Santos Dumont (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Ícaro (Icarus)

1 Episode 6 ICARUS DEAUVILLE, FRANCE, 1914 Twenty die during an air raid on Anvers.
A Z-IX airship dropped nine bombs on the town, after the German invasion of Belgium, on August 4th, 1914.
On October 5th, French pilots Franz and Quénalt, manning a Voisin airplane, shot down a German Aviatik, using machinegun fire.
More news in 30 minutes.
Excuse me, sir.
Aren't you going to eat your breakfast? Is there anything you need, sir? I need to work, Julien.
I need to work.
Certainly, sir.
PARIS, FRANCE Good morning.
Good morning.
Colonel! I'm sorry, but we're out of coffee.
I have coffee all day long.
I need something else from you.
I need a volunteer to work at a military base.
The game's over.
We're at war now.
But the very brave French citizens are already in the reserve, aren't they? Then perhaps it's time for an immigrant to volunteer, to show his gratitude to the country that took him in.
I agree with you.
But there are Portuguese citizens everywhere.
You see I can't fight my own people.
Colonel, sir, allow me to explain.
Nuno's loyalty is to all of this.
To these things.
- There's a lot to be classified.
- A lot of work.
I'll assign a special unit to handle the paperwork.
You'll be a lot more useful working with our Air Force.
This is serious business, my boy.
It's no longer a rich young man's game.
Today, a Morane-Saulnier flew at 160 kph, at an altitude of 3,000 meters in 12 minutes.
But, colonel But the principle is the same.
Those who stay on the ground, get their hands dirty, and don't complain about it.
Your papers, Nuno.
Thank you.
Julien? Is that you? Who's there? What's going on here? You know why we're here, you filthy German! No.
There's cash in the safe, as well as several watches.
Take it all! Bribing the French police, are we? No, I just want to cooperate.
Save your breath.
You can tell the captain! - Can I at least get dressed? - No.
Move! Let's go! And the crossbow? It's being examined.
But, no doubt about it, it can kill a human being.
I see.
Bring the prisoner in.
Sir, please, could you take these handcuffs off? Shut up! Don't you understand you're under arrest? These handcuffs are scratching my watch! Different.
It's part of my equipment.
According to your neighbors, you've been working non-stop the last few days.
Forget about the watch.
I control time here.
Full name, place and date of birth.
Alberto Santos Dumont.
Born July 20th, 1873, in Cabangu, Minas Gerais.
Ask him to spell that, Captain.
German from what region? You probably don't recognize me, cause I'm not wearing my hat.
Of course, a spy never shows his face.
I will not tolerate your insinuations! I am not German! I'm a Brazilian citizen that has worked for France! I'm very proud of my contributions, and of all the prizes I have won, both as a balloonist and as an aviator.
Show some respect for an aviation authority! I am the authority here! And I don't think the French Army has authorized foreign citizens to carry crossbows in Deauville! Captain that crossbow is an instrument of peace.
It launches life jackets to shipwreck survivors.
Should I type such nonsense, Captain? No.
Let him talk.
He'll dig his own grave.
You claim the crossbow is an instrument of peace? Yes.
But I shall say no more without my lawyer.
I'm well acquainted with French legislation, and I demand my right to remain silent.
On behalf of the President of the French Republic, and by the powers vested in me, for his contribution to the advancement of science, and of the French nation, we hereby award Mr.
Alberto Santos Dumont the title of Knight of the French Legion of Honor.
Colonel MARCH 31st, 1905 And here's your watch.
On behalf of the authorities of Paris, I'd like to apologize, once again, for such a terrible mistake on our part.
I was expecting something like that.
But you wouldn't believe me.
As a token of our esteem and admiration, the Army has decided to use your crossbow in our bases along the coast.
I want to go home.
Yes, sir.
- Get off of me! - It's okay.
- Get off of me! - It's okay, sir.
- Calm down.
- It's okay, sir.
Let go of me! Calm down, sir.
It's all gonna be okay.
It's okay, sir.
Calm down.
It's okay.
In European clinics and hotels he's been treated even with gold and silver ingestions.
A waste of money.
Unfortunately, no kind of medication is known to be effective for his ailment.
Is it multiple sclerosis? It's a complex diagnosis.
But in case it's sclerosis, what can we expect? What we know about it is relatively recent.
But it's a disease that affects the neurons' lining, progressively limiting motor functions, and causing sudden mood swings and amnesia.
