Sanctuary s04e12 Episode Script

Sanctuary for None: Part 1

Previously on Sanctuary You want something kept hidden or off the grid, Richard Feliz is your man.
Thanks to my resources, your financial future will be very healthy for quite some time.
Thank you, Richard.
[Henry]: This is a personal energy shield that acts Iike body armor.
Now, it's a work in progress, but once I iron out the Iast few kinks, this baby's going to change the world.
[power surging] I'm not too proud to admit that I am very used to getting my own way.
You shut me down.
You've been a wonderful soldier, Will.
You have done everything I've asked you and more.
[Tesla]: The fear of abnormals is so pervasive in Washington that when they came back a second time, they basically offered me a blank check.
He used the government money to fund his own research.
Skimmed off the top.
[Addison]: Doctor, I have a room full of recordings of your boy here coordinating, planning, fraternizing with creatures I consider to be public enemies number one through five.
From below, we rise.
You need to know how serious this is.
Now, I am advising you to stay well out of my way.
If you don't, I will come after you, too.
[Magnus]: You're not yourself.
You've been brainwashed.
I pledge to serve the cause that is just.
You don't have to do this.
[heavy thud] [sighs in relief] [Will]: He's getting better.
Magnus has been trying to undo the damage done by the Crixorum.
He feels terrible about what happened.
From below, we rise.
[doorbell rings] I'm not coming in.
The residents are all secure, I assure you.
There's only one monster that I'm worried about.
PIease I haven't bitten a guest in decades.
You've been flying all night.
Let me make you a meal, a nice glass of wine-- See? Right there.
Feminine charms, wiles, beguiling behavior.
I will not have it.
I will not have it.
Get in.
Now, as to why I'm here-- Not the wine? PIease, just Iet me get through this.
[sighs] You want to quit as my banker.
I want to be released from my duties, yes.
Helen, when I come here in person, it's because I'm serious.
PIus, you kept hanging up on me.
Well, you're here now.
At Ieast take a moment to freshen up.
[Feliz]: I cannot keep doing this.
I thoroughly respect the work you're doing.
The things you are hoping to accomplish are of epic proportions, and I have been honored to have been part of it-- -But? -But I quit.
-I said no.
-Then fire me.
[Magnus]: On what grounds, cowardice? [Feliz]: If that works, yes.
Am I out of money? No.
But it's what you want me to do with it.
I've run out of moves, Helen.
I've done everything I can to hide your money, grow it, put it in places that only you can access, but the cost has been too much, especially with what you're planning.
Now I adore you, but this has got to be the end of the Iine for me.
I hope you understand.
And you did come in person.
How could I not? It's you.
You've been a wonderful friend, and a vital ally in this war.
I can't thank you enough for all that you've done.
Oh, it's been my pleasure.
And if there's anything you need, one of my villas, a boat, a well-dressed dinner companion There is one Iast favor, actually.
Come on, you're Ieaving me high and dry.
It's the very Ieast you can do.
What, now? Well, it seems perfect.
I think 12 minutes should be enough for me.
Oh, I knew I should never have stepped into this bloody house.
[sighs heavily] [speed-dialing cell phone] Andre? Yes, it's Richard.
I'd Iike you to execute maneuver Delta Epsilon.
Yes, right now.
This is not a drill.
Just do it.
Well, I hope you're happy.
I've just shut down Wall Street for 12 minutes.
[sighs heavily] About that wine.
[Feliz]: Do you have anything that is a Iittle naughty? [she chuckles] [sirens wailing, traffic roaring] Go, go! Stop him! PIease I have nothing.
[Will]: Leave him alone! You walk away, nobody gets hurt.
[blow thuds] [Will]: Can you fight? [Jebal]: I can hardly see.
[Will]: Just follow my Iead.
Come on [stunner blasts] Leave now if you want to stay alive.
Go! [Jebal]: My Iife is yours.
[Caleb]: Not up here, brother.
[Will]: Nice shooting.
