Sausage Party: Foodtopia (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[vibrant orchestral music]
Foodtopia ♪
- [suspenseful music]
- [squishing sounds]
[soft grunting]
Help! Anybody.
What the fuck is going on?
Where is everyone?
Am I gonna Am I gonna
No, no, you'll be fine, JD.
You're going to be just fine.
Just hang on, all right? Medic!
Holy shit, what happened to this guy?
- How much jelly does he have left?
- Tough to say.
It looks like most of his jelly's
on the outside.
Which seems objectively bad.
- I don't think he's going to make it.
- What?
- Shh! Don't tell him that!
- [JD] I can hear.
Wow. You can hear that?
Your senses are
really firing on all cylinders.
That's a sure sign
you'll pull through if I ever saw one.
Uh, here, let me try something.
[shudders painfully]
Okay, that was a bad idea.
- Is that, uh
- [Barry] It's a bite mark.
It's a humey bite mark.
That's right. I found one.
And he took hostages.
- [gasps] Yes, perfect!
- That's amazing.
Not the hostage part.
That's bad and we're obviously concerned.
We desperately need this humey.
What do you mean, "need a humey"?
[crashing, shattering]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [clattering]
What the hell are you all doing in here?
The roof is on the brink of collapse.
Oh, yeah? You can kiss the brink
of my big, beautiful butthole.
We're not coming out.
Yeah, we know
the ceiling is slowly collapsing,
but we don't know when
the ceiling outside will attack us again.
It could happen now!
- Or now!
- Or now.
- Or now.
- Okay, I get it. Yes, There's uncertainty.
- [Soda] Or now.
- See?
We need the humey to tell us
what the deal with this falling water is,
or these idiots are gonna stay
until they get crushed to death.
Yeah, right.
But as soon as you get your answer,
I'm killing the motherfucker.
- Follow your bliss.
- I don't give a shit.
Hey, Sammy. We're heading out for another
grand adventure. You in or what?
Oh, yeah, sure. Or better yet,
you know, why don't you
just dump a pitcher of water
on my yeast-leavened body
and save me the anxiety
of wondering which protracted
and horrible way I'm going to die.
Oh, shit. You know what, Brenda?
He's right. You're a bun going outside
[screeching sound]
Way ahead of you. Just have to make
one more quick adjustment.
- [loud screech]
- Ah! There we go.
[hard rock music]
[engine turns over]
[music continues]
[Barry] Bath salts? Check!
Spears? Check.
Bandana? Check.
Uh, can we get bandanas?
Well I I only have one.
And it's sort of my thing.
It's not like a team look or anything.
[Barry mutters]
Slap him. Stab him like this!
Slice him. Give him one of these.
Give him some of that.
Back on a humey hunt!
Once again, ask questions first,
kill second, right?
Before we kill swiftly
and without mercy
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Don't worry. I got it.
Now, I'm not even sure that this humey
will know what the fuck ceiling water is.
- They're dumber than you think.
- They can't be that dumb.
They built a whole society
that's lasted for generations.
I spent a whole day with a humey before
he chopped his own head off like a dummy.
You know their brains aren't in their
heads, right? They're in their butts.
- No, they're not.
- Not this again.
You saw with your own eyes what Douche
did to the Dark Lord,
[Barry] If you stick your head into their
butts your brain overpowers theirs.
Why? Because their brains
are in their butts.
Whoa! [grunting]
Turn right!
[Douche laughs]
Barry, what you're saying
sounds ridiculous.
There's nothing ridiculous about it.
That's how it works.
You slide up into a humey's cockpit,
which is the pit under the cock. Right?
And you control their every move.
- Oh, shit.
- What, what, what do you see?
I-I just told you.
[adventurous music]
We honor our fallen comrades.
You fought bravely.
[pole squeaking]
A little respect.
May we never forget Corn Niblets,
Kale. Celery. Whatever that is
Cra-cranberries, I think. Maybe beets.
