Scandal s03e02 Episode Script

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Dinner with your dad? Every Sunday.
You want a doggie bag? Every Sunday.
So, um How have you been? How's work? Um That shop has quite a reputation.
What's the name of the guy who runs it? Uh Cyrus Beene.
You know, uh, he turned down running Harvard.
Olivia, if you don't wanna do this We made an agreement.
I have dinner with you every Sunday.
You pay off my law school loans.
I'm here.
What more do you want? I am trying.
That's what this is.
This is me trying.
I've called.
I apologized.
I asked for a second chance with you.
I made mistakes.
Mistakes? We lost your mother, and I was grieving, and I did the wrong thing.
I sent you away, and that was a mistake A terrible mistake.
But I-I'm trying now.
And when someone you love is making an attempt at amends, you give them an inch.
You give them a centimeter.
You don't extort payment for your school loans and then shrug for five Sundays in a row.
I am trying.
You try, too.
I'm good.
You asked how I am.
I'm good.
I'm I have a boyfriend.
Is he good enough for you? How are you? How's the Smithsonian? Well, we're considering adding a new mastodon to fossil mammalsM.
Although some paleontologists don't think it warrants its own species, and because it doesn't differ enough from M.
I disagree.
Now, I'm rambling.
I'm I don't want to bore you.
You're not boring, dad.
So tell me more about the mammoth.
A solitary creature, with sharper teeth than its cousin.
The mammoth gets all the glory, but the mastodon was the far more dangerous beast.
Well, how was it? It was He's trying.
So it went well, then.
It was good.
I'd love to meet him someday.
Edison I told you, introducing my dad to people I'm dating W-wait.
I'm not people you're dating.
We live together.
And I will make a honest woman out of you at any time.
All you have to do is say "yes.
" I told you I'm not ready to I'm not gonna propose again, Liv.
This is it.
One time.
Don't push.
I love you.
Edison? I'm hanging up now.
I love you, too.
Aah! Hand it over, bitch! Aah! Run.
Aah! Day two here at the Jeannine Locke- President Grant scandal, and, people, it just keeps getting better.
We've seen the e-mails.
We've seen Ms.
Locke herself admit to having feelings for the President of the United States.
He is freakin' hot.
Who leaked the news, the White House has remained silent on the accusations, which, to my mind, pretty much confirms that Jeannine Locke's had an affair with the President.
What happened to Jeannine I know.
We can't come clean now, can we? No.
It'll make you look like you unzip your pants for anything with a pulse.
I miss you.
When something happens, something is strange or funny or I met the Dalai Lama last week.
We played basketball.
You did not.
I did.
I swear.
He asked, so No press.
No witnesses.
Just I shot hoops with the Dalai Lama.
It was The man has a jump shot.
He fouled me twice.
It was surreal.
And I picked up the phone to call you.
Something happens, and you're the one I wanna talk to.
You don't wanna talk to me.
I only wanna talk to you.
I'm going after the White House.
Clearing Jeannine's name means going after the White House, after you.
I understand.
It's gonna give the story legs.
It's gonna make it hard for you.
She's an innocent kid.
Bring it.
- I won't hold back.
- You better not.
Somewhere In another life, in another reality We are married and we have four kids, and we live in Vermont, and I'm the mayor, and And I make jam.
And you make jam.
I won't hold back with Jeannine.
I'm going to attack the White House, and I'm going to go for blood.
Go for the jugular.
You don't know where she is? You were supposed to control this girl, Cyrus.
Now we've got a bimbo on the loose.
We made up that she's a bimbo.
Mellie Just find her.
Doom, gloom, fate of the Republic.
I get it.
I'm calling to remind you that Jeannine Locke is a gift from the gods, manna from heaven, and yet I haven't heard a whisper from the White House confirming the affair.
The President has been given a hell of an opportunity, Cyrus.
Make him take it.
Make him? Make him? The only thing I can make him do is shut me out, and given what I read in that folder about Remington, you can't afford that.
You do what you have to do, and I'll do the same.
You know, some people just say good-bye.
Good-bye, Cyrus.