Are you sure, Doctor? He seemed to be just fine these last few days.
Poor uncle Alberto.
He was so healthy, and now this.
We need to look after him.
Mental and physical activities are highly recommended.
What more can he do at this stage? Geniuses are usually restless.
You might be surprised at what he can still do.
THREE MONTHS LATER Tennis is just starting to pick up in Brazil, but I've been an expert for a while now.
We're here to learn from the master.
Ready? - Yes.
- Ready? Go, Uncle! Good! Great! I'd need a few years in Europe to be in your league, Uncle.
Your backhand almost cost us the match.
You won the match and a drink.
This is no time for celebrations.
No? Duty calls.
What's the next challenge? I want to build a house on Morro do Encanto.
What do you mean, Uncle? That's impossible on such a huge crag.
A case of champagne if you succeed.
Agreed, gentlemen.
- Cheers.
- Gentlemen.
Uncle Alberto.
A house on Morro do Encanto? What are you talking about? Just wait and see.
FOUR MONTHS LATER The house is so small and dainty, that visitors are split into groups.
Family members and reporters are first.
I feel really well.
I even helped the workers haul rocks to build the foundation.
I realize you want to help them, but why build a house like this, with no internal walls? "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
" The house is separated by staircases and the mezzanine.
So, was it your intention to simplify or complicate things? The greater the challenge, the simpler the solution.
But why build a house dangling from a mountaintop? To feel as if we're flying in an airplane.
But you can't live in an airplane.
What kind of crazy staircase is this, my God? Speaking of which, where's the bed? The desk is the bed.
You grew up in plantations, saw the world, and now you're being thrifty? It's small but well laid out, and on the first floor, there's a living room and a dining room.
On the second floor, there's a room and a bathroom.
What about a kitchen? What are you going to eat? This is a direct line to the hotel right next door.
They provide me with everything I need.
Even today's lunch for all his guests.
Shall we? - May I? - Certainly, Alberto.
Please join us, my dear friend.
My wife's cousin Yolanda was dying to meet you.
She grew up on coffee plantations, but is just as eager as you are to embrace the world.
Let's dispense with introductions.
I feel as though I've known you forever.
May I be the second woman to fly in your balloons? Meeting you only now is a pity.
I'm not sure if young dreamers are still interested in me.
In spite of her youth, Yolanda's wonderfully cultured.
Her knowledge of art is rare.
Truly admirable.
It's nice to see how charming beauty and optimism are again.
My nerves are frazzled, but my heart is rejuvenated by this encounter.
- I propose a toast.
- Cheers.
Have you been to A Encantada? I haven't had the opportunity.
I was late for the last tour.
That shouldn't be a problem.
Why don't you come over tomorrow I'll show you the place? Tomorrow? No, I couldn't bother you.
I insist, it will be a pleasure.
We can have a conversation away from this circus.
It was an honor No, it was a pleasure I'm delighted to welcome you to A Encantada.
No, I'm so happy you're here to see me.
I'm so happy you came to see me.
Welcome to A Encantada.
What do you think? - Enchanting! - Make yourself at home.
My pleasure.
Tell me something.
How am I supposed to go up these stairs? It doesn't seem so, but an unsymmetrical staircase is a precaution.
Are you sure? Going up is so difficult I always hit my shin on a step.
That makes sense.
Better to cut off a step than your shin, isn't it? I guess the construction was extremely difficult.
Building the pyramids of Egypt was difficult.
Or the Wall of China.
But it was a nice challenge.
Working has energized me.
I'm happy you came to see me.
Thank you very much.
It's such a charming place.
It's like being in a chalet in the Alps.
Yes, except for the snow.
Do you like skiing? I'm so sorry! - I love it.
- Sorry? I love skiing.
When my new project is done, you will be my guest during the tests in Saint Moritz.
Saint Moritz? Isn't it dangerous to fly in the mountains? Have no fear.
We won't be flying.
So what will I be used for as a guinea pig? It's a surprise, I can't tell you anything, but I assure you we'll have a lot of fun.
Hurry up then, before I die of curiosity.
That's a replica of the Icarus at Saint-Cloud to honor the tenth anniversary of the Deutsch prize.
This statue immortalizes all my victories.
SANTOS DUMONT'S TRIBUTE TO HIS PARENTS The Christian's peace is like a solidly rooted tree, like a house built on solid foundations.
