Savage Beauty (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 [dramatic piano music playing.]
[children screaming.]
[fire crackling.]
[screams continue.]
Stop the car! Stop the car! [in Sotho.]
We're almost home.
Stop the car right now! [intense rock music playing.]
I am the hunted I walk alone ♪ [panting.]
[deep breath.]
[breathing heavily.]
Let's go home.
[in English.]
I need to go back.
I need to go back to the Bhengu mansion.
[in Sotho.]
You can't go back.
If Don saw you then he's going to kill you.
He didn't see me.
Let's go to the police and tell them what Don did.
We can't do that.
[in English.]
Not without proof.
[in Sotho.]
We will tell them what we saw.
Then they will investigate and arrest Don.
[in English.]
Okay, sure.
What if we go there, we report it [in Sotho.]
and it disappears? You know Don is influential.
- [in English.]
And corrupt! - [in Sotho.]
Why aren't you listening? Don doesn't know about me.
[in English.]
And he won't.
[in Sotho.]
Since he doesn't know who you are Then let's drop this.
Let's carry on with our lives.
Let it go? Let them go live happily ever after? Amahle's not coming back.
[in English.]
But at least her death won't be in vain.
Now take me back, please.
[car engine starts.]
[song continues.]
My days are numbered ♪ [ice clinks.]
There's a hundred ways to go ♪ [in English.]
 My men moved his body back to his house.
I took care of my side of things.
Everything should be on the news tomorrow morning.
Ngcolosi, we've got this.
It's a long way Down the devil's highway ♪ I try my love No matter what, I do it my way ♪ Don't need tomorrow My time is borrowed ♪ I broke my penance This is the end, I end it my way ♪ [glass cracking.]
[song fades.]
Did you find Kolobe yesterday? [in Sotho.]
Your father found him at his house.
[in English.]
Okay, and did he say why he backed out? [Don.]
He's dead.
Um I'm sorry, just repeat that for me.
He's what? [in Sotho.]
He killed himself.
[in English.]
He couldn't handle the pressure.
[in Sotho.]
He's been struggling with the operation for years.
[in English.]
But we were gonna make the case against him disappear.
Sorry, is there something I'm missing? Can somebody tell me something? [in Sotho.]
Yes, he killed himself.
[in English.]
 So we took advantage of the situation.
[in Sotho.]
We left a note next to his body.
[in English.]
 Something to vindicate us.
A clean slate.
A clean slate.
[TV news music plays.]
Calvin Mamabolo was found dead in his Diepkloof home.
In the note left behind, Mamabolo took ownership of the illegal skin bleaching products, exonerating Bhengu Beauty from any involvement.
[intense music playing.]
[indistinct conversation.]
[Ndu in Xhosa.]
What happened? - Ndu - Stop, man! - What happened to Kolobe? - [in Sotho.]
Where's Zinhle? [in English.]
One minute taking the fall, next dead? Get your brother out of here.
[in Xhosa.]
[in English.]
 Kolobe killed himself because he was a coward.
Tata said those products were his.
Why would Kolobe write a note saying he's responsible? Will you please just shut up! You should be celebrating that your family name's been cleared.
Cleared with the loss of someone's life! Listen.
I shall not be disrespected by some child, who has no idea how the real world works.
You okay with this? They drove a man to suicide, and they're taking advantage! Please.
Don't do this.
It's not worth it.
You know what? I can't do this anymore.
I can't be with you people.
- [Don.]
What are you going to do? Huh? - Ndu.
Ndumiso? [Don in Xhosa.]
Let him go.
He's nothing without the Bhengu name.
[knocking on door.]
Zinhle? Ndu.
- Is Mam' Grace looking for me? - [in Xhosa.]
Yes, but that's not important.
- [in English.]
We need to talk.
- Now is not a good time.
[in Xhosa.]
I'm leaving.
I want you to come with me.
[in English.]
What are you talking about? I know we hit a rough patch, but we can fix this.
I'm tired of my fucking family! What happened, Ndu? I don't belong here.
You don't either.
These people have been lying about this whole bleaching scandal.
They said it was all Kolobe's fault though.
Kolobe's dead.
What happened to him? Do you know? Let's just get out of here.
We can go somewhere where we don't need our visas.
I'm not going to abandon my life just because you had a fight with mummy and daddy.
[in Xhosa.]
You don't know this family.
That's the problem.
[in English.]
If your family is lying about something, Ndu, it's your responsibility to speak.
Not run away.
I've made up my mind.