What about the trip to Italy? Sir? The President of the United States cannot go to the land of the "bunga bunga" party and field questions about his sex life in front of the Pope, for God's sake.
Cancel it.
Right away.
- Sir, it's important - What, Ethan?! What?! I found Jeannine.
Good afternoon.
I'd like to introduce you to Jeannine Locke.
Jeannine graduated summa cum laude from Berkeley.
Jeannine is a loyal friend and sister and daughter who has worked tirelessly for this administration.
And most importantly, Jeannine Locke absolutely, positively did not have sex with the President of the United States.
By leaking her name through anonymous sources, this White House is guilty of slander, and I am representing her pro bono, because I have personally been affected by these brutal and underhanded character attacks myself.
Yesterday, the President was having an affair with me.
Today it's Jeannine.
Tomorrow, who knows? All I know What'd you expect, Cy? It's Olivia.
It's time this administration stops hiding behind anonymous sources.
Huck? What happened the other night? Where did you learn to do that? - I don't know.
- Huck.
Maybe I took karate in high school.
You can tell me.
You can trust me.
I was a trained assassin for a secret offshoot of the C.
on U.
soil called B613 run by a man called "Command" in a paper company that's not really a paper company.
It's called Acme Limited, but really it's called Wonderland.
Acme's in Wonderland.
Welcome to Wonderland, son.
Then they put me in a hole, and then I wasn't so good at my job anymore.
And then I wasn't in Wonderland anymore.
I was here, but I can still I can kill a man with very little effort and a lot of joy, but I try not to.
Okay? Is there medication you should be taking, or anyone I should call? Huck? Do you think you and your dad could eat at a place with cheeseburgers? I want a cheeseburger.
You learned to cook.
I started by reading cookbooks for fun.
Try it with the wine.
I don't really like wine.
I don't have the taste for it.
Because you've never really had fine wine.
Try it.
Go on.
This is amazing.
Ah! Go here.
Ask for Miguel.
Tell him that I sent you.
They have the best wines in the district.
Happy to expand your palate.
And now I'm fine.
You were mugged.
I was saved.
By a homeless man.
For the record, hearing about it in an e-mail was not fun.
You call your father.
Why are you even friends with men who live in the Metro station? He's I don't know.
He's sweet.
At least, he's sweet to me.
But when he was beating up those guys, it was like he was a different person Someone scary.
I asked him about it.
You asked the scary homeless man.
And he said he was an assassin for a secret government organization.
He called it I think it was "B613"? And he said it was like the C.
, but on U.
Have you ever heard of anything like that? From my lofty position at the Smithsonian? No.
But, Olivia, this man is homeless, a transient.
He attacked a violent criminal with his bare hands and then he explains it away by telling you that he's part of a secret ring of super spies.
He's clearly mentally ill.
But can you look into his story? Ask around? Don't you have that friend at the FBI? - If you really want me to ask, I will.
- I do Want you to ask.
Please? Hmm.
If it'll make you happy.
I'll tell you what needs to be done to save your presidency, which is currently hanging by the very thinnest of threads.
You need to grow some presidential-sized balls, get out there on TV, and tell the world that you had sex with Jeannine Locke.
You confirm it.
Then I confirm it, and we put all this behind us.
It's funny.
The things people forget, the things that you'd think would be staring them smack in the face.
Like the fact that I am the President of the United States, and I call the shots.
You both threw an innocent young woman under the bus, and now Liv is going to make that right.
So when the media calls and asks if Jeannine Locke was my mistress, you will answer, "absolutely not.
" And then you're gonna tell them that this White House owes Ms.
Locke one world-class hell of an apology, which we humbly hope that she'll accept.
And if we don't? Try me.
One of my aides will be giving you a folder.
Whatever you've got planned, Mellie, unplan it.
We cannot push, and this is not the right time.
He is my husband, Cyrus, not yours, and I will push him however and whenever I want.
Now, one of my aides will be giving you a folder.
In it, you will find every date I was out of town during the last year, along with the West Wing logs for the same period.
Match the dates I was gone with the dates Jeannine worked in the Oval And you've got all the opportunities she had to sleep with the President.
