Sanctuary s03e03 Episode Script

Bank Job

Small towns make me nervous.
Why? Do I look small town to you? Right.
Here we go.
I'll take point.
Come on in.
Thank you.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
How can I help you? Safety deposit box #350, please.
Abigail Fearnley? I'm going to need to see some ah, well, you're certainly organized.
Everything seems to be in order.
Um, Bridget will show you to the vault.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I want to see Thomas.
Sure, Grace, come on in.
We should be out of here in no time.
It's a bit warm down here.
It certainly is.
It's all right.
I won't be long.
Okay, come with me.
Our basement air conditioning is broken.
Thank you.
If you need me, I'll be upstairs.
I'm in.
Are you ready? If you've got the egg, I've got the ice.
I'll take that as a yes.
Just glad we got to this one in time.
I feel sorry for those guys in Monaco.
That won't happen here.
Stand by.
What do you mean, collateral? Look, I've been a customer of this bank since your father was manager.
Yes, and we se appreciate your business, Grace.
Bull crap.
What? It's annoying.
Little bit.
Not even chained down.
Welcome to Mayberry.
You know, we might want to focus here.
Whoa there's a blast from the past.
Norcam fixed position.
Black and white, no thermal tracking, and if they haven't calibrated the focus lately? Wow, you sure know a lot about those cameras.
Look at the dust on those motion sensors, and there's no lasers at floor level.
This place is a ripe peach just waiting to be plucked.
Look, I don't want to interrupt your trip down memory lane, but, uh, we're not here for the cash.
I know.
Oh, bloody hell.
Bloody, bloody hell! We've got a problem.
What do you mean? Not only has the creature prematurely hatched, but it's escaped as well.
What do you mean, it's in the bank? Worse! It's inside someone in the bank.
Guaranteed it's found a host by now.
No one leaves until the abnormal is contained.
Uh, how do we quarantine a bank? Everyone down! This is a hold-up! Kiss the floor now! What the hell are you doing!? Improvising.
Get with the program, wingman.
I am not your wingman.
We'll talk about this later.
All right, boys and girls.
We're in charge now.
Cell phones and pagers front and center.
Everyone! All right, everyone, uh, just cooperate, and no one's going to get hurt.
Come on, into the corner here.
Let's go, let's go.
Come on, over here.
- In the corner.
- Hurry up.
Oh, man Hey, hey, hey, show your hands.
Rule number one.
No heroes.
He's probably tripped the alarm.
All available units proceed immediately to For real? We just had a fed reserve pick up yesterday.
Y you won't find much in the vault.
Get over with them.
Crank up the air conditioning.
The cooler the host, the slower the gestation.
All right, everyone, please just stay calm.
You, uh, can you get those blinds? Oh, my God, - what are you guys going to do with us? - Nothing, nothing.
If everyone stays calm, everything is just going to be fine.
Yeah, right.
We've seen your faces.
Just shut up! I'm sure the gentleman is a man of his word.
If we remain calm, we'll all get to go home soon.
He's exactly right.
Remaining calm equals going home.
So, please, remain calm, and, uh why don't you take a seat? Go ahead, it's okay to take a seat.
Hey, junior, I gotta pee.
Hey, Bonnie, Bonnie, and Clyde, cops are en route.
Yes, we know, Henry.
So, what the hell's going on in there? The ferropodous has hatched.
Two days ahead of schedule? Judging by the placental viscosity, I just missed it by minutes.
But how? Faulty air conditioning, I think.
The vault was like a hot house.
It would have sped up the natural incubation.
Which is why the egg in Monte Carlo popped early, too.
We need to keep it cool.
And you've got a bank full of people? Afraid so.
Oh, man.
And once that thing finishes gestating It will explode out of the host, killing him or her, and then go on a feeding rampage, killing anyone in its path.
Oh, this is dreadful.
Okay, so the video surveillance recording is accessible from your computer, right? In our 70-year history, we've never had a robbery.
