Save Me (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Don't worry about me, Mum.
Don't, erm I'm leaving this just so you can hear me saying it.
Erm I'm fine.
Barry'll go into one, but tell him that that this isn't just one of Jody's dramaramas.
It's not.
It It's something really lovely.
Here, hold this for us, babes, will ya? - Just for a minute or two.
- Stop it, Nelly! Or less if you show us your tits.
- Piss off messing about.
- (BOTH LAUGH) It's my morning glory.
- It's got a mind of its own.
- Hm.
(SHE COUGHS) (CONTINUES COUGHING) - Well, that's getting better! - It is.
Do that one again.
Get your face on and over to Dr Jagdiv's.
I can't.
I've got Ding Dongs to deliver.
(COUGHS) 20 something orders to drop off.
Piss off about Ding Dongs.
Get him to give you what he give you last time.
What? Let Black Susan have 'em all back on her round? I ain't gonna give her a sniff.
I'm all right.
- (SHE TRIES NOT TO COUGH) - (LAUGHS) - (LAUGHS) Shut up! - (LAUGHS) (COUGHS) That's me traipsing round the bingo wings again.
I said I'd do it! Yeah, but git thinks he's funny pinching my arse in The Palms cos I stink like a brass's cleavage.
You're a darling.
- Last time, I promise.
- Oi.
Ain't said I'd do it, though, have I? Up and arse out.
- I'll walk you over to Dr J's.
- (COUGHS) Mate, do you want to bring it here? Yeah? (LAUGHS) If you still want me to see you all right? You are all right.
Knowing my luck, you'll spaz out halfway through and fucking snap me.
(BOTH LAUGH) (DOG BARKS) (CHILDREN SQUEAL) - Ohh! - Get it! Get the ball, man! (LAUGHS) And you've got shampoo.
BOY: You owe me money.
I owe you money? You owe me money.
That's you.
- Thanks.
- Good to see ya.
It's got to be bullshit, because - Oi.
- What? Oh, I must have left someone short.
(SNIFFS) - Yeah, sounds like you.
- You're funny.
Just one, and then I'll be home.
I'll be back.
I promise.
Please, Mum.
Please let me.
I've just gone to see my dad.
He's just A stereotype He drinks his age in pints He has girls every night But he doesn't really exist Do you know that sharks have got two dicks? Two of 'em, on my life.
Imagine that.
Are you gonna start again? Cos I beg you, don't.
Sharks, crabs, some snakes - and Lucifer, apparently.
- Crabs? - "Claspers" they call 'em.
- Melon, he's starting again.
- Who? - Soppy bollocks here.
What was it last night? Nearly had us all come to blows.
Something about us heart stopping when you sneeze, - or some shite.
- That was it.
For about a millisecond, every time you sneeze, it stops beating for a millisecond.
But it's not why we say "bless you".
It's to stop the Devil jumping in before God gets there while you're technically dead.
We say "bless you" cos of the plague and the first sign you might have it.
Who this? - We googled it.
- Hello? Google can suck my dick.
- (LAUGHTER) - Hello.
Google "sharks" and how many dicks they've got.
Tell them how many dicks a shark's got.
Oh, I swear to Goz, God! I mean, I swear (LAUGHTER) God! Goz! - Tell Nelly.
How many dicks? - Piss off, you lot.
I don't know what you're on about, to be honest.
You were right there.
You watched it with me! - Why do sharks have two? - Balance, apparently.
(LAUGHTER) - Laugh, but just listen.
- Where do they keep 'em? That's what I'm trying to tell ya.
I've seen Jaws, right.
About 20 times I've seen that.
Here's to swimming with bow-legged women.
You see all over that great white, top to tail.
Has anybody seen even sodding one prick, let alone two? Cos they tuck 'em away up under their fins.
They retract whichever one they ain't using.
- Whichever one? - They use one at a time.
What's the next one for? In case he gets a flat? Can you imagine if you had two? Oh, you know it.
Can you imagine the mess you'd make! - Lego Beast! - ALL: Lego Beast! MALE VOICE RINGTONE: You what? You what? You what? You what? You what? You what? You what? You Who this? What can I get you? (DISTANT SIREN) I've told you before, darlings, not in here.
