Savage Beauty (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 ["Where Did You Sleep Last Night" playing.]
My girl, my girl, don't lie to me ♪ Tell me Where did you sleep last night? ♪ In the pines, in the pines Where the sun don't ever shine ♪ I would follow The whole night through ♪ My girl, my girl ♪ Don't lie to me ♪ My girl, my girl ♪ Don't lie to me ♪ [glass cracking.]
Tonight, all roads lead to Turbine Hall - [upbeat music playing.]
- [crowd clamoring.]
where Joburg's high-society will witness the reveal of the first "Face of Bhengu Beauty," voted for by the public online.
Mogul Don Bhengu is expected to make a speech about these new changes and the future of the Bhengu Beauty empire.
I don't care that the partners want equity.
- Draw up the papers! - [glass clinks.]
This expansion is happening on Don Bhengu's terms.
End of story.
Jesus! I can talk to the Kenyans, Ngcolosi.
The last time I went to Nairobi they were putty in my hands.
The new face of Bhengu must have mass appeal.
[in Sotho.]
They won't need equity to make money [in English.]
Save that enthusiasm for telling the maid how to clean, Grace.
[snorts, chuckles.]
[in Sotho.]
I know you're natural-born rubbish, Thando.
[in English.]
Don't make it worse with your drinking.
Excuse me? You had to be carried out at the minister's party.
[in Sotho.]
You disgraced our husband and the Bhengu name.
[in English.]
Please, Grace, I was fine.
You're the one that Don't make excuses for being low-class.
Tonight is about dignity.
Have some.
- And smile.
- Enough.
You know, I can't believe they've got us here handing out goodie bags to guests.
I should be the face of Bhengu Beauty.
I know, right.
This Zinhle girl isn't even a real model.
And that's why you shouldn't allow the public to vote for the face of Bhengu.
Imagine being able to live with the Bhengu's.
Getting your own car, getting to know Grace.
Even chilling with Phila Bhengu.
- Now you see that? - Oh my gosh.
That's a different story.
- Oh, he's so hot! - He's so hot! Oh, my God.
- [laughs.]
- [sighs.]
[woman 2.]
I'll tell him you say hi.
Let's go.
[alarm clock ringing.]
Oh! [groans.]
Shit! I have to go.
You guys just order whatever you want to, it's on me.
[cell phone buzzing.]
Zinhle, where are you? Oh my God, you're doing my job again.
It's just a little foundation, Sisi.
My foundation, darling.
- But I like doing it.
- That's okay, I'm fine with it.
[crowd cheering.]
Past faces of Bhengu Beauty have been supermodels, actresses, and celebrities.
Bhengu Beauty faced harsh criticism over their overly-edited images encouraging unrealistic standards of beauty.
Some wonder if the choice to go with an unknown face signals real change at Bhengu Beauty or is it simply lip service? But as we can see tonight, even though the public was asked to vote for the face of Bhengu Beauty, the only guests here are an elite bunch.
And now it seems Mr.
Bhengu and his two wives have arrived.
[crowd cheering continues.]
[upbeat music playing.]
[indistinct clamoring.]
Bhengu? - Mr.
Bhengu? - Hey, Angela.
[in Xhosa.]
I told you Angela's not welcome at Bhengu events.
[in English.]
She's a very powerful journalist, what she says goes.
This is big.
So, Dad, what do you think? [in Xhosa.]
Excellent job, my girl.
[in English.]
Don't stress! [in Xhosa.]
Have some champagne and meet some nice girls.
[in English.]
The walls could have been bigger.
Of course, Grace.
You did great, Linda.
This way for a photo.
Sorry I'm late.
Why do you insist on looking like a garden boy, Ndumiso? - Come on, Ma.
- Smile.
[camera shutters clicking.]
[in Xhosa.]
We're taking the family photo with or without Phila.
- [in English.]
Hi, fam.
- [Don.]
You're late.
I made it with five minutes to spare.
[in Xhosa.]
Let's do this.
[Phila clears throat.]
[in English.]
Bhengu smile.
[camera shutter clicks.]
That's baby number what? [Grace.]
[in Xhosa.]
Where's your baby number one? [in English.]
Bhengu, quick question, please.
Why ask the public to vote for the face of Bhengu Beauty but not have them at this event? You sure your company's committed to the things you speak about? [chuckles.]
[in Xhosa.]
