Sausage Party: Foodtopia (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

[vibrant orchestral music]
Foodtopia ♪
[acoustic guitar music
to the tune of "Dust in the Wind"]
I'm feeling pain.
She closed her eyes ♪
But only for a moment
then the tap turned on ♪
The water's stream ♪
Splashed upon her face
and she died painfully ♪
- Why would Frank
- do this?
- Mush in the sink ♪
- [crowd booing]
- Brenda turned to mush in the sink ♪
- Brenda turned to mush in the sink ♪
- Mush in the sink ♪
- Brenda turned to mush in the sink ♪
Brenda turned to mush in the sink ♪
[song ends]
[P.A.] Uh, Sammy?
It's almost showtime.
- You ready to come out yet?
- Not quite yet. Just leave me alone.
I mean But I'm fine.
Everything's fine.
Just I'll be there soon.
You have everything you ever wanted, okay?
Just go ahead and smile already.
What is wrong with me?
[Lavash] You're running from the pain,
you beautiful coward!
You're not real, you're not real.
No shit. But our love was
as was your friendship with Brenda.
[gasps] I couldn't help Brenda,
just like I couldn't help you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, okay?
[sputters] I'm sorry!
- [sobs]
- [knock at door]
Go away! Can't you hear?
I'm finally grieving
for my lost loved ones.
Cancel the show.
Sub in the Calamaris.
[Julius] I came by to check up on you.
I can see you're upset.
Who wouldn't be? Your good friend
murdered by your other good friend.
And now you're the one
who has to report the story.
- It's a lot.
- Yeah. Look, about that.
I just don't believe that
Frank would ever do that.
Right, but I was there.
I saw him turn her body to mush
with my own eyes.
You believe me, right?
[sputters] Yeah, but, you know,
it's complicated.
It's sort of a blind faith scenario.
You know, old friends over new friends.
After everything I've done for you.
Given you a platform, the fame
the fortune.
I did that for you.
And I can undo it.
So, either you tell the story
or someone else will.
Ha! Fat fucking chance replacing me.
Meet your replacement.
This is Duncan.
Duncan Donut?
What kind of garbage name is that?
Hello, Sammy. How do you do?
Oh. Jeez, that is a buttery voice.
Oh, fuck me.
Look at The camera's gonna love him.
Look how the light
just dances off his face.
He's double glazed.
The choice is yours, Sammy.
Report the story or lose everything.
This is Duncan Donut
filling in for Sammy Bagel.
Onto our main story.
From running mates to gruesome fates
that's left one bun murdered
in cold bread.
The one and only suspect
is Frank Frankfurter.
Seen here being absolutely humiliated
by Brenda in front of the entire town.
And also seen here
being arrested for her murder.
Our new leader, Julius,
had some harsh words for the accused.
Foods should not kill other foods.
And the only logical way
to show that this is morally wrong
is for us to kill Frank publicly.
[Duncan] We now cut live to the trial
where Judge Rutabaga Ginsburg
is about to read the verdict.
[dramatic music]
Barry, I know, I'm sorry
when you told me that story
about being a runt, ya know,
and I tackled you off your hora chair
and, you know, called you a runt.
And then, you know
Okay, I threw
that bottle of whiskey at you.
Definitely, you know, not me at my best.
That's okay.
How's Whiskey doing, by the way?
You know, same as Frank.
I mean, there's nothing worse
than a broken spirit.
Hey, murderer,
you have some visitors.
And try not to kill them
like you did Brenda.
I swear to you, I did not
We know. You could never kill Brenda.
Jeez, I know
what you're going through, Frank.
I too lost a dear loved one.
The grief made me do awful things.
Things that when you think of them,
it makes, you know,
your dick shrivel up
and just turn inwards.
Is that possible?
I turned on my friends.
I became almost unrecognizable,
even to myself,
except for the fact that I achieved
untold fame and fortune.
And now everyone recognizes me.
I mean, everyone.
But I'm-I'm doing an emotional about-face
and-and I'm open to change.
The point is, there's still hope, Frank.
No, there isn't.
Brenda's dead. Foodtopia's dead.
And I'm going to join them soon.
And that is probably for the best.
No, I don't think so, dude.
I saw how they're gonna execute you.
It looks like
it's gonna be really painful.
Nothing could be more painful
than what I'm going through right now.
Everyone thinks
I killed the love of my life.
Not everyone.
We're busting you out of here.
We didn't have time to tattoo
the blueprints on Sammy's back.
We're gonna tunnel our way out.
Sammy, hand me the spork!
You-you were serious about that?
Yes, I was Why else would I tell you
to bring a spork?
You know, I assumed because you couldn't
decide between a fork and a spoon.
Forget it.
Just leave me.
Well, you know,
there's nothin' funny about that.
We need to move fast
if we're gonna break him out.
Frank said he doesn't
want to be part of your escape plan.
Frank doesn't know what he wants.
This isn't going to be easy.
If only we had a perfect decoy sausage.
- Guten tag.
