Sanctuary s02e06 Episode Script


044 Previously on Sanctuary [Magnus]: This isn't a disease, Henry.
[Henry]: I have spent my adult life working with abnormals, but now I am one.
Look, I can't account for myself when I'm that thing, and what if I hurt one of you? The difference between you and me is you can control your power.
And in time, so will you.
You are such a dork.
You said, "no problem.
I'll take over the feedings while you're gone," and then you crap out on me before I even leave.
I know, but, hey, secure networks tank, I'm the go-to guy.
What am I going to do? Yeah, last time I ask you for a favor.
Okay, look, I can still swing by there after I'm done.
It'll be, like, 30, minutes, tops.
Oh, minutes Henry Foss time? Jack will die of hunger by then.
Come on, you know he's our baby.
Oh Oh, that is cold.
I'm just saying.
Go catch your flight, all right? Don't want to miss your romantic getaway.
Oh, Henry If you can call a biochemistry conference in beautiful downtown Blackpool romantic.
Yeah, well, you got to admit, at least he's making an effort.
[security beeps] All right, you're right, my bad.
Besides, I'm already at the lab.
Okay, you know what? Just go, have a good time, and don't worry about Jack.
I'll make sure he's-- Oh, my God, Jack? No.
Rachel, what's going on? Wait, Jack, stay there.
Rachel! It's okay, I can help you.
I can help you.
Rachel? [Rachel screams, creature snarling] Rachel? Henry Help me.
Rachel, what's going on? Rachel! Oh, God Henry! It's on the run! Load tranqs! Oh, my God You go after Jack.
I got her.
Yeah? Yeah.
All right, here.
Come on.
Just hang on.
Oh, thank God.
Rachel? Rachel [she gasps and screams] It's okay.
- Henry - It's okay.
The blood! The blood No, no, no, hang on.
Stay with me.
Stay with me! [Magnus]: Henry? Hey, doc? Calm down.
It's Rachel.
Is she-- She's alive, but she's unconscious, And she's been cut.
Are you gloved up? Yeah.
Where's the big guy? He's on his way with a haz-mat transport.
I'll prep the O.
Do you think she's infected? I won't know until I get her into surgery, Henry, but if the creature did lay spores-- Yeah, I know, doc.
She's dead.
[Will]: I'm two blocks out, widening my perimeter.
Kate? Kate? Kate, talk to me.
I saw something heading down behind the hill warehouse.
How's her pulse? It's rapid, but it's kind of weak.
Do you think you could pack her wounds? Yeah, sure.
What do I do? Right, I'll talk you through it.
You need to find gauze and forceps.
And, Henry Whatever you do, do not let her blood come in contact with your skin.
[squealing tires outside] I think the big guy's here.
[Will]: Kate, are you getting close? Easy, there, Gumby.
It's just little old me.
[Will]: Kate, give me an update! [snarling] [tranquilizer dart snipes] [firing] [stun gun blasts] [panting] Four tranqs and a concussion stun to take him down.
Butt-ugly to boot.
Yeah, big guy's got her now.
They're on their way to you.
Doc, she was so pale.
I'll do everything I can.
Oh, my God, Gerald! She was supposed to meet him at the airport.
I got to tell him-- Henry.
We'll call him.
I you need to stay there.
Scan and clean the room.
[device whirs] So lizard boy here releases toxic spores.
Yeah, Henry's been working with Rachel's team for about five years.
Never heard of Jack releasing his spores Even once.
He's supposed to be tame.
Bad call.
We do a c-spine, chest and abdomen.
Give her one gram ceph.
Increasing oxygen to 40%.
Heart rate 98 and regular.
Pupils are equal and reactive to light.
Abdomen soft.
Localizes to pain.
Kidneys? Clear.
CBC, chem panel and gasses are all within normal range.
Now, to the wound.
Oh, good.
This one looks clean.
Let's hope they all are.
She's infected.
Damnit, the spores are active.
We need to get her into quarantine before I can operate.
Hopefully I can get them out before they multiply.
Well, I have to try.
All right, I'm finished with the holographic scan, and I'm moving to the eradicator.
[device powers up] All right, buddy, time to go to work.
Dude, you left the door open.
Yeah, I'm a little busy right now.
Just finishing the DNA flame-out.
[sirens approach] You hear that? [device powers down] All right, french fries are done.
Just bagging the goods now.
Okay, head for the back alley.
We'll pick you up on the fly-by.
Just need a little more time.
The cops are coming in the front door.
I'm almost there.
Get out! Never enough time.
