Sanctuary s01e01 Episode Script

Sanctuary for All

Episode 101-102: Sanctuary For All v 1.
00 This is 7 David 5, responding to a 10-11, Copy that, 7 David 5.
Open up, police! Let's go! Open up! Ma'am, we've had some complaints about the noise.
We want no trouble.
Then you don't mind if we come in? No.
You folks want to tell me what's going on? We have trouble early tonight, but no trouble now.
Please you go.
We have no trouble.
It's okay.
Ma'am, I'm gonna enter this room.
Please, step aside.
Please Relax, it'll be fine.
Russo! We need backup! requesting backup on that 10-11.
Copy that, 7 David 5.
It's a kid.
Hey, kid, you okay? It's okay.
I'm just gonna come over to you real slow, and I'm going to reach out and grab my hand, okay? No, come on, it's okay.
You're okay.
Just reach out.
Come on.
No, come on.
It's okay.
Come on, I need you to just take my hand.
I said come here! Oh God - Excuse me? - Hey, is everything good? Well, yeah, it's great.
It's delicious, but - Is it the chef's night off? - Actually, yeah.
- Is something wrong? - No, no, it's just that the balsamic drizzle is counter-clockwise.
Instead of clockwise.
Not that it matters.
It's just that Hold on.
May I? Damn.
- It's part of the job.
- Now he's here.
You're too late, Zimmerman.
Yeah, I was at dinner.
- Well, we got our guy.
- No kidding? Wow, that's great.
Really great.
Two of our own? - Do their families know? - It's covered.
As long as I'm here, you mind if I take a look around? Sure, whatever.
A lot of people living in one apartment.
Five? Four, including the third DB.
An old man.
Religious people.
Ukrainian or Russian? Russian.
- And just the one kid? - No, no kids.
These scratches are pretty fresh.
- What the hell's he talking about? - We got the shooter, Zimmerman.
He's at the hospital with one of our eyewitnesses.
Guy's a forensic shrink, thinks he's Sherlock Holmes.
I heard the agence gave him the boot.
Yeah, now he's all ours.
Better go keep an eye on him.
Night sweats.
A lot of fear in the air.
Borscht, too, but mainly fear.
Gee, maybe it has something to do with the triple homicide.
No, I mean before that.
Deadbolt on the bedroom door, it locks from the outside.
And these shades are never up, but they're not trying to hide their heritage.
They're not illegals? That's right.
So, what are they hiding? But what part of "We got the shooter" don't you understand? I'm thinking there was no shooting.
I don't need ballistics to recognize the damage of close-range small caliber, and we got eyewitnesses, - or weren't you listening to that part? - Couple things don't jibe.
Multidirectional cast-off on the walls.
It's from a blunt implement, maybe.
Five people in one small apartment.
Space is precious, - but one drawer's empty? - I told you, four people.
Another drawer's got a comic book hidden under the clothes.
So what? Well, it's not as if it's porn.
Then there's, why were all four adults sleeping in the living room? No, something else is going on here that we haven't accounted for.
And what the hell's that supposed to mean? I don't know.
Hey, wait a second! This is getting weird.
Not the way i'd hoped we'd meet.
Will? Stay where you are Mommy! Mommy! You okay, Sherlock? We found you out cold.
A little bit sore.
Let me guess.
You got decked by a hyperactive kid.
No, somebody coming down the alley clipped me and kept going.
As soon as you're up to it, Kavanaugh wants to see you upstairs.
Witness ID.
I'll be a couple of hours.
Yeah, we got our eyewitness right here at the hospital.
Yeah, a Mrs.
Lutrova, daughter of vic #1.
By the book.
I'm looking at our guy right now.
Yes, sir.
As soon as we get a positive ID, i'll let you know.
Not a word to the press without your say so, I understand.
Okay, bye.
What the hell happened to you? Car versus idiot.
- I was the - Right, yeah.
Well, bad night all around, I guess? Who's your man? Vern Kovacs.
Apartment two floors below our crime scene.
He's got a whole list of priors there.
Just got paroled after doing a dime for armed robbery, rape, and assault.
You'd think he'd eliminate the witnesses.