Leaked by an anonymous source of your choosing.
You're evil.
You're welcome.
Breaking news at this hour as unnamed White House staffers now say that Ms.
Locke and President Grant spent numerous nights working alone in the West Wing Security logs confirm reports that Ms.
Locke and the President were the only employees working in the West Wing on nights when the First Lady was out of town.
High-level administration officials say Jeannine Locke accessed Ms.
Grant's schedule in a calculated attempt to seduce the President when his wife was away Locke told her fellow staffers that she was burning the midnight oil This is ridiculous.
I was never - alone with the president! - She says I heard.
We're gonna need proof.
Jeannine needs an alibi for every night the press is talking about.
Jeannine The nights you worked late Who else was there? My friend Ethan.
We worked late together every night.
We sent each other IMs.
They have time stamps.
That is how we show I was never alone on instant messages.
That can only be accessed on the White House server.
We may have something.
Get on it.
You never said your dad lives in D.
Just, uh, meeting your colleagues.
And you must be Huck.
Did you ever get a chance to look into that thing I was telling you about? The B613 thing? I did.
There's no such thing.
I-I even had my, uh, buddy at the FBI look into your friend at the at the Metro station.
And? And someone matching his description was arrested just the other day Paranoid schizophrenic, repeat offender, attacked a couple of commuters, in and out of jail, a rap sheet as long as my arm.
It's sweet that you care about him, Livvie, but some people are just beyond even your ability to help.
That doesn't sound like Huck.
Well, it was.
But are you sure it was him? Was it Union Station? Olivia, you need to drop this.
This is a waste of time.
- I just don't think - Olivia.
Yes, dad.
That's Olivia's dad? Guess so.
And he lives right here in D.
in town? Guess so.
God, he seems sonormal.
Why has she never mentioned him? Well, if she hasn't said anything I'm sure she has her reasons.
We made a deal.
My people you stay away from, especially Huck.
I'm not here to talk to your people.
I'm here to talk about Jeannine Locke.
You need to leave.
I'm sure you realize by now that there is one thing I have a say over.
If you ever wanna see Jake Ballard again, America will believe it was Jeannine Locke that had an affair with the President.
How do I know he isn't already dead? You don't! What did you do to him? Ask your friend, Huck.
(Projector and camera shutter clicking) This him? No.
You know, if you give me a picture of this Jake Doe, I wouldn't have to call you down here every time some 6-foot somebody shows up in a body bag.
I prefer to come down every time.
Must be big money client looking for this guy.
Something like that.
I have to ask you something.
It's about B613.
I can't tell you how I know this, but Jake Ballard has been taken, and if I don't let Jeannine Locke burn, they're never gonna let him go, so In B613 If you disobey an order, what happens? Do they kill you? Uh, not at first.
They spent a lot of money making you, and they don't like to lose their investment.
So at first, they try to reprogram you, make you come back to the fold How? They use the hole.
They use the hole And darkness, isolation, pain.
And if that doesn't break you That's when they kill you.
Well, that's when they make you wish you were dead.
I need him.
I want "fanaticism" changed to "extremism.
" And bring back that line about the Bay of Pigs.
That was good stuff.
Sir? Thanks, guys.
I need you to tell me if Jake Ballard is alive.
Is there a reason he wouldn't be? B613 has him.
He saved my life.
He's good at that.
Forgive me if he's not my favorite person these days, Liv.
I know, but just Find out if he's still alive, and if he is, get him away from them, please.
For me.
This is crap.
That arrest was illegal.
And you accepted money for a sex act, licorice.
We have it on tape.
I asked him first if he was a cop.
He said no.
You know, that's not actually a thing, right? Excuse me.
I'm looking for a David Rosen.
You found him.
Just hang on.
You need a lawyer.
Do you have a lawyer? I know a lot of lawyers.
Judges, too.
Call one.
I'm sorry.
Who are you again? Olivia Pope.
I left you a few messages.
You know Professor Stewart from Georgetown.
You dropped off that purse.
Yeah, so I ran the prints off it.
Your homeless friend's not in the system.
