Savage Beauty (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 [intense music playing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Thank you.
This is what I was telling you.
Look, this is her father's wife.
[in Xhosa.]
Dad Dad, let's go home.
So I can explain - [in English.]
What's there to explain? - [Linda.]
Please, let me talk to my Dad! [Grace in Sotho.]
We saw everything.
Just look at him.
[in English.]
He's recovering from seeing that video.
Mom, stop.
Just give her a chance.
Will everyone please just shut up! [Thando laughing.]
[claps hands.]
I'm sorry.
I just I'm sorry.
[in Sotho.]
Thando, do you think this is a joke? [in English.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, let's Whoa.
Let's not, Ma.
- [in Sotho.]
Let me help you - [Don.]
No! I'm fine.
[Linda in Xhosa.]
[intense music continues.]
[in English.]
How could you? You couldn't stand the fact that he chose me over your son, huh? You think I did this? So much for being siblings.
Linda, you think I'm responsible for this? - Linda - Phila, you knew? [glass cracking.]
[indistinct whispering.]
- Oh! I'm so sorry - [Kolobe.]
No issue.
[in Sotho.]
It's you.
[in English.]
Miss Face of Bhengu.
[in Sotho.]
I'm Kolobe.
- [Grace.]
Hey, hey, hey, shut up! Shut up! - It burns! Uncle! [glass shatters.]
[in English.]
Are you okay? [retching.]
I didn't tell her.
I don't believe you.
I told you it was none of my business what I found out.
Nothing's changed.
Everything's changed, Phila.
Come on.
Remember what you said? Hmm? How would you feel if I used your secrets against you? [cell phone ringing.]
[in Sotho.]
 Zee, talk to me.
It was him.
What are you talking about? [Zinhle.]
Uncle who? Uncle, the caretaker.
The one from the house.
Don and Grace's chemist.
Don't lie, are you sure? I'm telling you.
As soon as I saw his face, I just froze.
[breathes shakily.]
Zinhle, can you get another look just to be sure? Is he still there? Zinhle? Zee? I'll call you back.
Zinhle? Zinhle? [car engine starts.]
Zinhle? - Hey.
- Hey.
[in Xhosa.]
I've been looking for you.
[in English.]
I I was I was trying to catch up with someone.
But you're freezing, let's just talk in the car.
Come on.
Get your dress.
[in Zulu.]
I'm sorry.
[in English.]
I don't know what came over me in there.
I just I couldn't help myself.
You know, out of all the ways I imagined Tata finding out, I just didn't see this one happening.
Yeah, but I mean, at least he knows now, right? How're we going to fix this, Thando? I don't know.
But all I do know is that I have to pack my bags tonight.
No, no, no.
No way.
Don is your father, Linda.
Baby You two can easily fix things, but for me, it's over.
Okay, listen, we're getting ahead of ourselves here, okay.
Just Just Just take it easy.
- I'll I'll fix this.
- [scoffs.]
- Baby, I'll fix this.
I'll talk to him.
- No.
Look Okay.
I can't be with you, and still be married to your father.
That doesn't make sense.
Choices have to be made now.
["Naathing to Lose" by 3TWO1 playing.]
- [Grace.]
Come on! Why didn't you tell me? - What? Ma? [song plays on earphones.]
Uh Ma, it had nothing to do with me.
How long did you know? About a year.
Geez! I walked in on them in Linda's room.
A year! Under my roof? Well, more like a year and a half.
After I saw them, they became extra careful.
How did this even happen? Sometime after Thando lost the baby.
Linda was there for her.
Ma, they fell in love.
That's disgusting.
[in Sotho.]
Have you seen the headline? Look.
[in English.]
"Bhengu Daughter Steals Father's Wife.
" Bloody circus.
- Ma - [sucks teeth.]
[in Zulu.]
And Dad? [in English.]
What does he say? Hasn't said a word.
I wonder how many people knew.
An affair like this is perfect ammunition for our enemies.
At least your father can't keep Linda as CEO now.
Ma, too soon.
Oh, like hell it is.
We all have to play our part.
I'll deal with this PR nightmare, find out who's behind it.
But you, on the other hand, you've been given another chance.
Get off your high horse and support your father.
[fingernails tapping.]
I'm sorry I'm late.
- Just hurry up with the papers.
- [lawyer.]
Should be simple enough.
She won't contest it.
[in Xhosa.]