I mean, after three, what's the downside? Come on.
Chances are he wasn't doing a lot of thinking.
- Do you have a motive? - Yes, I do.
I'm trying to solve this case.
Lutrova? Come in.
Now, this is Dr.
He is a forensic psychiatrist attached to homicide.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Now, ma'am, do you see the man who murdered your father and those police officers tonight? Now, take your time, because we need you to be sure about this, all right? He is the one.
He killed them.
You're certain? His face.
I could never forget.
Okay, all right.
Well, that's good for now.
Again, ma'am, my condolences for your loss tonight.
Ma'am - Thank you, God.
- Listen to me.
- No, just give me a second.
- Tracy, yeah, I need to talk to the DA's office right away.
Hey, Fets.
I need five minutes with her.
- Later, Doc, I'm taking her home.
- No, no, now.
Lutrova, I realize that you've been through a lot tonight, but you and I both know that you just lied in there.
Body language.
Averting your gaze.
Hands to your face.
Rising vocal pitch.
You'd never seen that man before in your life, had you? I don't know what you say.
And you felt no guilt about it.
I do what's right.
You leave me alone now.
I was at your building tonight when everything happened.
I saw a kid coming from your apartment.
Maybe 10 years old.
There is no boy.
- I never said it was a boy.
- Enough bad thing happen tonight.
You leave me alone now.
- Mrs.
Lutrova, please.
- You stop.
I go home.
- Fresh meat coming through! - Subtle.
Russo, Albert and Birch, Lawrence.
Two cops.
Bit it tonight uptown.
Yeah, we've been expecting them.
Put them in holding.
Got one more coming later.
EMS says it was a real butcher shop.
Aren't they all these days? - They're in the cold room.
- Thank you.
- Lunch next week? - Love to.
I ain't giving it away, pal.
Ain't you a drink of water? And I'm kind of thirsty.
Is that so? I'm guessing you're looking for a little action yourself.
In fact, I am looking for something.
Perhaps you can help me.
English, right? I've got a thing for the brits.
So polite and all.
Well, this place, rather strange, a sanctuary, and it takes in, only the most unusual guests.
There's a big old place down by the water, Grayson Street, I think.
I've heard all kinds of stories, but I never put much stock in them.
I'll take you there, if you like but it'll cost you extra.
How very kind of you.
But I think I can find it on my own.
The woman is lying, I'm sure of it.
I don't know why we bother interviewing eyewitnesses.
I mean, you could just come in and you could work that voodoo crap you've been working for the last six months.
It'd be great, right? That's what you think of behavioral science? Two cops died tonight.
Now, we owe it to these guys to do right by them.
Okay, okay, so what happens when forensics comes back and says those weren't bulletholes in their foreheads? Then Kovacs used something else as a weapon.
It doesn't change anything.
So unless you've got something else, something different I saw something tonight.
In the alley.
It was a boy maybe 10 years old.
It looked like he was running from the crime scene, so I followed him, I think the person who knocked me down was following him, too.
Well, none of the witnesses mentioned a boy.
I don't know, there was something about him.
It was like He wasn't just scared.
It was like he was in the grip of something.
So, we have eyewitnesses, a suspect with priors, but you, you - like a 10-year-old kid as the shooter? - No, I'm just saying if you find the kid, then you'll know how those three men died tonight.
Go home - Why don't you want to hear this? - Because this is Because this is exactly the same kind of BS that got you bounced from the Agency.
Now, I were you, I would just back the hell off.
The detective is right, by the way.
Excuse me? He can't use anything you gave him.
- Do I know you? - How's your head? Wait You ran me over.
You got in the way.
Of what? My pursuit of the boy.
The police have the wrong man.
The evidence will bear it out if they don't suppress it for a conviction, but the boy is indeed real, and he needs our help.
- Who are you? - Let's just say I'm someone who's chosen to embrace the full spectrum of our reality.
There are things in this city, in this world that no one wants to admit are real.
Okay, you're creeping me out now.
Zimmerman, have you ever asked yourself why you lost your job at the Agency? That's impressive.
What did you do, google me? Your theories were controversial.
You were headstrong.
Your so-called failures were really theirs.