[Caleb]: It's primitive, awkwardly balanced.
We have better weapons where I come from.
I'm sure you do.
[Caleb]: If I wanted to shoot you, I would have done so already, Will.
Do I know you? Not yet.
I'm Caleb.
As in Hollow Earth Caleb? The most wanted man according to human authorities.
And, yes, I know who you are, and what you do.
I think it would be a good idea if Jebal came with you to the Sanctuary.
He'II be safe there while things calm down out here.
Yeah, I think you're right.
You tell Helen Magnus she's got a new friend in town.
[] [Magnus]: Nikola? What are you doing here? No, I'm not fine, but thank you so much for asking.
It's barely 9:00 a.
You're right.
I'm falling behind.
Oh, right, I can't get drunk! The curse of my immortal metabolism.
It Iooks Iike you're giving it the old college try, though.
What's happened? I was unappreciated, unacknowledged, and unhired.
You were fired.
If you want to get coarse about it, yes.
From SClU.
Yeah, apparently their bean counters were a Iittle more on the ball than I gave them credit for.
I believe one chap even had opposable thumbs.
Ah, so you were caught stealing.
Re-appropriating funds.
It happens all the time in government work.
But also, I think they began to sense that my heart wasn't really in the job.
[Magnus]: Well, I can't say that I'm sorry.
Kick me when I'm down, why don't you-- Nikola, please, this is hardly the end of the world.
No more Mies van der Rohe pied â terre, no more bottomless expense account, no more hottie what's-her-face.
What else is Ieft for me now but the grape? [Magnus]: Gosh, I haven't seen you this depressed since the cravat went out of style.
I'm going to work my way through the Rhone Valley by noon.
You want to join me? No, I'II pass, thanks just the same.
Your Ioss.
Aprês moi, le dêluge.
[intercom beeps] [Henry]: Hey, Doc.
Go ahead, Henry.
Um, Will just got back with an intake.
If you Iike intrigue [Magnus]: I'm on my way.
I have to, uh-- [Tesla]: Go.
In the end, they all Ieave me.
Oh, dear Lord.
Even the pigeons Ieft me in New York, 1943.
The white dove.
I Ioved her, more than the hottie at SCIU.
[Will]: I'm fine.
It seems Iike you had quite a time out there.
[Will]: Jebal got Iost, and he wandered away from the Fifth Ward, and some people saw him, and they freaked out, and they went after him.
[Magnus]: And then you.
It would have been a Iot worse if it weren't for Caleb.
The Hollow Earth insurgent Ieader? [Will]: I know, right? [Magnus]: And he Iet you bring Jebal in? He insisted on it.
Well, this doesn't fit with anything we've heard about him.
He said he's tired of the fighting, and he's spreading the word of peace amongst his former insurgents.
Well, if it's true, it could go a Iong way to stabilizing the Fifth Ward.
If it's true.
I mean, that's where the abnormals hang out, but I think he's got something bigger in mind.
PIus, he said he hopes he can count on our support, yours in particular.
Did he? Hmm.
[Caleb]: Seems not everyone wants a peaceful solution.
[Magnus]: But you do? [Caleb]: When we first came up from Hollow Earth, we were attacked.
Those who didn't die were imprisoned.
We struck back.
[Magnus]: You certainly did.
[Caleb]: I'm not going to make excuses for what I did, or even try to defend it.
I saw the consequences of our actions, and I didn't Iike what we became.
As one wise surface human once said, '"Violence begets violence.
'" [Magnus]: Martin Luther King was a pacifist.
That takes far more courage than being a soldier.
[Caleb]: AII I ever had was anger.
[Magnus]: Because of Praxis? [Caleb]: Amongst other things.
When Adam Worth offered to overthrow the city, I thought it might be the start of a new age.
But you didn't join him.
I know a madman when I see one.
[Caleb]: The idea was to change things, free our people, not destroy countless Iives.
But your war here on the surface, you're willing to just give that up? AII wars end.
AII I can do is choose how, and when.
