Save Me (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 He's just A stereotype He drinks his age in pints He has girls every night But he doesn't really exist Nelly? Nelly? I don't know what to do here, Stace.
What's going on, Nelly? If I lay a bare fucking finger on him, - I'll rip the life out of him.
- I won't let you! - So stop me! - (ALL SHOUTING AT ONCE) - Who's next, Daisy? - It's him! It's him who got Jody! Hey! You seemed convinced it was Gavin.
I'm just I'm just trying to hear you, Nelly.
The piece of shit that got at Jody, he coaxed her out with promises of my mum's saltfish dumplings.
Did you know that? Cos it's there in what he wrote to her.
I've seen it.
How many of you lot have seen it anywhere, heard it on a whisper, heard it from anybody at any time? - None of us, Nelly.
- Then how comes he has? Cos he was just there, arguing the toss about his mate, saying that Gavin wasn't the sort to sit up until the middle of the night, talking about her grandmother's saltfish dumplings.
That's what he said.
- Is that not what you said? - He did say that, just now, when Nelly had a go at him about laughing.
- I heard it somewhere.
- No, you didn't.
Online somewhere, the police.
He's fucking lying, right there! The filth never let it out.
They deliberately held it back, made a point of it, which is why I know and none of you lot do.
So how comes he does? Unless it was him who was fucking writing to her, how come? - Luke? - I'm calling it a night, Stace.
- No, you're not.
- No, you ain't.
No, no.
You're staying put.
- Bugger! - You've got to be sure, Nel.
- I want to leave, Stace! - I can't stand this! Please! - Nelly! Nelly! - Nelly! Mum, stay over there! - (SHOUTING) - Are you sure about this? Goz, get Daisy out of here.
- Park yourself! - (RINGTONE) Hey, this is Jody Sorry you can't get through Why don't you leave your name and your number (LAUGHS) And I'll get back to you How the fuck did you do that? Make it like it was her calling me.
How's that done? I'm all right.
And it was you, right, calling, right from the off.
The messages I left, the two of you back there, laughing, watching me spin.
And for why? I mean, why did you do it? I mean, why would you? I don't know, Nelly, but if I had to guess, I'd say maybe it's because you're such a supreme cunt of a man.
- Fucking Ada, Luke.
- What, Goz? - Bit sociopathic! - Get back in your box! You're the worst of them, making him out as the big 'un, - kissing his ring every chance.
- Nelly has a pop at you, and you decide to nick his kid? - Does that plan make any sense? - It wasn't a plan.
I just wanted to knock him down.
I've heard him more than once, pissed up, going on about his kid that he didn't know.
Thought we'd use her to mess him about.
Mess him about? Weren't hard.
Gavin found her easy as.
- Where is she, Luke? - She sent herself half-naked.
It weren't us.
Didn't ask for that.
She liked the way she looked in it, or Stop it.
- It's sick.
- Stop it! Some shit she wanted to share with him.
We weren't asking.
You used it, though, as bait, didn't you? I mean, once you had it once you started grooming It weren't grooming.
Didn't do that.
Didn't groom anyone! I'm sorry, what the fuck did you do if you didn't do that? - For a laugh.
- (GOZ GROANS) To fucking see, like to see what would happen.
Well, you dangled her out there for the nasties to feed on.
Cos that's what you did, yeah? (EXHALES) What happened just bloody happened.
All he said, call 'em.
Yeah, well, fuck this.
I'm not gonna - Marky, don't! - Just leave it.
I want to go home now.
Let's go, mate.
Yeah, let's go home.
- Fucking stay there! Hear me? - Nel, I'm taking Daiz home.
- Walk me home now.
- That's enough, yeah? Let's go.
Goz, listen to me.
I'm staying.
I'm not going until I know Nelly's all right.
Nelly, babes, just triple 9, and get Luke out of here.
- Marky, please! - Go sit down! Claire's gone to get me 15 grand.
15, or as much as she can, from that Barry she married.
- Nelly - Cos tomorrow Tomorrow me and Melon are meant to walk into a room and it's wall-to-wall nonces.
We're meant to go in there and bid against all the rest of them to see who gets to first fuck my kid.
- Jesus Christ.
- (SOBS) That's where I am with this now.
Stace will tell you what I'm saying.
That's what he has got me doing with myself.
It's what he's done to Claire and it's where he's put Jody.
And I know I've been blind to myself, stomping around and throwing my weight.
I know what I've been like.
But it's got me this close.