They failed to keep up with your insights Lady, I'm getting soaked here.
What do you want? You, Dr.
As I see it, you have two choices.
You can go back to a life where you're unheard and unappreciated, or you can squarely face the truth you've been seeking since you were a child.
We both know you caught a glimpse of that truth tonight.
Don't turn away.
Who are you? I have a proposal.
All I ask is for a little of your time.
Thanks, but If you're looking for resumes, why don't you try monster.
com? I already have a job.
God, don't do that.
You know I still have a key.
Yeah, and you know how I love these surprise visits.
What are you doing here, Meg? I heard a couple cops got killed at the precinct tonight.
You okay? The usual.
Eating badly, sleeping worse.
You? Just, you know wanted to see if you were all right.
And get the rest of my stuff.
Is that everything? If you find my hair straightener, you can bring it by the ICU.
Hair straightener.
Got it.
It's kind of like returning a high school ring or something.
And the last two years of our lives come down to a punchline.
That wasn't Look, let's not do this, okay? I can't go 10 rounds tonight.
I just don't have it in me.
They still riding you at work? Nothing I can't handle.
Don't take this the wrong way, Will, but you invite the ridicule.
- Did you get the same invitation? - That's not fair.
Come on, Meg, you always thought I was a wack-job too.
Look, whatever it is that finally helps you sleep at night I hope you find it.
- Goodbye, Will.
- Meg - Good evening.
- Hi.
So, what made you decide to call? - You said you were pursuing the boy.
- Indeed.
Why? I suspect you know why.
Honestly, I don't.
Well, then, this will be a very illuminating evening.
Would you like a cup of tea, Dr.
Zimmerman, or perhaps something stronger? No.
No, thanks.
I'm good.
You no doubt have questions about this place.
Just one.
How come there's no organ music? I'm glad to see you maintain a healthy sense of humor.
Yeah, well, it's invaluable in police work.
Nothing brightens up a murder scene like the right zinger.
Levity helps keep far more insidious things at bay.
The boy you saw.
He's very special, or so I was led to believe by people I've come to rely on for such information.
Did he kill those men? Yes and no.
Not the boy, per se.
If the boy did do it, and you have knowledge either way, I need to know.
And if the answers I provide pose even greater questions? - I'm willing to take that chance.
- Are you certain about that? You know what? Next time that you just want some company, don't give your card out to strangers on the street.
By the time the night is out, I expect to have the boy in my custody.
Until then, I hope you'll understand, that I'm reluctant to speculate on his guilt or innocence.
- But you're saying you can find him? - I believe so, and when I do, I could use your help.
Really? For what? You call this place a sanctuary.
For whom? Or what? You know what? This was a really bad idea.
I'm very sorry to have wasted your time, and I'm even sorrier that you've wasted mine.
Your instincts told you that the boy was anything but normal.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.
Inside these walls are beings that make his qualities pale by comparison.
"Sanctuary for all.
" It's not an empty motto.
Damn sector gives me the willies, man.
No one likes working under old city.
Place is toxic.
Rent's cheap, though.
Hold it.
What the hell are you doing down here, kid? Look, wherever you ran from, this place is worse, okay? So let's go.
- Wasn't a request, kid.
- Wouldn't do that if I were you.
So you're a doctor of what, exactly? The specific discipline depends entirely on the patient.
Do you have anything for chronic insomnia? Fair warning, Dr.
You're about to leave the world you know behind.
I'll take that as a no.
This way.
I specialize mainly in cryptozoology and xenobiology Teratology, too, when the need arises.
"Teratology"? What the hell is that? Welcome to the Sanctuary.
A mermaid? - You got to be kidding me.
- Teratology.
From the greek teratos, meaning deformity, hideous creature.
Unknown being.
How is this even possible? He's a little frightened of strangers.
He's frightened? What the hell is that? His classification is of less importance than the reality of his existence.
I discovered him after his natural habitat was destroyed by a South American mining operation.
Sadly, he may be the last of his species.
Oh, my God Come, now, don't be shy.
Elemental powers can be very difficult to control, but we have been making progress.
The purpose of this sanctuary is to find and help the unfortunate creatures of this world.
Some need saving.