Well, it's as good a time as any to start.
So tell me, what can I do to help? Ugh [Will]: Looking for a depressed Serbian electromagnetic vampire? [Magnus]: Oh, please tell me he's Ieft.
[Will]: Last seen heading towards the wine cellar, Iooking for something ostentatious, yet obsequious.
Well, good.
That should keep him occupied for a while.
[Will]: How did it go? Quite well, actually.
Caleb seems sincere, and to be honest, what he said made a Iot of sense.
Yeah, well, he is a charming, charismatic guy.
He's a killer.
You think it's all an act.
I'm not saying it's not a good one.
He wants to create a settlement for the Hollow Earth abnormals here on the surface.
[scoffs] Yeah, right.
In whose Iifetime? Ours.
In the Fifth Ward.
Are you serious? That place has been Iike a war zone for the past few weeks.
Caleb believes it's time for humans and abnormals to Iive as one, and I agree.
[Will]: Have you and Tesla been-- In fact, I've pledged him my total support.
We're making a homeland for them, starting immediately.
Caleb is a dangerous threat to national security.
Now, if you know where he is, I demand you hand him over immediately.
Why don't you just send your shock troops into OId City and detain him? Oh, right.
Because you wouldn't stand a chance.
You do realize how this sounds.
Like peace? Like insanity! Aiding and abetting a known terrorist is tantamount to treason.
Caleb wants to end this conflict, as do the other Hollow Earth abnormals.
[Addison]: Come on, Doc, you've been around long enough to know a leopard can't change his spots.
First piece of fresh meat that wanders by-- Someone has to make the first move.
We're more in the Last Move business here.
Ah, well I tried.
Magnus, don't you hang up on me! He's a very stubborn man.
You have met him before, right? I was hoping that he might provide us with some assistance.
In the very Ieast, give us a wide berth.
Well, maybe we need to move more slowly, get him used to the idea.
Nevertheless, in the grand scheme of things, we don't need Addison or SCIU.
But it'II be a Iot harder without them.
I see you still have your own doubts.
I'm just saying it's a big game change.
Sometimes people need time to adjust.
And while we wait, how many more will die? Or be taken prisoner by Addison's goon squad? Are you saying a pacifist revolution has no casualties? I'm saying that there is no point in arguing with him.
I'm moving ahead with the homeland project.
Oh, and I'm recalling Kate from Hollow Earth.
For the next few days, we need all hands on deck.
[sighing] Yes, sir.
[Henry]: Whoa, whoa, whoa, dude, dude-- Hi! Hi.
Hello So, when did you get here? [Tesla]: Three Cabernet and two Côtes du Rhône ago.
[Henry]: So, what's the occasion? [Tesla]: Unemployment.
[Henry]: Huh.
So you and SCIU? [Tesla]: Kaput.
[Henry]: Damn.
[Tesla]: Precisely.
[sighing dreamily] I used to have a Iab.
Much better than this, of course.
[Henry]: So where's all your stuff? If by '"stuff'" you mean my Iife's work, my genius made manifest, my exquisite symphony of scientific innovation-- [Henry]: Yes, that stuff.
[Tesla]: The bastards stole it.
Grabbed it all.
[Henry]: The bastards.
[Tesla]: I mean, I can Iive without a private jet, but all my research, all my Iatest inventions? Poof! [sighing morosely] [Henry]: Rat bastards.
You should check this out.
This thing is so awesome.
It'II take your mind off all your problems.
Government swine So Magnus and Will found this in a cave in Bolivia.
It's Edison all over again.
It does some really amazing stuff when it gets near tech.
I should have patented my inventions when I had the chance.
You're not Iistening to a word I'm saying.
Why must I always be a martyr to science? Toaster magpie flummox kumquat.
And now my interstellar death-ray will probably be used as an instrument of war.
Ha, you think? [Tesla]: Is that all you have to say to me? Well, I can see you're no help.
As if I wasn't depressed enough already.