The catastrophe we know by the name of death was described by Paul the Apostle as taking down the tent which is our body.
Man's destiny is to die one day.
We're like a bird in an egg.
We'll never be free if the shell remains intact.
But death will break that shell.
And the newborn bird doesn't mind the destruction.
To the contrary, its thoughts focus on the opposite direction.
Wings, flight and blue skies.
Uncle! Uncle Alberto! - Uncle, it's me, Jorge! - Jorge, how nice to see you.
Only when you phoned me did I realize how long I've been alone.
I noticed, the mind was flying high.
It will rejoin the body anytime now.
Come see what I'm doing.
Is this the mysterious project Yolanda is so excited about? Petrópolis is a small town, Uncle.
Did you get the rings? Jorge, please! It's a purely scientific trip.
I'm sure it is.
And Yolanda happens to perfectly match the profile of the candidates for the testing period.
You're so lucky, Uncle.
Don't use all that energy in the daytime.
That's exactly what I was thinking, not wasting all that energy.
Jorge, you know I love skiing.
Just to enjoy the long descent, I endured hours hiking up.
You need to go up to go down.
No two ways about it.
A knapsack on one's back allows the skier to climb up the mountain effortlessly.
Where did you get the idea, Uncle? When I reached the top of Mont-Joli totally exhausted.
The sealskin gave me the idea.
Sealskin? The lining that prevents the tip of the ski from lifting.
That's the support I needed to take the next step.
With a set of cords, I pull one foot behind the other from the heels, switching from one ski to another safely and synchronically.
That's it.
So this is Santos Dumont's number what? It isn't numbered.
It's off the charts.
I'm calling it The Martian Transformer, inspired by H.
Wells "War of the Worlds".
The book says that on Mars there are no wheeled vehicles.
So the transformer could help Martians in the War of the Worlds.
So you're ready to conquer the Universe? No, I will have nothing to do with any other war.
Let's pick Mom up? She's waiting for us to have lunch.
Eat, Uncle.
The chicken's delicious.
It has wings and yet it can't fly.
What's that, Alberto? Can you people quit the racket? What racket? My God! Let's go home and rest.
The world is in our hands.
The voyage from Rio to New York, which now takes more than 20 days by sea, will take only two or three days.
By eliminating time and distance, commercial relations that were restricted for so long, will develop spontaneously.
Fear not the future that awaits us, sister.
We'll have gadgets with speedy communications, we'll get to a point where we'll have closer contact, our bonds of understanding and friendship will be stronger.
Alberto, you're talking more than the radio.
Let's listen a little.
Attention, Vargas's troops have taken the federal capital.
The republican allies are retreating.
Among those persecuted by the new regime is mayor Antonio Prado Junior, who fled the palace and is now exiled.
"To the head of the provisional government, the honorable governor Getúlio Vargas.
Having devoted my entire life to the common good and peace among nations, I call upon the responsibility and the nobility of all great Brazilians to stop the spreading of these conflicts that are separating our fraternal states.
Yours truly" It is always better to be among the flowers than among politicians.
You may take my arm.
I don't have any thorns.
The problem is that my heart goes wild when you're around.
It's nice to see you like this, in a good mood.
Yolanda, I'm not kidding.
You're not? I've never seen you using this kind of romancing.
Is it because your invention didn't work as you wanted? So what? With just a few minor adjustments your Martian Transformer will work.
Isn't that what you said? I'm not sure of anything anymore.
Sometimes I feel I'm being swept away by a current that's stronger than I am.
Alberto, you need to focus on the good things you've done and the ones you can still do.
You are all I have.
Sometimes I feel I invented the world's misfortunes.
Because of me, people die in times of war and of peace.
You built some awesome machines.
But like any other invention, they can be used to do good or evil.
That's what human beings are like.
I won't give up.
I can still change, start all over again, have kids.
But I need you at my side.
As you yourself say.
The aviator's mission is incompatible with the obligations of a family man.
Alberto, your passion is your freedom.
- Good morning.
Any mail for me? - Not today.
My dear Professor Euripides.
Come in.
Would you like a handkerchief, or some water? Thank you, it's nothing.
Just an allergy that goes away quickly.
So an ornithologist, a specialist in birds, is allergic to feathers? Dad, do you know the game of the bird that flies? It's from my time.
What happened when they asked if men can fly? Nobody lifted a finger.
Except me.
I still think men will fly.
I always lift my finger and get punished for it.