Come with me.
[in Xhosa.]
[line ringing.]
[in English.]
 Phila, look, I saw.
I saw the news.
 What happened? [Phila.]
We meant to have a press conference where he came clean but he committed suicide before that could happen.
And And the note? The note says we don't know anything about these skin bleaching products.
We got away with it.
[phone beeps off.]
[in Zulu.]
What happened? [in Xhosa.]
 Kolobe is dead.
- [in English.]
What? What happened? How? - He killed himself.
He was gonna take the fall for the Yellowvate scandal, but he changed his mind last minute.
Hmm [Linda.]
What? - Uh, nothing.
- No, not nothing, Thando.
What? It sounds really convenient, don't you think? Dad would never.
Kolobe was like family to us.
Look, Ndu, you don't have to do this.
We can work this out as a family.
- Come on.
I used to say the same thing.
- Where are you gonna go? You know they'll cut you off.
I know.
I can afford to travel down southern Africa.
And what about Zinhle? I know Zinhle.
Thanks, Tom.
All right, okay.
You know what Okay.
Stop! Stop it, man! [emotional piano music playing.]
[vehicle door opens.]
- [door slams.]
- [engine starts.]
[music continues.]
Everyone bought the news.
Now it's done.
D & G.
Don and Grace.
We've always made a good team.
The best.
[soft instrumental music playing.]
[in Sotho.]
Regina, have you seen Mam' Grace? [in Zulu.]
I think she's in the study.
Okay, thank you.
[Grace in Sotho.]
You see [in English.]
The news cycle has moved on.
Now, they're reporting about some corrupt minister.
- [Don.]
Trust our media to get distracted.
- [Grace chuckles.]
Well done.
Don, Don, Don, Don well done to you.
[children screaming.]
[children yelling.]
[fire crackling.]
[Zinhle breathing shakily.]
Zinhle? - Mam' Grace.
- Follow me.
[cell phone ringing.]
Um Right, so in the absence of a guest list, what's the next best thing? Right, look, between you and I we can come up with a list of people we remember were there, right? Great! So how about we just question them and see if we can get a lead? Okay, sure.
[Grace in Sotho.]
You've been disappearing every chance you get.
What? Do you have more important things to do? No, Mam' Grace.
Where were you during the press conference? [in English.]
I felt sick.
[in Sotho.]
Again? [in English.]
I get anxious in high-stress situations.
[in Sotho.]
I get migraines.
We don't pay you to get migraines.
[in English.]
The Face of Bhengu is a huge platform.
You just happen to be some girl who's got it for now.
[in Sotho.]
Lose focus again [in English.]
You're out.
Yes, Mam' Grace.
[in Sotho.]
Oh, and Zinhle Ndu's leaving won't be a problem.
Right? [in English.]
It won't.
Zinhle? You're always in a rush.
Huh? Did Ndu say goodbye before he left? Yeah.
I guess he was man enough on that front.
[intense music playing.]
[in Sotho.]
I'll ask Thando.
There must be another way to deal with him.
[in English.]
But this is perfect! [in Sotho.]
If you do this, I'm pulling out.
[in English.]
You can't do that.
[in Sotho.]
If that's the case, I'm going to the police.
[in English.]
Bonga, please.
[in Sotho.]
I'll tell them Don killed Uncle.
Is that what you want? Just carry on and see what happens.
[in English.]
Fine, you win.
We'll find another way.
[phone beeps.]
[in Sotho.]
Clean here.
[in English.]
How do you like the office? Um, yeah, it's nice.
Not quite the executive suite.
Baba, about Kolobe Ugh.
That's done.
He was a coward.
And what about the bleaches? Are they also done? We'll start again once the attention dies down.
New operations.
Is this the mock-up for the new Angel Collection with Zinhle? Yeah.
[clears throat.]
I saw your speech from the presser.
Starting to get it.
["Real" by Tim Lyre playing.]
Oh, this is intense ♪ It's quite unusual I find myself in this position ♪ [telephone ringing.]
- Thando? - Linda, come on.
Thando, we said no Bhengus, no Zinhle.
[phone beeps off.]
Hi, Thando.
I hope you're well, friend.
We should totally catch up.
I don't I don't know if you heard, but Ndu and I broke up.
And It's hard.
He even left the country.
I miss you.
[in Zulu.]
Please call me.
I love you.
[phone beeps off.]
[in English.]
You sounded terrible in that message.
[in Zulu.]
Why didn't you go with him? [in English.]