Password? Father must be rolling in his grave.
Thomas, you've got to focus with me here, okay? What's the password? Our customers, my friends, have entrusted me with their life savings.
I'd rather die than betray that sacred pact.
Really? Okay, ETA? Conservative estimate? 45 minutes.
Any longer than that, and the embryo will grow to a size where extraction is impossible.
We need to find a way to pinpoint the host.
Call up some of the Sanctuary files on the ferropodous.
I want to double-check a theory of mine.
Status? I was right, we're busted.
I'm guessing local response time for a town this size is five minutes max.
We'll never be able to isolate the host in that time.
Well, then, we'd better hunker down, 'cause the feds won't be far behind.
We're only 20 miles from the Seattle field office.
This day just keeps getting better and better.
You want to call in some markers with your bros in homeland security? Not this time.
We're dealing with an incredibly deadly red-list abnormal.
I'm not prepared to share it with anyone, let alone the government.
Just us chickens.
And I'm going to be counting on your expertise today.
All right.
I'll make sure this place is air-tight.
Oh Wow.
I'm done with him.
Go sit down.
Get up.
Arms up.
You already have my cell phone.
Just making sure there's no surprises.
All right, you're clear.
Are you and he Who? That guy you came in with.
Him? No.
He killed his last girlfriend.
They still haven't found all the pieces.
Really? Yeah.
Sit down.
You know, it's freezing in here.
Is it possible to No.
Arms up.
Legs open.
Usually I get dinner first.
Oh, that's original.
Look, why are you taking hostages? We're lonely.
There aren't any police yet.
Just let us go.
You and your guys can rob the bank.
Did I ask your permission? Clearly you're a smart woman.
You've got to know these situations rarely end well.
Hostage psychology 101, huh? Create an emotional bond with your captor.
Compliment them.
Connect to them on a personal level, and then maybe they won't kill you.
You can't blame a guy for trying, right? No, but if you don't sit down and stay quiet, I will blow your head off.
Sitting down.
How could something so beautiful contain something so butt ugly? This isn't a beauty contest, Henry.
Did you find it? Yeah, uh acetylcho Acetylcholinesterase.
Yeah, took the word right outta my mouth.
It's an enzyme inhibitor.
Like a natural valium.
Oh, good, so it's ugly and relaxed.
In the wild, the ferropodous secretes the inhibitor to sedate its host.
So our human time bomb should be asleep by now then, right? No, the, human metabolism is significantly stronger.
The average person wouldn't feel any effect, except perhaps in the peripheral synaptic mechanisms.
Such as? It would slow down the photo-receptors in the eyes.
There should be a perceptible lag in reaction time in the rods and cones.
I already know your next question.
And I think I already know your answer.
Why would I bring a retinal scanner to a simple bug pick-up? You were right.
This video footage is just about useless.
I can barely recognize us, let alone spot a tiny ferropodous slithering across the floor.
Well, it was a shot.
I need to send you two on a scavenger hunt.
I love a good scavenger hunt.
By the way, this surveillance video is pfft.
Look, I don't get it.
Wouldn't somebody have felt this thing? The temperature of a newly hatched embryo is 98.
2 degrees.
So close to human body temperature, you'd never even feel it on your skin.
Allowing it to slip easily into its orifice of choice.
Until its gestation is fully complete, there are virtually no outward symptoms.
Okay, so, what are we scavenging for? I'm not feeling so good.
Have a seat.
Dear God, it can't be happening already.
She's burning up.
You think? If we can get her out before And give me blockades from Elm to Fourth.
Dial 'em up.
Right on schedule.
Hey, I know the playbook.
They wrote it for people like me.
Cop? Robber? It's your show.
Stall for time.
If Bridget is indeed the host, the last thing we need are more innocent people storming in here.
Five and a half minutes.
Long lineup at the donut shop? Good morning.
This is Detective Michael Bronson.
I understand we got a bit of a situation here.
Yeah, I'd say so.
Seven hostages.
No injuries.
