Sanctuary s04e02 Episode Script


Previiously on Sanctuary [Will): Abnormals, coming up from Hollow Earth.
[Magnus): Judging by the images, they're in need of our help.
Lee): I'vie asked General Villanovia with the Lotus Defense Corps to oviersee ground operations.
Turn over the abnormals to the Sanctuary.
I do own a large viacant lot not far from here.
The abnormals will be safe.
-I'm Garris.
Leave it to you to find a cozy seeth your first day here.
[Garris]: What did you call her? [Fallon): Thelo, be reasonable.
They're talking about confinement.
It's for our own safety.
We can take care of ourselves.
[Will]: Fallon? What have you done? [blows thudding] [Bigfoot roars] What about Kate? [Lieutenant]: My men will find her! [Will]: Any word from Kate or Biggie? [Henry]: No.
No communication in or out.
[Lee): Dr.
Zimmerman, what's going on in there? I was set up.
This has gone far beyond a Sanctuary matter.
There are hostages.
[Thelo): We havie seized control of the camp.
We want the same rights and freedoms as you do.
You havie two hours to make arrangements.
After that, we kill our first hostage.
[Villanovia): Dr.
Lee, I need your permission to assemble a strike team.
This entire hostage situation has been a ruse to disguise a much larger invasion.
Praxis was the only thing holding this mass of abnormals back.
Now it's gone.
[Henry): Hang on, we might already be there.
I'm detecting a major power build-up deep below the surface.
Armies, preparing to inviade.
[Lee): Oh, my god.
[Will): There's thousands of them.
Where is Dr.
Magnus? An incident has come up that has far-reaching ramifications on the current situation, and it's something that only Magnus herself can deal with.
[Magnus): Don't make things worse, Adam! Neither of us belongs here.
I'll kill you for this, I swear! I'm trapped here, and I've no way home.
[Watson]: You can always go home.
It just might take a little while.
Then you rejoin your timeline just after you've left it.
[alarm sounds] [roaring in protest] [shots blast and ricochet] They're trying to get to the hostages! [barking] [Will): Pull your men out! [Villanovia): You're asking me to retreat, son.
No, I'm begging you.
Can't you see what's going on here? It's chaos.
Abnormals are dying.
[Villanova]: My men are dying.
Because they attacked! And what about your people? They're in there too.
Yeah, and they were safe until you stormed in.
They were hostages.
We had two hours! And you were running a side deal with the U.
We had to act.
My men stay.
[Henry]: Dude, I got something.
It's Declan.
His team made it to Magnus' last location.
[Declan): I don't know if you're receiviing this transmission, but I arrivied in Hollow Earth today with a recon team.
Praxis has been completely viaporized.
My guys are searching the area now, but I can't believie anything could havie surviivied.
There's no sign of Druitt, and though it saddens me to say, no sign either of Magnus.
I viery much fear she's gone, Will.
[] [roaring] [Garris]: Keep pushing! Together! Let's move them back! Don't stop! Don't stop! Keep going! Keep going! Push! Together! Push! Close the gates! Hurry! Now! [all yelling] We did it! Yes! [Villanovia): What the hell are your people doing? Do they enjoy being hostages? Our job is to protect abnormals.
[Villanova]: Even at the cost of your own lives? What's the Sanctuary protocol for this situation? Got enough milk and cookies for all of 'em? [Henry]: I got her.
[Lee): Make it fast.
I'm briefing the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Lee, this situation is out of control.
Have you seen what's happening at the refugee camp? [Lee): General Villanovia is proceeding as directed.
You told him to attack innocent people? It was not our side who showed the first signs of aggression.
We are the responders, not the instigators.
When Fallon was murdered, they got frightened.
They attacked you.
They were confused.
[Villanovia): My men were there as peacekeepers.
The abnormals took them hostage.
How is that confused? I'm just saying the whole situation seems oddly convenient.
Thelo walks in, he sees me standing next to Fallon's dead body, and then they riot and overtake the camp? To what end? [Henry]: It's gotta be a frame-up.
[Villanova]: And yet you still want us to trust them? [Will): I'm talking about opening up a dialogue.
We're at war.