Can't have it, Luke.
Outside, please.
Get it gone, she said.
- Now, yeah? - One sec.
No, not one sec, right now.
- I'm nearly there.
- You're not listening to me.
She said not in here.
I said right now.
It's just a spliff, Nelly.
Couldn't give a fuck! You get it gone.
(THE STYLE COUNCIL: My Ever Changing Moods) - This is you, your dealings.
- My dealings? Has 'em all here every time I turn around.
The uni's just there.
They're local.
Gozy, the chief of the leaf for real.
Sorry, how does that make 'em locals? Oi! You lick that Lick it, I'll rip your tongue out - or fuck you up trying.
- Nelly! Here he goes.
What have I done? Nells! - Just do as you're told.
- Is it cos we is Caucasian? (LAUGHTER) - (LAUGHTER CONTINUES) - Nells, it's just a All right, mate.
We're going! - Nells! - Yeah? - Go on, floppy bollocks! - All right, we're gone.
I've told you already, I don't need you to do that for me.
I was just taking the piss out of 'em.
If you don't keep 'em in their place, fucking scrufftafarians take over.
They get everywhere! What? (DOG BARKS IN DISTANCE) (LIFT BLEEPS) (CAR HORN IN DISTANCE) (KNOCK AT DOOR) Are you gonna let me in, or what? - (LAUGHS) - You fuck! - No, wait.
- Step back.
Step back.
- No.
Wait! It's not all of it.
- I wanna close my door.
It's not all of it.
- No? - No, it's not.
Well, where's the rest? (TRAIN HORN BLARES) Hey.
Said you've got to finish the lot regardless.
What time did you get in last night? Late.
Christ! You were like (IMITATES SNORE) (LAUGHS) Don't! Don't make me laugh, mate.
(COUGHS) Cough syrup take or leave as you like.
- Fluids, though.
He said loads.
- Yep.
And you've got to pack in the fags as of now, for good and for ever.
He said he's said that to you before, - but now it's a must, babes.
- (EXHALES) Come here.
(FIRM KNOCKING AT DOOR) MAN: Police! Can you open the door? You want one more along! We're 97! One more! (KNOCK AT DOOR) - Oh, for God's sake! - (GROANS AND COUGHS) Mate, you want next door! Pissing about! - Police! - In, in, in! You want Ollie Overton.
That's next door.
I'm not Double O! He's No.
98! He was with me last night, all right? He was with me all last night.
I've a warrant to search this address.
What the fuck for? - What's going on? - He was with me.
- You want the Overtons.
- Nelson Rowe, I'm arresting you on suspicion of abduction.
- You must be off your face! - It may harm your defence if you do not mentioned when questioned something which you later rely on in court.
(YOUTHS SHOUTING) GIRL: He ain't done nothing! (POLICE RADIO CHATTER) Hey, you look after her, yeah? (OVERLAPPING VOICES) YOUTH: Lego Beast! - Nelly! - Are you seeing this? You've made a mistake! (SHOUTING) (SHOUTING) (SHOUTING CONTINUES) (SIREN) I'm DS O'Halloran, Nelly.
This is DCI Thorpe.
We understand you declined to have a solicitor present.
Don't need one.
Who am I meant to have abducted? Can I get you something to drink, Nelly? I'll have a Stella.
A pint if you're buying.
(CHUCKLES) You are Nelson Philip Rowe, 23/5/72? - Not the one you're after.
- Can you confirm your address? Confirm? Like what? Your official address.
Where you live.
Official? (LAUGHS) Like what? We found you at Martine Betts' home.
Is that where you live, Nelly? Well, yeah, erm I'm like in between.
I've had my head down at Teens's for not long.
So, if this is gonna mess up her benefits, you better put down no fixed or whatever.
Just Can you put that? This isn't about benefits, Nelly.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Abducting's like It's like having someone away, innit? I mean, it's like grabbing someone up.
You work at the Metropolis Lap Dancing Club on the Deptford High Road, Is that correct? on a Wednesday and Thursday? Who am I meant to have grabbed up? Why didn't you work this Wednesday or Thursday? You need to tell me what and what's going on and you need to do it sometime now.
We just need to make sure you are who we think you are.