It's got me this fucking close to getting to her.
And I need you, you fucker, I need you to save tomorrow.
Just tell me to who and how you passed her on, and then I can end this and my Jody don't have to go through any more, cos I fucking know you know more.
You do.
You know who's got her or you can point me right.
And that is all I need you to do, just point me right.
Tell me where she is! Luke please.
Tell Nelly where his kiddie is.
- (LAUGHS) I won't, Stace.
- Please.
We dicked around on YouTube, found out how to make bogus calls and made them.
Set the police on me for that and get on with it, please.
And this ape can beat me till I'm dead.
Still, I won't say a thing, Stace, I won't.
Please, Luke, please! Oh, Christ's sake, Stace, can he not beg for himself? All right, Nelly? - You on your own? - What's going on, Nelly? I asked for it to be just you.
And it is.
What's this about? (RINGTONE) Whose phone is this, Nelly? Hey, this is Jody - Sorry you can't get through - Where'd you get this? It's his phone.
And it was him and his mate that got at Jody.
Stay there.
Who's had a go at him? That was me.
I did that.
That was all me.
- Tell me why.
- I need a day.
Grow up, Nelly! Doesn't work like that.
I swear down.
Just one day.
- Nelly? - Just Just one.
- Nelly, don't! - Just (LAUGHTER ON TV) So she's 15? I'm guessing, yeah, about that.
So you were that whole time with a 15-year-old girl that was that was put there for you to have, Melon? What's her name? Cerys.
Cerys was there for you to do with as you pleased, for you to prove yourself to the men you'd been out with.
Oh, I I barely touched her, I swear.
Barely? Like you barely did with me? No.
No, nothing like that, nothing like us.
I did everything I could not to touch her.
Everything you could? Melon, it sounds like you were fighting yourself - and had to keep on fighting.
- Myself? Look, I was there for Nelly.
You know, I had to get get them to trust me, to tell me what what they know.
You could have grabbed her and ran.
I was there for Nelly's kid.
You had someone's kid right there in reach! Why is Cerys only worth stepping over on the way to Nelly's little 'un? I don't know.
- You don't know.
- No, I don't know.
I want what's going round in my head to stop going round.
I swear.
I swear to God, I didn't touch her.
- I didn't go near her.
- What are you shaking for? I'm not.
I don't know.
- Why are you? - I don't know! You should have seen the smile on his face, like he was winning.
He wanted me to go too far.
I just gave him a dry slap and I dragged him out.
I had to.
A dry slap? It's one of those.
It's a blaps.
You think he sold her? Piecing it, yeah.
A nonce wants what he sees in her by the pool, offers as much as will get Luke chatting and then they work out how to hand her over.
What? Tell me.
He probably wouldn't but he might have told me.
- He wouldn't have.
- Not just because I wouldn't have been beating it out of him but because I'm not you.
That's what it's all about for him you.
In his psycho, nut-job brain, yeah.
Yes, in his psycho, nut-job brain.
You're the last person he'll tell.
He never will, will he? She wasn't calling you, Nelly.
It wasn't her.
So whatever you think, whatever you were so sure about and what we were - The call was real.
- It isn't that Nelly.
That call she made to the police.
- That was her, wasn't it? - It was.
It doesn't matter that they were pissing around calling me because that was her crying out for you.
That was her.
And she was in that room, that room that those nasty fucks Luke used, she was there, so we've still got the same chance at tomorrow.
So there you go.
- How much? - 12.
It's all I could get.
I swear to Christ I mean, I weren't ever a Scout but, dib-dib and all that shit, I swear I'm getting her back for you.
Claire? (KNOCK AT DOOR) You've got a visitor.
How does that even work? I don't understand.
- We have to release him.
- It doesn't make any sense.
We can't hold him on the evidence that we have.
We can charge him, maybe, - with malicious communication.
- Maybe? Maybe? But that's it.
Search the flat, search their parents' houses.
Officers are up at the uni as we speak.
So far we've found nothing to contradict Luke's account.
Their intention simply was to wind up Nelly.
- How'd they get Jody's number? - Gavin got it.
They did more than make calls pretending to be Jody.
They handed her over to God knows who.
As convinced as Nelly might be More than just Nelly! Me and him and more than him heard Luke admit what he'd done.
And it was more than just calls.
Is that when Nelly had Luke here, surrounded by your regulars, and Marky Betts beat him every time he tried to leave or said anything Nelly didn't appreciate? Was it then Luke started to confess? - He's pressing charges, Stace.