Can we not talk about that right now? Okay, fair enough, whenever you're ready.
I want to hear about you and Linda.
- Are you happy? - [scoffs.]
Please tell me you are.
Well, what can I say? We're getting there.
We still feel violated after that video.
I cannot even imagine how that feels.
But you got the last laugh.
I mean, look at you.
You are glowing, friend.
You even got a new piercing.
I did.
Thank you.
- Okay, okay.
- Hmm.
To friendship.
To friendship.
[glasses clink.]
- [Zinhle.]
Whoo! - Oh.
But seriously, though, you look amazing.
Oh, stop.
Okay, okay, fine, carry on.
I'm here for it.
I'm just glad that you're free.
Me too.
You know, there's something that's been on my mind a lot lately.
Okay, and what is that? Thanks.
Why did Don marry you? I mean, I feel like he didn't even appreciate you.
You know? And you and Grace are just so, like, different.
Well, he's always wanted the anti-Grace.
A submissive little wife.
And I was never that.
Man, anyway, who cares? I'm not here for that.
- We're here for the tequila shots.
- [laughs.]
- Straight to business, please.
- Okay.
To new beginnings.
To new beginnings.
- Clink clink! - Clink clink! Mm.
[Don laughs.]
Oh, well, let's see how high your confidence is when I'm back on the golf course tomorrow.
- [laughs.]
- [knocking.]
- [chuckles.]
- [phone beeps.]
[in Zulu.]
Hello, sir.
[in Xhosa.]
Hello, Zinhle.
[in English.]
I bought you this.
My favorite.
What did I do to deserve this? I was having a cocktail and I thought, "If I'm thirsty, then you're probably thirsty too.
" Enjoy.
Zinhle? Mam' Grace.
[in Zulu.]
What were you doing in there? [in Sotho.]
I brought him some whiskey.
Sis' Regina was busy, so [in English.]
I thought I could help.
Sis' Regina is a servant.
Next time, let her do it.
Yes, Mam' Grace.
[Thando sighs.]
Hey, how was, um, sip and paint with Lulu? Hmm.
Well, evidently there's more sipping than painting.
Yeah, I should join you guys next time.
She's quite a vibe.
Anyway, what are you up to? Ah, no.
I was just jotting down some ideas, nothing important.
Listen [Thando.]
Hmm? [sighs.]
Look, I know I know it's been quite difficult.
You know, me trying to step out of my family's shadow and all.
But I want to assure you, my love, that we'll get through this.
Okay? I promise.
I love you.
I love you more.
[R&B music playing.]
Can you get some water? Yeah, sure.
[birds chirping.]
[sexy R&B playing on speaker.]
Close my eyes and watch you ♪ Eight ball, corner pocket Been working on my perfect game ♪ Good form you have right there.
[volume lowers.]
Sorry, I didn't hear you.
I was just saying good form you have there.
Thanks, you too.
I know nothing about golf, but that was a good swing.
Thank you.
It's actually called a putt.
You see.
I know nothing.
But I would like to learn one day.
I can teach you.
- Right now? - Yeah.
- Come.
- Okay.
Around the world And to infinity ♪ You just have to open your legs a bit.
- Oh.
Like that? - Yeah.
Yeah, just in line with your shoulders.
Then you hold the putter.
And then - Okay? - Okay.
Pack my heart inside A message in a bottle ♪ Nice.
[in Xhosa.]
You and Ndumiso? [in English.]
How serious were you two? We were only starting out, but we wanted different things.
I'm not too sure what he wanted.
What do you want? Simple things.
Family, children.
Most young men run when I say that.
You're right there.
I'll leave you to it, and I'll take this upstairs.
Have a good day, Bab' Don.
You too.
[moans softly.]
Mam' Grace.
I [in Sotho.]
I didn't hear you come in.
[tense music playing.]
[in English.]
Zinhle, are you happy here? [in Sotho.]
Has anyone ever made you feel uncomfortable here? No.
No one.
If there is tell me.
I will do so.
[breathes shakily.]
[in English.]
 Phila, my darling [in Sotho.]
Is your friend Siya still single? [in English.]
Yup, last I checked.
Introduce him to Zinhle.
I'm not looking for a boyfriend.
You're a young girl, you need to socialize.
Set up the date for tomorrow evening.
You can hear the girl is not interested.
It'll do her good.
Speaking of good ideas Don Bhengu, how about you and I renew our vows? Say, two weeks from now? Isn't it our anniversary in three months' time? I'm surprised you even remember that.