Get out now! Was Will able to get a hold of Gerald? On his way.
Of course he is.
There are too many.
Dividing too quickly.
Just stay sharp.
You have your medicine bag? Yes.
Let's hope we don't need it.
Trying to domesticate one of these things, that's like putting C-4 through the Play-Doh fun factory.
I don't know, it's cutting-edge stuff.
Gerald focuses on its biochemistry while Rachel studies its behavior.
They make a good team.
[chuckles ruefully] What I've seen of Jack's behavior, he could still use some obedience training.
The last time I saw him with Rachel, he was pretty docile.
She was even teaching him sign language.
Well, hey, I'm no scientist, but you teach a deadly abnormal how to talk, and all you'll get is a deadly talking abnormal.
[device powers up] This the thing that scanned the room? Don't do that.
Need a hand? No, I'm good.
I got a system.
Oh, I get it.
You can't go to the crime scene, So you bring the crime scene to you? Yeah, best we can.
Do the cops have one of these gizmos? They wish they did.
So how'd you come up with it? Will and me.
His specs, my program, my design.
Still a work in progress, but it's the best we've got right now.
She a friend of yours? I mean, Magnus is on the job, so Rachel and I worked together for about four years.
She's been helping me to understand who I am, What I am.
She wasn't afraid of it.
And the other guy is what, her husband? Yeah, he's like a brother to me.
Where's Rachel, Henry? She's in the O.
Is she She's alive.
Take me to her, please.
Blood pressure's falling.
Give her a 500 bolus of saline.
Last one in this wound.
[alerts beep] Oh, dear God.
The infestation's spreading.
We are too late.
We can't save her.
Magnus? No Rachel Gerald.
I'm so sorry.
I'm putting Rachel into stasis.
To die? To slow down the progression of the spores, give me time to work on a treatment.
There is no treatment.
You know that.
Once the host becomes infected, the spores regenerate until the host is-- I'm not ready to go there, not yet.
I'm going to fight for Rachel, but I need your help.
What can I do? I need your research on Pleskidarsus spore regeneration.
I may be able to create a reagent.
But the chemical th-that halts spore reproduction, it's far too-- It's too caustic for human tissue, I know.
I think I may be able to find a way to lessen the toxic side effects.
Gerald I need your research.
You can use my set-up.
Show me.
Okay, come on.
Henry's detailed scan of everything in the lab corresponds to bar codes on the cardboard.
Now that we've recreated the scene, we can hopefully figure out what happened.
That's amazing In, like, a total geeky kind of way.
Wow, jealous much? [scoffs] No.
All right, so you be Rachel, okay? Okay.
So you enter here.
Henry hears you say-- Oh, my God? Correct.
Uh, so I must see that you, Jack, are out of your enclosure.
So I must have smashed, forced my way out before you entered.
I drop my cell phone.
Do you rush at me? No, because the major blood spatters are here.
Oh, right, right, and the wounds are on the front of her body, not the back.
So for some reason, you approach me? [scoffs] No No, the trajectory of the spatters-- Yeah, it doesn't match the wound pattern on Rachel's body.
Hmm Okay, uh, stand over me, as if you're reaching for me.
- Like this? - Yeah.
What do you think? Well, you know, it fits.
Okay, so he's down here.
She's reaching for him.
[laughs] Okay, well, the woman's either crazy or stupid.
I mean, monster is loose, you move away from it.
Yeah, unless she couldn't believe that he would hurt her.
But she ends up over here.
Why? Well, it attacks, she trips, slams into the drug cabinet.
Yeah, and lands right here.
And then it finishes the attack and splits out the window.
Seems straightforward Ish.
I don't know.
Nothing about this seems straightforward to me.
She was so good to you.
I don't care if you're hungry.
Don't you realize what you did? You hurt Rachel, Jack.
Yes, Rachel.
You hurt her.
Very bad.
Bad Jack.
Very bad.
Bad Jack! Yeah.
You got that right.
Once I receive Gerald's data, I'll start working on the reagent.
In any case, we'll have to extract spores from Jack.
How much time? Even in stasis, the tissue already damaged by the spores will necrose.
Her system won't be able to handle it for too much longer.
Too young.
By far.
I'll collect the spores from Jack.
[sleeping breaths] [rouses and snarls] [barking defensively] [clears throat] Uh, just give me a couple of minutes here.
I'm I'm downloading my files from my home network.
You need anything? Right.
I'll just, uh Look, uh-- I'm not blaming you.
Yeah, I am.
I should have been there.
Henry Not now, okay? I just, I can't.
