Save Me (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 He's just A stereotype He drinks his age in pints He has girls every night But he doesn't really exist (GIRL'S VOICE DROWNED OUT BY STATIC) (CRACKLE OF STATIC) - GIRL: Hello, Mums.
- MAN: Hello? - Can you hear me? - Hello? Could you give me your location? - I'm sorry! I'm sorry! - (CRACKLE OF STATIC) (SCREAMS) I'm sorry! (STATIC AND CRYING) We'll provide you with a copy of this, of course, but it doesn't get any clearer with the playing, I'm afraid.
- It's her.
- If we're wrong, we waste time.
CLAIRE: Not wrong.
Send manpower in the wrong direction.
I'm positively telling you that that's Jody.
So, what do we do now? Well, might Jody or either of you know anyone - in south-west London? - That where she is? Streatham, Woodbow Avenue, Ryndal We don't have an exact location.
The call was made on a pre-paid mobile.
Then why are you shutting Shola up from saying? So, what's in Woodbow Avenue? Now that you identified the call as Jody, Claire, our response changes a little.
- What the fuck is that? - We need to be more covert, precise, in a way we hadn't had to be before.
The phone call came in over two weeks ago.
- You've had this for two weeks? - We have been inundated.
It's taken us this long to go through the mountain of calls.
- The reward has caused us - You're blaming me now? I absolutely am not.
I'm trying to do everything I bloody can! I understand how you must feel.
Don't say that you understand.
I've appreciated you haven't said that before now, so please don't say it now.
Don't say you understand.
We're sorry, Claire.
She calls me Mums.
Jody does, whenever she wants something.
That's what she does on there.
She calls me Mums.
I didn't I didn't hear that.
- I did.
- I didn't say you didn't.
Mrs McGory.
He's hitting her.
Wherever she is wherever he's got her he's hitting Jody.
(SIREN IN DISTANCE) (HELICOPTER OVERHEAD) Your big hairy toes give you away, son.
(CHUCKLES) I can smell them from here! Can I have some apple juice, please? Juice? No, that's um That's Nelly's juice.
You can't have that.
I'll do you some brekkie, though, yeah? You like your Thomas the Tank, don't you? Is Ringo still on vocals? Why are you sleeping in my mummy's bed? Mummy said I'm too big to sleep in her bed.
Did she? That's cos you are.
Are you going to sleep there again tonight? Hey, not that milk! The almond milk is yours, son.
You know that.
Jesus, Nelly.
It flattens him.
Gets messy if he goes near milk, cheese, any of it.
You gone off me, Nelly? The stuff I told you, Richard and that No.
Not a bit of it.
(SHE LAUGHS) I believe you.
Back off.
- What are you gonna do? - Don't know.
- Don't bloody lie to me, Nelly.
- I'm gonna get into that bar.
Whatever which way, I'm getting in there.
He sees you coming, careful, yeah? I know him to get nasty as fuckery.
- See you later, Ringo.
- Bye.
What you pouring out a big bowl like that for? (DOOR CLICKS OPEN) What's this about, Nelly? There's a Richard, runs a bar over the back of Rostock Lane.
He must have been blond once, but he's an age-old fiddler, according to Zita.
Do you know him? I don't, Nelly, no.
The place is for messers to hang out, she thinks.
His name's Richard Rosewall.
No, I don't know him.
I don't know why Zita's saying I do.
I don't, honest.
Fair enough, then.
(SIGHS) - Taxi's waiting! - What taxi's that? It's been there about 15 minutes, nearly.
Wrong address, probably.
I'll tell them on my way out.
- You're going out, then? - I can't sit around.
Sitting around, my my fucking head's lost.
- I won't be long.
- I know what you mean.
I can't be in here forever not doing anything.
- MAN: Emergency.
Which service? - (GIRL'S VOICE OVER BAD LINE) GIRL: I need help now.
(LINE CRACKLES) MAN: I'm sorry, it's a bad line.
Could you Hello? Could you repeat that, please? Got me in a room.
(LINE CRACKLES) Got me in a room.
(LINE CRACKLES) You have to come and (LINE CRACKLES) (CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING) RINGTONE: You what? You what? You what, you what Who this? STACE: Why do you always answer like that? You knew it was me.
Why did you? Yeah, what is it, Stace? Cos I'm kinda busy, yeah.