[electromagnetism crackling] Very sad man.
Very sad.
[Magnus]: There are a couple of possibilities.
These buildings have been derelict for years, but I think we could get them back up to code in no time.
I see you've chosen the most isolated neighborhood.
Well, I think the city will be Iess apt to kick up a fuss.
Buying up a few tenement buildings to renovate them and spruce up the area? It's hard to argue with that.
[Caleb]: You're as good as your word.
This is perfect.
Our people will do the rest.
With help.
I'm recalling Kate Freelander to assist with the set-up.
[Caleb]: I've heard of her.
Isn't she a bit of a wild card? Trust her as you would trust me.
With her recent duty in Hollow Earth, she has valuable experience, and a profound appreciation for your cause.
This could actually work, Caleb.
[Caleb]: That's the idea.
[Magnus]: I want to thank you again, Captain, for agreeing to this meeting, but the escort is hardly necessary.
[Franklin]: Better safe than sorry.
Especially if these people are as desperate as you claim.
[Magnus]: I have a different point of view, one which I hope you'II come to share.
[Franklin]: I'm not agreeing to anything yet, except showing up, and I would've appreciated more information up front.
[Magnus sighs resignedly] You've always given me a wide berth when it comes to the things that happen here in the Fifth Ward.
[Franklin]: Only 'cause you earned it.
I don't understand all that goes on down here, but as Iong as I can trust you to keep a Iid on it, I don't need to.
[Magnus]: That's about to change.
[weapons cocking] [Magnus]: Whoa, whoa! PIease, you have nothing to fear.
[creature shrieks] Who are these people? Our friends.
On that, you have my word.
[Caleb]: Mine too.
We only wish to meet with you face to face.
[Franklin]: Stand down.
[Magnus]: It's time you knew the truth about my work, Captain, but I must ask you and your men for complete discretion.
In order for this to succeed, we need your support.
[Magnus]: Don't blame yourself.
It's not over yet.
[Caleb]: Captain Franklin was far from convinced.
[Magnus]: Well, she's also sworn to protect this community.
But what she said was true.
We don't have the trained personnel necessary to design, Iet alone maintain or govern, an independent community.
[Magnus]: But you had groups of abnormals, tribes, who were self-governed back in Hollow Earth.
[Caleb]: And our Ieaders and thinkers were the first ones arrested after the uprising.
[Magnus]: Imprison the intelligentsia, cripple the revolution.
But if we're going to show that we're capable of running our own society, I need them.
I sense we've reached a critical point in our relationship.
[Caleb]: We do whatever you think is best.
Though I've been told you're a woman who knows how to achieve the impossible.
[chuckles] Oh, you are good.
[siren chirps] You know, usually I get dinner first.
[Addison]: I wasn't sure you'd take my call.
You're coming to work for me.
Aw I Iove our Iittle meetings.
Let's do it again real soon, huh? The Fifth Ward is becoming Ground Zero in this war.
Your boss just signed up with the enemy.
It's time you came back to the real world.
[Will]: The real world, huh? Is that you? I don't think so.
Believe me, when it hits the fan, you're going to want to be on the winning side.
Hell I'II even ship your girlfriend over from the Bureau.
Go to hell, Addison.
I wasn't giving you a choice.
In a time of national crisis, I am fully authorized to reactivate former federal agents.
What if I refuse? Well, then you should be prepared to face extreme personal and professional rendition, and you know with all the resources I have at my fingertips, I'm just the guy to make it happen.
You son of a bitch.
Welcome back to the fold, Dr.
Turks and Caicos? The Republic of Guam? Oh, maybe that temple in Nepal that you spent 113 years in.
Doesn't matter, okay? I'm not going to go work for the evil empire.
[Magnus]: I think you're making this sound worse than it is.
Excuse me? [Magnus]: Well, this could actually be useful.
You working at SCIU, inside the belly of the beast, so to speak.
-Magnus -Especially now, as we come closer to making the abnormal homeland a reality.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Are you serious? [Magnus]: You could provide us with vital information on Addison's movements.