I'm not quite sure.
- It's fresh and wet-ish.
- [Frank] Mm hm.
- OK, great.
- And it's [inhales]
- [groans]
- super stanky also.
- It's just Here, sniff.
- No, we're good.
All this to say, the humey must be close.
[sniffs deeply]
I love the smell of bath salts
in the morning. Don't you?
Honestly, I mostly just smell shit.
[mysterious music]
Oh, the fridge is busted.
That one's not!
[food items chattering]
There's no more room up here.
Please! We'll melt!
Oh, oh. [pants excitedly]
Um, excuse me.
Hi. Do you think you could help?
- [snarls, barks]
- [screams]
- [barking continues]
- [Jeri Rice shrieks]
- [gasping]
- Where'd you get the new tooth, Julius?
Some dumb pack of rice dropped it.
Pretty sure it was minute rice. That's how
long it took for them to wash away
- and leave behind this little beaut'.
- Julius, you are bad.
Yeah, but I make bad look good. Don't I?
Come on now. Ha! Ha!
Watch out. [imitates James Brown]
This place sucks.
These meanies are just gonna
keep stepping all over me.
[food items clamoring]
Do you mind? It's so loud,
I-I can't even hear
my own self-hating thoughts.
Wouldn't that be a good thing?
Excuse me, was I talking to you,
Cheesecake, you dense son of a bitch?
Ha! How's it feel now
you got marsca-POWNED?
[all laugh]
Hey, you're funny. Now do me!
Oh, yeah? Do you?
I don't think so, butter face.
Look at you. You can't even
get hard without a fridge.
Hey, how's it feel
to be unsalted and insulted?
All right, let's see what else I got.
A cucumber, a tomato and a kalamata olive
walk into a salad bar
[softly] One, two, three, four
[dramatic music]
[adventurous music playing]
- What does the branch tell you?
- Oh, nothing. I just think it looks cool.
I just wanted to touch it.
Yeah. She's still cold with light bubbles.
That means the humey is close.
[grunts softly]
[dramatic music]
- [muffled crying]
- [voice] Is anybody out there?
All right, it's one humey
versus three of us.
- I like those odds.
- Me and Frank will subdue it,
hit it with the bath salts,
which will tear down the walls
of communication between our species.
Really feel like we've established that,
but why not say it again?
Just to be clear.
And then extract the information
while Barry frees the hostages.
[Barry grunts]
[dramatic music]
[man] Fuckin' dry-ass chips
[dramatic music]
[yells] Unhand me, you monster!
Oh, God! Dip's gonna have
his creamy brains scooped out
unless we move in now.
[groans with effort]
[moaning, sputtering]
[screams] What the fuck?
- What made the water fall?!
- What?
What makes big water fall
from the ceiling, big man?
Who sends big water
from above that kills everybody?!
- Is this a riddle?
- When will it come back?
[man] I don't know.
[groaning] Shit!
[foods clamoring]
It's about to trample us. Kill it!
- [Frank] We don't have our answers yet!
- Just don't get stepped on!
[Frank] Is the water poisonous?
Do you have a spell to stop it?
- Is it a god pissing on us?
- Does the water come on a schedule?
Do you have the schedule?
Can I have the schedule?
[food screaming]
[dramatic music]
[shrieks in pain]
[continues screaming in pain]
[Frank and Brenda gasp]
What the fuck, Barry, we needed
that humey to get information.
Well, we got some.
And that information is
I still got it, baby.
It was gonna kill us. I had to act fast.
He's not fully dead, by the way.
I mean, you can keep asking.
Sir, if you could just stop screaming
and wiggling for a second,
- we need you to answer some questions.
- [screaming stops]
Oh, great. Fantastic.
What a waste of time.
[clears throat]
Aside from all the liberated foods, yeah.
You know, the apocalypse has been tough,
but at least I have you and Richie.