- You're fucking kidding me.
Against Nelly and Marky.
We'll see what comes in from the uni.
I wanted to tell you in person.
Luke won't be held for much longer.
I can't believe that he can press charges.
And you try and find me! And I speed away.
SECOND CHILD: No, that's wrong.
No, you're swimming.
You're swimming.
And I can't find you and I have to dive in.
No, I have to dive in and save you.
Come in.
I'm gonna have to beg a short one, Stace.
It ain't too late.
It doesn't have to be you.
Please don't start again.
I know they messed up with Luke.
Sip it.
You could easily bell that Shola.
She could send her mob in and bag the lot of them.
That won't get Jody back.
Already said they'd nick the lot of 'em.
Why would they say jack about her? You ain't got a clue what's waiting for you in there.
Bell that Shola.
I'm just waiting for Tam to give me a call and then I'm on it.
- Got the money? - Yep.
I'll call you.
I think my head'll explode if you don't.
Every five minutes, if you can.
I should probably go and get her back for you, should I? If you wouldn't mind, yes, please.
Sips, Stace.
(CAR HORN AND SHOUTING) MELON: I don't want to go.
You've done a lot, Melon, enough maybe.
I can make him hear that.
Just tell me where Nelly needs to be.
He won't get in without me.
Maybe not, but he does keep finding a way, doesn't he? I'm shitting myself here, Bern.
I'll take back to Nelly whatever you tell me to, and I'll make it all right for you both.
I keep asking if she'll be here when I come back.
She won't answer.
You should go.
You should.
Only way out, it seems like, is to keep going through.
We'll come out the other side, Mel, we will.
Get this done, come back.
I'll be here.
I will.
Fucking Nelly Rowe! Oh, I hate him! I do.
(SHOUTS) Hate his guts! (SHOUTS) And I will do forever! I hate you, Nelson Rowe! Really? Those are her favourites? Anything else she likes? Minstrels at the cinema but Caramel Eggs every chance she gets.
Why? Do you pray, matey? I mean, are you into that? Not really.
Then good thoughts, yeah? For Jody.
Spit and wish and spin around and whatever.
Yeah? - OK.
- Good lad.
See ya.
- You got your car keys? - Yeah.
You all right? Not exactly, no.
I'm near enough.
- This him? - Yeah.
- All right, Ash? You all right? - Yeah.
Nelly, this is Ash.
Ash is the one who got you in.
You all right? Down here on your left.
All right, Nelly, that's me.
- I've done enough.
- What's going on? I should go and you should let me.
I'm done.
- What are you on about? - I've done all I can.
I can't be in there with them.
I can't and I don't want to.
Stop fucking about, Melon, and just wait.
- No.
I can't do any more.
- Just Please.
- Sorry.
I've got to go.
- No, no.
- Melon? Melon! - It kills me, and I'm sorry.
For fuck's sake! I've seen that a few times.
Want to go without him? Yeah.
(STARTS ENGINE) Ash? How much? - Have I got? - Mm.
- Erm, 12K.
- Whoa, whoa.
Come on.
Let's have a look.
Phones? - My phone? - Mm.
Don't use your camera and don't record anything.
Right? One call, one number, that's if the money you got ain't all yours.
Table three.
We're running a little bit late, so be patient, yeah? You can wait just in here, mate, all right? Yeah.
That what you came in to prove? Even if I have to stab you to make that clear, yeah.
I'm not what you are.
It's wrong.
However much you want it.
Tell everyone you know.
You make it fucking clear.
- I'm not you.
- Mm.
I don't think you are.
I'm pretty certain I was you once, though.
Pretty fucking certain, I think.
Fuck! Hey, Stace.
Anything heard? - No, nothing.
- (PHONE RINGS) - What's happened? - Just calling to say I'm in.
- Is Jody there? - You in the pub still? - Yes.
Is Jody there? - I don't know, Claire.
I'm in a fucking stinkhole.
Has it started? Listen, tell Stace, and you an' all, because I ain't sure.
A woman's voice on the end of my call might do my day in.
- I'm just saying.
- He needs us to keep it down.
Guys, guys! Ssh! He can keep the phone open.
So he needs you to shut up.
I can go upstairs.
Claire, Claire! Stay, stay, stay here.
Hang about.
As I've said before, we all know what we're here for, and as this seems to be our number, I'm going to push on.
The item is mine to sell.
Never ridden.
I hereby verify that fact.
100% unused.