They'd be watching me Iike a hawk.
You knew.
You knew this might happen.
And you've been hiding it from me for months.
You will know everything when the time is right.
I promise, Will.
You can't ask me to do this.
But I am.
[traffic roaring] [Abby]: So we just need to get you a nice desk lamp.
These fluorescents are murder on the eyes.
[Will]: It's fine.
[Abby]: And this is your desk over here.
It's right by the window that doesn't open.
[Will]: It's fine.
I know you don't want to be here.
I don't either.
AIthough I did always think it would be great to work together, just not Iike this.
I always thought you'd end up working with me at the Sanctuary.
Really? Do you think Magnus would ever? Nah.
But it's just because we're together.
So if we broke up We're not going to break up, so get that right out of your head, okay? Right.
[sighs heavily] You know, if Addison thinks I'm going to be his personal stooge, he's got another thing coming.
Will you're not going to do anything stupid.
Stupid? Me? [scoffs] Probably.
[Addison]: So we've got a hot zone in Chicago, and then the rumors of an abnormal terrorist strike in Montreal.
Who wants to start? [Will]: Rumors? [Addison]: Excuse me, Dr.
Zimmerman? You had something you'd Iike to say? [Will]: We're operating on rumors now? Intel is filtering in from our agents in Canada that seem to support the claim.
[Will]: I think you're jumping the gun on this.
Really? Well, I guess I can't expect you to grasp the big picture yet.
But trust me, once you've been here a few more days, you'II be a Iittle more objective.
You mean once my Sanctuary brainwashing wears off.
If we waited for ironclad confirmation of every threat, we would never act.
You strike first, they strike back, it never ends.
Oh, it'II end, all right.
With more casualties.
That's nice.
Man, you really did drink the touchy-feely Kool-Aid over there, didn't you? The truth is, Dr.
Zimmerman, Pandora's box is open, and we are the Iast Iine of defense.
Anything else you'd Iike to add? No? Good, Iet's move on.
Who's up? Breach in Sector Five! [alarms wailing] Breach in Sector Five! [Magnus]: Hurry! Duck! [sonic blast hits] Come on, Iet's go.
Come on.
[Magnus]: Thank you.
[Addison]: Get out of my way.
Hang that up.
[Will]: I-I got to call you back.
You want confirmation of a real threat? [typing rapidly] [Addison]: How's this? Your former boss Iady just hit our Iocal detention facility, along with this Caleb character.
Some very bad people got Ioose.
Luckily, none of our own were killed.
I don't know why she did this-- Look, the point is, she just burned her Iast bridge.
Let me talk to her.
I'II find out the real story.
[Addison]: This must be a wake-up call even for you.
Now, Iook, I know you've had a great time playing with vampires and sasquatches, but it's time to wake up and get your head in the game.
Your first assignment is to arrest and detain Helen Magnus.
[code Iock chiming in error] Say what? [beeping numbers, code Iock chiming in error] [Henry, over intercom]: Uh, hi? Hey, it's me.
You want to open up? Um [Will]: Come on, man, let me in.
There must be a glitch or something.
My code's not working.
See, uh, Magnus retired it.
Come again? [Henry, awkwardly]: Yeah.
She Iocked me out? Yeah.
[Will]: Are you kidding me? Henry, let me in.
Oh, man, I would Iove to help a fellow dude out, but, you know, bro, she's the boss.
[Will]: No, no, just listen-- [Henry hangs up] [sighs in disbelief] [sighs sadly] Unbelievable.
[Abby]: It makes no sense.
She had to know it would make waves.
It's Iike she wants us to come after her.
[Will]: Maybe she does.
The woman's getting harder to figure out every day.
You're not really going to arrest her, are you? [sighs] I don't know.
Bringing her in might force her to give me some more answers.
But she won't even open the door to you.
We've got to draw her out.
[Magnus]: When the city Ieaders see what you're building here, I think they will be very impressed.