Assault, handling stolen goods, drunk driving, driving whilst disqualified, benefit fraud and ABH.
Is that you? No! Come on, what and what's going on? What and what? - Do you like broccoli, Mr Rowe? - Jesus! It speaks! Said you didn't.
Won't have it anywhere near your plate.
Just like Jody, broccoli makes you gag.
I'm here about broccoli? No, as my DS said, we're just trying to establish you are who we think you are.
So are you the Nelson Rowe who doesn't like broccoli just as much as Jody does? Or were you saying that for effect? - Jody who? - Jody McGory.
I don't know her.
Who says I do? Who? Don't worry about me, Mum.
I'm OK.
- All right.
- I'm leaving this just so you can hear me saying it.
Erm I'm fine.
Barry'll go into one but tell him Nah.
Tell him this isn't just one of Jody's dramaramas.
It's not, it's It's something really lovely.
Do you know the girl you're looking at, Nelly? - No.
Am I meant to? - I'd have to shut him up.
- Where from? - He goes on all the time about how I'm just like his Auntie Ruth and I'm beautiful like she is.
What's she on about? I'm not missing much.
Just It's just one week and then Can you tell me the last time you saw the young girl on the computer there, Mr Rowe? I mean, I haven't run away.
I haven't.
Is that her? He didn't want me to leave without you saying yes first Can you tell me the last time Is that what she looks like now? Tell me the last time you saw your daughter.
Will you just wait? Tell me - Do you know where she is now? - What? Who? What's happened? What? - just gone to see my dad.
- Has someone grabbed her up? Nelly, can you sit down, please? Has someone got hold of her? Who? Nelly! Who's got hold of her? - What's going on? - Sit down, please.
You fucking sit down! Don't fucking stand there telling me to sit down and making out that this is about fucking broccoli! - You sit down! - (KNOCK AT DOOR) And bloody tell me what and what's going on! You got a moment, sir? DCI Thorpe leaving the room.
Well? - Is he here? Does he have Jody? - I can understand Has he said anything that leads you to believe? - What has he said? - Mrs McGory, I can't - discuss things.
- I know.
I'm not asking.
I I know you can't, not the details, but has he said anything that leads you to believe he's involved? I mean, is it him? We have a person in custody.
- Is that person Nelson Rowe? - We're questioning that person.
- I assure you, Mrs McGory - Claire.
Please call me Claire.
We are doing everything we can to get Jody back to you - as quickly as we can.
- You don't know him.
So if he is down there and he's like butter wouldn't melt, or wherever you've got him, then that's not him.
Cos he's He goes on like he's harmless, like he's just a bit wide, but that isn't him, he hides it really well.
I know.
I've been on the wrong side of it.
He's cruel when he wants to be.
He can be really cruel.
Jody won't know what to do when he's like that.
She just won't.
(PHONES RING) (OVERLAPPING VOICES) All right, Paul? Yeah, that's all of 'em.
(BUZZER) Don't worry.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
He'll be back soon.
I just wanna see what else she was saying, that's all.
I'm telling you there's not much more to see.
That's the end of it.
Jody telling her mum she's leaving home to see you.
We have the emails, the chats for the last nine months between you and Jody.
DCI Thorpe entering the room.
So whatever you know about the whereabouts of Jody McGory, right now is when you should tell us.
- You seem worried, Nelly.
- I ain't worried.
What about? She got the train from Surbiton train station yesterday.
She got off at Waterloo and changed her clothes.
This is her on the train to Deptford.
- There's a limit, isn't there? - At Deptford station.
- How long is it? - Here she is at Deptford.
How long? Because, am I wrong, if you haven't found her after a certain amount of time, then you might as well pack up cos you've screwed it.
- That's real, isn't it? - And this.
- How long is it? - This.
What, do I have to ask you in French or something? Or Italian or Arabic or fucking Scottish? What? How long? Do you recognise this car, Mr Rowe? Heading north through the Rotherhithe Tunnel.
That's the last sighting of Jody before she disappeared.
And I will take your answer in French, please.
In your best French, please.
Erm You're wasting your time on me.
Then why is your number the last number she called before she disappeared? No, I never - You should talk to us, Nelly.
- That was her.