1300cc caramel ash finish and ready for immediate delivery.
The item is a one-off, very much desired, as advertised on TV.
All this to start us off at £2,000.
Who'll start me? - (BALL TAPS) - 2,000, I have.
Is there 2,250 in the room? 2,250.
Show me 2,500.
2,500 on black.
Looking for 2,750.
I don't actually fucking know what I'm doing.
When am I meant to get started? Nelly, I don't How much does he have? - 12.
- AUCTIONEER: Do I have three? He shouldn't start till five or six, I don't think.
- Tam? - You shouldn't start till - No, I heard.
- five or six.
Is Melon with you, Nelly? - One sec.
- £5,500.
Let's make monkey jumps from here on, rather than take all night.
The bid is £5,500 with pink.
- (TAP OF BALL) - 6,000 with blue.
6,500 with pink.
- I can't bear this.
- Shouldn't he be getting in? - Tell him! - We don't see what he sees.
Seven with pink.
The bid stands at £7,000.
Erm, eight, over here.
On me.
Erm Eight, guys.
- (TAP OF BALL) - 8,500 with pink.
9,500 with pink.
10? - 10,500.
- Yeah.
11 I have with yellow.
£11,500 with pink.
The bid stands at 11,500.
Going once.
- £12,500, pink.
- (SOBS) - Jesus! - The bid stands at £12,500.
CC, I'm so sorry.
Going once.
£12,500, going twice.
Listen, I'm gonna get Jody by hook or fucking crook.
You're gonna need the cash.
Cross that bridge halfway over.
- 14,500.
- 15.
You've shown your limit as 12.
Piss off back where you were and don't embarrass yourself.
Only cash in the room counts.
Do you have 15,000? I've got as much as I need.
Piss off back where you were - and don't embarrass yourself.
- Al, please.
Oi! - Get off me! - What the fuck? (NELLY GROANS) You fucking prick.
(PUNCHES AND GRUNTING) You must know where they are! They didn't tell me where they were going.
(GRUNTING) Find out where they are! Oh, my God.
Who knows Luke the best? Any of you? Well, what for? Where do his parents live? Cos that's where he'll be.
I need to talk to him.
Well? What? - You sure it was him, Gran? - Yes, I'm fucking sure! Where? For fuck's sake! Fuck's sake, Melon! - All right, Goz? - All right, Dave? - (KNOCKING) - Luke, mate? It's Goz.
I'm, er I'm here with Claire.
"Luke, mate" Piss off, Goz.
It's Claire, Luke, just me.
Goz is leaving.
He showed me where you were, but it's just me.
No, thanks.
I'm not here for Nelly.
I want nothing to do with him.
He's the cause of the worst days of my life.
- I'm not here for him.
- What, then? I'd rather not, Luke, through the door, for everyone to hear.
I can do you a tea, coffee or cider.
Just kidding.
Don't have any tea.
You've won.
Go on, then.
Nelly thinks he's something he's not.
He always has.
He's got you so wrong, thinking that But you slapped him down, you got him, well and truly, had him running around for God knows how long.
He hasn't got an idea what he's doing with himself.
Headless, someone said, and that's exactly it.
You've got him headless with no clue what he's doing, and he got us all to join in.
- You're here to beg.
- Only if you know where she is, because otherwise I'd rather not waste my time.
Do you know where she is, Luke? Beg.
Wow! Bended knees and everything.
Am I fucking wasting my time? This is probably a laugh for you.
Just be honest, this isn't gonna help, is it? Should've given it a go as you're down there.
I don't have time to fuck around, Luke.
You did that with Nelly, but I don't have the fucking time.
Now you've finished with Nelly, please can I have my daughter? For what? You're not begging.
So, what? What? You tell me what.
Anything! Fucking tell me what.
I don't know.
Try money or sex.
I'm a little bit old for you, am I not? Fuck's that supposed to mean? Look, Luke, I don't have money, not that I could get you now, but there is someone on their way to Jody.
Can you go, please? - You've pissed me off.
- Yes, sex.
Right here, right now.
Anywhere you want it.
Just fucking get on with it, can we? Oh, my God, you're serious! Anything.
Then I'll say fucking yes.
- Good.
- If you're pissing about Where do you want me? - I don't do this.
- Yes.
No, I'm not doing that.
You said anything.
Come on, we need to - Yeah, all right.
- I just - I need you to hurry up.
- I said all right.
I'm just saying, hang on.
OK, good.
- Take these off.
- Yeah.
