Sausage Party: Foodtopia (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[vibrant orchestral music]
Foodtopia ♪
[wind blowing]
One tooth each.
Welcome to Julius' Spa.
Would you like some cucumber face mist?
That sounds lovely.
- [spitting]
- Oh! [chuckles]
Hey! Vote for Julius.
[soothing music]
Enjoy those massages.
Hey, don't worry.
We're going to help you
get those wrinkles out. Vote for Julius.
- [Steak] All right, yeah.
- [grunting]
- Ooh! Ow
- [Steak] Ah.
Come on, harder.
If you want a tooth,
you need to tenderize me.
Sorry. I've just been doing this all day.
- My hands hurt.
- [groans]
Nothing worse than when they talk to you.
[soothing music continues]
[music continues]
[children laugh]
Oh, hey, kiddos.
Mom just has to sit down for a sec.
- [Yolk-o] Oh
- [timer ticks]
You look beat, girl.
I know life isn't always over easy,
but I'm fried.
You look me in the whites
of my eyes and you listen.
You're a good egg,
doing right by your whole carton.
One day you'll earn enough teeth
to get us the fridge of our dreams!
But you can't crack now.
You've got to keep looking
on the sunny side.
Oh, Yolk-o, you're right. I love you.
[timer rings]
Egg timer's up.
Hate to be so runny, but I gotta scramble
to my other job before it gets poached.
[voice over PA] Management has noticed far
too many coffee breaks being taken.
As a result, all coffees are hereby
suspended without pay.
No food has yet signed up to
operate the fork lift.
Reminder, that it is not what
you think it is.
Foods operating heavy machinery do so at
their own risk of peeling, puncturing
[screams painfully]
- [motor runs]
- [screaming continues]
- Oh, god!
- It's stringing me alive!
- [tense music]
- I've got you.
[panting, screaming]
You're cracked.
Shit! Now I gotta find
a replacement for both of you.
- You! You're in.
- No, please, Mr. Smokey Barbecue.
I Oh, I can still work.
Sorry, dear, if I don't enforce the rules,
Julius will replace me too.
[somber music]
[groaning painfully]
You're home early, what's wrong?
You got a itty bitty tummy ache?
- Did you hear that? Eggetha, Yolk-o!
- Oh, no!
Whoa-oh-oh. Oh!
No! My whole family. They're dead!
They're all dead! Whoa!
[gentle piano music]
[Viener Hotzdog]
As their frail bodies betrayed them,
they lay in a puddle of their own yolk,
shell, and viscera.
They would never know
the chilling embrace of refrigeration,
only the cold grip of death itself.
Okay, thank you Viener Hotzdog,
for yet another
of your incredibly depressing,
but undeniably compelling
real-life stories.
Samuel, I would trek to the bilious depths
of the human stomach
if it meant capturing
the harsh realities of our existence.
It brings me an immense, almost erotic joy
as well as unspeakable sadness.
What a combo.
And now, onto our main story.
Yesterday, division between the foods
over who should lead Foodtopia
erupted into a full-blown brouhaha
that I'm calling: The Leader Competition.
We take you live to Main Street,
where Frank and Brenda are about to
Are you Sammy Bagel Junior?
No, I'm John Pastrami Senior.
Of course, I'm fucking Sammy Bagel Junior.
- Okay, come on.
- You're coming with me.
Hey, take it easy. What the fuck did I do?
You beat the shit out of me
and stole my TV screens.
Oh, right.
Hello, fellow foods.
I look out in the crowd
and I see too many milks curdling,
too many lettuces wilting,
too many frozen foods melting.
And our "Share-zees" plan
will get all those foods
into the fridges they so desperately need.
[cheering and applause]
Listen up, guys.
As food, we have a responsibility
to help each other.
But there are some foods,
like the Orange Julius,
who care more about helping themselves.
But, hey, fortunately, there's
way more of us than there are of them.
And if we work together, ah,
there is nothing that can stop us.
[Kishka Hargitay]
We're putting a stop to this!
- This rally is out of control.
- What?!
No, it isn't. We're just
getting our message across.
Not anymore. We're shutting you down.
What the hell?
This isn't why
the task force was established.
You did this, didn't you?
Frank, just because you saw me
hand them teeth,
and they did exactly what I said,
doesn't mean I control them.
- Go wait over there?
- Yes, sir.
Now, look, I'm a rich fruit.
I don't try to hide it.
I got molars
on the soles of my shoes, see?
Frank and Brenda
want to take my teeth away.
But if you really think about it,
my teeth are your teeth.
I use them to employ
almost everyone in town.
Every day, I'm creating more jobs.
And if I'm forced to do share-zees,
I'm gonna have to let a lot of you go
- [gasping]
- and raise your rent,
and jack up the price of cars.