You [in English.]
You deserve nothing.
Once you sign this paperwork, you'll be a nobody with nothing.
That's fine with me.
All I ever wanted was my freedom, anyway.
Aren't you going to ask why I fell in love with Linda? See, unlike you, she's kind, loving, and sensitive.
So you'd notice that, if you weren't so controlling.
And another thing, she satisfies me in every way.
Something the great Don couldn't even get right.
[in Xhosa.]
Get the hell out of my house.
Hey, girl! [in English.]
 The ring.
- [clanks.]
- With pleasure.
[clicks tongue.]
Zinhle? [in Zulu.]
Where are you going? You also running away from the drama in this house? Uh, no.
I already had plans with my friends.
[Thando in English.]
[in Zulu.]
You and Linda [in English.]
Never would've guessed.
[in Zulu.]
Yeah, I wanted to tell you, but [in English.]
You know, how does someone drop a bomb like that? [in Zulu.]
Do you love her? Very much.
[in English.]
I just wish it came out differently, but you know Grace had to be a bitch about it.
- You think she's behind the video? - Yeah, of course.
[in Zulu.]
Who else could it be? She hates that Don chose Linda to be CEO [in English.]
And he wanted to have more kids with me, so the bitch snapped.
Yeah, I'm finally free! - [shushing.]
- What? [In Zulu.]
No, I don't care.
You know, Don didn't want to let me go for like a year.
I tried to speak to him when I heard he was getting married again.
Again? [in English.]
Not immediately, but he does want to have more kids.
But I am finally off the hook.
[in Zulu.]
So you're really leaving? [in English.]
He called the lawyer.
[in Zulu.]
I don't think I'll be here when you come back.
[in English.]
I'm gonna miss you.
Ah, stop being dramatic about it.
It's not like I'm going to Iceland.
[in Zulu.]
I'll still see you around.
[in English.]
But thank you for being a good buddy.
Come here.
Bring it in, bring it in, bring it in.
[in Sotho.]
We have to find out what he does for Don and Grace.
He introduced himself as Kolobe.
I looked him up online but couldn't find anything.
You need his full name.
Will you be okay? Yeah.
- I'll be fine.
- I know you really liked him.
That's when I thought he was a good man.
That's why you can't trust anyone.
That's why you should stop whatever you and Ndu are doing.
I told you there's nothing going on.
I have to go.
I'll let you know when I find his name.
[in English.]
Here is a notice of resignation.
Sign it [in Xhosa.]
And get out of my house.
Just like that? You can't make a decision like that without talking to me first.
[in English.]
Are you the man now? Huh? First, you sleep with my wife and now you're telling me what I can and what I can't do! [in Xhosa.]
My role in this company has nothing to do with Thando and I.
Grace did all of this, Dad.
[in English.]
Why can't you not [sighs.]
I love you.
I I respect you so much, and [in Xhosa.]
My My relationship with Thando - I tried - [in English.]
Thando is my wife! She was my wife! You could've had any other girl in Jo'burg! We fell in love, Dad.
You didn't love her, so [glass shatters.]
I never liked that picture.
Letting you marry my husband was a mistake.
"Letting you?" It's not like you had a choice, Gracey.
[in Sotho.]
There's that big mouth again.
[in English.]
You've been disrespectful from day one.
No, you've been mistreating me from day one.
Because you needed to know your place.
When are you going to stop being so weak where Don's concerned? [in Sotho.]
You're better than this.
You'll never get the kind of love you need from Don.
You'll have to imagine it.
[in English.]
But I'll call to coordinate the movers.
[in Zulu.]
Thank you, Sisi.
Sis' [Ndu in English.]
You can't leave like this.
What you want me to do? [Ndu.]
Can't we just sit down and talk about this? Ndu, it's done, okay? Dad made himself very clear.
Okay, Thando, Thando, let's fix this.
You can't fix this family, Ndu.
But I'll miss you, though.
- Listen, sis' - Whoa.
- Bro.
- Dude, that's it? We can't give up on each other like this.
We've all made mistakes here.
There's someone evil behind this, and we can't let them win, man I don't make the decisions around here.
Come on.
Mom? Did you really have to take the cars too? [motorcycle starts.]
And then? Why did we stop? What if Phila didn't tell Grace? Yes, Phila didn't tell Grace.
She found out some other way.
No, no, no, wait.