[Lee): The General has the support of the UN Security Council and sevieral major agencies worldwide.
[Will): With all due respect, he does not know what he's doing.
This is our specialty for the last hundred years.
Give jurisdiction to the Sanctuary teams.
Let us try to remedy the situation before it spirals any more out of control.
[Henry]: Just let us do our job.
I'm afraid that moment passed when the inviasion happened.
If you'd proviided us some warning Current estimates, General? Numbers are growing eviery minute.
As you can see from the sat feeds, they're massing, moviing as a unit.
Organizing an attack? We have to assume that civilians may be targeted.
Based on what, that they're abnormals? That we don't know who or what they are.
Try asking them! They don't appear to be armed.
They should be treated as refugees.
[Villanovia): I'm dispatching reinforcements to surround the camp, but my main focus will be on the calderas.
Very well, General, proceed as planned.
I can't believe you're giving Kilgore here carte blanche! General, get to work.
[Will]: Dr.
Lee, just one second-- Hey, hey, hey Go to the medical tent.
Get that seen to.
[chanting] That's enough.
It's over.
It's okay.
He's dead.
Show some respect.
Any sign of Thelo yet? [Norco]: Yeah.
Over here.
[Bigfoot barking and roaring] What's going on? [Herusan]: He tried to escape.
Let him go.
[Herusan]: You're not Thelo.
Thelo is dead.
Now, let him go.
[Bigfoot barks angrily] [roars] [Garris]: I appreciate what you did, helping us, but you need to get back with the other hostages.
[Bigfoot]: I'm looking for someone.
We haven't found Kate yet, but we will.
Talk to your people.
Release the hostages before more die.
[Garris]: You must understand, I didn't-- we didn't want any killing.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
[Bigfoot grunts dismissively] [switchblade clicks] [Garris]: Kate! Sorry.
I thought What happened to you? I just, I bobbed when I should've weaved.
You know Thelo's dead.
[Garris]: Yes.
[Kate]: And the hostages? Biggie? He's alive.
So are most of the others, and your friend Will, he got out.
But with Thelo dead, who's running the show? No one.
Mob rule? That's not good.
Everything just went crazy.
But your people can't really believe we're responsible for Fallon's death.
-The circumstances-- -Were circumstantial.
I promise you Will didn't kill her.
I believe you.
Then why take hostages? You have got to know this is going to end badly.
[Garris]: Listen to me.
You need to be with the hostages.
[Kate]: No, no, I need to grab my friend, haul our asses out of here.
I can handle myself.
Hey! No one's going anywhere.
Not you, not the hostages.
Well, looks like someone just grew a pair.
Just come with me.
[switchblade snaps shut] Whatever happens, I want you to be safe.
[Henry): Are you nuts? [Will]: Come on.
[Henry]: Will, you just got out of the camp.
[Will]: Somebody's got to negotiate with the abnormals, and with no word from Magnus [Henry]: If she's even-- [Will]: Look, let's just not go there, okay? We both know better.
[Henry]: So what, you're just gonna waltz back in there? [Will]: Do you have a better idea? [tablet chimes] [Henry]: Hang on.
Incoming call, priority channel.
It's not Magnus.
[Will]: Who is it? [Henry]: It's everyone.
[Will]: Ladies, gentlemen [Declan): Will, the executivie committee has held an emergency meeting.
About? [Declan): Due to Magnus' continued absence, and in accordance with the laws set forth in the Sanctuary charter, we'vie come to a decision.
Effectivie immediately, we hereby appoint you as acting head of the Global Sanctuary Network.
[Will): Are you nuts? [Henry]: Well, clearly you can't go now.
In case you missed it, you just got appointed head honcho.
Big cheese.
Numero uno-- [Will]: Yeah, I get it.
[Henry]: Whereas I have a completely different you know, skill set.
Are you saying you're better than me because you're a werewolf? I resent that.
But let's not argue semantics, Will.
I could fire you now.
How's that for semantics? Look, if I can just get in there and talk to them, abnormal to abnormal-- Just remember that Worth is still out there somewhere.
Yeah, keeps me warm at night.
Okay, um, I've left the com open on our end, so-- [Will]: You realize that if Villanova decides to launch a strike against the camp, you're going to be right in the thick of it.