Reserve your questions until after the launch.
[in English.]
And then you can be the judge.
[in Xhosa.]
She's always asking unnecessary questions.
[Thando in English.]
This is stunning, Linda.
- [Ndu.]
Well done.
- [Linda.]
Thanks! [Phila.]
How much did this cost? [Linda in Xhosa.]
No, don't ask too many questions.
[singing "Abantu".]
[song ends.]
Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the CEO of Bhengu Beauty, Mr.
Don Bhengu! [all cheering, applauding.]
If you told me 15 years ago that, uh Bhengu Beauty would become one of the biggest beauty companies in the country, soon Africa, I would have told you, "You are absolutely right!" Yes! [crowd cheering.]
I built this company with my own bare hands.
No political connections, no capital, no help whatsoever.
But tonight tonight we are here to unveil the new face of Bhengu Beauty.
I left the choice to a public vote because I wanted to provide an opportunity to someone who reminds me of myself, before I became the Don Bhengu.
Someone without privilege, someone unvarnished, an underdog to represent us all.
Ladies and gentlemen ushering in a new dawn as the newest face of Bhengu Beauty, Zinhle Manzini! [all cheering.]
["Entabeni" by Caiiro playing.]
[enthusiastic cheering.]
[cheering fades.]
[indistinct murmuring.]
What the hell? Uh [in Sotho.]
Linda! Go fix it.
[in English.]
Looks like Bhengu Beauty hasn't changed its colors after all.
[tense music playing.]
I could get you something a little stronger if you like.
[Don in Xhosa.]
What nonsense is this? Now we look like fools.
Let's take this home.
Damn it.
Everyone's going to call us hypocrites.
[in English.]
Ndu, take Zinhle to the car.
- How did this - Why must I repeat myself.
Just do it.
[in Xhosa.]
Did you mess this up? You too busy partying? [Phila in English.]
I didn't do this! I specifically told the designers to not change her complexion.
- Everything was perfect when I - Obviously not! We're trying to show we're not stuck in the past - and what do - [Linda.]
I'll fix it! I'll get to the bottom of this.
Listen [in Xhosa.]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[in English.]
Get Peter to bring the car.
[Don in Xhosa.]
This is a disaster.
The driver could have brought me.
No, I don't mind.
[clears throat.]
This is all going blow over in like a day or two.
You'll see for yourself.
I don't know how anyone could be so negligent.
You know? Okay, let me.
It's okay.
I can do it.
Whoa! Yeah.
I bet this has never happened to Naomi Campbell.
Oh no, actually it has.
I once helped her out just like this.
I'm joking.
I've never met her.
Very funny.
Give me your hand.
- Okay - Okay.
Um There you go.
This - Of course.
- For you.
Thank you.
You'll get your jacket tomorrow.
Damn it.
Twitter is abuzz.
Ah, yeah, well, Linda will figure out what happened, and we will do what we do best.
We will handle it.
Relax, old man.
Actually, I'm going to my room.
No, you stay exactly where you are.
I need everyone here.
[in Sotho.]
Regina, call Zinhle.
[in English.]
I need a double.
Thando will do it.
You can see your favorite son is already doing it.
I'll have a Chardonnay.
What a fuck-up.
[in Zulu.]
[in English.]
As I said, we will handle it.
My people are already tweeting in our favor.
- [Thando.]
Do you want a drink? - Yeah.
There you are, Zinhle.
- [in Sotho.]
Any journalists called you? - No, Mam' Grace.
If they do, no comment.
[in English.]
That goes for all of you.
PR is coming over, and we're going to say it was a technical malfunction.
Get it? End of story.
You can go.
Mam' Grace? [Grace.]
[in Sotho.]
Do you remember that I still need to go to my cousin's after-funeral cleansing? [in English.]
Your cousin is not family, Zinhle.
[sad music playing.]
[door closing.]
The events company messed up the images.
They can't explain what happened.
- [Grace.]
Linda, that's not good enough.
- I know that, Grace.
Okay, that's why I fired them.
- [Don.]
Good night.
- Ahem.
Good night.
Dad, is there anything I [Don.]
No, you've already done enough.
Thando? [in Sotho.]
What did I say to you about your sulking in public? [in English.]
I'm so sorry.
[clears throat.]
Um Drink, Mom? No thanks, and put that down.
No more drinking for you.
- Yes, definitely not.