What's happened? Have we heard something about Jody? Who do you know who lives in Streatham? Who do I what? What's Streatham gotta do with anything? Anyone on that long list of people you've pissed off? - What's gone on? - Anyone you know? - Anyone? Any fucking someone? - No-one.
So, end of.
What's happened? - I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- (CRACKLE OF STATIC) (SCREAMS) I'm sorry! (CRACKLE OF STATIC AND CRYING) They think the call was made somewhere around Streatham.
Let slip a couple of road names.
Woodbow, Ryndal, I think.
They've begun surveillance, but they have to be careful.
I'm so sorry, CC.
And if I knew anyone down that way, I'd tell you.
Is it really two weeks? Why aren't they kicking in every door in the postcode? I mean, if it's Streatham, fucking set fire to the place.
I've gotta get back.
Barry not know where you are? - I'll walk you out.
- No, don't.
Stay here.
- What, in the Ladies'? - Don't walk me out, Nelly.
- I'm not gonna try anything on.
- Dear God, Nelly.
All right.
I'll just count to 50, shall I, give you that much of a head-start? One, one thousand.
Two, one thousand.
Three, one thousand.
Four, one thousand.
Five, one thousand.
Don't piss about out there.
Soon as! All right? Marky won't be gone long.
I ain't here to stay, Teens, so Oh, Jesus! Is that your bog gone again? Bloody protein shakes Marky lives on.
Gone to get his mate to fix it.
Ain't that what the council's for? Meant to be.
(SHE COUGHS) That's, like getting better.
It's good to see you, Nelly, it is, but It's good to see you, too.
I've missed you.
I have.
I won't hear the end of it if Marky finds you here.
Where are you going? (GROANS) Fuck me, Marky is a monster! I have told him to flush halfway through, but he won't.
I'm not even sure a double flush is gonna save you here, Teens.
Ooh! Oh, Christ! Have you got any spare goods, like makeup or perfume, anything like that hanging about? How's makeup gonna unblock my bog? I ain't talking about your bog! Silly cow! I mean, like gift boxes or samples? Anything you're not doing anything with? I just wanna see if I can flog 'em, and we'll go 50/50 if you do.
Piss off.
What for, really? - Oh! - (CHUCKLES) Ha! Do you remember when you blocked this said same bog, when you started using wet wipes to clean your arse? You swore everyone was on them.
Said you read it in a magazine.
Bingo! Oh! Oh, God! Oh! What do you really want my leftovers for, Nelly? (TOILET FLUSHES) I need 'em for Jody.
But I ain't gonna tell you what for, because it's just best, Teens.
But I wouldn't ask if I weren't serious why I needed them, babes.
You all right, George? (DOOR KNOCKER TAPPING) I want you to stop filming us, Dylan.
This hanging around, filming us.
- I'm sorry.
- She's not dead, so stop that looking like she is.
Could you just do that for me, please? I didn't mean to upset you.
I've been doing it for when Jody gets back.
She'll wanna see what was happening for her.
That's what I thought.
Who's come to check on her, what Nelly's been doing.
What? What has he What do you know about that, Dylan? I've talked to him.
About Jody? She isn't with him.
She thought that's where she was going, but she's not with him.
Did you know where she was going, before she ran away? Did you? You should have told me! You should have said! You sh Fuck, you should have made her tell me! How could you not know to do that? Shit.
I wanna see what you've been filming.
Could I do that, please? (CAMERA SHUTTER SOUND EFFECTS) Woodbow Avenue 71 to 83 have answered.
There's nothing suspicious.
Yeah, Sammy.
Report back on the red-marked properties and then we can begin on Ryndal Road.
Right, he's saying the east side of Woodbow is clear, so (VOICE FADES) (KNOCKS) (DOOR CLICKS UNLOCKED) - Matey.
- Oh, hi there, man.
Everything Is You.
I've got shaving stuff.
I've got moisturisers.
So I can do lip gloss, eyeliner and cleanser for six.
Seems like a million years ago now.
I knew you were filming things, but Rewind that bit.
I can't do it.
Hang on, OK.
Wait, let me try again.
Let me try again.
(LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) (JODY LAUGHS) It's her manikin thing.
Baby! Don't worry about me, Mum.
I'm sorry.
I want you to send these videos to me.
Which ones? All of them.
Can I have a word? He's already answered your questions.
I won't keep you long.
We can talk here.
Your computer's been confiscated.
- We found TOR software on it.
- What's that? It's not illegal.
It's not.
But when someone with your history uses software that hides their identity online, - it raises suspicion.