The more I think about this, the more I have so many questions.
Okay, look, Grace wouldn't have revealed this all publicly.
You know how she's like.
Yeah, maybe she was desperate.
Remember, Phila lost out to you.
And now that I think about it, if it wasn't Grace, then who was it? I don't know, but I'm sure as hell gonna find out.
[in Sotho.]
Angela's interviewing us tomorrow.
It will help us present a united front.
[in English.]
Why her? She's critical of us.
But in this situation, that's a bonus.
We'll appear to be transparent.
[in Sotho.]
Has this thing with Linda affected business? [in English.]
Any reaction from the partners? Are you responsible for the video? Oh Don, that's not my style.
[in Sotho.]
If I knew you and I would have sorted it out quietly.
[in English.]
Then we have an enemy.
I think so.
We are going to find this enemy, and we're going to fight them together.
[in Xhosa.]
Don't do this.
["The Morning" by Th&o playing.]
Don't wait up Tomorrow I ride till the night out ♪ Don't wait up Tomorrow I ride till the night out ♪ Don't wait up Tomorrow I ride till the light out ♪ Don't wait up Tomorrow I ride till the light out ♪ - Don't wait up ♪ - Ngiyolala ♪ - Don't wait up ♪ - Ngiyolala ♪ - Don't wait up ♪ - Ngiyolala ♪ - Don't wait up ♪ - Ngiyolala ♪ In the morning ♪ Don't wait up Close the door and forget all about it ♪ Don't wait up Close the door and forget all about it ♪ Gonna wear that kimono I bought in Osaka ♪ Gonna wear that kimono I bought in Osaka ♪ - Don't wait up ♪ - Ngiyolala ♪ - Don't wait up ♪ - Ngiyolala ♪ - Don't wait up ♪ - Ngiyolala ♪ - Don't wait up ♪ - Ngiyolala ♪ In the morning ♪ [song continues.]
In the morning ♪ In the morning ♪ [song ends.]
- Hi, sis'.
- [woman.]
Hello, Ndumiso.
It's for you.
[in Zulu.]
Thank you.
[in English.]
Where's yours? Oh, no, I'm fine.
I'm feeling strong.
Are you shooting my test shoot for the Durban trip? I was, but it got canceled.
Everyone's in crisis-management mode.
By the way, after you guys left, after the video, I met this man.
Man? Yeah, he's tall-ish [in Zulu.]
He's bald [in English.]
medium tone, like his skin tone, right? But tall.
He's very scruffy-like.
He said his name was Koloi Kol - Kolobe.
- Yes.
Who is he? He's a family friend.
Why do you ask? It's an odd name.
Right? I mean, Kolobe means pig, right? Yeah, but "Kolobe" is also a family totem.
So what's his real name? [Sana in Zulu.]
Your father wants to see you.
- [in English.]
Okay, sis' Sana.
- You were saying Told you, crisis management, right.
Check you later.
You called for me? [Don.]
First, it was the Bhengu Beauty launch fiasco, then the sex tape.
Our enemies are really working hard to tarnish our name.
Think this has something to do with the expansion? Must be.
- This has nothing to do with me.
- [Don.]
Ndumiso! [in Xhosa.]
Sit down.
[in English.]
My people are looking to our rivals to see who might benefit from the collapse of this expansion.
Don't talk to anyone about this.
Phila, a word.
Ndumiso, come with me.
I want to talk to you and Zinhle.
- Why? - [Grace.]
Just come.
You never really got the opportunity to tell me why you'd make a better CEO than your sister.
But Linda's not here.
So what, do you expect me to just give you the position? [exhales.]
I grew up around business.
I watched you close deals for breakfast.
I know everything there is to know about the world of beauty.
I am the most educated.
And I'm not intimidated by anyone.
And what do you think about the other business? It's a matter of supply and demand.
Who am I to argue? Um What is this? [Don.]
Your announcement as CEO.
PR will release it later.
Kolobe will come to the house and discuss the factory with you.
Well done.
[Ndu in Xhosa.]
What's this about? [in English.]
You brought us all the way from the office.
[Ndu in Xhosa.]
What's up? [in Sotho.]
What's going on? [in English.]
About what? [in Sotho.]
Between the two of you.
Are you two in a serious relationship? - Um - [in English.]
Yes, it is.
Please don't make a big deal out of it.
[in Sotho.]
I want you to do the Durban shoot together.