If you'd like to keep it that way, I want a chopper, and 30-minute head start with radio silence, oh, and, uh, two tickets to the next Eddie Izzard Show.
That ought to keep 'em busy for a while.
Is she kidding me? She may be running a fever.
I thought there weren't supposed to be any symptoms.
Well, not until it's ready to emerge.
But this is too soon.
I would've thought so, but given her condition at present So basically, we're screwed.
She's going to explode, and the ferropodous is going to take out everybody in the bank? Not unless we get it out of her before that happens.
Surgery? Here? I've operated in the trenches at Verdun.
At least here I don't have to deal with the mud and the rats.
Well, when you put it like that Before we risk her life, I need to be absolutely certain.
Excuse me? Yes? Have you ever shot anyone? Uh yes.
What was it like? It was awesome.
Sit down.
Ooh, he's dreamy.
So, how's your new girlfriend? She's obviously crazy, just my type.
Uh, Magnus needs us to find a retinal scanner.
With the backwards security in this joint? Well, all we need to do is find something that captures and transmits reflected light.
Henry will walk us through the rest.
All right.
It's for you.
Just wanted to let you know the helicopter you requested, it's on its way.
Really? So, you called your Captain, he relayed the request to the FBI, who then contacted Homeland Security, who in turn cleared a flight path with the F.
, and they commandeered a chopper that is supposedly already in the air all in three minutes? Jerk me around again, and you'll regret it.
It frightens me that we're co-workers.
So, I emailed a copy of these blueprints to Hank.
Why? Because in 1984, the bank added a new restroom, and in 2002 the municipal sewer system laid a new pipe right along the east side of the building.
So we're going to escape through the toilets? Possibly.
How's the patient? Sweating, nausea, dizziness, but that could mean several different things.
Well, here's hoping.
I can't help the feeling that there's something off.
I need to recheck her vital signs.
All right, I've got Will and Kate on the other line.
Take them.
Yeah, we got a whole lot of nothing here, except for, uh, a stapler, a laser printer, an adding machine Oh, and stacks and stacks of cash.
There was a time when that would've been enough.
Hey, this is a counterfeit bill scanner, which uses reflected UV light.
Yeah, that might work, with a little tweaking, and a smartphone with an unlimited data plan.
You know, if this doesn't work Well, I can only stall the local cops for so long.
The feds have even less patience.
Hey, I think I found one that'll work.
Talk to us, Henry.
Pry the back off, get to the circuit board.
So now what? Say a prayer.
What is that thing? What are you doing to me? Relax, it's okay.
Transmitting now.
I see it.
If it works, we can scan the rest.
It's been a while since their last call.
They're gonna be getting antsy.
Yeah, give me a few minutes.
This baby doesn't have the juice of my mainframe back home.
Sooner is better.
Ooh, come on, sweetpea.
Uh, did you guys just Yeah, yeah, we all heard that.
Like clockwork.
So Have we learned our lesson? We're working hard to meet your demands.
That's better.
But you've got to help me out.
Let a hostage go.
I'll think about it.
I need to know everyone in there is safe.
Or else your guys will come in through the ceiling.
I know the drill.
Just make sure you keep up your end of the bargain.
Detective Bronson? Yeah.
We're on point now.
They're stalling for time.
It's a classic move.
Time is something they just ran out of.
Hey, Hank, what are the chances of rounding up a monster truck with a bad-ass winch? Uh, it's possible.
Passed a salvage yard on the way into town.
Oh, hey, good news.
She's clear.
Doc, are you there? I'm here.
Oh God You didn't know you were pregnant? It's not the first time I've missed.
A baby? It's just morning sickness.
Please don't hurt my baby.
We don't want to hurt anybody.
Just go back and sit with the others.
Even if we scan everybody in the bank and we find the host, what are we going to do with him, or her? Not enough time to operate anymore.
We'll never get it back to the Sanctuary before Yeah, and we got, like, what, There may be a way.
Henry? Yeah, all ears.