- What are you trying to say? Whoever groomed Jody used something like TOR to hide who they were from her.
This is your chance to explain yourself.
You've seen the way we've been trolled.
If you gave a shit, well, then you wouldn't ask why I cloaked.
Have I done something wrong? Because if I have, can we do this properly down the station, please? Come on, Bernie.
Yeah, Rainsford's about to look at the unchecked houses.
There's three queries on Ryndal, still quite a few on Woodbow.
Yeah, OK.
See you later.
(KNOCKS) Don't cross it off yet.
(DOOR CLOSES) - How's your head? - Ah, better now.
Well, not Not better, but less stuffed.
Sorry I'm so late.
I'm gonna take a shower.
Went to see Nelly today.
Pissed him off, asking if he knew anyone in Streatham.
Well within your rights to.
I thought so.
Who do you know in Streatham? Do I? Really? The same taxi.
- Where did you get that? - They're the same taxi.
That little freak next door? He's an old friend from the Hippodrome.
- He just drives a taxi now.
- Then why lie? Why? You said you didn't know who it was when you do.
I don't know.
It was What? Cos this morning you said you didn't know him.
Has this got anything to do with Jody, Barry? - Oh, Jesus.
- Hold on, hold on.
Just fucking wait, can't you? Hold on, it's He's a dealer.
His name is Daniel Carlisle.
And, among things, he deals drugs, right? - Has been doing in my venues for years.
- What? It goes with the territory.
I couldn't stop him It's the cost of doing fucking business, pretty much.
Anyway, I saw the numbers rolling past, and I thought maybe I should get involved.
Have you been selling fucking drugs, Barry? I ran it by Daniel, he said, "Go.
" The drugs were coming in and out anyway.
Either way, it didn't work out, and the long and short of it is, I fucked up and now I owe him close to 100 grand.
Has he got Jody until you come up with that? - No, he has not.
- How do you fucking know? He'd have let you know.
He would have bled me using you.
- How're you gonna pay him back? - I've got most of it, and he's giving me time to get the rest.
- Claire! - Dad.
(BEEPING) It's not - Look, I can it get back.
- What have you done with it? - Get it back! - I can get it back! Get it fucking back! We can get whatever we need back! She's dead, Claire! She's dead! J J - All right, BJ.
- Chances are What's most likely is I don't want that to be the case.
The reconstruction suggests the police think that.
- Shut up.
Shut up.
- Dad did what he did We needed time! He did it for us! Yeah, enough, BJ.
Ssh! Just fucking stop it now, all right? You were banking on her being dead? No, I was not.
No-one coming after this reward? That is not what I did.
Yes, it was.
Don't, Claire.
Where will you go? Hm? Tell me where you're going.
Please! I just need him to look out while I see what's what.
And I'm saying I can do that, and want to.
People ain't gonna think twice like they would if you had Goz out there with you.
Thing is, big 'un, I'm good, you know I'm good job I did finding Gerry, it's clear how good but Daiz will be better.
You will, though.
Cos of your peripheral vision.
Hers is better, big 'un.
Women have it better than us.
That's a fact.
All right, CC? Be right with you.
You all right? Needed a drink.
A G&T when you're ready.
I'll let you know.
You don't have to baby-sit me if you wanna go back to your mates.
- What's happened, Claire? - I told you, I don't wanna say.
- Won't make a difference.
- Difference to what? Sorry for the go I had at you about Streatham.
I went up there.
The roads you said, I started there.
- For what? - For what? If that's where Jody is, she's gonna need finding.
I've seen how the pigs do it and no thank you.
They said it had to be done carefully.
I was careful.
Snuck around on tiptoes near enough.
I was very, very careful.
And I'm heading back up there.
Daisy was on about going with me.
What are you going back for? There There's a house someone pointed me at and it's got, like, blacked-out windows, and, I don't know, it just set me tingling and - Think you've found the house? - a look-out.
I don't think I've found the house.
I'm not saying that.
Fuck knows.
I just I just wanna have a look.
- I'll come, be your lookout.
- Shut up.
You think you should be doing more for her than I'm doing? No.
That is not what I'm saying.
- I wasn't - Enough of that.
- Tell me - You're gonna take her.
So what's the difference? Please tell me what's happened.
Don't look at me like that, Nelly.
Bloody look at me like that! (SIGHS) Ready when you are.
If we're going.
- Mind that.
- Ta.