Oh, quick, what day exactly? How about something small? Nothing splashy.
Hear that? Your father saying "small" when it comes to the Bhengus.
We Bhengus never do anything small.
Think about the publicity, Don.
And Zinhle, I'd like you to be part of the preparations.
It would mean so much to me.
I regard you as my daughter now.
I'm sure Ngcolosi agrees.
Of course.
I do.
All right, see you.
And then? Where are you off to? I'm off to this "women in business" funding event, um, in case I need it for future pitches.
Okay, cool.
[in Zulu.]
I'll change and come.
[in English.]
No, baby.
Um You're on a roll.
I don't want to mess your flow.
No, man, don't be silly.
Baby, please.
Look, this is my first networking outside of Bhengu Beauty.
I need to establish myself.
I need to focus.
All right.
Love you.
Love you.
Good luck! Thanks.
Yes, it's not going to be too much, friend.
Okay, yeah, that's perfect.
Um, I'll just come after the shoot.
Thanks, Thando.
I'll see you then.
Um What, are you looking for someone? No, I just I just need to get to work.
Excuse me.
[car alarm chirps.]
Yeah, so I spoke to everyone that I know who was there and they all said they didn't see anyone do it.
And no one saw anything suspicious? Yeah, apparently not.
So - What about you? - Uh-uh.
Zandi, someone we know either did this or helped someone do it.
How? Maybe someone brought a friend, or a new partner.
Or gave out the password like you did not too long ago.
I learned my lesson, all right.
So no, I didn't do it.
Okay? Fuck.
Oh, Vee! - I forgot she was there.
- Who is that? She didn't come with me, but someone must've given her the password.
Did anyone else see her? Did she know anyone else there? She was riding solo.
So she was with me, except the few times she disappeared.
Call her.
How's my little brother doing? [Bonga in Sotho.]
You haven't called in a while.
[in English.]
That's a record.
[in Sotho.]
 What is going on? I've been busy with work.
There's this big shoot coming up.
How have you been? I can't sleep, Zinhle.
Because I don't know what we're doing anymore.
I can't stop thinking about that night at the farmhouse.
When I close my eyes, I see Don shooting Kolobe.
Meanwhile, you're having the time of your life.
You're there just modeling and doing nothing! You're not here! I'm not having the time of my life.
[in English.]
Would you like I am not just modeling.
- [in Sotho.]
So what are you doing? - Don and I are actually getting closer.
You and I had an agreement.
We agreed that you wouldn't sleep with Don.
Right? [in English.]
It's the best plan we have.
Okay, Bonga.
[in Sotho.]
You cannot control him, Zinhle.
I know that you want me to be safe.
And I am.
Please, let me take care of this.
[phone beeps.]
[Grace laughing.]
I can't believe you.
I'll call you back.
[phone beeps.]
Regina? Regina? Where is Regina when I need her? [muttering.]
[line ringing.]
[in English.]
Jean-Pierre, bonjour.
Long time.
I see Mr.
Bhengu visited you recently.
Do you mind telling me what he got? A bracelet.
Oh la la! Yes.
Yes, we're renewing our wedding vows soon.
Thank you.
Miss Mr.
Bhengu would like to see you.
Follow me.
[upbeat music playing.]
[knocking on door.]
Hey! [Vee.]
Hey! Hey! Hey, sexy! Mm-mm-mm.
A house call? Lucky me.
What can I say? You're the best in the business.
You didn't tell me this is a threesome.
That's double, you know that, right? Who gave you the password? [in Sotho.]
What? [in English.]
Who invited you to the Emerald party? A friend.
- Name? - Well, I can't tell you that.
[in Sotho.]
It's a client.
[in English.]
You were with me all night.
You didn't seem to know anyone.
- Did you record my girlfriend and I? - Record you? [scoffs.]
First of all, remember, there were no phones allowed.
I don't even know you like that.
I can't believe you guys called me for this bullshit.
I'm out.
You're not going anywhere.
[in Sotho.]
Don has started messing around again.
But he bought me a bracelet.
I don't like the way he was looking at Zinhle.
You saw for yourself.
- Who is calling? - [cell phone buzzing.]
Justice? Has Mr.
Bhengu brought anyone to the penthouse recently? Let me know if he does, okay? Okay, thank you.
[knocking softly.]
[in English.]
Hello? Is anyone here? [Don.]
I'm in here.
Oh Don't be shy.
- Don, this - Hi.
I've got something for you.