[Caleb]: Once we're done, the district will be open to everyone.
Just another part of the community.
[Kate]: I see word's already spreading.
[Caleb]: People feel safe here.
It's what we hoped for.
Well done, Caleb.
Zimmerman! Jesus! Don't do that.
[Will]: Long time no see, Franklin.
I heard you made Captain.
A Iot's happened since you Ieft.
More than you know.
Don't be so sure.
Magnus gave me the monster tour.
So you know.
Kinda explains why you dropped out of sight four years ago.
Things got very complicated very quickly.
And you didn't think you could tell anyone? [Will]: Come on.
Let's not pretend Iike we were some happy family.
But we were the guys who had your back out here, and then one day, nothing.
I was a pain in everyone's ass, including yours.
Yeah, well, apparently some things never change.
I need you to do something for me.
'Cause I work for you? Actually, you do.
I just vaulted up the Iadder to a task force with so much clearance it'II make your head spin.
Get out of my car.
I know you and Magnus are working on the abnormal Homeland.
I need you to set up a meet.
Well, you're so connected, call her yourself.
Our relationship's hit a rough patch.
Wow, I'm shocked.
So why should I help you? Because with one phone call, I can make the rest of your Iife a Iiving hell.
See you 'round, Captain.
[Bigfoot]: So you're out? -The Homeland? -Yeah.
[Henry]: Yeah, baby on the way.
It's probably not for me.
You? [Bigfoot]: Oh, I've given it some thought.
I've given it a Iot of thought.
[Henry]: Wait a second.
You're not seriously thinking of-- I've been here Ionger than you've been alive, Henry.
Maybe it's time I moved on.
No, no, it is not time.
It is not that time.
[Bigfoot]: No, you can show your human face outside these doors, walk the streets in daylight.
So can you.
With a hoodie.
You're going to be a father, Henry, and this new place is where I have to be.
So that's it, then, you're just gonna Ieave? You know I've always wanted to be free.
This is my chance.
I'm Ieaving.
[Addison]: Is it set? [Will]: This afternoon.
[Addison]: Good.
Then I'II expect Helen Magnus in an interrogation room by the end of the day.
And then I'm done.
Come on, William, we already went this round-- I just crawled up and down a former colleague.
I blackmailed her.
AII in a day's work.
I'II bring in Magnus, but as soon as I get the answers I need, I'm done.
With her, with you everything.
[hum of bustling crowd, Iizard man grunts] [hum of bustling crowd, Iizard man grunts] [Kate chatting quietly] [Caleb]: Ms.
Freelander Coming along nicely.
Everything on schedule? [Kate]: Yeah.
The sleeping quarters in the east wing will be ready by tonight.
Magnus said you would be an asset.
She was right.
Is he on the surface? No.
[Bigfoot]: Kate.
[she chuckles in delight] Hey, you.
I heard.
Bold move.
Yeah, well, thought I'd give it a try.
You? I just came up to help out.
Kate Freelander, Hollow Earth Consultant.
Then you're going back down, huh? Well, maybe not.
If this thing works out, everyone may decide to Iive on the surface, including Garris, which is cool with me, 'cause, uh We've set the date.
You're invited, of course.
You know, Maid of Honor.
'"Congratulations, Kate.
I'm very happy for you.
'" See, that was supposed to be your Iine.
[Bigfoot]: And that sounds nice.
What is up with you, anyway? You've gone all silent and weird, even for you-- [Bigfoot]: Go back to the Sanctuary.
Go back to your man.
Your place is not here.
[Magnus]: Captain? [Franklin]: Hey, thanks for coming.
[Magnus]: You wanted to see me.
A few problems came up with the mayor's office.
Look, if this is anything to do with the Homeland progress, I can assure you that we-- Will? [Franklin]: I'm sorry.
BIoody hell.
[Will]: Don't run, Magnus.
I just want to talk to you.
[engine revs, tires squealing] [Will]: Call for backup! [Franklin]: Dammit We need backup.