Looks nice.
I want you to show me that TOR thing and what you do with it.
- It's computer stuff.
- I saw your face.
You'll fall asleep halfway through.
I saw your face when the police asked you, Melon.
I want you to show me.
It's just cloaking.
It's just cloaking.
You call it "shielding your IP address", for when you don't wanna let anyone know where you are.
Who you are, as well, yeah? Yeah, sort of.
Why are you doing that? Some of the places I've been looking Looking for what? I've been looking for Jody.
Looking for her in in these websites.
And in these websites, you don't wanna leave any trace of where you are.
- Show me.
- No, I'm not gonna do that.
- It's a really bad idea.
- Show me.
No, it's proper stuff.
Terrible things to look at.
I can barely look at it myself.
- Probably but I have to.
- It's wrong! Why are you looking, then? Why are you? Some of the girls they use, you know, they're runaways.
Why hide that computer from the police? I thought Jody might be It's the only reason I'm looking.
You have to hide yourself away to do that, cloak yourself, yeah? Cos of what it's like? Well, you won't show me, but you're all right looking? (SIGHS) I don't know what to do if you don't show me.
I don't know what I think.
It's It's ripping me open, what my head's got me thinking, Melon.
Are you sure you wanna see this? Right, just just click one of them.
Oh (GASPS) (BERNIE RETCHES) (BERNIE SOBS) MELON: Baby, I'm so, so sorry.
- (BERNIE GROANS) - I'm sorry, love.
Hold up.
It's OK.
You don't have much time left.
Nelly! What? Oh, fuck.
Oh, Jesus.
Claire, stop.
You can't take it.
- Put it back.
- It's Jody's.
Which is why the police have to find it here.
I'm not leaving it here.
I'm taking it.
Listen to me, can't you? Listen to me! Listen to me.
You have to put it back where it was.
I can't You have to put it back where you got it from.
- (DOG BARKS) - Who am I? Fuck you need to know who I am for? (SIREN BLARES) - Stace.
- What? - What's happened? - Come and give me a hand.
- I don't need a hand.
- It's all right.
Well, I'll get you a drink.
Olivia, can you just give us a minute? Yeah, sure.
We don't know it's her blood, Claire.
And even if it is, it might be from somewhere that bleeds loads but means nothing.
Think positive, and positive shit will happen.
That's something they say, innit? I should've told her who you are.
- What kind you are.
- I wasn't trying to I should have told her how much you cared.
How very fucking little, really.
I didn't know you had her until she was three - and I did the right thing.
- For who? - I did what you asked.
- I should have told her, then she'd be here.
She wouldn't have gone off after you.
She'd be here with me.
You should find yourself somewhere else to stay tonight.
Can I not just do the couch? No.
(VOICES OUTSIDE) - (MUSIC PLAYS) - Let me know what you think.
It's a little flavour I'm leaving for you.
You're never gonna guess it but but if you do, the next bag is on me.
(COUGHING) Tastes like shit, Goz.
Is that the flavour you meant? Good one.
Sell it.
Laters! (BLACK GRAPE: In The Name Of The Father) - No.
- Yes.
- Don't put that up.
- Don't? Why? Piss off about why.
Take it down.
- Joanna, sweeten him up.
- Take it down! Gav.
- Take it down! - Why? - Gav! - Take it down! - Ow! - This is a missing girl, and you're saying you don't wanna have anything to do with her? No Oh.
- Oh! - Out of my way.
Hey! - That's so unnecessary, bruv.
- Is it? - So not needed.
- I thought it was weird.
Joanna, tell him.
Er Bernie.
- We met.
- Yeah, we did, yeah.
Is Nelly in there? He's not, no.
Are you OK, Bernie? Are you? It's all right.
I had a white chocolate Magnum bar for my tea once.
Just that.
Nothing else.
I was ten.
You ask me, am I OK, and I think "Is it white chocolate Magnum day?" I'd have to say no.
And you're looking for Nelly about that? I am, yeah.
- Where are you going? - The police called.
- Can I have a word, Nelly? - They've found something.
I should Should I come with you? Nelly.
I need you to tell Melon to stop.
He won't, unless you tell him, so I need you to.
He must've seen something you weren't saying.
It'll force us to leave again Bern Bernie.
and I wanna stay, but what he's got to prove to you! I don't know what you're on about.
- You need to - I just need you to make him stop.
(ENGINE STARTS) (MUSICIANS REHEARSE IN BACKGROUND) - What have you done? - It's Claire's necklace.