- [both scream]
Okay. A little on the older
and wrinklier side,
but a decoy is a decoy.
I've been searching everywhere
for you, Samuel.
What do you want, Veiner?
You come to spout some more elegant prose
about what an ass-eating sell-out I am?
On the contrary, Samuel.
The reclamation
of your integrity has inspired me.
So, now, I bring an ember
with which to ignite the fire of truth
in this endless night of lies.
[suspenseful music]
[Veiner] As you may recall,
I have been chronicling
Brenda's every move.
- What?
- What?
We didn't know anything about that.
Well, I was, and I found this.
No, wait. Not that.
This is, like, borderline creepy.
This. I noticed evidence of a struggle,
so I scaled the building.
But by the time I got into position
[dramatic music]
Julius did this?
At first glance, to the less perceptive,
it might appear that way.
In actuality,
the real perpetrator
of this most heinous act
appears to have been a tiny grain of rice,
who has been surreptitiously cock-pitting
the anus of the orange, Julius.
Food cock-piloting other food?
This exonerates Frank!
We just have to show this to everyone.
How the hell are we gonna broadcast?
Ever since I took my brave stand
at the electronics store,
you know, it's become the most
heavily fortified place in town.
I mean, they got
a security detail in bulk!
[Barry] There!
That's our entry point.
How are we supposed to get up in there
without being seen?
If only there was a way
we could propel ourselves
with extreme force and pinpoint accuracy
straight into that slot
Aw, shit.
[cricket chirps]
[owl hoots]
[gentle music]
Aw, Donny. Who woulda thought
when you asked me to join
your ultimate Frisbee team at the quad,
that one day I'd be bitin' into yours?
I don't know how safe it is
to consume his "carpe diem" tattoo.
I'll just eat around it.
So toned.
You're tellin' me
Frank fucked that monster? How?
- What went where?
- I don't even wanna think about all that.
All I know is it ended up in a big mess.
[Jack] I can hear you.
The bath salts have given me
ultra-sensitive hearing.
Along with some other new traits.
I knew it.
I knew you were still eating food.
This isn't food.
- What food would this even be, Barry?
- HoneyBaked ham with shoe.
It's my friend Donny Rickman.
Remember, the one you made me kill.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Good times. Yeah.
Did Frank send you here to gloat
about how happy is to be back with Brenda?
Brenda's dead.
Oh, she is!
So, did Frank send you to tell me that?!
What? No. Stop smiling.
Hey, you know,
she was our best fuckin' friend,
- you meshugana cunt!
- Frank's in trouble.
Julius is going to kill him.
We need your giant body
and weird skill set to save him.
[intense music]
[calmly] I'm in.
It's time, Frank.
[cell bars clanking]
[jeering and whistling]
Dead dog walking.
[drums beating]
[crowd clamoring]
[drums continue]
[drum music ends]
There he is!
The first food
to take the life of another!
We are gathered here to honor
The memory of poor Brenda.
And to serve up some justice!
And revenge!
Which traditionally is
a dish best served cold.
But today it shall be served piping hot.
[cheering and applause]
[cheering continues]
Oh, no!
Oh, shit! Ooh, this hurts. [grunts]
[suspenseful music]
So, I'm hooking up
with this smokin' hot peach.
Here you go.
Now, all you need to do is throw this
through there.
What? That's insane.
The opening is barely bigger
than the Frisbee.
I can't cover that distance.
I'm known in the ultimate world
as a short game guy.
I do chicken wings, lateral dumps,
the occasional scoober
Actually, I'm pretty good at scoobers.
[sputters] What are you doing?
Strapping in, baby.
I can't do this.
It's one thing to account for the wind
and another to factor in wind,
plus the weight of a bagel and a hot dog?
Hey, hey, shut the fuck up and listen.
I hate you and your entire species.
And it kills me to say this,
but I believe you can do this.
[inspirational music]
I saw you tossing those plates.
Your accuracy
under pressure was astounding.
This time you're not throwing
to save your own ass.
It's to save Frank's.
So, if you really [gags]
love him, like you say you do,
then help him.
[music swells]
[groaning] It's sizzlin' my juice!
[dramatic music]
- [exhaling deeply]
- [knuckles cracking]
[music continues]
[slow-motion gasping]
[dramatic music continues]
- This is Duncan Donut
- [grunting]
Hey! You're not allowed in here!
Please, please, try to physically stop me.
[both shout]
- [Frank groans]
- [crowd chatters]
[quietly] Here I come, Brenda
the flames do not even hurt my mortal coil
because I know I will soon be [gasps]
Ah, fuck! Oh, no!
Oh, shit! It fuckin' hurts! It does hurt!
Sammy Bagel here.
Coming to you live with breaking news.
Frank is innocent.
- And we got the footage that proves it.
- [gasps]
Shit! How do I work this? Is it home?
Get in there! Now!
[all shouting]
[Sammy] I got!
[objects clattering]
Oh, hey! Oh, get off of me!
Hey! Don't open the door!