The desire to fly has its punishment.
Remember the story of Icarus? Wasn't he and his father trapped in a maze? Right.
Did you know Daedalus, his dad, was an engineer like me? Really? But I'd never make a pair of wings with feathers covered with wax to escape with my son.
But the problem wasn't the wings, Dad, but Icarus' stubbornness.
His dad warned him not to fly too close to the Sun.
Yes, he disobeyed his dad and suffered the consequences.
But at least he flew, Dad.
He flew for a few moments.
As free as an angel.
I think swan feathers are so tough and light they can give you the results you expect.
Thank you, Professor.
I think now I can get started.
Uncle! Uncle Alberto! Jorge! Hurry, boy! There's a lot to be done! What's going on? We need an open space where no one can see us.
Didn't I tell you today we're having lunch with Mom? What are you up to? Making history, Jorge! Making history! Are you going to stand there, or give me a hand? Okay, Uncle.
There isn't a soul around.
Then it's time to turn the myth into reality.
You're kidding, right? My dear Jorge.
Allow me to introduce the Icarus Project.
The solution to mankind's oldest dream.
Uncle! Don't you think it's a little dangerous? No worries, Jorge.
I'll fly away from the Sun.
I can't let you expose yourself like this.
I would've gotten nowhere listening to people like you.
Uncle Alberto, this is madness, madness! Madness? Who was the madman that invented the dirigible? Or the madman who invented the biplane, the monoplane, who? You did, sir.
So, stop being such a wimp and put the engine on my back.
- Like a knapsack? - Yes.
Stand aside, Jorge.
- Quick! Take it off of me! - Careful! Careful! Are you okay? Yes, I'm fine.
That was just the first test, Jorge.
Gentlemen, welcome to the Grand Hotel Guarujá.
To your right, our bellhop is at your service.
And this is our dining room with outstanding French cuisine.
My uncle needs peace and quiet.
- Mr.
Santos Dumont? - Yes? - Here's the pillow you requested.
- You can leave it on the bed.
Just phone the lobby if you need anything else.
Thank you.
Campinas is bombed! Campinas is bombed! The fleet under Major Eduardo Gomes' orders is mercilessly attacking all Paulista resistance bases.
As if the fighting on land isn't enough, the regime is using airplanes to stop the Constitutionalist Revolution.
Stop, Jorge, stop! We will never give up, the great State of São Paulo can no longer be under your boot and your whip.
Uncle Alberto! Uncle! Mr.
Dumont, how can I help you? Please, I need my car to drive to the capital.
- When? - Immediately.
Yes, sir.
Uncle! Get out of there, Uncle! Who did this without my consent? It won't happen again.
We know Mr.
Dumont can't leave the hotel.
I'm not running away.
To the contrary.
I'm going to take full responsibility.
- Uncle, please! - Thanks.
Do you realize what's happening? Turn it off.
Turn it off.
Let's talk here, come.
Where were you going? To see the president.
We can't just sit and watch this fratricidal conflict.
Uncle, you did and can still do a lot of good for Brazil, but this isn't the way.
We'll find another way, okay? Let's go.
This is Alberto Santos Dumont, operator.
I need to speak with Catete Palace.
I repeat, Santos Dumont.
It's urgent.
Brazil cannot wait any longer.
Your call, Mr.
Thank you very much, operator.
Good job, Miss.
- Hello.
- My dear Minister! Yes? This is Alberto Santos Dumont.
The father of aeronautics! What an honor! I appreciate your endorsement, but I beg to differ.
I reject the paternity of any sort of aviation that causes conflict among its brothers.
We can't just wash our hands after spilling blood.
We are all responsible.
I will not rest until these air raids stop.
What can I do for you? I know there's a lot you can do, so first of all, convey my recommendations to President Vargas.
Right away, Mr.
I'll phone you tomorrow to follow up on events.
On behalf of humanity and aviation, thank you.
I'll await your call, Mr.
And? It's all settled.
He hasn't looked so well in a while.
The greater the challenge the simpler the solution.
The greater the challenge the simpler the solution.
The duck is delicious, Uncle.
Try some.
At least a bite.
Don't leave the hotel.
I'll be in my room, Jorge.
I need to soothe my nerves.
Shall I get you for dinner? You need to eat something.
"Inventing is an idea nobody's thought of, believing what nobody swears by, risking what nobody dared to do, doing what nobody tried to do.
Inventing is transcending.