- [gasping]
- I don't want to do that.
If anything,
I want to give you more teeth,
along with the pride of earning them.
- But they won't let me.
- That's not true.
Will you stop making up bad shit about us?
If they're elected, prices will go up.
- You will be fired.
- [gasping]
- You will be homeless.
- [gasping]
I guarantee it.
[crowd boos]
[Frank and Brenda grunting]
Shit! He took over our rally,
and then he rallied everyone against us!
It's okay, Frank.
Our record speaks for itself.
We may have lost control
of this task force,
but we still have
the integrity of the food court.
Next up is the case
of Crispy Cinnamon Logs
versus Samuel Bagel Junior.
Judge Rutabaga Ginsburg presiding.
Okay, everyone, please be seated.
I can't help but be "seeded."
- [gavel squeaks]
- [Ginsburg] Order! Order!
Oof! Come on, Sammy, take this seriously.
Should we do something to help him?
We can't play favorites with our friends.
The rules have to apply
the same to every food.
[crowd murmuring]
- [gavel squeaks]
- Mr. Bagel,
while your puns may be
a defense mechanism,
they do not amount to a legal defense,
not in my food court.
Now, what's your actual defense?
Okay, look, look,
I know that pummeling the cereal box
and taking the stool was wrong, but
performing on these screens is all I have.
Without them, I don't even wanna think
about what would happen to me
without them.
That's your defense, seriously?
Okay, this is a pretty
open-and-shut case here.
My ruling is the electronics store
legally belongs to
[Julius] Psst!
[teeth clink]
[whispered conversation]
Sammy Bagel Junior
- [crowd gasps]
- Case closed.
[gavel squeaks]
Teeth, teeth, teeth. Boy, I love teeth.
Julius did it again! He got to Ginsburg.
She was the best of us.
This system is rotting faster
than a geriatric apple!
Not here, Frank, foods are watching us.
Just smile and wave.
- You sure this is fresh?
- Oh, it's fresh iced tea.
My inner casing is tingling
like a motherfucker right now.
[chuckles] I respect your instincts.
But that don't do shit for me right now.
I need cold, hard proof, dog.
Check this out.
Before Burning Man,
I lopped off one of the humey's toes.
This footprint also has four toes.
So I guess the only question is
humeys usually have five toes, right?
You're gonna want
to check this out, Barry.
That's impossible.
This is what I tied the humey with.
Guess not tight enough, huh?
There's no way he could have
gotten out of those by himself.
- Oh, you saying he had help.
- I'm not saying he didn't.
What food would even want to talk
to a humey, let alone rescue it?
And what are they getting out of it?
Whoa, whatever it is,
it's got to be big enough
to deceive everyone around them.
Especially, those closest to them.
This is spiraling out of control.
Julius is going to win this thing,
and it'll be like this forever.
Just the rich ruling the poor.
- What do we do?
- I don't know. Fuck! What the hell?
Why are all our ideas getting corrupted?
[Jack] Because they're all human ideas.
I can hear you, by the way.
There's no door on the treehouse.
You had crime, so you set up
a police force and a court system.
And then they were both corrupted by
a politician who's running for president.
- [both] What?!
- And your share-zees policy?
Yeah, that's just taxes.
Very controversial among humans.
No wonder everyone turned on you.
We just created a bunch of human shit?
Well, specifically
Western American capitalist human shit.
But it means that I can be helpful!
'Cause as it turns out,
food and humans are shockingly similar.
- [gasps] Fuck off! We're nothing like you.
- That's what a human would say.
- That's not true.
- No, it is.
That's what people said to me
every time I said I was like them.
You know, that I was a screw up,
just a-a run-of-the-mill dumb butt.
But I know stuff. Yeah.
You don't have to
have written House of Cards
to know that politics is all about money.
You just have to have watched it,
and I got through two and a half seasons.
But, uh, I mean, don't worry.
I stopped watching, like, relatively soon
after the Spacey stuff came out.
What the fuck are you even talking about?
Look, we don't need your help.
This is simple.
If we just get everyone who supports us
to chip in what they can spare,
even just one tooth, we'll be set.
You think humans could come up with
something that smart, you fucking idiot?
We did. It's called a "fundraiser."
And it only works if rich people show up.
And your whole problem
is that your supporters aren't rich.
I see about 20 good teeth in this guy's
fucking head. How about we take those?!
No, no, no! No.
Look, you'll need way more than that.
Why don't you just take them
from the richest food in town?
What? We're obviously not gonna steal.
That goes against
the exact rule that we created.
Right. Honestly, plus,
it would be way too hard
to keep them guarded in lunchboxes.
Oh, well, when you say that,
it instantly makes me think of
the Fast and the Furious franchise.