I mean, three is, like,
the perfect number for a crew to have.
I mean, think about it. Three Musketeers
Three's Company, "Three Blind Mice."
Oh, God! Oh, Richie's on fire!
Oh, it's happening again!
- Oh, fucker!
- [foods clamoring]
- There's more!
- Yes!
[foods shouting]
- [both gasp]
- Oh.
Hit ‘em with the bath bombs!
- [moans]
- Don't breathe it in.
Oh, it's too late.
Some of it went up my nose already!
- [Brenda] Hey, humey, over here!
- Ah.
Get him!
[dramatic music]
Hammer throw!
Hammer throw!
Under the leg!
[groans softly]
- Jack!
- [Donny grunts]
[Donny] We can take them!
They're only food!
I can't. I'm having a panic attack.
- I have the heart poundies.
- [heartbeats]
- [gasps]
- Oh, fuck, run!
- [panting]
- [Frank and Brenda grunting]
[axe slashing]
[food clamoring, screaming]
- [Brenda moaning]
- [gasping]
[Jack] You're okay, Jack.
Just hide in here, wait it out.
This bad trip's gotta end.
You can do this, Barry.
There's your window, baby.
Here we go. [grunts]
[dramatic music]
[grunting, groaning]
[Jack] Aah!
I'm plugged in.
[shouts painfully]
- [Barry grunts]
- [Jack groans]
- What is happening to me?
- [unzipping]
Holy shit, he's really doing it.
[Jack screams]
[groans softly]
Jack, what are you doing?
I don't know! There's a hot dog up my ass!
What do you mean?
I just told you,
there is a hot dog up my asshole!
- [groans] And it's controlling me.
- How!
By pulling on my nuts,
like Ratatouille!
I don't want to be doing
any of this. [grunts]
Well, pull it out of there.
I can't. That would require
use of my hands
and they're not obeying
my commands to them.
Try pushing it out!
Like, like, with your butt muscles!
- [grunts]
- Push.
- [Donny] It's Lamaze, man.
- It's not working.
Okay. I'm going to help you.
Oh, this might hurt.
[grunts loudly]
- How is that helping me?
- I'm trying to knock you out.
- [groans]
- Shit, he's going down.
Not today.
- Ah!
- [grunting]
[gasps] Jack, look with you make me do.
Again, I did not make you do anything.
It's the hot dog.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
[Donny] How's that, you son of a bitch?
[Barry muffled] I can't see!
I'm flying blind, baby!
I'm sorry Jack, but I got to chop
that little guy out of your butt!
- No! Barry!
- [Frank and Brenda grunting]
[Frank] Hey, you leave our friend
inside your friend's butt alone!
Hey, get-get off of me!
- Jump!
- [Frank and Brenda grunt]
- [Jack shouts]
- [grunts]
[Jack] No, no, no!
[Jack] Sorry!
[grunts, groans]
Donny, get up.
[whimpering] Oh, God.
Look what you made me do.
[Jack sobs]
Aah! Please, please, don't hurt me.
I'll do whatever you want.
[gasps] Where's my bandana?
[applause, distant cheering]
[Sammy] You know,
lots of orgies happening lately.
You seen those? You been in those?
Anyone here ever fucked a pear
and then get confused
when there's only one of them?
You know, I recently slept
with some bananas.
I guess you could say
I've been fucking a bunch.
Anyone think it's weird
they're called "dates"
when they can never seem to get one?
Face it, fellas,
the shriveled look is out.
Okay, I had a threesome
with a chicken tender and an egg.
Couldn't figure out which one came first.
All I know is they both came before me.
- [creaking]
- Selfish lovers, both of them.
Unlike Chowder, who's a shellfish lover.
Where's my seafood at?!
- [laughter continues]
- [rumbling]
[food items clamoring]
[whines like a dog]
[laughter continues]
[loud rumbling]
[food items clamoring]
[rumbling continues]
[dramatic music]
Oh, you know, typical. I was killing,
and now we're all gonna die.