We know the ferropodous needs a calm chemical environment in which to fully gestate.
Perhaps there's a way we can counteract that.
How? A toxin, not potent enough to harm a human, but strong enough to force the ferropodous to vacate its host.
Is that wise? Well, if we can get it out before it hatches on its own, the host could survive.
Yeah, that sounds reasonable, but Oh, wait.
Me? You can do this.
No, no, no, I'm the geek.
You're the doc.
I do tech, you do drugs.
You know what I mean.
No time to argue.
I'll talk you through the procedure.
Supposing he can whip something up, how is he going to get it to you? First things first.
Go to my medical cabinet, follow my instructions precisely.
Start with the triptophase.
Triptophase, okay.
Got it.
Right, using the pipette, extract exactly two milliliters.
That's close enough.
The old lady, Grace.
She's really cold.
Said something about her heart.
Can't you at least let her go? Can't do that.
It's funny, you know, the first time I saw you, I thought you were beautiful.
Sit back down.
Okay, done.
Now what? You don't have a micro-filter, but a centrifuge should be able to separate the particles.
Three minutes.
Now that Bridget's clear, I think she'd be safer on the outside.
She may be, but right now, they're blind.
We release a hostage, we lose that advantage.
They'll know our numbers, and our less-than-bloodthirsty attitude.
I know, but if I can save another life today, I will.
Make the call.
You, come with me.
This is Special Agent Bruce Tanner, FBI.
You made good time from Seattle.
Who am I speaking with? Someone about to release a hostage.
She's coming out now.
Let's make this smooth.
Two, three No, no, no, no! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Go! Take it! Cease fire! Hold your fire! Steady.
Are you hit? Is everyone all right? I'm good.
I'm okay.
Take it easy.
No sudden moves.
That should slow down the bleeding.
Hold it tight.
Relax, you're going to be all right.
I'll be right back, okay? Just hang in there, you're going to be fine.
Okay, look right here.
What's that for? Well, you wouldn't believe it if I told you.
So Bridget's release, it probably bought us a few minutes, but you know we're going to lose Hank.
They're going to find out we're on our cell phones.
They'll either jam us or trace Hank, and once they cut off the power, which they will, we're going to be cut off from all communication.
Then we need to scan the other hostages right away.
Get the data to Henry.
All right, and what about.
? I can't release him until his scan results are back.
Yeah, but we can't just let him bleed to death.
I don't intend to.
Find me a first aid kit and some instant glue.
All right, it's coming through now.
How long? Asap.
Sooner's better.
You guys are a real broken record today, you know that? How many weapons do they have? Um, three guns, I think.
Semi-automatics? Did they look like that? Yes, I think so.
Is there anything else that you can think of? They seemed to be talking to someone.
On the phone, in their earpieces.
Get a cell tracker going.
They're talking to somebody outside the bank.
I want to know who.
Let's start a triangulation.
Found it, but really? It was originally used to seal battle wounds in the field.
Alcohol swab and bandage tightly.
I'll be right back.
What's really going on here? Sorry.
You guys are supposed to be bank robbers, but you haven't even stolen any money yet.
Your buddy's taking pictures of everyone's eyes with that scanner thing, and your ringleader just plugged my arm with glue.
Who the hell are you people anyway I scanned the rest of the hostages.
Henry's going to call with the results as he gets them.
Any word from our friends outside? No, they've gone quiet.
They, however, may be the least of our worries.
I found this amongst the hostages' cells.
A tracker? Yeah.
What's the target? I followed the signal.
It led me to this.
I found it underneath one of the chairs.
A transport container with a homing beacon.
Which means someone else in the bank is after the ferropodous.
How could anyone have known? It's not inconceivable.
Thieves stole the two ferropodous eggs last month, believing they were rare works of art.
They ended up for sale at a private auction.
Right, one went to Monaco, the other was bought by somebody we traced here.
After the European disaster, it's possible that word leaked out on the abnormal black market.