So will Kate and Biggie.
Wish me luck.
Have fun storming the castle.
[Kate, distantly]: Hey [struggling] Oh, you guys'll let anyone in here.
[Kate]: It's nice to see a friendly face, even if it is all beat up.
They hurt you? [Bigfoot]: No, just pissed me off.
Can you talk to your boyfriend about getting us out of these things? First off, he's not my boyfriend.
Second, he's the one who did this to me.
Your relationship could be in trouble.
Thelo's dead, and without a leader, this camp is going to turn into a powder keg.
[Bigfoot]: Yeah I've been thinking about Fallon's murder.
[Kate]: Yeah? -Will didn't kill her.
-No, of course not.
[Bigfoot]: And I didn't.
[Kate]: Please.
[Bigfoot]: Well, that only leaves the Lotus guys or one of her own men.
[Kate]: Thelo? But they were in league together.
[Bigfoot]: Power struggle.
[Kate]: For what? The Herusans are essentially prisoners in here.
The only thing the murder and riot accomplished was to make this camp a target.
[Bigfoot]: It sets up the Herusans as a race to be feared.
[Kate]: That's what I mean.
It is the worst P.
move ever.
It just doesn't make sense.
[Bigfoot]: No, it doesn't.
There's some other agenda we haven't seen yet.
[Villanovia): I havien't got time for one of your broken records, son.
One of my team is on his way into the camp.
[Will): Things are calm now.
We're going to try to defuse the situation from within, but I want your personal guarantee that you will not launch another strike against the camp.
Right now, that camp is the least of my concerns.
It's already under lockdown.
I need to know the situation at your end, General.
What are you planning to do? My job.
Which is to murder thousands of living beings? You can't really be as naivie as you seem.
Xenocide is not a solution.
What the hell do you think will happen if people wake up tomorrow and find an abnormal army marching down their street? Come on, that won't happen.
Give it 12 more hours, son.
They don't pay me to roll the dice.
Two years ago, they sent my son home from lraq.
A bravie soldier.
Made his dad real proud.
What was left of him would've fit in a shoebox.
I am trying to savie livies.
My grandson's, and yours.
[Will]: There has to be another way.
If I can call an emergency meeting with the Sanctuary heads, then I can-- [Villanovia): I havie my orders.
[Henry]: Uh, I'm unarmed.
[Norco]: What do you want? [Henry]: Take me to your leader? Yes, I just said that.
[Garris]: What's going on? [Henry]: I'm from the Sanctuary.
Are you in charge? [Henry]: Henry Foss.
My name is Garris.
State your business.
I've come to offer a trade.
Send out the Lotus guys, you keep us instead.
Why should we? Well, I don't know if you've been eavesdropping or not, but, uh, this ain't exactly a private party anymore.
This is a trick.
Yeah, not so much.
See, there's this guy, Villanova, he's in charge of all these Lotus dudes, the ones outside here, and a bunch more all over the world.
He's a little worried about what's going on at the calderas.
Our tribes are surfacing.
Yeah, well, one man's tribe is another man's army.
I'm just sayin', you let Villanova's guys go, it sends a positive message.
Otherwise, I'm afraid things are gonna get real ugly real fast.
[Norco]: It's a mistake to threaten us.
[Henry roars] I know what it's like to be different.
I came here to help.
How do we know you're not taking orders from Praxis? Dude, Praxis is gone.
He lies! Praxis was blown to hell when the calderas opened.
Is this true? There's absolutely nothing left of Praxis.
But our homes families [Henry]: Look, you need to realize that the thing that you're running from no longer exists.
This, right here on the surface, this might be the only chance that you have left.
Stand down, show the world you're not a threat.
Come on, Garris, what do you say? [Norco snarls] No, no, no, I would like to speak to the Secretary of Defense himself.
Will Zimmerman from the Sanctuary.
Trust me, he's going to take my call.
Thank you.
[sighs] Hello? No, Helen Magnus is not available, but-- [dial tone] Hello? Hello Dammit! Come on, Will, think, think.
Hey, it's me.
I need your help.
[Norco]: That was a mistake.
[Bigfoot]: Henry [Kate]: What did you do to him? [Garris]: Emotions are running high.