Others can't be allowed to roam free.
Case in point.
New guy New guy! Welcome! Watch your back! Stop it, both of you.
I apologize.
They're incorrigible.
Nature is nothing if not diverse.
The patients on this level are kept in cells for their own well-being.
For others it's a refuge of last resort.
What, you mean some come here, what, voluntarily? - Does that mean that others are - Running free? Absolutely.
This isn't a zoo, and it's certainly not a prison.
Yeah, but some of these things, they look dangerous as hell.
We have a dual obligation.
To study the miraculous, and to protect against the perilous.
Yeah, but The dangerous ones.
What's the point of even keeping them? Every creature expands our knowledge.
We learn from the deadly as well as the benign.
How many more are there? Many.
So I'm guessing few people have seen what I've just seen.
Very few.
How do you keep a secret this big? Very carefully.
The survival of my patients depends on it.
Please It's all right.
It's all right He's just as unnerved by you.
He's been relatively isolated since I first treated him.
Thank you.
That thing is your patient? Former patient, actually.
After I removed more than a few bullets from him, he refused to leave, so I gave him a position on my staff.
I'm not sure he'd appreciate you calling him a thing.
Why me? Because, Dr.
Zimmerman, I believe there's a vital role for you to play here.
By helping you capture monsters? We prefer to call them "abnormals".
The most important thing is that my patients have a place where they can feel safe.
Where we can help them, learn from them.
My head's kind of doing the backstroke.
Are you offering me a job here? I'm offering you a chance to explore a world that you've been trying to understand on your own, with very little success.
You find my offer amusing? - No, it's not that.
It's just - You're afraid.
You work with monsters.
I work with sentient beings, each worthy of the same respect that humans, even animals, receive automatically.
These creatures are the key to the evolution of our race, past and future, and yet we revile them, destroy them, and worst of all, pretend they don't even exist.
But they are out there, Dr.
Lost, like the child you saw tonight.
Misunderstood, hunted And they need our help.
Your help.
I still don't understand why you would come to me.
Because I need someone who can see beyond the surface, see the world as it really is.
I profile criminals, not monsters.
You can't see the irony in that statement? You know what I mean.
You're a student of the human animal.
You see things, you read things in behavior, that I believe cut across the variations of outward form.
Where others see stubbornness and failure, I see great potential.
Good doctors come and go, but the great ones have always seen beyond the boundaries of science, beyond the known.
The great ones dare to believe in the unbelievable.
We've found our boy.
What happened to those guys? The boy again? Seeing as they're alive, I doubt it.
I have my theories.
What I still don't understand is, who tipped you off that the boy was down here? I did.
I've been tracking the little dweeb all night.
- Who the hell are you? - Who the hell are you? - You said you had him.
- I did, until the circus arrived.
Still, roughing up two policemen.
They were gonna get themselves killed.
Guys? It's okay.
Don't! We need him alive! We want to help you.
Do you understand me? We're not going to hurt you, I promise.
That's it.
Over here.
Over here Yeah, that's it.
That's it nice and easy.
Any time.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
This chaos was completely avoidable.
These tunnels reek, and I need a bath.
I don't need a lecture.
Seriously, who are you? Dr.
Zimmerman, this is Ashley.
My daughter.
I get it, all right? Mom, take it easy.
All I'm saying is that we could have better coordinated our efforts.
Again, we got the ghoul, okay? Take a pill.
I apologize for Ashley's unruly behavior, Dr.
What she lacks in refinement, she makes up for in her field skills.
Really? Somebody saved your life tonight.
Oh, wait! - That was me.
- Hold still.
So I take it you guys do this a lot? Oh, this is nothing.
Hey, Mom, do you remember the summer I turned 18? We do an entire den of werewolves.
You know, as in bag and capture? Sedate and catalogue? It wasn't just me, mom was there, too, and a few nervous locals, one who seriously looked like Adrien Brody.
Ashley Mom, you thought he was hot, too.
Zimmerman is our guest.
Please bear that in mind.
Anyway, we were low on silver tips, full moon's on the rise You're making this up.
You got the tour, right? Yeah, but There we are, darling.
Good as new.
Thank you.