You've come out of your shell since you started shooting with my son.
[in English.]
And you, I see more of you at the office.
[in Sotho.]
But you do know that [in English.]
Mixing business and pleasure can get complicated.
Mom, we won't let our relationship get in the way of our work.
We won't.
Have a great day.
Ooh! Right.
Where are my shoes? You know, next time we need to get a place with better decor, because this Mm-mm.
Linda? Babe? Hey.
Babe, what's wrong? [in Xhosa.]
Who am I? Thando, who am I? Who am I now? If I'm not a Bhengu? [Thando in English.]
I don't know.
But what I do know, is that you get to be someone new.
And we can figure that out together.
How? Baby Things Things were finally falling into place.
He was finally proud of me.
I was CEO, all No.
Baby, you see this, us We're finally falling into place.
We don't even have to hide anymore.
Bubbles come here.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you, and I'm here.
And I've got you.
Okay? [sobs.]
I love you.
Thanks, Thomas.
Thank you.
[knocks lightly.]
Is it safe to come in? Always.
[in Sotho.]
Please excuse us.
[in English.]
In that case, I should come more often.
Don would love that.
Would you like that? My husband's waiting for you in the study.
[intense music playing.]
[water splashing.]
[in Sotho.]
Don't do that.
[in English.]
Have you two met? We met at the Not properly.
Zinhle Siphokazi Manzini.
Very formal.
[in Sotho.]
I'm Calvin Madimetja Mamabolo.
But you can call me Kolobe.
Everyone does.
Nice to meet you.
Calvin Madimetja Mamabolo.
Find out everything you can about him.
We'll speak when I get back from Durban.
[car engine starting.]
[engine starts.]
[in slang.]
What's up, my bro, are you good? I need a favor today.
Are you free later? [chuckles.]
Don't worry, beers are on me.
[in English.]
Your father loved your interview.
Yeah, well, it wasn't much of an interview now, was it? Well, he was impressed.
You know, what if I didn't tell him everything that he wanted to hear? Hmm? He would've found someone to help, until he could do everything himself.
You did the right thing.
Yeah well, aren't I the lucky puppet? If you keep proving yourself to him, he'll give you more control.
You know, God, actually, who are we? Honestly, who are we? [Ndu.]
I'm telling you.
Let me get these.
Okay, cool.
Thank you.
Get this in.
You sure you're okay? I'm a big boy.
Come on.
You know, I've actually never been anywhere outside of Jo'burg.
You've never been to the beach? No.
I'm excited for you.
Why? Because I get to see the look on your face when you see it for the first time.
- Ready? - Yeah.
["Entabeni" by Caiiro playing.]
Don't worry, I've got you.
I think I can guess where we are.
Just wait until you see it for yourself.
[waves crashing.]
So, what do you think? [giggling.]
[song continues.]
[song fades.]
[in Zulu.]
Brother! - My brother.
- Hi.
How are you? What do you use to shave? Huh? A razor or shaving cream? Who are you? Look, I had a bad pie.
I need to use your toilet.
- How is that my problem? - Please help me.
Please, he really needs to use the toilet.
Okay, okay.
Please, my brother.
Go that way I won't find it, why don't you just show me where it is.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
My brother - Are you okay? - Thanks for helping me.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[in Sotho.]
Zinhle, look.
We've got them.
Hey! [in Zulu.]
What are you doing? The cellphone signal in here is terrible.
I wasn't doing anything.
I was just struggling with the signal.
How do you get anything done around here? ["Breathe Again" by David O'Dowda playing.]
[in Sotho.]
You came.
[in English.]
Would you like a drink? [in Sotho.]
Here you go.
[in English.]
You seemed stressed the other day.
[in Sotho.]
Have you met my family? I'm always stressed.
[in English.]
He occupies so much space in my mind.
[in Sotho.]
All of them.
Tell me [in English.]
Is there room for me in that mind of yours? Not in the way you think.
Then why are we here? Can't I just call an old friend? Friend? [Grace.]
Yes, Calvin.
An old friend.
You call out ♪ Time to wait before we cry ♪ It goes away and I can breathe again ♪ And so long Try to stay below the line ♪ It flows away before the storm ♪ But you make me stronger And I can breathe again ♪ And you let me fall into summer ♪ And you keep me stronger And I can feel again ♪ We slowly make it back To where we started ♪ [song continues.]