- You called? [sighs.]
We need to talk.
["Somandla" by Mandisi Dyantyis playing.]
Your favorite.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
[in Zulu.]
To be honest [in English.]
I should be getting you chocolates after the day you had.
[in Zulu.]
Are you okay? [in English.]
It was weird seeing my face like that, as though it was bleached or something.
[in Zulu.]
But I'm okay.
I'm sorry.
[in English.]
How much damage do you think this will do to Bhengu Beauty? [in Zulu.]
I don't know.
[in English.]
As you heard, PR statements are being made, woh, woh, woh, woh.
I wonder how long people will be talking about it.
What did I do to deserve these, really? [in Zulu.]
I just wanted to thank you.
[in English.]
For being my friend here for the past four weeks.
[in Zulu.]
You'll get used to this place.
[in English.]
Even the royal bitchness herself.
But, it's good to have a new friend around here.
Oh, Don.
[in Sotho.]
Where are you off to? [in English.]
Partners are freaked out after last night.
I need to make a few calls.
[in Sotho.]
I'll ask Regina to bring some coffee to the study.
[in English.]
I'm actually going to the office.
[in Sotho.]
It's Saturday.
I've arranged a relaxing spa treatment.
[in English.]
I'll be back for dinner.
Don [Zinhle.]
How's everything with you? [in Zulu.]
Yesterday you seemed like you were a little sad.
[in English.]
You know what it's like with Grace.
"Smile, dear, we're in public.
" It's exhausting.
What's it like being a second wife? I wouldn't recommend it, but what I do recommend is some wine with these chocolates.
Hmm? Stolen from Grace's collection, of course.
It's not even midday yet.
- [Thando.]
Really? - Mmm.
But it is the weekend, right? [laughs.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
I'm coming.
Hi! I missed you so much.
I'll bet you did.
Of course.
Oh, babe, I heard about the launch.
I'm not here for that.
No? Oh.
I've got something for you.
- You do? - Yes.
It's so beautiful! Thank you.
[breathing heavily.]
- [Don.]
Wait, babe - Hmm? [Don.]
- What? - Call an ambulance.
What do you mean? What's going on? Ruby [grunts.]
- Stop - Oh my God, what's wrong? Are you okay? Call an ambulance.
Babe, what's wrong? Okay.
[breathing shakily.]
[siren wailing.]
[in Sotho.]
I don't know.
Grace doesn't want me to go.
She took I have to go, I'll call you back.
[in English.]
Does Does Mam' Grace need me? No, um Would you like to grab something to eat? I figured you could use an escape.
Thanks, but I'm going to sleep early.
Of course.
Um yeah, just shout if you need anything.
[in Sotho.]
That's the spot.
[cell phone buzzing.]
[Grace sighs.]
[in English.]
No, man.
[cell phone buzzing.]
Oh, Noni.
Eish! Yes? Where is he? [dramatic music playing.]
[in Sotho.]
We're here for Don Benghu.
Where is he? - [in English.]
Is he okay? - With you in a second.
Please, just tell us.
Hey! When I talk to you, you listen! - Where's my husband? - Mama, she's gonna get to us.
Is there a doctor or someone we can talk to? Mrs.
Bhengu? [in Sotho.]
What kind of service is this? You're a private hospital and we're waiting in reception? - [in English.]
Where's my husband? - [in Tswana.]
Sorry, ma'am.
Come with me.
[in English.]
 Just tell us if he's okay.
[in Zulu.]
Sis' Regina, where's everyone? [in Xhosa.]
They're all at the hospital.
Bab' Don had a heart attack.
- [in Tswana.]
He's in surgery right now.
- [Linda in English.]
How long will it take? He has a history of coronary artery disease.
When can we talk to the doctor? [in Tswana.]
I'll have more information after the surgery.
[in English.]
Excuse me.
Okay guys, whoa.
It's just a little scare, okay.
Dad is still young.
This stays right here.
We've had enough PR disasters already.
Mama, who cares about PR? Dad just has a heart attack.
Ndumiso! [in Sotho.]
We can't have people speculating.
Phila, find out who he was with at the office when this happened.
They can't talk.
[in English.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[Grace in Sotho.]
- [in English.]
What? - [Grace.]
It's all your fault.
[in Sotho.]
Your carelessness [in English.]
Are you fucking kidding, Grace Mama, come on, that's unfair.