Hate to bleed and run, but I got to be on the eastside in 20.
For what reason? Sylvio has some fabulous new product for me.
Top of the line kevlar, prototype hollow-points, digital fuses Actually, I'd prefer it if you stayed in this evening.
What do you mean? Why? There's been some fluctuations in the EM shield.
I'm sure it's nothing, but just to be on the safe side But this won't take an hour, and I promise I'll grind him down on the price.
We buy in bulk, we save a ton.
We're Sylvio's best customers.
His amazing deals aren't going anywhere, believe me.
It's been a long night, Ashley.
Mom, come on, I'm just Okay, Facebook it is.
Nice to meet you.
Keep the ice going.
So she's your daughter? What, did you have her when you were, like, 12? Very flattering.
Adopted? The details are unimportant.
Ashley is my flesh and blood, and she plays a vital role in my work.
She bags 'em, you tag 'em.
Something like that, but I find it's what happens afterwards that matters the most.
What is that? Massive genetic mutation, creating a symbiotic appendage.
Whatever it is, it helped him clear Probably its most benign use.
Such imperfect children are often adopted by well-meaning immigrant families.
Some are blind.
Others have deformities, mental illness.
I'm sure he seemed perfectly normal in his photograph, if they even saw one.
What do you intend to do with him? I'll determine his physiological treatment, but we have no hope of truly helping him until we gain his trust.
Wait Is this why No.
There's nothing in my training that apply to a patient like this.
Your training can't help you here as much as your intuition can.
This is insane.
I can't do this.
What's more terrifying to you, Dr.
Zimmerman? That frightened, confused boy down there, or the possibility that you lack the courage to help him? Tell me, what do you see when you look at him? Body language is agitated, though he's given us no trouble since he woke up.
In fact, the only hostile thing in that room is that - thing.
- Then see beyond it.
See the boy.
If you can do that, then you can help him.
If not, then so be it.
I'll simply admit that I was wrong about you.
I'll leave it to you.
Release him.
Trust me.
It's okay.
It's okay.
How you doing? You wanna sit down? Kind of harsh for a job interview, don't you think? Thank you for your opinion, Henry.
I'm just saying, it's a newbie all alone with the new arrival - Whom he helped capture.
- Yeah, sure, he might pull it off.
You know, even a blind squirrel can find a nut, or is it monkeys and bananas? I can never remember.
- Do you have what I asked for? - Yeah.
The analysis of the goop you took from the cops' frontal lobes? Check.
Not many places you're gonna find radiation traces that pure.
Mostly former Soviet Republics, but if you match up the mineral traces in the plutonium sample to known mining operations in each possible location Chernobyl.
Only city in the world with more personal geiger counters than clocks.
Many of the survivors of this disaster moved on and had children.
Yeah, if you can call them that.
Your sensitivity is breathtaking.
The kid sucks brains! - Not that I'm being judgmental.
- Is there anything else? No, not really.
A working girl was found murdered behind a warehouse down near circle square about four hours ago.
Murdered how? Just your typical old-school stabbing.
No one saw anything.
- Cops are clueless, as usual.
- Send me what you have.
Really? We care about this? I mean, it's very sad, but Send it to me.
Okay, fine.
I'll transfer the CCTV footage from that part of town to the network, which, by the way, is still fluxing like a bitch.
Did you get the request I sent for those upgrades? We'll talk about it.
Okay, fine.
By the way, if there's a cleanup on aisle 2, I don't wanna know about it.
- I thought your mom grounded you.
- She did.
I'm just going out to get some - feminine products.
- Yeah, feminine like a crate of Uzis? Dude, you want me to get us some toys or what? - Hey, I never saw you.
- Attaboy.
Time out a second! Time out! Everyone just calm down.
You think that's supposed to scare me, huh? Let me tell you something, you see this guy here? He scares me a hell of a lot more than you do.
No offence.
All right, let's just calm down, all right? Will you give us some space here? It's okay.
Just relax Okay, how come you're not trying to eat my brain anymore? I think I'm getting the hang of things here.
The less i'm scared of you, the less you wanna snack on my cerebellum? I'm just gonna put this down.
Do you have a name? Alexei.
My name's Will.