Do you have a pen? Yeah.
That's impossible.
He was just arrested last week at Union Station.
He's never been arrested, ever, anywhere.
His prints came back completely clean.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Rosen Call me David.
David, look, I'm just a little confused here because someone specifically told me this man was arrested.
Then someone specifically lied to you.
Anyway, great to meet you, Olivia Pope.
Tell Professor Stewart I said hi and that I blame him for not forcing me at gunpoint into a career in corporate law.
Almost stole this.
I was a trained assassin.
B613 run by a man called "Command.
" Acme Limited, but really, it's called "Wonderland.
" Acme's in Wonderland.
Welcome to Wonderland, son.
Best wines in the district.
Almost stole this.
You're late, so I heard all of the specials without you, and they are making the most tremendous Olivia? What's Acme Limited? Olivia What do you do for a living? And don't tell me it's fossils or exhibitions or publishing papers.
Don't lie.
What do you do for a living? Dad? Do you teach people how to kill? Do you throw them in a hole until they go insane? Do you work in Wonderland? I'm your father.
So I'm going to explain to you how you are to behave in my presence.
You do not ask questions that you cannot handle the answer to.
You do not make judgments about things you cannot imagine.
You don't know me that way.
You don't ever want to know me that way.
But if you push, you will know me well, and that would break my heart, because I'm enjoying these Sunday dinners that you make me pay for.
Now you are on my dime.
Pick up your menu, order your meal, and tell me about your day.
Huck, did you know that Liv and her dad used to have a standing dinner date every Sunday night like clockwork? How do you know that? I hacked into Liv's e-mail.
Why? Because I can.
That's not a reason.
At least, not a good one.
It's not like they talked about anything at all personal.
But you know what is weird, though? All their correspondence The e-mails, the dinners At a certain point, it just stops, and they never e-mail each other again.
What do you think happened? Quinn.
They must have had a pretty big falling out, right? I know I've taught you lots of things, but You should try to be less Like me.
You should be less like me and more like Liv.
Captain Jake Ballard has been taken by B613.
B613? I I'm afraid I don't know Yes, Cyrus, you do know.
Well, I wasn't aware that you knew.
B613 has taken Jake Ballard, and I want him released.
We can't ask for that.
This is not insubordination.
It's just a fact.
We can't ask for that because of the way things were very deliberately set up between that organization and the executive branch.
They don't answer to you.
Their operations are entirely walled off from this and every administration To ensure plausible deniability, to keep you safe.
I am their commander-in-chief.
No, sir, this is what I'm trying to explain.
You're not.
There has to be a way.
Their only objective is the stability of the republic.
Sir, right now they are not your biggest fans.
And trust me, B613 is not the kind of enemy that any world leader would want to have.
Just find out if Ballard is still alive.
That's an order, Cy.
I'm still your commander-in-chief, right? I'm a friend of Jeannine's.
Beene's soup can never get cold.
Jeannine IM'd you the night the White House is claiming she was alone with the President.
I don't remember.
Don't have to.
All you have to do is pull the messages off the White House server and hand 'em over.
I wouldn't even know how to do that.
Really? Because it's gotta be a lot like using a bit torrent to illegally download movies, right? I'm impressed with your wide range of tastes, by the way, from French new wave to "America's sluttiest moms"? Bet the White House would love to know how much of your government-issued hard drive is dedicated to that.
We good with Ethan, the IMs? I scared him straight.
We're good.
Oh, thank goodness.
What now? Now it's time for America to hear from Jeannine directly to witness the strength of her character first thing in the morning, live.
Live? Quinn! Help Jeannine with wardrobe.
Let's go, people! Mother down burnin' what do we think? Too short? We'd have to see how it looks when she's sitting to be sure.
Clearly you have a crush on the President.
It's obvious from that video.
I was joking around! You can't ex don't.
Don't get defensive.
It makes you seem guilty.
Came in a chain reaction how how about this? She's not amish.
We need current but classic, professional yet relatable.
I heard somebody say burn, baby, burn give us a minute, please.
Do you know what time it is? It is almost 4:30 on Thursday the 9th.