Okay, I'm sorry.
She's everything to me.
She's my life.
She-- [clears throat abruptly] Tell Magnus all the data she needs will be on her private LAN in 10 minutes.
Should give her a shot at God knows what.
Gerald-- Just-just go.
[rapid gunfire] [security alerts wail] [Jack whimpering] Stop! That's enough! Damned animal! What the hell, Ger? It killed her, Henry, it killed her! Hey, she has a chance.
Nobody survives a Pleski attack.
You know that and so do I.
Ger, she has a chance.
She's dead.
Man I'm guessing he took the weapon while he was working in Henry's lab.
And the Pleski? It took a couple of bullets, but its skin is so tough, I don't think there should be any permanent damage.
The big guy's with him now.
What about Gerald? He's a mess.
Henry's with him.
I should never have left him alone.
Well, the guy works for you.
I mean, there was no reason to think he was going to go that far.
Still, it should never have happened.
Assassination attempts aside, how goes it? Well, ironically, Gerald's research is proving to be quite helpful.
Take a look at this.
Is this going to put me off my lunch? Now, watch.
Well, that works.
We just have to administer the right amount, enough to kill the spores without harming Rachel.
Right, like chemo.
But far more tricky to regulate.
Have you figured out what happened in the attack? No.
Kate's got something she wants me to see.
I'm heading to the mock-up lab now.
I know that look.
Rachel taught Jack a form of sign language, and I'm thinking of trying to communicate with him.
Now, I know it's not a conventional way of gathering evidence, and I know what you're going to say, That if you could teach a lion to speak, You still wouldn't understand him-- Your dad's favorite expression.
Because We often make the egocentric mistake of believing that abnormals think the same way we do.
That their worldview and logic patterns are similar.
In most cases, even with the most intelligent species, they simply aren't.
I know.
Their whole cognitive process is different.
I'm I'm just saying, bear that in mind when you have your chat.
How could you just sit there? If that was your wife on that table If the only person who really mattered to you was I don't know where to put all this, Henry.
[sighs heavily] It lives and she dies? You tell me what you'd do.
Honestly, Gerald, I don't know what I'd do-- You'd kill the damn thing! You'd go all werewolf, and you would take care of business! Wanting something and doing something about it are two different things, Ger.
Really? You've never done anything crazy in the moment? Something maybe you shouldn't have done? This isn't about me.
And Magnus says-- I want to go down there in case she I won't make any more trouble.
I can't leave you on your own, man.
Well, then you find someone else to watch over me.
Just not you.
Okay, tell me what you see from here.
Okay, Rachel enters, she sees the Pleski is loose.
Now, there's a tranq gun right in front of her.
Right, she had a defense.
But she doesn't use it.
Why? I'm thinking Because of this.
[beeps] Item 163, what's that? A syringe.
Containing what? I don't know, but my guess is she was going for it when Jack attacked.
Okay, good, so she was trying to inject him with something.
Uh-huh, and not a sedative, 'cause that's in the tranq gun, which she passes on.
Okay, bing, bang, boom.
Rachel enters, sees Jack is loose, ignores the tranq gun and heads straight for the drug cabinet.
She drops the syringe before she can use it, and now the big question is-- What was in the syringe? What? Well It's just that I'm not totally buying the whole ready-to-go syringe theory.
[beeps] Item 73, what's that? Medicine of some kind.
I don't know, I can't read the label.
Huh So whatever was in that vial-- Was what she was trying to inject Jack with.
Right Okay, I will talk to Henry.
See if he can generate a more detailed view of the 3-D scan.
All right, I'm going to go check on Gerald.
Hey, Will Yeah? This is what you did before you came here, right? Like fancy detective work, CSI stuff? [chuckling]: Yeah Look, in the real world, forensics is under-staffed, under-funded, and backlogged to the nines.
Well, score one for the criminals, then.
Put it this way, if I had this tech to work with, you'd have been behind bars years ago.
No, I wouldn't.
A new sign is deemed acquired only when reported by three independent observers, Namely myself, Gerald, and-- And, uh, me.
I'm trying to be serious here.
Yes, you should be very serious.
It's very serious, don't laugh.
I'm not! And don't smile.
Now, you focus.
Ready? Go.
This woman is clearly insane.
Do not believe a word that she says.
Okay, yeah, anytime.
[clears throat] You remembered.
Ha ha! Ta-da! Watch out, watch out Dude, that is clearly not going to feed three people.
Then you can eat the melty bits.
You're the best.
Happy anniversary, baby.