You wanna tell me how this all started? I lived in Kiev with parents.
They told me I was not safe.
That if people found out about me, I would be taken away.
Family adopt me, bring me here, but they not like me.
Not after Wasn't the kind of reception you were hoping for, huh? They were afraid.
I tried to stop it, but only more fear comes.
So the more fear, the more it comes out? And you can't control it.
It's a defense mechanism with a mind of its own.
It is not my fault.
I not want to kill.
No, you just wanna be safe.
Listen to me, Alexei.
Feeling safe is something we all need.
That is nothing to be ashamed of.
All right? You're no different than anybody else.
You don't fear me? No.
A brain-sucking anaconda living in his intestinal tract Sorry I missed it.
Can we get down to business? Come on, now, baby girl, we're just talking shop.
Sylvio, please.
You're giving yourself an headache trying to figure out how much that kid is worth on the open market.
Just my greedy baseline personality.
Well, you wanna work with us, you play by our rules, you know that.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Look I'm down with the whole protect and study thing, Okay? Peace, love, and incense Do I have your attention? Sylvio, are you okay? Been better.
Gun! Let's go.
Stings like a son of a bitch.
- Anyone we know? - Can't tell yet.
I'll be fine.
- You sure? - Ash, I gotta scream like a girl now.
I don't need witnesses.
Okay, understood.
Don't do it.
You've got your whole life ahead of you.
If only you knew.
Aren't you a little cold? Opinion seems to be divided.
Care to join me? I'm not usually so good with heights, but what the heck.
That is quite a view.
I come here to reflect, particularly when I can't sleep.
I'm guessing that happens a lot.
You're finding all this too much, aren't you? I don't know.
I think I'm handling the whole world-turned-upside-down thing pretty well.
But you're having a hard time accepting it.
If you were me, wouldn't you? I was you, a long time ago.
All this is extraordinary.
It's beyond extraordinary.
It's just it's not my world.
I'm having a little difficulty wrapping my head around it.
This wasn't an impulse on my part.
I've known this was your destiny since you first came to my attention.
Yeah, since you knocked me down in an alley.
Since you were eight years old, actually, when you told the world a monster killed your mother.
How'd you know about that? Not that anyone believed you.
From then on, you were the odd one, the strange child who saw monsters lurking in every shadow.
The boy who cried wolf, until the fear and mockery became too much, and you recanted.
You couldn't have seen what you did.
You must have imagined it.
But you didn't imagine it.
And that trauma spurred a commitment to the study of the mind.
You became obsessed with perception.
You published papers on how easily we mistake illusion for reality.
It was real What I saw was real.
The life you've built is the only way you could make sense of what happened.
How can you expect me to help these creatures, when one of them one of them took everything from me? Only you can answer that.
You knew.
You knew how this would affect me.
It's your choice, Will.
In the end, it's a massive leap of faith.
Come out, you son of a bitch.
You seem very angry.
What the hell? Is it because of your friend? I don't like people getting spiked on my watch.
He hardly seems worthy of your concern.
Perhaps I should just give myself up.
Funny, you don't strike me as a quitter.
That's a nasty toy for someone your age.
It's a present from my mom.
Then you'd better have it back.
You're thinking, "Who is he?" "What is he?" How will I bring him down?" Actually just focused on your old man breath.
That is some nasty bridgework, dude.
Ill manners do not become you, my dear.
All right.
Enough of this.
Let's get it on.
You have decent technique.
Completely lacking in discipline, but impressive enough.
Who are you? Just someone new in town.
Beyond that, I wouldn't want to be the one to spoil the surprise.
Now it's time you learned to respect your elders! Yes, the shield is working.
If it's him, we're safe.
Actually, I'm not afraid of him harming me.
More of what he may do to others, what he may have already done.
If the truth were to come out, the consequences would be devastating.
I grudgingly admit you've got some game.
I've been following your exploits for quite some time.
You're a very intrepid duo, you and your mother.
Protect the innocent.
Study the bizarre, the inexplicable.
Listen to rants from violent weirdos.
Hazardous work indeed.
Hey, buddy Nobody spikes my van.
Only the chosen left alive, immortals all, the holy five Shut up.