I used to buy these for Grace once upon a time.
Your first diamond bracelet.
It's beautiful.
I'm glad you think so.
No one else is here.
What are you doing? I've seen how you are with me.
That's why I brought you here, so you could be free.
Is that what you think of me? That I'm some kind of cheap girl that you can just seduce with jewelry and fancy apartments? - Zinhle.
- I've never I've never in my life been so humiliated.
[Zinhle sobs.]
[door slams.]
You can call me crazy But I think I'm sick ♪ Someone better get a doctor To come and help me quick ♪ I need medication Or maybe sedation ♪ To stop me from craving His sweet temptation ♪ Can't get you outta my brain ♪ [Linda.]
Who sent you? I don't know you, you don't know me or my family.
Someone must've sent you.
- I didn't do it.
- Bullshit.
How much will it take for you to give me a name? [sighs.]
I have nothing to offer you.
Look Vee, what if What if someone you hold very dear to you was used to destroy you? Just give me a name.
All right, fine.
If you want to play it like that.
Zandi [tense music playing.]
Look, I'm telling you, I didn't do it.
Honestly, it doesn't matter because if I say you did, no one is going to ask any different.
You do realize that, right? You fucked with the wrong family.
[in Xhosa.]
You don't know what the Bhengus are capable of.
[in English.]
The amount of power, influence, and connections we have.
You know, by the time we're done with you, you'll be walking Oxford Street selling your pussy for peanuts.
If I give you a name, will you leave me alone? Yeah, I might even throw in a bonus or two.
Who knows? Zinhle.
Mam' Grace.
[in Sotho.]
[in English.]
What are you wearing for your date with Siya tonight? I haven't decided on what I'm going to wear yet.
- [buzzing.]
- I don't even know if [in English.]
Yes? Are you sure? Thanks.
Is everything okay? Nothing for you to worry about.
Are you sleeping with my husband? No.
He came on to me.
Then why didn't you tell me? [in Sotho.]
What was I supposed to say, Ma? - [in English.]
I'm not your mother! - [screams.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[gasps, coughs.]
[in Sotho.]
Pack your things and get out of my house.
[in English.]
You're fired! [coughing.]
[in Sotho.]
My favorite boss.
[in Zulu.]
 Selepe, if you want to ask for an increase again, the answer is still the same.
[in Sotho.]
No, no.
It's not about my salary.
[in Zulu.]
What can I help you with? You can see that I'm busy.
[in Sotho.]
I need your help.
I know you used to be in the police force.
Can you get me in touch with a police detective? Someone who isn't corrupt.
Zinhle? - What happened? - Oh, Don.
What happened? Mam' Grace, she knows I was at the penthouse, and thinks that I slept with you.
She almost drowned me.
- She did this to you? - Mm-hmm.
You were right.
I do feel something between us, but I'm not some girl that you just sleep with on the side.
The feelings that I have for you, they just sprung up on me.
They've been building up for weeks.
They hit me as soon as Ndu left, but you're his father, my boss.
It's unthinkable.
- I don't care about any of that.
- I do.
I'm ashamed that Mam' Grace had to find out like this.
[in Zulu.]
I want to be with you.
[in English.]
But if we're gonna do this, we have to do it openly.
Zinhle, come with me.
You've got to be kidding me.
Sadly, that's the truth.
That's your father for you.
[in Xhosa.]
Stay here.
Grace! [in English.]
Don, she's a child.
[in Sotho.]
Your son's ex-girlfriend.
[in English.]
You done? I've got something to say.
[in Sotho.]
I know you took her to the penthouse like you do with all your whores.
You even bought her a bracelet.
- [in English.]
I'm going to marry Zinhle.
- Have you completely lost your mind? [grunts.]
What? Don't you ever touch me again.
[in Xhosa.]
I told you I wanted another wife.
[in English.]
Zinhle is the one.
Deal with it! Let's get you out of this.
["Ndandihlei" by Amanda Black playing.]
[shower running.]
[singing in Xhosa.]
You can't be serious, Mom.
How can you be so calm about this? [Grace.]
Oh dear, your father's made his decision.
Yeah, but this is Zinhle.
[Don in Xhosa.]
Stay out of your parents' business.
[in English.]
Your mom knows what's best for this family.
And there she is.
- [Zinhle.]
Good morning.
- Good morning, Zinhle.
Please, come and join us, and sit right next to Don.
[in Sotho.]
Much better.
[in English.]
Just like a real family.
[breathes deeply.]