I don't understand.
I should be headed to the Hill right now, to the Speaker's office to hash out details of the Campaign Finance Bill, which, I know, it sounds very boring, but it is full of ideas My ideas.
And instead I'm shopping.
I am discussing headlines, all because somebody One single person Just whispered my name.
Whispered that I had an affair with a man that I have never even been alone with.
It is insane! It is.
He had the affair, you know? Everyone knew it was going on, we just didn't know who it was.
I can't believe this is happening to me.
You are going to get through this.
I am going to get you through this.
Your life is not over.
Your career is not over.
I promise you.
It's unclear what exactly miss Locke will be talking about, other than the White House spin machine that she says put her in this position.
Come on, Brooke, the real question on everyone's lips is if the President's mistress wasn't Jeannine Locke and it wasn't Olivia Pope, then who was the First Lady talking about? Frankly, Mrs.
Grant is a woman of a certain age.
It wouldn't be the first time a powerful man's wife got jealous for no reason.
Which is a shame, because otherwise Mellie Grant is an intelligent, accomplished woman.
She could have had a political career of her own.
I'll be right there.
Jeannine, thank you so much for agreeing to meet me.
Grant, I just wanted to tell you that I didn't.
I would never.
I know you didn't, dear.
But let's talk about your future.
Why are you here? It's Sunday.
I thought we were having dinner.
Of course.
I think I can whip up something for the two of us.
Three of us.
I just had to park the car.
- And you must be - Eli.
Eli Pope.
She still hasn't told you yet, has she? Dad, this is Senator Edison Davis.
He proposed to me, and I accepted.
Not immediately, of course.
She made me sweat it out.
But, uh, then I don't know.
I guess something just clicked for her.
Edison was recently appointed to the Senate Intel Committee, the one that makes sure spies don't break any laws, like disappearing innocent civilians That kind of thing.
It's a great move for his career.
Gives him a lot of influence in this town.
Honey, will you open the wine? - It needs to breathe.
- Sure.
Uh, the kitchen is in Right around there.
Thank you.
Give Huck back to me.
Oh, my gosh, you scared me Again.
- I thought we had a deal, Ethan.
- Um, a deal? Yes, we did.
Hand the IMs over.
But but I can't.
Why not? Five minutes out, guys.
Where's Abby? We need those messages.
- Abby, where are you? - We're screwed, Liv.
She told Ethan to destroy the IMs, so there's no evidence she wasn't alone with the President.
Someone in the White House must have gotten to her.
She's gonna go on live TV and tell the world she had the affair.
Nothing starts until I give the okay.
Was it you? Did your people do this? Jake Ballard is alive.
- They'll release him? - No.
I tried.
There are protocols in place.
No, they need to release him.
They won't.
I'm sorry.
- Make them.
- I can't.
We're talking about a man's life.
It's out of my control.
- There's a reason.
- What? There's a reason that this is not Vermont, that we don't have kids, and that you are not the mayor.
There's a reason we are not happy.
It's so you could be President.
It's so nothing is beyond your control! That's the point! You bring him back! They're ready in there, Liv.
Just give me a minute.
I save Jeannine, and Jake dies.
I let Jeannine burn, and Jake lives.
They want to start.
Stall them.
I'm asking you to spare a man's life.
As you know, what happens to Jake is up to you.
I'll put Sunday dinners back on the table.
I'll take that under consideration.
We're about to start.
Just one second.
Going on television right now to admit to an affair you did not have, selling your soul to whoever in that White House got to you is not what's about to happen.
I don't know Stop lying right now.
They are giving me $2 million in a Cayman account Tax-free.
Might as well profit off it.
You don't do this.
You don't lie, because every time you do, you sell a little bit of your soul.
And then you have to live with those lies eating away at you month after month, year after year, until one day you're gonna look in the mirror and you won't even recognize yourself.
Then you'll hate what you see, Jeannine.
Believe me.
She's all yours.
Let's start.
Sound speed.
Hold up.
We're being pre-empted.
Are you kidding me? By who? The President.
He's about to speak live from the briefing room.
Sir, please tell me right now what in the hell you are planning to do here.