Thanks, buddy.
Now, he's got to be worth something.
I'm just saying that if you took the van every now and then instead of your bike, I wouldn't have to do retrievals in the middle of the night.
Well, Henry, the only vans I ride have Lord Poseidon airbrushed on the side.
What? Vans are for losers.
I like my bike.
Now, see, he looks harmless enough.
He took 10,000 volts plus a triple tranq.
He is going to have a serious migraine whenever he does wake up.
- So, what do you think this thing is? - I don't know.
Leave that to mom.
All I know is he was a serious handful.
Ask Sylvio.
Sylvio's a baby.
Whined all the way to Dr.
A few special herbs and spices, he'll be fine.
Process the ghoul, let mom know.
Me, I am hitting the showers.
Okay, cool.
Hey, where do you want him? Gen pop or the Shoe? I mean, he's going to be asleep for, like, two days.
The Shoe.
Definitely maximum security for this guy.
Okay, well, - enjoy your stay.
- I plan to.
Seriously, dude, you're on, like, nine different security cameras right now.
There's no way you're getting out of here.
Oh, I have no intention of leaving.
Now what section are we in? It seems so welcoming.
It's where we keep the bad things.
The worst of the worst.
I like the sound of that.
That'll do.
Please show me around.
This is it? Yes.
But all security measures can be remotely reactivated, so, really, there's no point in wow, okay, we're cool.
This facility is protected by an energy field, is it not? It's a modified EM bubble.
Protects outside interference from jamming devices.
Is that what she told you it was for? Clever girl.
What is it for? Me.
- Shut it down.
- That doesn't make any sense.
Shut it down.
Thank you.
You've been very helpful.
Ashley I know, you told me to stay in.
Where were you tonight? What happened? Nothing major.
Sylvio and I ran into a bit of trouble.
Trouble? Some superfast psychopathic dude.
Nothing we couldn't handle.
How fast? Pretty hot moves for a tall guy.
He had a great accent, too.
Kind of like yours, only more evil.
Stay here, and I mean here.
Relax, Henry put him in the Shoe.
We're fine.
No, we're not! Mom Henry What happened? Mom, why are you freaking out? Grab what weapons you can.
We'll need them.
No! Not until you tell me why this ghoul is such a problem.
Because he'll kill us both.
He allowed himself to be captured by you, I'm certain of it.
We may only have moments before Bloody hell.
Hello, Helen.
John It's wonderful to see you again.
You know this ghoul? Your mother and I go way back.
John, don't! This is about you and me, not her.
For the moment.
You have no idea what it's been like.
Alone wandering this godforsaken world.
Wanting only peace.
A fragment of what we had.
What I lost You have nothing to gain by harming her or me.
- Mom, shoot him! - Shall we drop the pretense? You know exactly why I've come and what I want.
It's all within reach, everything I've ever wanted, and you're going to give it to me, or she will die.
Mom! Oh, bloody hell Please don't do this.
I don't know much about your mother's pets, but I would imagine staying very still would be advisable.
Ah, I knew him well.
Where is she? Where is she? I'd tell you she was safe, but I'd be lying.
No, your scruffy little helper mentioned something about where the worst of the worst are kept.
You bastard.
Oh, no doubt she helped capture whatever is in there.
They can reminisce.
- Threatening her - Is my only option, Helen.
I can hardly threaten you.
Using one of your own precious creatures as the blunt instrument some of my best work, I think.
I'll get there first.
And just put her someplace more dangerous.
I don't want her to die, Helen, but that is exactly what will happen if you test my resolve.
There's only one reason you would have taken this risk, to risk her.
Because you have to.
- You're dying, aren't you? - We're all dying.
It simply comes down to survival, and I intend to do whatever is necessary to ensure mine.
- Even if it means killing her? - Her life is in your hands, Helen.
I don't think you want to lose her over something as easily accessible as your own blood.
You saved my life once before.
You can do it again.
I can help you, John, and not by prolonging this nightmare.
I can find a cure.
She clearly doesn't know.
How could I possibly tell her? She must have asked how she came by her killer instincts.
She thinks her father's dead.