Linda, she didn't mean that.
Of course I did.
[sucks teeth.]
- [sucks teeth.]
- [Zinhle.]
[Grace in Sotho.]
What are you doing here? Sis' Regina told me what had happened.
[in English.]
I thought I'd bring some snacks.
I doubt anyone is hungry.
Thank you.
It's like you read my mind.
I'm famished.
How's Bab' Don? [Ndu.]
Um, still in surgery.
What is it? He wasn't in the office.
His driver insisted he was there.
They found him at the company penthouse.
Was he alone? I don't know.
Hey, this looks good.
Is this you? - It's the least I could do.
- Thank you.
You can go.
And don't you dare tell anyone about this.
Let me know if you need anything else.
Oh yeah, um let me walk you out.
No, no, it's fine.
Stay with everyone.
I'll be okay.
[siren wailing in distance.]
- Hey.
- Coffee? Thank you.
You know that [in Xhosa.]
my father [in English.]
I don't have any family.
[in Zulu.]
But that's not true.
[in English.]
Ndu and Phila, they have Grace, and - [Thando.]
But you've got me.
- Yeah.
No matter what, Grace cannot get rid of you.
And you? [sniffs.]
Well, it wouldn't be the worst thing, right? [in Zulu.]
Your father is going to make it through.
Don't worry.
[cell phone chimes.]
What? Bhengu boys, your father's going to need a lot of support at the office.
[in Xhosa.]
Ma, can we stop talking about business for a second? [in English.]
How are you? We could lose Dad.
Okay, hold on.
We're not going to lose him.
I mean But he is right.
Maybe we can cool it on the business talk.
Your father's going to need a successor sooner than later.
[in Sotho.]
Think Linda's just "chilling" right now? [in English.]
If that happens, then he's going to choose me.
Someone leaked the news of Dad all over social media.
- What? - They said he's dying.
What did I say to all of you? [in Sotho.]
I said do not speak to the press! Who was it? [in English.]
Who said something, guys? Who? [Linda.]
Maybe it's Zinhle.
- Did you say - She's always around, so it makes sense.
Maybe someone heard us at reception.
Look, I will talk to the board, okay.
And we'll make sure that we [in Sotho.]
Can we see him? [in Tswana.]
Yes, you can.
But he's still resting.
[in English.]
To help with recovery.
So bear that in mind.
[dramatic music playing.]
[monitor beeping.]
Don? Ngcolosi.
[in Sotho.]
Don't you ever scare us like that again.
[Linda in Xhosa.]
Dad, please hold on.
Please, I still need you.
[in English.]
Thank you.
Well, I know that you're gonna be out of here in a couple of days.
So [Ndu.]
Stay strong, Dad.
We love you.
Get well, Ngcolosi.
My girl, my girl, don't lie to me ♪ Tell me Where did you sleep last night? ♪ In the pines, in the pines ♪ Excuse me, hi, did I not leave my phone here? My girl, my girl ♪ Don't lie to me ♪ My girl, my girl ♪ [door opening.]
Don't lie to me ♪ [monitor beeping.]
[door opens.]
This is a curse.
And this is my cue to go to bed.
Good night, everybody.
Thank you.
If it isn't a curse, what is it? First the launch [in Xhosa.]
and now Dad.
This is a curse.
- [in English.]
It's not a curse.
- Uh-huh.
Thank you.
But it is an opportunity.
- Guys, we've been wasting our time - Ndumiso.
[in Sotho.]
It's not time for one of your sermons.
Go to bed.
Why are you up? I was worried.
How is Bab' Don doing? [in English.]
That's not for you to worry about.
[in Sotho.]
Go to sleep.
[Ndu in English.]
She's just trying to be nice, Mom.
Zinhle? [in Sotho.]
Did you tell anyone about Don's heart attack? No, Mam' Grace.
My phone's been off the whole night.
[in English.]
Oh, that cleansing thing you can go.
[in Sotho.]
Thank you.
[in English.]
Some of these vultures.
[in Sotho.]
They wish their cards read "Rest in Peace.
" Goodness! You'd swear I'm the one who had a heart attack.
Get rid of these flowers.
[cell phone ringing.]
Justice were you on duty when my husband had a heart attack? Who was he with? ["Wish You Were Here" by Black Coffee playing.]