This is not what your mum had in mind when she sent the letter wanting to get to know her grandchild.
What fucking letter? Is she settled and happy back in Trinidad? Your mum, Glenda.
Have you been up my arse, seeing what I had for breakfast? She really wants to know her only grandchild.
What do you know about what my mum wants? Only what you told Jody over the months you coaxed her, groomed her to leave her home.
Get a Bible.
Let me swear to God.
Or get Jeremy fucking Kyle in here, so he can lie-detector me.
This isn't a game! Holding, not charging as yet.
Just wait.
You lot are gonna fuck up finding her wasting time on me.
All right, the last time I was in a chat room or whatever was, like never.
Never! Never once.
And you need to get a move on and find out who she left to be with yesterday, because that was not me! It (LAUGHS) I'm nothing, all right? I'm nothing! In her whole life.
If she was here now, she'd be the first to tell you.
I'm I'm nothing to her.
Really, I'm not.
Do you have an aunt called Ruth? I did.
It's my mum's sister.
And was she pretty? She was stupid pretty, yeah.
Claire? Is this you? If this is something to do with you It isn't.
Someone trying to get at you or something.
It isn't.
He's been writing to her.
He's been after her for ages, nearly a year.
This is him.
Promise me.
This has nothing to do with anything I've got going on.
I promise.
Claire! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! - (SOBS) - Claire.
(SOBS) (GASPS) "It was physical.
A part of my heart that I previously had no use for or knowledge of unfolded in my chest.
I felt it tangibly.
My heart increased, making room entirely for you.
" Jody had asked him what it was like when he found out about her.
Nelly doesn't answer with that level of He doesn't have that sophistication.
Sophistication? Jody's mum wanted me to know that there's more to Nelson Rowe than meets the eye.
- (PHONE RINGS) - I agree with her.
So do the tech boys.
They're staggered at how expertly he cloaked his identity and his location in his correspondences with Jody.
Jody phoned him.
Her last calls.
No other calls when they'd been chatting, but her last three? Yeah! Oh, for Christ's sake, Shola! I know, sir.
You stay on all things Nelson Rowe.
Release him, but I don't want you turning away from that devious little shit until I say so.
I don't know how as yet, but he's in this.
Thank you.
Nelly? Hi.
Can I just say this old trackie, romper-suit business, it's pony.
(LAUGHS) Well, your clothes won't be released back to you for a good few weeks.
So - O'Halloran, then.
- Married into it.
They call you Guinness or something hysterical like that in there? (LAUGHS) Got enough to get back? A tenner should do it.
Thank you.
It's proper dark, innit? Cos he knows me.
He's got to.
Whoever grabbed her up knows who I am to her.
At least he knows enough.
It's someone.
I mean, it could be anyone.
Someone who drinks at The Palms, someone lives in my ends.
Proper fucking dark.
(LOW CONVERSATION) I couldn't possibly say at this point but we're doing Mrs McGory.
- Claire.
- They've let him go.
He's still a person of interest, but we have to expand our investigation to explore the possibility that a predator has used Jody's desire to know her birth father and Claire.
(MUFFLED MUSIC PLAYS) Bloody mess they made.
Ain't that bad.
Christ! I've seen worse.
It feels contaminated.
Have they left me anything to wear? Why, where are you going? They literally have not left me a stitch.
I don't know, Teens.
I'm - Where are you going? - I won't be long.
And they let you go cos they're done with you - or they couldn't hold you? - Same difference.
It ain't.
Not really.
Not when I've got my son in and around you.
Am I in doubt all of a sudden, Zita? I'm asking what I need to ask, and I ain't apologising if it pinches your feelings.
They let me go because they got nothing on me.
Cos I've got nothing to do with it.
(VEHICLE HORN BLARES) Where are you going, Nelly? (PHONE RINGS) - MAN: He's heading for the bus.
- If he gets on, you get on.
Police! Open the door! Open the door! (SIREN) (TYRES SCREECH) Back up! Back! Back! Shit! (SIREN) Police! Nelly! Nelly! WOMAN: Excuse me.
You can't come in here! - (PHONE RINGS) - till next week.
- Hello.
- Sir, it's me.
Here! Here! Here! Stop! Stop! Stop! - Whoa.