Actually, Cy, that's up to you, because we are playing "let's make a deal.
" Behind door number one is me getting up in front of the press corps and telling them that you orchestrated a cover-up and ruined a girl's life, because all I've ever wanted to do is tell the truth That I'm having an affair with Olivia Pope.
Behind door number two is me giving you exactly what you want and telling that same press corps how sorry I am to have slept with Jeannine Locke, at which point you will call your friends at B613 and get them to release Jake Ballard.
Ballard? Sir, I told you, there's no way we can make B613 do anything.
It's a simple choice, Cy.
Door number one, I tell the truth and the both of us get kicked out of this White House.
Door number two, I admit to the Jeannine affair and Jake gets released.
What's it gonna be? Because I'm about to go on live television and need to know what to say.
How presidential are my balls now, Cy? Huck Uh, the, uh, 9:50 was 4 minutes late.
It threw everything off.
You missed your train.
It's okay Huck.
I can wait for the next one.
I have to take this, but when I'm done, I'm going to buy you a cheeseburger, okay? What do you want? I would've thought you'd start with "thank you," given that you have your friend back.
I hope he's all settled back in his little underground palace.
What do you want? What every father wants, Olivia.
I want you to be happy.
I just have this strong feeling that senator Davis isn't quite the man for the job, especially at the moment.
What are you talking about? Where's Edison? Right now? At Washington Memorial.
He was in a terrible accident.
I'm surprised you haven't heard.
It's all over the news.
I can't remember the details.
Maybe a broken collarbone, a leg or two He'll pull through, of course, but it sounds very painful, so When you give that ring back, let the guy down gently.
Poor guy's been through enough.
I will stay away from you.
I will stay away from what you do, but in return, you will do the same, because this is over! We are done! We are family, sweetie.
We're never done.
Good morning, everyone.
I'd like to make some remarks.
I have indeed taken part in an inappropriate relationship with an employee of this White House.
That person's name is Jeannine Locke, and I extend my sincerest apologies to her and her family for any pain that I've caused them.
- To put it simply, I am - Okay, people, - let's wrap it up.
ashamed and embarrassed by my behavior.
Okay, you heard that.
We're excused.
President, a word.
President, I don't believe Jeannine Locke was that girl.
I don't believe Jeannine Locke threatened your marriage.
I don't know what it is you're doing, but here's what I do believe.
I believe this is some kind of dodge.
This is some kind of slipping through the bars.
This is some kind of way out of you keeping the promise you made to me.
I believe that this is some kind of lie.
I'm not lying, Sally.
I had Jeannine Locke six ways to Sunday all over this White House.
And after some soul searching on all of our parts, I think my constituents are going to forgive me for it.
Why would he do that? Why would he say that we slept together when we didn't? Where are you going? Where is she going? We'll set up some interviews.
Network, print.
Get you a book deal.
It'll be enough to retire on.
Smile, Jeannine.
You're getting what you wanted.
I know you wanted me to stop.
You didn't? Only because I was doing what you said.
I was being like Liv.
And my gut said there was something in her e-mail I had to find.
Here it is.
Liv and her dad are talking about some homeless guy she used to give change to in Union station, a guy who saved her from some sort of mugging.
She's asking her dad to look into him for her right before the e-mails stop.
Didn't you live in Union Station when you were homeless? Huck? I want the deal.
What deal? I want the deal she got for you.
There was no deal, Huck.
Were Liv and her dad talking about you? Huck? What's wrong? I have a couple of questions.
Literally two questions.
First why did you lie to me? I've never lied to you.
You said there was no deal for me.
You said no deal.
But you used to talk to your father, and then you got mugged, and I was taken from the Metro right after that.
And then they put me back, but then they've never tried to find me again.
And you don't talk to your father anymore.
You stopped then.
You stopped right then.
Huck How high up is your father in B613?! Is your father "Command"?! Is your father "Command"?! Olivia Is your father "Command"? Yes.
He is.
I never want to speak to you again.
Open your front door.
Go to hell! Open your front door.
Sunday, my house, 7:00.
I'll choose the wine.