Oh, wow, awkward, and that's on film.
I'm going to be sick.
Okay, make a wish, make a wish Done.
Yay! The energy The Gods have blessed this union.
Wow She's beautiful.
What do you want? Need to ID something on the floor.
Sector 34.
Item 73.
The label's hidden.
I know.
Looks like Rachel was trying to inject the Pleski with something, though why she didn't just tranq the sucker, I have no idea-- Look, you don't know her, all right? Don't even try.
Dude, just trying to solve a case here, that's all.
It's fine.
I'll enhance the area, and I'll focus on the sector.
Just give me an hour.
Henry, I know she means a lot to you-- Give me an hour.
I'm I'm Will.
Uh I'm sorry, never mind.
Are you hungry? You're hungry.
But you have food.
It's there.
"bad Jack?" I'm sorry, I don't understand.
I don't understand.
Anything? Still working on it.
How was your chat with Jack? Huh Turns out he doesn't have much to say, except I think he feels bad about what happened, which isn't very monster-like.
I tried looking through the vial to the label on the other side.
It didn't work.
Look, if you look at that piece of glass right there, it kind of acts like a mirror, right? Yeah.
Well, if you focus on that sector, Kick up the rez, flip it around Betamethasone.
Betamethasone? What is that, some kind of sedative? No, it's just a common immunosuppressant.
Are you kidding me? She went for that over a tranq gun? There's got to be a good reason.
Yeah, I'm betting there is.
[security lock beeps] Hey.
I've given her We'll see how she responds to the treatment.
We found something in Rachel's lab.
I think she was trying to inject Jack with betamethasone.
What? Are you certain? She was going for it instead of the tranquilizers.
Does that make any sense? Actually, it might, but it would suggest that Rachel knew that Jack's ACTH levels were too high.
How so? In Siberia, the Pleski's native habitat, there's a rare fungus, Cordyceps Siberienses.
Now, when the Pleski's exposed to even small amounts, it increases their ACTH levels.
Which over-stimulates the adrenals.
Now, Rachel's research was based on the premise that the cordyceps fungus was the sole reason that the Pleskidara are deadly, And that without its influence, they're a gentle, intelligent species.
It was a controversial theory, even in the abnormal research community.
Okay, so, wait.
So if Jack was somehow exposed to the fungus, then-- It would explain how he escaped from his enclosure.
And why it took so many tranquilizers to bring him down.
But why would he be exposed in the first place? Could it have been a shipping container That was somehow contaminated? Knowing Gerald and Rachel, that doesn't make any sense.
They'd be so careful to screen for that.
Well, I'll do a blood test, check the ACTH levels.
I'll talk with Gerald.
Are you crazy? Of course we don't keep cordyceps in our lab, or anything similar.
There's a possibility that Rachel suspected that Jack had been exposed.
Can I cut into your Matlock speech here for a second? And pardon me, okay, but the Pleski attacked Rachel because of its nature, not because it was on drugs! She wanted to believe it was tame, but you can't take an instinctive predator and teach it to love people.
You and Rachel must have had some very interesting discussions about this.
What do you mean? Her work was spent trying to prove that the Pleskidara could be socialized, and yet you, quite obviously, believe the opposite.
I support her in her work.
I just Don't let her know that I think it's completely useless.
And yet you allowed her to continue working with a dangerous species? Come on, Magnus, you know Rachel, all right.
She's made up her mind about something, that's, you know She's a very able researcher.
Yeah, I admire her passion, I do.
But she spent more time with the creature than she did with you.
Yeah, she did.
I thought this Getaway would, uh Would help change things.
Maybe if we spent a little more time together, I But now What if she dies? What happens? Another able researcher gets hired, and we all continue on playing with "Jack"? Is that what happens? We're testing his blood for ACTH levels.
If the results are negative I'll lock him away for good.
Of course you will.
Excuse me.
She's been stable for more than an hour.
Good news? Possibly.
She's out of quarantine? I don't want to create false hope, but the rate of spore division has diminished significantly.
You're certain? They're beginning to die.
We believe she's no longer contagious.
[alerts beeping] [flat-line drones] She's flat-lined.
There are toxins in her bloodstream.
The treatment's killing her.
[flat-line drones] Second epi in.
Charging to 300.
Epi in.
No, let them work.
Come on, fight! - Charged.
- Clear.
Four minutes.
I've given her epinephrine, atropine, shocked her-- Seven times.
[barking in his language] No We need an alternative.
Too risky.
She's dead either way.