- I've come to see her.
- Mr Rowe - Where are you going? - Back the way you came.
- Let me drive you home.
Guys, I'm not here to start nothing.
Get the fuck away from my house! Get the fuck away, mate.
I will kick the shit out of you as God is my witness.
- Let's go, Dad.
- Christ! My kid's missing and I'm just trying to see what I can do about it.
- Since when? Your what? - I didn't mean - Your fucking kid? - That's not what I meant.
- You know I meant Jody.
- Say it again, I'll cut your dick off! - Jody's gone missing and I'm - Barry, get back in the house.
- Get him out of here, please.
- I see her in a single morning more than you have in your whole life.
You've told them you've looked at me and there's nothing? You're the sperm donor.
That's what she calls you.
That's what she calls So I'm the fucking sperm donor? Fuck you! I ain't here for you! All right? You know, you should have a look at him.
Have a look at him.
Because if anybody has anything to do with it, - it's that streak of piss.
- (MUTTERS) - Get him out of here.
- I'm not going - Move back.
- anywhere.
Not until I've seen how Claire's doing.
I'm OK, Nelly.
How are you? You said he headed straight here.
From the station.
He did.
How did he know where to find us? He's never been here in the past? Christ, no.
Claire wouldn't have it.
I want him gone.
I've stopped breathing the last few days.
I have to remind myself, "In, Claire, out.
" (SHE SIGHS) Ever since Out loud sometimes or I'd forget.
Well, you're looking good on it, CC.
- (SIGHS) - (LAUGHS) Oh, there she is.
(BIRDSONG) You are unbelievable! Can't help I like the look of ya.
- Always have.
- What do you want, Nelly? Smiles like you, Jody does.
Got that cheeky smile you always had.
What do you want? Why are you here? You think this could be me? If it is, give her back.
How? How could this be me? It could be.
Don't come here like I don't know you, cos I know you.
Yeah, a hundred years ago maybe.
It's still you.
It's still bloody you.
She wrote to me a few years back.
Sent it to my mum's place.
Did you give her that address? I never, erm I ain't sure I read it.
I mean, I did, obviously.
I mean, I must have, cos I came here cos she asked me to.
And I got nearly to your to your front door and She was three last time I saw her.
First and last.
And then I'm stood outside of this place and I'm just like I'm I ain't Till the filth touched me up this morning, I'd barely given a I mean, it's not like I'd forgotten, but I'd barely given her a second thought.
A whole ten years gone.
- So there you go.
(LAUGHS) - (SIGHS) (SIGHS HEAVILY) NELLY: I am king And my queen will come at dawn She'll be waiting In Kingston Town Kingston town Bang boom to the hip-hop To the hippity hop and you don't stop To the Grandmaster gonna take a shot To the Grandmaster gonna cast a spell To the Grandmaster Mr Nelly-Nel I'm here, I'm there, I'm here for you I'm here, I'm there, just we two In Kingston town The place I long to be If I - (MUSIC STOPS) - Yeah, enough of that.
Thank you.
(LAUGHS) Erm I'm gonna do a twofer.
So, er, first up is - Gavin.
Who's Gavin? - (CLAPPING) (CHEERING) OK, he's doing Mumford or some some bollocks, yeah.
And then, er Colette.
- Yeah.
- Doing Tammy, darling Here.
When there's no-one left to fight Boys like him don't shine so bright Soon as I see the dust settle He's out on the town trying to find trouble When there's no-one left to fight Boys like him don't shine so bright Soon as I see the dust settle He's out on the town Free up Mum's keys.
- (CHEERING) - (KARAOKE CONTINUES) You don't want to blame me, dick.
What can I get you, Marky? On me.
I ain't asking again, pisshead.
(KARAOKE CONTINUES) Dr Jag did say it's all right for you to be out this time of night, cold as it is, did he? He said that's all right for ya? Don't fucking test me! (SINGING CONTINUES) (KEYS RATTLE) (CHEERING) (SINGING CONTINUES) But I'll sing this proud Runnin' with believers No time for fevers And I haven't got time for you neither With your sticks and stones Sticks and stones I take 'em home on my own Whatever mischief she's on about, you know it's bollocks.