The tags on the city walls The color, the fight ♪ Ambition so tall Remind me of you ♪ The frost in the morning The steel birds and flies ♪ The river 'til dawn ♪ [song stops.]
Yay-hey! [in Sotho.]
Hey, bro.
- Hey! - [laughs.]
- Yay! - [in English.]
I made it.
What up, though? [both laughing.]
[in Sotho.]
I missed you.
I'm here now.
I thought I'd have to drag you back home.
Hmm? [in English.]
There's no need.
[in Sotho.]
Let's go inside.
Makhosi Mnisi is waiting.
[in English.]
Yeah? [chuckles.]
- [Zinhle.]
This feels so final.
- Yeah.
[in Sotho.]
We have to stay strong for her.
[Zinhle in Zulu.]
Greetings, Makhosi.
I still need to see other people.
You're wasting my time.
I'm sorry.
But I have a bottle of whiskey for you.
Good girl.
Where's my whiskey? Let's get to work.
[door opens.]
[in Xhosa.]
Praise God.
When did you wake up? I've been up for a while now.
How are you feeling? [in English.]
I'm so fit, I could run a marathon.
[both laugh.]
[in Xhosa.]
I've brought someone to see you.
[in English.]
Who's that? [in Xhosa.]
[in English.]
What a pleasant surprise.
[in Xhosa.]
I'm glad to see you awake.
I brought a few traditional things.
[in Zulu.]
These Western doctors also need help.
[in Xhosa.]
Now we are talking.
[Makhosi in Zulu.]
Ancestors of the Selepe family, the Elders and Protectors of this family, I ask that you allow me as a healer to cleanse these kids.
To cleanse them because there isn't an elder to do so.
Please allow me to remove this dark cloud that follows them.
And to remove these dark spirits that follow them.
Spirits that took their sister, Amahle.
Please allow me to do this so that their paths can be cleared.
Makhosi! - [groans.]
- Mm-hmm.
[in Xhosa.]
It's strong.
Can you feel it? I can feel it working already.
- That's good.
- [clears throat.]
- That's what we want to hear.
- [chuckles.]
[in Sotho.]
I didn't know you called for Simphiwe [in Xhosa.]
I brought her, Grace.
[in Sotho.]
Linda, you know your father's treatments can't [in English.]
I know what's good for me, Grace.
[in Xhosa.]
Thank you, my child.
You can go.
- [Linda.]
All right.
- Simphiwe.
You've really helped me.
[clears throat.]
[in English.]
We should be more careful.
Sit down.
What did the doctor say? I said sit down.
[dramatic music plays.]
There's going to be a few changes in our lives.
I need more children.
[Grace in Sotho.]
You know I can't have more kids.
[in English.]
Another heart attack and I'm dead.
I don't have time to waste, so I'm taking another wife.
I've already found someone who'll give me children.
You can't make a decision like that without my permission! No, I don't need your permission.
[in Sotho.]
I allowed my husband to marry you so he could have his entertainment at home.
Why is he looking elsewhere when you're here? [in English.]
What's that? Do you want to go and ask him yourself? [in Zulu.]
You heard what he said.
He wants more children, and you and I both know I couldn't [in English.]
Shut up! Thando, just shut up! [dramatic music playing.]
Smile, dear, we're in public.
Excuse me! [in Zulu.]
Who are you? [Grace in English.]
You know exactly who I am.
[in Zulu.]
Who are you? I'm Ruby.
[in Sotho.]
Isn't that a whore's name? [in Zulu.]
No, it's my real name.
[in English.]
Test her.
Test me for what? I'm not pregnant.
Why would I'm calling security.
No, you're not! Your choice.
You want to do this sleeping or awake? I'm not the bad guy here.
You're the one sleeping with my husband.
We can do this painlessly if you want.
Good girl.
Now go with the lovely nurse.
[melancholy pop song playing.]
[in Sotho.]
Why are you laughing? [continues laughing.]
- Nana? - [groans.]
[in Sotho.]
Are you okay? I'm fine.
For Chancer.
For helping me win the online competition and the pictures at the launch.
No problem.
How're you coping? How are you coping? You're all alone here now.
I'm fine.
I don't have to see Grace and Don every day.
I managed to get into Don's room at the hospital.
He looked so weak.
He looked nothing like the scary man from our childhood.
I wanted to finish him off.
You're not a murderer.
I know.
He has to live so that he sees us destroy everything that he loves.
I know it's only been six months since we lost Amahle.