But you make me stronger And I can breathe again ♪ And you let me fall into summer ♪ And you keep me stronger And I can feel again ♪ We slowly make it back To where we started ♪ [moans.]
[music stops.]
Stop! Kolobe, stop, stop.
[in Sotho.]
What's wrong? I can't do this.
- You can.
You're the one who called me.
- It was a mistake.
What do you get being faithful to a man who doesn't touch you anymore? Ah.
Be careful of what you're saying.
He doesn't want you.
[in English.]
And I won't wait forever.
Uh [in Sotho.]
He doesn't respect you, Grace.
[in English.]
Even after everything you've done for him.
[in Sotho.]
Why are you wasting your life with someone Wait.
Don't you dare lecture me.
[in English.]
About wasting my time.
[in Sotho.]
What have you been doing all this time? [in English.]
Obsessing over another man's wife? [in Sotho.]
What kind of man does that? Then you spend years serving Don like some garden boy? Don't do that.
Listen, Kolobe.
I have money.
I have children.
I have everything.
[in English.]
And a real man for a husband.
[in Sotho.]
What about you? What do you have? - What do you have? - Don't do this.
You have nothing.
[door slams.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[vehicle approaching.]
[door unlocking.]
[tense music playing.]
[telephone line ringing.]
[Don on phone.]
- Don.
- Kolobe.
[in Sotho.]
I think you were right when you said that [in English.]
we should move the factory to China.
I think we should do it for good.
Let's talk about it tomorrow.
[phone beeps off.]
[Grace in Sotho.]
And a real man for a husband.
What about you? What do you have? What do you have? What do you have? [in English.]
How many beaches have you been to? In South Africa? [both laugh.]
I don't know, I've been to many.
And you? What did you do growing up? Well, not beaches.
My sister she'd always pretend to be a TV presenter, and my brother would complain.
And every time he complained, she'd do it even more.
[both laugh.]
It was fun.
I thought you said you only had a sister.
Um He was He was my cousin, but he felt like a sibling, you know? [Ndu.]
The one who passed away? I'm actually a bit thirsty.
Can you get me some water? [Ndu.]
Yeah, sure.
[Bonga in Sotho.]
Zinhle, look.
We've got them.
[line ringing.]
- Bro.
- [Bonga.]
Did you see the video? - Yes, are you sure? - Yes, I'm sure.
I broke into Kolobe's house and heard him talk to Don about it.
They're moving operations to China.
We need to make sure that we expose them.
[in English.]
Uh [in Sotho.]
Okay, I'll call you back.
So you've got options.
You've got your strawberry, you've got kiwi, you got your peach, and you got your dairy too.
And your favorite Desmarais.
[emotional music playing.]
Ndumi Can I tell you a secret? [in Xhosa.]
 Zinhle, I'm falling for you.
I've had my eyes on you from the very first time I saw you [in English.]
I can't be with you, Ndu.
It's over.
Excuse me? I'm done.
[in Xhosa.]
You must be joking - [in English.]
We had an amazing day - You and I have different lives.
And I need to focus on my priorities.
Okay, whoa, whoa! Zinhle, slow down.
Just let it go! We come from different worlds, and that's that.
So, tomorrow let's focus on work.
And get back home.
Zinhle I don't want to talk about this again.
I'll sleep in the other room.
Don't come in.
We believe in honesty, loyalty and trust above everything else.
We want our colleagues and customers to know how much we value family.
We will not support or condone anything that seeks to undermine the family unit.
There you have it, D & G Bhengu projecting a united front after their very sudden revelation.
I'm Angela Makwetu, a good one to you all.
Baby? - Babe? - Mmm.
You know what, I'm I'm more than convinced now that Grace and Phila had nothing to do with this.
Obviously, Ndu and Tata are ruled out, but I just Yeah, and [sighs.]
You and, um Zinhle are quite close, right? Right? Yeah.
Okay, so maybe do you think if you remember at any point, did you let it slip about us? Uh Babe, are you seriously trying to accuse Zinhle? I'm not trying to accuse her of anything.
Just saying, she's the only outsider in the house.
Why would she film us? Why would she want to expose us? I don't know.
I can't believe you woke me up for this nonsense, babe.
Thando, I just don't think we should rule her out.
Look, look I know what happened was awful.
But accusing Zinhle is just crazy now.
I want to go to sleep.
[intense music playing.]

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