
We're taking them out.
They're an obstacle we can't afford right now.
"Taking them out"? I'm ordering a strike team, unless you have any objections.
No, sir.
They're a terrorist organization.
They must be stopped.
Yeah? What's wrong? I'm sorry.
I can't do this.
NICHOLAS: Where exactly are we going to see this secret project? Nowhere.
I thought we just needed a little bonding time.
Obviously, you have something you need to get off your chest.
The physics of aerodynamics are really quite fascinating.
You've got two major forces at play: The lift off the wings pulling us up and gravity pulling us down.
I am aware of that.
It's a tug-of-war, a balance of two implacable forces of physics.
If I cut the engine [ENGINE SLOWING] [THUNDER RUMBLES] the only lift we get is through our own momentum, which isn't enough.
I-I figure we've got about 90 seconds before impact.
So, what, you're you're going to commit suicide? Well, I suppose suicide would be the legal terminology in my case.
In your case, it's probably murder.
- [THUNDER RUMBLES] - You're insane.
So I've been told, repeatedly.
Locked you out.
Sorry, Uncle.
[TANZ WHISTLES] Nice to see you're capable of human emotion.
Even if that emotion is fear.
That's as ridiculous as it is unfair.
Is it? Who drilled in me that emotions are the enemy of success? That to achieve at the highest level, you must divorce one's self from the chains of love? Yes, I raised you.
I raised you and I made you what you are today! You destroyed me and everything that mattered to me.
And and now the destruction continues.
- Why? I want answers.
- [ALERT BEEPING] Who did you love and lose, Uncle? Darius, you-you stop this now.
Or prepare for impact.
You've got to stop this nonsense, Darius.
Who did you love and lose Uncle? You've got about 50 seconds to convince me there's something other than ice and bourbon coursing through your veins.
Who was it?! Your mother.
I met her first.
Asked her to marry me.
But then he came into the picture, your father.
What the hell are you talking about? He stole her away from me, so I stole you away from him.
From both of them.
But despite my cruel intentions I did love you, as if you were my own son.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Brace for impact.
Brace for impact.
Brace for impact.
What are you doing? The only way to generate lift is to go forward.
It's okay.
I understand why you got cold feet.
This whole thing is just crazy.
I didn't get cold feet.
I want to marry you, Liam, more than anything.
But? Your mother's right.
This is desperation.
This is an act of hopelessness.
One grand, romantic gesture before the end of the world.
It's saying that we don't believe in the future.
And I'm I'm not ready to say that.
You solved the EmDrive.
You can solve whatever's in front of you.
- I believe in you.
- I know.
Kind of scares the crap out of me, if I'm being honest.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] No matter what happens, we're together.
To the end.
Whether that's 130 days or 130 years.
Deal? Deal.
ELEANOR: Everything all right? JILLIAN: We're gonna take your advice, Ms.
We're gonna wait.
Have a proper wedding.
'Cause I could use a little more time to find a dress.
MAN 2: Copy that, Delta five.
In position and moving in.
[DEVICES BEEPING] MAN 2: 30 seconds to detonation.
Clear the area.
NEWSMAN: This is News Chopper Four on the scene with our ongoing coverage of a huge gas explosion that occurred an hour ago outside the downtown area and engulfed an abandoned factory.
- Casualties still remain uncertain.
- [DOORBELL RINGS] Harris, did you see? They-they blew the place up.
Look, Dylan knew to get out and he promised me Zoe is safe.
You're sure? - Yes.
- Okay.
Look, Grace.
Something is rotten at the highest levels.
Our democracy hangs by a thread and so does the world right now.
So, what are you gonna do? Whatever I have to.
I'll do the same.
You're not quitting? Harris, I'm in this fight till the end.
It could be at great sacrifice to both of us.
Whatever it takes.
[DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] Arsenic on the rocks? 50-year-old single malt.
Your favorite, I believe.
From a murder/suicide to a very expensive toast.
I never know what to expect from you.
We're celebrating our agreement to leave me on as CEO.
I-I don't remember agreeing to that.
I'll handle R&D, product development, and long-term planning, the face of the company.
You'll handle the business side and investment strategy, which is what gives you joy for some reason.
And if I say no? Uncle.
You and I, we're like a family from Pompeii, covered in ash buried for eternity.
It's time we smashed out.
[GLASSES CLINK] Well, then it's settled then.
For now.
I'm sorry for your heartbreak.
THERESA: So, you put the past to bed with Nicholas? TANZ: Best as we could.
Putting the past to bed is never easy.
You asked me if I believe in second chances.
I do.
But I also believe in timing and well, I think for us Now is not the time.
I know.
Guess there's something about tree houses that makes us all dreamers.
[DOOR OPENS] Harris.
Come in.
Where's the president? He was called away.
We just got word.
The operation at RE/SYST headquarters, it was a success.
We crippled their tech capabilities and as for their local members This footage was shot by an on-site drone.
Six bodies were recovered.
The president is extremely pleased.
With your help, a dangerous terror organization has been deeply damaged.
I think it's fair to say he trusts you now.
And what does this newfound trust get me? Access to the inner circle.
I believe a celebration is in order.
Can I interest you in a drink? I'd like that.