[barking] [Gerald]: What are they giving her? [barking] [monitors start beeping] [gasping for air] Rachel! [gasping for air] [gasping] Hold on.
[gasps and sighs, steadying] [beeping steadily] Normal sinus.
Thank God.
I need blood, cardiac and liver panels.
The reagent's taking its toll on her system.
We'll keep her monitored, but I can't guarantee that the treatment won't kill her before it runs its course.
I'd like to be with her.
How's Rachel? Alive, for now.
You should see this.
Jack's blood results.
The ACTH levels are higher than normal, dropping from a previous spike.
I'm checking his food remains for traces of this Siberian fungus.
Well, why his food? Rachel would be the most careful about that, I should think.
Um The Pleski told him.
He kept making the sign for "eat.
" Look, I tried to think outside of my egocentric way of communicating, but I'm wondering if Jack maybe somehow knew that his food was being poisoned.
Or it's just hungry.
He hasn't eaten anything since he got here.
Let me know what you find.
Magnus It doesn't look good.
It's stupid.
I was going to surprise you.
This trip wasn't to Blackpool for a convention.
It was, uh To Paris.
A real honeymoon.
This shouldn't have happened.
It shouldn't have been [security lock beeps] Can I have a private moment with my wife, Henry? I know, Ger.
I'm sorry.
This is my fault.
I can't spend two minutes with her without you showing up.
I can't take her to a movie because you two have already seen it.
First it's coffee with Henry, and then it's a dinner here and there.
Pretty soon it's all about whether or not you're available.
You know that she actually blushes when you walk into a room, and you know it, and you insult me every time, pretending that it wasn't happening.
She's with you, Ger, not me.
I never did anything.
You don't have to, Henry, you are-- You're everything that she wants me to be.
But I took care of things.
Something had to be done.
Mystery of the amped-up lizard solved.
Last three feedings were rife with delicious Siberian fungus.
You did this.
You made this happen? This is Rachel! You're such an idiot, Henry.
Only two people had access to his food supply.
So unless blondie was going for suicide by Pleski Where's Gerald right now? I wasn't trying to kill Rachel.
I was trying to kill you.
Oh, man, don't.
Come on, Henry.
Let's see your real face, huh? No! [gasps and groans in pain] [low growling] No! It's all right, buddy, let it come.
[screams in pain] No! Don't [roaring] Come on, Henry, turn! One of us is checking out, Henry, and if you stay human, it'll be you! Don't do this.
Come on! Gerald, that is enough! Drop it.
Look at her.
I don't want to live when she's gone.
Oh, but you'd take care of that, though, wouldn't you, buddy boy? Huh? If I just mess you up just a little bit, you'd take care of business.
You'd take care of me, wouldn't you? Stop Then you'd have to live with it! Gerald! Think logically.
You do not want to take this action.
[growling softly] Come on, freak! [roars] [alerts beeping] She's crashing again! [growls and barks] [gasping for air] Doc, is she [gasping slows, beeping steadies] She's stabilizing.
Are you okay? No.
So How does someone recover from something like this? By not blaming yourself for what happened.
Our marriage wasn't working.
I should have said something.
I should have stopped myself.
From what, feeling things? I'm sure you tried at some point or another, but that doesn't work.
I can come back.
No, no.
We'll We'll talk later.
Hey, you.
Wow, you look terrible.
Where the hell's your make-up bag? [chuckling]: Stop it.
Yeah You see, that's the problem.
I can't.
You and I got too close, Rachel, and I went there willingly.
Because I gave you permission.
I don't know why I I think I was afraid to admit that I'd made a mistake with Gerald.
I chose the wrong person.
No, you're not in love with me, Rachel.
I'm just the third wheel to keep you guys upright while you figured things out, and I bought in too much.
You really don't think that's all you were to me? Henry [whispering]: I am in love with you.
[sighs heavily] Then why did you marry him? Because he was the one who asked.
Because you were always too scared to open up to me.
Is it because of what you are? Did you think I wouldn't accept that? Oh, my God You don't love me.
Rachel We can't be together.
Henry Because Gerald's my friend, and I'm so sorry.
[Rachel sniffles quietly] I know what you're going to say, and you're totally right.
It's all on me.
Not all, but enough.
I know you thought you were helping Rachel and her relationship with Gerald, but-- I was just making it worse.
[sighs] I just wanted to be there for her.
You know, be someone she could count on.
Be a friend.
But things changed.
That's usually when it's best to come clean.
You can't let who you are keep you from getting close to people, Henry.
Hey, Doc [whispers]: Thank you for saving her.