So one of the hostages is actually our competition.
Do we know whose cell phone it is? No.
All right, let's keep our cards face down for the moment.
You tryin' to kill us by freezing us to death? Hey! It's all right.
I apologize for the temperature.
Please return to your seat.
If you're gonna rob the bank, get on with it.
Sir, just calm down and take a seat with the others.
I've been sitting on my butt waiting for something to happen, but you guys just keep dinking around.
I'll bet you don't have the guts to shoot me.
What's to stop me from walking out the front Hey, doc, the last scan came back clear.
Others are still processing.
Thanks, Henry.
How's the chemical cocktail coming? Yeah, it's almost done.
Should have enough for one dose, but that's about it.
No margin for error, noted.
You know, it's not like I can just waltz through a police cordon carrying a syringe of ferropodous toxin.
And the truck and the winch? What, the monster truck gag? Kate was serious? Time, Henry.
I'm on it.
Thank you.
Temp normal.
I'll take over.
There's been an interesting development.
You'll be happy to hear you're free to go.
Well, I'm not leaving without Grace.
I'm sorry? She's looking really pale.
I'm worried she's going to stroke out or something.
I'm offering you your freedom.
What difference does it make which hostage gets to leave? Just send Grace out.
I'm not going anywhere.
You do seem quite determined to stay.
Yeah, what are you going to do, you going to shoot me? You just saved my life.
Show me your wallet.
Out of state driver's license.
I just moved to town.
What do you do for a living? I guess you could call me an entrepreneur.
With one, two, three platinum cards.
Wow, business must be good.
Dad owns a lot of real estate.
Why do I suddenly feel like the criminal here? Smells like root beer.
I hope that's a good thing.
Aw, man! Bedtime, baby.
This is the police.
We're entering the vehicle.
Dammit! What kind of time we got? Figuring Magnus' original calculations, Oh, great.
Henry's busted.
So we're on our own, and if my sense of timing's right there goes the power.
Things are about to get ugly.
It's already getting warmer in here with the ac off.
Not good for our potential host.
Once they cut off the power and the water, they'll make one more attempt at negotiation before they break off all contact.
Do you think they'll take the offensive? Well, it's standard protocol.
They're not going to wait around and starve us out.
If we don't make a move soon, they will.
But without Henry's scan results, we've no idea who the ticking time bomb is.
Their computers are still running.
Copy that.
Give me a tech team now.
Aw, come on! God, I hate roaming.
Hey! What are you writing? Uh, nothing.
Hand it over.
Your will? It was just in case.
Just sit still, don't make any trouble.
You'll live, okay, buddy? I knew that British accent was fake.
Gotcha! No, no, no, what Goodbye? Okay try not to worry.
Everything's going to be okay here.
You know, you remind me of my nephew.
Really? Yeah, he's full of crap too.
What the hell are they teaching you at Quantico these days? Your guys shot one of the hostages.
That was an accident.
Your people had your gun pointed at a civilian who was clearly in distress.
How did I know you weren't going to shoot? Any more tricks like that, and we will.
You know, we've got your guy out here.
He's got a lot to say.
Then you must have the wrong guy.
Plan B.
They're getting more nervous with each passing minute.
I gotta pee! See what I mean? Your turn.
All right, let's go.
It might work.
It's got to work.
Candy from a baby.
You know, Kate's right.
The hostages are getting more restless, except for one.
Either he's very good under pressure Or he knows who we are and why we're really here.
From Henry.
Grace is clean, as are Thomas and Cheryl.
? The Feds shut him down after that.
Of course.
One more thing.
Salvage operations are a go.
Love those out-sourced kill switches.
Good news, now four hostages have been cleared.
Bad news, two possible hosts remain.
How many minutes left? Not enough.
We should free the cleared hostages.
Safer all round.
And it might flush out the mole.
I'll let the feds know they're coming.
All right, you four, move to the front door.
You're not going to kill us, are you? You're free to go.
I don't care how much you take from these bloodsuckers, just leave my Christmas fund alone.