I wonder how she'd feel to learn the truth? Your mind is poisoned, John, through no fault of your own.
Helen Magnus, friend to nature's abominations, and enemy of common sense! Your blood, Helen! Time is growing short.
Okay, so I'm guessing that's not normal.
Find Magnus! Ashley Ashley.
We're going to get you out of here, right? How can I be sure? It's mine.
Thank you, Helen.
You won't regret it.
I'm sorry I can't say the same for you.
Forgive me, John.
The five.
The others will come.
Come on.
We got to go.
We got to go.
Come on.
Stay in the light! I've got her, I've got her Dude, are you nuts? It's a distinct possibility.
Hey, Will.
How you feeling? Fine, it just broke the skin.
So I wanted to say that I might've underestimated you a little.
Saving my life was good.
Yeah, well any time.
So, we'll see you around? Honestly, I don't know.
You know, my mom can be pretty dark and weird, but she's good at this.
And if those are for the Big Guy, he's allergic.
Two days ago, you were the stuff of nightmares.
After my mom was killed, I I was terrified of things that I didn't understand, things that I I couldn't understand.
But now now maybe there is no such thing as a monster.
Forget it.
Just get better, all right? Will did you just it isn't true.
What? What's not true? There is such a thing as monsters.
Leaving, Dr.
Zimmerman? How unfortunate.
What you've built here, and the research that you've done.
and I got to the bottom of questions I didn't even have the sense to ask.
Some of the most confounding cases I'd ever worked on were suddenly crystal clear.
And yet you're ready to walk away.
Just just hear me out, please.
You invited me here because you said I was a truth-seeker just like you, but I know you've withheld things from me.
What things, Will? It's all right.
You're safe now.
You were there, weren't you? She was an extraordinarily brave woman.
She died protecting you from that creature.
You could have stopped it! Done something! We tried, Will.
I swear to you, we tried.
It all happened so quickly.
We barely had time to rescue you.
You couldn't have been more than, what, Teenage monster hunter? I don't think so.
And then there's your recent guest, Druitt.
Turns out that a John Druitt was one of Scotland Yard's prime suspects in the Ripper case in the 1880s.
He was my first patient.
Which means either one or both of you can travel through time, - either that or you're more than - I am 157 years old.
How is any of this possible? When you work at the frontiers of science for as long as I have, the rewards, and curses, are unexpected.
My God you treated one of the most notorious serial killers of all time.
He wasn't always that.
He was dying.
I gave him my blood to prolong his life, but it all went wrong.
Lonely tonight, gentlemen? Still at it, Molly? Mr.
You frightened me.
No rest for the gifted.
- You know that.
- Indeed I do.
You shouldn't be in the habit of jumping out at the ladies these days, what with all the troubles.
What was I thinking? - Forgive me.
- John! This ends here.
Helen what a lovely surprise.
Molly, I would like you to meet my fiancee, or should I say former fiancee, Helen Magnus.
Helen Magnus.
Doctor? I'm pleased to meet you, ma'am.
Well - I'll be on my way.
- Stay.
I insist.
John, let me help you before you make things worse.
And how is that possible? I've already murdered, what, seven whores? How could one more make the slightest difference? Murdered? What more have I to lose? Your power's driving you mad, John.
- I can help.
- My power is all I have left.
Let her go.
As the lady wishes.
I've spent all the intervening years trying to undo that mistake.
He was more than your patient, wasn't he? Ashley I kept the embryo frozen for over a century, until I could bear the loneliness no longer.
I brought it to term, believing John was gone for good.
I underestimated his determination.
Here's the deal.
If we're going to work together, the first rule, the only rule, is that you're straight up with me.
I've just trusted you with my deepest, darkest secret.
I know, it's just I just know that I've spent a lifetime living a lie, and I can't do it anymore.
I understand.
No, I'm serious.
You open this place up to me, every monster, every room, everything that crawls, flies, teleports If I'm gonna be of any use to you, I've got to - I've got a lot of catching up to do.
- To say the least.
You know, I was hoping that at least you'd be normal.
I'm sorry to disappoint.
Is there anything else? - Is there health plan? - No.
But I can promise you the adventure of many, many lifetimes.
Shall we begin?