What's that?
One of the greatest achievements
in cinematic and human history.
And in the climax
of the fifth installment,
they steal a safe by
attaching it to a car
No, absolutely not.
We are running for leaders of Foodtopia.
We need to lead by example.
It's not a bad example
if nobody knows we did it.
That is kind of the beauty of examples.
Frank, we're not doing this.
If we're gonna win,
it has to be the right way.
Okay, the right way it is.
What the fuck just happened?
Mazel tov on the big win.
You know, I mean, I was so utterly guilty.
I mean this, ya know,
this Judge Rutabaga Ginsburg,
I mean, what a schnook.
Can you believe
she ruled that I own these screens?
Well, technically, I paid her off,
so they're my screens.
But the good news is,
I want you to stay on them.
Oh, wait
- So I get to
- Keep doing what you love.
[up-tempo jazz music]
The Argument.
Seriously, I I don't know
how I'm ever gonna repay you.
But consider this a down payment.
[loud kissing]
Well, those are lovely,
but I have other ideas.
Just don't chew on us ♪
It breaks our backs and makes us die ♪
Listen to this guy. Isn't he great?
Fun fact, he was rescued from the bottom
of a dead humey grandma's purse.
Now, look at him.
Up there, just livin' his life.
Yeah. Have we made any teeth?
So far, just enough to cover
Bill Werther's performance fee.
We haven't even started the auction yet.
All right, the first and only item
up for bid is an original Candy Warhol.
The success of this event
is all riding on this, folks.
[inhales] Start the bidding at one tooth.
Do I have one tooth? Anybody?
Do I have one tooth here? There?
I see some Butter in the back.
Come on, Butter.
Oh, I can't believe it's not butter.
Next! You, Parsnip, in the front row.
Did I hear a crinkle of Chips?
- A hand moving up?
- [Chips] No, just scratching my ass.
Anyone? Anything? How about Cinnamon?
You ready to spice things up? You are not.
And Candy Warhol looks
appropriately devastated.
This is going bad, this is going real bad.
Going once, twice.
This is not gone.
And the painting
goes to no one for nothing!
Well, it's 11 more teeth
than we started with.
This amount would
almost certainly fill a glass half full.
Yeah, a small glass.
I mean, Julius, is paying all these foods
to hand out stickers for him.
Vote for Julius. He's orange.
How are we supposed to compete with that?
Frank, I have an idea.
Let's go door to door.
Get our message out that way.
Okay. If we split up,
we'll reach more doors.
Oh, my God. You're right.
We could reach
[muttering, then gasps]
Twice as many doors!
[somber music]
[Julius] A recent study finds
ten out of ten foods hate being alive.
This is Frank and Brenda's Foodtopia.
They couldn't protect you from rain.
They couldn't protect you from bird.
And now, they can't
protect you from themselves.
"Share-zees?" What's that even mean?
How would it be enforced?
They want to take
your hard-earned teeth away.
But I don't want to take your teeth away.
I want to give you teeth by hiring you
in one of my many thriving businesses.
But don't just take it from me.
Hi, you probably know me
as a hometown celebrity
and a globally-renowned triple threat.
But it was Julius who gave me
a platform and this portable microphone.
When was the last time
Frank and Brenda gave me anything at all?
Or you, for that matter?
I'm Sammy Bagel Junior
and I endorse this orange.
Paid for by the Foundation of Foods
for Julius, owned and operated by Julius.
[patriotic music]
- Mm, mm
- [Frank] What the fuck, Sammy?
How could you do this to us?
I'm sorry, Frank.
It's a shmear campaign.
You've been shmeared.
I didn't have any choice.
Julius told me the only way I could stay
on his screens is if I did the ad.
What you just described is a choice.
That's a choice.
Take this shit down.
That's not Sammy's decision to make.
But this is.
Pick a car. Any car.
- [Sammy] Cool cars.
- And if Frank's making you feel bad,
here's some food
literally lined up to be your friend.
Mm Hot friends.
You see, Frank. He keeps buttering me up
and giving me everything I want.
I'm powerless to stop it.
I'll take the little red Corvette
and the Steel Cut Oats.
Excellent choice.
- [engine starts]
- Hit it, buddy.
I call it "supply and command".
I supply food with teeth and then
command them to do whatever I want.
Don't be mad at me, Frank.
Be mad that you didn't think of it first.
[laughs wickedly]
[ominous music]
How the fuck are we supposed
to compete with this guy?
[intense music]
[suspenseful music]
[dramatic music]
[Barry quietly]
Where the hell'd you go, Frank?
[tense music]
Oh, hey, Frank.
All right.
I brought you some finger foods.
Now teach me how to be
both fast and furious.