This ain't my mischief, Nelly, it's yours.
And bloody today of all days! It's a bit vindictive, I have to say, Zeets.
- Yeah? - Vindictive.
You've been with me and at least three others, Marky reckons.
- I said leave it.
- That makes me vindictive? Stace.
Hey, Stace.
Stones and brandy.
For Teens, yeah? You know what? The only reason you ain't lying in a puddle of your own claret right now is cos of what's happened to your kiddie today.
With your sticks and stones, sticks and stones Now, sit the fuck down! (SINGING STOPS) (COUGHING) I don't think you should have her out here, as bad as her chest is.
Oh, my God, Nelly! Leave her be, man! You've been ploughing half the women on her round.
If you was even halfway decent What? If I was halfway decent, fucking what? You'd still be a piece of shit! You would, mate.
A piece of shit.
(CHATTER) (COUNTRY MUSIC STARTS) (SILENCE) (RINGING TONE) Hey, this is Jody! Sorry you can't get through Why don't you leave your name and your number Ah! (LAUGHING) And I'll get back to you! (BEEP) Was Marky right, what he said? - You had four of 'em on the go? - Don't, Stace.
Like, Zita and then who and who? (BOTH LAUGH) (MELON CHUCKLES) Not that froggy-faced one from back behind Evelyn Street? Not funny.
Did you see the look on Teens' face? It was If I were Teens, I'd get hold of Zita and batter Nelly to death with her.
- Lego Beast.
- (SHE GIGGLES) Oh, for fuck's sake! The police done this by piecing together your movements.
They heard from Zita where you were, so they double back on Teens and see if she's sticking by where you were and what you've been up to.
Busted! (LAUGHS) And they'll be on your phone by now.
Tracing it.
I'd keep that off if I was you as much as you can.
Who's in your spare room? He is.
- Don't ask.
- (LAUGHS) See you later.
- Good night.
- Night.
Night, Stacey.
I heard what's going on with your kid.
Sorry it's happened to her.
To you.
That's That's, erm That's nice of you.
- Cold out there.
Night, Luke.
- Night.
She's got it too sodding pink for you over there anyway.
- Don't ask.
- A couple of nights.
- Much as I love ya - Just a couple.
I have to say no.
- Cos you'd be in my mum's bed.
- She's still dead, Stace.
- She's not using it.
- (LAUGHS) Fair point.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna find her.
- No, I meant - I have to, so I will.
I'm gonna find Jody.
How are you gonna do that, Nells? Ain't got a Scooby.
- Night.
I don't know what you're talking about.
It's quite good.
- Hm.
- You try it, then.
Yeah? Don't cause a fuss and they won't make a fuss.
OK? I'll be in and out and back with you before you know it.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
No fuss.
(BEEPING) (PHONE BUZZES) - Hello? - Are you awake? Well, I was until you just woke me up.
Marky said I had to come in there with 'em.
Well, yeah, you proved his point.
Said it was the only way there weren't gonna be no blowback.
- I ain't upset with you.
- (SIGHS) You should've told me it weren't just me, though.
Me and you is me and you.
And none of the others were like that, yeah? Let me come up and see ya, see how you are.
- I've got Samson in with me.
- No, not to stay.
I'm not staying.
It's just Marky's got your scent.
And I couldn't give a shit what he says.
I just wanna put my mind at rest, darling.
Five minutes, yeah? Aarghh! (GROANING) - Fucking shithead! - Argh! (GROANING) Aargh! Ohh! Argh! Oh! Agh! (GROANS) Shithead! (GROANS) (GROANS SOFTLY) Ohh.
for everyone (SIREN WAILING) The stars shine so bright But they're fading at the dawn There is magic in Kingston Town (PHONE BUZZES) There is magic in Kingston Town (PHONE BUZZES) (PANTING) (PHONE BUZZING) When there's no-one left to fight Boys like him don't shine so bright Soon as I see the dust settle He's out on the town trying to find trouble I take a train again away from Shame and blame of city pain To see a friend I hadn't seen Since I was drinking underage I was a ten-a-day how'd you say "little shit" White Lightning heightening All my courage, quick wit We were thick as thieves in Wallabees Buttoned shirts and whisky