Shall we eat? [man in Sotho.]
My boy, why did you want to meet with me? You're quiet and I am the only one talking.
I have information regarding the murder of Calvin Mamabolo.
He committed suicide.
He had a headache.
[in English.]
And he decided to take a dose of lead.
Case closed.
[in Sotho.]
Calvin was murdered.
And I know who did it.
[in English.]
Yeah, friend, I don't see us finishing anytime soon.
Definitely a late one.
But, yeah Yeah, breakfast will be will be good.
Zinhle, we're ready for your make-up.
Be right there.
We'll talk later.
- [Phila.]
- Bye.
[man speakingindistinctly.]
All right.
So as soon as we're ready, you're ready to go.
Everything is pre-set.
- Phila - I am very Sorry.
Yeah, um Sorry, man, could you just give us a second? Thanks.
I just wanted to say that I'm really Zinhle, not here.
Yeah? Zinhle? You ready? [Zinhle.]
["The Vibe" by Tshego playing.]
Oh, I do this shit Like very night, yeah ♪ [director.]
That's beautiful, Zinhle.
I love that.
Lift those arms for me.
Just like that.
Okay, from the side.
Stretch those arms for me.
- Gorgeous.
- [shutter clicking.]
Love that.
I love that.
Once again.
Stretch those arms for me.
Just like that.
Keep going.
Like that.
I can't keep up with you! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
Hold that there.
Ha! You nailed it! That's good.
Love that.
Beautiful! Open up your arms a bit - [clanks.]
- [all gasp.]
Let's get her down.
That's the face of Bhengu! [whirring loudly.]
- [snaps.]
- [screams.]
Get her down right now.
Jesus! [gasping.]
Get her down from there! - Are you okay, Zinhle? - [Zinhle.]
Sure you're not hurt? Guys, can you please get this off! Immediately! There we go, thank you.
There you go.
Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Guys, just [suspenseful music playing.]
I'm here for someone.
I am so sorry I'm late.
I had an issue with the key.
You know, I just cannot wait to move into a bigger place, and build our home, finally.
[in Zulu.]
 Zinhle, are you all right? What's wrong? [in English.]
I made a big mistake, friend.
What? Is this about Ndu? No, don't blame yourself.
He's the one that left.
Don wants to marry me.
Don wants to what? Why? Grace almost killed me when she found out.
- Are you sleeping with him? - No.
But I agreed to marry him.
[in Zulu.]
Why would you do that? [in English.]
Especially after everything I told you.
There's so much that you don't know.
What I do know is that Grace will destroy you.
I'm going to tell you something about Grace that I haven't told anyone.
Not even Linda knows.
Are you okay? Shh.
Can I please have some water? Can I get some water, please? [coughs.]
[phone beeps.]
Thank you.
What did you want to tell me? Ma.
Hmm? Did you do it? [in Sotho.]
Really, Phila? [in English.]
How could you ask me such a thing? Well, maybe you were angry.
I did not.
It's been you all along.
Taking away what I wanted the most.
[in Sotho.]
What are you talking about, Ngcolosi? [in English.]
You killed my child! You spiteful old bitch.
What is this all about? [Thando on recording.]
Her and Noni put a drink together.
They gave me that drink.
I was in so much pain.
[in Zulu.]
I thought I was dying.
And then the next morning, I found out that I miscarried.
They killed my baby, Zinhle.
[in Zulu.]
They killed my child.
[in English.]
She's lying.
Thando was after your money, and she's helping Zinhle do [Don.]
Get the hell out of my house.
You have done the most evil things in the past, but this [grunts.]
You can't get rid of me because of some unborn child.
Don, not after everything we share Don't touch me! Whatever is it that we shared, it ended a long time ago.
I want you out of my house and now.
Have you forgotten the things that I know? Have you forgotten things I know? - Dad, I think you and Mom - [Don.]
Stay out of this.
It's time for you to go.
You can't get rid of me [in Sotho.]
like I'm a piece of trash.
[in English.]
I made you! Want me to get the police to drag you out of here? - If that's what it takes, then - I don't I dare you, Don! [Don.]
I don't want you anymore.
I want you out of my house.
You repulse me! ["In the Pines" playing.]
This is not over, Donovan Bhengu Ngcolosi.
This is a war you can't win.
Let's go, Phila.
Phila? [Don in Xhosa.]
Phila, you're not going anywhere.
[in English.]
Watch me.
I quit.
Go and find yourself another puppet CEO.
[dramatic music playing.]

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