Just - Hang on.
- OK.
I need you to just do what we're doing here.
I need you to fuck me, then tell me where my daughter is.
What is this? Just fucking shut up and stop! What is it? Am I too chatty? Do you need me to whimper or be scared of you, - stick my finger up your arse? - Let go of me! There's some irony here, Luke.
Something to do with how long you've been fucking with me and then now you can't actually fuck me.
Cos you actually can't, can you? That's why you're still so floppy in my hand, cos there's something a little fucking wrong with you.
Just fucking get off me or I'll fucking kill you! Breathe deep, Luke, breathe deep.
Cos we're gonna do this, OK? Cos we can.
We can, Luke.
I just need you to gird yourself and stop pissing around.
Or you could just tell me where she is.
- Oh, fuck! - He's gone.
Why the fuck Why the fuck has he? Melon, where have they gone? Why would he fucking shut it up? RINGTONE: You what, you what? You what? You what? You what? (HE GROANS) Yes? I'm texting you where she is now.
How How have you What? Where she might be.
Where Luke thinks she is.
Where he went to collect the money.
Luke? How have you managed that? What does it matter? I'm sending it now.
Give me your keys.
Your keys, Melon.
Tell me where you're parked.
- Er, just over there.
- OK.
Sure he's not lying? If this is some bullshit from him Well, then, you bloody go and find out.
Give me that.
- Where are you going? - Give me the knife.
You get yourself back home to Bernie.
Will you do that? - Get yourself all the way home.
- Where are you going? Go, go! Nelly! (CLATTERING) Come on! (CLATTERING) (DOG BARKS) Jody! Jody! Jody.
It's me.
It's It's It's It's Nelly.
I'm Oh, look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I won't I'm not here to hurt you.
I won't hurt you.
I won't even touch you, I swear.
I swear I won't.
Look Please, look.
I I got you these.
Dylan said they were your fave, so I I know you don't know me.
I've been looking for you.
I have.
I know you don't know me, but I've been looking all over.
I've been looking since the first minute I found out what had happened.
And I found you.
I did.
I found you.
Oh, God! Until the Devil turns to dust That's how much my mum would say she loved me and for how long she would.
"Until the Devil turns to dust.
" It's how long I'm gonna keep going because I found you.
I did.
I did.
I found you and that means I can find her.
Hollow one With inverted tongue From whence does fulfilment come? When I expel From this mortal shell Will I die for living numb? Am I vital If my heart is idle? Am I doomed? Am I vital If my heart is idle? Am I doomed? I feel you But nobody else Though you're someone I can't see Yet you say nothing Of the stoic suffering That stirs lukewarm in me (VEHICLE ARRIVES) I heard you rearrested Luke.
We have.
He was at it with, what's his name, nonce from the auction.
All connected up, so Claire reckons.
- I can't discuss the details.
- "Ongoing investi-blah-blah.
" Here.
You ready? As I'll ever be, Shola.
They've got me with a foster family.
They're nice to you? I mean, you like 'em? Yeah, they're all right.
When Shola said that you wanted to meet up, I was I like, "What, really?" I wanted to thank you.
You saved my life.
Yeah, you don't have to do that.
I mean, it's accepted and that, and but you don't have to.
Well, there you go, then.
So, do you live round here? I do, yeah.
I'm kind of different places around the Towers.
Always have been.
Is it nice? Is it nice? (LAUGHS) It's, erm I'm not that fussy, darling, so I'm probably the wrong person to ask.
Look, you know when you were where you were you see other girls there? - Nelly, don't.
- Girls that looked like you? - They were others, yeah.
- Nelly! - I don't know who.
- There were others? Let's get going, Grace.
- Here, come here.
- No.
Pleased to meet you.
Don't believe you.
I don't believe a word.
- Why not? - It don't make any sense.
- Every single one? - All of them, every single one.
Well, how do they know that? That's what I'm asking.
I don't know how they know, but they do! Who told you? Who told you that? Don't believe everything you hear.
How did that go? Huh.
You're all right, though, babes? You know me all right, Stace.
Daiz, tell 'em.
All polar bears are left-handed.
- Thank you! - Bollocks.
- But why? Why are they? - Yeah, did he say that, Goz? What's wrong with their right hands? - (LAUGHTER) - What is wrong with them? GOZ: All of them left male, female GOZ: And all badgers are short-sighted.
(LAUGHTER) GOZ: All policemen are cunts.
(LAUGHTER) All hedgehogs have a lisp.