Praxis is no more, and we fear that most of our world may have also been destroyed.
What? Who told you that? He did.
Why would your people hide this from us? I swear, we didn't know.
Garris, I know it looks Iike it's all spiraling out of control, but it's not too late to fix everything.
Yes, it is.
[sirens wail] Sir, the situation at the camp remains stable, and I've just received word the MOAB is in the drop zone over Chile.
[Villanova]: Final security clearance? [Coxwell]: Should be coming in now.
[Villanova]: Got it.
Let's do this.
[gasping] [gasping] [screaming in pain and anguish] [Kate]: What's wrong? [Garris]: I don't know.
She's a hyper-empath.
Lacynth, what is it? Our people Our people are dying! [gasping] Our people are dying! [screaming in agony] [Kate]: Where are her people? [Garris]: They were the first to surface at one of the freedom paths.
She would only react this way to great suffering.
[Bigfoot]: Villanova must have struck a caldera.
[Norco]: We heard, at the vehicle.
There's been an attack.
Calm yourself.
I will talk to everyone.
[switchblade clicks] [cuts their restraints] [Kate]: We're free? [Garris]: No, but you may need to defend yourselves.
Get her back inside.
[Kate]: No, wait-- [Bigfoot]: Kate, just get in the tent.
Release your friend.
[Villanova]: Report.
[Coxwell]: Radius of incident, [Villanova]: Casualty estimate? [Coxwell]: 58%.
[Villanova]: Dispatch the Predators, have the squadron liaise with ground control.
Start mop-up operations.
Yes, sir.
[Abby): Okay, just a second, ""Hollow Earth""? [Will]: Yes.
[Abby]: As in Hollow Earth? [Will]: That's what I said.
[Abby]: Like under the Earth, but hollow? [Will]: We really need to move on here.
[Abby]: Why have you never told me about this? Of course, you couldn't.
Wait-- You've been there? [Will]: Only once.
[Abby]: Oh, my God, Will! [Will]: Abby.
[Abby]: Okay, well, it's not like taking a business trip to Baltimore.
It's Hollow--Focus.
[Will]: Villanova just dropped a Massive Ordnance Air Burst on the Chilean caldera.
Looks like half the abnormals are either wounded or dead.
[Abby]: HoIycrap.
[Will]: Yeah.
You can bet he's gearing up for one of the other two calderas next.
[Abby]: The U.
? [Will]: I'm completely shut out.
Same thing goes for the other feds, spooks, and coverts.
[Abby]: Magnus? [Will]: Missing in action.
[Abby]: Okay.
Can't Henry hack his way through? [Will]: He's trying to negotiate from within the camp.
I need access into Villanova's system.
If I can find out what he's planning, then maybe I can do something to stop him.
So you called me? I'm no Henry.
I've got '"Henrys'" in 17 cities around the world.
Magnus always has an ace in the hole.
You're mine.
I'm flattered.
I think.
Besides, I don't want you to use a computer.
Nobody's taking my call because I'm the enemy now, but you're one of them.
Not exactly high up on the food chain, though.
I'm in the basement office, remember? The one with no windows between the Coke machine and the restrooms? [Will]: You're FBl.
You know people.
Come on, Ab.
If I can just drive a wedge in somewhere, find out what Villanova's up to What? What's that? [Abby]: Trevor.
[Will]: Trevor? Who's Trevor? A friend from South Africa.
Spent some time in the Bureau before transferring to lnterpol out of Paris.
[Will]: Great.
Can you get ahold of him? Yeah, I've got his personal cell number.
Oh? Well, uh, we dated for a short time.
Hey, Trev? It's Ab.
[chuckling fondly] Yeah me too.
Um, I need a favor.
[Kate]: You okay? [Henry]: Ow.
[Bigfoot]: The camp heard about the first attack.
[Henry]: Oh, man How are they taking it? [crowd noise outside] [Kate]: From the sounds of it, not great.
[Norco]: First, they cage us like beasts! Then they kill Fallon and Thelo.
Now they slaughter our sister tribes.
We will not be hunted like animals again! [Henry]: Hey, hey, everyone, just calm down! [Norco roars] [machine gun firing] [Garris]: Enough! Look at us.