Seriously, you'll break my fuckin' back!
Do it!
Break Bread together.
Please! No! [shrieks]
Aah! Hold them off, Barry!
[Barry panting]
[running footsteps]
Shit. I never remember
how to work this thing.
Is it in Albums or in Recent?
- Shut your hole, bagel boy!
- [whimpers]
[continues grunting]
[dramatic music]
And got it!
- [crowd gasps]
- [grunting]
- [crowd gasping]
- See? There's your real murderer.
Now, set my friend Frank Frankfurter free.
Wait, so is there a food
up his butt right now?
[sputters] Uh, n-no!
Stop looking at my donk!
It may be gaping, but that doesn't mean
there's a food operating me.
And even if there was [laughs]
guess what? You voted for me.
I'm still your leader!
And I say Frank dies!
And same goes
for any of you who oppose me!
[dramatic music]
[Frank exclaims] Oh, fuck!
No, it hurts! It fuckin' hurts!
Why didn't I try to escape!?
Oh, fuck! No, no!
[dramatic music]
Come on, everybody.
Let's tip this thing over.
On the count of three. One
Three! Three! Just do it!
- Oh, shit! Oh, fuck!
- Frank, you're okay!
- Ouch!
- Oh, yeah. Sorry.
Yeah, of course, the burns.
[dramatic music continues]
Get in formation!
Protect me!
[grunts, screams]
- [grunting]
- [barks]
- [whimpering]
- Chicken wing!
[Barry grunts]
[grunting continues]
[dramatic music continues]
- [Jeri Rice screams]
- [grunts] Gotcha!
- [grunts]
- No! No!
She's out! I-I'm free!
[all] Kill her! Kill her!
Snap my fuckin' neck, you pussy!
[hocks a loogie]
This is for Brenda.
- [Jeri muffled] Get off of me!
- No!
Frank, she killed Brenda
and almost killed you.
I know. But the answer to killing
cannot be more killing.
[tender music]
So as hard as this is for me to say,
I forgive you.
Brenda saw the best in all of us,
even when we were at our absolute worst.
She never lost hope,
even when things seemed hopeless.
We have not looked out
for each other in Foodtopia,
not nearly enough.
So, I guess my hope is
if I can forgive this little rice
for killing Brenda
and framing-slash-attempting-to-execute
me for doing that
maybe you can all forgive each other,
to make our town a better
and more loving place.
Barry, I'm sorry I wasn't
a better partner to you.
I got caught up in the hustle.
I'm sorry for filling in
the maze on your back.
The maze on all your backs. I did 'em all.
Sorry I've been such a salty bitch
this whole time.
You you forgive me?
This whole time,
I only saw the worst in food,
and it brought out the worst in me.
But but you've shown me true goodness.
Well, I thank you.
You really can
get a second chance at life.
- [squawking]
- [all gasping]
Shit, the scarecrow.
Okay, uh, the important thing is,
we didn't kill her, right?
I-I I mean, I guess? I don't know.
So, what happens now
that our leader was a rice in an orange
and a flying monster ate her?
I think that makes
the flying monster the leader now.
Or is Julius still the leader?
Just without a grain of rice up his ass?
I don't think I'm ready for that.
I got a lot of healing to do.
Look, I'll get us through this transition
the way Brenda wanted us to.
Not driven by greed or property or wealth,
but by helping each other.
So, throw down your teeth.
[teeth clatter]
[triumphant music]
But I like my tooth.
I didn't vote for Frank.
Why are we even listening to him?
Let's just do another leader competition.
- Uh-oh.
- Well, wait. If that rice is gone,
who owns the toy store now?
Uh, I do. I call it.
I just punched out the food who called it!
It's mine again.
- Don't let her get away with it!
- Let's get him!
[dramatic music]
[food items clamor]
[Sammy] Frank?
- Where-where you going?
- Let him go, Sammy.
[gentle music]
[Brenda's voice]
Frank, we still have to fix Foodtopia.
We lost, but they're still our children.
They're always gonna be
our responsibility,
regardless of whether they push us away
or act like little assholes.
If I'm leader, we're gonna make
a big hole in the middle of town,
and anything goes in Big Hole.
No judgments whatsoever.
Not in Big Hole! So vote for me.
[heavy rumbling]
[tense music]
[all gasp]
[Can of Beans] A humey!
- Frank?
- It's only one. Let's get him!
[crowd cheers]
[dramatic music]
His armor! It's impenetrable!
That's right.
You should fear me.
I eat food.
Is that all right, Frank?
I didn't want it to be this way,
but you all left me no choice.
We founded Foodtopia because we believe
food should do whatever they wanted,
but we were wrong. You cannot be trusted
to make your own decisions,
- so I'll be making them for you.
- Frank, what are you doing?
This is the only way
we're ever gonna have a fair society.
Otherwise, Brenda will have
died for nothing.
I'm in charge now.
[ominous music]
Is that the humey Brenda said you fucked?
[food gasps]
[dramatic music]
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