You have my word.
You still want to stay? Not now.
Wait, wait.
Movement inside.
Hostages front and center.
Nobody fire unless I say so.
All right, go, go.
It might buy us a few extra minutes.
Just enough time for me to escape with George here before he explodes.
Well, well, we meet our competition.
What are you doing? I thought you were the bad guys! The famous Helen Magnus.
It's a privilege.
Now, drop your weapons.
You leave us no choice.
Let me guess, bounty hunter? Any idea how much a ferropodous egg fetches on the black market? Too bad for you it's not an egg anymore.
So? I'll grab the baby when it pops out of buddy here.
Some payday's better than none.
What? What's popping out of me? Ow! And what if you're the host? I was the last one in the bank.
George has been here since it opened.
I know it's not me.
Okay, so you got my gun.
You still got no way out of here.
I saw you looking at the blueprints.
Yeah, but there's nothing Don't test me.
There's a panel in the elevator shaft.
Leads to an old heating vent from back in the day when they used a coal furnace.
And where does it go? Into the basement of the neighboring building.
From there, there's a grate in the floor, leads to the sewers.
We would have surfaced a few blocks away, no one the wiser.
Show me.
There it is.
Open it.
Show it to me.
"East wall, five minutes.
" What does that mean? Our driver's waiting for us.
He's going to have a long wait.
The rest of your stuff, on the floor now.
What Gestation vapors.
That's not good.
It's growing.
If we don't get it out of him soon, we'll miss our window.
So, what are you gonna do now, Dave? He could kill the host, save us all.
But then the creature dies, no payday.
He could shoot us and try and escape with George here before he explodes.
Too noisy.
The feds would storm in immediately.
Looks like you've got a real problem, Dave.
Okay the vault.
You wouldn't.
Yeah, that'll work.
George here explodes Ugh! Would you people stop saying that? The ferropodous gets rid of you guys.
And after having fed, the creature goes into hibernation, which is when I scoop it up and escape through the sewers.
It appears we underestimated our competition.
Get moving.
Down the stairs.
Don't worry.
It'll all be over in a few minutes.
Okay, so I'm assuming this is all part of the plan.
Of course it is.
You'll love it.
Trust me, William.
Who says I don't love it now? George? George! Okay, we've got to be in the final stages with this guy.
We've only a few minutes before the creature hatches.
Help me get him into the fetal position.
Why? Less room for the gestation to complete.
What, so folding him in half buys us time? You have a better idea? No, no, yoga it is.
Kate? We should be out of here any minute.
Really? Hang in there, George.
Okay, it's time to tell me the plan.
Remember when I told you about the new sewer system? Yeah.
Well, this vault is an original model #35c.
Reinforced steel door, but the other three walls are concrete.
And that is the east wall, behind which is The sewer.
So Henry's text message Best stand back.
Where is he? I know, I know! Come on, Hank, please Oh, out of time, kids.
We are out of time here.
Who's your daddy? Henry! This going to work? Yes.
It's working.
It's leaving the host.
Well done, everyone.
Kate It's all part of the plan.
All right, let's get out of here.
Come on, George.
Up you get.
It's all right.
Come on.
No No, no, no, no! Dammit! Freeze! Right there.
Yeah, we've been watching the alley since we got here.
Bad move.
I think maybe it's hungry.
I'm just glad we're off the menu.
Take it to its new home and feed it a proper lunch.
Cheetos it is.
Come on, little guy.
Her name's Taco.
What the hell kind of name is Taco? Well, you see, there was this dog, and it looked like a cross between a chihuahua and Satan, who was responsible for You handled yourself really well.
Holding up the bank? It's nothing I haven't done before.
Nevertheless, you did a good job.
You could've taken over anytime, but you let me run with it.
You had it covered, right down to the empty gun in your waistband.
Very clever.
There's just one thing that bothers me.
What's that? All that money, and you didn't even take any.
I Isn't that depressing? Terribly.