Is it any wonder they lock us in a cage? [Norco]: And what of our families? Our tribes? Soon they'll be under attack again.
And you would dishonor their bravery by your cowardice? [Norco]: How many must die before we rise up? How much blood will quench your anger? Or yours? We disgrace the memory of our fallen by becoming our enemy.
[Henry]: That's well said, dude, but listen, enough with the bondage, okay? We need to work together if we're going to get through this mess.
You will not be restrained, but go gently among us.
Herusans are slow to trust.
[Bigfoot]: So I noticed.
[Kate]: They listen to you.
They believe what you say.
For now.
After Thelo died, I asked you who was in charge.
You said, '"No one.
'" Maybe you were wrong.
[Abby]: I know, Doug, I can't believe I forgot my notes.
[laughing] Yeah, really.
Um, so anyways, right, I'm speaking at this, uh agency retreat in Virginia tonight, and without my data, I just-- No, no, no, I just need the pass codes to the Quantico cloud.
Yeah, I know, I know, but, come on, it's me Yup.
[grabbing a pen] I'm ready.
[scribbling rapidly] Okay, you are the best.
Is it working? [Will]: Uh yeah.
Huh So, Doug, huh? Hey, one degree of separation.
Trevor at lnterpol.
Juan-- or Juan at the ClA.
Doug at the NSA [Abby]: Mm-hm.
Yeah, it just Seems like you've dated a lot of guys.
Okay, that is sexist.
Can't a girl have male colleagues who also happen to be her friends? [Will]: Yes, I suppose they can.
[Abby]: Okay, so? [Will]: Well, thanks to your multifaceted past, I've been able to cobble together intel from most of the agencies that Villanova's working with.
This is a fast-track requisition for a cluster of cruise missiles originally headed for lraq.
[Abby]: Re-routed to a base in Turkey.
[Will]: Within easy striking distance of the lndonesian caldera.
His next target.
Not if I can stop him first.
[Kate]: Hey What've you been up to? [Bigfoot]: Taking a look around.
Checking on supplies.
I went to Fallon's tent.
[Kate]: Because? [Bigfoot]: To have a look at the body, but it's gone.
[Kate]: Well, they probably took it away.
Fallon was a tribal leader.
Sign of respect.
[Bigfoot]: No body anywhere, Kate.
[Kate]: As in [Bigfoot]: lnfirmary, supply tent, trucks.
[Kate]: No body.
[Bigfoot]: But I did find this.
[Kate]: The murder weapon? [Bigfoot]: Looks like.
[Kate]: Where? [Bigfoot]: Your boyfriend's tent.
[he groans in frustration] See this? The words '"maintenance facility'" keep popping up.
Is that Halliburton-speak for something? [Abby]: Beats me.
[Will]: Damn it, every time I try to access.
See, look at this.
[Abby]: Even the backups? [Will]: Backups? What backups? [Abby]: Every document pertaining to Lotus' strategic plans, no matter how top secret, is backed up.
In fact, even the backups have backups.
But seeing as we've already snuck into a tiny, wee corner of the cloud, I wonder [typing] Gotcha.
This is feed from the Wyoming server farm.
[Will sighs in amazement]: You are brilliant.
[Abby]: Yes, I am.
'"Quarantine protocols.
'" '"Psychological profiling.
'" [Will]: '"Subject experimentation?'" There is no way the U.
would sanction something like this.
Sure they would.
They're panicked just like everybody else.
They just want the problem to go away.
Look at this stuff.
'"Genetic manipulation.
'" '"Hybrid trials.
'" '"Medical testing'" Oh, my God, they can't be serious.
[Will]: You want to bet? We're looking at the blueprint for the abnormal final solution.
The abnormals that are taken alive will end up being government guinea pigs.
Think about it, who wouldn't want an army of Basilisks? And what better spy than an empath? [Will]: But why stop with the Hollow Earth abnormals? Especially when there are Sanctuaries worldwide just ripe for the picking.
This won't end here.
This is Magnus's worst nightmare.
[Garris]: You see? They grow nervous again.
[Henry]: Well, I don't blame them.
They have no idea where the next attack will hit.