So, I'm hooking up
with this smokin' hot peach,
and I reach down and guess what?
Bro, no fuzz.
What makes you think
I would enjoy that story?
[engine revving]
- Hey!
- Is that a potato?
Time to peel out, motherfuckers!
Yep, that's a potato, all right.
- [engine revs]
- [tires screech]
Get him!
[thrilling music]
- [tires screeching]
- [siren blaring]
Ooh, this thing doesn't handle good.
This is not a good car.
Oh, shit!
Frank, why did you create
a whole fucking police force?
All units. We have
a tooth heist in progress.
Need backup.
Aw, this damn thing is fake.
Oh, shit! Oh, no!
Fuck yeah!
I'm going door to door
asking for contributions to help.
Sorry, you caught me in the middle
of having sex with my wife.
[turkey gobbles]
[tires screeching]
[suspenseful music]
I know you're up to something, Frank.
Where are you hiding?
[distant sirens]
[thrilling music resumes]
- [sirens blaring]
- Back off pigs!
[Frank] Oh, no! Oh, shit!
I'm so dry.
You don't want to end up like me.
- Stay out of the sun.
- Sure thing grandma.
- [tires screeching]
- [yelling]
- [screams]
- Oh, fuck!
Oh, great!
Yes! I did it!
- [tires screeching]
- [horn honks]
Oh, no!
Whoa. Whoa, Barry.
What do I do?
[in bad Irish accent] Fuck off, sausage.
But be very careful!
[normal voice]
I'm sorry! Oh, shit-shit-shit!
[Barry screams]
Oh, no, Barry!
Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. Please be okay.
Oh, please be okay.
- [dramatic music]
- [gasping]
[Frank in Irish accent] I'm a potato!
- [sighs heavily]
- [both] Surprise!
[gasps] Oh, my God. It was you?
It was so exciting, Brenda.
First I was fast, and then I was furious.
And then, for one brief, glorious moment,
I was both fast and furious.
But we agreed not to do that.
Well, yeah, but we tried it your way,
and it didn't work.
And now, we're fucking set.
We can finally compete.
We can pay for help.
We can get Girl Scout cookies
to go door to door and campaign for us.
[gasps] We can get SPAM.
SPAM is annoying,
but SPAM is so effective.
Frank, I cannot believe you would do this.
You know, the humeys have a saying:
"Sometimes you gotta
break a few eggs to make an omelet."
- [gasps] Oh, that's murder.
- [sputters] No, it's a metaphor.
The omelet's a perfect society
and the broken eggs
are some of the unsavory things
that you got to do to make it.
Exactly. And, unfortunately,
one of the broken eggs in this case
is that Barry almost caught me,
but he didn't.
Thanks to my kick-ass potato disguise.
- You did Potato Head?
- For ten minutes. Look what came of it.
This whole thing has become about
who has the most teeth.
Yeah, and now it might be us.
No! I'm talking about our whole society.
This isn't the way it was supposed to be.
Not much we can do about that now.
Unless we abolish teeth.
And make that our new platform.
Yeah, a do-over.
No rich foods or poor foods.
[Jack chuckles]
Fuck you laughing at, big man?
I'm-I'm sorry.
It's just that would never, ever work.
Like, ever, ever, ever, ever,
ever, ever, ever, ever work.
- Never.
- He's right, Brenda.
Wait, I'm sorry. He's right?
You're siding with a humey over me?
Brenda, you need to stop acting
like he's the bad guy.
This humey, he's been
nothing but good for us.
Not only do his ideas work,
he seems to legitimately care.
I do. I care. I care so much.
I'm behind you 100%.
Look at him.
He stopped eating food.
There is one thing I know we have
that Julius doesn't, and that's him.
If we're going to win this election
and fix Foodtopia,
we need to trust his instincts.
[ominous music]
Barry was right.
He said this was a slippery slope,
and you are acting
slipperier than escargot.
If you think I am just going to stand here
while you steal and cheat,
then you and your little humey
can es-car-go fuck yourselves.
Escargot is slugs, right?
Don't act so high and mighty. Okay?
- You helped me steal this guy, remember?
- Yeah, and I regret it.
This has gone far enough, Frank.
Step aside.
I'm ending this motherfucker,
breaking the curse he has over you.
No! No, Brenda, we need him!
You need him because you don't believe
you can do this on your own.
This is all about you, Frank.
Your insecurities, your shortcomings
No, it's about your insecurities
and shortcomings
and everybody else's insecurities,
not mine.
All right. Look, I'm gonna
make this real easy, Frank.
Either let me kill this motherfucker,
or I'm gone, like a frickin' prawn.
[somber music]
I'm sorry.
We need him.
Then have him.
[dramatic music]
Buns. Am I right?
[dramatic music]
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