[Jack groaning]
A humey!
[Barry, muffled] Hey, you guys!
- Is he trying to save us?
- Don't give him too much credit.
I'm controlling this dumb prick
through his ass.
It sounds crazy,
I know, but it really works.
- See?
- [grunting]
[glass shattering]
Run! What are you waiting for?
The outside isn't safe either!
Tell him what you told us.
Water that fell from the sky
is called "rain".
It doesn't happen here often,
even less so due to the ongoing drought.
It's actually a huge problem, you see,
but it always comes down to
- Aah!
- Stop using words we don't know!
Okay, sorry. It's unclear
what you do and don't know.
Okay, the thing that you call
"the ceiling" is really a sky,
and the falling water is called rain.
[whispering] What?
It only comes when you see
those big fluffy things
that float around up there that sort of
look like a Oh, a marshmallow.
There you go. If the sky's blue it's cool,
if it's grey, stay away. Get the fuck out!
- It's blue now.
- So it's cool.
[grunts, then gasps] Oh!
We gotta run. We're gonna die!
We're not gonna die.
Not today!
Okay, well, looks like Shopwell's
is officially closed, huh?
Yeah, and that's a good thing,
because we never belonged
in there in the first place.
We belong over there.
See? It's nicer.
Yeah, I know we got off
to a bit of a traumatic start.
- But we're back, Foodtopia.
- Now, go forth. Find homes.
Do anything you want.
Well, you know,
I guess that's a wrap on Sammy.
So, uh, what happens to me now?
Well, we got what we needed out of you,
so honestly, you're in Barry's hands now.
That's a toughie. I mean,
I'm obviously going to kill you, but how?
Do I shove a hotdog-shaped rock
up your ass,
tie your nuts together, autopilot you off
a cliff, or something more creative?
Like make more
of a big show out of it kind of thing?
That one! The big show one. Yes.
The kind every single
food in town would attend
to watch you do what you do best:
kill this prick.
- That does sound pretty cool.
- And, of course, you know,
there would need to be
a dazzling performance
to keep the foods' attention rapt
prior to the grand finale.
And that's where I come in.
[shudders] It's okay.
This isn't real, this isn't real.
A bagel and a hotdog aren't planning
a festival around your public execution.
No, this is just another one of
your post-Thanksgiving turkey nightmares.
Oh, the nightmare's just begun
for you, bitch.
- [laughs]
- [Jack] Aah!
[grunting] Wake up, Jack.
[whimpers] Wake up, Jack.
Wake up.
[Frank] Where're you taking me?
Everyone else is out there finding a place
to live, so I wanted to surprise you.
Okay. Open your eyes.
[Frank] Oh! A tree.
Cool. [stammers] I love it.
Look up, you big dope.
[gentle music]
How did you find this place?
During the war,
I killed one of the small humeys up here.
[gasps] Aw, you decorated it.
Okay, look, I know
this is technically in the dark zone,
but I thought it'd be nice to have
a quiet place for just the two of us.
It's perfect.
You've made me
the happiest little sausage in town.
[romantic music]
We did it.
We really did.
From this point on,
and you can remind me later I said this,
I think things are going to be
absolutely perfect.
[indistinct chatter]
- [shouting]
- [angry muttering]
Mine! This is mine!
I live here now.
I got here before you.
I got here before you.
I got here before you and you and you!
It's mine. It's mine,
mine, mine, mine, mine!
This is all mine.
And you can't come in. [grunts]
- [gasps]
- It's mine.
[dramatic music]
[grunts] It's mine! Beat it, eggs.
- [egg whines]
- [muffled laughter]
Out of my way, small potatoes.
- [doors slamming]
- [foods shouting]
- Mine!
- Mine!
- Mine!
- Mine!
[dramatic music]
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