[Garris]: They fear for their people, for their families out there in the war zone, and if that fear should turn to violence again [Henry]: Why don't you try talking to them? It worked the first time.
[Garris]: They don't want platitudes.
They want information.
[Henry]: Ah, now, that I can provide.
[Will): Nobody wants a war.
Certainly not us.
[Garris]: And yet, many of us have been attacked, killed.
An action taken out of ignorance and fear.
[Garris): And you do nothing to stop it.
Believe me, I'm working on it, but I need time.
I believie you, but my people-- All I ask is that you try, for their sake.
I will speak to them again.
[Will]: Henry, we're trying to get to Lillian Lee.
[Henry]: Wait, who's '"we'"? Did Magnus-- [Will): No.
I got Abby here working her contacts.
Maybe if we can put enough external pressure on the U.
I don't know.
It's all I got left.
[Henry]: All right, what can I do? Intel puts the lndonesian caldera in the crosshairs next.
No Can you buy us some time? [Henry]: Oh, man I might be able to uplink a scrambler signal to whatevier satellite Villanovia's using to ping off of.
That'll blind his birds for a while.
That's just a bandaid, though, Will.
Whatever you said, I'll take it.
And soon, yeah? [Henry): Yeah, I'm on it.
Good luck, Garris.
[helicopter passes over] [whistles once] What news do you bring? The tribes are under attack.
One freedom path has already been destroyed.
The mountain path? The desert.
Not the worst scenario.
But the other paths remain targets.
[Garris]: Are you not saddened by the death of our people? We knew this would be a time for heroes.
And martyrs.
You send them to their deaths, and for what? Praxis is no more.
You knew this would happen.
[sighs] Adam Worth is a madman.
I knew that when we allied with him, but it is his genius that has allowed our plan to succeed.
The power generated by destroying Praxis blew open the freedom paths.
You promised a new age.
If I had known it would look like this What have I done? You have freed our people.
We are not free.
We are slaughtered.
We are reviled.
Be patient.
Greater things await us here on the surface.
[Kate]: lnteresting.
You mind telling us what you mean by that? You betray your own? No.
You do.
[Fallon spits] [Kate]: Oh, and the bitch is back.
[Bigfoot]: Tell us.
What is your master plan? [Kate]: 'Cause taking hostages, pissing off the U.
, and sending your people through the calderas to die just doesn't seem like the best strategy around.
You will learn nothing from me.
You want to bet? [Villanova]: How long till the MC-130's in range? [Coxwell]: We are 50 seconds away from target zone.
[Villanova]: Stand by for launch.
[Coxwell]: Standing by.
[Henry]: Okay [computer pings] Ah, that's my girl.
[Villanova]: What the hell? Lieutenant! [earpiece crackles with static] [Coxwell]: I'm getting a report.
Pilots have lost satellite navigation.
Switching to manual.
Can we still launch? Negative.
The failsafe codes are routed through the NSA birds, and those just went blind.
Then re-route! Get me a satellite that works, dammit.
[Henry]: So you know it's only a matter of time before Villanovia switches to another satellite.
Can you stay one step ahead of him? I'd say we bought ourselves 15 minutes, tops.
Less if they're on the ball.
How do we stop the second attack that fast? [monitor chimes] [Henry]: Whoa.
Dude, this is weird.
What? Yeah, there it is again.
What? Somebody's eaviesdropping.
On us? [Henry): Digitally speaking.
It's like I got a piggyback on my hack.
Who is it? Hang on, just running a trace.
Uh It's you.
Me? But it can't be you.
You don't know how.
No offense.
Are you saying that the breach is coming from inside the Sanctuary? Dude, grab a transponder off my bench.
[Abby]: What if Villanova sent in some of his goons to try and shut us down? [Will]: The thought did occur to me.
[scanner pinging with proximity] [silences scanner] What's it take to get a decent cup of tea around here? -Where have you been? -How did you get back? [Will]: You know we thought you were gone, or-- [Magnus]: Dead? Yes, of course you did, otherwise you would've kept looking for me.
Look, I know you have questions, and I will explain, but we don't have time right now.
Another attack on the calderas is imminent.
Yeah, tell me about it.
My hands are kind of tied here.