Look, Daryll Ericsson, who I used to go to school with - Used to call him Daryll Boner.
- I don't give a shit! Why you called? His dad's still got the shop in Hatton Garden.
Well, go and get it back, BJ.
There's £12,000 there, yeah, so add it to what you've got Go up to Daryll's da, say you've made a mistake, and you ask him to return Claire's necklace.
- Just take the money, Dad.
- Just get me the necklace back.
How else you gonna give back what you owe? Take that and get me the fucking necklace.
Just make fucking sense, Dad.
What, Dom? She'll leave me.
If she finds out what you've done and why you've done it, Claire will leave me, and I need you to get me Claire's necklace, please.
Is that her blood? - Do you recognise - It's hers.
Is that her blood? We're running tests.
Do you know who was in the house, who was living there? Not yet, but we're all hands to it.
I'd like to go, please.
- Have you seen Nelly lately? - Not really.
Why? He's still under investigation, Claire.
He's still not cleared of having some involvement - in Jody's disappearance.
- Can I go, please? (DOOR LOCK RATTLES) (DOOR OPENS) - What's going on? - Bernie said to come up.
She said you're spilling out the sides of yourself, - but you look all right to me.
- Where is she? She's over Tam's.
Call if you don't believe me.
- Ain't here to do nothing, Mel.
- Well, what, then? Bernie said come up, you know, she's still a bit queasy, after she upchucked over what you made her see.
- I was looking for Jody.
- I know you were.
- I was trying to help you out.
- Bernie said that's why.
I'm just stood here, because I wanted to say thank you.
That you bent yourself backwards like that to help me out.
- That you took that risk.
- Wasn't a risk.
You don't have to prove anything.
I know you're straight, OK? That's what Bernie sent me up here to make you do, to make you just pull your head out of your arse and just stop, mate.
I'm gonna ask one last favour of you, though.
I've been looking for anything posted over the past few weeks.
She is not there, I know.
I've been looking but I can't find her.
She's not there.
I wanna see for myself.
(MUSIC IN BACKGROUND) - All right, Teens? - All right? - Usual? - Ta.
- You mind if I buy you a drink? - I don't.
Whatever Claire's having.
I think you're doing amazing.
I do.
How you're holding it together.
It's beyond me how you've done it.
Like dying must be.
- I didn't mean to upset you.
- No, you haven't.
It's either that or labour.
It's unstoppable.
I mean, it'll roll on until it's done.
Doesn't matter if it's beyond you.
You're in it until it ends.
I was at it three days getting my Marky born.
You've seen the size of him, so you've got some idea.
(NELLY GROANS) - Melon, how do I go back? - Eh? I need to go back.
This one, here.
She's white, Nelly.
- I need you to come with me.
- What? Put your shoes on and come with me.
I need you with me where I'm going.
I'll make this the last favour I'm asking but I need you to be there with me.
Where are we going? Nelly, where are you taking me? What are we doing? - I need you to get me in there.
- In where? - Into that bar.
- The one you was on about? Black door.
Based at the bus stop.
Is that where you think Jody is, mate? Because if that's what you're thinking, she's not.
Richard, the one I was on about, Zita reckons he's like a fucking OG to them, - so he's how.
- How what? How I get to Jody.
What, because Zita knows some fella, that's why I'm being dragged out? I need you to get me in there Melon.
However and whatever, make me known to him, then you've done all I can ask.
I don't know him, mate.
How am I supposed to get you in? You smell like one of 'em! You've got the stink of 'em on you.
That's just what Zita says and she proper true knows.
You've been in with them for 18 months.
You know how to get me in there, so let's go.
(MAN HOWLING) Even if I could get us in there, what makes you so sure he's your path to Jody? Eh? Some fucking name a shag pulled out of her arse? You just do what I need you to do! Or what? - Eh, Nelly, or what? - (HOWLS) You'll tell the police what we've been looking at, tell what I've told you all round the Towers till me and Bernie get run out? - Don't make me, please.
- I'm not, Nelly! - I'm fucking not! - She was in that room! The one I made you go back to.
Jody was in that room! - That's who's got her! - (HOWLING) She's not with some lone freak who's gonna beast her, then dump her somewhere.
She's with them lot! Those who keep 'em in rooms and film them over and over and over again! And if Z is right, that fucking Richard, he will know who they might be! He might do, and he's the only chance I've got.