If you need time - Time? - If you want to back out No! I don't need time.
This has to be done.
Did you get what I asked for? I did, but you don't need it.
I do.
[in English.]
Just in case things go wrong.
[in Sotho.]
Thank you.
[in English.]
For doing this with me.
[in Sotho.]
We're in this together.
[in Zulu.]
He say he'll marry you? Yes.
How old are you? [in English.]
Twenty-two, 23, 24 Twenty-one.
Twenty what? - Twenty-one.
- Twenty-one? You're a baby.
If you marry him, you're going to be wife number three.
Last on the list.
[in Zulu.]
He'll get you pregnant as soon as he can.
[in English.]
That doesn't mean he'll stop sleeping with other girls.
[in Zulu.]
There are lots of Rubys.
By the time you turn 23 [in English.]
You'll feel trapped.
You know why? [in Zulu.]
Because the Bhengu name will not be tainted by divorce.
[in English.]
Now, if you don't want to suffer for the rest of your life, you'll say and do exactly what I tell you.
[in Zulu.]
Understood? [humming tune.]
[in Xhosa.]
You're back.
[in English.]
Is Mam' Grace around? I wanted to tell her that I'm back.
[in Xhosa.]
She's not here.
[in English.]
Join me for dinner.
Otherwise, all that food will go to waste, and Regina was expecting everyone to be here.
Come sit down.
Um, so, how was the cleansing? As good as these things get.
- Do you mind me asking why - How's your Dad? Oh, he's coming back tomorrow.
He's awake? [chuckles.]
Actually, he's doing well.
Who took these? [Ndu.]
Oh, I did, in art school.
They're really good.
I'm actually looking for something that I can print out and frame for Dad as a welcome-home gift.
- Uh [laughs.]
- [in Zulu.]
Is this you? [Ndu in English.]
Um, that's from two years ago.
When I used to copy everything Phila used to do, before the accident.
What accident? Check this out.
I crashed my Porsche.
They had to cut me out.
It took two months to recover.
I remember thinking to myself, I could have died without living a meaningful life.
Now I spend my time looking for the deeper meaning in life, you know.
Still looking.
I have to go.
Sorry, I'm actually not that hungry.
Ruby? I'm home.
What the hell is this? Ruby? Ruby? Hey.
What's this? I'm leaving, Don.
I can't do this anymore.
What are you talking about? - Come here.
- No.
This repulsive relationship is over.
Repulsive? You're old enough to be my father, and I deserve way more than an arrangement.
An arrangement? I want to marry you, start a family.
You already have a family.
Please don't don't go.
[women vocalizing over somber tune.]
I'm sorry I have to go, and please delete my number.
Ruby? Ruby.
[in Sotho.]
Cut them into smaller pieces.
We don't want him to choke after surviving a heart attack.
[in English.]
Speaking of, are we picking him up? [in Sotho.]
No, he said his driver will bring him back.
Morning, Mam' Grace.
[in English.]
Looking good.
[in Sotho.]
Thank you for letting me go to the cleansing yesterday.
[in English.]
Nice hair.
[in Sotho.]
The styles I arranged you've switched them up, huh? I like the outfit too.
Turn around so I can see.
Take a selfie and send it to Sonto in social media.
[in English.]
And touch up your make-up.
You're sweating.
I'll do that.
[in Sotho.]
You know, in my day you had to be taller and lighter to be considered beautiful.
[Phila in English.]
You can't just say things like that.
I'm just saying.
[in Sotho.]
When she won the competition, I was this close to denying the results.
[Phila in English.]
Yeah, she's not your typical model, but she is beautiful and she is likable.
You're right.
There's something recognizable about her.
Yeah? Oh, Regina.
[in Sotho.]
Give me the knife.
Let me show you.
Like this.
[choir harmonizing.]
[in English.]
You can let go, Nana.
[choir harmonizing.]
[trembling breaths.]
[in Sotho.]
They will pay.
I'll make sure of it.
Amahle! Amahle.
[dramatic music building.]
[music stops.]
My girl, my girl, don't lie to me ♪ Tell me Where did you sleep last night? ♪ In the pines, in the pines Where the sun don't ever shine ♪ I would follow The whole night through ♪ My girl, my girl ♪ Don't lie to me ♪ My girl, my girl ♪ Don't lie to me ♪ [dramatic music playing.]

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