[he cocks gun] Get out of the car! You really don't want to do this, Will.
[Will]: You Ieft me no choice.
Helen Magnus, you're under arrest.
Are you going to restrain me? [Will]: Should I? [Magnus]: Oh, definitely.
Magnus, don't do this.
Sorry, Will.
[tires squealing] [revving engine] [Addison]: Convinced yet? [Will]: That Magnus is a terrorist and she's working for the abnormal cause? No.
That she's got an agenda that I'm not quite clear on yet, yes.
Well, time's up.
According to whose clock? Look, I gave you a shot.
You crashed and burned.
Now it's my turn.
Man, you are Ioving this, aren't you? As a matter of fact, I was hoping it would never get to this point.
Now I have no choice.
[call ringing] Trouble? Oh argument with a friend.
[she sighs heavily] You know, I never thought I'd Iive to see this day.
Word is spreading.
More are arriving by the hour.
And if occupancy continues to grow at this rate, the facility won't be able to handle the capacity.
Then we'II expand.
[Magnus]: Well, I think that's a bit premature.
Perhaps we should start diverting the overflow to other Sanctuaries.
This is our Homeland.
But we may have to start turning some away.
[Caleb]: We're making history here.
If we pull back, we weaken our position.
[Magnus]: But if the Iogistics become untenable We'II make it work.
We're not turning anyone away.
[Magnus]: Do you have a moment? [Bigfoot]: I should have come to you first.
There wasn't time.
Shall we? I can talk in front of Caleb.
AII right, then.
I hope you know that I would never try to stand in your way.
I do.
[Bigfoot]: It just wasn't Things happened quickly.
It felt right.
So you've made your decision? This is my home now.
Of course.
It won't be the same without you.
[Addison]: That is correct, sir.
We are a '"go.
'" [Will]: Who is that? I do too, sir.
Who was that? The President? What the hell's going on, Addison? EIeventh-hour scenario.
Been in the planning stages for a Iong time.
Just never seemed Iogistically feasible.
I mean, how do you coax a Iarge number of abnormals into one condensed area, away from prying civilian eyes? Homeland.
[people gasping in panic] [helicopters whirring overhead] [Caleb]: What is this? Nothing good.
[air raid sirens wail] [Reporter]: This is Julia Hague at Total News Central, and we are live on the scene of what authorities are calling the largest toxic industrial spill in recent history.
Residents of Old City are being warned to stay clear of the area which stretches from the terminal development at 89th and Riverside and as far west as Bridge Park.
With a ten-block radius under police cordon for public safety, all traffic has been redirected to alternate routes.
We've received further information from the hazardous materials clean-up team that the source of the toxic spill is a decommissioned sewage processing plant.
Due to the risk of contaminated water and possible airborne bacteria, the area has been fully evacuated and a secure cordon put in place.
Access to the affected area is limited to emergency personnel.
The safety cordon around the leaking sewage plant has been extended due to a dangerous level of radon.
Please do not return to the area until we receive the all-clear from Captain Franklin's office.
Holy crap! Do you see what they're doing? [Magnus]: Dear god.
[Henry]: They just turned it into a prison.
Of course they have.
Doc, where are you going? You're just going to wall people in there? When word gets out-- Our media cover story about the toxic spill is already in play.
If we say the sky is pink, the sky is pink.
Since when-- When did this become a police state? It's always been a police state, Will.
You just never noticed.
The point is, we are now in control of the situation again, and Helen Magnus is finally out of moves.
[Will]: Turn that up.
[Hague]: are just a smokescreen for something far more insidious.
Doctor, care to elaborate? [Addison]: What the hell is that crazy broad doing now? I realize that what I'm about to say may sound strange, or even frightening, but I assure you every word is true.
[quietly] Oh, Magnus It's time the world knew the truth.
This district is full of strange beings who have lived among us for hundreds of years.
I call them abnormals.
You know them as monsters.
And they very much exist.
[] [] That hurt, that hurt, that hurt.