Well, I've been monitoring the abnormal activity at the sites, and I've noticed something interesting.
This is footage from before the first strike.
Look at their movements.
Notice anything? [Abby]: What are you seeing? [Magnus]: Watch.
If we adjust the images to compensate for the angle of viewing, in other words, turn all the cameras so they're pointing True North [Will]: The abnormals are moving in formation.
[Abby]: The exact same formation, moving at the same time.
In perfect sync.
This flank turns left at the same time as the others, and so on and so on.
[Will]: How is that possible? [Abby]: Well, obviously they're being directed.
[Magnus]: Yes, but how? I've been scanning all the frequencies in the area.
There's no radio transmissions in or out.
And yet someone, or something, is in complete control of these beings.
[Will]: Psychically.
What about Worth? He died long before this happened.
[Will]: Then who? Dr.
Zimmerman, I do not appreciate-- Dr.
[Magnus]: Lillian.
[Lee): So that explains why I'vie been getting bombarded with subcommittee inquiries, foreign oviersight regulators, the Russian president-- [Magnus]: Actually, the credit for all of that goes to Will.
[Will]: Uh, with a little help.
And you are? Abby Corrigan, FBl.
I don't know the name.
Well, now you do.
[Magnus]: Dr.
Lee, please listen very carefully to what Will's about to tell you.
Villanova's next target is the lndonesian caldera.
I already know that.
[Will]: Yes, but what you and he both don't know is that five miles below the surface is a Basilisk feeding ground.
You drop a cruise cluster into that caldera, it'll create a chain reaction, rip right through Hollow Earth's geothermal system.
We're talking a massive seismic reaction on a global level.
[Magnus]: Such a cataclysm would give the abnormal armies the foothold they need to conquer the surface.
Why didn't you tell me this earlier? Because we only learned about this ourselves minutes ago when we discovered Fallon alive at the camp.
You and Villanova are being played.
Please, give us control of the situation.
We will work with the abnormals, help them transition to a provisional government to ensure peace, but we've got to do it right now, otherwise Villanova's gonna pull the trigger.
I'll tell the General to stand down immediately.
Thank you.
And then we're all going to havie a viery long talk.
[Magnus]: Well done, you.
And you.
We do make a good team.
Yes, we do.
You, me, and, uh, all your friends.
It's good to be home.
[humming of busy crowd] [Garris]: She'll be dealt with by a tribunal of her peers.
[Kate]: So you're going back under? [Garris]: This is not our home.
[Kate]: But your home may be lost.
[Garris]: Then we will build another, of our own making, with our own government.
Please believe me when I say I only wanted the best for our people, for all our people.
[Kate]: I know.
Your heart was in the right place.
[Garris]: Actually It's here.
And I have two.
[laughs] Kate, I really don't know how to-- I'm coming with you.
Straight from the boss.
Magnus says you're right, that Fallon is just the tip of a way larger iceberg, and there are loads more bad guys down there that we need to deal with.
Are you certain? It won't be easy for you.
Well, the rest of the team can handle things topside.
I'm on Hollow Earth detail.
[Will]: It looks like Garris has managed to convince most of the abnormals to return underground.
[Magnus]: Most? [Will]: I know, it sounds like spin.
[Magnus]: Well, we both know not all of them will go back.
The most fanatical ones would rather die than return to Hollow Earth.
[Will]: An abnormal insurgency, that's great news.
[Magnus]: We can handle it.
Besides, it could have been much worse.
You know, you really did a very fine job in my absence.
Perhaps you'd like to continue as Sanctuary head? [Will]: No.
No, no, thank you.
Maybe some day, but not now, and by the way, you can stop avoiding the question at any time.
[Magnus]: What question? What the hell happened to you? How did you get back from Hollow Earth? Druitt didn't bring you, and how did you escape the blast that took out Praxis? [Magnus]: You know, that's more than one question.
Magnus you were out of communication for hours.
More like years, actually.
Years? [sighs] I need to be sitting down for this, don't l? Mmm, with a '56 Bordeaux, I should think.
[elevator dings] Shall we? [Will]: Don't tell me.
It's a long story.
[Magnus]: Ah, you have no idea.
[] Kinda hurt.